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I've been more in lurk than post mode lately, so I just have to say that I love the death thread and all the busties in it. Awesome stuff.
Glad you're diggin' it, Battygurl. Like I said, big ups to Pollystyrene & BunnyB for their suggestion.

Thanks, Katie. You're pretty goddamned cool yourself. It's good to be in the know, innit?
Vesicapisces rocks and she can have a good bucking whenever she wants. Why does that sound diryt?
(Because you're only one letter away from LTAS, my love ...)
Late to the bandwagon, I want to say that Girlbomb's book really, really roxx.

Seriously. I read the book the same day I got it because I couldn't put it down.
Oh man, speaking of late to the bandwagon! I've been a Bustygirl admirer for years, not to mention my *flaming* mutual admiration of ris, auralpoison, and roseviolet.

Okay. Before I faint from delirious joy, allow me to post what I recently wrote about Girlbomb on my blog.

"She kicks much ass. Enormous quantities of ass. In fact, even when she's just relaxing at home, she'll grab a handful of ass & kick it around like a hackysack. You get what I'm saying."

In short, my dear, the feeling is mutual.
Zoya... she knows why.

I couldn't get cell service in CA. I tried, but then my phone got hijacked. Dunno what somebody is gonna do with it, it doesn't get service in CA. Ghetto mobile.
Girlbomb, just wanted to let you know that I'm taking your book with me to Havasupai to read whilst hanging out in the bikini I just crocheted (pattern from Debbie's Happy Hookers, of course) next to the water in the sun. Can't wait to read it! Oh, and lots of admiration for anarch, who always provides such interesting pov's, lovely to debate with (and...agree with, most of the time actually!)
girlbomb, your book is brilliant; I couldn't put it down, and I cried at the end. I'm in awe.

yeah, I missed the bandwagon.
Agh, I am so not worthy. But I'm totally grinning from ear to ear anyway. Thanks, kissmypineapple and mornington.
humanist rocks my socks! The girl actually came out at 7 in the morning to help with the Day of Action Against Street Harassment. Thank you so SO much!
Big, big hearts to txplumwine, mandolyn, risala, missthing/fuzzilla, turbojenn, and artemis for their GENEROUS contributions to the 5K walk I'm doing for my dog's shelter this weekend. We've raised more than $400, and Bustie generosity was a big part. Thank you SO MUCH.
right back at you, kissmypineapple, for so often saying what I would have wanted to myself, but better. also for having a username that brightens my day every time I see it!

girlbomb, I've had your book for a while but was saving it to read for when I really needed a treat, which turned out to be a few days ago. I read it in one sitting. Thanks for the gorgeously fine-tuned writing that really cuts to the heart. I get jealous when i hear about people who can't really write, or whose ideas are boring, getting books published (guess who hasn't made time to sit down and do it myself, heh), but writing like yours sets an inspiring standard for me to remember.
doodlebug. for telling it like it is over in the gossip thread.

i like it when we can take the lite threads into political territory every now and again, and i always applaud the people who are brave enough to do it.

i'm also effin' sick of this whole 'daddy's rights' movement.
special love for the (((kvetchettes))) for being there with kind words and vibes (that always come thru!) and just general all-around carebearness. specially this past week.

and props to (((raisingirl))) & (((lively))) & (((sidecar))) & (((mornington))). they make my cup runneth.
Right back at'cha Mandi. I concur, the kvetchette's indeed, rock hard core.

And especially big hugs and props for (((Mandolyn, BunnyB, RoseViolet & TXplumwine)))
Awww, Mando. You're sweet.

(((mando))). how dare you say nice things about me? I've gone all sqirmy.

And d'you know, I actually think you're rather lovely yourself.

In fact, all the kvetchette's are the bestest.
Heartage from Lively and Sidecartrix! I might explode! Specially since I'm not sure what I did for Lively's "especially big"...not that I'm complaining!
Hee, for just being your fabulous self mah'dear!
Oh yeah... and I seem to remember some email's from you that helped me through an especially difficult time, so I suppose there's some left over heartage for that too :-)
hee hee... thanks auralpoison!

sybarite.. thanks for the letter, and canuckguy - for the blunt wisdom.
Expect goodies, Zoya!
aural - wahoo!!

..someday we will meet in person, gahldangit!!
Zoya, I'm happy if it helped... and it's true! Keep on keeping on and things *will* get better. Meanwhile, don't forget that you rock.

And so does Mando, who often posts things that could have come from my gut. Honest, wise and funny, she rocks too.

Don't she though? Zoya! Zoya! Zoya! Zoya! Zoya! Zoya! Zoya! Zoya! Zoya! Zoya! Zoya! Zoya! Huzzah!
roseviolet just made my day. And her dog is so damn cute!
Kitten, I don't know what I did, but much smoochitude to you for making my day! And I'll make sure the Emily Pup knows that she gets the thumbs-up!
it was your response in the commercials thread. and you run the postie list!
Much heartage for Jem... for cracking our shit up in several threads, most notably Celebrity Gossip.
Back again, this time with endless love for girlbomb. Love your book, love your blog and always look forward to your posts in BUSTing troll$. You rule!
awwwwwww, shucks. Thanks Lively! I have mad love for you,too! And Girlbom is so totally, well a Girl bomb. She kicks MAD ASS!
::jumping on the Jem-love bandwagon::
A kazillion thanks to sixelacat for saving my sweet patoot alot of grief, due to my *minor* oversight in the troll thread.
Okay, so I'm thread hoggin'.

Hella props to all the BUSTies patrolling the bridge ;)
Gardnerella for being so smart & tech skilled.
venetia for posting that kick-ass poem in the stupid groin-obsessed men's thread. I copied and pasted that poem into my journal. Thanks ven!

Also BIGTIME bustie love to all the participants in the Troll$™ scheme!
So, there's this African Funk Band called Anitbalas. They have a song called Sista. In this song they call out sexist bullshit for what it is, FEAR of the power of the woman. FEAR. They are men calling other men out on their shit, and at the end they call out that they are Feminists. It's awesome!
I so love Venetia for her post (again!) in the Groin thread. *Total squishin's*
Oh, hells yeah! Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra! WORD, to the Hummingbird!
Serious boobie-squishins to all the NYC Busties at the Mandopalooza!

Extra squish for Jem for the ride home!

And a tittie-honkle right back to you, Luci!

I too had to pop in (even had to reregister!) to say thank you to miss Mandolicious for throwing a fabulous partay!!
Mando throws one hell of a party!

I'll add to Lucizoe's round of hugs to all the ladies I got to meet for the first time, those I saw for the first time in ages, and those I see here in NYC fairly frequently that were at Casa Mando. Y'all just rock.

Oh, and Fuego rocks for driving. Thanks, girl.
Tallgirl totally rocks my socks. Your post over in busting trolls describes *exactly* how i feel about this whole thing in a much more eloquent way that i could have ever put it
Pepper, cause she isn't afraid to have her opinion and stick to it with FIRE! It's tough to go up against her but it ain't gonna be boring.
Maimy. Always Maimy. Forever Maimy.
Maimy for me as well. You know, I had a dream last night wherein Maimy, Funjules, Raisingirl, WalkingBitch and Saktii were an all-girl metal band.

They rocked.
gator, was i at least their marketing wench or something? *pout*

tons of love for (((walkingbitch))) who's celebrating her birthday today. and whom i love dearly. and whom i plan on stalking regularly. true dat.
Mando better have been our manager!
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