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Oh, I beg to differ.
Mando, I've already told you, yes, indeed you do.

*stern face*

You'll just have to live with it, whether you like it or not.

So there.

And so does Raisingirl.
*clears throat and stands behind anoushh with arms crossed* yes, mando, you do. and yes, so does raisingirl.

And so does FJ, pepper, doodle, treehugger, bunny, mornington, gingerkitty, sixelacat, amilita, girlbomb, aural, jem, luci, turbojenn, polly, sidecar, pretyinpink, plummie, tes, and a whole mess of other people I know I am missing and leaving off, dang it. I love you all. Seriously, BUSTies and BUSTers rock my socks like ACDC. Highway to hell babies. *mwah*


Where is that quote from?


QUOTE(yuefie @ Sep 5 2006, 05:58 AM) *

And so does FJ, pepper, doodle, treehugger, bunny, mornington, gingerkitty, sixelacat, amilita, girlbomb, aural, jem, luci, turbojenn, polly, sidecar, pretyinpink, plummie, tes, and a whole mess of other people I know I am missing and leaving off, dang it. I love you all. Seriously, BUSTies and BUSTers rock my socks like ACDC. Highway to hell babies. *mwah*

Yeah. What she said.
Mando, petal - as much as we love you, you don't get to vote on the question of whether you rock. MandoRocking is Not a Democracy.

Raisin, it is true, also rocks. (She also gets no votes on her rockingness.)

As does FizzallJackets.

That is all.
Oh, I think I'm going to have to go into kissing bandit mode to show my luuuuuuurve to all of you! I kind of thought about making a list, but then I think it might take me, like, a MONTH to do so, lest I forget anyone. wub.gif
is it wierd that I went away for a week and missed everyone? A week. Either I'm an addict or you lot are fantastic. So there.
I am so madly in lovielove w/ the mama's, they will never trully know.

you are all the Coolest of the cool of all time.

thankyou for getting me thru the bra-breaking bust emergency w/ my wee girl.

hearts & flowers !!
You know who kicks serious ass?
You know who is fan-damn-tastic?
You know who is smart and generous and funny and all-around gorgeous?
Whino, that's who! wub.gif
*blushing* maimy & yuefie & anoushh & raisin, heartage right back atcha. you guys make it a tiny bit easier to take a compliment. (never my forte).

my new bustie crush: tempest. shhh, don't tell! smile.gif
And again, I am here to espouse the wunnerfulness of Mandi, who is supa sweet, oh so thoughtful and kicks ass eight ways to sunday! Muchas gracias senorita, I wub you wub.gif

just wanna give a shout out to chachaheels, for always being so helpful and just so gosh durn nice! smile.gif

much love to the sweet and thoughtful roseviolet. It's not said often enough and I miss her in kvetch when she's not around wub.gif.
I heart Yeufie,too wink.gif !!! And Annoush! And all you delightful kick-ass girls.
However, I came in specifically to write a love letter to my special lady friend, THE Aural Poison, who is flying to Brooklyn just to see *ME.
*Delusional Jem wanders off mumbling 'me me mine!' to self
Aww shucks jem, I hearts ya too.

And I suppose this belongs in the confessions thread, but... I'm uber jealous of both you AND aural for getting to meet eachother! Ahhh, I bet you beeyotches are are gonna have a farking blast!

And luna and raisin. and mandi. and all the east coast BUSTies. Dang, I am really going to have to get my left coast booty out thah if I wanna meet all ya right coasters!

Again, so many fab BUSTies to love. Ooooh, we could have a BUSTie love-in. Hehe.

I could just procrastinate all the work I am avoiding further and list everyone... but I really do need to think about eating lunch, seeing as it's almost dinner time here. Oh SO much love to all of (((YOU)))! wub.gif

[snuggles up to BunnyB & smooches her temple]
Thank you for that, Hunny-Bunny. wub.gif
heartages to Pepper, for paying attention enough to my nonsensical sins to remind me to behave myself.
you rock Mama!
kvetchies rock: new, old, infrequent posters and lurking ... they all rock. There's a real sense of community in there, today is a hard day for some and I well up reading what everyone has to say, with bits of sweetness thrown in. Kvetch is like sitting at a round table with a big group of people -some strangers and some friends- and having a daily discussion, wine or coffee optional.
I agree with that, bunny. (((((kvetchies)))))
Aww bunny, I was just coming in to admire you!!!!!!!!

Bunny rulez.
I second the love to (((rose))) wub.gif

and ((((bunny)))

and (((aural)))

and also think that (((faith))) is a fab BUSTie smile.gif

Oh, and also the thanks to (((chacha))) for being helpful!

Yuefie, girl, I don't deserve any love! I'm just doing my job! AP is a BFB! Words serve the truth. But I loves you, too!
Oh baby, like bunny said, you totally rock the fuckin' kasbah! Words certainly do serve the truth. Whether or not anyone agrees with what you say, you can only be accused of the truth. You're brutally honest and that is why I lurves ya. And doing your job or not, you are just fab. So own it! *mwah* wub.gif
Big ups to Auralpoison, Yuefie, and Faith.

Major love to mando for so, so many reasons.
This is my long-distance dedication to Doodle:


Girl, you know I loves ya.

That also goes out to all my homebitches in the Okayer thread. Maybe Heart would be more appropriate?

I was also coming in to give the love to RoseV and Yuefie and Mando and Sidecar and many others who are true friends and excellent Busties.
Oh look she's having another really bad day.
OOh, minx, we hearts you too! Heart you with Heart, ha ha!!
Barracuda - Straight on -- Magic Man --- they're all good!
Also heartage to Kvetchies!

And to me, auralpoison, and minx for being the most obviously stubborn and opinionated big fat broads on the board! yessss! *dancing a stupid dance*

I think my next avatar will be a hoe, painted white in glorious photoshop!

Much love to girlbomb -- for so MANY reasons. Let's find the cheapest place to buy a lot of toilet paper and then all get in the car and... oh, wait, sssshhhh!!

Amilita, you rock, woman!

I mean, seriously!
mouse, I'm really new, and don't feel that it's my place to step in(nor do I want to) but wow. What you said about conflict, and understanding was so powerful. Thank you.
Many thanks to Yuefie and Faith for the love! The feeling is certainly mutual.
Thanks for all the support to all my favorite busties! smile.gif

Ya gals rock, but you knew that right??
Wombat, you're on!

And my love for the rest of you ladies is dire and extreme.
Thank you all for support about bad dreams and bad day at work.

My love for your gals (and the few busty boys) is more than you'll ever know....

My love for you is very Depp.

succinct, aren't I? on a stopwatch, people!
Get back to work! Seriously, Bunny, you have all my respect in the world. One of the very small reasons I didn't on to get a Master's and PhD in English Lit was because of the dissertation aspect.
mega thanks to the gals in kvetch for all their love and vibage this week. and for always reminding me that there are some very very good, kind, caring, sane people here, who are worth the risks.

special group hug to yuefie and raisin and rose and sidecar and anoushh and bunny for checking in and reaching out and keeping me sane.
I count myself as a Bustie boy and this is still the coolest forum I know -
(((((((((((((Busties rock!!!))))))))))))))))
Vibes to all of you

all the ladies and gents in kvetch for letting me thread hog and vent...I stopped crying when I type, so I think that's progress! wink.gif

and doodlebug, for just being so consistent and rock steady and all around awesome. doodle deserves a break from her role of Always Excellent if she wants one...
I cannot even comprehend how much I loves the Stargazer & the Katiebelle2882. Ya'll bitches got my back & I'd shank anybody that even *thought* about fuckin' with you. WORD.
Special props to AP, Stargazer, Bunnyb, and Sixelcat...and all the chicks (and Kal) over at the crushie thread. Especially huge hug for beautiful Eddie pic in Johnny thread... that will make work much more fun!! MMMmmm....

just givin' a shout out to the minx. i love you, woman! i surely do!

you know just how to put things into perspective. no wonder you're such a badass teacher.

i got it bad, got it bad, got it bad...

and a blanket love statement to all the rest of ya! thank you BUSTies for making my days so much easier to take.

wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
I wanna show some love for Bunnyb! Girl, I know we haven't been close long, but I have really enjoied getting to know you better lately!

And RoseV..for always being there..and always understanding.
Aw, lucizoe and minx, you are totally making me blush! Wow!!!! Thanks! You also, major rockage!

I want to shout out to amilita, for sending me some most excellent aqua upholstery fabric. We're gonna have BUSTIE CHAIR COUSINS!!! (Pic of the fabric in the decor thread.) Thank you, amilita!!!

Also a big shout out to all those busties who've been so supportive and wonderful over the last week in the Lounge, and also to those who've been so supportive over the Centre stuff....there are so many of you, I don't even think I dare name you all, because I'll forget someone, and then it will be like one of those embarrasing Oscar moments where I forget to thank my own husband or something! Muita heartage to you all!!! wub.gif
so much heartage for (((((freckle))))), who is an amazing, caring and sweet soul! wub.gif
I have to join in on the love for freckleface! She is great!

And tons of love for the ever wise and graceful doodle.

(((Actually xoxo to all the busties!!!!!)))
raisingirl, just for being her and making me laugh.

yuefie for the same and being all things wonderful, caring and booby-shaking funny.

kvetchies in general for being the best BUSTies around (oh yeah).

the DEPP loving BUSTies who definitely rock hardcore.

freckle for being a truly amazing individual.

I heart you all wub.gif.
I sense that it's difficult for a male Bustie to come here and say "I *really* am getting into what ________ (name here) and ________ (here, too) is writing these days" without being deemed a potential stalker. Not everyone here knows me to be the kind and gentle soul that I am smile.gif

There are two or three Busties that pique my interest moreso these days. I hope you'll continue without my recognition!

And a big thanks to all Busties for making me feel at home even if I don't write very much!!
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