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Oh, gawrsh. Thank you, AP. You rock, as well, hon.
Many huge SMOOCHES to Mandolyn for coming to visit me and my boys....and thank you to the Lounge for introducing me to such wonderful women to whom I still feel so incredibly connected, despite my YEARS of absence (hence, having to create a new username as I couldn't even remember my password, and the email address it is affiliated with is no longer active)

Thanks again sweetie...I know it wasn't easy to make the trek!
After having been through so many shitty things, deaths of too many loved ones, fucked up money/b-day and what not.
I have to say it again:
You busties are so fucking awesome!!! wub.gif

I've always been such a random, and sometimes sporadic poster, so all the support was completely unexpected.

...Oops, actually so sporadic, I missed this: sad.gif
QUOTE(deschatsrouge @ May 10 2008, 02:45 AM) *
Hey Pherber, after reading your post in the bust sin bin. I have to say that you rock too. wub.gif

Aw, thanks!
And I really meant it, you're such a rebel, you're blog is just so ass-kicking and funny at the same time! biggrin.gif

Btw, I'm totally naive here, but what's that frequent mention of people hating AP all about?
That's surely not possible! tongue.gif

Girltrouble is a class act. wub.gif
lol... thanks kitty bee! you're pretty amazin' yourself...

but class act? *giggles* i just realised most of my posts end with the phrase "pull your head out of your ass!" not so much on teh classy. but definately on teh assy.
but you couldn't say "girltrouble is an ass act!?" could you? and why is it that i like that phrase so much? meh. gt, pull your head out of your ass! learn how to take a complement and just say thanks...

hmmmm....let's try this again...
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Jun 19 2008, 02:18 AM) *
who me? awwwww thanks, kitty bee! you're pretty amazin' yourself!
I think that "ass act" needs to be a new Bust phrase.

"Rev. Phelps is a real ass act." Yup. It works.
I just have to give a HUGE shout out to Girltrouble for taking the time to post links to blocking the new Tr***s after each one of their posts. Amazing work!!
Yeah I'll second that. Thanks!
*thirds this movement*

fankoo GT!!
motherfuckin' FOURTHED!

Props to GT! <3
*moseys awn in th' thread with a ten gallon hat, cowboy boots n spurs*
aw shucks, twernt' nuffin!

(i actually used one of the new features to hunt down his posts. that plus knowing the way to get different listings, it was a piece of cake. once i had the blocking stuff, it took all of 5 minutes. lol... he's wasting his time posting here. any semi-ambitious bustie can block all of his posts in about the time it takes him to sign up... if you want the *deets* send me an PM. it's very easy...

I'm going to FIF that!! Good job GT!! I hate when trolls do that. Hopefull LoungeLady will be in early Monday morning and will delete the freakass!!
I say we nominate her for Bustie sainthood. Saint GT!
I second that emotion.
For she's a jolly good Bustie!

I'm never sure about posting those warnings, if they're going to be more intrusive than the posts, but it's good to know it's effective and appreciated. wink.gif
i feel the same way as you, polly. the most sacred thing in the lounge to me is the conversations going on in the threads. i hate to be disruptive, but my calculation is do it once, big, with all the info, easy to use links, impossible to miss, and leave it so the conversation can get back on track.

i only do so out of duress, and i'd rather edit a post than post a whole new one that takes away from the thread....

and while i appreciate the sentiment, (and thank you for it), AP, i'm far from a saint. anyone who's been round these parts for any length of time knows i can be as much, if not more of an asshole as the next, and often am.
Thank you, GT!!! I just got back from a family reunion (no internet access since Friday) and saw your post...promptly put it on ignore and didn't even have to see ONE of those stupid posts!!

I'ma go and block avatars too, temporarily.


All the busties who are committed to helping us block these nuisances, well, they just RAWK!!!
Oodles of lovinz for our new Lounge Lady for cleaning up the mess!!!

Much heartage to our new Lounge Lady for giving me my old user name back! And also to an unamed BUSTie who apparently requested that my old account be restored. Not sure who it was, but it sure was a sweet thing to do! wub.gif
Yes, we dig the clean up & such, LL! Thank you ever so much.

Oh, dear GT. Perhaps I should clarify, "A secular saint is someone venerated and respected for contributions to a noble cause, but not recognized as a canonical saint by a religion."

A lot of the religious saints? Were bonkers in some form or another. I mean, hair shirts? Flagellation? That's some kinky shit. Early *homo* BDSM. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition! There's a few books on their eating disorders. John Waters mentions a saint in his standup that was . . . not quite right. And look at Santeria or the Umbanda. Those are some wacky orishas! All in all, um, there were some fucked up little hairless monkeys tripping out with god. I suppose divinity does that to a soul.
I'm also giving props to LL, you fucking rock. You participate in discussions and actually talk to us! It's great!

Thank you for the love everybody. I send it right back. I am having one of the toughest weeks of my life right now (emotionally and physically), and the e-kindness I get on the Lounge makes it the teeniest bit better.

((group hug))

~ LL Lysa
Best. Lounge. Lady. Ever. ((L3))

Yay, yuefie's been resurrected!!
LL, what's going on??
to all the ladies in the busting trolls thread. no matter your stand on the exterminator issue, thank you for voicing it. thank you for looving the lounge as much as i do..

super props to deets, you know who you are, and why you rock *giggle*, aural, cha(i love you cha!), G3, and L3.

props to all those busties who are no longer here. maybe you'll come back and find it the home you hoped it'd be.

long term props to the other old school busties who have different names now (like me). keep that bustie spirit alive!

props to the old school busties for never losing faith...

props to the current busties. i keep finding new ones with more than 200 posts and i haven't read their posts before, and am delighted to find them everybit as smart, funny and biting as the busties from when i joined here forever ago.

special props to Doodle, Pugs, Culture, fairie, Pherber, tree, kari, polly, *anarch*, janeinane, lucizoe, beck, bunny b, humanist 77, pepper, erin jane, damona, n.nelly, vixen within and the ever delightful dolor.

ps, aural, y'know what, if your nominatin' me for anything, i'm accepting. thank you for the love and loopy random pms... oh and the threat of flying out here. you're a real gem!
((((LL Lysa)))) we're here if you need someone to talk to
what did I do to get on the special props list? wink.gif


mutual admiration for all of the intelligent, strong, wicked women (for the most part) who make this community such a welcome and passionate place to be.
i was looking thru a thread's history, and you said something clever. i can't remember what, but i remember thinking, god i love bunny. she kicks ass.
thanks to the busties for just being you. Havin y'all round, I tell ya...

Let's say, It has truly made things seem a lot brighter! like fluffy unicorns riding rainbows sprinkling gummy bears for the world kinda bright!

oh i know i'm grinding my political ax again, but wouldn't it be awesome if we were giving props to debbie? if the love fest went to the top?


a girl can dream, can't she?
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Jun 28 2008, 02:55 AM) *
i was looking thru a thread's history, and you said something clever. i can't remember what, but i remember thinking, god i love bunny. she kicks ass.

It's been known to happen every so often wink.gif.
((((((((((((Lounge Lady Lysa!!!))))))))))))

You freakin' RULE for resetting the password to my faerietails account! I tried to get it fixed ages ago, and my request was always ignored. You are one freakin' awesome LL for all your recent contributions to the lounge lately, you know that? No more faerie2! Woohoo! biggrin.gif

(And thank you to the bustie--whoever you are--who requested my password be reset. You are freakin' awesome, too!)

I love you all!
It's the anonymous BUSTie who deserves the luff. I forward all (((hugs))) to her and add my own.

~ LL Lysa
two very special busties, but more, very special friends, deets, and (these aren't) chacha heels.

you both mean the world to me... thanks so much for the notes lately... i'ma stop before i get all gushy, dammit!

thanks for the PM. I missed you very much while on vacation. I'm glad to be back. You are a great friend. I've learned so much from you since joining bust. I'm lucky to have you.
I love me some busties.

Special shout out to my sexy mouth.
hey there darlin' tea-gal, I just caught up to your smile at me,
you're such a warm one and you know, that's the way to be.

As long as that's happening,
I'll just send some smiles out, all around.

I came here (18 months ago?) 'cause I needed some ladylike community (and sheer yakking) to check my solitude and... I do appreciate all the sass and the warmth!

-- yr dolor

PS Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the sun, the birds, and making preserves from my sour cherry tree, which is filled with fruit this year. I wish you all a beautiful summer afternoon and eve...
dolor darlin' you're like to make me blush....tongue.gif

now stop that! wink.gif
Hey, now, don't go makin' me jealous GT. I'm your number one butt buddy remember! Although I usually require at least dinner & a show first . . .
mind your bid'ness debbil woman or i'll brain ya!

*takes out her celly and speed dials the 'bust butt buddy dinner theatre'*
Awww i feel left out of yers all butt buddiness.
don't worry culture, you can be the bust butt buddy bidness ceo.

or the hot twat jizz snot... tongue.gif
i love that you kids really value what i have to say. that is beautiful. *gets misty*
What can we say? It was the only interesting thing you came up with, so we ran with it. Shecky Green you aren't.
uh aural?

did you just name check shecky green? *falls out laughing*

omg, i love you. see, i would have said soupy sales...

you're brills!
gt, and I know you know why ~

ch, bc your confessions post was so spot-on, I don't think I've ever told you, but you rock.

knorl & all the socially inepts - muahs

& just about a million jillion other busties (too many to remember to name) for giving me so many boobie-squishin' sweet hugs of support lately; you all are honestly helping me see & remember a brighter, smarter, sassier side of life & I sooo appreciate it.
gt - thank you for giving me strength the last few days. i wouldn't have gotten through it without you. The Pugs owe you one.
ok, y'all need to cut it out. you know i'm awful with the complements. but thank you.

deets. my little hurricane. you are too, too, too much. when i'm not busy geeking out on you, i miss you like crazy wildfire.

freckle. thank you so very much. i'll never be able to thank you enough, you know why. and i know you're gonna hate this, but you are one brave motherfucker! wink.gif

cha cha charming~ goddamn. if you wrote the phonebook, i'd memorize the fucker. every email i get from you, i shake my head and smile.

aural-- stop making me laugh, damn it! my stomach hurts from days ago. keep holdin' on, chica. i am sooooo rootin' for you, the only other person who would name check shecky. you slay me!

and to all the busties who are so kind enough to share little bits of themselves with me, i am so honored. thank you for accepting me.

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