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QUOTE(anna k @ Jun 25 2007, 11:46 AM) *
I guess what I meant is that she came as a snob, and kind of stupid.

This girl is 21, which just makes her sound really dumb and misinformed.

i just read that article in maxim...i almost feel sorry for her...its like she was trying so dang hard to be "hot" for the mens magazine she really over did it and made herself look like a huge a-hole.

half that stupid interview was just her being like -sex sex sex i love sex-

got some news for you princess, we all do. it doesnt make you all that special.
word on the fucking Brian Austin Greene. Creepy icky guy. I guess she's cooler than me because she lets him stick it her ass. I wouldn't let him do that. He's from 90210! It's not like you're doing Billy Lane or someat.

Cob: When you are stuck behind someone who's going slowly in traffic, then when you try and pass them they speed up. Hey motherfucker try driving the speed limit!

Cob: Any screaming bratty children, anywhere.

Cob: People who give me dirty looks for having my dog off leash at the park where it is OFF LEASH! Bah.
Cob: religous people that walk door to door, trying to save people. Do some freaking serious charity work if you want to help the world. I had to tell a heard of church ladies to buzz off yesterday, then today I saw young boys in those white button down shirts and black ties patroling the nieghborhood this afternoon. I was in my garden and tossed around the idea of spraying them with the water hose if the came up to me, but they must have given up before they made it to our house.
Since they put security locks on our building's front doors, I sure do miss those religious door-knockers. Oh wait, no I don't!

I find the Mormon boys (usually the ones in the short-sleeved white shirts and ties) to be the worst, because they never seem to respect your first "I'm not interested, thanks." Plus, unlike any Jehovah's Witnesses I've met, the Mormon boys will start walking alongside you down the street and (persistently) talking to you....which is no different than any other kind of street harassment, IMHO. Makes me want to carry around a big can o' bear spray. (Which I could legitimately get away with around here, actually...bear season is upon us!)
cob: people at the fire department who leave shit undone, sitting out, unfinished, trucks without full fuel, medical bags only half stocked. theory (i think) if i leave it, someone else will do it for me. god damn lazy bastards anyway. tell you what, it sucks to arrive on scene and only have rolls and straps for one patient.

cob: fucking cunt on her cell phone not getting out of the way of an ambulance, and passing a slew of cars, including mine, that had pulled to the side to let it pass. bitch, i was on my cell phone too but i managed not to be oblivious. tongue.gif
Cob: People who park on busy roads during rush hour when there are signs marking that they clearly CAN'T. However, I do get sick pleasure out of watching these cars get towed!
cob - the random person who lets their dog poop in our yard everyday and does not clean it up...there are no strays around and prettymuch all the neighbors have dogs....i hate dog poo
Toastybean, our neighbour let her dog shit on our lawn every day. I got pissed about it and began to fling the shit into the street so she had to walk through it on her morning walk. It didn't take long before she didn't let her dog shit in our yard anymore.
I agree on the dog poop.
i was considering flinging it onto the sidewalk, but that would involve me getting close to it. i might wrangle someone else into doing it smile.gif

another cob...roomie ate crab with needle nose plyers about 2 wks ago, they have been in the sink rusting themselves to the bottom of my pasta pan (which she used about 2 weeks ago)

i have more cobs than anyone i know smile.gif
Heh. I've totally reached the age (early midlife crisis/second childhood) where I'd probably go out and fling the poop at the dog owner.
My aunt and uncle live on a cul-de-sac and one night my aunt was taking her dog outside. It was kinda dark and she saw one of her neighbors out with their dog and they didn't clean up the mess. My aunt yelled across the street, something like, "aren't you going to clean the up?" The woman ignored her and my aunt thought maybe she just couldn't see because it was dark, and maybe the woman would get it in the morning. So when she went out the next day and it was still there, she bagged it up herself and dropped it on the woman's porch. Hee hee!

Polly, I would have done the same thing! Which leads me to the suggestion for toasty, you should put the pan in your roomies bed.

Cob: people who listen in on conversations. If you do that I'll make things sexually explicit, and if you get offended, then maybe you shouldn't have been listening in the first place.

Cob: Condo associations who allocate dues and special assessments based on the "unit size".

YEAH, fuckwad, I bought a bigger place! That also means I have three times the mortgage payment and three times the property taxes the smaller units do....

It's not like I use the swimming pool three times as much...or that you're even giving me an extra parking space. I don't have any more fact I probably have less being single. I don't use the elevator three times as much as anybody else.

And to give me less than two weeks to pay a $550.00 special assessment when the smaller units only have to pay $130 is just highway robbery!


Had I known this'd be the case I'd have bought a smaller unit too. Unfortunately they changed the rules a mere two months after I closed!
When you are on the phone with someone and they are chewing in your ear. I find it fucking disgusting.
Cob: When you call an office or something and they simply answer "Please hold" and don't even utter a greeting. Seriously, how much longer would it take to say, "Hello, would you hold please?"

OMG!!! CULTURE PHONE! that is sooooooo my pet peeve too. ugh. i remember having to call this woman who was always chewing gum (open mouthed, from the revolting sound of it), and cursing before and after the phone call. ugh. i was wearing a stereo headset, so it was like she was chewing gum inside my head....... god... i feel sick just thinking about it....
When I was in high school there was a girl I had a falling out with and she was chewing gum really loud in class one day, and the teacher looked at her and said "H, it's gum not cud" I was trying so hard not to laugh. It was fucking great! Anyways, that is what loud gum chewing made me think of, it's not cud!
So, I don't know if this would also fall under the Feminist Rage thread but I guess my cob is radio DJs that are assholes! I live near Detroit and I was listening to the oldies station on the way to work yesterday because I love the music. But anyway, I turn it to the station and it's the "breakfast club" or whatever and they're talking about "funny" news stories.

So the story is about some driving instructor who sexually harrassed at least two of his female teenage students and said something to one of the girls like "Your breasts would make a nice cellphone holder." So I'm thinking, ew, that's so awful but the DJ is laughing and going "hahaha, doesn't he know you're not supposed to use a cellphone while driving?" !!!

It pissed me off so much, I just thought "You wouldn't be laughing if it happened to your daughter!"
cob #1 $60 bikes from fucking walmart. im cheap, i have maybe ridden it 50 miles, and have had it less than a year, and its fucking broke.

cob #2- (same roomie as previously mentioned) is moving far far away. and i keep catching her packing up my stuff! she tried to take my movie with my name on the cover, my dishes, oh yeah...heres the peanut butter. who does that!?
cob - opening the fridge after pouring a nice bowl of cereal and putting just the right amount of honey on it and finding the milk container nicely refrigerated and EMPTY! What the hell? How hard would it be to put it in the trash instead of back in the fridge when you use the last of it? Good grief.
cob #2- (same roomie as previously mentioned) is moving far far away. and i keep catching her packing up my stuff! she tried to take my movie with my name on the cover, my dishes, oh yeah...heres the peanut butter. who does that!?

stupid people apparently. everyone knows you don't make a grab for the roomie's shit until you're taking the last load out the car and waving good-bye, duh. amateurs.
My mother, I love her, butI wate the way she eats cereal. The spoon bangs against the bowl so loud, I cannot take it. I had to shut my door and turn the tv up so I wouldn't hear it. Grrrrr.

People who litter, how motherfucking hard is it to walk the three feet to throw something out. Next time I see that, the contents of your child's poopy diaper iare going to be smeared on your windshield and I promise you that it will be 30+ degrees out there when I do it!
toasty, everytime I think "Geez, how stupid does someone have to be to steal (blank)?!" I remember a story that my chiropractor told me. He puts this stuff called Bio Freeze on people and it's just like one of those icy gel rubs to help the muscles. Apparently he had a patient who felt that buying it was too much trouble so instead she decided to steal it from my chiropractor! They knew it was her because every time she had an appointment suddenly more Bio Freeze would go missing. He actually had to confront her and tell her to either give it back (cause she had a huge stash) or he would have to call the cops!
Woman at the vet's who a) lets her dog sit on a chair, cool.gif throws a hissy fit because they charge her for a follow-up visit, and c) lets her dog sniff my cat boxes even though she was in the room when the reception made a big effort into putting me on the other side of the room with my cat boxes facing away from the dogs. Hello sister, there is a reason why your dog is sitting on the furniture and I am sitting on the stairs: get a clue.
My coworker who makes a big production about how she doesn't drink coffee (like us coffee drinkers are so evil) and then drinks diet coke at 8:00 in the morning... blech
I've always wondered about people who drink softdrinks in the morning. Kinda grosses me out.

People who ride their brakes while driving. I don't get it and it bothers me. Or people who tap on their brakes because they think you are too close, dude, I'm three car lengths away.

Backseat drivers make me insane with anger. If you don't like the way I drive, don't drive with me!
yeah, I was driving behind this person yesterday (in an SUV, so I couldn't see ahead of them) who's brake lights would have given me seisures if I was epileptic - it was like strobe light disco party. I expected them to be riding the tail of someone in front of them so I passed... there was no one in front for about 2 car lengths - guess they just liked their brakes.

I drive a diesel smart car - it doesn't idle forward and it loses acceleration if you don't keep your foot on the gas - I *never* ride my brakes.

Side note: my car does take a bit longer to accelerate than other cars - it doesn't have the most powerful engine in the world (however, I never spend more than 13 bucks going from empty to full on my car) so I need the entire on ramp to get up to highway speed. So if you are in front of me - perhaps your car can go from 40 to 100 km/hour immediately - but I can't - so get up to highway speed fucktard.
SUV drivers also piss me off in general.

I also don't get it when people drive under the speed limit in ideal conditions. If you are afraid of driving fast then perhaps you should either A. don't drive where the speed limit is high or B. take the bus so you don't have to worry about it.

Cob: Not covering your mouth when you are coughing. Seriouously, I don't want your germs.
Cob: Not closing your mouth when you chew. ummm, yuck.
Cob: People who smoke near doors where there is a limit to how close to the doors you can be (if it means 25 feet, this is non negotiable asshole).
Cob: People who are big drinkers but freak out becuase of the demon weed. Fuck off. Not doing as much damage to my body.
Cob: People who listen in on my private conversation, get your own life!

Co-workers who reprimand other staff members like mothers scolding their children. I watch this shit, and it just pisses me off so much... She had the audacity to do it to me, too... and I tell you...I back-hand ya southern style.. I gotta practice my pimp-hand anyway. ooohhh. snap!

People who blow their noses at their table at a restaurant. NASTY!!! gag. gag.

People who walk down the middle of the hall not keeping in mind that the person behind them may want to walk faster... meaning move the F*%$K over lady!

security guys in my building who want to "shoot the shit" talk with me about the weekend or the weather or lunch or something.. dewd, I'm not into it. I'm sorry. I know that's mean. But don't talk to me.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Jul 24 2007, 08:56 AM) *
My mother, I love her, butI wate the way she eats cereal. The spoon bangs against the bowl so loud, I cannot take it. I had to shut my door and turn the tv up so I wouldn't hear it. Grrrrr.

Mr. Pug scraping his fork on his teeth when he eats. *eek*

Drives Me Insane !!!!

Makes me want to give him a wooden spoon to eat with.
When I was a person who drank pop in the morning, I was a person who had had too much to drink the night before. Sugar + fizzy + caffeine = DIY hangover helper.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Jul 26 2007, 10:23 AM) *
SUV drivers also piss me off in general.

Me too. I call these gas guzzling environmental nightmares Urban Assault Vehichles. By and large, drivers of Urban Assault Vehicles are downright rude.
People who hawk (sp?) loogies on the sidewalk and make a point to shoot it out of their mouths as loudly as possible. I mean, do you have a special phlegm holding compartment in your throat and when it reaches compacity, you rustle it up and shoot it out like someone emptying a RV camper toilet? ugh... it's worse when you almost step in it, too. nasty.

I hate scraping bowl sounds, too. I'm right there with y'all. and forks scraping on the teeth... gives me the creep-out just thinking about it!

I can't stand someone who stirs their chocolate milk, or coffee, or iced tea, or whatever over and over and over again..... and slowly. ENOUGH!

I'm a pretty tolerant person, but this is a thread that I can vent the crap that irritates the snot outta me!

oh... sorry I mention bodily functions or excretions or whatever so much...I just noticed that I say pee and poop and snot and fart a lot. sorry. laugh.gif
Yet another dirving cob: People who don't pull into the intersection when making a left hand turn. I don't get it.
cob: people who try to talk to me on my break when clearly, i have my headphones in, my palm out and reading, and am making a studied effort to pretend they're not there

cob: having no idea where my mp3 player's been all week, and thus losing a critical element of my stfu and go away now thx armor of antisocialbility

cob: people who use my way special coffee creamer at work "cause they wanna try it" and then wonder why i get pissy when a brand-new bottle is down to less than a quarter full by the time i have time to sit down for a cuppa. seriously, i've had to resort to layering it in three bags knotted at opposite ends and sliding my lunchbag way into the murky depths of the lettuce crisper. hello, does this look like your fridge at home? then why do you think you can help yourself to anything in it?!

cob: cars who barely give me time to move to the right after making my lefthand turn before gunning their engines and almost sideswiping me. cause you know, it's just not manly to have been "stuck" behind a bicycle

cob: the same freaking guys in production who ask me at the beginning of shift how late we're going that night. dude, i have no idea walking in the door how late we're going to go, ask your boss your own damn self like i do

cob: roomie texting me at six am to ask me to put away the food she forgot to before leaving last night. bitch you know i just went to bed like, two hours ago
ch, I agree with you so much on the people who drink insane amounts but go on and on about how evil weed is! Seriously, as if heavy drinking doesn't do any damage? I'm so sick of the big men in their big trucks who feel the need speed up and pass me the minute they see a girl in a Toyota (especially since I live in the motor city). I'm also sick of the stupid bumber stickers that say "Out of a job yet? Keep buying foreign!" Fuck off! I love my Japanese car because when I go to the pump I pay $20 instead of $50!
people walking slowly down the street, but not just one or two, but four or five, in a fucking line across the pavement. And then they don't walk in a straight line, so you can't get past them. Japanese tour groups especially, 'cos they stop dead without warning.

People who stop at the top of the tube entrance to work out where they are. There is a reason most of the stations are both spacious underground and have maps in them. I know it's called picadilly circus, but stop looking for the fucking monkey on a unicycle and move.
15 year olds who stare you up and down. Motherfucker I'm not in competition with you and I'm not going to steal your 16 year old sk8ter boi boyfriend.
Cob: People who don't pull over for emergency vehicles. What? Don't you see the flashing lights of the big red truck I'm driving? Can't you hear the blaring sirens? What do you think that means? Why, drive down the middle of the road at 45 miles an hour. Of course. Genius. We should be allowed to shove them right off the road.

I have the same cob fiddler - and I'm not in an emergency service - I just always seem to be the only person who pulls over. Usually at the risk of being rear ended by the ass behind me who doesn't pull over and sometimes honk at me. Oh, and then no one lets me back into traffic again... grrrr....

I stopped at Chipotle to pick up dinner last night. The woman in front of me ordered five burritos, and insisted that all the toppings (cheese, lettuce, sour cream, etc.) for each and every one of them be put into the little individual plastic cups meant for salsa for chips. It was just ridiculous, and took forfreakingever.
Some old lady in the store, kept talking to my hubby and I. She was kind of dirty and smelled just plain terrible. I was polite and made small talk, but I wish strangers in the market wouldn't strike up conversations with me. Sometimes I don't mind, but she was particulary annoying, she asked us if we knew Aquafina was just tap water. And suggested we were wasting our money.

Which is another pet peeve of mine. If a want to drink bottled water that is my business, it's filtered and easy to grab and go. And I always recycle so I'm not adding to the clutter of landfills.
I am totally with everyone on getting pissed at the folks who don't pull over for emergency vehicles. Hello? Recently, I saw someone in an SUV (of course) make a left turn at a light in front of an ambulance, I guess thinking, what, every single vehicle had stopped for them? Seriously, it may "only" be a 20 second delay for the ambulance, but those 20 seconds could mean someone's life!!

My cob seems less of a cob now. But still.

Some idiot blasted Simon and Garfunkel down on the embankment for over 8 hours today. And hey, I like Simon and Garfunkel. Like 'em as much as anybody. Got the boxed set m'self. Took photos of Bleecker Street and the 59th Street Bridge when I was in NYC. But 8 hours? Fuck, they didn't even make 8 hours worth of studio recordings!
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Jul 30 2007, 06:08 PM) *
15 year olds who stare you up and down. Motherfucker I'm not in competition with you and I'm not going to steal your 16 year old sk8ter boi boyfriend.

LMAO! laugh.gif

I conciously avoid paying attention to that kind of thing just walking around in public, but I couldn't help but notice when that happened at the camp I'm working at this summer. All I could do was laugh to myself and think, are you kidding??
calling AT&T for service being told that if they drive by they can come tomorrow but if they come inside not till tuesday.

What is the fucking difference? You are still sending someone out. Why do I have to wait longer for someone to come in and actually figure out what the fucking problem is? Oh wait it's because you suck! fix my phone you dickheads!!!

What is up with craptastic University bullshit? Now the class is not being offered? Fuck me. the proffessor isn't around to help me till the 8th and even though I paid my tution there is still a hold on my account. I just want to finish my fucking degree already.

I am so tired of having to do battle with corporations,banks and educational institutions etc when they all obvisously don't give a shit about anything except making money!!! ARGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!
insurance comapaany trying to say 'pregnancy induced sciatica' is a fucking pre-existing condition. i hate my insurance. it will take me months to fight this and then they will do something fucked up like say, oh , the claim didn't go through in time. sorry. and i will have to spend another 6 months fighting it.
Our state has been declared to be in a 'state of emergency' due to the high number of wildfires. One of the joys (sarcasm) of being in a 'state of emergency' is that the gov can call up the nat. guard to do grunt work, like man road blocks when roads are closed due to fires. anyway . . .

cob: stupid national guard boys who insist on stepping out in front of the fire truck I'm in, stopping the truck, and asking us why we're there, and where we're going. Uh, to the picnic? What? For real? Give me a fucking break. No, really, we heard there was a weenie roast and thought we'd come down here in this big red truck to check it out. Anyone got a beer? For fuck's sake, guys.
people (generally old women) in front of me in the fucking EXPRESS 10 item lane at the store, who balance their check book at the register and wont fill out anything on the check until they know the total. seriously how hard is it to fill out the date and store name before you know the total...speed it up a bit!
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