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People on freecycle who post "Wanted- see list." Um, no, I am not going to click on your stupid message if you can't be bothered to make separate messages for all the expensive free stuff you want or include any detail whatsoever.
men who sit on the bus/tube with thier legs wiiiiide apart, when it's hot, sweaty and crowded. The seats are not that wide, and it's decidedly unpleasant being pressed against your thighs when I don't have to be (but I've been waiting for a seat since camden).

rude shopkeepers. I went into the dm shop in camden to see if they had a pair of shoes that I'd seen in another shop (I try to buy dms from dm shops, because I pay less). The bloke behind the counter looked me up and down, decided I was a "little girly girl" and asked if he could help. I asked if he had the new mary-janes - and when he asked, said I'd seen them in the dm shop in covent garden. Cue a long, involved rant about how the store I was in had been there for over thirty years, had sold dms to the sex pistols, yadda yadda yadda. I listened in stunned silence, then said "so you don't have them, thank you," and walked out. I think it's just because today I'm wearing ballet flats and an embroidered jumper, and wanted a "fashion" pair rather than a pair of boots. Because I have six pairs of damned doc martens, because I lived next door to the fucking factory. I'm never going in there again.
men who tap their horns as they drive by me when i'm standing at the bus stop in the rain. or when i'm anywhere, but especially when i'm already annoyed. what the HELL is the point of beeping your horn at me?? am i just SO hot that you can't control yourself? what a bunch of losers.
it's annoying enough dealing with groups of people who stroll slowly down the bike path, blocking the whole lane, but even more infuriating is the dumbasses who stroll amblingly on the LEFT side, who don't even move to the right side as I come riding towards them on my bike. There's a painted yellow stripe that separates the left and right side! I had to actually tell people to walk on the right side as I passed them....>: (

oh my god lauren, that will anger and perplex me they really think I'm going to hop into their car and give them a bj or something? I used to think it was funny when I was a teenager, but now I just can't get over the asininity of it. Especially the ones who whistle as if we're dogs or they really think this is a good way to pick up women? if a guy doing that is actually stopped in his car or on the street, I will tell him to stop or fuck off. We don't need to take that.
People who tell me that a certain task isn't there job. Listen, I'm not a fucking mind reader, I'm asking you because you work at that establishment! You could tell me that you will get the appropriate person, but if what I asked isn't your job, then offer to get someone whose job it is!

cob and a half - random guys at bars who think it is ok to "accidentaly" grope your boobs....i dont walk around and randomly grope a guys junk, then apologize just to strike up a conversation. fucking sick. i am going to punch the next asshole who tries something like that, i cant believe i had enough restraint to not clobber this one.
Can I be all kinds of pissed on a stranger's behalf? I caught the end of a salesgal at Old Navy being berated by a customer because the sale stuff was displayed too close to the non-sale stuff. Wtf? Like she had anything to do with the merchandise placement. Most of the time that's determined by the corporate office, anyway.
People who call and call and call and don't leave a message. FUCK OFF!

Men who think they automatically think that can sleep with me because they can with others.
What makes it worse is after honking the lean out the window jeering leering I'm gonna eat you with a spoon looking, or when godforbid they open their mouth to let out "psst psst" or nice ass, oh yeah insert random retardation here...
I usually yell back... I do.
to the psst, I'm not a cat and that isn't how you attract pussy contrary to popular belief.
and to the ones that vocalize as sad as it may be of a vocalization, I usually say, wow, someone is doing the exact same thing to your wife, mother daughter sister RIGHT NOW.
AMAZING how fast you go from fuckable to fucking bitch.

I just CAN'T.
Am I supposed to lie down in the middle of the sidewalk legs akimbo and yell out take me I'm so fucking HOT for you right now?

Sorry for the rant but that is a huge peeve of mine.
Heh. You kill me, WB!

"AMAZING how fast you go from fuckable to fucking bitch."

Don't I know it, sister. I've experienced that too many fuckin' times and it's the same old shit, different dick. Bastids.

Executive cock!
I don't know. Is the object of the exercise to get you to put out for them or just to make you feel bad? I always assumed they were trying to make you feel bad.
being at home depot for like 5 minutes and having 3 (male) employees ask if i need help with anything. well, i need paint so i guess i'll go look under that huge sign that says 'paint.' it's a hardware store, not a foreign country. but you can point me toward the 2X4s so i can smack you upside the head?
Damn it, the ONE person I really needed to talk to today is on vacation. OF COURSE. Because it's the end of August. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Fuck it.
I have difficulties understanding why, when I'm standing at a change room in a store, with clothes in my hand a salesperson asks me if I want to try it on. No, I'm just holding the clothes because I'm making modern art.
cob: people who drive by my apartment at all hours with the bass turned up so loud in their cars that it rattles my dishes. i'm on the third floor! if it sounds like that in here, how could they possibly be enjoying the music down there?! i mean, i know you want to look cool, but is that really necessary?
dj-biz, i always though the distance one can hear the bass from a car is inversely related to penis size.
that's brilliant, shinyx3, i'm going to adopt that theory from now on!
People who come to a complete stop at the end of a highway entrance're supposed to gauge traffic as you come down the ramp, pick up speed and enter smoothly and not try to get yourself and the people behind you killed!!! And don't give me that look when I lean on the horn, you clueless dolt!!!!
people who drive in the passing lane. this lane is not for a leisurely jaunt at 55mph. move the fuck over so i do not have to pass you on the right, which i will do as i don't like driving 20 miles under the speed limit when it is daytime and we are experiencing no weather hazard, construction zones, large animal crossings, small animal crossings for that matter, etc. if you need to drive 55mph then get off the freeway and drive on the frontage rd.
Word Shiny. That is one of my ultimate driving peeves.
People who think they know everything and are always, I mean always wrong.

When I said it was the greatest upset in college football history I was quoting all of the articles on ESPN etc, that made that claim. Because I know how to read for information not just make shit up because I want to impress other people.

People who have to comment on everything, even when they are not part of the conversation.

Guess what douchebag , if I wanted your illadvised opinion, I'd ask for it. Shut Up!!!
It WAS the greatest upset in college history. Poor triboy was heart broken.

Cob of the day: construction all around our building means that the dump trucks and cement trucks block our alley (which is the only way in and out of our parking). Yes Mister Man with your Stop/slow sign I'm annoyed. I have to get to work. Stop bringing in 3 trucks at a time when there's only room for one.

Another cob: Guy in the gym who closes all the windows (there's no AC and it's HOT in there) and cranks up crappy TV to the point you can hear it over your headphones. And to add to it he doesn't allow you to work on the universal machine when he's doing sets. There's one machine buddy and my leg presses on one side don't affect your ham curls on the other.
I had a fucking headache/jaw ache ALL FUCKING DAY all because I must have been grinding my teeth in my sleep YET AGAIN. I woke up with the side of my face aching, just throbbing with an almost stabbing pain. I took ibuprofen and it didn't help. I had to cancel an appointment tonight because the pain was just too much and I can concentrate on shit. Fuck me. Come to think of it, I probably need that more than a goddamned mouth guard.

I went to get my hair done and the hairdresser started having a go at me because I use Henna in it. She said 'This stuff, this herbal stuff or whatever it is, is bad news. I'm sorry but I can't do highlights in your hair now' with a sneer on her face.

I have never bleached my hair in my life, I do not want to bleach it, and I didn't even ask for highlights, I wanted a cut. And Henna (or 'that herbal stuff') is not 'bad news', people have been using it for thousands of years and it protects my hair when I swim.

I don't like people automatically assuming that because I am very dark haired, I have a problem with how I look. Instead, I am proud of my colouring, because I know it suits me. And a hairdresser should be asking what I want rather than making assumptions.

My little cat who insists that my right breast is actually a springboard for him to use to leap off the bed in the middle of the night.

'nuff said.
Cob: The music director of the smooth jazz station my coworker listens to. Somehow they have managed to distill an entire genre down to about twenty songs, so anyone listening to it is guaranteed to hear the same songs every damn day, and those songs get old after a while. Even though I usually wear my headphones, I'm still sick of it.
Cob; Men who seem to think that because I have body piercing they are entitled to see it, touch or lick it. Listen asshole, I'm not going to show you I do this for ME not you! If I wanted you to see, I'd show you. Don't assume or suggest anything motherfucker.
Cob: A thief who blatantly tries to steal your parking space and then tries to bully you into giving up said space, then calls you a FAT FUCKING CUNT durning the same day yuor marriage pretty much fell apart.
Jem, I thought of you about an hour ago when I was leaving the parking lot of Western Beef, having done my once every two months holy fuck we are out of EVERYTHING shopping trip. Here I am looking splendiferous in my thrown together "eh fuck it I'm driving to the skeevy supermarket anyway" attire, and some mother fucker who sees I'm pushing a over the top filled shopping cart that I am having a difficult time enough manuevering through the pitted potholed parking lot of shit, decided it was his FUCKING RIGHT to yell out the window for my UGLY ASS TO HURRY THE FUCK UP.

Yes, so apparently I have graduated from Fat ass, to UGLY ass.

I yelled out that my ass may be ugly, but at least I can wear makeup, what the fuck was he gonna do with thae fucking MUG he was born with.

So then I became the FUCKING DUMB CUNT.

I'm starting to get confused by all the lovely names I get holla!(red) out to me while minding my own goddamn business.

You know, I would love to be the bitch that just randomly screams shit out my car window at men that happen to catch my eye when I'm in a pissy mood.
Think of all the cool shit we could say ladies....
Hey Cocksucker, mind looking where you are going instead of watching the hypnotic sway of the ass walking in front of you?
Hey bitch, ever hear of weight watchers?
Hey muthafucka, your gut sticks out further than your dick does!
Hey asshole, nice crack, wanna pull up your pants before you suck a child in that black hole?
*snort* I want to be that girl too, WB. or at least the one who gets to watch you do that!

assholes who follow you home in thier hummer... after waiting nearly ten minutes in the carpark for you to come out of the minimarket. FFS, i didn't respond to "hey baby" - what the fuck makes him think I'm going to be interested after he follows me two blocks?

taxis that don't turn up when booked.

newark airport. should be renamed snoresville airport. sweet jeebus it's fucking dull.

and after two weeks of this from every goddamn store clark, receptionist and waitress, I would like to say: Yes, I'm from Europe. In fact, I'm British, and yes, I have noticed as a result I have an accent that is a little different from your own. But I'm speaking goddamn English, which is in fact the same language as you, so really, going "whaa?" when I order a cheeseburger and making me repeat myself several times over is just plain stupid. So is staring at me like I've got three heads. And telling me my accent is "just so like cute". It's my fucking voice, get the fuck over it you small-town provincial twat.

to the editors of the "morning call" newspaper: brighton is not in london. utah is a part of america, and therefore should not be on the "world" news page. There is more going on in the world than american soldiers dying in iraq or afghanistan. more than four paragraph's worth, which is what you had once you exclude utah.
(((Jemisoutrageous))) Oh, no, that's awful, what happened?


(((Mornington))) I seem to recall that my good friend Georgia Nicolson had that problem too, because yes, in my mid-forties, I am not too old to buy Young Adult literature, hee.

There are probably some Americans who wish Utah wasn't a part of this country (as well the South and other conservative places).

I'm sick of some men I know being possesive and territorial. Hey fuckwit, who I fuck is not your business, get the fuck over it!

Word on parking lot pricks.
cob - guys who don't know how to treat a woman with very simple respect.

also mail delivery that tells you "the courier will be there anytime between 9 am and 5 pm on Monday" and of course they wait until Four Fucking Thirty to show up, after you've been cooped up in the house all day getting next to nothing accomplished.
Websites that don't bother to say that they don't ship out of the USA, and don't bother to answer your email either.

Websites which describe something as 'silver' when they mean 'silver coloured'.
cob- lawn crews that block off three blocks with orange schoolyard traffic cones so that one guy can weedwhack a fence line while everyone else sits around drinking soda and smoking ciggies. i mean, i just want to park my freakin' car so i can make it to class on time, is it really necessary to go 8 blocks out of my way because of stupid one-way streets in order to get the place it would have taken me two blocks to get to. blegh.

also, construction crews that do the same thing, parking their giant trucks diagonally across two lanes of traffic. is that really necessary? i mean, what purpose does that serve?!
Ooh! Construction crews that don't post signs at the end of the block that they are blocking off the sidewalk, so that if you are walking in a hurry to work, you don't find out that you have to be on the other side of the street until halfway down the block and because its rush hour, there is too much traffic to jaywalk.
Construction in general makes me mental.
Don't get me started. I have a 15 minute walk to work and in the seven years that I have lived in my apartment, there has not been a *day* that there hasn't been some farking condo going up somewhere between me and work.
Ok, this one has been bugging me for *years*. People who ask you to cover the main phone line, and then don't tell you when they take it back. Here's the thing: I answer my phone "Dusty speaking". If I take the main line, I answer the phone, "Good morning, x department".

I was campaigning for the election yesterday: people who don't tell their kids not to say their parents aren't home when a stranger comes to the door. Unless of course, the parents *are* actually home, but they just don't want to come to the door. That's ok.
Telemarketers. Fark they drive me insane!
the tube shutting down *just* as I'm on my way into college and already late. I know there's nothing I can do about it, but it just irritates the hell out of me.

People who stop in the middle of the corridor to look at a map. Fuck's sake, at least move to the side so the rest of us don't crash into you! Especially at rush hour.

Being patronised. And in the process, being told to do Y instead of X, when in fact X is what you should be doing.

there was something else that really annoyed me today, except I can't remember what it was now. And that annoys me.
being talked down to in the hospital when i probably know more about the damn labs and why the test was oredered then the stupid podunk nurse

and if you need to learn how to cath a baby boy, don't do it on my baby, go to a teaching hospital and do some fucking clinicals and i would suggest reading the fucking book about it before you try to do it.
QUOTE(mornington @ Sep 24 2007, 07:25 PM) *
Being patronised. And in the process, being told to do Y instead of X, when in fact X is what you should be doing.

i second that!

AND i'm convinced construction zones are really speed trap zones... traffic fines doubled in work zones, so if they're work zones why arent they doing any work? all i ever see are the damn orange barrels and no workers! arg.
I've remembered my cob *happy dance*

housing adverts where they don't tell you it's a flatshare (I do not want a flatshare, I want a one bedroom flat), don't tell you they won't consider students or pets outright. Fuck's sake, how hard is it? Four words: no students or pets. Would make my life much, much easier.

Also people who confuse studio flats with one-bedroom flats. A studio is a room. A flat generally has a seperate bedroom and living room. argh!
knorl I agree about construction zones!

I wonder if cities just put up pylons and signs, dig a big fucking whole in the ground then leave it like that for weeks. Then when they are done they just lump on cement instead of levelling it off.

People who tell me how to do my job. Well if you know so fucking much about it, you come and do it then I'll be the asshole!

Cigarette butts. How hard is it to put it in an ashtray?

I've come to the conclusion that half the construction sites in my city were put up just to fuck with people. They pick a spot, put up some pylons, maybe hire some people to stand around doing nothing at random times during the day, and watch the frustration grow. It might have something to do with speed traps, too.

I also don't understand why people don't use an ashtray, but I hate littering in general, so I don't understand why people just can't hold on to their trash until they reach a garbage can.
curriculum and instruction classes where I have to make the most tedious diagrams that in the real world of education where I live I would not waste my fucking time making a fucking diagram. Unless I was at a workshop where I was paid 29$ an hour make such tedious diagrams.

During the school year no way. I have labs to grade, labs to set up, quizzes to grade, attendance to take, power points to make etc.

What fuckin joke.

But if that's what this instructor wants, than that's what she'll get. Tedious diagrams that in the real world no one would ever make to design instruction. but be delusional in your ivory tower of academia. its totally cool. really. I mean it.
apparently no local Busties, (well that's not true, I think 2 of y'all replied) want to play hey let's get together inthe next couple of weeks at mi casa.

I'm gonna plan something for a Saturday in October if anyone local or not so local is interested. Hel we can even take it first to big tables at the Brooklyn Brewery

However the power of three wasn't what I was expecting. I was expecting I dunno, 4 or more?


I'm not doing all that great today chickies.

Where is my lucizoe?
I would totally be there if I were local.
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