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pugs, pussies with freckles are extra special. wink.gif

I have a little freckle, or call it a birthmark, on my labia, I think it's dashing.

Oh mr. fj, if only all men were like you.
mr and mrs fj - congrats on the baby!
and....thanks for your comment. will ponder it. i think that this guy and i need to get accustomed to each other's bodies, first, duh, but we'll see. i've heard other guys make comments like, you don't drink out of the same glass as another guy [that you know goes down]....implying that it's, for me, personally, oral is really intense (physically speaking) so i don't always enjoy it anyway....
ok i gotta get these thoughts out of my head - the guy is meeting my dad tonight for the first time. third darn date! blink.gif
I promise you the dude is more self-conscious than you, hoping and praying that he won't become "that guy" you talk about to your friends in future years - the one that had no idea what he was doing.
well anyways this new guy has already claimed that he won't ever go down, and i'm not sure if he went down on his past longterm girlfriends or not...he made some comment like, what if [family members] find out? and i'm like, how are they going to know what goes on in the bedroom??
So he'll stick his cock in you, but won't eat pussy. Why would it matter if family finds out. Does he come from a conservative family maybe? you know, where oral sex is a major faux pas?
i have no idea. when he said that, i just laughed, i did not know how else to react.
we'll see....he's indian, and i'm not sure how conservative his folks are - in some ways they are traditional but in other ways not so much (like his brother is married to a white woman).
When you say Indian, you do mean from India and not an aboriginal, first nation member right? Like Indian, kama sutra, sex with one leg behind the ear while standing on the other leg?

Hmmmm. Very interesting.

ETA I just read the post in the crush thread, and like, wtf? So he's into it when he's beein drinking, oh wait, he wanted you to go down on him. I'm confused.
hey culturehandy and other ladies - have talked to him on the phone but not about the last no news....i still have no idea what his deal's confusing ot me too..,.most of my friends are like, dump him
FallJ, I had no idea y'all were expecting a BabyJacket!! Many heartfelt congrats, and HOORAH on the pregnancy hormones. So happy for y'all. *Grin*

I have to post, now that kog3100 is on his way back to The Land of the Lost and getting ready for his final, permanent return, that I was treated to his most special cunnilingus this weekend, and I am a new woman. I haven't been this relaxed in nearly two years. Oy. So good.
Maimy, I'm envious of your recent grande oral sex experience. Me and the man are taking things slowly. I want to go down on him so bad, but he'll wait for that special treat!

Le Sigh.
Hey p 176, make him go to a Vagina Monologues Performance and he'll feel like utter shite for not going down on you, and every other woman he's ever encounered.

So what's up with the new thing to press a knuckle against my ass when receiving head? Last two birds had the same idea, and they were collectively around the same I was about to cum and while cumming?
I dug it, I suppose. But, what gives?
i miss my boy. i got mono and acute tonsilitis.. and so we like.. can't do anything. he's hardly around [cause he has school and i'm staying home] and when he is i'm like half- asleep. :'(
oh how i miss it.
i'm definitely jealous of you ladies.
doxy, i've done the whole knuckle-against the ass thing a few times recently, and the boy loves it. don't know how i thought of it, it was kind of random. i was nervous to do it at first because i didn't know how he would react, but so far it's been more than positive.
Finally went down on le man, I think I could have done better, as we were both slightly intoxicated, and it being the first time and all. Oh well, next time.
CH -

When I'm drunk I feel like I suck (no pun intended) at going down my Mr. Pug but he ALWAYS says he enjoys it more when I'm drunk. I guess maybe I can take him deeper. Anyway, I'm sure he enjoyed it. Sex (oral included) is like pizza for guys. Even when it's bad it's still pretty good. LOL

True enough. I just love going down on a man, and think I do a much better job while sober. I feel that I can read a man better and adjust to him. That night was lots of firsts for us anyway.

Fuck, I can't talk about this, it'll make me super horny and I am at work! laugh.gif
Mr amf and I had a long chat yesterday about oral. It's always been something he's been kinda nervous of and I've been a bit harsh about and just..a bit of a mess. So we had a chat and our goal is to get better at oral on each other. Well, with my guidance he just buried his face in there (never used to, used to hold the lips open and tickle my clit as if he was scared of it) and sucked and licked and slobbered..lovely. I then got him to put his finger inside me and make a come-hither movement with it to tickle me g-spot while eating me out.
Oh my, tingly tingly lovely pre-penetration orgasms smile.gif
So he's got a new technique and totally loved his face being covered in my pussy juices but my head wasn't fab. He's a big boy and it's wide too so I tend to suck the end and move up and down a little but really not sure what I'm doing.
Any tips for a bustie with a big boy?
Thanks for posting that, AMF! I was embarrassed forever because my BF didn't seem comfy going down on me and when he did it was like he was afraid of actually touching anything. I never wanted to criticize his technique of pulling my lips about 6 inches apart and using the tippiest tip of his tongue on my clit, but-good god! How can a girl relax and feel sexy with that shit going on? Things are a lot better now, thankfully. Not sure why he was all uptight about stuff but he seems more into things these days.
Anyway! I wanted to say maybe use your hand like an extention of your mouth if he's kinda big. They seem to like it especially when your hand gets all slobbery and stuff. Also I learned how to make my lips and hand tighter on the downstroke and looser on the way back up, a guy told me that's how they jack off. He'll think you're a genius!
Good luck smile.gif
Hi Gals....

A guys opinion for you, on the giving head thing......we are ALL different, like different techniques, as do you. So there is no real fine line, I am sure you all know that already....BUT there are a few things that most guys will like...Charity hit the nail on the head (pun) with using the hand, in discussion with other guys, there was general consensus on using the hand, and for me, if your hand is doing different time/action than the lips, well.....bring it on! I dunno how I measure up on the size thing, but certainly a bit of hand in would do no harm I am sure. I think it is the same with most guys too, that the most sensitive part is the rim below the head, and the part just below it, personally some action there is better than her trying to get the whole thing in her mouth....also, the perineum is also highly sensitive and some tickling with the nails or finger there,......wooohoo...
Due to the sensitivity, as well as the danger factor, I am not opposed to a little bit of tooth making contact with me either, not tearing of flesh but just a whisper of touch from time to time, is like a little bit of a submission thing maybe....she's in charge while she is down there, best I don't interfere with here work....she might decide to hurt me.. wink.gif

As for men being scared of going down, and being all ginger about it, thats wrong I tell yer. I am an addict at getting right at it, and although it starts off all softy softy, after a while the reactions I get from an entire mouth contact has always been good....slip a finger inside and hit the G-spot....mmmm, maybe a little brush over the anus gets a good reaction too....I adore a womans orgasm when I am down there..abandonment to the max...opinions from the ladies maybe?

P.S I was not being obtuse whilst typing this.....its only my opinion...

P.S.S I have made myself a little heated typing this tongue.gif
Hi.I thing that oral sex is great as long as both lovers like it. A had some girlfriends in my life and not all of them like it. I didn't, ever, get down on a girl because she didn't asked me that and I don't have the curiosity to do that.biggrin.gif The girls I've been since now liked to go down on me and that satisfied them.

I apologize. That was really bitchy and rude. Sorry everyone really! No excuse for that kinda shit on my part.
princess evangeline
QUOTE(LoveMyPugs @ Apr 19 2007, 04:27 AM) *
*looks around mouth open*

uh? WTF?

Did anyone get that? Kalevra? Culture? Maimy? Anyone?

voodoo princess
*sits here shaking head* ???????
thats just great dry.gif
I'm confused. dry.gif

On a head giving note, I gave boy 2 a fabulous blow job in the park the other day. And he went down on me! The man thought the VCH was hot.

That is all.

Off topic: Culture, it's funny because I know you're local and I'm sitting here going..."I wonder what park she was at..."
Kings Park!!!! As a side, I've also had sex and Assiniboine Park, and I've had wonderful oral sex outside two home depot's. In the middle of the day. In the middle of the parking lot. It was in a car, for the person to point that out. biggrin.gif
Haha, too funny. I've never done the park thing, but i really should. tongue.gif I'm only about a 5-10 minute walk from the portage entrance to assinaboine.
I'm all for going down on a man in a public place, but not too public. (i.e. a bar, or a bus...then again, now that I think of it, it sounds kind of hot.)
i don't see anything wrong with it. c'mon ladies...guys do their work on us, its only fair we do the same. at first i thought it was kinda "ehhhh" but then i kept doing it, we've been together for like 3 years, and i really enjoy it. think of it as a powertrip. you have the guy at your beckon call and he is at your mercy, it's so great... anyways, hope you have fun downtown! tongue.gif
I hadn't thought of this in yeeeeeearrs, but a guy actually went down on me one time in the parking lot outside a mall. It was like 3:00 in the afternoon on a Saturday in summertime, too, so plenty of people all over the place. I'm sure it was perfectly plain what was going on. Best part - I drove a little Toyota hatchback at the time, and the guy was really tall, like 6'4". So half his body was sticking OUT of the car, passenger door open, so he could get in proper position.

Huh. I had completely forgotten that.

(kog3100, if you're lurking, it was Spam, probably back in 1993. Ew. But oh well. *Shrug*)
Maimy that rocks! I had a former lover do that to me just outside my work, downtown, in the middle of the day.
I have a question that I will put quite simply. How do I deepthroat without a) my jaw falling off, and cool.gif feeling like I am going to gag and possibly throw up all over the guy?
culturehandy! erinjane! In Winnipeg? I was just there a few weeks ago. Damn. I'd buy you ladies a drink. Now I'm back in Vancouver.

To make this post relevant: I gave head to a girl for the first time on Tuesday. Never done it before. I wasn't too sure what I was doing, since I have never given myself head, so I used fingers quite a bit too since I know what those do. I think she enjoyed it judging by the reaction. It was fun.

QUOTE(glassk @ Jul 22 2007, 02:03 AM) *
culturehandy! erinjane! In Winnipeg? I was just there a few weeks ago. Damn. I'd buy you ladies a drink. Now I'm back in Vancouver.

OT: Hehe, oh well, another time. How was winnipeg for you?
I found that relaxing and not pushing yourself while deep throating was easiest, start slowly, then go deeper. I also found that many men try and thrust further in your mouth, I don't let them, when I give a blow job I do it ay my pace. Granted I can deep troat, but it still catched me off gaurd to have a man try and ram his cockdown my throat. I found that different positions helped at first as well, experiment with which was is comfortable for you.

Start slowly at the head then inch down his shaft, taking it in deeper as you go, keeping your tongue flat down also helps, in time you'll be able to do things with your tongue while deep throating.

As for your jaw, Iwould suggest that while you are sleeping (this goes somewhere!) sleep with your jaw relaxed and not tight, I found that ever since I've done this, not only does general jaw pain go away, my jaw also doesn't bother me while cock sucking. Note that this may result in more drool. smile.gif

Winnipeg........ well I"m with "The Weakerthans" on that one. wink.gif It was good; I got to visit all my old friends, although I avoided seeing the boy I gave head to before I moved away. He had liprings, to his credit.

Candycane, there's also a technique you might try, but it requires the right furniture (heh). I think Tesao may have posted about this, among other BUSTies, but I definitely first read it here.

Try deep-throating upside down. That is to say, lie back on a bed or couch or whatever that puts you at a good altitude, let your head drop back so your chin is higher than your eyes, and take him from that angle. It elongates the throat naturally, but also relaxes the neck signficantly so penetration can go deeper. It may actually be more comfortable (insert YMMV caveat here) than trying to deep-throat from a more obvious angle, because the elongation and relaxation can help with the choking/gag reflex which sometimes gets in the way of going deep. I've tried this with kog3100, but not often enough (yeah, three years apart will keep things sporadic) and the furnishings we've tried haven't been quite right ... but he'll be home permanently in two months, and I am aching to have him this way again, so will report back. *Grin* I do know the position itself was good, but the balance was tricky (the back of the couch isn't exactly wide, hee).

And of course there's always the usual advice for ANYthing like this - practice, practice. You want to do this, so you'll keep trying and that's what it takes.

Good luck!!
thanks maimy and ch. I've always wanted to try the upside down thing I just haven't gotten around to it. I probably won't get the chance to try it for about a month but I'll definitely report back when I do! It just doesn't seem fair that there are some women who can take in a whole cock with no trouble and meanwhile I'm like "ack" *gag*gag*.
not to derail the thread, but drturl, i want to welcome you to the board and hope you will introduce yourself in the newbie thread. it seems to me you are a newcomer and we encourage others to introduce themselves or you might risk being ignored and viewed as a troll. please tell us a little about yourself. thanks.

resume back to thread....
candycane_girl, I hear you. They make it look so easy! I also get so jealous of women who can come super easily and tons of times. I have a hard time with that, too. Anyway, I have tried the head back thing, but I probably didn't give it enough of a shot, will have to try it again sometime. I seriously did try to practice with a cucumber the other day, but I just kept gagging and got annoyed and gave up. I know I will need to be more patient if I really want to learn this! The other thing is that when I start gagging, my eyes get all teary, and my nose starts running. Earlier today I literally had tears running down my face from all the gags when I was giving my boy head. I don't really mind it, but I'm sure it looks funny!
When I first started trying to deep throat I made the mistake of still trying to breath through my mouth dry.gif

Also taking really really deep slow breaths and concentrating on opening your throat up, that helps a lot. Like, envisioning what your throat is supposed to be doing. Like maimy said, practice practice practice. When I get bored, sometimes I'll just wash my hands and practice sticking my fingers down my throat. Crude, yes, but it's practice nonetheless.

I also have a question. Does anyone have any tips or advice on giving a guy who's uncut a good blowjob? He's sensitive to the point where if his underwear rubs on the head the wrong way it'll hurt him. I haven't tried yet, but I'd like to go in knowing what I'm doing. Something tells me that giving a man who's 1) uncut and 2) has that level of sensitivity a blowjob is going to be a lot different expierance than giving a cut man head. ( I said cut man head out loud and then Fu Man Chu came to mind... oh my odd brain. Don't they sound alike?)
Lustfullypink, I'm no expert, but my current boyfriend does happen to be uncut (I've only given him head a handful of times though, it's been mostly handjobs and sex...). Once I made the mistake of licking the head without the foreskin on it, and he said that it hurt and it was just too sensitive. However, everyone's different. What I did do the other day that was quite successful was just my normal bj technique, which involves putting probably half of it in my mouth (I can't deep throat) and working the rest of the shaft in the same rhythm with my hand. Pretty standard. I just made sure that the foreskin was covering the head. He liked it.

You should just ask him while you're doing it if it feels good. Since you already know that he's very sensitive, I assume you've been communicating, and I also think it would be very considerate.
lustfullypink -

I've found with uncut men (yum! love me some uncut penis.. but I digress..) that for a lot of them, when they get hard, the foreskin pulls back and they are practically like a cut guy. In that circumstance, I think that you can pretty much go for it. I would say to experiment with the pressure of your tounge / licks on the head, and also a good lot of spit helps as a nice lube that provides a kind of barrier to sensitivity.

god. I love giving head. It's been (I shit you not) 4 1/2 months since I had sex, and that includes giving head. I'm pretty much going crazy. I'm not really into just hooking up to hook up, and I've been way too busy to even get the motivation up to meet someone anyhow. Long story, but that last guy who I was with (AMAZING sex in every kind of way) has been in touch with me lately - He just keeps IMing me and chatting - nothing more. I really like him and don't just want it to be just a hook up, so I've been trying to play it cool. But shit! I so so wish he would just fucking ask me to come see him, or come see me. (he lives out of town) I'm DYING to give him (uncut!) head. ARRRGHHHHH!!

ok, sorry for the vent. Lack of dick is making me crazy. clearly.

Unfortunately I have absolutely no experience with uncut guys.

Just out of curiosity, do you ladies think that having previous bouts of bulimia could make one's gag reflex more sensitive? I mean, LP suggested just sticking her fingers down her throat which is pretty much exactly what I used to do to make myself throw up. So it would kind of make sense that if I were to do that now I would immediately start gagging.
I think Bulimia weakens your gag reflex. That's why most people can't be bulimic for a long time, unlike anorexia.
Okay...drturl. It seems the way you are expressing yourself is creepy, especially being a newbie. I can understand if you're all hot and bothered because busties actually have a libido and discuss "locker room" stuff like anybody else cause it's a natural and fun part of being human, but if that's all you have to offer is one word sentences... then you lead us to believe you are a creep-a-zoid.

Am I alone on this busties?
I prefer circumsized men, when it comes to blow jobs, men I've encountered like it when I suck up hard, and I find this difficult to do when a man is not circumsized. But, to each their own.

Candycane, I agree with Lust, I could see your gag reflex being weaker because of bulimia.

now ignored.... Now.. let's get back to the thread....

Lustfully---good tips. I tried to explain this in "portions"...

As for uncut, I'm not experienced on that one....

Candycane---I could see how your throat could be more sensitive.. but it's a mind association that has trained your throat to gag... like muscle memory. I think with time of not inducing those muscles to vomit, or try to envision your throat as a hot cave of love laugh.gif .. your gag reflex may relax and take on the "relaxed" state, so to speak. sorry to sound convoluted.... practice with a dildo could help as practice, maybe? Then your muscles would have sucking cock memory! tongue.gif

See, I have problems making myself after a heavy night of drinking or a meal that's tearing up my stomach with pain... I gotta stick my damn hand down my mouth! I wonder what that means?
QUOTE(candycane_girl @ Jul 23 2007, 12:09 AM) *
It just doesn't seem fair that there are some women who can take in a whole cock with no trouble and meanwhile I'm like "ack" *gag*gag*.

Candycane -

I'm so sorry but I'm in the math lab at school and this just made me laugh for some reason.

God, going down on Mr. Pug is my FAVORITE thing to do. I do it almost daily. I love to deep throat and do it pretty regularly. I've got it down so good that Mr. Pug can actually move or thrust into my throat once i have him in there all the way. However, I kinda have to give him the okay signal before he does. Okay, I'll try to explain. I'll be going down on him and then I'll relax my throat, breathing easy through my nose, and take him all and when i'm relaxed enough i'll sort of pull his hips towards me so he knows he can move. We've never really discussed it, it's just what has happened after going down on him for 11 years. He sort of knows when it's cool to move. Do I ever gag? Yeah, but usually it's me not relaxing or getting overly excited which happens a lot seeing as blowing him is my favorite thing to do. It might sound silly but I just prefer that he ignore when it happens and pull out and let me take over again. The first time it happened he freaked and stopped and apologized over and over. It ruined the moment and mood. After that I sort of told him to ignore it if it happened again because it wasn't him pushing that caused it, it was me going to fast. I still gag once in a while and like I said I just let go of his thighs and he knows to stop and let me start again. I always have the tv going, music playing or his moaning is loud enough so that if i do only i know and it's not this huge mood breaker. relaxing and taking it slow is the key.

okay i'm going to make a suggestion and please don't kick me out of the thread for this one. one thing i do is brush my teeth with my head back. you have to hold all the toothpaste stuff in the back of your throat until you are done and then spit all at once. it helps me to concentrate on my throat muscles. okay that might have been too much information but i'm trying to help here.

just take your time is all i can say i guess. practice, practice, practice *giggle* so much fun to practice!!!
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