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Wow. *blush*

I can't even begin to list all the busties I think kick bootay, 'cause there's so many of you, I know I'd leave some off and that wouldn't be fair. But you all rule.
(((((((((lucizoe))))))))) for what she wrote in the letter's thread. Bravo, luci.
Awww, pshaw

*toes ground*
It has CLEARLY been a long week. I'm sitting here reading your post, Luci, thinking to myself, "Why would anyone want their toes ground ... ?"


LOVE the avatar, though. Puddy snoots are wonderful things.
Hey, maybe some of us are into that. You know, blender-play. smile.gif

(that's Klyde in my avatar)
Been meaning to come in here and give girlbomb props for having an ad to her book on the bust banner (today I saw ad for KT Tunstall who is another strong, cool woman and Scottish to boot!)

Also, I luuurve freckleface's Colette quote at the bottom of her posts! Colette rocks, as does freckle.
Hippidy-hopping in after Bunny to say I fiiiiiiiiiiiiinally read Girlbomb's book this weekend. Woman, you really live up to your (nick)name. I got all misty-eyed at the ending as well. I am in total awe and admiration of you (and your writing) and can't wait to read your future books. The hateration is ridiculous; you deserve all the praise in the world and I think it has been so exciting to see how well-received your book has been. I feel the BUST love and am really happy for you. Keep on writing. We need to hear your voice. xoxo wub.gif
Wow. I rarely blush, but I'm getting a pink-on right now. Thank you both very much, and very much admiration back at you.
Add me to the chorus of praise for the book. I read it recently and really thought it was fantastic.

Also, I am SO glad to see Msp back around these parts! YAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!! (said in best Kermit the Frog squeal....)

And why have I never told sidecar how very much she rocks? I think it all the time, but don't think I've ever actually written it. What IS wrong with me?? Anyway, she does, and I love her.
Thank you, Sidecar, for putting it better than I ever could.

You do indeed rock the hardest.
Mad phat props and thank-yous going to Mando, Sidecar, Faith, MsP, Crassy, and Anoussh for actually Saying It, And Then Some. Particularly Sidecar for her eloquence on lately being made to feel as though one Can't Say It.

You ladies and a very select few others are the only reasons I even bother lurking in anything other than Thread Thread and Gross-Out these days...and may I add that the current tr*lls don't even bother me...
oh man, I love you guys too. Thanks for the props, for something I wasn't sure I should even say.

(And Girlbomb, I read your book last spring--it was really terrific. I couldn't put it down and read it in two days, while on vacation in New York. It was a perfect book for a perfect time.)
QUOTE(sidecar @ Aug 8 2006, 05:08 PM) *

oh man, I love you guys too. Thanks for the props, for something I wasn't sure I should even say.

No, you should. You were right to do it. How many of us were just waiting for someone to say something, for fear of "getting in trouble?" *raises hand* I think we all (okay, not all - some, and I count myself) need to speak up more rather than biting our tongues in the interest of keeping the peace. Trust me, I don't like fighting any more than you do, and I'm not suggesting daily flame wars, but we do ourselves a disservice when we stay quiet rather than reacting to behavior that's inappropiate/troubling/sexist/hateful/what-have-you.
Yeah, I guess I was sure I had to say it, but I just didn't necessarily like having to do so.

we do ourselves a disservice when we stay quiet rather than reacting to behavior that's inappropiate/troubling/sexist/hateful/what-have-you.

That's exactly it. That's why I'm glad to see you back here as a regular presence.
QUOTE(sidecar @ Aug 8 2006, 05:22 PM) *

Yeah, I guess I was sure I had to say it, but I just didn't necessarily like having to do so.

No, no one likes to be the one to fall on their sword. wink.gif

(Am I the only one who hates that winky emoticon? It's too smirky.)
i wish i could be half as eloquent and fearless and smaht as (((sidecar))).

(((plummie))) you are too kind to me. but you know i eat it up.
(((yuefie))) i love sharing PMS with you. hee.

and much love, once more, to those of you who haven't given up on this place.
{{{{mandolicious}}}} For doin' it again, some more, today. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
ms mando...m'lady, you rock. I wish I was back at my parents' house right now so I could cuddle my puppies hardcore. I can't participate in the discussion in kvetch 'cause I never ever post there, but you are so right on...and txplumwine, you too....and annoush...

le many smart busties
I am really honored to be considered in such truly fine company. (why does that sound insincere? It isn't--not at all!) Lucizoe, you rock yourself. And so does your avatar pic. (But mando really does, and I'm saying it again, because she thinks she doesn't. And she's so wrong.)

there are so many people i want to heart right now, but i'm afraid of leaving someone out ... so please accept my sincerest thanks. you are all so smaht and eloquent - there have been some posts where .... gah ... have to pick my jaw up off the floor, and sit back in awe at the writing talent. some people here are just pure wizards with words, i tell ya.

and even to those i've clashed with recently - and may never agree with - please know i'm digesting, internalizing, learning from you. i respect you for the strength of your convictions, and helping me see the flip side.

i love you all to the moon and back again.
much love and kisses for Mandi and her special day!

and thanks for all of the recent posts that remind me why I do still feel so drawn to BUST, and the incredible impact so many of you have had on my life.
Thank you so much, Mss. sidecar and anoushh.

(Hi car!)
nothing but love for (((yuefie))) & (((car))) & (((dusty))) & (((funjules))) for the beyond-virtual birthday love. thoughtful, considerate, tenderhearted friends like you make up for the alleged friends who never fail to fail me.
The Mando has kicked me some props in the past, so I just wanna kick 'em back. You rock like no other! Even my cat thinks so & he's fickle as a motherfucker.
((Horrifed Gasp))) ohmy.gif
Mando, I missed Le Birthday?
Quelle Horror! mad.gif
Happy Belated Birfday, Honey Kitten!
Always merry and bright! laugh.gif
@ all the cool Ladies (like Girlbomb) who contributed to the fantastic book: The Bust Guide
to the New Girl Order, which I read already 3-4 times and will continue to read: If you ever plan to release
Part 2 of this book, then it, so to say, already stands on my bookshelf. I hope this will happen and anyway:
U rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! biggrin.gif
Jesus Christ. This is post #22 for the day and I'm finally calling it a night. That has to be a personal record. How embarassing! Boobie-squishin' hugs and Choco Tacos for those of you who put up with me. I love my Busties. wub.gif
So I'm going to post these in a couple of spots... This is a link to the set on my flickr page of the dresses for the emmys and the assorted parties... Just in case you guys were wondering.... hugga hugga lova lova WB aka Zoob
I got to meet BATTYGURL on Thursday! She came to doodlemama's house and we visited and talked about all kinds of shit and exchanged plants! What a great bustie!!! YAY!!!!
I have developed some serious mad lurve for BunnyB.
And Mornington.
And Yuefie.
And CrazyOldCatLady.
And Treehugger.
And more people than I can really list here. You people are the Kahlua in my White Russian. wub.gif
tongue.gif that's some hot praise! you're pretty damn special too, although the cointreau in my cosmopolitan doesn't really cut it wink.gif.
awww shucks rose, I lurves ya right back!
Awww, thanks Rose! I believe you popped my MAS cherry. wub.gif
Loving doodle right back! I had such a fun time hanging with you and meeting doodlemama.

I love meeting busties. We are all so awesome.
batty and doodle -- you both rule. And I read that sentence as "we exchanged pants!!" Such is the mood of bust! heh heh!

Roseviolet -- so true! I'm so impressed by BunnyB these days!

eta: we went drinking with a "white russian" who is working with us temporarily, and he had never heard of a "white russian" so of course we bought him one!!

I heart my okayers.

I heart busties in general. I think about you guys when I'm not here, and stuff you say goes through my brain for a long time. You're awesome.
Walkingbitch is hottness epitomized, but I knew that already.

(((Yuefie))) because she always remembers me in Kvetch and it makes me feel special.
wub.gif rose! *blush*

I loves me some kvetchettes. And even more busties... you're the bestest.
Mornington, bunnyb, sybarite, tart -- your crisp, effervescent, intelligent pithy comments are refreshing.
why, thank you smile.gif.
I don't know if they're all around these days, but I am thinking of (((doxy))), (((amilita))), and (((ms_nola))) and all the other NOLA busties today, whether they made it home or scattered elsewhere. You are all courageous survivors, and I'm proud of you.
WB, you are a freakin' goddess. Even with that look on your face, hee.


*So can't wait to hear about the Emmys*
Hee hee! wombat, no, we didn't exchange pants! But battygurl did buy a t-shirt from me, in support of the Coalition! YAY!

I can't even explain the t-shirt, 'cause none of you Yanks will get the joke.

Also....I'm thinking about busties who might be in Ernesto's path....

And also....I sure did miss ALL of you when I was away in Vancouver!
I've said it in kvetch up but I need to agree here with what sidecar has said.

(((amilita))) your bravery astounds me. It's beyond brave to admit when you're feeling not so brave, to not just forget and say I survived and move on but to try to come to terms with what happened and why you survived and are continuing to do so.
jumping on the lurving amilita bandwagon right next to you bunnyb so scootch over !

I gotta say, I know this forum has had some issues the last few months, but of late, I've seen so much genuine love and support it just makes me all gooey inside.


and doodle? I'm in carolina & we're as ready for ernesto as possible, candles, water etc.
thanks for thinking about us.
Dang, sidecar and bunny and freckle! Thanks.

I'm feeling the Bustie love, too, even though I, myself, feel like a spazzy doofball.
I love you all.

Each of you for who you are.

Thank you for being you.
FJ rocks the hizzouse!

*and I will never say hizzouse again, so take note*
aw, smooches all over your fizzace, sixelacat

and i know i'll never say fizzace again, unless this drunk , which might be a possibility.
Because each and every single day I forget to come in here and tell Mando how much she rocks:

Mando rocks.

That is all.
lucizoe, you're too kind.
cuz i don't rock.
not really.

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