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I don't think so. I think it takes more than that to be seen as potential stalker material!
billy, I can't say that I either agree with you or disagree, b/c I don't have time to read many threads lately, so I honestly and truly don't know enough to see what you're describing.

But I did want to say that there has been one serious asshole who has been adopting new user names with great frequency, to try and keep himself off other users' ignore lists. So some of what you're writing about may come from the defensiveness his behaviour has instilled in a number of busties.

I do see a shortage of busters around these parts these days, though....
yeah, it's sad. I know that some of the BUSTers have given up on the lounge whether it be for the infighting or cos of amazing asshat.

billy, you've definitely piqued my interest with that post!
Special shoutout to katie and ap and stargazer and all my crushie busties for all the good health vibes... I heart you all! Freckle, for being the amazing person that she is.....

DEPP Busties for being one of fav

I luuuuuuuuuve you all...

Billy, there are those of who may not have known you for as long as some others, and may not know you all that well, but recognize that you are truly a sweetheart. And I don't think there is anything wrong with you sending out some love for the BUSTies you admire.

I have mad love for everyone in Kvetch. Each and every one of you rock! Thanks for all the magic vibes. *mwah* wub.gif

Billy, you, your kind soul, and your gray undies would have to do a whole lot more than declare your crushes in order to be deemed a potential stalker. No worries.

I haven't said this in a while: Maimy kicks bootay, oh yes she does. And so does Anoushh. And Yuefie and her "No Pie?" kitty picture. And Bunny. And Sassy. And Mando. And Tesao. And Lunasol. And Girlbomb. And just because you are not on this little list doesn't mean that I don't think you're amazingly awesome.
I think Billy rocks. And anyone who'd be daft enough to take him for a nasty stalker is, well, daft.

Yuefie and Bunny and Sidecar and Raisin. And Freckle. And Kvetchies in general. wub.gif
mm, pie... sorry. been wanting to say that for aaaages.
thankyou EVERYONE, for all the boobiesquishin' support (hee!) from the letters thread.
y'all are some Rockin' cool mama's ( & Busters ) and yah I'm w/ raisingirl, I heart PIE too! biggrin.gif
Raisin love kicks ass. Returning it is a creative challenge. But I'm'a try.

(((raisin))) IPB Image

lovin' on (((faerietails))), for opening up a whole new world of emoticons to me ... which i thoroughly plan to abuse to pieces. IPB Image
QUOTE(billybonka @ Sep 30 2006, 01:15 AM) *

I sense that it's difficult for a male Bustie to come here and say "I *really* am getting into what ________ (name here) and ________ (here, too) is writing these days" without being deemed a potential stalker. Not everyone here knows me to be the kind and gentle soul that I am smile.gif

There are two or three Busties that pique my interest moreso these days. I hope you'll continue without my recognition!

And a big thanks to all Busties for making me feel at home even if I don't write very much!!

Why Billy, I'm flattered. smile.gif
for the courage and strength she's shown ((((erinjane)))) I am in awe.
There is some overdue love that needs to be put out there.

((((pollystyrene)))) for giving me such great tips!
(((Chicagobusties)))) for being so cool when we all got together!
((((yuefie))))) for being totally amazing and supportive
((((txplumwine)))) who's been MIA but in my mind
((((mandolyn))))) the patsy to my eddy, or is that the other way around?
(((mornington and bunny))) the sweetest young busties
(((really, all the kvetchies)))) who were so great when my grandpa passed

There's plenty of others, but I've been meaning to give out some big hearts to all y'alls for awhile.
more love than y'all can ever imagine, to the Letter busties, for once again putting up w/ my ranting and ravings and helping me thru such an emotional and difficult time.
you are all forever in my heart.
Much love to Kvetchies for all the supportive words, of late regarding my late pregnancy discomforts, but just for everything really.

Anoushh, I've been thinking about you a lot.

Much love for Kvetchies.

Mando, I will prod you so much for more band stories NEXT WEEKEND, you know. You've been warned!
Yeah, I've been meaning to say not only have I loved the band stories from Mandolyn, but I've loved everyone's band stories. I had no idea this was out there and it's opened my eyes to something brand new. Which was cool.

(Thanks Raisingirl. Hang in there.)
How much bootay do I kick?

Well, enough that ManlyMan and WalkingBitch are going to be at MY PAD for Thanksgiving.


I'll get booby-squishin' hugs, you bet I will. *Very excited*

Why yes, as a matter of fact, I *didn't* really know where to post this ...
maimy, here's as good a place as any but that's definitely something to brag about! or anti-kvetch about!
it reminds me: did we ever see pics of walkingbitch looking hot at the emmy's?

thanks sidecar! to back up raisin and anoushh: kvetchies kick much ass wub.gif, I can never resist some kvetchie lovin'.
nah bunnyb, you haven't, cause I suck.

but then I got married july of 05 and haven't posted any of those either... and I have a wicked pic from the emmy's of me and a couple of the guys from "weeds"


woohoo VA in a MONTH!
omg, I LOVE weeds! colour me green.
Oooooooooooohhhhhhh! MM and WB chez SB! I am seething with jealousy and envy. Seething, I tell you. But, like, in a good way.
(But Bunny ... you are green!)

*Basking in the seething envy*

Mmm! Nice hot tob this seething envy makes!
Count me in amongst those who want to see the fabulous WB in her fabulous dress at the fabulous award show.

Although I am wondering if the Emmies are still fabulous since they gave that award to Barry-friggin-Manilow instead of to WB's hubby & his phenomenal colleagues, but that's an argument for another time. wink.gif

I do not kick bootay because I have been miserably sick all week and I haven't been up to much 'round these parts. But the Kvetchies certainly know how to put a pointy toe into the occasional backside. Oh yes.
Oh yeah, I'm green, mean and hulk-like.
massive love for (((fina))) and (((crazyoldcatlady))). they know why.
much love to sybarite and mandolyn, plus all the kvetchies. they are my peeps.
Mad props to my favorite BFB auralpoison, for never mincing words or ass kissing. You still rock the casbah babe.

someday i want to be half as smaht and eloquent as (((faith))).

and i too gotta give props to auralpoison, for making us all paranoid.
(and, you know, i'd virtually hug her, but that might be interpreted as fakey-nice.) IPB Image
wink.gif well I guess I will just jump back in here and be my fakey-nice self and say I agree with mandi that ((((faith)))) is ever so eloquent. and profess my undying love for (((mandi))) while I'm at it.

I thought I'd just give anoushh some love just because. :-* :-* :-*
Yuefie, you know Sharif don't like it, but you rock the casbah as well. Just watch for snipers from the minarettes.

Faith as always, is eloquent & sums shit up succinctly. WORD.

Mandi, I generally view hugging to be one of the most insincere forms of human communication (I developed early & people (boys) only wanted to hug me to feel my boobage.) I would gladly accept your hug, you paranoid wench!

Katiebelle2882 cos she's a BFB of the highest order, too. Girl, I cannot express in words how much you fuckin' mean to me. Fer reals, yo. You are the end all, be all.

And BIG UPS to those that participated in the conversation over in Busting Trolls. I wasn't looking for people to agree with me (Nobody ever does, so I've grown to accept it,) I just wanted the situation to be made aware of as I saw it & have an open dialogue within the community. Just because I don't always agree with you doesn't mean I don't love you all the same.

I'd also like to express my love for the gals in the Committed thread. I'm gnashing my teeth & baking up a storm, but ya'll have made me feel better. Mornington, Ms. GB, & Sybarite.
I am so thankful for all the kickass Busties that have been in my life in big and small ways and everything in between. Love to you all, especially WB & Maims, Tesao & RV -- if I could clone myself and then crash your dinners, I'd be in both places at once. wub.gif
I'm not sure why you guys think "fakey-nice" was against YOU somehow. We were talking more about how many times women will not have open conflict but it will sneak out in creepy ways over and over again.

I like myself (ha!) and AP and bunny_b and a few others because we speak up about problems. I am not saying everyone who is nice is "fakey-nice".

There is one person here who constantly gives me the cold shoulder no matter what I say or do and she has always been like that since Day One -- while going coooodly nooodly nooodly over everybody else. Very manipulative. It doesn't bother me if she doesn't like me, but "fakey-nice" sure does apply.

I'm not trying to fight over it -- just sayin.

I certainly appreciate the kvetchies and it was fun talking with y'all in "Busting Trolls!"
of course you do: the kvetchies rock the lounge and are very (genuinely) sweet and it's lovely when people drop by to vibe or request vibes or join in with our crazy conversations. It's not the complaint thread.

I heart kvetchies wub.gif and the cooking and reading fanatics, those who speak their mind (not to instigate trouble), and the Veronica Mars fans and the troll BUSTers.
I love all BUSTies wub.gif
I'd also invite myself over to Yuefie's new home just to have dessert with her. Who am I kidding, she is dessert! Mmmmm...
Lys, you have no idea what wonderful timing you have. I needed that so much.

And love again to kvetchies for their continued support in a difficult time for me.
Busties RAWK!!
I wish to declare my drunken love for busties. excuse me while I change threads
no, sheriously. 'spechially the kvetchies.
Much love and kisses and tons of silly, drunken, giggly fishes to the darling Tes! And to Mr. HB! And the whole crew [waves at M in case she's reading!]. This was my first year to spend Thanksgiving away from my family and I was so stressed about spending it in this new place. But Tes and the fabulous people in her life made me and Sheff feel soooooo welcome and showed us the best time. Thank you for making the holiday a joyous one! Can't wait until next time!
I dig Aural and Wombat and Raisin and Rose and Mornington and allay'all. And I came in here specifically to get everyone to HATE ME by yelping about how good a time I just had for FIVE WHOLE DAYS with The Bitch Who Walks and her ManlyMan. Awesome people, the pair of 'em. What a way to spend Thanksgiving - and what friends to be thankful *for*.

*Still burpin' turkey ... and all the other food (great and not-so-much) we enjoyed together*
Whoa! I'm glad y'all had a good Thanksgiving! Me and Batman's was quiet but still nice.

HUmongous hearts for rosiev and sheff! they are JUST EXACTLY the way you think that they are. they are SUCH a beautiful, intelligent, warm and funny couple! it rocked my entire house and household to meet them! i am soooooooooooooooooo lucky to have met them and spent time with them and to know that i have two new friends who kick boooooo-Tay!!!!!!
big hearts to stargazer for being gracious!
turbojenn, janeinane, pollystyrene, humanist, kittenb, and tart sharing the holiday spirit with me this saturday. you busties are awesome!

sidecar and princess_dander, you were both missed and there in spirit!

thanks sidecar for the admiration! biggrin.gif
I can't fully express the admiration I have for Tesao. She kicks serious bootay (and shakes it too!) Tes is really doing something in this sometimes godawful world, she's giving back and giving more (whilst making serious sacrifices) and is inspiring others to do the same.
I heart Auralpoison. she rules in every possible way. That is all.
Couldn't agree more.
Um, gosh. What did I do? I'm confused. Ya'll are smart though, so I'm just gonna go with it. Thank you, my rockstah spirited, vinyl lovin' lovelies! I bow before you in your infinte glory...

And big ups to Turbojenn for not wanting to roll in the suburbs!
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