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oooooo bustie road trip....

*goes all starry eyed*
that'd be dreeeeeeeeamy!
this one is sappy. i've been meaning to write this one for the past week. i was reflecting on the people in my life as i've gone through another transition for myself. thinking about where i've been, where i am going, and, most importantly, the friends in my life. in 2005, i discovered the lounge. i lurked alittle. i posted alittle. i took the chance to meet some Chicago busties. little did i know how important those women, the Chicago busties, would become in my life.

**hold on, i'm starting to cry alittle**

the risk i took leaving unsupportive friends (and letting go of a couple more in the interim) in the past 4 years gave me the courage to reach out to other busties. i feel i've been rewarded with nothing, but the wealth of their friendship...zoya, AP, polly, kittenb, turbojenn, humanist, avaadore, sidecar, cocl, raisingrl, anarch janeinane, princess_dander, lunasol, morn, bunnyb, anna_k, mouse, moxie, tart, prettyinpink, billy....all of these people i've met in person, hungout with, chatted on IM, chatted on the phone...spent time with them. and i feel very fortunate.

there are others on here that i look forward to reading their posts...rose, pixie, treehugger, gt, doodlebug, yuefie, falljackets...heck most of you who are dedicated to posting on here.

you make me feel normal and ok. you make my life feel full. i just wanted to express my gratitude.

ok. i better stop typing cause the tears are flowing big time. smile.gif
anna k
Aww stargazer. I feel really touched that you included me in your post. You're such an awesome person, and have given me great advice in my personal life. You are so beautiful and cool and fantastic.
I'll have you know that while I am, yes, a happy drunk, I am not an "I love you, man!" drunk. That wasn't just my being hopped either.

You Busties (Even the ones that hate me; some rightly so, some not so much.) just don't know how bleak & LONELY I get here sometimes. Whenever I talk to you guys, IM, PM, email, whatever with you I get a rush of warmth & affection. You're my connection to the outside world where it's "NORMAL" for people to be smart, funny, opinionated, lovely, ambitious, feminist, creative, etc, etc, etc. "Normal" here means bigoted, ignorant, lazy, creepy, & bass-ackwards.

And I must mention that even though I frequently say shit I probably shouldn't, you accept me anyways.

GT, I may have teased you over your laugh, but trust me, I bet you still look good doing it, you gorgeous bitch. When I laugh, I mean, REALLY laugh, my lower jaw practically unhinges & I look like a great beige donkey with shiny red lips. G says I laugh like a "teamster". When prodded, he explained he meant a smoky, bawdy, barroom laugh. It's better than saying I bray, which I actually do.
whatever, lady, you've still got a great laugh. tongue.gif
If you have a fondness for hyenas.
or if you like women who are real, earthy and funny as fuck with warm, rich laugh to match.

i can keep this up all night, your royal sassyness. tongue.gif
I love watching girltrouble and auralpoison banter with each other. It makes me want to go get a bloody mary or some other libation with you both. wub.gif

Stargazer, thank you for mentioning me!
(((((musicfit & husband)))))

you guys sound like kick ass people. stay strong.
hi pugsy! *waves furiously*
QUOTE(treehugger @ Mar 11 2009, 05:53 AM) *
I love watching girltrouble and auralpoison banter with each other. It makes me want to go get a bloody mary or some other libation with you both. wub.gif

Somedays I wonder if we are not some perverse Nick & Nora with a caged gimp named Asta.
if that were the case:
1)someone would need to get murderized)
2)we'd need waaaaaaaay more liquor and money (not to mention a better wardrobe
3)who exactly would be asta? and would they still jump in my lap? (or for that matter nick and who, nora?)
1) Does it matter who gets murderized as long as there is a murder to solve & we are drunken society swells?
2) I got plenty of liquor & money. And my wardrobe is pretty sharp. And I have great accessories. We can always get you kitted out.
3) Um, a gimp is a gimp is a gimp. If it needs to be in your lap, perhaps we should just get a dog & buy it a spiked collar. As far as who is who, I figure we could take turns even though you're prettier than me. I have a GREAT fedora, y'know. I think I'd make a rather dashing Nick.
I will be the lap jumping Asta so long as I get a pair of Fluevogs out of the deal.

Oh and no gimp, I'll just jump into your lap anyways GT.
...and of course, much love to bunnyb and persiflager wink.gif
virtual hugs for gt, pollystyrene, auralpoison, stargazer, the Grossies, and anyone else who's supported me in comments (sorry if I missed naming you) or inunexpressed sympathy re my ongoing medical soap opera. Having you here to listen and validate (esp in the wake of my husband who's supposed to be my go-to source of validation) is saving my sanity.

He apologized this morning, so that's good. I know from experience that we'll be having more arguments about it regardless. Still, better one apology now than the no apologies I got after the previous 6 arguments.

My blood pressure is at 140/95 now, thanks I'm sure to last night's argument. I think I'll tell him so when I see him, in a neutral way of course. It's important for him to know what this does to me.

I love you guys.

/blinking back tears of gratitude
Anarch, I'd like to give you some virtual hugs, too - for the things you've posted publicly & the things we've discussed privately, too. You kick some serious ass, woman. I hope you're feeling better soon.
(((anarch))) make sure you do something relaxing for yourself to bring down your blood pressure.
((anarch)) Go have some good, clean fun! wink.gif
props for bunny for dragging my ass back here time and time again with her damn film questions... you crafty debbil woman!

zoya for your funny pms,

and aural for just putting up with me...
*bows* I am as "cunning as a fox what used to be Professor of Cunning at Oxford University but has moved on and is now working for the U.N. at the High Commission of International Cunning Planning".

Mutual admiration for teaching me - everyday is a learning day.

Busties rock but special mention to AP, star, mornington, kitten, raisingirl and freckle a'cos.
I went out to dinner last night with a good friend. We traded stories about dating and how certain kinds of (wasteofspace&time) guys select themselves out after realizing that we're smart and we won't hide it. As we got up to leave, a woman at a neighbouring table met my gaze and smiled broadly at me. I smiled back, thinking, "Aaahhhh. She's one of us."

Current bp: 114/77. Yay!

AP and GT, they know why.

The Okayland busties have been really amazing, as always. But especially lately.

You know, all the busties are such an amazing group of people. I've never met some of you, but I feel so wonderfully close to many of you.
After a hiatus and then heavy duty's good to be back!

Love y'all!

*blows kiss*
stargazer doesn't need to gaze for stars; all she needs to do is look inwards.
Aw. Thanks Bunny. wub.gif
all the busties. even when i'm not around i think about ya'll, and hope those who are happy stay happy and those who are going through rough spots weather them and come out victorious on the other side of the storm wink.gif
Candycane_girl for asking a very interesting question in the General dating/relationship thread. It has been interesting to read everyone's responses.
A big thank you to persiflager (from the depths of my soul) for putting an opportunity my way.
fanlin sucks.

that is all.

....thank god (once more) for the ignore feature!!


She knows why and I thank you from the bottom of myself.
anytime mamma. you know where to find me! I am on your side
I just want to spread the Bustie love. Even though I can be a spectacular dick at times, ya'll help keep me grounded. And it's been nice getting to know more of you via the FB. It's funny, though. Even though I know a bunch of ya'lls real names, I still think of you by your handles! I find myself talking with the bf unit & saying, "Well, but Doodle or Raisin or GT or Culture said . . . "
At times, I like spectacular dicks. wink.gif
I was gonna say, many of us love spectacular dicks.
Thanks to all of the Bustie love from the accomplishment thread to FB! I felt all warm and fuzzy last night when I was thinking about what great friends I have here. wub.gif
Everybody posting recently in the Relationship thread: CCG for getting it done, and everyone else in there supporting her. It is conversations like this that keep the lounge awesome; you are all the business ((((group hug))))
Enormous thanks to AP, GT, and RV who have been so wonderful through my recent shit.

wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
Thanks, CH! You kick some serious ass yourself, ya know. wink.gif
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the ModSquad. You guys rock. Thank you for getting rid of our latest eyesore!

Oh, yes, & thank you CH! You rock!
what rose said. you're awesome ch. wub.gif
I've honestly never ventured into this thread and I didn't know that I had been mentioned. Thanks ladies!

I'd like to thank all the busties that tell off the trolls. You all come up with the most awesome, biting insults that I could never even think of! The best is when you take on someone who is actually trying to stir shit up (as opposed to just lame people posting ads). I love it!
I just want to give shout outs to all the busties who've been in here long-term... it's been such a pleasure over the years watching everyone go through life, tackling their shit and growing from it - sometimes I love killing some time and going back into the archives to see some posts (whether mine or another bustie's) about a certain topic or situation a year or two ago, then going forward to posts now, where they're dealing with a similar situation. It's awesome to see the positive growth in people and how they deal with things in their lives as they grow - and how busties have helped support and encourage each other through that. (and sometimes give some tough love!!) So I guess I'm giving some love for the lounge, and what a special, cool place it is!!
2nding zoya. I couldn't have made it through the past year without y'all. It gives me warm fuzzies to read everybody's support, helping people through hard times.
Y'know, I think about you guys a lot. I can't even believe how much you've enriched my life. I'd be lost without you. MUCH LOVE!
Ditto. You all have enriched my life in ways that touch me so deeply, I can't even express it in words. I feel truly blessed to be in the company of so many amazing people.
I'm stepping in this line, too.
Much love to the Busties participating in the A Gender agenda and Is That All There Is thread! It is great to have a place for these conversations. wub.gif
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