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anna k
You ladies are so awesome. I love reading your back-and-forth posts.

rudderlesschild, I've been on the boards since 2002, when I used to post under the name Mab (after the faerie queen). I wrote about a high school boy who flirted with me a lot and my zine work. God, so freakin' long ago.

AP, that's a great quote from your dad. I'll remember that one.

Alluna is a great writer, I love reading her posts.

crazycatlady, when I feel lonely or depressed, I read the depression thread or socially inept dork thread and feel like I'm not alone, and it comforts me.
Words cannot describe how much admiration I have in my heart for mandolyn and her fighting spirit; she is the epitome of BUSTie and what that entails to all of us. I also hold dear everyone who has supported mandi in her illness - YOU are why I love the lounge; we are such a caring and supportive network and I am thankful for having you in my life (even if I don't like you personally wink.gif).
Word, bunny!
anna k
Bunny, that was a great post you wrote. Mandolyn is an incredibly beautiful person, and I wish her all the best in her personal life.
She is an inspiration and the collective support of BUSTies has been incredibly touching.
In class today many people were saying how technology has made us all so isolated and alone. I could not disagree more. W/o technology I wouldn't have Bust. What would I do then? This site has helped me date, go back to grad school, try new sex stuff, make new female friends, watch Mad Men, Dexter, Big Love. W/o technology, my life would be so different.

Thank you everyone, for just being there!

And yes, this is the cyber-version of drunk guy grabbing his buddies' shoulders slurring, "I love you man!"
Culture, I wanted to tell you that I am laughing SO MUCH at your recently changed "One Night in Bangkok" title! laugh.gif

And extra luv to Mando busy kicking cancer's ass down to the ground.
CrazyOldCatLady, I bow to you! biggrin.gif
Hee, thanks RaisinGirl!

may I say how happy I am that you are back, too!

and I am seconding COCL greatness.

i think my fever has broken smile.gif
anna k
I want to give a shout-out to mouse and stargazer for being such awesome, beautiful, interesting ladies, and having some good conversations this week!

kitten, I agree. I love the Lounge because there are so many awesome women on here, and when I read it I feel so good about myself and the world.
thanks to all the busties for your posts, pms and emails.
Pugs, you are a strong, smart beautiful woman. Things always work themselves out, and damn if you and the mister don't have a wonderful, strong relationship.
i just want to send some love towards roseviolet. i really love reading your posts. they are thoughtful, direct, and supportive simultaneously. much love for rose! wub.gif
[blushes DEEP red]
That's so sweet of you to say! Thanks, Star. You kick some serious ass, too.
ditto on what star said. i am continually in awe of your heart, lady. thing that kills me is, as long as i've been reading your posts (which is an astoundingly long time), you've always wrote some of the most deep, sweet, caring things evah. you're amazing.
GT, the love is definitely mutual. You've said some of the BEST stuff in the last few days. I just keep nodding my head as I read your posts. You kick some serious ass, honey lamb! wub.gif
and did i mention that i get all silly when you call me honey lamb?

zoya-- you are so who i wanna be when i grow up.
rose-- for calling me honey lamb, yes, but just cos you are one of those busties that are the sweetness to my sour here at le lounge.
aural-- i'm glad you are back. i miss your sardonic goodness. 's kind of funny. i just read your post in the crush thread that i totally missed. lol. we could have totally scrapped if i wasn't slacking in my reading. hmph!
anna-- i wish i could keep up with you movie wise... i need to stop slacking!
the twins-- kitty and bunny b. see--- you made me smile again, damn you both!
pugsy-- love your new thread... thank you, smarty!
hidden poet-- yay for newbies!

and general love: star of course, always spectacular, starship for being unbelievably gracious and sweet, culture for your usual craziness(and friendship), freckle, mandy, tree, dayglo, catlady, ketto, konfusion, polly, crino, persi, & mouse

missing:moonpie, faerietales, funjules, dolor, cha, GGG, girlbomb, prettyinpink (thanks hellcat), ven & maimy (always)

Shit. I forgot all about that. Too late now anyways.
lol. i was like...wait... i didn't show up to an argument? wtf? hmmmm. perhaps i'm growing up....
or not.
meh water under the bridge.

*makes a goofy face at aural then smiles, waves*
anna k
Thank you girltrouble. I rented Bangkok Dangerous off of Netflix because of your suggestion, and look forward to watching it this week!
I must give some love to Persiflager for being so eloquent and polite to the newbies about not introducing themselves.

Star for sending a PM, and subsequent calling an ass sphincter, to another troll.

GT cuz I love her and her posts, particularly involving the new troll as well.

AP for fucking rockin' it too, with said trolls.

The boobie ladies, y'alls just fuckin' rock. both threads provide such an amazing place for love, support and knowledge. And shout outs to MWNE!

ChaCha for being such an amazing source of knowledge.

COCL for her always great, and many times amusing posts.

I heart all BUSTies, except for a few.

Oooooh! Love from girltrouble and culturehandy!

*swoons gently in her chair, overcome by excitement*

thanks CH and GT! smile.gif
I want to give props to Anarch for living in an wholly untenable situation with great grace. She had to put up with mad shit; now she's the queen of her own domain. Sans insects & infections.

And seriously, I'm the debbil, so don't be me giving me nothing, people. I await my great reward in Hades. I've a management position all lined up with health/dental, a soul crushing bonus, & a vacation in the second circle of Hell. That's where all the sexy sinners go.

ETA: I forgot to pass mad love to the CH!
*tiptoes in*
(sotto voce)
aural is soooo not the debbil. just because you don't suffer fools does not make you evil, it makes you time conscious. i'm blowing her cover, she's not only a sweetheart, but she is funny as fuck and i adore her so there. tongue.gif

I am very much enamored of Crinoline & want to have her internets babies.

And GT, quit trying to tarnish my evil image with good. I'm concentrated evil. One drop of me could turn you all into hermit crabs!
I would love to have some trash talkin' internet babies with you, ap!!

also, love to the small busties, you know who you are! Love to AP,GT,culturehandy, and the Pugs for bringing this board to life
*walks in on crutches, swollen jaw, missing tooth bandaged head and a black eye, she stairs at the floor*

i apologith.

evwee thing i thaid wuth a lie. AP ith the debbil. thee ith luchia mcevil, the debbil'th daughter herthelf. thee ith the motht evil creatthure to ever grath thith lounge.

do not look at her croth eyed coth thee will put her foot up your ath.

pleath forgive me aural, i didn't mean to offend you, your thathy evilneth.

(pleath don't hurt me no more!)

*hobbles out, groaning*
*thicks sticks her head in*
i have to thay one more thing. there'th one thing that aural ith good.

good at kicking ath!

*closes the door and tries to run on crutches. the sound of her falling down a fight of stairs is heard*

I am also apparently quite good at wetting my knickers I laugh so hard at GT!
holy shit, a shout-out from auralpoison!

/happy dance

I can totally see you as the debbil. All alluring and fascinating, smooth-talkin', straight-talkin', devastatingly incisive, power-wieldin' sexiness.

(Especially after seeing the shape you left GT in. You are unquestionably the debbil, oh yes.)

I'm going to have to come back in here after things settle down in my life and enumerate things I love about Busties.

Meantime, hugs to all!
(Especially after seeing the shape you left GT in. You are unquestionably the debbil, oh yes.)
ain't that th' troof, thithter!
*passes out*
Silence! Or I'll knock the rest of those teeth out! Or, "The reth of thothe theef out!"

A good slave is so hard to bind.
you ladies fucking rock.

GT, that was one of the funniest things. Hee hee.
waits till aural has left, then gives her a "bronx cheer*


*...and accidentally breaks her jaw in the process*

oooooh thitthandwicheth.

*crawls out*

The Committed and Moving On Busties are


I love you all and thank you for taking care of me through this HOT FUCKING MESS OF A SITUATION!!
mornington, for being a great friend.
The women posting in the Gen Sex Thread right now. Everytime I get up the guts to ask a question that I feel like I should know the answer to there is someone willing to say, "Hey I didn't know that either," and then I feel better. And there are women willing to answer the question with a wide variety of perspectives.

Who needs Suzi Bright or Sue Johanson or any of them? I gots my Busties!
kitten, I'm with on the Gen Sex ladies.

and I have to say, that Sue Johansen is very wise, now there is a real sexpert who gives really good, solid advice.
I spent a lovely day hanging out with crazyoldcatlady and persiflager and they are fun, intelligent and witty ladies.

Everybody knows that AP rocks the fucking kasbah but it bears repeating.
this is late coming, but Star.

She knows why.
AP, for reffering to slatternly women as "round-heeled!"
Too many pulp fiction novels under my belt, KittenB. Mad props on your use of "slatternly".

And Bunnyb is the cold rock shit. And I am insanely jealous that she got to hang with two awesome Busties.

And GT for not telling me to STFU when I kept her up all last night with my caffeine induced meanderings on . . . well, everything. What rambling weirdness did I not I touch upon? I need to not ever drink nine sodas in such a short period of time again. I was drunk & VIBRATING on caffeine & sat up & wrote for two hours after we hung up. Caught a catnap, & then drank the LAST THREE CANS & am still buzzing now. And there is a Diet Coke calling my name.
GT for understanding both sides of the fence, and never giving a shit if someone rambles on..

.... just so you know, GT, it is my life's mission to have that damn bloody mary with you. Or a dirty martini. Preferably by a pool at some hip hotel. Or else a Blood and Sand at some tiki bar.
props to anna, rosey, deets, dolor and cha, of course, aural & z for telling me all kinds of things, and keeping me interested AND entertained.... honestly, i love the way you both "ramble" i just find you both so interesting, funny, and smart, so i never mind. y'all's cool beans in my book.

missing: mouse, pugs, and i need to go back into the ok thread cos i miss tree. i lurve you tree!


yes, well z (as in zenith, zeal, zephyr, zymurgy, and zonk), i understand that the plans are in the works.

aural is about to get an email from me saying i'm in on y'all's plan for world domination. heh. bloody marys, z, and aural are in my future plans barring gainful employment, or any other catastrophic which point you will discover i am terrifically boring, and as aural put it, astoundingly "normal."

i never give a shit about people rambling. i love the narrow little side streets of conversation that i'm led down and the gems that come from it. plus i think that's how you really learn about people. what is the point of a discussion dragged down well worn ruts? besides, aural is loopy as hell, and has a super charming laugh. (did i mention that when she's all hopped up on caffeine, she's like a happy drunk? "*sniff* i love you, man!!!! no, really, i love you!" yes, aural, i love you too, goofball. )
whoa, back up just a fucking minute ... GT, are you and AP descending upon my island (for some reason said in an Irish accent a'la Stephen in Braveheart) or are you hooking up with z over there?! *hopes for the former*

I can testify to the randomness of zoya's talk ... we deviate from one subject to another often and many a long phone call ensues. It's even worse in person when wine and/or cocktails are involved.
Thank you bunny, I had a lovely day as well! biggrin.gif
i wish, bunny, no, alas, alack (of cash), no i haven't even a passport.

but speaking of absolutely nothing,

hi bunny!!!!!!
*waves* hey, gt!

It will happen one day ... I was only discussing with kittenb earlier today that I know I'll have the chance to meet certain BUSTies at some point, whether it be a BUSTie road-trip or if the stars align, it'll happen.
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