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cob: even though my car insurance payments are supposed to come out of my chequing account on the 3rd of every month, they keep doing it on different days that vary between the 1st and the 4th. Consequently, even though I was planning to deposit a paycheque tomorrow, the payment came out today and has caused my account to be overdrawn. FUCK!
doodle, bank lady says go into your branch and ask to have the service charges reversed. and ask for overdraft as well. explain the mess up and tell them you're fixing the problem with direct deposit and direct debit etc. the bank lady can usually reverse a service charge no problem. if she isn't one of the bitchy ones that is. if she is just try again later with another teller or go to the greeter or manager about it. if you have fairly good account standing they're pretty accomodating.
Thanks pepper...I think I'll do that. I've had one payment "bounce" because I forgot it was automatic transfer day, but it was 2 years ago, and I went and corrected it the day after it happened, as soon as I realized my mistake.
Okay, after crazyoldcatlady's post I'm a little nervous to post this, but:

cob: bitchy call center people who hold the same job I do calling me about another rep in our store and just going off about some transaction about which I know nothing, while I'm in the middle of helping another customer. Look, dammit, if I tell you he's not here, offer you his mobile number, and let you know I have a customer in front of me I'm trying to help, take the freakin' number and get on with solving your problem! And understand that A-it is possible for him to have sent you an e-mail 30 minutes ago and then have left the store, B-we are a retail location with a set closing time, and C-there are these things called time zones, and just because it is an hour later wherever the hell you are doesn't mean I'm lying about our location's closing time. For fuck's sake.

and yes, I work for vzw, but it is just wireless so I don't know how to help you COCL sad.gif . They don't even offer home phone service in our part of the country, I only know about wireless. But if anybody has questions about that, feel free to ask (I really do love my job, just not some of the people in the company!)

eta: thanks mornington! I'm calling it zzzzzzz...sexie eddie
Cob: People that kick my seat in the movie theatre and then act shocked when I ask them to stop in a irritated growl.
Or, They're not KICKING per se, but they are using your seat for a footstool and then moving their feet around all the time. And act like I must the THE ONLY ONE to MIND that!
Oh, and -- people that see a good thing -- opportunity, loophole, treat, whatever -- that's for everybody, but get so greedy and grabby and arrogant/downright abusive that they RUIN IT for everybody else. GRRRR!!
cob: thoughtlessly racist comments.

cob: in the Lounge.

cob: I'm a racist, too, for having too many excuses as to why I can't address it right now, thus turning myself into yet another self-important white woman who doesn't seem to notice.
cob: Having to read books. I love reading so much, but the second I have to read something all the fun goes out of it and it sucks.
those trucks which go "warning, vehicle reversing" instead of making the reversing-beep noise. Argh!

And the fucking builders. Always the fucking builders.
Major cob: not being able to say anything to the male auditor at work, who popped off with this gem during a casual chat about our company's health benefits: "Women are the "new" men - they get all the privileges now." Hear that ladies? We're the "new" men! We can all go home now, everything's okay! No inequality to see here! Grrrrrr.

cob - supposedly progressive internet men who freak the hell out if anything remotely feminist is brought up in supposedly progressive circles. instead of just shutting up and letting the women talk about the issues they must jump in with their tiny anecdotal experience which is meant to discredit what the feminists are saying; insist that feminism is unnecessary and that "these things happen to men too"; always making a point to let us know they're male, and in general, devaluing ANYthing urgent if it has ANYthing to do more with women than with "human issues," as they are all fond of saying.

It's sort of like an experience I had in a women's studies class once. The prof mentioned how in many classes women are not allowed a voice because the men just never shut up. Cue four or five men immediately shouting "I don't do that!!"

I'm so goddamn sick of that.
Have you noticed the "righteous hippie male" shaming of anger? Especially female anger? Even if you spoke up sweetly and politely about something important, were IGNORED, spoke up a little stronger and firmer, were IGNORED and FINALLY YELLED BECAUSE IT IS IMPORTANT AND DON"T IGNORE ME GODDAMMIT!!

You are the bad, bad, angry disapproving mommy that makes the world the bad place it is today...!!
Ha, wombat! my cob was inspired by a dude I'm arguing with on another site. I posted that he's out of touch (and he IS) with the feminist movement and I thought that was a shame, because he seems intelligent otherwise. He responded by, essentially, telling me to shut up and that I was young and stupid.

Um. Yeah. He can use all the fancy words he wants and talk about the 10000 babies he's "delivered" (clearly the mothers have nothing to do with it), but that doesn't change the fact he's a fucking jack-ass.

*cleansing breaths* I think I'm not even going to go back to read if he responded. I'm so tired of having to play nice to be taken seriously. What I posted wasn't even HALF as vitriolic as the original, and yet he knee-jerks and insults me. Fucker.

gah. I have to stop doing this if I'm going to take everything so personally.
Cob: The "Best cum shot and big dick gallery look now" thread.

Also cob: The woman who reviewed the Bitch book in Time Out New York, and said BUST was no longer relevant to feminism because it featured "pictures of women wearing clothes."

So...would unclothed women be more feminist? Feminists can't wear clothes? Or care about the clothes they wear?

Sorry, bitches, you've all been fired as feminists.
same cob as before. 27 views and no one says a word to the newbie about where to post or hello or ANYthing. wtf. i'm getting tired of it having to be me. there are enough people bitching about the mess that happens in here, why not put that same energy into solving the problem? come on girls...

cob: friends who ask you to babysit for the weekend, arrange for their child to be dropped off at your work at the end of the day and a ride for all of you home and then... the kid never shows up. no phone call, no contact numbers so i can check on anyone, Nothing. at the end of a long day and even longer week, i'm just too tired to really worry all that much but still...
at least she paid me in advance. gah.

maybe the big dick gallery will make me laugh.
lucizoe, word.

Its why I'm incredibly glad I went to an all girls high school and college.

cob:people who think yelling at shop girls/boys will somehow change shop policy and solve their problem. Guess what arsehole, you're not special enough for the world to make exceptions just for you.


cob: People who talk on their mobile phones while expecting to be served, and then act like its me who is being rude by continuing to talk over their phone coversation. I don't have time to wait for you to finish biatch. Either call them back, or let someone go in front of you while you take the call.
cob: All the women I work with who pull the damzel-in-distress routine with me and think they're being cute when they need assistance with the most basic of computer/equipment functions. I think it's related to the fact that just about all the women I've ever worked with can't lift more than 5 pounds.
mojor cob: Worst house guests EVER!!!
lady, your kid sure is something, but it ain't CUTE, lemme tell ya.
Cob: Potential employers not calling when they said they would. Example A: I interviewed for a job the beginning of the month. She said she'd call the following week. I have heard nothing. I don't care if I don't get the job - at least have the decency and respect to call me and tell me. Example B: Person calls from a place I sent resume/application to last month. I had received a letter explaining they hired someone (which I appreciated). Potential employer left me very excited sounding voicemail asking if I was still job-seeking. I return call and we talk briefly. He says he will call me back Tuesday (today). And I hear nothing. I fucking hate this. WTF is wrong with these people?
So this Louisiana congressman's wife delivered their baby at home after about 35 minutes of labor, and all the news reports were either saying how HE delivered it, as if she was asleep the whole time, or how "we're going to have to add Dr. to his list of accomplishments!"

Now, I don't mind so much when people say Dr.s deliver babies, because it's just an easy way of describing what they do...and in the case of C-sections, it's quite accurate. But when a couple is at home and a baby is born...HELLO!...that is nature taking over and woman's work!

And just because you catch a damn baby and tie off a cord, that does not make you a freakin' MD. If it did, I would be an MD.

Bleh! At least the Yahoo headline read something like "Congressman assists in delivery..."

funny that. i delivered my own baby in the tub at home, NO assistance. does that make me a doctor now? guess it does. cool.
You're Dr. Pepper! Heh.
Dr. Pepper!!!!!!! HAH!

cob: spammers who try to win members of a feminist board over tips!
O.M.G. i AM dr pepper.

can we call me that? please? i love it.
Cob: Taco Bell. Fuck you Taco Bell. 25 minutes to get my damned order and then when I get home I discover it is the wrong thing?! WTF! Not only that..but the stupid bitch in front of me gets out of her car and goes inside to yell at everybody...yeah that sped shit up dumbass...and then she gets to the window and cusses everyone out again. If it wasn't for her maybe they would have gotten my order right...I hope somebody shit in her taco meat.

Cob: Everybody going to the store all at the same time apparently to do their back to school shopping. Bigger cob...they bring all 9 of their little screaming brats with them. I remember back in the day when my mom just showed up at home with bags of school supply shit and we got no say in what color folders we wanted.
Related restaurant cob:

Take-out places with a pick-up at the end of the counter, disorganization, and PEOPLE WHO WALK OFF WITH/DRINKor EAT THINGS THEY KNOW DAMN WELL THEY DID NOT ORDER OR PAY FOR.

It's not cute or funny. I had to go take MY very expensive sandwich -- very obvious and distinct -- right off some bitch's plate.

Down in Ptown, I heard the coffee shop guy say "NO THAT'S NOT YOURS!!!!" and then he had to make me another because the girlie just *couldn't* tell! a BLACK iced espresso from a latté! Right.

What they hope is that they will just get the food for free and either another customer or the restaurant will be stuck with the cost. Ha Ha!! They are always yuppies trying to be clever. hate them.

It was awesome -- the guy in Ptown didn't let her keep it, he took it back, dumped it down the sink and made me a new one. She kept trying to laugh in my face and I said, I heard him tell you it wasn't yours.

Grrrrr... special place in hell.
Every time - EVERY FUCKING TIME - there is laundry left in one of the machines, it is a YOUNG MAN'S laundry. How long exactly do they think they can leave their cold, wet gonch in the washer before it turns moldy? Do they think the rest of us enjoy having to touch their underpants, however "clean" they may be, in order to clear out the machine for use?


And even if she did, she shouldn't have to still pick up after you.

Next time, I'm leaving it on the floor.

Also....washing your white socks with your black undies is not really smart.
Doodle, just this week I had to wait for one of the dryers to end its cycle before I could put my clothes in it. I was ALL READY to take those clothes out of the dryer (I actually waited about 5 minutes only because I really didn't want to touch a stranger's clothes) when this (I'm guessing) 60-something woman comes over to fetch her clothes. She didn't apologize, nothing, clearly seeing that I was waiting for one of the dryers to free up. I'm thinking she's lucky I didn't toss her clothes on the ground. Other people wouldn't have been so patient. I should have said something, but it's not like it would change her ways or anything.

I am seriously thinking I should move to the suburbs where I'd have the space for my own damn washer and dryer. No more of this hoarding quarters shit I've done for the past 15 years.

My cob is that I'm slowly realizing that my apartment was designed by and for a man. To wit:

1) The kitchen counters are, like, three inches too high for me. Yes, I'm short, but I've lived in lots of places where I never had a problem with the counter height.

2) The peep hole thingamagig in the front door is too high for me to see through, EVEN IN MY HIGHEST OF HIGH HEELS.

3) The hall closet is the only place I can hang my dresses and skirts. Why? Well, because the bedroom closet has plenty of room for shirts to be hung up, pants to be hung up so long as they are folded in half, but because it's split in half with two rods, one on the top and one halfway down the wall, I CAN'T FUCKING HANG MY DRESSES AND SKIRTS IN MY BEDROOM CLOSET. This pisses me off to no end as I try to organize my closets and realize that a big portion of my nonexistent wardrobe has to go out in the hall closet along with all the coats, shoes, ironing board, laundry detergent for the public machines that I have to use, and ALL THE OTHER JUNK THAT PEOPLE KEEP IN THEIR HALL CLOSETS.

4) The drain in the tub doesn't have a thing to catch the hair. Oh right, why would a man need something like that? So even though I try not to let my hair go down the drain, I can't catch every single damn strand, so of course now the drain has gotten all slow and gross all because of my feminine ways. I even tried pulling this drain plug out so I could replace it with a hair catcher thing, but it's not coming out on its own. Fuck this shit.

You would think that with the huge library of stories on literotica that good ones wouldn't be so difficult to come by. mad.gif And why is it that half of those same said good ones are unfinished? mad.gif mad.gif

Er, have I said too much? unsure.gif
I suspect that if I hunkered down and moved to the burbs and got a washer and dryer, I would totally be in shock at not being able to do more than one load at a time.
Cob: Morning radio DJ's. There are these misogynist bastards on the only radio channel that I get reception on at work and I loathe them!!! I try to bring cd's but when I forget, I awlays end up regretting listening to them.
okay, this is not so much a pet peeve as I'm really bloody angry but I wasn't sure where I could really vent (maybe boys are stupid).

cob: stupid, lying boys who break galpal's heart, blow her off with excuses, tell her no one else is involved, has break up sex with her then seen with previous ex (who is workmate of me and galpal) looking very couply and very guilty.
QUOTE(ginger_kitty @ Aug 24 2006, 06:07 PM) *

Cob: Morning radio DJ's. There are these misogynist bastards on the only radio channel that I get reception on at work and I loathe them!!! I try to bring cd's but when I forget, I awlays end up regretting listening to them.

One word for you, ginger_kitty - Pandora. Check it out. Totally web-based, and it's fantastic. If you want a sample, try my station. I've been tinkering with it for a while.
msp, seems pretty cool! Thanks.
cob: Other message boards. Dude, if I say "In my opinion", it does not mean that I think that is what actually happens/what I just stated is a fact/I'm somehow disregarding other peoples opinions. Sheesh.
I love my mama, but I've already spent a week with her at her house, and I brought her home for a visit with me, for another week....and I wonder how someone who lives so happily alone gets to be so darned chatty. JUST SHUT UP!

I'm going to hell.
Please excuse the double-post, but....

....fucking hell, I hate Ikea!!! Why the eff don't the stupid holes and pegs and things ever line up? Why the eff is it only possible to put their stuff together if you disobey the directions? Why the eff do I always have to dig into my own toolkit for proper screws and wall anchors?

Honestly, I am not in love with Ikea. They have some cute stuff, it's rather cheap, but I know so many people with a fetish for them and I don't get it. I'm surprised the bed we have from them hasn't fallen apart yet.

cob: People who say they are going to call at a certain time, then don't get around to it about five hours later. Never mind that I had to skip class because I thought they were going to call during it....

cob: delivery companies who leave parcel of books OUTSIDE front door. My, aren't we trusting?

cob: company who sent parcel to the wrong address anyway, ah well, you won't be surprised when I report it as lost/stolen, will you?
b -- I was once sent a QUITE LARGE CHECK -- tens of thousands of dollars -- as an unexpected payout from an unexpected inheritance that had finally gone through. The bank people called me and told me they sent it to me by UPS and I said "ARE YOU CRAZY??"

The front door to our 30 unit building was always being broken down by the homeless. I called up the company, got the estimated time of arrival, stayed home from work, told them to ring the bell -- got no bell ring, no call, not even the slightest ATTEMPT to discover whether I was home, despite my contacting them....
and went upstairs finally, at 6 pm, figuring they hadn't made it that day, only to find the envelope with my name on it and my check in it just perched on top of the mail boxes.

I mixed my thanks to god with a lot of cursing.
Oh, do I hear you about the delivery companys. I was given a gift by somebody....a plant of the month club kind of thing where every month I'd get sent a potted plant. Well, this is Wisconsin in January/February/midwinter.

The package says all over it "DO NOT FREEZE", stuff like that all over it.

Where does the UPS guy leave it? Out in my detached garage. Nice. And stuck a little note on the OUTSIDE of my porch door. Anybody in Wisconsin in midwinter knows that those sticky notes do NOT work when it's minus 20.
I get everything sent to my office. Too many times have I been working from home, glanced up and spotted the mailman put the package notification slip through our mailbox... without even checking if anyone is home so he can actually *deliver* the package, instead of re-directing it to a post office miles away, from which I am supposed to retrieve it. Bastards.
When I order anything on the web, I beg them to send it by mail. That way, when I'm not home, I don't have to go to some warehouse inaccessible by transit and 40 miles away to pick it up, I can just go around the corner. Second, (and fortunately most vendors seem to be aware of this) for stuff coming from the US, courier companies charge flat brokerage fees for duty that way exceed whatever customs/tax which don't get applied each time anyway. Office is too complicated, especially with the brokerage fees, and I was told not to receive personal mail anyway (because I objected to the policy of the receptionist opening all incoming mail - 'nother story).
QUOTE(doodlebug @ Aug 29 2006, 05:43 PM) *

and I wonder how someone who lives so happily alone gets to be so darned chatty.

She's been storing up *just for this occasion* tongue.gif
i relate to it all. f*&%ing left a parcel of 100 smackers worth of prints on the doorstep of my graffiti-encrusted, broken stepped building in brooklyn TWICE. are they high? currently fighting for money back instead of another stoop-leaving shipment.

what the kids who hang out on my stoop are doing with black and white prints of the paris metro i have no idea.
QUOTE(doodlebug @ Aug 30 2006, 04:41 AM) *

Please excuse the double-post, but....

....fucking hell, I hate Ikea!!! Why the eff don't the stupid holes and pegs and things ever line up? Why the eff is it only possible to put their stuff together if you disobey the directions? Why the eff do I always have to dig into my own toolkit for proper screws and wall anchors?


Clearly the message here is that in order to succeed you must disobey authority! biggrin.gif
Submitted for your perusal:
Ooh! My dyed slipcovers got posted on that site!
that's impressive! maybe you don't hate ikea as much now? wink.gif
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