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!!! Princess, apart from being grossed out, I'd be mad! Assuming that you two have an agreement that you're sexually monogamous (do you?).

The "it's because I'm wearing shorts" argument seems like a weak one to me, though I guess it's possible. Long dark brown hairs keep ending up in the shower at my house, even though the only folks who live/hang out here have no hair or blond hair. Unless my roommate is secretly cheating on her boy with a lesbian lover, then I guess there are ways that hairs make their way into the strangest places!

But still. Sounds shifty. Good luck with that.
princess evangeline
octi - i am for sure mad and probably would not have been had i not previously (recently) found a photo on his mobile of a rather focused in shot of his secretary's chest area, taken whilst she was seated at her desk, with her lovely, long, bleach blonde hair hanging about her shoulders!
i wanted to think the photo was snapped by mistake, sometimes the mobile camera phones do that, but this photo was so focused and zoomed in and calculated that it's hard to think it an accidental shot. needless to say, i have been quite frosty as of late and have NOT been planning any more "oral ambushes" for him!
and yes, we are to be monogamous....... i thought so anyway.
princess evan: have you talked to him yet about the photo on his cell? i think that is the first place to start.

it sucks that this happened. his excuse sounds really lame. that said, i'm a blonde and every once in a while i find long dark brown/black hairs inside my clothes -- even once in my knickers/pants/undies. my husband has short, auburn/brown hair. no mistaking either of us. so where did the hair come from? who knows.

you need to talk. if you don't, it will stay pent up inside you and ruin your relationship -- if you don't feel that it already has. communication is key to any relationship, professional, personal, sexual.

i hope everything goes well for you!

i don't have any good stories to add at the moment, at least not any new ones. mr. hotbuns is arriving on friday, 22 dec, however.....and i suspect i will have loads to tell come the new year. i can get wet just thinking about his cock in my mouth. and come just by sucking him off.

strangely enough, not such a big fan on the receiving end of oral sex.

yeah, actually there are a whole lot of things that change when you get turned on. but it kinda requires you to pay attention-- for instance, i had a girlfriend who, when she got turned on (really turned on) the scent of her breath, and the taste of her saliva would change. when i comment on that to her she had no idea, but everytime, i could tell if she was 'in to it' because of her breath....
girltrouble: thanks! That's really interesting and unexpected... I wonder how it happens
QUOTE(tesao @ Dec 17 2006, 04:08 AM) *

i can get wet just thinking about his cock in my mouth. and come just by sucking him off.

strangely enough, not such a big fan on the receiving end of oral sex. [/b]

I am the same way. I'm more of a giver than a receiver. He offers each time we are about to be intimate but I just don't enjoy it. He brags about how good he is with oral but the last time I kinda just stared down at him thinking "Are you done yet?" I really enjoy going down on him and hearing him moan as I do it. That really turns me on.
Mmmm… sucking cock!!!

I love it. I also very much enjoy Mr. Pug giving me oral but I much prefer the other way around. He’ll lay me down and start heading south with his head and I’m like, “Honey, can I do you first?” When he’s in a nasty mood he’ll say, “Maybe later.” I blow Mr. Pug in the truck late at night when we’re driving home. I blow him constantly on the couch. We always have a hard time finishing a movie once we start one. We always end up fucking on the ottoman (best piece of furniture we ever bought). It’s just something about the smoothness of his head sliding over my tongue and taking him deep down in my throat.

Tes, I must confess though, I’m not crazy about the taste of Mr. Pug’s cum. He only likes green vegetables (broccoli, lettuce, green beans) and I’ve heard that can make a man’s cum bitter. His is very bitter. I always swallow though. I always try to avert my face when I do cause I always flinch when he cums (similar to bitter beer face). He always tells me I can spit or let him come in a towel if I prefer but that just seems mean to me. Every night before we go to bed Mr. Pug says, “Now kiss me goodnight and then KISS me goodnight.” He usually has to tell me when to stop if he’s not trying to finish cause once I’m down there I don’t want to stop. He says it’s my job to be a good girl and blow him every night before he goes to bed. When I’m a bad girl or I’ve irritated him during the day he won’t let me “kiss” him goodnight, always a disappointment. dry.gif

Also, I always get really turned on when Mr. Pug goes down on me and I hear him swallow. Probably TMI but it makes me so hot to think that he’s swallowing my juices.

What’s everyone’s opinion on kissing afterwards? Do you kiss your man after he’s gone down on you and vice versa? Does anyone demand that mouthwash be used or teeth be brushed before the kissing resumes?
I am all for kissing after the boything has gone down on me. he tastes like me and smells like me, and i think it's hot (no vice-verse experience yet, though. my jaw has been rather sore from stress lately, so i really don't have any interest in having my mouth be open for any period of time). but i honestly don't see any problem kissing afterwards coming up.
I made my boyfriend cum from oral sex for the first time in his life yesterday. hah It was hilarious for me. I always go down on him but he can never JUST get head. He always wants to have sex too.
Well we were watching a movie and he said some smartass remark and I said I'd bite his dick off and he said do it, so I started just gnawing on him for a minute and it got him really hard so....I'm down. And everytime he pulls his boxers down a little more, I know he's about to say "get on top" or something so I'd start sucking really hard and he kind of just made lots of noises and would say "oh my god" over and over. Then he'd pull down his boxers a little more, and I'd know he's about to say "get on top" so I'd do it again and I've never heard him make so much noise. hah It was hard to not laugh at how much he was enjoying it.
kissing after is fine but i do. not. swallow. oh no, no way, nope, ain't gonna happen, forget it.
i used to until i had a long term bf with chunky, nasty, oatmeal come. ugh. i don't know what was wrong with that boy, no matter what i fed him his spunk was foul. he ruined it for me.
chunky, nasty, oatmeal cum? blink.gif Wow.

I love love love kissing my boy after he has been down on me. I think it is one of the sexiest things ever to smell and taste myself on him. Mmmm. And he will kiss me after I've given him a blowjob, and with gusto. I don't know if he loves it though.

I would be so insulted if someone asked me to brush my teeth after going down on them. If I have to have it in my mouth, why can't they? It is their fluid after all.

*High five* to GoGoMassacre. Maybe now he'll let you enjoy doing it more often wink.gif
Heh, the last guy I dated before I met kog3100 had nasty chunky come. I had NEVER seen anything like it, and it was gag-tastic in a very real way. I thought maybe it was the result of his having had a vasectomy (??). Fortunately, he did NOT ruin swallowing for me, and I am extremely hungry to taste kog3100 again - soon, if possible. Ugh, so "lonely" ...
i just had another thought on the whole kissing post going down thing. every single one of my guy friends who are anywhere near to having sexual contact with people have tasted their own cum, because 'at some point someone's going to get it in their mouth. and why on earth should i expect that of someone when i won't taste it myself?' which makes sense, at least to me.

chunky oatmeal come? ewwwwww. i don't think i could handle that gracefully. i mean, it's ooky when i roll over in the middle of the night and i unexpectedly land in a slimy puddle from earlier. but a slimy *chunky* puddle? ugh
This thread makes me miss having a partner so bad. I miss the intense kissing after oral. I don't think I've ever been with a guy who had a problem with it, and I sure don't. I find it super hot.
Yeah tyger, most guys I know have done that too. There is also a feminist book (Female Eunuch?? Sorry I can't really remember which one) which ask if you are liberated enough to taste your own menstrual blood, so I did. Tasted fine. That said, I've never had a guy go down on me while I've been bleeding and I don't think I'd ever ask one to. I wouldn't want to push them into something they weren't comfortable with.

As for oatmeal cum, I'm less thinking of the patch, more of the swallowing. And now my gag reflex is tripping slightly. In fact I find it easiest with watery cum, even slimy stringy cum sets me off a bit.

*goes to drink water and not think about cum*
Ok, so I have to say that I’m about 99% sure that Mr. Pug has never tasted his own cum. I think he would throw up.

We drive back roads a lot to get to and from our house. There are these trees lining the roads that Mr. Pug says, “Smell like cum.” I have to agree with him. You can really only smell them in the hot summer. Whenever we drive down those roads in the summer and you can smell these trees Mr. Pugs always rushes to shut all the windows in the car. He hates it.

I know he’s shot his load on himself and I’m sure he’s probably got his own face before but as far as purposely tasting it I’m sure he hasn’t. I think if I suggested he should he’d look at me like I have two heads.

I’ve tasted myself many times. I’m not crazy about it. I think I taste kind of bitter. I asked Mr. Pug what he thought and he said that I taste great.

I’ve heard that you can use your menstrual blood diluted with water to fertilize your houseplants. I’ve never tried it but I guess if you like plants it’d be worth a try.
pugs, it stinks. seriously. plants love it though.
pugs, i know the trees you're talking about!! i always thought they were jacaranda trees, but here are some other ruminations...

sorry - didn't mean to stray too far off topic here (but they do smell like cum!!)
LoveMyPugs; I went to school with a woman who did that to her plants, and apparently her plants were in incredible shape.

As for kissing after a man goes down on my, fantastic! I also like to go down on a man after I cum on him, some of the men I have been with like to kiss me after as well.

Oatmeal cum, oh boy, that is just, ugh.

I for the longest time had the hardest time swallowing, often times I equated it with seeing a porn once, where a man came in a martini glass and a woman drank it after and it was stringy and just thinking about it makes me gag...

Funny thing, I never swallowed with my ex ever, he didn't taste very good, but the man I was cheating on him with at the end of our relationship, always, and the most recent boy du jour, always.

With men, I think htey equate tasting their own as kind of like snowballing, but come on guys, I've known a few men who have kissed me after I've gone down on them or kissed them after I've swallowed, not immediately after, but still after...

GoGo congrats on making the boy cum from oral.

Now I miss oral sex, I love doing it so much.
glad i didn't read this while i was eating-chunky oatmeal, ugggghhhhh

the thing about menstrual blood-my old friend always said she thought it was ridiculous that men were so squeamish about going down during your period. she said that the right man for her would be totally fine about that. what do y'all think? for me, personally, i don't swallow OR spit so i just don't want all htat in my mouth, and woulnd't expect a guy to want to lap up blood and tissue.....but what about those of you who do let the guy come in your mouth, or swallow or whatever? is it the same thing? different?

that's really weird about trees that smell like cum smile.gif
I've tasted myself while not bleeding as well and I honestly think I taste of nothing. I guess I assumed that was the same for everyone as it was you. But then my boyfriend says I taste sweetest when I don't eat meat. Shame I gave into the steak lust eh?

I don't know about a man going down on me while I was menstruating. I think if he initiated it I wouldn't mind, but then I don't know if I could relax enough to enjoy it. I still have problems with that normally so I would be hyper paranoid if I were bleeding. The reason I said I wouldn't ask someone to do it is that they might feel they had to do it to please me. I totally understand people's reasons for not wanting to do it because blood is full of other connotations.

culturehandy, that porn would def.have me retching. I can't even really think about it.

erinjane - i'm still slightly cautious when giving blowjobs because of my vert.labret piercing. When did you get comfortable with yours? I've had it done for almost 4 months now.
I've tasted myself too and it didn't really taste like anything...a little bitter maybe. But the last guy I was with told me a couple of times that I tasted really sweet on some days.
I have also tasted myself, and I think I taste good. Kind of a sweet taste.

Punker, yup the porn was awful, I was 15 or 16 when I saw it, and, really gives you an interseting impression of things.

As for the going down while I've had my period, I've never had it done, if someone isn't comfortable with it, then I don't make them doing anything they don't want to. I really enjoy sex while I have my period. Mind you, I enjoy sex all the time.

I think one of the big things about swallowing is that if you aren't expecting it, the cum just shoots into the back of your mouth and catches you off gaurd, I can usually tell when a man will, then if I feel like I will.
i have tasted myself, a lot actually and normally i dont taste like much, but boy says i taste sweet which is a bonus for him i guess tongue.gif

and yah i always swallow, and i almost always gag, even if he warns me. i should try the feeding him celery thing haha
I LOVE kissing after giving or receiving oral. Did anyone see that Sex and the City episode where the girls were freaking out, because some guy tried to kiss Miranda after going down on her? They acted like it was some kind of crime. I always thought that was so silly, because it is one of the hottest things for me. I hadn't found a guy willing to taste his own come until this one guy I hooked up with a few months ago. He was super into me feeding it back to him from my mouth, and it was hot. My friend reminded me it is called "snowballing" in the movie Clerks.

This other guy that I have been hooking up with lately liked the idea of me kissing him after the fact, but then he decided he couldn't deal with it and spit the come out! I told him he was letting it go to waste. My other guy isn't really into it. He is pretty kinky most of the time, but once I tried to get him to lick his come off my pussy, and he wasn't into that. I know he has definitely gotten his own come in his face from jerking off before, though.

I like to taste myself all the time with my own fingers and also suck on someone else's fingers or dick that have been inside me. I think I taste a little salty, but there's not too much of a flavor. One little thing I like to do is put my fingers in my pussy and then put them in both of our mouths while making out. Or if the guy does that, it's awesome, too.

On the chunky come thing, I have never experienced that, thank goodness. I don't think I would be able to handle it.
menstrual blood: i've tasted my own and i've gone down on women who were having their moontime. sexy as hell. she always seemed to be the horniest when she was bleeding, and it was an amazing turn on for me. if anyone who hasn't done it is curious what it tastes like, put a penny in your mouth. exactly like that.

less acidic than most male ejaculate. it has been true for me that vegetarian men's cum tastes sweeter. so does that of non-smokers.

can verify that drinking pineapple juice also makes a man's cum taste better. am told that is true for women as well, but can't say that from my own experience. tommynomad, another bustie, once posted a milk drink concoction that was also supposed to make you taste better, both male and female.

swallowing cum: i adore swallowing. if you are deep throating him when he comes, you don't even taste it, it is already down in your throat past your taste buds. having cum in my mouth when he kisses me makes me so hott. i could (and have) climax again just kissing and having him taste himself, it is such a turn on.

if a man won't kiss me after i have swallowed his cum, it is a deal breaker. actually, it would also be a deal breaker if he wouldn't go down on me while *i* was bleeding. my bleeding is not a reason to not have sex. on the contrary, climaxing makes my uterus less crampy, i assume because it relaxes.

if you have gone down on a woman during her period, i've heard that called "getting/having your red wings", and that is how i tend to think of it.

all of that said, i don't have to swallow to enjoy giving a blow job. if the guy wants to fuck my breasts and give me a pearl necklace, that is hott, too. having him straddle me and jerk himself off to climax and squirting his cum in my mouth, on my breasts, stomach, wherever, is also an incredibly hottt thing. i love to watch the cum shoot out (i have to be careful about this, getting cum in your eye hurts like a mofo).

i know this is sort of dumb, but i like cum that is white as opposed to transparent. i think that it is because it is more visual, more of a contrast, looks more like cum and less like lube. if anyone out there knows what makes cum whiter and less transparent, or knows anything that can be done to acheive that, i would really like to hear about it! (i know, i know, picky picky picky -- don't misunderstand, i have always loved cum, be it white or clear. i just have a preference. sort of like the circumcised or not penis thing -- i have a preference, but one way or the other is fine, not a deal breaker at all.

i've been lucky enough to have never come across the chunky or the oatmeal consistancy cum thing. that would be nasty, somehow. any ideas why it was like that??? blink.gif

My boy likes going down on me when I'm having my period, but he sticks mostly to licking my clit, he doesn't really "lap up blood and tissue", as one of you said. I'm not crazy about sex during my period (sex during ovulation being the greatest, horniest sex ever). The first few days of my period I feel like my vagina is cleansing itself and expelling all of this garbage, and it feels like it's out of commission (don't get me wrong- I masturbate a ton to relieve cramps). And the last few days of my period I feel like the smell becomes slightly foul, and I usually love smelling and tasting myself.

I've never seen that SATC, but I think that's INSANE (and a really bad message to send). No kissing after oral? That would practically ruin the whole act for me. Not only is the actual taste really hot, but being eaten out before sex is essential, and passionate kissing during the act is essential too. Does not compute.
I've been with guys that like sex when I'm on my period. Probably because the extra slick. If its the first few days in I'll let the dude go down, but like you Edie, I feel the last couple days are stinky and thats when I'm feeling my least sexy.

Tes, I've only seen white cum until recently I was with a guy whose cum was totally clear, and it weirded me out! The guy was healthy and athletic, so I'm not sure why the difference. (his dick was pretty small tho, but that cant be the reason could it? heh)
See I feel like I lubricate LESS when I'm on my period. I think it's because the blood is a little sticky, and it reduces the slipperiness somehow.

I have gotten come in my eye a couple of times, and it hurt like hell! My boy teased me a bunch, because I had been telling him how much I wanted him to come on my face, but then I whined about it hurting when it got in my eye.
I've gotten it in the eye once too. It reminded me of the feeling of getting my eyes dialated. I couldn't stop washing my eye. tongue.gif
I also got it in the eye once. It was rather amusing.
edie -

Do you find that masturbating during your period relieves cramps too? I told Mr. Pug this and he said, "Yeah right! You're just honry. Admit it." It really does make my cramps lighten up a little. I think it’s the flexing of all the muscles down there and then the relaxation afterwards. I thought I was the only one.
Ugh, does the opposite for me, makes them 10 times worse.
It helps my cramps to have an orgasm, but it's a temporary thing. I take some ibuprofen and then masturbate while it's starting to work. I have heard from other people that it helps them. You're not the only one!
when i have cramps, getting turned on makes them worse! something to do with the blood rushing even more. orgasm helps but bad cramps make getting there difficult. but after my period i'm super horny, so i'm pretty much looking forward to enjoying that.
I think that most men like to ride the red tide a little while either making love or going down. On the topic of going down, I like to make a woman cum before she sees me naked. I get a sense of satisfaction out of it.

With a few women, they have lost control and eneded up sitting on my face grinding their hips into my jaw. All I can think is OH MY GOD! Over the course of the next few days, I occassionly notice that my tongue or jaw is sore and I hold my chin and it takes me back to that place and...
would you date a guy who would not give oral sex, or would not have sex while [you] were on your period?
I could go without sex on my period, no way could I go without oral sex.
i'm on the fence about it - have had two dates with this guy, and we were talking about sex and preferences, and it seems as though he won't go down....but then made a comment like if it were cleanshaven/trim, i don't know....i had a boyfriend in the past not want to go down (even though he'd done it before), and it really made me not want to have anyone else go down (and indeed since then it's hard for me to let go and enjoy it)......
The period I don't care about, because I usually feel gross and sex and orgasms make my cramps worse.

I wouldn't be down with a guy who wouldn't do oral, and at the same time I want him to want to do it. There's nothing hot about a guy going down on you for obligations sake.
Here here!

Sometimes my guy goes down on me and I can tell he's just not into it so I'm like, "Baby you can do it some other time."

He's always like, "Thank you! I'm sorry I'm just not feeling it today." Usually he has a stuffy nose, he's tired, his neck is sore or something to that effect.

There are times when I don't want him to go down on me. Sometimes it takes me a long time to cum and when he's down there I feel like, "Man he's been down there for a while. I hope his jaw isn't hurting."

Lately I've just preferred sex (vaginal or anal) and spanking over anything else. My mood changes.

However, I wouldn't want to be with a guy who just didn't like to go down on women. I need that occasionally. I would think a guy wouldn't want to be with a girl who wouldn't go down on him if he craved it. I think oral is very erotic and special. I guess that's why I only want it occasionally. Although I could go down on Mr. Pug all day cause I just love his cock in my mouth. I like how he talks to me while I'm doing it. He's so domineering. Anyone doing it out of obligation is just wrong. I don't do anything out of obligation.

Mr. Pug doesn't go down on me when I'm on my period. I just don't care for him to. We do have sex towards the end of it though but rarely in the beginning.
my guy has gone down on me a few times [once on my period, which honestly surprised me.. and it was definitely way nicer than a big thrusting man on my crampy bloated self] and it's nice... but i've never had an orgasm from it.
i've given him head a bit more, and he loves it. i'm not really surprised by this, but i have some questions. anyone have any fun tips? i don't want to just do the same stuff.. i try to change it up a little, but having an experienced woman tell me just seems to make more sense to me.
thanks in advance. biggrin.gif
sorry but an aversion to pussy just isn't sexy in my book. that dude can peddle his bad sex attitude somewhere else. i mean, what other weird hangups is he gonna pull out later on eh? that's fucked up.
i had a bf years and years ago who went down as an obligation and it messed me up sexually for a while. then i had one who would tear my panties off and do it anytime at all, bleeding, camping, messy whatever. he LOVED my pussy. that was the best.
Obligatory anything is bullshit.

Wow, you're only going down on me because you feel you should! Come one, that doesn't do aynthing for self esteem.

You just know that the person isn't enjoying it, and when they don't enjoy, you are thinking, wow, what a chore this is for them, then you don't enjoy it.

Pepper I totally agree about the aversion to puccy being unsexy... You'll stick your dick in my pussy, but not your face. Nice.
I think my pussy is beautiful. It's like this cute little surprise gift. You open it up and it's all neat and well put together. I've actually got a freckle on mine. I've had it since I can remember. It's my beauty mark. My pussy looks really cute when it's trimmed nice and neat. It looks great slathered in lube or right after I've been fucked and it's a little swollen.

Three cheers for women who love their pussies.

Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray
Pugs, I agree. I think my pussy is fucking divine! It's beautiful looking, tasting, smelling, it's a wonderful part of me!
hell yeah! three cheers for pug's pussy! three cheers for culture's pussy!! and three cheers for MY pussy!!!

i love it right now especially because i'm pregnant and it's all swollen and sort of wet all the time. it's so sensitive to the slightest touch and i've been on full-horny alert for about a month or so.

last night, after mrfj went to sleep, i laid there fantasizing about going down on him and rubbed my pussy until it was over-stimulated, hehe. i came so close to waking him up (like i did about a week ago) with his cock in my mouth, but i was also a little lazy, hehe, so i sort of drifted off into glorious dreams.

i think i'm gonna have to devour him tonight. and then let him return the favor. feeling his cock in my mouth, feeling the spasms of delight course through his body, all of it makes me so wet and so ready for him to fuck me, with his awesome cock or with his mouth.

and he has a mouth like molten velvet. i swear he made me cum within about 20 seconds on sunday just fluttering his tongue around my clit. he's like the guy pepper mentioned: loves my pussy so much he doesn't care if it's a little unkempt or even bloody. it's all natural fj pheremones.

great, now i'm uber-horny again...

/popping of my oral thread cherry
Fj your post has made me highly horny. I have a boy toy right now, of course I had to get my period, and since I'm not that comfortable with him going down on me otr, it has to wait. It's above the wast, over clothes, and teasing. Le sigh. sad.gif

P.S. Hurray for FJ's pussy! Mmm Perpetual wetness!
unsure.gif i loves my pu$$y too, i just sometimes get self conscious when a guy is down there

Pardon me for walking into your all girl slumber party. I can only stay a second. I just wanted to tell you, from a guy's perspective, that you have absolutely nothing to be self conscious about when it comes to guys being "down there". We spend most of our waking lives trying to get there and once there, there are few places on earth we'd rather be. Feel beautiful, sexy and utterly wanted when we're there -- because that's exactly how we feel toward you in that moment.

/resume all girl slumber party
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