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*Handing Mando a tambourine*


*Breaking into "Love, Love Me Do"*

Thank you, Raisin and George. I dig y'all.
I had Mando cast as the nefarious record company executive, actually.
k. this is m-night-shyamalan freaky. because back in the day, i was one mean tambourine player. and record company exec is one of my dream jobs. i'm fairly certain i've never made mention of either online.

i love you, but you people scare me.
all girl metal band eh? I know I wasn't singing as I graduated from the Tone Deaf School of the Gifted.

I must have been the bouncer. lol

Thanks again Mando-love. The birthday and the weekend blew big ole donkey dick. But what can one expect, you age, you get bitter, and wish your tits were up where they were at 20.

At least I'm off all next week.
The Band:

Maimy: Vocals. Piano. Organs.

Funjules: Vocals. Lead Guitar. Violin.

Raisingirl: Vocals. Folk/Rhythm Guitar. Tuba.

WalkingBitch: Vocals (in a Tom Waits kind of way :-) ). Drums. Cowbells. Other Percussion.

Saktii: Vocals. Sitar. Xylophone. Misc Sound Effects.
And how exactly does folk guitar come into play in a METAL BAND?! Unless we're talking ballads a la Extreme's "More than Words" ::snort:: ...

Put me on bari sax and you have yourself a deal.
You can get sax on your own time, young lady!

Ok, new line up:

Maimy: Screaming. Keyboards. Pyrotechnics.

Funjules: Yelling. Lead Guitar. Chainsaw.

Raisingirl: Caterwauling. Horns of Doom. Power Tools.

WalkingBitch: Menacing Growls. War Drums. Sledgehammers.

Saktii: Incantations to Kali. Human Ribcage Xylophone. Bells of Hell.

Now we need a name...
I'm not sure organs (of the strictly musical variety) play much role in screaming metal, but I like that option. I'm keepin' it - along with all others, G.

I always wanted to have a band called Puppies, because it would be so very much fun to scream, "PUPPIES ROCK!!!!" at a show, or "PUPPIES KICK *ASSSSS*!!!!" It would also be hard for the guitarists at the back of the bar (you know THOSE assholes) to say, "Puppies SUCK" - because, as everyone knows, Puppies only suck their mommies, and it's heart-twistingly wonderful the way they wriggle when they do.

*Also on rhythm wiggles*

Bitch, may the YEAR kick the birthday's weak ass. Who needs a day, if the year is a good one?

And have a good vacay, babe. You know I love you like After School Specials.
I love WB like a Very Special Episode. So there.
i just got off the phone with the bitch that walketh. so big fat NYAH to you both!
Ptoo on WB's sad birthday and weekend, hope you have a great year and if I looked like you, it would make my birthday :-)
Happy Belated Birthday, WB!
Mando, NYAH back - I called her on her birthday, so we're even. *Grin!* NYAH NYAH NYAH NYAAAAAAAAAHHHH!

And boobie-squishin's.
Y'all are

Thanks Busty!

Dusty, you are so cute... and you should BUY that tee shirt I saw in another thread... not just a party is right...

So still nothing from either of the two talkable sisters... my Aunt, who has sent me $5.00 in a birthday card since I was like 5, (yes every year, including last year, which then was followed by $25.00 for our wedding, lmao)
aside... this is funny cause Aunt B has more money than GOD. lmao

I had a lovely convo with Miss Mando last eve, and yes, a lovely with me starting to nod off from smoking too much of the "good stuffs" with Lady Maims on the actually birthy...

Hey G... are you on LJ? You should hear that drag queen voice o mine before you have me singing/spoken word/let me open my mouth to which sounds get released -

Tues-a-day is done. Wednesday and Thursday full days and Friday out at 11. and then.....

FUN FUN FUN with the gypsy moths and rain in a cabin in the woods in
with lots of mind numbing smokables at least... and CABLE!!!! woohoo!
I've heard your voice, Z. Remember Phonagator?

And I don't think I'm emo enough for LJ.
oh yes you are... i forgot phonagatar! lmao

Get yo ass there pronto and just add yourself so you can read the journals boogie. I'm friends only on mine.
I remember Phonagator! ::dies laughing:: Maude, I've been here too long.
I just retyped in the crushes thread something that I KNOW I admitted on here years ago raisin, cause y'all busted my chops about it for-ev-er.

You know, he probably has less teeth than he did the first time you admitted that crush. (I don't know why I think this, but it seems like he doesn't have a full set -- not that I've ever wanted to look that intently at his mouth or anything.) Shame on you!
Buscemi, perhaps ... ?
Ok, ok, I'm on LJ now. I even put on an old Clan of Xymox record to capture the mood.

captainlola is cracking me up in the community forum

*smooches and boobie-squishins*
Ok, ok, I'm off LJ now. So much for that. :-)

Admiration: Celina & the Bustfolk for updating the forum software.
just wanted to say i love all my busties:-) i've been playing in another forum and they are making me insane. soooo nice to come here and talk to intelligent kind women! love y'all! hope to see you after the big update....
QUOTE(alligator @ Jul 7 2006, 08:19 PM) *

Ok, ok, I'm off LJ now. So much for that. <IMG SRC="" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0> <BR> <BR>Admiration: Celina & the Bustfolk for updating the forum software.

G... what happened?
Well, I sent out notices to about 40 people I knew were on LJ: "Ok, here I am. I joined at last. Let's all 'friend' each other and get this show on the road."

37 of the 40 wrote me back telling me that their friends lists were closed for one reason or another - and some were good reasons - or that their LJ accounts were "dormant" and they couldn't be bothered to update them.

I know a sign from the gods when I see one. wink.gif I'm back to my worthless 'blog.
QUOTE(alligator @ Jul 15 2006, 09:38 PM) *

Well, I sent out notices to about 40 people I knew were on LJ: "Ok, here I am. I joined at last. Let's all 'friend' each other and get this show on the road."

37 of the 40 wrote me back telling me that their friends lists were closed for one reason or another - and some were good reasons - or that their LJ accounts were "dormant" and they couldn't be bothered to update them.

I know a sign from the gods when I see one. wink.gif I'm back to my worthless 'blog.

i guess i'm not cool enough to get a notice. wah! tongue.gif
I didn't know you were on LJ, K. smile.gif
Alligator, you already know I'm taking the summer off, but LJ is SUCH a time-sucker. Or, for me it was. And I know, I can't imagine a better group of people to suck time with (heh, blink.gif ?!), but I still have to call it quits at some point.
Oh, I understand perfectly. You were actually the second-to-last response I got, M., so don't worry about straws, camel backs, etc.

The only really eyebrow-raising 'Friend' request refusals came from three people I actually know offline; that is, we're real-world friends. I know where they live, what they look like, their true names and so on. I've been to their homes, bought them birthday presents and all that jazz. But apparently, they don't want me reading their LJs. Interesting...

Whatever the case, the more I think about it, the sillier it seems to go to the trouble of re-creating the Lounge on LJ - esp with the new Lounge improvements.
I am in awe of moxiegirl. She is a kick-ass mama, a clever woman, and an all-around nifty person. And, her comments lately in the Childfree thread have left me nodding in agreement and appreciating her eloquence.
farmgirl = thread killer sad.gif

As long as I'm here, I should mention that girlygirlgag is knocking my socks off lately.
Farmgirl, you're not a threadkiller. This little thread gets slow for long periods ... but she's old, with nice deep roots. (Six or seven years old ... ?) You won't kill her, she's just havin' a wee rest. She'll be fine.
**wipes brow** Whew! Thanks maimy!
Just dropping off some heartage to (((doodlebug, girlbomb, & auralpoison))) for frequently bringing me to tears. Tears of laughter. The way you handle the troll invasions is commendable, your posts are generally informative, and always a pleasure to read. You rock.

And of course much love to (((bunny, mornington, and pixie))). And a bunch of other kickass BUSTies.

Extra-special luuuuve to Mando and Anoushh who put up with my stupidly long messages to them! wub.gif

I want to eat chocolate cake with Yuefie.
(((BOOBYSQUISHING HUGS FOR YUEFIE))) I also loves me some Mornington, Bunnyb, Roseviolet....and many many more Busties!
Hey, luuuuuuuuve to RG for taking the time to write extra long, extra cool messages!

I want some of that cake, too. Preferably with Yufie and Raisingirl to hang out with at the same time.

((((yuefie, pixie, bunny)))) all rock my socks. All busties rock my socks, but they do it specially well. tongue.gif

cake, you say? i too wish to eat cake with rasin and yuefie and anoushh and pixie too.
Mornington, I keep meaning to tell you, I like your horns! I wanna come visit you and hang out at Trafalger Square eating Upper Crusts and drinking Orangina! I took a close up of a pigeon when I was there....everytime someone would ask me my overall impression of London, I would pull out that pic!
Yuefie, I send you much heartage in return. <3
(((raisin))) my pet, you couldn't be stupid if you tried. your messages/emails give me delight like you don't even know. i just hope you don't get fed up with my untimely delayed responses. i am so happy you came back to the five n'dime, gal!

and much love to (((yuefie))). who still loves me even tho i think i forgot i owed her a reply PM.
Mandi, I love you no matter what.

And I would be honored to eat cake with all of you fabulous BUSTies. In fact, I would bake one especially for *you*, whatever flavor is your particular favorite smile.gif

much love to (((mornington))), (((yuefie))) and (((pixie))) who rock my socks right back and to mama (((mando))) and the fab (((tesao))) all of whom never fail to make me laugh.gif
((((mando)))) is teh fabulous. seriously. I forgot to say it earlier, so I will say it now.
WORD to Snaf. Just... damn... just... WORD. You got it goin' on.
Doodlebug consistently manages to say in a few sentences something I'd take pages to write, and manages to make so much more sense than I could as well as entertain. Thank you so much for being here.

And I second the snaf love.
Thanks, you two- I think y'all are pretty damned awesome yourselves.

And yeah, Doodlebug pretty much always rocks my world.
I could almost start a thread about how much I heart bunnyb at this moment b/c of the picture link in the Buffy thread. *sigh*

And another one for auralpoison b/ everytime I see her signature line, I laugh.
laugh.gif you're welcome, kittenb!
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