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*Thwacks self in head* OOOOOOOOOOOooooohhh!

Well, as long as you promise to stick around, your leaving and lurking days will certainly be forgiven. *Grin*

I'm glad you returned.

*Tossing confetti*
oh skin stop inflating maimy's head... I have to see her once a year, needle in hand, just to ease the swelling y'all
::dies laughing:: wub.gif
Actually, I've been thinking of coming to see you for a treatment, WB. I'll call ya. Was considering June ... ?

Or maybe sooner. I could stand to ditch this berg for a few days.


*Feel the love, Bitch. Feel the love*
awww! i wanna hang out with maimy and wb.

*walks away kicking a rock*
Gotta love the Okayers Thread Busties! My pals!
girl trouble! WAIT!!!

i came in here to tell you

hi, gin/skin!!! how positively YUMMY to see you!!!

maimstresse, if i promise to be really, really, really good, can i come and WATCH while WB gives you a treatment???? please, ma'am?

*grabs raisin around the waist and pulls her close*

i never was a cornflake girl, either, doll!

*throws sparkly streamers into thread*

The Bitch decides who can come, watch, or participate. I am her slave, naturally.

But she charges. And her rates ain't cheap.
treatment? what treatment? *scratches her head* i just wanted to bask in the maimy/wb bustie goodness!

and while i am always honored by honorifics by you, lovely tesaorose, i havent the foggiest what i could have done to deserve being your heroine...i haven't saved any kittens from trees lately....*looks even more confused*
Read back a little - WB was saying she has to give me treatments for my swollen head ... *Grin*
pin is at the ready... by the way madam... are you gonna fly up? shoot for laguardia, it's like a stone throw away.




I survived the semester! biggrin.gif

Intro to Technical Drafting “B”
Intro to Mechanical Engineering “A”
Physics “A”
Sociology “A”
Algebra & Trigonometry “R”

I’m retaking the Algebra & Trigonometry this summer along with Intro to Auto CAD. The CAD class has no homework so I’ll have plenty of time to focus on the Algebra & Trig class.

I’m so happy I did so well. I wish I wouldn’t get so emotional and panic at the end of semesters. I always do it. Everyone must think I’m psycho in here. Please just think of me as the entertainment of the week. blink.gif
(((((pugs))))) that's a fantastic set of results!
congrats, pugs! (hey, how'd you like sociology? that's my field.)
octinoxate - i loved sociology. it was a great class. it got me all fired up though. when i'd arive i'd be excited because it was my favorite of the five classes. by the time it was over i'd be all pissed off about whatever topic of the world we discussed be it aids or conflict/functionlist theory or what not. it was a good class. the teacher was a marine and a bit of a hardass. his way or the highway if you know what i mean. all in all i liked it a lot. thanks for asking.
Much lovin' to Mandi and all the other Busties, who three years ago on this very day threw me the most incredibly heart-melting (and cervix dialating) Not-Shower party....I still get the warm fuzzies thinking about how much love was in that room, and how much the Busties all mean/meant to me.

Three years? who woulda thunk?
awwww, now i'm all teary.
definitely an excellent party. it was lovely to be able to do something so nice for such a great friend.
A Car sighting! Hooray!!! Miss you sooooo much, sweetheart. Hope everything is going well for you. And happy b-day to the MiniCooper!
HUGE PROPS to I am jan, treehugger, karcher, the pointy bird, and the other ladies in the abortion thread--and those who share their voices about their abortions IRL. You are so brave and strong and wise and resilient and generally awesome! Thank you for your words!
does anyone else get the urge to hop in a circle making duck noises?


ahem. i am just feeling super loverly towards all the busties right now. i do so love you all, and well, when i'm in a gushy mood, i just gush! i want to list everybody who i would love hug, but well, it'd be a long list, and i'd feel super guilty for anyone i left out, so i'll just say i lurve all busties!

and a special thanks to tree, (whom i just look up to in every single way) dolor (my film paramour) and all the super fancy ladies in the reel life thread. you gals are awesome, and have turned me into a thread junkie. big hugs to the okayers. i don't post there but i smile when i think about anyone from the thread, the new posters (the last year or so?) who have made this place so different but equally as fun as when i joined this site at the dawn of time, and ofcourse the old school busties, who love this site as much as i do.

and now back to my previously scheduled activity...

*hop* quack *hop* quack *hop* quack *hop* quack....
Okay, apropos of nothing whatsoever, but somehow appropriate to this thread I think:

kog3100 will be coming home during the first week of October.

10 weeks to PERMANENT homecoming.

Oh, ees good. I've been waiting for my friend, my partner, my frustration, and my favorite fuck to come home for three years now. So, yeah - *sigh*

*Quiet grin*
Lots of love to the Flogger busties. Thanks for always making a girl feel welcomed, accepted and...normal.
Kog? Home?! To stay?!? Holy crap!!!! Congrats, Maimstress!!!!!
Rose, thank you! I'm pretty excited ...
It's about fuckin' time! Finally, Maims. Breathing a sigh of relief for you.
wooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

HUZZAHS to you both, Maimstress!!
2x post for 2xhappiness!

yay maimy!

i hope it is the best thing to ever rawk your deserve it.

I. Love. You. Girls. So. Damn. Much.

Seriously. In the few months I have been here, you ladies (and gentlemen) have changed me, and all in the very best way.

It's a beautiful thing to feel yourself changing.

I know I've always got somewhere to go when I feel like ranting or raving or need advice on blowjobs or what to wear today or when I just want to tell someone what's in my purse.

You all are amazing.

Thank you.
Ahhw -- Girl (and Girl!) and Tes and Raisin, thank you. ... Also - TES! IT'S BEEN TOO LONG!!!!

And LuvPugs too! I'm all blushy and stuff. Hee.

Also squishes to Mando, because she is hilarious.

And kog3100, though he doesn't post much. Yesterday made my day, Love. And yes, you ARE unrelentingly hot.

I can't wait to melt.
yay maimy! and kog! that's wonderful, fantastic and brilliant news!
grrlyouwant, you are my hero!!!

thanks for posting all of the ignore steve now!!!! links!!!

you ROCK!!!!
*blushes and tips her hat* aw shucks ma'am, just trying to do my part. biggrin.gif
Postcard love for BunnyB for totally brightening my day when I went to check the mail this afternoon. You are so thoughtful, so sweet, so kind, and I sincerely appreciate the gesture. Johnny Depp is now proudly displayed on my fridge. Busties, try to contain your jealousy. Just try. I feel better already!
Raisin, I wouldn't get all My-Johnny-Is-Hotter-Than-Your-Johnny, but as I've been deprived of him for three years (and it's finally coming to an end), I'll brag without compunction. kog3100 looks like Johnny with what few flaws Johnny has modified ...

I've always thought JD looks like he has hard, inelegant hands. kog3100's hands are long, smooth, elegant, and (though he's a tad metro) clean and beautiful without ever being "manicured".

JD is a wee bit ... well, wee. kog3100 is 6'4". Mmnh. The very word "tall" being erotic to me, that kind of works for me. Aherem.

JD's style can be so awesome, but on occasion it is so calculated as to be a little distracting/overwhelming. kog3100 has a very strong silhouette and line, but doesn't compromise it for momentary fashion. He is striking without the slightest effort.

Did I mention he's SIX-FOUR? With hair softer even than mine, fine skin, long fingers, beautifully formed legs, and actually attractive feet.

He is (and, yes, possesses!) the absolute total package.

And, yeah. He looks a lot like Johnny. On the cover of the Nick of Time DVD, it's a little scary.

(Okay, that's my fault for not making it clear: I meant try to contain your jealousy over the fact that I got a postcard from Bunny, not that it was a JD postcard. But brag away, Maims, brag away! Heh.)
*jumping up and down clapping* Oh Oh!! Can I brag about my man even if he's not a Johnny?

Mr. Pug also being very tall 6'4" and with a shaved head. Huge shoulders and great chest with the perfect amount of hair that trails down his stomach to his MMMmmmmmmm. A GRRRRREAT ASS! *growl* Long, thick legs. All three of them. *giggle* Gold eyes, yes I said gold. They are the lightest brown I've ever seen with gold flecks in them. An Italian nose that I hope my future children bare. Perfect straight teeth. Ears you just want to grab on to while he's um...yeah...he is hotness. Huge arms that pack a punch (or a mmmmm good slap *blush*) Big, huge, strong, hands. When I stop by his work during the day and he's all sweaty leaning over a car working his ass off. What I wouldn't give to be a car sometimes. Olive skin that brings the animal out of me. The best part is his voice. "Hey baby." *swoon* TAKE ME NOW! RIGHT NOW! I DON'T CARE THAT WE ARE IN THE GROCERY STORE WITH OLD LADIES WALKING BY EVERYWHERE! Last but sure as hell not least are his lips. Shear perfection and should be permanently attached to the spot where my shoulder meets my neck.

GOD!!! WHY ME! WHY MY PERIOD THIS WEEK RIGHT NOW?!?! WHY GOD WHY???? *falls to knees, pounding fists towards the sky*

*gets up and straightens self, deep sigh*

Raisingirl - glad you liked the card that BunnyB sent you.

I love all you busties sooo much. I admire all of you!!!!
I'm really glad you liked it and that it did brighten your day, raisin. Everyone needs spoonfuls of bunny love, a sprinkle of post love and a dollop of mr depp love.

my boy is da bomb and I love him oodles.

met up with stargazer, mornington and zoya yesterday and they are such lovely, cool, intelligent and fiesty ladies. Even me vomitting on the Royal Mile (classy, eh?) didn't faze star wink.gif.
zoya, bunnyb, and ladies are so awesome. i had so much fun!! great times.

and a big thanks to sixelacat and gingerkitty for trekking down to our next chicago bustie get together!!

and hey-YOU-if you are in the area...the more Busties, the merrier....
This thread has always been my baby, so this is the only place I'll be saying that I have to go now. I don't necessarily want to, but online life is what it is, and it has now cost me a significant portion of my family.

I am unwilling to maintain "Maimy's" existence for multiple reasons. I will not be back to lurk and read goodbye messages, and I won't be checking PMs here. If you have my email, you are welcome to use it. My IM addy will be deleted. I am resenting having to do this dramatic little flounce, because it's an embarrassing scene to play. So I will not milk it. I apologize if this is sudden for my friends here.

I *heart* pretty much all of you. You know it.

Farewell, y'all. Be well.
*is gobsmacked*

*and will miss maimy*
i'll miss maimy too.

i'm sure she's got her reasons, but that's poop. :/
maimy, thanks for letting us know you are leaving. i rather have someone here let us know instead of wondering what happened to them.

we will miss you maimy!
(((maimy))) we'll miss your wit and intelligence and I wish you all the best with your book and in your life.

She may not be reading the farewell messages but she deserves a heartfelt send off.
wub.gif ...And IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.... Will always loooooooooooooove yoooooooooooooooooooou...

Damn, Maimy, way back LAST CENTURY you were one of my first Bustie crushes. You'll be in my heart forever, you little diryt Bloodspitter you.
I'm so sorry to see her go
All the very best.
She was always the definitive Bustie to me. But I never got to tell her that.
Wherever you are, Maimstress, and whatever you're doing, I wish you much love and happiness. We'll miss you!
[pours out a little Lesbian iced tea]
I'm gonna miss her.

Hope you have all the luck and happiness you deserve, maimy!

much love for (((dusty))), (((yuefie))) & (((jules))).
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