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cob: related to work:

Friggin mechanical contractors that design and build an entire mechanical system with NO friggin isolation valves or valves located in the correct position for testing equipment function!!

Seriously, having to shut down an entire building to fix one STUPID steam trap is making me CRAZY!!!!!!

Do they have MONKEYS installing?

*i guess this should have gone into the work rants.....*
cob: cars that drive by and all you can hear is the massively loud, thumping bass. I mean, maybe the dudes in the car think their music is so cool they want to share it, but all we can hear out here is "THUD. THUD. THUD. THUD. THUD. THUD." Not to mention, they are usually the assholes who don't manage to pull aside for emergency vehicles until the very last minute, if at all. Why? 'Cause they can't hear 'em! Dumbasses.

I want to throw a rock through a windshield every time a thumping bassmobile goes by.

It's especially lame and pathetic when you can see very well they are driving mommy or daddy's car.
I used to live across the street from an ATM and people would come by at 3 am with the THUD THUD THUD and then they would leave the car door open while they withdrew money. I just couldn't fathom how anyone could be so completely thoughtless.
Oh, man! I live across from a gas station. I can't fathom the blaring music, either.

I have fantasies about having a BB gun...or a gun that shoots special, tire-deflating darts.
I live right by one of the favorite places for the neighbourhood binners (the guys who collect cans and other things from the dumpsters and alleys in town) to congragate at 3am. I've nicky named them. There's Loudy (who always shouts), Banjoman, Harmonicaman (if we are EXTRA lucky both of them are there at the same time! And on even more special nights there's vocal accompaniment that sounds like two cats mating) and Coughy. I feel horrible for being angry but damn it! It's a neighbourhood surrounded by apartments and they don't give a rats ass. No matter how many times the convenience store guys has to tell them to piss off they are right back there keeping the neighbourhood awake. Ohhh and the skateboarders that like doing tricks on the stair in the wee hours... I HATE that sound.

I have a great story about that.

I was in a convenience store run by an AWESOME woman I know, when one of these cars pulls up. We can hear the THUD THUD THUD even with the convenience door closed!!!

So the kid walks in and buys something, can't remember what...a six pack or something.

And my friend said "DID YOU BUY ANY GAS???"

kid: "no".


All of it screaming at the top of her lungs.

The kid said, "you don't have to yell".


I almost peed my pants...hee
...i listen to my music loud in my mom's car sometimes *hanging head in shame*
but it's usually 'cause it's me and my best female friend, and a car ride isn't complete without a really loud rendition of 'soccer practice' by the gay pimp

cob: my brother. the house is a mess (embarassingly so) and he thinks it's okay to bring people over. it's not fucking okay unless you're going to fucking clean up the damn house first, mister
treehugger, that story almost made ME pee my pants.
Men who tell me to smile.

Men who tell me to smile when I'm walking into the doctor's office. Fuck. You. I've had no sleep, I'm shaky as hell and I'm heading into a health care facility. Going to the doctor is not usually a sign that all is well in your world. Why the FUCK should I smile?
I second that one, zora. The other day at work, this obnoxious old man comes up to pay and tells me I should go to friendly school. I just kind of looked at him like "Are you freaking serious?"
Then he said: "The whole time we were here, you didn't smile once. You didn't listen to what we said, and you just weren't friendly." I would've told him to bite my waspish ass, but I was on the clock. After I grimaced at him, he said "Just thought I'd put that out there," to which I replied "Well, *thanks* a lot"
Oooooh, I hate that one too. Fuck those guys. I threatened to call the police on this one guy who followed me down a street insisting that I smile. He kept saying, "I'll leave you alone once I get a smile" and when I told him I had the fuzz on speed dial he gave me this look like I'm the asshole.
oh god. frickin' older men at the mall would walk by me and randomly tell me to smile. after about the third time, i aske my girlfriends if that had ever happend to them and they looked at me like it was a rarity.
Grudgholders. Especially when thye're holing a grudge against something that you didn't even realize you did but you still tried to be the bigger person and extend the olive branch and they continue to be small and sulk and hold the grudge. Life is too fucking short. Get over it,already!
I suppose you're holding a grudge cuz I double posted now,huh?
Ha. I hope you made a wish there, Jem; it was 11:11!
Your girlfriends are lucky, I've had that happen several times as well. It pisses me off.
cob: womens jeans. Why are they all low rise, boot cut, distressed, bleached, skinny fit, boy fit, embroidered or studded. And expensive! I just want a normal pair of cheap straight leg jeans that are relatively attractive and a nice colour. Is that so hard?
miss_jane, the answer to your question is yes, it is FAR to hard for anyone to even think 'hey, maybe there are a bunch of girls who just want normal jeans like they could buy five or ten years ago'. that's too much thinking for people concerned solely with trends and the bottom line.

cob: slow downloads. i want to read my comics NOW, dammit, not in four hours!
i have the same cob with the jeans. and i just bought my first new pair in about - i don't know, five years? i had a difficult time trying to find a pair that covered my crotch. or at least that was my experience - so many low-rise cuts out there! i managed to find a decent pair - simple...i should have bought more than one pair.

in fact, i have that cob with relation to many other pieces of clothing. not that i'm stuck back in time - but sometimes it's difficult to find just simple pieces of clothing.
i know they are evil, but i believe gap is now offering a variety of different rise choices. which means now you can choose the leg shape, inseam length (though they're all still too long for me), AND rise of your jeans. however, they're also now really bad about that whole distressed thing. it took me 5 tries to get a pair that actually fit and didn't have too many holes for me to wear to work.
Cob: Punkasses riding my bumper when I am already speeding. I am not getting a ticket so you can get someplace faster. Tailing me will not help.

Cob: Neither will honking if you think I'm not making a right turn fast enough and you're forced to wait for maybe 10 seconds. It makes no damn sense to turn into three lanes of oncoming traffic and hope no one will hit me. So shut the fuck up.

Cob: All of the dipshits who still have W stickers on their cars. After all this... economy gone to hell, gas is out the butt, war still going, Katrina fuckup, etc etc... how can anyone support this fool?!

Cob: People chewing on toothpicks. Stop that mess.

Cob: I've kinda gone manic and my body doesn't wanna sleep much

Anti-cob: Due to said manic state I'm getting lots of cleaning done

Cob: Dang I'm sleepy
I don't know if they have these stores outside of the midwest...but you can find simple straight leg jeans at a farm & fleet store. In fact, that's just about all they have. I know I sure can't wear the low-rider jeans to work!
possum- i suppose it's okay (or so i rationalize) to tail the person in front of you closely IF they have a "W" sticker. :-)
miss jane - this is why I wear the same pair of jeans almost every damn day. Have you tried m&s, they seem to have a few ok pairs.

cob: she didn't do her washing-up before she went home, knowing we had a flat inspection. I cleaned the kitchen before the inspection, and did her washing up, and the night before the inspection she sat up in the kitchen talking, and didn't even bother to put thier mugs in the sink. She's been back nearly three days and hasn't done any of her washing up, so the sink is once again full. Admittedly, some of that is mine, because I can't be bothered to wash up twice a day.

cob: if I say anything, she will a) bitch about some of that stuff is mine, b) have a go at me for being a controlling, obsessive-compulsive bitch, and c) start defacing my posters. Again.

anti-cob: she goes home in six weeks and I will never live with her again.

cob: I'm supposed to be going out with a group of people, one of whom is her, and I am too tired to pretend to be happy
I will try there tomorrow, thanks mornington. Related cob that bklynhermit reminded me of "distressed" clothes. Why?

We had the washing up general skankiness problem with my boyfriends ex housemate. Mould was involved. And because of him they all lost their deposit.

But then this is the guy that stole from my boyfriend.

Why are some people so inconsiderate?
Cob: People that brush against me when they have to go by, in the subway or a store, even when there is four feet of room back there. And then don't apologize. I wouldn't even notice if things were really crowded for everyone. But it's as if they look at me and decide my ass is too fat to POSSIBLY get arond, so why try?

Also, I'll be holding on and facing sideways toward the windows, someone needs to get off -- the GUY right behind me is standing facing forward like a total dufus - less stable, harder to hold on, draped across the aisle - and instead of saying "excuse me" to get his attention, or brush by HIM, they step all over and through me -- the girl.

Easy -- I'm less likely to slug them, in their opinion. They shouldn't be so sure.
cob: my complete lack of control over my spending. I am fine if I don't spend anything at all, but as soon as I buy anything, even a small thing, I end up going on a spree. Hence my toiletries trip costing £80. Yeesh.
Cob: My neocon cousin who will. not. remove. me. from her list of people to send emails about every conservative hot-button issue out there!

Really, seven emails today? I don't need to see another picture of a soldier praying and read your rants about why we should force school kids to pray AND recite the pledge. And how the country went to hell in a handbasket once women gained access to birth control. Geez! How many times do I have to tell you?

Wait till I start sending you leftist stuff....

Cob1: insincere apologies. If you don't think your wrong, "I am really sorry if you misunderstood what I said" is not a fucking apology. If that's how you feel, don't even bother saying I'm sorry.

Cob 2 relates to cob 1: People need to think before they ramble off every thought that happens to come to mind. Can we learn to be accountable for the things we utter? Sometimes a ramdom comment you would think twice about, turns out to be incredibly troubling for others.

Okay, I feel better now that that is off my chest....
Cob: The asshat who has a Chevy pickup truck with a huge sticker covering the back window with a Chevy symbol and "Don't RAM it... Stroke it!!!". You insolent piece of shit. Not only is it the same as tattooing "I am an ignorant piece of trash" on your forehead, its insinuations seriously insult and bother me as a card-carrying member of the vaginal species. Usually if something bothers or offends me, I just don't look. But if I'm stuck behind you in traffic, I don't have much choice, now do I? I shouldn't be forced to read your misogynistic shit simply because I was driving home from work.

I bet the mom who has her kids in the car and having to try and explain (or not explain) what "don't ram it, stroke it" means to her kids really appreciates it too. Fuck off.
treehugger.....your post made me laugh pretty damn hard. my uncle does the same thing, although i dont think hes quite as fundie as your cousin, hes pretty close. i think you should send her the most offensive liberal emails (or things that would be offensive to her at least) you can find. i have a few i could give you:-)
my cob #1: not having an ignore button
my cob#2: idiotic threads that keep popping up
Dude, I want a Smite button.

anti-cob: Veggie sausage patties. They just make me happy.
hee possum, a smite button would be freakin' fabulous
katiebelle, if you're willing to part with some, you can PM me. :-) Thanx!

I am afraid to open my emails today. I actually have a filter set up so that any *forwards* all get funneled into a seperate folder.

cob: skeezy dude standing way. too. close. to me in the pharmacy as i was trying to refill my birth control pills.

cob #2: paing $90 for "labor" and $23 for freon for my car. fuck you.
cob: my phone. is. not. working. gah! I was supposed to call my ex yesterday, and I neglected him. Grrr.

cob: the boys in my brother's boarding house, who decided to hone thier "oh, yeah, baby" cat-calling on me. When I was with my mother. They're sixteen - I'm nineteen. Wtf?

Cob: starey men.

There is far more flesh being displayed by the rest of the female population, why me?
cob: when groups of women are called "ladies." Especially if I'm one of the group. OH how I hate that. It makes my nose hairs curl.

cob: also, when young women or girls are told to "act like a lady." My evil grandfather used to say that, and I'd say, defiantly, "I don't WANT to be a lady."

cob: PMS.
cob: ants
doodle - my mother and I got called "ladies" - I can't stand it either.

cob: it seems nobody can call me either.

cob: spot breakouts
cob: When my county council (who are also my employers) decide to set up a call centre to take away the "burden" of all departments having to answer their phones. This is my favourite part of my job - you get to sit out back away from the customers and get on with other jobs while doing it. It is not a hard job, and it is not one we need help with. Add this to the fact that the call centre workers are going to get paid more than we do, AND the fact that we have to train them, leads me to being a very bitter person. Not to mention the fact that it will lead to an inferior service. Grrrr.
I have no idea which thread to put this in, but I just need to say it, so I'm going to say it here.

Ann Coulter is a stunned cunt.
What Doodle said about being called one of the ladies.
doodle, i saw the cover of her latest book today, and had an 'aha' moment.

i bet if she ate something, she'd feel a lot better. seriously, she is looking SKINNY lately (even more than she used to). and you know how irritable people get when they haven't eaten...

we should have a 'Fatten Annie' campaign and mail Ann Coulter cupcakes with, like, liberal slogans on them or something. food for thought, eh?
Hehehe - When do we start baking?

cob: Parents letting their kids play drums in the garden before 8.30.

anti-cob: This thread.
Hee, I love it!

Too bad she would probably just consider it more free publicity, though.

That stunned cunt.
Amen, Doodle. Amen.
maybe we should do it and not tell anybody.

i mean, wouldn't it be great to be ann coulter, and suddenly one day you get, like, a barrage of baked goods from the very people you hate?
forget the fatten annie campaign. imho, the quicker coulter disappears fromt the planet the better.
Have you heard the shit that Coulter has been saying about some of the widows from 9/11? Absoltuely unforgiveable. Here's a link to a story on CNN that'll give you some of the details.

Clinton slams Coulter's 'vicious' put-down of some 9/11 widows

Ann Coulter is the Anti-Christ.
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