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Am I too late? Do I look like a fangirl now? Because I have been meaning to come in a say how much I love Auralpoison. Everytime I read her posts I love her more.

And she has the best tag line EVER! I am so mad that she took it first.
All of the Kvetchies and Okayers are a bunch of loons. wub.gif I still don't know WTF happened, but I'm going to go to bed now and no doubt have dreams involving pink leopard spots and snowballs and indoor/outdoor igloos and hot buttered rum.
i have boundless admiration for annoush. she deserves the superhero mommy cape!

and tons of love and thanks for my kvetchettes, and my new friends in the depression/anxiety threads. i feel blessed to have such a wonderful & warm support system. i shudder to think where i'd be without you carebears.
Oh gosh--and I came here to say how much I appreciate Mandolyn, along with all the hip mamas, Car, and everyone who keeps thinking of us and little notbob. Without your support over the last few weeks--and a few times in the last few years--I would have really lost it. Good karma points to you all.

Also Fina, for her thoughtfulness.

oh man!
you all kick bootay!

I've been off bust for at least a semester but bust is still kickin'.

I miss this place and now I must go do work. fuck. anyways now I know the website's still alive.

you people kick bootay,
girltrouble rawks for creating a vinyl thread and restarting the mag mama thread! thanks bunches!
Admiration for rantrave, for her succinct posts in the cock-blocking thread, and for her inclusion of the human rights argument and use thereof. Also to girlbomb and girltrouble for their posts there.

I have never watched real porn so feel disqualified from the discussion, but it's been a good one.

Btw rantrave, welcome back!
awwww! *kicks a rock* shucks....

seriously thanks to everybody in the porn/blocking thread. y'all ladies hurt my brainsis!

i can't get away with anything, and i love it. you guys challenge all my loopy ideas and force me to really articulate them, and for that i will always be thankful. y'all rawk!

as for the vinyl thread, thanks to everyone who posts. it's rough because you cant hear the music, but it doesnt seem to stop anyone... perhaps we can do the mix tape thing with it... i want to borrow so many rekids from youse...

oh, and i can only do so long without mag mama....i am thinking i am gonna spend a portion of each paycheck from my new job to subscribe to one mag a month... i hate checking my mail box now, i want to change that....

and as always here's to all the ol' school busties who remember when i went by butta and the boards were beige.... missing you gals is what always brings me back....

and here's to all the new busties, who keep things interesting so us ol' schoolers don't fossilize,

and here is to all the missing, awol, mia busties, even the ones ive feuded with. you still kick butt!

and here is a special one to v, because i always miss her....
serious admiration for "poly bdsm hipster" girltrouble.

i'm been lurking but not posting and you have been rocking my world!
Mando, always and forever. Cue the Luther Vandross!
True that raisin, Mandi always.

And you're no slouch yourself, cupcake! *mwah*


you two know you're my guardian angels, right?

*cue god only knows what i'd be without you*
I heart Tes for not taking shit while managing to remain her classy, gracious, and most importantly thoughtful and intelligent self. I give you props for addressing the matter without losing your cool, babe.
i would also like to give mad love props to tesao for her extreme grace under fire.

and even tho i've only been lurking here and there this week - because that's all i'm up to, i'm afraid - i just want to say that girltrouble never ceases to amaze and enlighten me. and i hope she sticks around.
me three (((for tesao)))
Tes, BFF, you are da woman!!! I would be your love slave any day!

i'm here to give doodlebug the props she heartily deserves, for her eloquence, her genuine spirit, her honesty, and her ability to say what she thinks in a thoughtful and respectful way. when i grow up, i want to be her.

many, muito hearts to snaf, mando, sidecar, and plat.

and aaaaaaaaaaall of the kvetchies. i'm honored to be one of you. wub.gif

eta: plat, whatchoo talkin bout? you ARE my LUV SLAVE, hunnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. rolleyes.gif
I would love to give thanks to CultureHandy for being such a nice boardie and for going through the trouble of really trying to help me. I've only been here a few days and so far she has really stood out as a genuinely helpful person. I would like to get to know the rest of the boardies, but I know it's going to be hard because of the way I started out here. I'd like to be able to say something nice about each and every one of you as everyone deserves to be recognized.
hmph, I thought I was your love slave, tes? huh.gif
now, bunny. who says i can't have more than one???? blink.gif

sides, you are my love slave.

plat is my LUV slave.

different. not same!!!! rolleyes.gif
If bunny is your love slave, and plat is your luv slave, what the hell am I???

*taps foot*

Hee! Thank you for the support, tes, and right back at you. You really do show a grace under fire, as mando says, when I would probably be kicking and yelling and swearing. I love that you are such a powerful, honest, beautiful soul, and I adore every centimetre of you.

Big props to bunny also, for always trying to keep the dialogue levelheaded and open.

And to everyone else who has been so wonderful, especially (but not exclusively) the Okayers and the Kvetchies! I think we should all get little '50s satin jackets made up for our respective thread "homes," and strut around like the Pink Ladies in Grease.
i would like to belatedly echo the love for tes. who is no way the age she said she was. i refuse to believe it.

I just wanted to give a shout out to Tes and all the kvetchies for not letting the rest of the board nastiness spill over! I love that can still remain a supportive space.
Wow. Doodlebug wub.gif . Just wow. At the moment words fail me.

And to join the chorus of many, tesao rocks my socks.

Dartin through and checking on all of you.
hugs and love
Hey, its WB! Come baaaaaack, we miss you...
big kudos to walkingbitch and girlbomb for being such funny, strong and intelligent women. their posts today have provided much needed laughs.
plus, wb is teh hott of the day.

yuefie deserves all the big loves i can give and then some.
doodlebug rocks my world.
WB is the hott of every damned day.
AP is the Leader of the Pack.
mandoline is such a strong, amazing woman. she has my undying admiration and love.

also much heartage to all of my kvetchies and the wonderful women in okayland. thank you all for being my support system. it means more to me than you could ever know.
PrettyNPink is an absolute joy! She is sweet & fun & absolutely gorgeous, both inside and out! I feel so lucky that I got to spend a whole day hanging out with her. biggrin.gif
lots of love for pugs, lilyblue, auralp, freckle, kayte, katie, GGG, girlbomb, wombat, princess e, mouse, stargazer, & the bdsm ladies,

and old school love for dusty, maimy & mandy
*Squeezes GirlTrouble's bum*

*And a run-by smooching too*
wub.gif I admire Tesao for rising above the blatant character assassin's armchair psychology diagnosis, which is obviously work of an emotionally stunted mental midget.

And much love to LoungeLady for the wunnerful ignore function!

I HEART yuefie SO, SO, SO much! wub.gif
Spam in the MAS thread? Blech. Must purge it out with LOOOOOVE!!!!!!

I have a serious heart-on for the gals in Kvetch Up. I appreciate their thoughtful conversations & support. I also appreciate that so many of them love bunnies and puppies - especially corgis!

IPB Image
*snorgles corgi*

*snorgles kvetchies*

begone, spam!
i heart (((rose))) cuz she always intuitively knows when i need corgi lovin'.

and some special romper-room magick-mirror shouts outs to new friends (((plat))) & (((stargazer))). you both warm my cockles.
OKAY. So now I am finally getting the 'Leader of the Pack' refs. Here I thought I was crazy...

I wanna give mad love & big ups to Girltrouble & Tesao for standing strong in the face of people taking shit personal BS.

Zoya cos she is a rockstah & role model. She gives me hope that maybe one day I won't suck so bad.

And to all the girls... women... I raise my glass of bubbly. Thanx & I luvs ya.

And I am hearting girl_trouble and everyone she hearted!!

and myself for knowing that consistent, indirect petty snideness has no wisdom, love, intelligence, or virtue attached to it.
To all my wise, loving, intelligent and virtuous kvetchies: I wub.gif you.
And, as usual, I 95% agree with bunny_b.
I heart Tesao!!! And Bunny, and Yuefie, and Rose, and Mornington...and all teh strong women who know when to fight and when to ignore!
Snafooey, who always cracks me up and leaves me wishing she was more a presence around here.

Pixiedust for her tenacious spirit and grace.

Sidecar, Amilita, Sybarite, Dusty, Raisingirl, Pollystyrene, Bunnyb, Mornington, Mandolyn, Roseviolet, Stargazer, Plat, oh the list could go on for days. It's hard to name everyone 'cause Kvetchies rock.

As do the Okayers. Turbojenn, Falljackets, Doodlebug, Mouse, etc. I'm looking at YOU.

Special heartage for Minx for being a kickass, fierce mama lion who owns her shit.

And for all the other BUSTies who can actually grasp that consistent, direct, petty snideness (ie: continual attacks on board members) have no more wisdom, love, intelligence or virtue attached to them than the indirect variety do. rolleyes.gif

Aaaah, forget it. You love misery, you believe it's a woman's lot in life. You embrace it, and then unleash it all over anyone who questions it.

Probably you are right and I am wrong. To question a woman's devotion to receiving and passing along misery is to increase her misery, not decrease it, and it would be kinder to put up self-protective barriers and ignore.

I will not allow you to pass your misery to me.

Find an easier dumpee.

awww, thanks AP..hmm, i like the sound of rockstah... I only wish I could sleep as late as one, one of these days... wink.gif hahaha

I heart AP for her honesty and willingness to walk- no, run - full on into life, even if it isn't always the easiest or most comfortable thing. I am still learning to do that, and I admire her all to hell for her examples. And her wicked sense of humor. God, I wish I was that quick witted!

I will be sure to be direct now: Wombat/Whammy_bar.

Apparently I "love misery" and "believe it is a womans lot in life" because I am a caregiver. Hmmm... how's that for misogyny?

That's funny, it wasn't what you said in your PM you sent me a few weeks back. Oh, but I forgot, I'm not "on your side" so to hell with me. And now you've decided to take something I posted in the caregivers thread and use it against me here because I called your bullying of Tesao and others out. Are you out to prove just how much you stand in judgment of everyone around here? Because you are succeeding by repeatedly tearing apart posts by other members of this board, dragging things from one thread in to another just to try to make some convoluted point that only proves how delusional you really are. Attacking the parenting, sexuality, and choices others have made in their lives (to do AIDS work in a third world country or to care for ailing family members?!) satisfies you how? Does it make you feel superior? What exactly are you crusading against, oh sage and wise woman of the world?

I can't fathom how any reasonable BUSTie could not see what an abusive, sanctimonious, windbag you really are. Your bullying is nasty, you are nasty and if anyone wants to toss out an armchair psychology diagnosis in your direction, it would certainly be warranted. Paranoia? Check. Persecution Complex? Check. Social Ineptitude? At the very least. I mean, all this from the very same person who once accused another member of a message board of being someone they knew in real life based on a letter they wrote in a Letters You'll Never Send thread. Wow. Paranoid much? Because the world really revolves around you.

You repeatedly enter in to discussions as if your status in life means anything to anyone here. News Flash: NOBODY HERE KNOWS YOU AND NOBODY REALLY CARES. Do we care what kind of school you went to? Nah. Do we care what sort of neighborhood you grew up in? Not really. YOU care. It's your hang up in life, lady. GET OVER IT ALREADY. Stop bitching about people judging you when all you seem to do is judge others. Have you ever stopped to think that the reason people snub you in your real life is because you are a pompous know-it-all? Maybe people just don't like your abrasive personality. Maybe it has nothing at all to do with what kind of family or background you come from or how much money is in your bank account. Maybe it's just YOU.

Say what you want to try and prove your point and just continue to bury yourself. Trust me, I've received dozens of personal messages in regards to your general asshattery. Most people just don't want to continue to clog up the boards making it unpleasant for other members. But yeah, your fan club? Not so big. The Okayers are the most laid back bunch on the board and you certainly wore out your welcome there. So keep grasping at the few who have not had the misfortune of witnessing your bullying or not had one of your fantastic freak outs directed at them because it's only a matter of time. Now, I am done.

/thread derailment.

Apologies to my fellow BUSTies for the negativity in here, but it needed to be done.


having been in the middle of one of these things, can we all agree just to say no more?

each of you have had your say, and if you need more, then please pm each other. no backhanded comments from either of you----please! i am not blaming anyone, and i don't care who started it, i'm just tired of it, i am just saying truce.

lets say no more since saying anything seems to start it all up again, k?

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