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Hehe lots about cell phones here... Orange County drivers are pretty terrible to begin with, always in a hurry and driving enormous godknowswhats that cost a fortune and a half... but THEn put them on their cell phones and see how badly they drive...

Worse still: I see so many bicyclists on their phones!!!! As in, WHILE BIKING. how incorrigibly stupid. 18 yr old kids on beach cruisers with Jack in the Box in one hand and a cell phone in the other.

and to top it off: New motorcycle equipment/helmets that let bikers TALK ON THEIR CELL PHONES in their helmets!!!! AAAAAARGH!!!! Now, when I have 2 brakes, a clutch, 6 gears, a throttle, and everything else in traffic to worry about, why would I want to be distracted to begin with???? Good luck with this in court, too.... many bike-car accidents are often the car's fault (unless the biker was being an idiot and wheelie-ing down the freeway) because bikes are harder to see, but try telling your lawyer that YOU were busy talking on your cell phone so you didn't have the right reaction time to miss the Lexus SUV barrelling towards you. riiiiiight. blink.gif
My #1 cob in the world is lottery. Apparently all the lottery machines in CT went down today. It was fucking awesome that after some pathetic loser bought a scratch ticket, he couldn't cash it so he'd just have to walk away with his tail between his legs instead of coming back in 800 times. It ruins their whole routine of playing scratch tickets for an hour, going to home jerk off and watch Jerry Springer, and coming back for more tickets. Today some guy flipped out and started bitching about how the lotto machine is down, the gas is expensive, blah blah blah, and the words "well then maybe you shouldn't shop here" just slipped out of my mouth. Oops. The other day this guy started swearing and stomping his feet because he wasn't winning on his tickets. Yet he kept playing them.

I remember reading an Onion article about a gas station clerk murdering all the annoying customers (in his imagination). I can relate. I can't wait till the day comes where I don't have to work with the public.
I saw a bumper sticker once that said "The lottery is a tax for people who can't do math."
Heh...busty, my former co-worker called lotteries "taxation on the stupid."
I have not ever bought one stupid gambling ticket evar!!
ARGGGGH!! Someone put a password-catching trap on Myspace, and now I have to change all my passwords. May whoever's responsible come down with incurable biting nut mites! May they scratch until the skin falls from their bloody crotch. May the ghosts of those nut mites follow them even unto death, so they never receive comfort even in eternity. I hate spammers.

Seriously, I found out I was hit by seeing my own name on bulletins spamming for porn. What kind of loser do you have to be to set something like that up?
Heh, "taxation on the stupid" reminds me of Monty Python and that character played by all the Python guys, the... uh... slow one with the tea towel on his head.
"Judean People's Front?!!!!! We're the People's Front of Judea!!!"
Now there's a new way to be even more annoying on your cell phone. Demonstrated so aptly for me today in a restaurant. The walkietalkie option now allows you to shout into your phone and have the other persons response be heard around the room while you keep yelling WHAT WHAT??? So useful that!

I actually went up to her and told her off too. So many people were disrupted by her. Grrrr. Thanks for ruining peoples lunch.
I hate it when men take things out of my hands. Like a beer bottle I'm attempting to open, my amp or guitar I'm carrying, a cd I'm trying to open... It's really frustrating how often it happens too. Excuse me, but I'm perfectly capable of doing that myself so give it the hell back!
I actually went up to her and told her off too. So many people were disrupted by her. Grrrr. Thanks for ruining peoples lunch.

You, you are my hero today.
Mine too!
It hasn't happened lately, but I used to get male patrons asking me if I was ok carrying the boxes at work. Now if you stop and think about it Mister, you'll realize that you are asking me if I am physically capable of carrying out my work, and that's not ok.
runningw- what did you say? what did she do? what did the other patrons do? (fascinating....)
I just walked up to her table as I was leaving and leaned in and told her to have some common sense and some manners to not disturb everyone else and to leave and use the phone or at least use the phone in a normal manner because not everyone wants to hear the damn conversation. I was actually really civilized and polite and quiet (i.e. I didn't scream) but I was stern and loud enough that the people around us could hear what I said and they all smiled. Then she replied with "Whatever bitch I don't care" and with that I walked away. It looked like there were a few other people approaching her about it when I walked out the door. I wish I had been about louder about it... but I thought I'd be discrete.
you are my hero! for real dude-that takes guts-i ususally just glare at them pointedly, but they are so clueless and unaware of whats' going on around them. good job though!

someone wrote about cell phone talking whilst biking-oh yes, i see a LOT of that, it's amazing to me, especially in Boston, where riding a bike is soo dangerous!!!!!
Guy at work, while we were discussing commutes--"I can understand why you'd want to take X street home, it's better lit, so if a girl's car breaks down she's safer."

Me--[insert sarcastic response to how anyone should be concerned about safety, driving on deserted roads alone at night by myself in the past with no trouble, and how the street is located in a relatively safe part of town]

Guy--backs away while grumbling about how sensitive everyone is here

Me--wishing I could go home and sleep so I'm not as cranky, and then worrying if I really was too sensitive
"Shouldn't minorities be feminists? Aren't there women usually opressed?"

From my conversation with my so-cute-but-unknowing boyfriend.
anna k
I am sick of young people my age (23) who talk like 13-year old mallrats and have a vacant dumb look in their eyes. If I ask any of them a question they immediately say "What?" in this airy dumb voice. I can't stand how so many young people have turned out like this, just moronic individuals. I don't know what it is, but I can't stand the dumb voice, saying "like" all the time, and being grating to listen to.
Peaches Geldof. Her voice and her face and her stupidity and how she is suddenly considered a celebrity.
*nods vehemently*
people who do not know me but make value judgements about me regardless.

people who use the non-existent word "irregardless".

bad grammar makes me [sic].
tesao, I hate bad grammer too.

People who walk in the street, when there is perfectly good sidewalk. I don't understand.
I haven't bitched in awhile and let's be honest bitching is what WalkingBitches do best so here we go...

Not being able to be on Bust for awhile there. We redid the office, bought a bunch of computers, painted, bought new cabinets etc... Listen to me saying "we" as if I speak French... I mean "I" did. With my, "Aww hell we screwed up here pretty bad, we are giving her free reign money to do with as she wishes" power I have now. So 5 new computers, a new wireless network, a new all in one machine, bookcases and storage cabinets etc... to the tune of roughly $15 grand. Yep.

They got me a car. 2007 Honda Element Tangerine Metallic EX. Schweet. All expenses paid. Insurance? paid. Gas? paid. Maintenance? paid. All hooked up, except for the trailer hitch, which got to tell you reminded me of a troll from long ago round these parts that would call me "trailer hitch" when he got all snarky. heh.
Yep, me behind the wheel after not driving regularly for over 10 years, speedin round greenpoint, bkln.

Got another haircut. I am almost bald I swear. Barely hits the nape of my neck, cut only to my cheekbones in the front, and that's the longest layer thankyouverymuch. I currently look like a mushroom cap.. A portabella if you will... lol due to the shade, shit brown, thanks for asking.

And the cramps that I have right now, to remind me of the power and strength that I carry in this sacred vessel I call myself, that carries my inner essence through this life, are making me want to reach into this vessel of mine and rip out my uterus, flinging it, (passionately of course, always with passion people, adds to the visual) into oncoming traffic.
You know, the same oncoming traffic that I wish rude cell phone users that scream into their walkie talkie Nextel pieces of shit while ordering food, paying a cashier, waiting for the bus, buying cigarettes in the candy store, etc. would rush into head on, but only if the oncoming traffic is a caravan of monster trucks oblivious to people crunching under their 7 foot high tires, you know like NYC bus drivers.

pant pant.

Man, pass me the menstrual complete and a pillow.
ah, thanks for the update, WB. i was worryin'.
so good to hear they finally did right by ya.
scary to think of you behind the wheel, tho. hee.
If they found three heads on his property, and he's been videotaped saying he killed 49 women, why is the trial anticipated to last a year?

Not that I'm against due process, mind.
cob: friend who treat me like shit and really hurt me, for no apparent reason.
pseudo-psychologists who just got their (mail order) degrees yesterday.
Today on Oprah there was a show about mothers who work vs mothers who stay home with the kids. There was plenty of time devoted to the idea that there is no one correct answer for everyone - that feminism is about choosing the path that is right for you.
I was so so disappointed in the show because of one simple thing. There was not a single mention of the option of the father staying home with the children. Not one. At no point whatsoever did they hint that a man might need (or want) to sacrifice his time/dreams/career in order to raise the children.

I feel that all this program did was support that old stereotype that the woman in hetero relationships can never be the primary breadwinner in the family - that women can never be equal, either in the workplace or in her own home. And seeing as this was coming from the richest woman in the entertainment business, I am doubly disappointed.
landlords. maude damn them.
Devious "girlie aggression" and the belief that this marks one as "upper class."

clueless assholes
Knock-off "antiques"

Trader Joe "gourmet food"

Fake housing materials, like at most home goods stores these days.

Degrees that require money and obedience, and not much else.

Silver that ain't.

I'm all about saving up for the good stuff, or getting second-hand these days, as long as it's real.

That, or inheriting it.
OHHHHHHH! I'm pissed off that I missed that episode of Oprah!

Yeah, double whammy on the clueless assholes.

WB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so not a corn cob up my ass.
Teenage girls and grown-ass women who end every single statement with a question mark. In the case of the girls, it's more heartbreaking than annoying, really. "I want to go to college? And I want to major in English? I'm not sure if I want to leave town? I need to get some tampons?" OWN YOUR WORDS, DAMMIT!
Triple whammy on clueless assholes
Running into my ex-roommate, the junkie who tried to rip us all off right after she overturned her jeep with all of our friends in it. and stuck pastel plastic room deodorizers all over the house. and always tried to turn friends against friends. Eek. She keeps popping up in Boston bars, making new friends, losing them all, sinking out of sight to her mom's house and then coming back to haunt us once again.

Children and snow. I know it doesn't snow often around here but when it does it is no excuse to turf your kids out at 6.30 in the morning and encourage them to scream at the top of their lungs. We don't even get proper snow! There isn't even enough to build a bloody snowman! It is bad enough that you do the same thing every day of summer.

Oh wonderfuck neighbour, do you exist to make me not want kids?
QUOTE(dusty @ Jan 23 2007, 02:07 PM) *

If they found three heads on his property, and he's been videotaped saying he killed 49 women, why is the trial anticipated to last a year?

Not that I'm against due process, mind.

Whoa! I take it this is a case in CA? I admit to being a news-avoider most of the time, but I don't even think they're covering this one in the US.
Yes, it is in Vancouver, a pig farmer who is accused of murdering 20+ women, mostly prostitutes, apparently. It is a huge scandal that it went on for so long because the police weren't paying too much attention to so many sex workers going missing.

Apparently, media from all over the world are covering the trial, but at day 3, they are kind of backing off because they're finding people don't want to hear the grisly details 24/7.
I'm continuing my big hate on cell phones.

But I want an iPhone. And if I get one, that will have an ipod, games and a phone.

And I will turn into one of those people who is just glommed onto their devices when they are in public space.

Please god, no.
the united states internal revenue service
Furniture shopping. SO FRUSTRATING WHEN I WASTE A WHOLE WEEKEND AFTERNOON LOOKING AND LOOKING AND LOOKING AND DON'T BUY ANYTHING! And I don't want to buy just anything, but seriously, why is there so much crap out there? Who buys that fugly shite and where do they live? /rhetorical questioning
co-workers who ignore the oft-repeated-at-meetings adage to "go help each other out if your department finishes early, because we're all on the same team" and instead sit on their ass in the lab when there are fats to be run upstairs and they can hear over the radio that i'm swamped down on the floor and won't be able to get to it for awhile, because "it's not [their] department"

not having any vacation days yet

asshole drivers who don't respect cyclists' right of way
Co-workers who too lazy to help others out. mad.gif
rg__I'm lucky I have a gorgeous antique bedroom set, or I'd be screaming along with ye.

the cold is a cob even though Boston's been pretty lucky until now.
NHS Direct - if you'd let me get a word in you would know that no he is not unconscious, bleeding, having difficulty breathing, he just has a burn on his hand. And no, if you'd have listened you would know it was oil, not electrocution, chemicals or water, and what exactly does his genitals have to do with anything??? Oh and thanks for NOT getting that nurse to call back within half an hour like you promised.

I have the period from hell.

I'm in so much pain and I feel nauseous.

I had to force myself to eat some stinkin' crackers just so I could take some painkillers.

I go back and forth between wanting to be left alone/in isolation and wanting to be coddled and cuddled until I feel better.

GAWD. I hate this shit. I hate how it makes me feel terrible. I hate how the pain is so intenste that it keeps me at home. Hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it. I just want my regular life back like I know it the other 25 days of the month.

And why the hell am I online? I'm shopping. wacko.gif

I should be in bed.
(((Raisin))) Feel better.

Cob: A co-worker of mine who I barely know, asked me for suggestions on where to go to get a good tattoo last week. So I tell her about 3 or 4 local places that are really great, and clean (one of which my hubby knows the owner.) Well today she comes up, and askes if she drops my name during the tattoo if the guy will give her a discount since I told her to go to him. I told her no, that I don't even ask for discounts, not to mention I gave her more that option of places and artists. And she asked why. I was just like I feel like it's rude. It's my husbands friend not mine, and I just don't feel comfortable asking people to hook me up, I'd just rather pay full price.

It just pissed me off, I don't like to use people and I don't like to feel used.
You get the tattoo you deserve. It never ceases to amaze me that people who will pay full price for a designer purse that will last them 3 seasons, tops, will try to bargain with someone over the price of something that will conceivably be on their skin for the rest of their lives.

Tattoo parlors are not garage sales; pay the artist for their time or don't get one.
speaking of corn cobs and asses. euphrates? how do you manage to be both? oh, wait. i don't care. take a hike, dumb ass.
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