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awwwww *blushes* thanks.
yay for mouse and the artbusties crew for hepin' me with my artist statement thanky!
thanks GT for your concern.
you're very welcome chatty. i hope you are recovering well. you're in my thoughts. hurry back, k?

lol... and be careful with that razor! wink.gif
I am sooooooooooo P R O U D of GT right now!
you rock my socks & make me feel like such a just to burst w/ my baby chick a- grown' up Pride.
super wonderful, you are.
thanks freck!

you know how much that means to me! you are the best EVAH!

and you are pretty fantastic yourself, thank you for being my cheerleader, and always there for a kind word. you make so many things better!

Props to ROCK, chica. There's SO MANY of us lurvin' you right now. wub.gif
GT you are The Hottness. wub.gif
girl trouble, tu es simplesmente de MAIS!!
Queen Bull
AHEM** you all kick major ass... and i LOVE that i happened upon this community...*gets all sappy*

biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

much <3
*joins the lovefest*
*busties rule* kick ass* and take names* especially gt ~ who is smokin' hottttttt too.
thanks gt for bitching the way you do!!!
i am having so much fun watching you hand troll's ass back to him on a plate, GT. Hugs all around.
I'm adding my props to gt, too!
**big booby hug for GT**

Thank you so much for monitoring the Lounge and the recent troll bust!
yay GT!!!!!

Props to GT for working her A$$ off all weekend fighting trolly mctroll's posts. You have my admiration, chica.
I know the trollfest has been hard on you and your life. I know you feel unappreciated. Please know that I appreciate you and all you have done, being the trolligator, and, pushing so hard to even have a trolligator. I have nothing but love and respect for all the hard work you put in over the weekend. I want to recognize the sacrifice you made and have made. I think you have done a great job, I feel the lounge has an uber cool guardian to put the tranny foo smack down when it is called for. Please be our trolligator in the future.
i'm jumping in on the lovefest for girltrouble!!! she's frickin' awesome, she is!!!
don't think i don't appreciate it, but this thread has been a swell boost for my self esteem but can we extol the virtues of other busties for a few pages?
naw GT you need to know how badass you are! thanks again and again
I agree with MissLadyJ. Thanks again, GT!
if y'all are gonna be like that, then i'll boycott!

i'll not say anything nice about me at all! there tongue.gif

((((((all busties except that gt! she's trouble)))))
anna k
I'll join in. Girltrouble, you are one of the most unique and interesting people I've met on this site. You have such a great knowledge of film, which opens you up to so many ideas and interpretations of life. As a teen I worked at an artsy movie theater, and loved learning about everything classic, indie, and foreign, and I love having those conversations with you in the Reel Life thread. You are such a beautiful and magnificient woman, and a memorable presence here.
goddamn it anna now you've made me cry. dry.gif

lol.. you happy now? i've been meaning to say something to you anna for a while. i love your tiny reviews that you post in the reel thread, but i keep wanting to read more. i want more detail from you. i've always gotten the sense from the movies you go to see that you know so much about film, but, and i may be reading this wrong, it feels like you are a bit sheepish about going into detail. but one thing it took me years to figure out, is that everyone's opinion is valid, i know you don't need to tell you this or me to validate your opinion, but i really want to know what you think about all those films you see, i want to hear your observations in more detail. i always love seeing you've posted in that thread because i feel like you are this fantastic film scout, who sees movies i'd love to before they come to the wetlands. but it drives me nuts because you always leave me wanting i keep saying what did anna think about this or that. but i feel like i only ever get the tip of the iceberg, but i get the feeling that you are one hell of an iceberg, so to speak, i have a feeling that you have amazing insight into the films and i for one would love to hear it. i for one would love for you to go more into detail. because the best experience for me has always been talking about some film with a friend who's opinion i really respect and disagreeing-- because those conversations are such terrific catalysts, and have changes so much of what i think about film. but it's that conversation where we all talk about what grabbed us, 'what we saw in films' to borrow a title, that lets us build on our knowlege that deepens our love, our perspective on these things. and fuck, anna, you have so fucking much to add. you really do. i have such admiration for you, you are so freaking incredible.

and since we are talking about people in the reel thread, it's not a secret, but i love the reel lifers. i do. every single one of them. i know i always sing the praises of cha, and dolor, because their brainsis scare the fuck out of me. like most busties, they are sooooooo goddamn smart. most times i feel like i'm sooo not in their league. but i love going to that thread. i do. i love reading about busties seeing movies. it just makes me feel like a little kid in a candy store.

now stop it before i get t' crying again. mad.gif
anna k
Thanks girltrouble. I like writing about movies, but sometimes can't always articulate my thoughts about it unless I'm writing a review and get into more detail. But I'm so flattered that you called me "one hell of an iceberg." That really feels so special and genuinely nice to hear.

Mouse, you're such an intriguing character, you sound so artistic and creative and shy and sensual and mysterious and cool. I love reading your posts, you're just so special.

Culturehandy, you inspire me to be stronger and more bold in life, to not let past insecurities hold me back, and to feel more confident in myself. I am awed by your strength and power and womanity, and aspire to be that badass and strong in my own life.
you know what you might want to do is talk out loud. it's what helped me learn to write. i'm much sloppier than i used to be, writing wise but when talking about film sometimes talking outloud sets those cogs in your brain to working and you figure things out as you go. if you have a film buddy or can find one it's a good habit to always talk about the film. it keeps those muscles working. i talk about almost every film i see, even if it's to myself, even the popcorn & explosion films. it solidifies and condenses so many of the thoughts you have during the film and makes details easier to remember. keep those muscles working!

as for the hell of an iceberg, i meant it. i suspect if i met you you'd have a very calm exterior, but your posts... man! it's like you've got so much going on underneath. it's really quite wonderful!

and i agree about mouse. she's amazing. i always think, those guys who don't get to know her are missing out. she's cool as fuck.

and well, culture, i can only echo what you said about her too!

tree is like that too. she knows she is one of my heros (as are so many busties), but i love telling her. i admire her in so many ways. everytime i hear about something she's done to her house i'm just in awe. and then there's her work. she's just the shit.

there are so many busties i think the world of and kazillions of reasons why, i never know where to start!
i want to give a shoutout to zoya for her friendship. she has been really helpful for me in the past week. i really value my friendship with her and i hope i can do the same in return for her.

dude, i need to win the lotto so i can come visit and haunt the bars of glasgow with you. a couple of days in london was not enough time with you!
Awww gorsh, GT and Anna. *blushes*

my amazing writing women.

..can you bring a hot young guy with you? wink.gif


ps - ditto back to you
Oh, GT....Thank you! smile.gif You's wonderful too!!!
I wish anake posted more because I am always happy when she does. laugh.gif
To culturehandy, who lately has been cracking me the f---- up!!! You kick major bootay, sistah!

you really are pretty awesome. thank you for being such a good sport about my prodding and pushing and kajoling to try this trolligator thing. not to mention ignoring my numerous resignations, pretending they were never received. you knew i wouldn't-- couldn't -- just let our asshat just post if i could do something about it.

"girltrouble can't ignore." as steve would say. it's true. i don't mind at all deleting 12 pages of his posts one by one. i love this place too much. i think you knew that. thanks for your faith.

more than anything, i have to say, loudly, publicly, you were right.

i think you were right to ignore the idea of a mod. a normal mod really would have changed the spirit of the lounge. i really think you did us all a huge favor by holding out until we decided to restrict this the way we did. i love that other than that, we still have to post ignore links, argue about who is and isn't a troll, and even remind newbies and busties about starting threads. as much as i sometimes curse myself for having taken on this job, i think this was the perfect balance. i think it's made me grow up....a tiny bit, too. thank you for making me stick to my promises. i see why you did what you did, and i've gained tons of respect for you.

I know that this thread has become a Fluffyfest, but I'd like to shout a holler to Crinoline. She's the cold rock shit, ya'll! Love the Crino!
Oh wow!! Thanks, ap! *tearfully motorboats*

and back atcha for being the baddest ass with the baddest assets on the Board! You're very inspiring.
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Sep 22 2008, 07:20 AM) *

today there was a 12 page attack, and i think i might have accidentally deleted this thread. i try, as i did today, to be as careful as i possibly can not do delete or disrupt the lounge. i feel a lot of guilt when this happens. it's the worst case scenario, and something i dread. i apologize for all the people who posted in here whose information or insight was lost. i cannot express my profound regret. i was a frequent poster and user of this thread.

I admire gt for the post above and everything that she is doing for the lounge. We may not always agree but when you say stuff like this, it makes me adore you. Thank you for busting (no pun intended!) your ass to clean up the mess and don't fret about the voting thread etc. because sometimes shit happens and it is a small price to pay for the great job you are doing, chica.
*blushes* thanks Nelly! (((((nelly)))) how's you doing?

Bunny, I'm with you on GT's moddy goodness.

Shout out to all the busties! You are lurverthly!
whoa, we actually have a moderator? and it's girltrouble?
i am so outta the loop, it's criminal. sheesh!

even tho i don't do the troll tango, i've always been vocal about my opinions on the need of some cleaning/policing. so, thank you, (((debbie & girltrouble))) .... heartfelt thanks!

and i just need to give props to my (((kvetchies))). i know i'm a broken record, but i'd be seriously lost without you all. you're my touchstone, and all your love and caring get me thru.
Well, no, not anymore- gt resigned and we now have the ModSquad.

Gawd mando, where have you been! tongue.gif
good hustle mod! wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif you rock! i can't tell you how fun it is to watch you delete all of stupid steve's stuff...
Hey There T-Gal, my cute baby Duck!

Just caught up to your kind words of Sept 4... so let me say how much I enjoy your generosity of spirit and your generous posts (and also your awareness of the fragility and pathologies lurking within masculinity, this needs repeating around here...).

I'm waving at you from the other side of America.

I've been kinda quiet since... things haven't been so well for me lately. Dolor back in her doldrums. Now don't cry for me Argentina (or Rajapungie) since I don't like condolences. Fall is always a tricky time for me, right now it's beautiful but there is a sting of sorrow to it. Fall = falling. Also I'm coming up on a major birthday, and I'm old enough not to like b-days.

OK, that's enough Self for now. I hate how depression drives me inwards, when the true spirit of life is outwards, dynamic.

ta ta fer na,

yr dolor

PS And I agree La Cha is super-smart and Anna K should say more.
They're graceful dancers too, I'll bet.
I'm going to give a shout out to the modsquad for taking care of things so promptly as well as the staff for implementing all this new stuff because of abuses by Steve.


Oh and yet another shout out to GT for listening to me cry yesterday.

And the okayers, and everyone really. I hearts my busties.
I too would like to thank the Modsquad. Their swift cleanup means that I have nary seen a steve post. I only hear about attacks through the grapevine.
Again, I wish to give mad props to Crino. She's a smart gal. I wish I had what she has goin' on.

And I want to lurve on Kittenb as well. She can get medieval on a motherfucker as well as me or GT. I lurve Kittenb & she lurves me.

And Hellotampon. She has the verbal ginsu skillz. Her head is cooler than mine in tense situations. Where I attack with a crude toothbrush shiv, she has grace.

And Stargazer. Stargazer cares about *US*. She sends me ecards when she knows my life is shit even though I'm a total fucking asshole. She sees beyond the asshole & knows that I'm just another hurtin' loudmouth Sag. Plus, she's crazy hawt from the pics I've seen. Girlcrush!

And Boyinpanties. He's a nice guy. I hope he sticks around. It's nice to have boy input that doesn't make my hackles sit up & turn red. He's insightful & respectful.

And all the new Busties, even those that were old & gave up the Bust faith. WELCOME BACK! We missed ya & if we don't know ya, we WANT to.

ETA, I just want to say that me & Fluffy is gonna have babies. I love her so much it makes my heart hurt sometimes. The TRUST. The RESPECT. The just-being-so-fucking-awesomeness.

ETA, I forgot Polly. Polly is hella rad!
Thanks you! I really needed to hear that today. wub.gif
Kittenb, it's something you should hear EVERY day. Always keep in mind that somebody, even if they are an arsehole, LOVES you dearly & doesn't know what they'd do without you.
Hear, hear, AP! Kittenb ROCKS!

So does POLLY! For a lot of things but especially for that letter, which should be sent tongue.gif.
(((AP))) Thanks love! smile.gif
big hugs to tree. i know you are lurking around here, just know i lurve you soooo much!
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