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A Campus Campaign for Starbucks Baristas and Coffee Farmers
Hey folks, I can't believe I had to go search for this old thread that hasn't been posted in! Gah! Can we reactivate this activism thread? I'd love for people to post links to "take action" stuff, letter writing, whatever.

For today-I want to express my outrage at Ben and Jerry's. Apparently, they buy their eggs from huge industrial farms that cage the birds and treat them horribly. I sent a letter to Ben and Jerry's and was told that "it's a complex issue."

Please write to them expressing your feelings about this- here is a template if you want one:

Ben and Jerry's
30 Community Drive
South Burlington, VT 05403

Dear Ben and Jerry's,

I've always considered Ben and Jerry's a socially responsible company, one that supports "small-scale family farmers." I'm shocked and disappointed that you have chosen to continue your support for battery cage factory farming. I have a hard time swallowing the fact that Ben & Jerry's is responsible for keeping tens of thousands of hens intensively confined in massive industrialized factory farms. You refuse to use eggs from caged birds in any of your European ice cream, sowhy are your standards falling short in the U.S.? Please keep your promises to end your use of eggs from caged hens.

This is what the guy wrote to me:

"Ben & Jerry's statement concerning Egg Supply.
> Thank you for expressing your concern about Ben &
> Jerry's sourcing of eggs for our ice cream. As you
> might imagine, this is a complex issue with experts
> expressing widely divergent views on the appropriate
> choices to make.
> We're actively looking into the pros and cons of all
> available options and will determine a course of
> action as soon as we believe we've found the best
> solution.
> Ben & Jerry's three-part mission statement commits
> us to equal concern for the product, economic and
> social mission components of our business. We will
> will continue to use our mission statement and our
> values as guidelines, not only in regards to the
> sourcing of eggs, but also in the context of our
> overall commitment to address a variety of issues
> related to social and economic justice and our
> environment.
> Sincerely,
> Rob Michalak
> Director of Social Mission"
1 SDS and 4 IVAW Activists Arrested At Pentagon

Four veterans of the current war in Iraq and one supporter, a member of SDS Chicago, were detained at the Pentagon Saturday, September 9, after they attended an open house and left behind flyers providing information about the lethal effects of depleted uranium.

The arrestees were charged with “posting materials” and “disobeying a lawful order.” One of the veterans was not shy about saying that he placed an informational card about depleted uranium on a literature table in the Pentagon’s chapel, which is at the site of the 9-11 plane crash. The other literature on the table, produced at taxpayer expense, included camouflage covered copies of the New Testament and brochures about being a Christian in the military. The five were part of a larger group of veterans and peace activists in DC to attend Camp Democracy ( who wanted to see what the Pentagon’s open house had to offer. They took along the cards about depleted uranium for educational outreach but had no thought of committing civil disobedience. They were released after a few hours and held a press conference the next day at Camp Democracy. One of the veterans, Geoff Millard, spoke about his participation at Camp Democracy and his shock at having his First Amendment rights violated by the people who sent him to Iraq to fight for freedom. The four veterans arrested are active with Iraq Veterans Against the War, or 215-241-7123.

Join the NEW sds!

By Mail:
Send $5.00 to:
SDS/MDS, Post Office Box 40921, New York, NY 10304
(You will receive a membership card and button).

Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)
Post Office Box 7213
Ann Arbor, MI 48107

Not a student? Join the Movement for a Democratic Society!
Well yippy skippy!

"After months of discussion with the HSUS and weeks of hearing from concerned individuals like yourself, Ben & Jerry's has declared that it will adopt an exclusively cage-free egg policy for the eggs it uses in its ice cream.

This decision will improve the welfare of tens of thousands of animals annually. As you know, Ben & Jerry's is putting the chicken before the egg and making a dramatic improvement in its animal welfare policies. By committing to exclusively purchase eggs from producers who do not confine hens in battery cages—one of the most inhumane practices in modern agribusiness—Ben & Jerry's has taken a meaningful step in the right direction.

The Vermont-based frozen dessert company will phase in the exclusive use of cage-free eggs over a four-year period. Ben & Jerry's has also pledged that all of its cage-free eggs will only come from sources that meet the animal care standards of Humane Farm Animal Care, an independent farm animal welfare certifying organization.

Please thank Ben & Jerry's for improving the plight of the laying hens whose eggs its uses.

Thank you for all you did to help win this victory, and for all you're doing to help reduce the suffering of farm animals."

Americans were shocked to learn this past weekend that a United States Representative, Mark Foley (R-FL), had been sending sexually-explicit e-mails and instant messages to 15- and 16-year-old boys interning in the House of Representatives. But the members of the House leadership -- foremost among them Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert -- were not shocked, because they already knew.

It's become quite clear in recent days that several other high-ranking members of the House of Representatives knew about Mr. Foley's despicable (and possibly illegal) behavior for months -- and took no steps to stop it.

Could it be that the House leadership cared more about protecting one of their own than protecting the safety of their teenage pages?

Tell your Representative that they should convene a special session of the House immediately to get to the bottom of who knew what, and when.

It has also been revealed that the FBI had copies of these email messages in July -- yet failed to act. Why? Was the Bush administration more concerned with protecting a powerful ally in Congress than with protecting children?

We need to get to the bottom of this matter immediately. In March of last year, Congress rushed back into special session to intervene in the case of Terry Schiavo. They should interrupt their campaigning, return to Washington, and insist on an immediate full investigation and disclosure.

Tell your Representative -- if the case of Terry Schiavo deserved a special session, so does getting to the bottom of who protected a sexual predator in their midst.

Want to increase your impact? Share this message with everyone you know who is outraged by potentially criminal activity in the House of Representatives.

Thank you for working to build a better world.

Will Easton
Working Assets

go to:;afccode=n74jnb
to take action-really fast, really easy!
Also, please sign this petition asking for the removal of House leader-who knew about these emails and did nothing. Let's show our "leaders" that they are NOT above the law!

House Speaker Hastert (R-IL) admitted in Tuesday's Washington Times that he knew about some of Foley's actions. He didn't investigate; he did nothing except try to keep it quiet. This inaction demonstrates a lack of leadership and seriously calls into question Hastert's judgment and character.

As a result of his negligence and lack of leadership, we must demand that Rep. Hastert step down as House Speaker. Conservatives, liberals and everyone in between are calling for a new leader that puts the safety of our children ahead of their own political power. Sign this petition today and join them.
IWW Resolution in Support of National Union of Education Workers Section 22 and the Popular Assemblies of the People of Oaxaca

To the Federal Government of Mexico, National Union of Education Workers Section 22 (Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de Educacion -Coordinacion Nacional de Trabajadores de Educacion SNTE-CNTE), Popular Assemblies of the People of Oaxaca (Assemblias Populares de la Pueblo de Oaxaca), and the people of Oaxaca

The International Solidarity Commission of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) stands strongly in support of the National Union of Education Workers Section 22 (SNTE-CNTE) and the Popular Assemblies of the People of Oaxaca (APPO) in their demands for the immediate resignation of the governor of the state of Oaxaca, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, for the repeated acts of violence committed against the people of Oaxaca by police under his command. The IWW demands the Mexican government cease its military and police preparations to attack the members and supporters of APPO and the SNTE section 22 in Oaxaca state, and instead honestly address these groups' concerns. Furthermore, the IWW demands the Mexican government free the political prisoners, Germán Mendoza Nube, Erangelio Mendoza González, Catarino Torres Pereda and Ramiro Aragón Pérez.

The IWW also condemns the paramilitary mobilizations which through acts of violence threaten the protests of members of APPO and the SNTE-CNTE, as well as the citizens of Oaxaca. The international community is well aware that many of these gunmen are, in fact, currently or recently employed police officers, ultimately under the command of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz; as are the Oaxacan CTM and CROC union officials currently conspiring to harrass and assault the people of Oaxaca for opposing this corrupt government. If the Mexican Federal government refuses to address the grevious human rights abuses committed by Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, by authorizing his removal from office, and instead chooses to attack the people of Oaxaca, than the IWW and our communities will consider the Federal Government of Mexico on the same level as Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, for its violent suppression of its people.

The International Solidarity Commission of the IWW will work to make the violent acts of the Mexican government known in our communities around the world, and will take every step possible to support the members of SNTE-CNTE Section 22, and the APPO, in their courageous resistance to injustice.

In Solidarity,

International Solidarity Commission, Industrial Workers of the World

ISC-IWW Call to Picket Mexican Government Offices

The ISC urgently asks IWW members and supporters to organize delegations to visit local offices of the Mexican government where possible, to deliver a statement condemning the threatened state repression of the teachers' union and popular movement in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. The ISC will provide a bilingual statement for distribution, and also urges IWW members to consider additional protest actions including informational pickets at Mexican government offices. The ISC suggests branches planning on taking action contact other local organizations which may be interested in participating. More information on the popular uprising in Oaxaca and the activity of the Mexican Teachers' Union Section 22, can be found at

International Solidarity Commission, IWW
shamalama ding dong!!!!!!!!!! yippeeeee!!!!!

New Jersey's supreme court ruled on Wednesday in favor of recognizing same-sex unions and granting gays and lesbians the same rights, privileges and protections as heterosexual couples.

What makes this move quite thrilling is that unlike Massachusetts, New Jersey has no laws barring out of state couples to wed. So....gays and lesbians can marry in NJ and then go back to their home their home state and challenge those laws to recognize the Jersey marriage.
i'm proud to say i'm from jersey! finally, we did something right (besides make good taylor ham sandwiches). here's a clear and concise summary:Star-Ledger: Next step depends on reaction of lawmakers
It's great news, although the blurb I read really made it seem that it was regular marriage. Ah well, it's still a good step. I just don't get what the hell the difference is between civil union and marriage, ifyou are ordered to afford someone the same rights and privileges, why not just give them what they want-the ability to just get married? why make it so dang complicated? it's like well, we still think it's sick and wrong to be gay, so yeah, we'll give you the same rights, but we'll call it something different because we don't want to share our precious "marriage" with you.

i mean, it's just nonsensical. how many excuses are they gonna hang onto, they don't want to admit it's just discrimination, pure and simple! geez, even my 83 year old catholic republican pro life grama (who is also super cool) was convinced by my argument that two people wholove each other and want to commit their lives together should be able to no matter what other people think.

seriously, der. if marriage is only a term used for religious purposes, then why are "marriages" recognized on a legal level anyhow? separation of chuch and state? aren't all hetero couples in "civil unions" then? hello?????????

by not calling them "marriages" is the way politicians can do what's logically and legally right by allowing everyone to marry but still keeping those precious religious-freak/non-logical votes.
Not calling them marriages is not good enough.

They can call them civil unions when people who go to city hall are called civil unions. And that doesn't work either. I don't know if it is still the case, but I met a minister from a large city up north who said that he ended up marrying all the gay couples in town because there wasn't anyone in town licensed to do civic marriages and his was the only church that would marry same-sex couples.
I'm with you Nick Click, it was a good week to be from Jersey. I felt proud too, even though the specifics aren't as great as they made it out to be at first.
Wobbly Barista Isis Saenz Fired by Starbucks For Union Activity

Sister Worker Isis Saenz was fired today by Starbucks for participating in a protest Thursday evening against the company's union-busting [].

The company claims that Isis acted inappropriately towards Regional Director Jim McDermott at the protest. Isis's principled stand for the right to join a union free of coercion apparently didn't comport with Starbucks' "guiding principles"

As in the case of Daniel Gross, Starbucks has fired an IWW barista for engaging in a union protest. Clearly, Starbucks is attacking the heart of the SWU's Direct Action strategy.

This crude maneuver must not stand. In the coming days, IWW baristas will issue a global call to action on behalf of Isis and the four other fired union baristas.
*bump* for gt
I was going to post this in the feminist outrage thread since this story was already mentioned there, but thought it might go better here since it's actually about a response to feminist outrage. There's a virtual rally going on today at 5PM EST about the rape case in Philadelphia where Judge Teresa Carr Deni claimed that the rape of a prostitute wasn't actually rape but just 'theft of services'. There's been a huge outcry about this already and even the PA Bar Association issued a statement criticizing the decision. With elections coming up tomorrow, there's a chance that Judge Deni could actually be voted out, so please pass this along if you know anyone in the Philadelphia area, or write about it on your own blogs, or just stop by Bound, Not Gagged (the blog for the Desiree Alliance, where the rally is happening) and leave a comment.

Here's the article about the rally:
Rape is Not an Occupational Hazard

And here's what Lilith and I wrote about it on our blog:
Evil Slutopia
Thanks Jezebel.

I've been looking around trying to find out if there were going to be any protests tomorrow since it's election day. I can be in Philly in 2 hours, so I'd love to participate if there's anything going on.
I contacted the people in Philly about protesting Judge Deni, and they said they're just leafleting at the polling places tomorrow. If she gets reelected, there's gonna be a huge organized demonstration.

Steve, don't you have bible passages to jack off to or something?

Scary World
God and abortion and forgiveness - Is forgiveness possible?

For many years, I thought, "God will never forgive me for the abortions."

When I was younger, I had three pregnancies terminated. Even though I wasn't very familiar with God at the time, I remember lying on the table, looking up, and asking God to forgive me. I didn't understand what I was doing. For some reason, I felt that abortion was wrong, but I also felt like I had no choice. For a number of years afterwards, I went through many emotional problems and had overwhelming thoughts of suicide. My days were dark, even though I thought that I had put the abortions behind me.

I was supposed to be free, but I wasn't!


Scary World
God and abortion and forgiveness - Is forgiveness possible?

For many years, I thought, "God will never forgive me for the abortions."

When I was younger, I had three pregnancies terminated. Even though I wasn't very familiar with God at the time, I remember lying on the table, looking up, and asking God to forgive me. I didn't understand what I was doing. For some reason, I felt that abortion was wrong, but I also felt like I had no choice. For a number of years afterwards, I went through many emotional problems and had overwhelming thoughts of suicide. My days were dark, even though I thought that I had put the abortions behind me.

I was supposed to be free, but I wasn't!


During the period of 1965-1973, more than 50,000 Americans made their way to Canada, refusing to participate in an immoral war. At the time, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau said: "Those who make a conscientious judgment that they must not participate in this war... have my complete sympathy, and indeed our political approach has been to give them access to Canada. Canada should be a refuge from militarism."

Thirty years later, Canada is faced with the same moral choice – to give refuge to those who refuse to be complicit in the US-led war on Iraq, which many legal opinions have deemed illegal under international law.

In January of 2004, Jeremy Hinzman, a soldier in 82nd Airborne Division, made his way to Canada seeking refugee status with his wife, Nga, and son, Liam. Brandon Hughey arrived in March 2004, and David Sanders surfaced in Toronto in May 2004. Since then, a growing number of American soldiers and their families have made the decision to seek sanctuary in Canada.

In December 2004, the Canadian government intervened in Jeremy Hinzman’s hearing before Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board, asserting that the legality of the war had no relevance to his claim. The refugee hearing officer accepted the government’s argument. This decision fails to acknowledge a critical moment in 20th Century world history.

Following the Second World War, the Nuremberg Tribunal set out important principles of international law. Those principles established that soldiers have a moral duty, not a choice, to refuse to carry out illegal orders.

Jeremy Hinzman is appealing the Refugee Board decision to a Federal Court, where he is hopeful that international law will be given a proper hearing. But regardless of the decision of the refugee board or the courts, Canada should not punish US war objectors for exercising their conscience and refusing to fight. If they are returned to the United States, they face court martial before a military tribunal and years in prison. Even the death penalty remains on the books in the U.S. as a possible punishment for desertion during wartime. Canada must not facilitate the persecution of American war objectors by returning them to the United States.

The majority of Canadians did not support this war. The Canadian government did not support this war.

We, the undersigned, call on the Canadian government to demonstrate its commitment to international law and the treaties to which it is a signatory, by making provision for US war objectors to have sanctuary in this country.
did everyone know that all donations made to Planned Parenthood thru 12/31 will be matched? go now!
This is on the other side of the world, but I think it belongs here?

For those who haven't heard, Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in Pakistan.

She was the leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party, which is center-leftist party. She was the first woman elected to lead a Muslim state, and was elected as Pakistan's Prime Minister twice. She became Prime Minister the for first time when she was 35, but the then-president had her removed from office after a little more than a year later. In 1993, she was re-elected and stayed in office for three years, but was removed again by the president. She fought for women's rights, and wanted to develop courts, police stations and banks for women.

Students for a Democratic Society is back.

Start a chapter of SDS in your school or join the new solidarity sister organization MDS if you are not a student.


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