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I want to know why it is so hard to flush a fucking toilet after you are doing using it? I don't need to see the end result of someone else's BM!
anna k
Or wiping the piss from the seat that some girl didn't bother to clean up after she squatted her ass over it.
My biggest pet peeve? Supremacists. Of any kind.
Food supremacists, Religion supremacists, Race supremacists. I can't stand ANY of them.
I have this bitch of a 'friend' who rambles on for HOURS everytime I put something processed, non-organic, or tasty in my mouth. She thinks that you will DIE if you don't eat 100% non pesticides, no faced, carrot stick you grew yourself diet. Apperantly she doesn't understand that she too, will die. And then she gets this smug look on her face when she's done with her rant. I just want to punch her. I instead, eat Twinkies right in front of her. I can't tolerate her.

By the way, if the above food lifestyle is your preferance, I'm not trying to put you down. It's just the people that try and push their lifestyles on you that peeve me off.
dood! i was just ranting about tis in a tv thread-- a newbie posted "kill your television" in it, and i about lost it-- i'm in a cranky mood anyways but i'll get into that in a minute, i hate anti television people who feel the need to tell you what to do. lusty, i had this ass in my last job who was a militant anti tv vegan who spent about 4 hours of my shift telling everyone how bad food was...luckily i started my day 4 hours before him, but after the second week i could not hold my tounge, and would contradict him out of spite. this freaking ass would talk about how the news was all lies, and we never landed on the moone, etc etc.... and he was the most arrogant snot... my blood is boiling just talking about it....grrr! i lurves my tv and greasy morsels! *hugs her televison with a pork chop in her mouth*

warning: i am fendin' to curse like a sailor, you if you've got virgin ears, or are easily offended, turn back now....

cob: goddamn motherfucking greedy-ass dicklick fuckstains who don't know how to take one. sorry, the rest needs should be in the letter you will never send.
Y'know what, bizznatch? The sign says "express lane". It also says "fifteen items or less". Yet for some reason you think you're just hot shit & that you can haul a whole cart through there. I had three items. THREE. But I had to wait through six other people with the right number of items. And you were still there. I hate you.

And weenie guy behind the service desk that didn't say anything to her? Suck my left one.
It's okay, I'm a vegetarian myself and hate it when others who don't eat meat (or dairy) get on people's cases for doing so. It's a choice like any other and coming off as self-righteous makes me want to punch them in the neck.

cob: being told that I have to come in on a day off, when I already made tentative plans mad.gif
don't get me wrong, i am not anti vegan or vegetarian, i'm just anti prostheletizing (however you spell it.)
pda and overly loud smoochy kissing noises in the presence of others...c'mon at least make an effort to be discreet!

especially directed towards the freshman couple who sits behind me in class....FUCK! you dont need to be petting eachother and telling secrets and passing notes in class....grow up...there are 200 other people who have to watch your bs
I agree on the PDA's. If I want to watch someone make out I'll hold up a mirror and watch myself, or I'll watch porn.
anna k
Yeah, public kissing with wet lips or kissing noises or tongues makes me feel sick.
Overly specialized appliances: What the hell does anyone need a quesadilla maker for? I think the most quesadillas I ever made in a year would be about ten, and they came out fine in a freaking pan. Also: S'mores makers, smoothie makers, and sandwich grills.
thingsarenice, AGREED!!

my cousin got a quesadilla maker in college, and i was like, where i come from we call that a frying pan.

but, i grew up in a house without so much as a blender and still consider that to be an exotic appliance. my parents are pseudo-luddites. luddites-lite. a relative gave us a grilled cheese maker and we used it a couple of times before garage selling it. (ps, how is a smoothie maker NOT a blender? how would a company differentiate the two? isn't that what blenders do, smooth a bunch of ingredients together?)

cob: self-righteous vegans WHO SMOKE!!!!!
how THE FUCK, dude?
if you're vegan for the environment, don't leave your freaking cigarette butts in MY environment.
if you're vegan for health reasons, you are clearly a moron. (in this particular paradox, not in general.)
if you're vegan for ethical reasons, you couldn't ASK for a more unethical industry to support.

i can't think of any other reasons to be vegan right now, but clearly sucking on cancer, the money for which went to an awfully horrible industry, contradicts nearly all of them.

ETA: i thought of one. if you are trying to stay skinny. that is the only way this works in my head, and it's STILL fucked up.
skinwithoutscars, I agree whole-heartedly concerning the smoking issue. It is SO hard for me to keep my mouth shut when this issue arises, but next time I'll know someone out there feels the same way and I'll giggle to myself instead.
I was vegan, and smoked, for many years.
I'm no longer vegan (too hard), and I haven't quit smoking (too hard). I've tried on both accounts but with a full work and school schedule it was so hard to stick to it.

I suck...
I hate it when people call you to ask a favor but, they ask you if you are busy, before they tell you what they want. Because if you say you aren't doing anything, they try to trap you into what ever the hell they need.

thingsarenice, hahaha. You are so right. Who the hell needs a quesadilla maker?

I am fine with vegans. But I don't dig preachy ones, the annoy me and piss me off. Your lifestyle is your business don't push it on me.
woman who take fooor-eeeever in bathroom stalls when there is a line. I mean possibly they're either pooing or changing a tampon, but it can't be that many people. I mean, go in, undo your clothes, piss, wipe, redo. Why does it take some women sooooooo long?

Sorry for the grossness
oooooh! super corncob: stupid store buyers, me and a friend went jeans shopping at the two places we should be able to count on: the gap and old navy (we're both tall she 6'0", me 6'1", old navy had nothing in any size, but the gap-- grrrrr! the gap had shitloads of size 2 and 4 long--- but almost nothing else. wtf?! the tall is for people 5'10" and taller, and maybe it's me, but i used to be size 6, and i can't imagine size 4 or 2 or less and 5'10" or more, but how many fucking women are that unhealthily skinny? and you couldn't order more sizes for those of us size 6 or above? i'm size 8-10 and she is 12-14, and in all the 8 or more styles the gap has we could only find 2 pairs of jeans between us..... yet there were atleast 4-8 SIZE 2&4 IN EVERY FUCKING STYLE! GODFUCKING DAMN YOU! as if it isn't hard enough to find jeans...
I have tons of quietly vegetarian friends, but there is nothing worse than a brand new vegetarian preaching at you about how wonderful life is without meat. Then, when they fall off the wagon and are suddenly gnawing on a chicken wing, I just wanna smack them.

GT, I'm tall and curvy. Jeans are hell for me, too.
when new shoes cut up the back of my heels until i break them in dry.gif
word GT. I hate jean shopping. Hate.It. Although I have found a new store when the women who work there don't let you pick out the style you want, they pick out the style and size. Best experience ever.
culture handy, where is this magical store? what is it called? is it a chain? are there unicorns running up and down the aisles?!
it's been raining for three days straight. it's not always raining, just raining enough to make drying my laundry impossible. fuckin' weather.

culture... where, where? I hate jeans shopping too.
Morning and Skin, it is a store in this city only. I'm sorry. sad.gif there has got to be a place like this where you are!
Intolerant, ignorant asshats who have no idea what the hell they are talking about. I fuckin' hate those guys.

yeah! fuck those freaks!
Cob: The #$$%^**^%& post office who doesn't post ANY sort of a sign above their stamp vending machine that a postal rate hike is IMMINENT, causing me to blindly and naively purchase a bunch of 39 cent stamps LAST. FRIDAY.

Cob: My stupid local paper and news who print NOTHING of said rate increase. At least nothing prominently enough that I noticed.

Cob: Having 100 fricking 39 stamps that I have to now purchase 2 cent stamps to use.

Cob: The post office won't exchange said 39 cent stamps for the new ones. Gah.
yeah, what the hell, USPS ?!?!?!!!!

cob: my mom guilting me because i didn't hear about it, making it seem like i don't pay attention to news or something.
People who don't listen to voice maeil

Clients who come down to the office without appointments!
almost getting to the point of tears before being proven right.

yesturday i spend 3/4ths of our full welding day fucking with a welding machine before concluding the liner needed to be changed, but not before the teacher chided me about wasting too much wire and too much time, (like i had any say in the matter), and told that the problem was the contact tip, when i knew for a fact it wasn't-- several times, on the verge of tears, the teacher examined the lining and discovered-- ah ha! the liner had a kink in it and was unusable...

...yeah thanks.

...and thanks for giving me new faulty equipment that took me the rest of the day to jigger into place.

...and thanks for making me waste two full welding days when i'm already behind.... argh!
More bathroom oddeties

People who use toilet seat covers, then leave them on the fucking toilet seat after you are done. I am not touching anything that you ass was touching, because I don't know who you are. How fucking hard is it???
Oohhh, I got a bathroom oddity!

I work at an office that shares bathroom stalls with two other offices. Last week I went for a piss, and someone was in one of the stalls. I was just about to start counting (damn public bathrooms, I gotta be all focused) when she just started peeing, and stopping, and peeing, and stopping, on and off and on and off! WTF!!! Totally screwed up my peepee groove! I couldn't even count! Had to wait until she was done so that I could start...
I hate when I go to the bathroom at school and the person in the stall next to me is talking on their cell phone. Can I pee in private please?
anna k
I know! Who wants to keep chatting while they're on the toilet?
oh god...that's just weird pugs. if it was someone @ their house, that's one thing, but in a public restroom? *shakes her head* but then i'm such a dork i still think it's weird when people have long phonecalls on the bus.
Yet another bathroom cob: Automatic toilets, particularly the ones that flush every time you move. From the time I entered the stall to the time I stood up to get out, the toilet flushed four times; this was an extreme case, however. Most of the time it only flushes twice. I do not need to get toilet water on my bum, thank you.
Cob #2: Having no money. If I could just have like, $500 to do with as I please. That's all I ask for. I would waste it all on clothes and it would be grand.
I second that weirdness about talking on a cell phone while in a washroom. Bizarre.

Cob: Loud Breathers, ick.

Cob: People with carts in an express aisle at the grocery store, same goes with people with a ton of items in the express lane.
yeah i totally agree with the phones on the bus thing.....NO ONE ON THE BUS NEEDS TO HEAR YOUR BUSINESS! can they not save it for like 10 min until they have some privacy?
for example...the other day a girl was practically shouting this conversation...
"like oh my god! we are so gonna get shitfaced by like noon! Oh my god if were not like totally smashed and passed out by like gonna punch you in the face!"

no shit that is what she said. i kinda wanted to punch her in the face.

and peeing while on the phone....seriously...thats gross, why would anyone do that!?
i sometimes pee while i'm on the phone with my best friend, and vice versa. we like to joke about it, that we are "that kind of friends". but really, if i were in a public bathroom with someone i wouldn't necessarily stop conversation to pee if we were in adjacent stalls, so it makes sense to me...but i'm not a big public cellphone talker. i only pee while on the phone in the privacy of my own bathroom.
Rudderless, what's funny is that I am a government employee.

Cob: People who complain about the price of gas. When they drive a gas guzzling SUV.

Cob: People who litter. Drive me insane. How hard is it for you to throw something in a garbage can, when it is right beside you? I have seen this with diapers. I am dead serious. Diaper on the ground right beside a garbage can.
cob: on the litter kick, smokers who will drop their cigarette right next to the damn ashtray, or just toss it on the ground next to the garbage. it seriously takes .5 seconds to put it out and throw it away, these people must carry some kind of a lazy gene.

anna k
People spitting on the sidewalk or hacking up from their throat, then taking a drag from their cigarette.
culture - I challenge anyone who complains about the price of gas to come over here... the price of gas is the reason I don't drive... it's about US$2 for a litre of petrol here.

count me in on the automatic toilet rage.

cob: children in supermarkets. I can understand if there is only one parent, but when there's two... jesus. Don't just stand there watching your wife pack the shopping while the kid screams. It's your crotchfruit too.

cob: people who walk two abreast on the pavement, and either force you to stop, step into the road, or press yourself against the wall. And then give you a dirty look.

cob: people who make "chich chich chich" noises at my dog. And me. I'm just walking past, if you want to pet him, it's polite to say "may I pet your dog, please?" and if you're attempting to chat me up, I don't respond to animal noises. Oh, and put a fucking shirt on.

people who put thier fast-food boxes in the dogshit bin. When there's a rubbish bin next to it, and a sign on the dogshit bin that says "for dog waste only" And then having to fight my way through the flies to put a plastic bag of dogshit into an overflowing bin. There is a reason there are lids on these things.

And children who scream/bark/shout at my dog. When he's over a metre away clearly doing his own thing. And then parents who give me dirty looks because they don't teach thier kid manners.

obviously, a lot has pissed me off today.
People that litter tick me off. My brother in law always throws trash out the window while he drives down the road. One time when he was in my car, he pulled that crap, so I stopped the car. And made him pick it all up while lecturing him, before I would go anywhere. I could tell he hated me a bit for it, but he got over it and he never threw any trash out my window, again.

And I second mornington's cobs about kids in the store and annoying people you run into while walking dogs.
anna k
People who just let their kids make noise, and don't tell them to be quiet. Maybe it's hard with loud kids and not wanting to sound abusive or mean, but they just sound like obnoxious brats annoying everybody else, and I'm too nice to tell someone else's kid to be quiet.

My mom is nice and lenient, but she wouldn't take that crap of me and my siblings acting like brats in public. She would tell us to be quiet, or take us outside to calm down and reprimand us, not let us treat a restaurant or a bus or a train like a playground.
I agree on the out of control children thing. You know what I think when there are out of control children, and I mutter loudly enough when I walk past the parents? What shitty fucking parents you are. Either that or "shut that fucking kid up already"

Cob: Shoplifters irriate me.

Cob: People who ruin publilc property just because.

Cob: Ugly graffiti bothers me. I enjoy nice looking stuff, but not a large cartoon penis and a set of tits.
Only read the first page of this, so I may be repeating someone else's peeve: I hate tvs on in public places, such as doctors' offices, or train stations, etc. So annoying, especially if it's turned to Fox "news" (uhg) or daytime tv.
anna, I'll take you one further on the spitting/hacking in an apartment building, I'm surrounded by them! I hear them hacking and hoarking every morning, and wonder how they can continue to smoke. But then, watching my father - a lifelong smoker since age 10 - hacking, wheezing, and eventually dying from pneumonia is pretty much what made me quit...out of fear!

Screaming children....if the child is particularly whiny then I will give the child the meanest look I can summon (only when they're parents aren't looking). Teeth bared, nostrils flared, scary bulging eyeballs. It often frightens the whiny right out of them, and I don't feel at all guilty. They SHOULD learn to fear strangers, y'know? I haven't thought of what to say if a child complains to the parent and the parent confronts me. Maybe it will be something like, "I'm surprised your child noticed anything outside of his selfish little tantrum there."
sass, i hear ya on the tv thing. the WORST in my book is at the grocery store in the checkout lanes. nothing like doping the masses. can't people be alone with their thoughts for two seconds without being bombarded by Madison Avenue?

on the other hand, those whiny brats in line screaming "but i WANT it" seem to shut up when the tv is around...

I second, third and fourth you all on the whiny kids thing. Listening to a kid whine is THE ABSOLUTE WORST thing to listen to ever. I have three younger siblings (two are MUCH younger) and my Dad never put his foot down when they would whine, so I'd do it myself. They don't whine anymore. Unfortunately, you can't dicipline other peoples children, so I settle with giving the parents the biggest "I'm ashamed that you can't control your own kids" look, which is usually accompanied by a huge *scoff*.
People who come over to my house with pizza (or any food) for themselves, don't offer any to me, and then leave the pizza box on the floor.
Same goes for beer! I'm having you over and you're watching my cable, so you should bring something for me!!
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