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wait. what? (((maimy))) we'll miss you. best of luck out in the great perhaps.
Best wishes to you, maimy.

How appropriate that you brought out the Lesbian Iced Tea, rose...
awful news, hopefully she'll be back!

just wanted to say how i continue to be amazed by all the intelligent busties on this site. i need a support system like this IRL so i think i'm going to do some research on womens groups in my area. any one else involved in groups outside of the lounge?
knorl, i'm glad the lounge inspired you to find a women's group in your area! i'm fortunate enough to have the lounge serve as an area for me to meet other similar minded women, i.e. Chicago Busties. i've also made some great contacts all over because of this site. i definitely see this site as more than just a place to vent, etc. etc. it is definitely a social networking site too.
Missladyj, Princess_dander, Avaadore, Humanist, Prophecy, Polly, Kitten, Six, and Turbo...

Thank for a great afternoon on Sunday! And thanks for the lovely gift. It meant so much to me. It was the best gift evah. Really fitting. And I couldn't even finish reading it cause I was really cryin'. And to the Chicago Busties....I'm so glad I connected with you. You are beautiful, smart women. I can't wait 'til I can come home. But, I will definitely enjoy Boston.

And Sidecar and janeinane...I meeced you gals being there! But, I know you were there in spirt!
big hugs to turbojen and stargazer! you guys are awesome.
I miss Maimy.

This is a message especially for LoveMyPugs from a recent email from la Maimstress:

I saw a license plate when I went out on Saturday night which was inescapably BUST... Tell Pugs the plate was LV4PUGS, and that I thought of her and everyone.
I'm alittle emotional today. Things are kinda rough at home at the moment so...


I miss Maimy too!!
(((raisingirl))) and (((princess_dander))) ROCK.
raisingirl, for showing me around town and hanging out to celebrate my birthday. thanks.
i really dont know how to put to words how amazing i think you women are. i think i posted in here like last month or so basically saying the same thing. i have just never met a network of women who not only understand me, but also challenge me to be a stronger and more worldly, educated, and proactive individual. besides my therapist, this the best support i could ever ask for in whatever topic i happen to be experiencing in life.. it's all here.

thank you ladies. one more time. smile.gif


sorry for the melodramatics..
Girltrouble, I thought of you the first time I heard Back to Black because I finally get the "what kind of FUCKERY is this?" reference -- not that it wasn't good on its own, but now it's even better.
Awww Pugs thanks!

I heart Pugs.
A happy shout out to the girls in the Single Word Association thread. You ladies make this place more fun for me.
GT for delivering Tranny-fu!

All mah ladies in the Okay thread, and to everyone who was looking out for a new member's trolly posts in the busting trolls thread! Heh. And I can't forget everyone in the floggers thread.

Hell, I heart you all! Well, except for the trolls.
feeling the need to bump this thread up a bit.

even when i'm not around, i carry my precious busties in my heart.

and for those who have been riled by any recent ickiness round here, i'm sending soothing, calming hairbrushing vibes. how well i know how it messes with your mind, when little corner of cyberspace is threatened.
Speaking of ickiness, how much do I love everyone in the BonBon Thread!!! You make my days just a little sweeter. Considering that you are all a bunch of poorly educated seventh graders I seem to fit into the group so well. wink.gif
i want to say i admire the mandy... and i always have so there...(any day with a little mandy or tes is a very good day!)
crazyoldcatlady. your posts crack the shit outta me. you are better than a diuretic.

i SO can't wait to meet up with you.
lunasol, crazyoldcatlady, & mouse....thank you for a fa-boo time!

i was coming in to say the same, star!
i got nothin' but mad love for ya'll!

bunny b - can I just say how much she rules? She went and looked at a flat for me while I'm out of town, took loads of pics and sent them all to me. Plus she knows me well enough already that she completely nailed it in her opinion of the place!!

roseviolet and sheffield steele, you helped (once again) to make my thanksgiving even bustier-er - and better!

my love to all busties!
Well, Tes, YOU kick extra jumbo sized ass for inviting us to your home again! You and Mr. HB and your friends and family are always so welcoming and fun. It's a joy and pleasure to spend time with ALL of them. Thank you for making the holiday so special for us yet again!
I just wanna send out big hugs to Yuefie, Mornington, Bunnyb and RoseViolet!!! You guys have stuck with me through a lot of crap and I luvs you guys!
jami and tes, you two have been so great these past few days!

I actually really have to say, that every busties is so amazing (well, aside from the obvious), that if I feel stressed or something happens in my life, that I nkow someone has gone through the same thing and survived it. It is so wonderful to come here and be a part of such a great community.

I also can't forget all my ladies in the okay thread, and the my Crackbook busties friends!

ok, I just have to say it one more time... bunnyb is f**ing awesome.


Thanks for the luv, zoya and pixie wub.gif.
I would very much like to offer praise to Pollystyrene, LoveMyPugs, Erinjane, Faerietails2, BunnyB, Falljackets, MissLadyJ, & Girlygirlgag for their kindness in this time of personal loss.

An extra special thanks to Stargazer for talking to me for nearly two hours & keeping my mind from exploding. Other extra special thanks to Zoya 'cos she's always got my back.

Boobie squishins' for all.
anything for you, babe. (((((((AP))))))
anytime AP cuz I think you are the baddest bitch evah. ( And by bad, I of course mean good! )
I would also like to toss props to Rudderlesschild, Sybarite, Mornington, MsYufie, & Raisingirl for thinking of me in my sorrow.

You ladies don't know how much your support means to me. My family & family friends are doing what they can, but the love of the people that actually know the inner me is above the price of anything. Really. Thank all of you so much.
yuefie rocks. She knows why.
Yuefie and Bunny both rock.
anna k, brecause no matter how much she posts in the "do you ever feel..." thread, she always puts herself out there and does some kick ass shit by herself
crazyoldcatlady, for being supportive when i needed to talk with someone.

you rock sista!
much admiration for zoya who is a fabulous and supportive friend as well as being a rockin' woman.
there's a certain bunny that hangs out here in the lounge that is so sweet, we should just bottle her and call her maple syrup!

and while i'm in here, ((((((tree))))))). you are one strong, solid woman. i can't say enough how you inspire me with your vision, your drive and determination. you, my dear, kick some serious ass!!

and, since you're reading this, (((((((((((((((((((((((YOU))))))))))))))))))))))) - damn bustie! you rock!!
aw shucks wub.gif
I love you all but I wanna show special love to the following fabu-busties!!

((((LoveMyPugs, Neverending, Jewelscando, GirlTrouble, CultureHandy, Sprinkles, AuralPoison, CrazyOldCatLady, DJ Biz))))... and SO many more but i cannot remember all the names at the moment!! LOL Blame my head and not my heart!! Love yall Thanks for making me feel welcome here.
awww! it's only cuz we're glad you're here, kon26!

to all the busties in okayers, floggers, suffragettes and the film threads.... forgive me for not putting your names up individually, but i think it's a collective thing as much as an individual thing, and i love what each of you adds. thanks for giving me reason for still being addicted to this site after i don't know how many years. it always amazing that as sad as i am when some of my favorite busties disappear, off to live life, here comes some supa cool new bustie to wow me, and show me a new angle on things.

love you all!!
I hearts me my busties.

You all are so great, well, almost all of you, I don't really like those who think too deeply.

aww shucks konphusion! i love having you here, you crack my shit up!

you too ch, i second gt's lol.

Hey Pherber, after reading your post in the bust sin bin. I have to say that you rock too. wub.gif
I want to shout out to all the BV girls. You can defeat it! The Bust BV group is hands down the best on the web. So many women find cures here. These girls have so much info, & care so much for each other. You just have to find the combination that works for you. That's *MY* Bust in a nutshell. Your interpretation is your own.

And the haters. I LOVE YOU. I'm an asshole. I know it. You know it. I appreciate all ya'lls that stand up & challenge me. How else am I to learn?
Polly & Le Boy, Turbojenn, Janeinane, Kitten, & Princess_Dander for getting together for some burgers and drinks last night. Hopefully, next time, we can meet at a less noisy place so I can talk with all of you. But, it was great to be in your presence. Can't wait to be home permanently. Do I really have to wait til the Fall?
I just wanna give props to the Treehugger. That is all.
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