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i came in to admire lmpugs for her coolness in making the apology thread, so i'll do that first :

thanks (((lovemypugs))) !!!

but i would like to add that you're all cool girls and i'm really glad i found this place.
Yup, thanks a lot maimy, greenbean, girltrouble, mornington, nickclick and (((ALL)))

I think I must PM some folks, howevs.
Maims. Shucks bitchy girl. I do know and remember that day the one preceding and the ones following and how horrendous, hysterical, exhausting and manic they were. We did and do still lean like big white stone columns against each other, supportive, necessary, looking very much out of place and position, and yet still look like it was always intended to be that way.

You know you are and will always be one of my bestest girls.

And that's floppy gramma swingin arms with wrecking ball boobs. I mean (insert big sigh here) can you get the deflated ballon imagry right sister -friend?

hugs and love
lovemypugs, because her post in the write a letter thread... was lovely and heartfelt
Oh, my lovely Maimstress. Words fail me. You're beautiful.
There are too many names to list so this is to every bustie who posted how to place Euphrates on ignore in an attempt to prevent other busties from scrolling down and seeing the disturbing and ridiculously offensive pictures that the assclown (to use kelkello’s term) posted last night. Also, to all those who made a joke of it in order to keep the atmosphere light during this nasty situation. As someone who saw the pictures early on and didn’t get warned I just want to thank you all for your attempts at lessoning the trauma for everyone else. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s great to have sisters united like all of you.

Now we all have to go to church and pray for our sins. tongue.gif
LoveMyPugs, here here! Thanks first to RoseViolet who was the first to post how to ignore (at least that I found). I was stunned by what I was seeing, and that guy was EVERYWHERE. A few clicks, and poof, gone. Nicely done, ladies! And that guy was the very definition of an assclown.
here to continue the love for roseviolet and girltrouble and any and everyone else who clued me in about the assclown so i didn't have to see their dren. also for taking care of the newbies and teen spirit and just about every other thread. millions of big hugs and little kisses to you!!!
super hacking props to sixelacat for emailing me the solution to euphy's hack of the fyibot!
can i just say i wanna give all the busties a great big sloppy kiss?

i love this place. and yeah, there are a lot of times i can be not just an ass, but a pain in said ass as well. sorry.

that said, i just miss some of the political conversations in the f word. i miss having my ideas challenged. i'm sure they will be bursting with chat sooner or later, and i feel awful for my part in their temporary demise, as well as all the other awful goop round these parts the last couple of months.

i owe everybody an apology. and i could have put this in the that thread, but i admire you all for putting up with me.

GT, I think it is pretty noble of posting what you did. You have my admiration for it.
Yeah, gt, I appreciate your honesty and kind-heartedness, and that is true of a lot of people here, and I just hope we can not play power games of who is right and who is allowed to be right and just go in a positive direction, and really, things pretty much are that way.

Not "sickness trumps all" but "may we all get what we want and do and say what we must"
Working on my Algebra & Trig homework GT but I just wanted to say your post was very nice! Thank you!

My admiration goes to Stargazer right now for the grace and strength she is displaying even though she's watching a good friend pass. ((((Stargazer)))) You are an inspiration.
I was coming in here to say how much my heart and admiration goes out to stargazer and what a wonderful friend she is, and I see I am in good company already smile.gif


thank you so much! your support means alot to me!
Clara Zetkin

Zetkin was born in Wiederau, Saxony.

Having studied to become a teacher, she developed connections with the women's movement and the labour movement in Germany from 1874. In 1878 she joined the Socialist Workers' Party (Sozialistische Arbeiterpartei, SAP). This party had been founded in 1875 by merging two previous parties: the ADAV formed by Ferdinand Lassalle and the SDAP of August Bebel and Wilhelm Liebknecht. In 1890 its name was changed to its modern version Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD).

Because of the ban on socialist activity in Germany placed by Bismarck in 1878, Zetkin left for Zurich in 1882 then went into exile in Paris. During her time in Paris she played an important role in the foundation of the Socialist International socialist group. She also adopted the name of her partner, the Russian revolutionary Ossip Zetkin, with whom she had two sons. Ossip Zetkin died in 1889. Later, Zetkin was married to the artist Georg Friedrich Zundel from 1899-1928.

In the SPD, Zetkin, along with Rosa Luxemburg, her close friend and confidante, was one of the main figures of the far-left revolutionary wing of the party. In the debate on Revisionism at the turn of the twentieth century she attacked the reformist theses of Eduard Bernstein along with Luxemburg.

Zetkin was very interested in women's politics, including the fight for equal opportunities and women's suffrage. She developed the social-democratic women's movement in Germany; from 1891 to 1917 she edited the SPD women's newspaper Die Gleichheit (Equality). In 1907 she became the leader of the newly-founded "Women's Office" at the SPD. She started up the first "International Women's Day" on 8 March 1911.

During the First World War Zetkin, along with Karl Liebknecht, Rosa Luxemburg and other influential SPD politicians, rejected the party's policy of Burgfrieden (a truce with the government, promising to refrain from any strikes during the war). Among other anti-war activities, Zetkin organised an international socialist women's anti-war conference in Berlin in 1915. Because of her anti-war opinions, she was arrested several times during the war.

In 1916 Zetkin was one of the co-founders of the Spartacist League and the Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany (USPD) which had split off in 1917 from its mother party, the SPD, in protest at its pro-war attitude. In January 1919, after the German Revolution in November of the previous year, the KPD (Communist Party of Germany) was founded; Zetkin also joined this and represented the party from 1920 to 1933 in the Reichstag. She interviewed Lenin on "the Women's Question" in 1920, the interview transcript (in English) is available at [1].

Until 1924 Zetkin was a member of the KPD's central office; from 1927 to 1929 she was a member of the party's central committee. She was also a member of the executive committee of the Communist International (Comintern) from 1921 to 1933. In 1925 she was elected president of the German left-wing solidarity organisation Rote Hilfe (Red Aid). In August 1932, as the chairperson of the Reichstag by seniority, she called for people to fight National Socialism.

When Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers Party took over power, the Communist Party of Germany was banned from the Reichstag, following the Reichstag fire in 1933. Zetkin went into exile for the last time, this time to the Soviet Union. She died there, at Archangelskoye, near Moscow, in 1933, aged nearly 76. She was buried by the wall of the Kremlin in Moscow.

More cut n' paste, I see. I thought this thread was about praising fellow Busties, but maybe I just wasn't paying attention that day.

I wanna give a shout to the Mooooovin' On Busties that are doing just that. Jami, Nickclick, AuntAgonist, Whitelightning, etc. Keep on keepin' on, my strong women.

And Stargazer. Hang in there, girl. I keep meaning to call, but every time I do it's always the wrong time of day. Blast the time zone diff!
i want to give a big thanks for all of the busties who have given me lots of support and virtual hugs with the passing of my friend. it has meant alot to me.


I have to say that everyone here is really wonderful. I think about you all regularly.

I admire all the busties who don't click on the porn link!
Dear Busties,

I must tell you all that I’ve never had many friends. When I met Mr. Pug his friends sort of adopted me as their friend and it’s been like that ever since. I know it might sound silly but you ladies (and guy busties) are the only friends I have that are all mine that I don’t have to share with Mr. Pug. It makes me feel good to post on Bust. Some of you I’ve really gotten to know and I feel like I can call you friends. Thank you for accepting me here. Sorry for being so corny but I’ve been really wanting to post this to all of you. It’s great to finally have women to talk to instead of just my close guy friends IRL who never seem to really get me. Just wanted to post this too you all.


Sorry I killed this thread.
pugs, naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you didn't kill it. AND I am glad to have you around.

no, this thread has been struggling since the big blow up. but i'm glad you are around too, and that was an awful sweet post.

much love to the okayers, and the sighers. it's been great getting to know you ladies. you are all so wonderful.

much love to the busties of color (boc'ers) i've been meaning to post there, but i miss y'all.

and too the never sending letter busties. you leave me speechless.

and much, much, much love for maddy29 and all the others in the cockblocking thread. lots of important stuff to figure out and discuss,

and the flogging busties, of course. just for cos. y'all rock.

and thanks to all the busties old and new for helping me grow.
that's the way this thread goes, though... sometimes it's busy busy sometimes it's quiet.

pugs, that was beautiful. I know exactly how you feel.

i just wanted to show some love for the moving on busties. they're strong and wonderful, and I admire them. even though i now have to admit to being nosey and going into a thread i don't belong in out of curiosity

and of course for the kvetchies, 'specialy star. just acos. wink.gif
big love to turbojenn, stargazer, and pollystyrene -- it was such a blast hanging out today!
thanks culturehandy, mornington, and sidecar!!

Chicago Busties are awesome!
(((((((((Pretty Girl Thread posters))))))))))))

I've been gone a couple of weeks because of more computer issues, and when I got back on yesterday I was delighted /fascinated/mentally titillated/just plain lovin' the discussion going on in there. That's all I've been reading since I got home from work! You people really DO kick bootay! smile.gif
Girltrouble. You kick ass.
GT I lurveth you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have a way of keeping me same, and for this I think you from the bottom of my heart.

Turbo, you helped me get rid of my baggage. Thank you so much!

Kari you have also helped me with fantastic advice.
I had the pleasure of meeting puppykitty today and she's one cool chick!!

Also, much love and appreciation to the busties in "becoming healthy" (esp. chahca) and the "mad/sad/sick" busties for all their past and ongoing support with my chronic injury issues!
Reading _octinoxate's post I just realize I had a dream about puppykitty last night. Weird. Hi PK!
Tes, you're sistah. GirlT, you're my foxy mamma. Both of you are special. Both of you are beautiful. I am so grateful to you. Thank you for reading too carefully. Thank you for caring and responding.
treehugger! you kik bew-tay! anyone who has read the okayers thread has probably heard me gush about tree, and i do that only because she is absolutely awesome. as soon as she heard i might be taking a welding program, she went out of her way to pm me several messages, talking about what she does (pipe/steamfitter), different career choices, a bit about unions and details about welding. before this i had just told her how much i loved her kitty avitar. i know i say it all the time, tree, but you rock. you are my hero, and i think the world of you! sorry for all the gushy-sappyness, but well, i'm supersappy.
GirlTrouble and Tesao, y'all are angels in dirty minds. Gawdesses, the both of you. *Huge booby-squishin' hugs*

I started something in the Letters thread, but it seemed thread-drifty to bring it back up there, and this little corner of the Lounge is sort of home to me (and it is also an appropriate place for this sort of communication) so here we go. A little note I do intend to send, as it were.

Dear GirlT and Tes,

Thank you so much for the PMs. Thank you for caring. Thank you for putting up with me in a period of drama, and thank you for showing compassion and interest when I was having some serious angst.

My lung function is normal. I do not have asthma or asbestosis or the disease which killed both my grandmother and my father. The shortness of breath is most likely due to two causes, one being anxiety and stress, the other being exhaustion brought on by sleep apnea. The doc wants to follow up with a sleep study - I've had apnea all my life (I never knew it wasn't perfectly normal to stop breathing in your sleep until I was well past thirty or so ...), and treating that could do a great deal of good for both the fatigue and the diurnal breathing problems. It may be some weeks before we can do the study, but it is good to know, at least, that my constant coughing and gasping are controllable, and (even better) I don't have any damage. My organs are healthy enough; they just don't appear to be regulating properly.

As to the source of the anxiety. Well, two and a half weeks so far of yapping about it with kog3100 has yielded neither a cure ... nor sure destruction either. I've told him at this point, he's full of poo and I don't buy his ability to be done with me or cut us off from each other. I'm sick of discussing it, and have decided to proceed with communication I prefer. He can participate or not as he sees fit, but I'm on record as (a) not believing he can really dump me, and (b) being owed better than this. I will not make it easy for him to repay my investment of four years and five months now, with revocation for stupid (and *invalid*) reasons.

I am in therapy. I have a specialist looking into my lungs. I have put the pointlessness of kog3100's and my endless wrangling behind me, and what happens next can only be cleaner and easier - whatever it turns out to be.

Y'all's notes were appreciated. Y'all's concern was so very generous. I am grateful for it.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

--La Maimstresse
I want to jump on the joy train here and back up that treehugger has always struck me as pretty freakin awsome!

{{{{maimy}}}} Good luck with everything.
Y'all seriously do kick bootay. (As does a certain Gazer at Stars. Thanks, luv.)

I love me some Mando, too. Where you been, babycakes??
oh maimy, you know i adore you more than you will ever know. and i don't think i could turn down a hug. i was just about to pm to see if you were good. i am glad that there is no damage and the lungs are working. yay! i can't say more about the kog thing that i haven't already, other than to say, YES, YES, YES YOU DO DESERVE BETTER! are you kidding me? you are freaking fantastic, busties are a pretty great bunch and deserve the best if you're asking me, and i've known you long enough to know you certainly deserve the stars. keep me up to date, but till then lots of lurve and hugs.

(((((falljackets & culturehandy)))))

Thanks both of you for checking up on me! My momma is still in the hospital. Today is day nine. She was supposed to be coming home tonight but it's 10:28 p.m. here and they still haven't given her the release papers. WTF! I just want my momma to come home but they can't keep her oxygen level up. Looks like it might be another day. We'll see.

You ladies kick ass and I really appreciate your concern and the kind PM's you've sent.
((((Maimy)))) I saw that letter and I wondered. I like the sound of your plan: take care and good luck.
((((maimy))))) stay strong and good luck

(((((pugs & pug's mum)))))
Maimy, I for one love you. wub.gif
I love you too, babe. Check yer email, I responded to your PM there instead.

*Shuttin' up and assuming the Hug Me position*

(That's HUG ME, you perverts!!!!)

rudderless child just wrote two of the Best Posts I've Ever Seen in the fight club thread.

and i have read a LOT of posts. these are definitely milk-snortingly awesome.

also, i know the party's over, but maimy's the only bustie whose reappearance i saw greeted with a "holy shit! maimy!" from a bustie i respect(ed - don't know if she's around still) very much. so yes, i've always been quite impressed with the maimstress, who manages to be brutally honest without hurting people's feelings.
Heh. I don't know where this reputation for consideration has come from, but I will gladly take it.

The better to fool you all ...

*Rubs hands together evilly*

Thank you, Skin. (I feel really bad, though - should I remember you from a former name? I haven't found yours, if you are a reincarnation ...)
maimy, don't feel bad. i used to be gin, but i think i started mostly lurking right around the time you came back. also i took off the entire year of 2006 because i was traveling most of the year and just couldn't keep up. so either way, i'm generally a bit more familiar with people now that i'm back than they are with me. trying to remedy that somewhat this time 'round, though.
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