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cob: shoe shopping with size 9.5 EE feet, in a small community, where it doesn't matter HOW much money you're prepared to spend b/c there's nothing to buy anyway.

cob: having to spend $120 CAD (plus taxes) ON SALE for a simple pair of black leather slides.

cob: they were the ONLY respectable pair of shoes in the entire store that fit me (excluding the retirement-home-style lace-ups).

cob: wasn't NAFTA supposed to increase consumer choices for Canadians? Lying sacks of capitalist pig shit.

anti-cob: at least I have one respectable pair of shoes now. I'll have to find something with a closed back before winter, though. Mebbe I'll just get them cowboy boots I've been coveting for 12 years. I could totally get away with it, being from a ranching region.

cob: inheriting the exact size, shape, and structure of foot from my flat-footed, high-instepped father.

anti-cob: my father's flat feet kept him out of the Royal Canadian Army during WWII.

cob: the Royal Canadian Navy took him instead.
cob: Feeling very stressed out and powerless about capitalism, the destruction of the environment, the way women are still treated, and the amount of busties in debt/with financial difficulties.

I keep pushing my eyes back into my brain hoping that it will somehow dull the thoughts.
cob: people who don't pick up thier phone or answer thier messages
cob: my hairdresser can't give me an apointment until effing june and I look like Cousin It
cob: I'm being petty, and I know it
cob: posting cobs that make me sound all pitying and look at me the ever trying activist. I didn't mean it like that. My cob was actually meant to be that suddenly all these things have come flooding into my mind due to various things and its made me want to scream. That is all.
cob: the stupid traffic circles in vancouver
cob: stupid drivers who just blow through the above
cob: I was first into the damn thing on my bike
cob: drivers who don't pay attention to what's right in front of them
cob: drivers who procede to drive into what's right in front of them
cob: being hit by a van
cob: drivers who don't stop once they hit someone on a bike

Oh that's right I was hit by a car, pushed along, managed to stay upright and get out of the way, and they just drove away. I have the marks on my bike and bruises on my leg to show for it and I'm pretty sure they will have bits of my bike on their van too.
long drawn out cob: Planned Parenthood of New York. I support fully the Planned Parenthoods of other states, as well as their national apparatus. I am 100% in support of the group as a whole's causes, as well as their current plight in Bush Administration Amurrica. But the New York branch continues to prove its total asshattery.

For instance. I have relatively spotty health insurance, and a recent abnormal pap smear i need to see an actual gyno about rather than my lovely regular midwife. Seeing as I need somebody who I could conceivably go back to when/if i lose my insurance and the HPV/Cervical Abnormalities/Abnormal Pap Smears turn out to be recurring, I called up PPNYC this morning.

Only to be told, without asking for this information, that my health plan doesn't cover the diagnostics I need, and that I will be charged $250 for the procedure. Which I proceed to freak out about all day on both pragmatic and political grounds (i don't have $250 to cough up for this! also, my health plan covers infertility treatments and post-mastectomy breast reconstruction, not to mention screenings for every other kind of cancer under the sun -- but it doesn't cover CERVICAL CANCER SCREENINGS?!!!!!!!).

Only to come home from work, pull out all the HMO paperwork, and figure out that, actually, it should cover everything, considering it covers all necessary pap smear follow up labwork, and any other labwork or outpatient procedure deemed necessary by my primary women's health clinician. In the event that this escalates to a more invasive cancer treatment level, that would also be covered (if, of course, i magically was able to keep coverage).

I ended up cancelling my $$$ PPNYC appointment and calling one of the gynecologists my midwife reccommended as In-Network under my HMO. fuck you, planned parenthood. fuck you very, very much.

we now return you to your regularly scheduled concise cobs.
(((((runningwestward))))) That's horrible! I was cut off twice today by cars as I rode the streets of Vancouver. Drivers have no respect for cyclists.
bklynhermit, just curious, but is PP on the approved provider list for your HMO?
i'm not entirely sure, vesica, but the woman didn't say "we don't do X HMO," she said, "Your HMO doesn't cover that." very specifically. the question I ASKED her was more along the lines of whether they are a listed provider for me, and she said yes, BUT my HMO doesn't cover that service. weird.
phone companies who tell me my phone will be hooked up today, by 5pm. and that i have to be here for the hook up. then, when i call (using my cell) at 4:50pm to say that no one has been here yet, i'm told that it could be as late as 9pm, and that i don't necessarily have to be here. and then, when i get home near 9pm (after running errands), no phone. ggrrrrrr!!! i *hate* dealing with these companies...and i had even worse luck with the other big company in my city last year, so i'm not even thinking of trying them.
total fucking strangers who pinch my arse in the middle of a crowd at a gig, spoiling the rest of the set I'm there to watch because I suddenly feel incredibly self-conscious and nervous and icky.

and it bloody well hurt too. for about half an hour.
cob: only having a computer to play my DVDs on, instead of a proper DVD player. Every once in awhile I get DVDs that don't work. This time, I got the first 2 discs of Queer as Folk from my library, and the second disc will play, but the first won't. Annoying!

And no one, not my husband, not my friends, and DEFINITELY not my family, seems to understand that. Everybody bitches that I don't have time for them, and then tries to add shit to an already overloaded schedule. Here's a fucking idea, how about if you want to see me, you HELP with the chores/lawncare/shipping/bill paying/diapering/food shopping/car maintaining/housecleaning/laundry/supply buying/pet feeding/baby care/sewing/paperwork/website updating/craft fair preparation/trash, etc.?

Here's a thought. When I am finally done with all the shit I have to do, guess what? If I do all this without much help, I'm going to feel pretty free in doing what I want with my free time. If I don't feel like going to a thousand work/friend/family birthday functions a month, I'm not gonna.

You can be mad at me all you want. People have been mad at me my whole life, and so far it hasn't killed me yet.
Cob: (Others have mentioned it) insufficient health insurance or policies that are pointless.
cob: people who bring babies to gigs (ok, she put headphones on it) in fucking pushchairs. hello? it's an in-store gig. there's not enough space for people, let alone a pushchair that takes up twice as much space as a person. Have you not heard of babysitters?
cob: Womens clothing being in stupid fucking sizes. Why can't we just have normally sized clothes, like men do. I know what my waist measure, and my hips, and my boobs. I do not know which stupid size this corresponds to and in which shop this changes. Argh!
I feel your pain, miss jane!

cob: shopping for swimsuits. It's like volunteering to go to hell. I have a nice body but trying to pair tops and bottoms made me feel like a freak of nature! Tiny boob/wide hips, four stores and 20 suits later, I wasn't even all that thrilled to find a really cool swim out fit. And I don't even know how to swim, its just for hanging out in my friends hot tub, it was a day of extra special torture!
cob: women who would prefer to spray public toilets with their urine than sit their precious thighs on a clean seat. Note: I am not blaming anyone if the seat is already gross. But if you go into an airport restroom, and the seat is dry, grab a seat protector and just sit the eff down. Your pee will go where it's supposed to, and the seat will remain dry for she who follows you. You are not going to catch a disease. You are more likely to catch something from the door handle or the sink knob.

end rant
Long-standing cob that is now reaching frustrating proportions:

I don't get why, when you do something - anything - different to your appearance (cut your hair, wear new clothes, do your makeup differently)...when you have any excess flesh whatsover, the first, FIRST thing people say to you is, "You look great, how much weight have you lost?"

ARRGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Fuck off and die! No wonder I had a fucking eating disorder!!!
it's ok, doodlebug.

the only compliment anyone in my family can ever think to give me is, "wow! you've lost weight!"

when i've never had a weight problem. have not recently gone on any kind of diet. perhaps lost 5 pounds or maybe i just had my period last time i saw them.

in the past year i have graduated from college, gotten a kickass start on my dream career, in a relatively high profile industry, moved into my first grownup apartment, and all they can think of to say is, "oh, you look so thin!"

fucked up, man.
Yeah, I've gotten that so many times from people. It makes me want to tell that I've gained weight from the last time they saw me.
Insurance. I hate all insurance. The only people benefitting from insurance are insurance companies. They have no problem taking my money but really don't want to deliver on the health care they're supposed to provide.

Biggest pain in the ass, ever.
Cob: Car shopping. And all that that entails. Uuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhh.
having two fucking jobs and not knowing where the fuck your money goes... food gas and so on, but what about everything else, i dont have children or any other responsabilities besides myself and yet i find that i am always budgeting GrRrR
Cob: the yard sale we have going on (as I type). so much work for so little return.
Oh, I hear ya, amazon! I vowed never to do another one after my last, where I made like $20 or something.
cob: having a minimum wage job where i get the smallest number of hours you can legally give an employee (2)

cob: finding a mixtape from some girl in my ex-boyfriend's car and realizing just how much i've been lying to myself for the last six months
cob: knowing i'm a perfect fit for a listed job, sending my kickass resume and kickass cover letter with references who ADORE me, and still never getting a call. even for an interview.
cob: people who bring their baby into work and expect you to leap up from your desk to oohh and aaah over it. And when you don't (because a) you don't really know the woman and b) you don't really like babies anyways) they glare at you as you continue to try to work as they jabber on and on with other people in the office about baby vomit and poop and feeding and clothes.
I know, running. I don't like people automatically assuming I'm going to care about their kid when I barely know them in the first place.

Cob: going into a Barnes & Noble and seeing all the music mags lumped under "Men's Interest." Since when did women stop listening to music?
cob: Hit and run drivers. I am fine but my car has looked better. Bastards!
lilac - yes! In most of the borders/smiths/little corner shops the music magazines are between porn and cars. I don't want nekkid lady-flesh, and I don't want cars... and I don't want to have to trawl through them to find my music magazine.
Cob: food-scented air-freshening sprays in the restroom. I walk in as somebody is walking out and I smell... pineapple, melon, coconut, and poo.
For those who were talking about the "Hollaback" phemonenon in April, I thought this article was interesting:
JUST BECAUSE I am working from home on a particular day and JUST BECAUSE I have some minor procrastination problems from time to time does NOT give you license to call me up and be all shocked when I answer the phone because you specifically wanted to talk to my answering machine and be all, "Oh, what are you doing at home? Aren't you working today?" Yeah, that's what I WAS DOING BEFORE YOU CALLED. And then when I realize it's not my office calling me about something related to work, DON'T EVEN TRY TO PUT ME ON A GUILT TRIP for not wanting to chat about absolutely nothing of any importance that can't wait until 6PM while you walk from the grocery store to your car or whatever it is that you're doing. FIND A REAL HOBBY! Next time you WILL get my answering machine, whether I'm working or not. Asshole.
Cob: People who frequently say "same difference"
Cob:When someone wakes you up only to ask if you were asleep.
Cob:When someone makes chomping noises when they're eating. (though it is quite funny at times)
Cob:People complaining about how much i pig out yet I remain so thin.
my msn is broken! or msn in general, i guess. it keeps signing me in and out. it's my way of communicating with the outside world, damnit! fie on you msn!
Cob: calling multiple choice "multiple guess"
You shouldn't be *guessing* dolt!

Cob: Also "guesstimate"

Maybe I should add "Guess jeans" ;-)
the phrases awesome and no problem totally get under my fingernails. i know not why. i even say them myself sometimes, against my will.
Our PC crashed, and will cost $350 to fix.

Because of this, I am backed up to my eyeballs in work--even more than normal.

Hah!! I say "awesome" too. And then I feel like an idiot. and then later I say it again. It got into my head somehow. It is awful.
Holy crap that's an expensive fix busty! What has to be replaced?
Ok, noooo disrespect to the troops in Iraq,...but I was watching Letterman last night and Jesse James was on there talking about how he went to visit troops (which is all fine and nice of him) but then hes says, "say what you want about the war and Bush, but its because of these guys that you can say it" and everyone applauded.
But I'm like, "wait, they are fighting for our freedom of speech?!?" Grr. That really bugs me. i feel bad about the situation and the loss of lives but dont tell me its being done so I can say what I think. I really dont see the connection.
people at the library who are not there to do traditional library type things.

my job requires me to do research deep in the New York Public Library. You know, the big landmark building with the steps and the lions right in the middle of midtown. specifically, i'm deep in the bowels of the periodicals sections, reading old newspapers from the 70's.

this library branch is devoted only to research materials. it's not a circulating library. there is one public reading room and one general use computer lab, but all in all it's a place you go to do RESEARCH. in depth nerdy serious academic research.

so you would think that most of the people in this library would be researchers, librarians, students, etc.

no. 90% of the people at the RESEARCH library or either tourists or creepy old men who are half insane with nowhere else to go. this means four teenage girls dragged by their mother to look at etchings congregating RIGHT in the doorway to the microfilm room to kvetch about how dumb this library is and how they have to hurry and get to the TKTS line soon so they can get rush seats for The Lion King. this means sitting next to this guy WHO IS ACTUALLY INSANE and totally unable to use the microfiche machine and keeps throwing loud nursing home style temper tantrums like a foot from my head. this means waiting in line for the bathroom even though i'm like one of 5 people actually there using the library's facilities for what they're meant to be used for (you know, like, research).

i love coming to this beautiful building every day, and i love the research i'm doing. i just wish other people would be more respectful of those who are legitimately using the facilities. and also that there were more day programs or subsidized institutions or something where the insane people could go and be properly supervised.

that is all.
Greenbean, that bothers me too. I respect the troops, but since when was this war (or any other war in the past fifty years) been about the Bill of Rights? We invaded them, not the other way around.
cob: people who suck up the planet's energy resources for themselves, not only for things like SUVs, but twelve thousand dollar propane barbeques and other useless accoutrements of the fabulously bored and affluent (and/or heavily in debt trying to "keep up"). FUCK OFF! You disrespectful little shitheads. WHY do you need a barbeque that has the capacity to drain two full propane tanks in less than three hours? Do you have even the slightest little bit of respect for the rest of us here on this planet, with whom you are expected to SHARE the resources, and, oh, maybe leave some for the next couple of generations? Fuckwits!!

Both of my parents worked for BC Hydro, back when it was BC Electric, even. My brother works there now. From earliest childhood, we were taught to very carefully conserve, conserve, conserve ALL the energy resources available to us. We had little orange owl stickers on all our light switch plates, to remind us to turn out the lights when we left the room. I did my fucking sixth grade science project on renewable energy, for fuck's sake. In 1979! And now I'm a grown up who has to watch my fucking peers driving their SUVs and minivans to the annual grilling of a few steaks on a twelve thousand dollar barbeque. Well fuck the lot of them!!!!!

Word, doodle.
doodle, I couldn't agree more!!
Oh, god, doodle, I see the same CRAP all the time where I live. Right outside my window, or if I sit on my balcony, my neighbors kiddy-corner across the street have a HUMMER parked out there, several boats, ATVs, a jet-ski, you name it. And they spend HOURS every weekend day WASHING these things. Leaving water running down the street and soap and god-knows-how-many toxic chemicals.

Blech. At least I can't see their back yard so I don't know if they have a grill or not....but I'd guess they do.
i wholeheartedly agree with doodle.

cob: they are running a "pre-checkout inspection" on our flat on thursday, despite the fact that term doesn't end until 7th july, and our lease doesn't end until the 3rd of september. They are marking down any "damages" done to the flat, and will charge us astronomical charges to repair them. We freaking live here. It's entirely possible that the place will have a few scratches, especially when it's as shittly-made as this place is; they shouldn't be charging £60 per wall to have it redecorated. Or £25 {per square meter} of fucking shitty carpet tiling that damn well attracts dirt.

Oh, and despite encouraging us to move out over the summer, they won't let us end our lease early.
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