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black socks and sandals ...i absolutely cringe when i see it....there is no reason for it. if you need to wear socks, wear your dang shoes!!!

also, when roomie and her boy make out in front of me while were watching tv....wanna puke in my mouth a little bit.
Cob: Fucking car mechanics. Took my car in this AM for 3 very specific things. What to do they do? Just go ahead and tack on about $250 worth of bullshit like "fluid flush outs." Uh, no. I did not ask for that.
The telephone monopoly. Oh, fuck it, I'll say it: TELUS. Bastards.

Got an account suspension notice on the 14th. Oops, had a summer meltdown, accidentally got behind on one of my bills. It happens. So I paid it on the 15th, by internet banking. The notice said you don't have to report it, so I didn't.

Got a notice on the 18th advising me of account suspension. Yeah, four days after the first notice - technicially two days, b/c there was a weekend in there. I went, "Oh, you fucking idiots," and phoned in to report the payment via the "voice navigation system." Ugh. That's a whole separate cob. Fine, fine, whatever, it's reported, I'm good.

Got a notice today advising me of a service disconnection. WTF???? Sent out, according to the date, on the 19th.

So I got back on the voice navigational system and kept demanding to talk to a person, until the computer finally caved and put me through to some tinny, canned music (you'd think a telecommunications company could have better sound quality). I waited no less than 15 minutes with the tinny music before I got through to customer service. Talked to a very nice woman who said her computer showed my account balance as up to date, but she'd put me through to credit services just to be sure.

Credit services, a guy this time, not so pleasant. Not bad, but kind of neutralish, one of those voices that gets progressively flatter the more annoyed the person gets. Which is fine. But even after acknowledging that my account was up to date and there would be no disconnection, he never once apologized for the mix up - hell, he never even acknowledged that it WAS a mix up.

"So," said I, "I'm really having a problem with this whole notice process. Can you please tell me who I write to so I can make a complaint." Not mean or nasty, but not a question, either.

After a few seconds of silence, he said, "Hold on ma'am, I'll see if I can find an address for you." (Translation: excuse me while I go take a piss and then bitch about you to my colleagues.)

Ten minutes. Me stuck listening to tinny music. After awhile, I started talking away into the phone, saying things like, "You can keep me here all night, I have a cordless headset phone." And bopping around the house to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" at one point, although it would have been nicer if it wasn't tinny.

I think they keep you on hold so long in hopes that you'll give up.

Finally, dude came back and started giving me an address.

I said, "And who is the head of the department, please."

"There isn't one, ma'am."

"There's no head of the department."

"No, ma'am."

"Look, there has to be a name of someone who is in charge there."

Flatest voice I've ever heard: "That's the address of our head office for credit services, ma'am. That's where you can write to."

"So there's no head of credit services."

"No ma'am."

"Really," I said dryly.

"Yes ma'am."

"There's no one in charge of the department. That's interesting."

"Yes it is, ma'am." In a voice that managed to be flat and still sound even drier than mine.

It's like Monty Python.

Only not funny.

Anyway, I gave up at that point.

And listen, I have to tell you, compared to what we USED to get before their customer service reputation blew up in the media a few years ago, this is GOOD service for Telus.
cob: the rest of the online world -businesses mainly- not getting with the programme and becoming firefox and mac compatible. IE sucks, realise it (no offense to any IE users but firefox and safari are sexy and I wanted to download a wee me and couldn't sad.gif so I'm peeved).

cob: being influenced too much by the boy and calling a browser sexy.

cob: being tired and crabbit.
cob: Given the nature of how business interacts with technology today, you would think that laptop manufacturers would have a large variety of laptops designed with business/office use in mind. But nooo, I have to spend $300 extra dollars buying XP PRO and then the time to reformat the hard drive and install it because ALL laptops seem to be made for the casual user in mind. mad.gif mad.gif
cob: spammers. Just for starters.

cob: spammers who try to join listservs that are closed membership, and the only way they could find out there even is a list to join is by reading a paragraph that says the list is only open to members of a certain organization and that we do not accept subscription requests. Do they honestly believe that I'm going to be tricked into thinking they are a women's centre?

cob: spammers who try to send spam directly to listservs that are closed membership, and to which they are not members. Are they really so dumb that they don't think the post, being that of a non-member, will either be unceremoniously dumped by the server, or unceremoniously dumped by the mod, who will recognize immediately the posting attempt of a non-member?

cob: having to deal with spammers subscription requests and posts requiring moderation. I mean, honestly, after pissing me off THAT much, do they really expect me to give a sweet god damn what they are selling?

cob: companies that pay spammers to spam on their behalf. Fuck you, you bastards. I'll never buy a thing from any of you.

cob: house flies. Sorry, one just buzzed by me for the millionth time today, and I remembered that they piss me off, too.
cob: my magical ability to attract the lone lunatic in a sold-out crowd at a concert. sir, I came to hear the MUSICIANS, not you! please stop snapping your fingers next to my ear! please also stop making mooing noises at the band between songs! and finally, please please please detox from whatever you're on, because when you stagger back and forth and bump into people, WE CAN FEEL IT!

anti-cob: sympathetic bystanders who step aside so I can get away from said lunatic. and who exchange grins of mutual relief when said lunatic staggers out of the venue halfway through the set.

cob: student. loan. companies. I can feel my blood pressure rising just typing that. I spent a total of 7 hours on the phone last week, and I still don't know if they're giving me straight answers about my repayment plans. every time I call I get a different person who tells me different numbers. I mean, I'm no math professor, but surely this can't be that hard.

anti-cob: oatmeal. it's the simple pleasures.
karianne - I hope you didn't pay them. They aren't allowed to do work you didn't ask for. If they get under the hood and discover that the car needs more work than you asked for, they are supposed to CALL you and discuss the additional fees. They can't just do it and tack it on and expect you to pay it. You can take them to court for that.

Dobbs tried to do that shit to me. I say tried. I'm not allowed in Dobbs anymore.
cob: Tuning in to discover the TV show, Bones, being thrilled to discover it's based on the Kathy Reichs novels that I love, and then discovering that, despite the creative involvement of Ms. Reichs, there is absolutely zero resemblance to the novels beyond the name and basic profession of the main character. The locale of Montreal is gone, the flippy blonde haircut and motorcycle are gone, the recovering from alcoholism is gone, even the handsome cop has a different name, and there's not a speck of chemistry between him and Temperance Brennan. *sigh*
Argh! People who get on the escalator in front of me, and they just stand there. Especially when I'm in a hurry, like trying to catch a train. Escalators are there to make you move faster-not to give you a free ride! Like the moving sidewalks at the airport. The only exceptions are if you're pregnant, elderly, handicapped, or carrying luggage-but so many people who are not in those categories are just too lazy to move. And of course escalators are too narrow to move around them.

On the same note, slow walkers in general. People who also don't fit into those categories who walk at a crawling pace. I admit, I generally walk very quickly when I am on city streets. If I'm not at the beach or in the park, or otherwise out in the wilderness, I just want to get where I'm going to.

Don't want to offend anyone-don't take it personally!

I might have posted about this before. But it happens so often I need to bitch about it again. ahh..that's better~

ETA-I know this will bite me in the ass someday, when I will be under one of those categories (hopefully not pregnant or handicapped[no offense to the pregnant or handicapped]) or I will just be too utterly exhausted to move and I will be pissing off someone else behind me..but that's the way the universe works.
humanist I'm with you, but add to that people who stop in fron't of pelican crossings, doorways, cash points, the middle of the goddamn street to chat when people are trying to get by!? Do they not realise how shitty and selfish their behaviour is? What are they saying that is so important? Why can't they just get the hell out of my way!?

Oh and people who walk into you, and then act like its your fault. Try looking where you are going arsewipe.
I'm with you too humanist. Sometimes I think there should be fast and slow lanes on city sidewalks, although my city's pavements aren't wide enough! Slow/gawking pedestrians do my head in.

And doodle, I agree with you about Bones as well. I've only read 2 or 3 of the Reichs books but aside from a superficially perfectionist attitude, TV's Temperance is one-note and has none of the inherent darkness of the original. I can't watch the programme at all, despite the presence of David Boreanaz.
My mother's always been a slow walker. She just is. We grow up in a fairly small town, and people just don't rush around, so I can't say she really picks up the pace when she's visiting me in DC. It goes both ways - when I'm in a hurry and am in full city mode, I just want the people to get out of my goddamn way. When my mother's here and we're strolling, I have little sympathy for the additional fraction of a second it takes for someone to go around me.

On the escalators, there are informal slow/fast lanes, - walk on the left, stand on the right - and it makes the locals crazy when the tourists don't obey. It's pretty aggrevating, especially when you're heading down. But some of the Metro escaltors are very, very long, so I'm not too hard on people who can't walk up the whole way. It's an ass-kicker, for sure. Just move to the right so the rest of us can get past you!

Oh, and Humanist, I'm digging your avatar. The hippies will vote - and may have, in fact, voted in the past two elections - they'll just vote for a third-party candidate in order to "teach the Democrats a lesson" and fuck the rest of us. (Me? Still bitter? Um... yes, actually.)
I'm writing this while I'm in a waiting loop, for the telephone company. I've waited for 10 minutes now.
I mean ten!!! minutes! mad.gif
I want to complain about the phone terror. My phone rings every five minutes, then there's a fucking computervoice telling me something. I always hang up. I fucking hate them. Assholes. dry.gif
cob: cable companies and their service - rather lack there of. No reason that the signal should be so incredibly weak as to make the picture unrecognizable on any tv greater than 27" in size. Not to mention the 25 minutes I had to wait on the phone for the pleasure to speak with a human being!

cob: Left lane bandits. Ok, why is it that every single time I get on a 4 lane road, I get stuck behind one of these asshats that drives in the passing lane at 5-10 mph under the speed limit. No, it's not raining, there's no snow/oil/sand/etc on the road to cause overly cautious driving, but yet there they are, not trying to turn left, just hanging out over there staying at exactly the same speed as the car in the right lane. Repeat after me, right lane is for driving, left lane is for passing or turning only. Now, on a relatively light traffic day, instead of things moving along smoothly, there's a convoy behind this dipshit that doesn't know common driving courtesy.

Anti cob: Truck driver that basically cut off an entire southbound highway of traffic to let the ambulance go by that everyone else seemed to be too important to do. I can only hope that someone like him/her is on the road if I'm in an accident that requires emergency personnel to arrive quickly.
Ah yes. Asshats in the left lane. Have reported them in this thread many times, those fuckers. I honk at them now, and give them "move out of the fucking way" hand signals. On some of B.C.'s highways, there are signs that have to tell them "slower vehicles keep right." I guess that's because there are so many stupid tourists visiting here, who don't have a clue how to drive their gigantic rental campers.

I used to be a fast city walker, but now that I've been 11 years in a smaller community, I've got a country stroll. I don't know how that happened! I suppose 'cause you're more likely to see people you know, and it's rude to just rush past without some kind of greeting, which requires a certain slower gait. The walk left/stand right thing is so annoying to Vancouverites that the Skytrain stations actually have "stand to the right" signs posted every few feet along the escalator! (We like our directions plain-stated here in B.C., I guess....just like the highway signs above!)

sybarite...yep! I think Crossing Jordan's main character is more like the "real" Tempe than the one on Bones!! At least she's got a motorcycle....
doodle, i think one of my favourite signs is on the...i can't remember the name of the bridge in vancouver that takes one to the airport - but the sign is "caution: low flying aircraft". or something like that.

that whole left lane driving and left side walking irritates me, too.

okay, so i'm in a relatively good mood right now, but i can almost guarantee that when i leave for school, some kind of cloud of miserable will pass over my head, and i will become irritated at any of my classmates who are overly cheery this morning...
Errm... warning: please don't read this, if you happen to eat right now.

cob: people who let their dogs shit on pavements. Usually people with huge dogs do that. Ack. Near streetcafes, where people are eating, in front of schools and playgrounds. Who told them this is acceptable? They do that as if it's the most normal thing in the world. mad.gif

I had a small puppy dog myself some years ago (sadly he died...) and I had to 'potty train' him. When he took a crap in an entrance of a kindergarten, I was so ashamed, especially since I had to pat him on the head and tell him "well done!" (through clenched teeth) because it was the first time he did that outside my appartment.
I swore to myself, that will never happen again, and took him to green areas, and no, not where people are sunbathing, barbecueing or playing frisbee.
I mean if a puppy can learn that, why not some dog owners?

I don't really mind people standing on escalators, but a lot of them stop when they arrive at the top, so you're bound to bump into them.
People who block everything annoy me, too:
Couples who cycle on pavements next to each other so they can chat!
Idiots who park their bicycles in front of door entrances!

I also don't get it, why some people with babies don't oil their prams/strollers, when the wheels make a hideous squeaking noise, that can be heard from a mile distance. Yes the baby has ears, too!

Well, that's generally the people who'll only use their brain, when they have to assemble an Ikea bookcase.

(sorry for the long rant)
Ambercherry, I bike over that one (the Arthur Lang I think) when we are training at Iona (flat as a pancake and no cars - great place for team time trials). I love that sign. Makes me giggle. Like what can you do about it? duck?

Cob: People walk four abreast on the pavement. Shitty when you're behind them and can't get around except to step into the road, shitty when you are coming to towards them and they don't move to let you by and you have to step in the road (or walk in to them... my new tactic especially when running over Burrard Bridge where there is NO WAY I'm stepping into the road!).

Cob: The guy who was throwing around the weights in the gym last night. I can do the same damn exercise with more weight and still am able to place it carefully on the floor when I'm done with it. No need to let it drop a meter to the floor to prove you are a manly man. I miss the women's only area at my old gym.
Speaking of walking/driving cobs...

I'm pushing my kid in his stroller through the intersection at the crosswalk, right? Well, apparentally we aren't going fast enough for the middle aged bitch in her dilapidated church van, so she cuts across our path RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY STROLLER.

Then she ends up at the garage sale I'm walking to, where she buys 5 matching glasses. Why 5? Because I picked up the 6th one before she could, and bought it. It's petty and stupid, but it made me feel better because she was pissed. Now we're sorta even, if you can call nearly mowing someone down with your vehicle vs. not letting someone have a full set of glasses even.
People who can't be bothered to spell my name right. I have a rather common first name IRL, one with several different spellings, and even though I have run into very few people who spell it differently than mine, people almost always pick the wrong spelling. This has been one of my biggest pet peeves for almost my entire life, I'm sure I've complained about it in here before, but I've been at my job for over a year and my damn supervisors can't seem to remember how to correctly spell the damn thing. I have a fucking name badge and a nameplate at my cubicle, and even then if they aren't sure, I am always happy to tell people how I spell it. What is wrong with these people?

Friends who think that just because I have high ceilings and an open floor plan, that I can take their six foot tall rubber plant that outgrew their house.


Dammit anyway.
I've watched Ugly Betty three times now, and I can't help but wonder... come a girl who's supposed to be so bloody smart can't figure out how to disappear into a little grey or black suit and scrape her hair into a bun? I mean, we get it, she doesn't follow fashion, doesn't care about her appearance. Beauty comes from inside, yada yada yada. But what about her job, does she get that? What shlub in the universe, who claims to be a careerist, travels into Manhattan every day to work in a corporate setting and doesn't figure out how to comb her raggedy hair and wear a black suit, at the very least???

It's pissing me off. I live in the middle of Nowhere, British Columbia, and even I know that. Hell, I acquired my first grey blazer while still in high school!

Is there not one ally in Betty's TV universe who's willing to tell her?

Not to mention that America Ferrera is cute as hell, and I don't know why they are trying to pass her off as "ugly."

(ETA: cross-posted in Crimes of Fashion)
anna k
It is hard to believe that someone should still be that socially awkward in their twenties, or would know how to look more professional and put-together as an adult instead of making themselves stand out as the "geek."

I really hate loud kids my age who talk way too much, talk while the professor is lecturing, ask "what happened?" while they were chatting about crap, playing with their cell phones and Blackberries, walking an inch behind me when I'm on the stairs (me feeling hounded and wanting to snap), and sounding like airheaded ditzes in their twenties while getting ready to work professional jobs. They still talk like teenagers and read teen magazines and exchange celebrity gossip all the time and talk and talk and talk. Not only am I sensitive to noise, but I really hate mindless, stupid chatter, especially when I'm sitting in a class and they're blatantly ignoring the teacher, writing only when something appears on the overhead, then whining that the teacher removed the notes too soon. I always want to yell, "If you would just shut the fuck up and pay attention, then you wouldn't have to be so late in writing the notes down!"

These students are between the ages of 18-22, and no matter their backgrounds, they all sound the same. I usually feel like an old fart at nearly 23 and wanting to yell at them to "pipe down."
Word AnnaK. That's EXACTLY how I feel. Try teaching the incoming class (I TAed a first year class a few times). I am scared for the future of society. They just don't seem like they will ever grow up in time to take on the jobs they are being trained for. It's like university has just become another place to hang out. People are getting more stupid and inconciderate and closed minded by the year. Where have all the good people gone???
Am I the only person, besides my husband who know what a work ethic is?

Being on your cellphone for 7-1/2 hours of an 8 hour day on PERSONAL calls?
not the greatest worker.

Downloading a virus on the work computer from checking out (I KID YOU NOT), an email that promises nekkid pics of fiddy cent? not the greatest worker.

And getting stoned outside of the studio right before one climbs the 20 foot rigging to hang additional lights, (umm 100 lbs. minimum each people), and then laughing and pointing when one comes crashing to the floor 5 minutes previous to audience load in? not the greatest worker either.

I feel like an asshole. I don't fuck around online anymore, (no time) and I put in daily at least 2-3 hours of overtime. I have to or shit would never get done.
insert big ass sigh here. I need a vacation from my life.
WB, we must be leading parallel lives. I'm feeling the same way about my new office. Exactly the same way. I bust my ass (and don't BUST here, har har) but meanwhile some of my coworkers show up to work an hour late without any sort of weak pulled-together excuse. I'm like, how can I even have respect for these people who don't even bother to do something as basic as showing up for work on time -- or call the office, like 25 minutes AFTER they should have arrived to say they're running late. No shit, Sherlock.
If a sign says that a certain type of cereal is on sale, why would anyone bring boxes of cereal bars into my line expecting to get a deal on them? They saw it said cereal, and yet here come Patty and Selma with their damned cereal bars complaining about how the signs are put up when I wouldn't give them $2 off for something that is clearly not marked for sale.

On another note, the old woman who brings in candy for the cashiers? Awesome. Love her.
Cob: My mother, the great Feminist of the family, is turning into a conservative before my very eyes, and I don't know how I can stop it. mad.gif sad.gif
cob: educational institutions that enjoy leeching money from you at every frigging opportunity. I was the one who studied for my master's degree and got myself into debt through my entire academic career, why do I have to pay for the privilege of you telling me what I know I achieved? grrr. you did the same bloody thing last year.
anti-cob: Bust's ignore feature. Love, love, love it. Love it as much as I hate Wal-Mart.
Same here, Bustygirl. wink.gif
cob: gigantic pick-ups and SUVs that pull up far ahead of a stop sign, so that you can't see even a glimmer of cross-traffic before make your own right- or left- hand turn. GRRR. I swear rednecks in a pickup almost got me killed today.
Doodle, I concur. Related cob: being stuck in said low-visibility situation and being honked at by the person behind you who, if they took a moment to observe, would see why you're not promply pulling out into oncoming traffic.
anna k
Senseless racist bullshit. I hung out with my brother and sister yesterday, and they agreed that they thought Asians were cold and weird, that they don't give a shit about anything and would photograph an unconscious person. They meant foreign Asians, like tourists, but it was still nasty and pointless for them to be saying it.

My sister went out with two black guys, and seemed to be into them for exoticizing their "blackness," for being into rap music and living in Harlem and other "black" stuff. I didn't care about her dating a black guy, but she kept it a secret because she didn't want my dad to freak out, and she seemed to be into them as a fetishization, like being "the other." She would also say how gross Asian men were, probably from seeing Japanese sex TV clips and the tiny-penis rumor. She was just a really nasty bitch, and I hated her attitude.

I hate her attitude because it affects me, and I don't want it to. I've kissed guys of different races, and didn't care. She's just someone who is snotty and uptight and very judgemental in a harsh and quick way.
Cob: attempting to book a hotel room over the phone after their internet reservations centre keeps timing out. Not being able to secure a confirmation email before giving over your CC details.

The more I book hotels the more I'm getting fucked off by the ineptitude of the people or systems in place. How the hell hard can it be? And don't get snotty with me when you're charging a fortune for a tiny pen.
Llamas, my way of dealing with honking drivers (and probably inviting ROAD RAGE-O-RAMA) is to wave at them in my rear-view mirror, like they're someone I know. "Hi! How are you?!" Drives them crazy. (Although once when I had someone honking at me because I wasn't turning fast enough into a parking lot, which I knew had a steep curb that would scrape the underside of my low-riding car if I took it too fast, I went after her in the parking lot and yelled "HEY! how about if you drive your car and I'll drive mine?" I really am going to get my ass kicked one of these days.)
Ha! Mr. Dusty is seriously worried about me because I bang on cars that cut me off when I'm trying to cross the street.

The other day, though, ok, night, he was waiting to turn left on a notoriously long light, and a taxi honked at him *twice* because the taxi driver was impatient that Mr. Dusty wasn't turning left on a red light.
Hee. Yeah, generally if someone honks at me for not turning into heavy traffic at a red light, I'll then wait out the light whether I can turn safely before it's green or not. They should have been patient...
QUOTE(llamas @ Oct 26 2006, 04:11 PM) *

Hee. Yeah, generally if someone honks at me for not turning into heavy traffic at a red light, I'll then wait out the light whether I can turn safely before it's green or not. They should have been patient...

Sorry...either I was being unclear, or the laws are different...its completely illegal to turn left on a red light here, so the cabbie was honking at him because he wasn't making an illegal left turn.
dusty, was it a left turn from a two-way street onto a one-way street? Those are legal on red lights in most places. (Provided you're turning in the correct direction onto the one-way street!)
QUOTE(doodlebug @ Oct 27 2006, 02:20 AM) *

dusty, was it a left turn from a two-way street onto a one-way street? Those are legal on red lights in most places. (Provided you're turning in the correct direction onto the one-way street!)

No ma'am. It was a fairly large two way street, at least four lanes, maybe six. But it wasn't busy and it is a really long light. No, the taxi driver was pissed because Mr. D. wasn't making an illegal turn, so he honked, pulled around Mr. D. and turned right and then made a u-turn and honked again.
Oh dear. Did he manage to get the cab number and report the driver? I would! Wow, that's just...bad. Of course, lots of cab drivers think they're above mere mortal drivers...
I swear to cod I'm gonna take a box cutter to my neighbours if they slam the front door one more time today. Were they raised in a goddamned barn? You don't have to slam the thing every single time! In fact, I *NEVER* slam mine. These girls complain about me all the time, when I've done nothing wrong! I had to have both a scheduled & a random inspection of my place because of these wenches! I work from home, I'm assuming that they must as well because they're in & out all day & it's slam slam slam. Put the two of them together & I still probably outweigh them, where are they getting the power to slam? They also have a yappy little dog that I'd like to turn into a change purse.
Aaahhaha! LOL!!
My doorslamming anti-social retard-neighbours are driving me mad, too.
They think I'm inconsiderate, because I complain about drunken people slamming doors, until 5am, every weekend.
I hate the feeling of pettiness associated with it.
Yes, I'm anal-retentive, and I care about the rules. tongue.gif
Another driving/traffic related cob here:

In my case, it happened in the parking lot of a movie theater yesterday. I was minding my own business, driving slowly in the lot because it was crowded, when I spotted a decent parking space. So I started to turn into said space, when all of a sudden, a family of five (a mom and dad and three kids that looked to be 6-12 years old) who were walking toward the theater (so they had obviously already parked their vehicle someplace), decided to walk right through (not around, like they should have) my would-be parking space! WTF--I know they were aware that I was trying to turn in to that space, and they were actually looking at me in my car and laughing as all 5 of them slowly made their way across the space. I can only imagine what they were saying: "Oh, look at that lady trying to park. Let's have some fun and block her way! Ha ha ha!" Nice example those parents are setting for their kids, huh? I'm sure the kiddos will grow up to be charming, law-abiding citizens--NOT!

I was still annoyed about it today, and told ratboy about the incident. He said that if that had happened to him, he would have rolled down the car window and yelled to them, "I suggest you get the FUCK out of my way if you don't want to get run over!" Which would have been a good response, but of course I didn't think of it at the time; I was totally caught off guard by the whole thing. Stupid asshole people in this world--GRRRR! mad.gif
I did suggest that it might be a good time for Mr. Dusty to contact his city councillor about the length of the light, and that he might mention the incident.

Ha. Examples for kids. I work on a one way street and there is also a school on the street. Some of the teachers cycle the wrong way up the street to get to school. I think that's so wrong.
Yeah, especially since teaching the "rules of the road" is probably part of that school's curriculum (that was the case when I was a wee schoolgirl, anyway). And those teachers are supposed to be role models to those kids! Mixed messages, much?
Cob: Adult tattle tails, that get kicks off of trying to get other people in trouble. I don't understand the complete lack of compassion some people feel towards other people. A total disregard of how actions might effect other people. Not b/c they don't think what they do is harmless, but b/c they don't care if other people get hurt.

Maybe it's me, maybe I shouldn't be a humanist. Maybe I should start living my life in a way that I do what ever I want and f*ck others and any consequences they may have to face, b/c of my choices.
ginger, it's not you. the further i get into the adult world (age and professionally) the more i notice that "adults" aren't as mature as i always thought they were when i was a kid. i've seen some real high school behaviour lately from those around me, and it sucks.
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