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I would have just honked till they moved. mad.gif
Hey ginger about your friends mother getting collection calls regarding her deceased son - I really don't believe that it is legal, but that probably depends on the state they live in. However I briefly worked for Discover card and if someone passed away and their family called in to inform us we put them in contact with the legal department. The legal department would then request a copy of the death certificate and all activity would stop. Discover wouldn't ever try to collect from a surviving spouse or the estate. It really surprised me that they did it that way, but yeah they did.

Cob: people who cannot control their children in public, especially the library. I expect some loud voices and some excitement in the children's section, but seriously I don't need to see or hear your demon spawn slapping each other and screaming while I'm trying to check out books.
(pixie, i would have attempted to pull in... get reeeeeeeeeeeeal close to them, inch closer... closer... me and my honda civic are so passive aggressive...)

cob: i called an office for a professional phone conversation with a physician and the lady who answered the phone called me "honey". I was "honey" when I was 3 years old. I'm a bit older than that, now, thankyouverymuch.
QUOTE(pixiedust @ Jul 14 2006, 02:09 PM) *

People who decide to gab in the parking lot so that they take up an entire usuable not to mntion close space!
This sort of dovetails with my cob - people who walk up the middle of the row with their grocery cart and are totally oblivious to the car behind them - better yet, they start out over toward the side and drift over into the middle, so when you start to go around them they actually MOVE FURTHER INTO YOUR PATH!! And of course get incensed if you beep at them to announce your presence.

However, an anti-cob: yesterday I was driving up a main city street, following a state trooper's car, and in the lane to our left and slightly ahead of the trooper another car kept drifting over into his lane and then jerking back into her own lane, three or 4 times - finally, just as I'm yelling "DRUNK!! GET OFF THE ROAD!!" he hit his lights and pulls her over (actually, he hit his lights, then turned them up to the higher flashing speed, then hit his siren before she seemed to notice he was there. Yep, I'm fairly certain she was impaired...) I dunno, it always seems that when I see people do blatantly illegal or unsafe things and a cop is around, they just let it slide.
vecapisces, ambercherry I agree, 4 way stops not that difficult. Some people really freak out, and others just blaze right through and igore the rules.

Pixie, I hate that ,too! Don't you just love it when two people that know each other run into each other at a stop sign and block up intersections so they can chat it up! I just lay on the horn! If you want to talk pull over and by all means chat all you want. But its so rud to act like you are the only people in the world.
cob: letting your male sons run around the women's room while you're trying to piss in peace

cob: incessant news coverage about Barbaro. it's a HORSE. anyone notice a war going on? you know, PEOPLE dying?
cob: drunken boaters on the river. Every fucking summer. Shouting/laughing/fighting like drunks do, blasting their music, roaring their motors, and not wearing life jackets. They start at 7 in the morning and don't quit till the wee hours. It's reached the point where I don't even worry about what happens to them anymore. I just hate them for disturbing my peace.

cob: tourists in my favourite restaurants. Right. At. Lunchtime. Causing the kitchens and servers to be SO busy, that those of us who have a more limited time period have to grab our takeaway and wolf it down in about 1/3 of the time as we normally would. Fuck you, you're on holidays - have your lunch when the working stiffs are done!

cob: retired people who go into the bank at lunch time or on Saturday, thus adding to the already-huge line of time-crunched people. Again, you have ALL the time in the world. Why do you insist on doing things at the same time as people who don't HAVE choices about scheduling???
One more.

cob: pre-menstrual cramps and moodiness
Wow, and I thought I was the only one who dealt with people not knowing how to use a four-way stop. I think I'll join vesciapisces's sister in conducting those seminars....

Cob: Having to live with someone whose excuse for not doing a better job at cleaning up after a broken glass (as in, glass shards on the counter) is "you're not five, you know not to touch it." So, what am I supposed to do, run the risk of getting cut the next time I prepare food because of someone's laziness? This happened a few days ago and it's still pissing me off.
Cob: The men on an amateur photography forum I frequent as I am doing their home study diploma. They have threads entitled 'for da boyz' (oh dear) which consist of photographs of unaware women and their various body parts. The latest was a series of photographs where a womans skirt was blowing up revealing her arse cheeks. The rest of the men then made nudge nudge wink wink comments such as "Is that a Monopod you've got there, or are you just pleased to see me?". I feel like I'm caught up in a Benny Hill sketch.

I've just posted something about how I find it a bit icky, and now I'm waiting for the backlash. Oh joy.
Cob: When you present facts to people and they go "well thats not true", or "in my experience". Hello? Do you know what the word fact means? Gaaargh.
People who sit impatiently in their air-conditioned cars and either honk or gesture at me while I'm GETTING MY SON OUT OF MY CAR. Yes, I know you want the space next to me, but guess what? I'm not closing my door, leaving him in a rapdily warming car, and flattening myself against my vehicle so you can get to Target 30 seconds faster. You can fucking wait.

People who think that a left turning car has the right of way in ANY situation other than a.)when the green arrow is on the stoplight, or b.)they got to the intersection AHEAD of the other car. Even if you got to the intersection at the same time as the other car, you. never. have. the. right-of-way. if. you're. turning. left.

SUV's. Just, SUV's.

People who don't hold the door for old people, disabled people, or people with a load of crap in their hands. People who don't say thank you if you hold the door for them.

People who talk on a cell phone while in a restaurant, movie theatre, coffeehouse, in line at the market, while driving, at a bar, or any other place reserved for people to talk to each other/sit quietly. You're never as quiet as you think you are, and I don't want to hear about what your doctor said about the rash. Go outside.

People who smoke that still think that filling the common air with their habit is their RIGHT, and that people who don't want to have their meal sullied by the smell of cigarettes are somehow infringing on them. Health care is a right. Smoking is a privilege.

anti-cob which busty's post reminded me of : ken livingstone is to introduce an extra congestion charge in london for drivers of SUV's. About time too. You arrogant fuckwits. Maybe this will make you think twice about driving a death machine. Harumph.
I was going to post a cob, but I can't remember what it was. I guess that means I'm over it! smile.gif

punker, that reminds me of a roommate I once had, who was was right about everything, even when she was wrong. One time she insisted that some city or country was somewhere that it wasn't. I went and got my atlas to PROVE to her where the place really was, but she wouldn't even look at the atlas - just kept insisting she was right. ARGH! (We had a huge blowout not long after that and went our separate ways.)
cob: "artists" (I'm thinking writers but could apply to musicians, painters etc) who are up themselves and "do not give out this kind of information" when asked about their influences and their experience of one of their predecessor's work. You too were a Masters student and it is nice to give people writing a dissertation a bit of self-confidence; you may find by being so arsey that people value your work less.

If I ever make it as a writer I would love to have people take an interest in my work!!!
Yeah, SUVs are my big cob at the moment. Along with people who refute any arguements that they're hazardous to the environment and the safety of pedestrians, occupants and other road users with the response that 'you're just jealous of people who can afford to own one'.
I am? I can't even drive for starters. Maybe I could buy it and just park it outside my house to let everyone know that I have more money than sense...
People who don't hold the door for old people, disabled people, or people with a load of crap in their hands. People who don't say thank you if you hold the door for them.

This one bothers me a lot, since I usually hold the door open for just about everyone. Another door-opening related cob: When older men won't let me hold the door open for them. I'm just trying to be polite, dude, not castrate you or anything.
Also: Straight people who can't take or make gay jokes about themselves. Not mean gay jokes, mind you, but I don't trust anyone whom is so disgusted by homosexuality that their response to someone of the same sex whom they know isn't gay jokingly flirting with them is an emphatic, "I'M NOT GAY!"
cob: guys who radiate their white male privilege, and give YOU dirty looks when you refuse to give way as they ride their expensive bicycle past you on a narrow sidewalk. WTF? Ride on the road like you're supposed to, asshole, and if I get one more dirty look from you, I'm shoving your bicycle over, with you on it. And put a fuckin' helmet on, you wanker.
cob: People who think they know my job better than me.

cob: People who think the sun shines out of their little brats arses and so won't tell them off.

cob: People who come up to get their books issued and then act surprised when I ask for their library card. You have been to a library before right?

cob: Parents who act like you are the anti-christ if you won't let the aforementioned brats stamp their own books and scan them in. I'm pretty damn busy ok and I don't have time for that shit.

cob: Getting cds through the post with broken cases.
Cob: It seems like whenever I go out to a queer-related bar or bar night, I get harassed by guys on the street, either on my way there or on the way home. I must give off some sort of "I'm not interested in guys tonight" vibe or something. Or maybe it's that I make more of an effort to look good when I go to queer bars.

Cob: Partly because of assholes like that, and partly because the culture of fear women are supposed to live in, I can't walk home at night without people telling me to take an emergency whistle and be careful. I am careful, I listen to my instincts even when they seem silly, and I know that 99% of people I see in the "bad" part of town (which is not usually where I get harassed, by the way) aren't going to do anything other than ask me for change or say hi. I know people care about me and are just worried about me, but they shouldn't have to worry, and I shouldn't have to feel like I don't have the right to walk home, like I'm causing people to lose stress and lose sleep.
The idea that women aren't as talented musicians as men, don't enjoy "proper" music like men do, or somehow don't know as much about music.

My friend and I are hugely into music and we got into a conversation the other night with a guy and he said that Hurt was a Johnny Cash song covered by Nine Inch Nails, which is wrong. We told him he was wrong and my friend even gave him the release dates, but he insisted we were wrong and didn't know what we were talking about. At this point my boyfriend butted in and said we were right and suddenly its all "my mistake", and "never mind" and "yeah ok". Sorry? Why do we get abuse for it and he gets automatic acceptance that hes right?

Not that I'm annoyed my boyfriend told him, because I'm glad he backed us up. I am annoyed that it took him to get our point across.
cob: All the stupid pickup trucks and SUVs that tailgate me for only going 5km over the speed limit. Sorry, I really don't feel like doing 130 in a 100 zone, and I'm in the slow lane anyway!! Why are these people always in such a hurry? And don't they care about how much gas they're wasting?
Fucking hell. I'm gonna post this here b/c if I post it anywhere else, it's gonna start a fight. It might anyway.

Why? Why did people beg and plead for an "ignore" feature, while complaining about how the tr*lls were offending them in the Lounge....but now that we HAVE the "ignore" feature, some people (yes, people who complained and begged and pleaded) are still poking the tr*lls and otherwise drawing attention to them, all the while threatening to "ignore" them? It's reaching the point where there are actual busties - busties whom I normally get along with - that I want to put on "ignore," because I'm sick of reading all the nastiness. Come ON people. What is so difficult? Just flip on the "ignore" switch and then actually IGNORE! OK? YOU HAVE THE POWER!!

This is my cob. I'm sorry if anyone is offended. But hypocrisy offends ME.

Also, my cob is the waterbomber that keeps flying by, at what sounds and feels like mere inches above my abode. Welcome to fire season in BC.
Oh! (Too lazy to edit.) Also, big cob....the cats....since last night I lost my FOURTH Ikea lamp in two years to a moth-hunting spree. *le sigh*
Don't mind me, I'm just roaming around the lounge stalking Doodlebug. Doodle, my bro fights forest fires in Hope, eh?
Doodle ... Doodle... maybe the cats are IKEA LAMP hunting!
DIE YOU LAMP!! *kapow!*
doodle, some of us just need a minute to figure out who really is a tr*ll and who's just a bit feisty (some peeps were still not sure even after the "impersonation", remember?).
i don't want to stick everyone who bugs me onto that list lickety split like, ye know. they're all on there now that it's proven beyond a shadow of a doubt though.

cob:being made to stand up at the bank all. F-ing. day. long.
is it such a terrible, horrible idea that we be allowed stools for maude's sake!!
hello, my aging legs over here, dangit! they just hurt right up to my earlobes. gar!
Doodle, I entirely agree with you and just haven't posted because it would be adding to the fray. But yes, the squabbling in here is beginning to drown out the worthwhile stuff.

I don't use the ignore button. I just... ignore. I ignore irritating people in IRL too. Life's too short.

My actual cob, the reason I came in:
Stfling packed bus this morning, full of hot unhappy people... and a 2-seater bench seat taken by a man, his bag and his newspaper. Because, y'know, he's special. I stood over him and smiled until he moved his Very Important Accroutements so I could sit down. Dickwad.
doodlebug he responsible for the waterbomber over my abode? smile.gif Good luck to him....

wombat, that was a reeeeeeeeeeeeally good laugh! I needed it!

syb, life's short, I agree! I also think it's worth trying to work through some of the shitty stuff with people, too, though....

pepper, my issue was that some people were carrying on poking the person identified as a troll, even AFTER they'd identified the person as a troll. I really don't want to name names and make it worse; I'm just tired of it - especially after we all clamoured for this new feature to avoid these exact problems. It seems like the nastiness against trolls gets worse than the actual trolling. It's easy to avoid trolls by putting the on ignore switch, but harder to avoid the troll-poking without blocking legit busties. AND it's STILL going on in several threads. So. That's where I'm at.
girl, i saw what you meant today. it is kinda crappy. i 'ignore' that shit for a reason yo, i Don't want to see it quoted and kept up all over the place. it's tiresome.
still, asshat was a personal challenge to me, he really worked hard at yanking chains and it ticked me off like an obnoxious little brother episode (i have two younger bros, the little punks). i see where it can be hard to let it go but it has no place here so... hafta starve the bad and feed the good i suppose.
cob: hearing the neighbor start up the lawn mower at 7:30 am ughhhhh!!! I am not a morning person AT ALL!!!!
completely agree with that cob. i've had neighbors--weekend, weekday, whatever--start up the lawnmower, leaf blower, some loud-ass machine for yardwork in the early hours. it can be so disturbing for people who actually have a day to sleep in. bleah. not everyone wants to wake up at the crack of dawn to do outside work on their day off, people.
FUCK SHIT FUCK FUCK FUCK. I hate hate HATE working on the weekends. What circle of hell is this, anyway? I cannot wait until this misery is over and done with. What a literal pain in the neck (too bad Advil doesn't help). It's not natural to sit in front of a computer for hours on end. I just way to lay on the beach and read trashy novels and go for long walks in the surf like I should be doing during the summer. I'm too pissed off to cry about it.
olhak, i've got you beat. about twice a month, the house outside my complex has someone weed-whacking their ENTIRE lawn starting at 5:30 AM!!! even with windows shut and AC on, you can still hear it. oh, and this is on a weekday.

i swear to god if it happens again i will... i don't know yet, but it won't be pretty ;-)
cob: What is so freaking difficult about cleaning up after your dog, PEOPLE IN MY BUILDING? (But of course that can go for people anywhere who refuse to clean up after their animal.) You know, if you have your own house and yard, and really don't mind having dog shit everywhere...fine whatever, just advise your guests not to roam off in your yard. But the area outside of an apartment is small and doesn't belong to you. Dozens of people use it. You really shouldn't own a damned dog if you can't even clean up after it. It's gross to see dog shit laying everywhere, and frusturating for other dog owners who don't want their dogs around your dog's shit.

And I retain every right to bitch about this, b/c I ALWAYS clean up after my dog.
ok, so it's nice to live with my mom again for a little while, but...

very specific cob: she unplugs the toaster oven between each use because she thinks it will spontaneously explode, a la a few decades ago. OK, fine...but she evidently unplugs it BEFORE it dings to signal the end of toasting.

So I wander downstairs sleepy and bleary-eyed, grab some bread and plug in the toaster, which immediately goes DIIINNNNGGG!!!! and scares the crap out of me. wtf? It's totally weird, but the cob is there nonetheless...
oh What the Fuck girls?!

COB: checking a New thread posted by a Newbie that has already had several views but NO ONE has bothered to say anything about the netiquette here.

hello, even if you are shy couldja please, please just give the new girls a hint about new threads, where to check in, where to check stuff out, etc? would it Kill you already? sheesh. it's only a handful of busties who are bothering to do it at all, but i notice it's way more than a handyful of busties willing to complain about things getting messy in here. come on now.
Welcome to my level of hell, raisingirl. I can't remember the last weekend I had off.

Cob: people who overreact to stuff
cob: not being able to sit and read all day
cob: insomnia
Hey y'all...what are you town's noise by-laws? All you have to do is report them to the by-law officer. Ours say no noise disturbances before 7 or 8 AM (can't remember which)...

Anyone who used their weedwacker near me at 5:30 AM would find me playing Metallica outside their bedroom window at midnight, frankly....
cob: Stupid payroll people who can never ever get my pay right. Really. I need to eat. I am fed up of going into my overdraft. I am very pissed off about this.

cob: People who eat my food and don't ask, nor replace it.

cob: People trying to tell me how to do my job.
cob: the fucking building site across the road. I don't know what they're doing now but the fucking floor keeps jumping. In the most unpleasant way.

cob: they start at eight thirty in the morning.
cob: recist asshole neighbors who hate cats and white people!

solution: move out of fucking slum apartment and into a mobile home community in a nice aria. The cost is about the same but the privacy is priceless!

cob: dickhead neo-con Republican politicians who cater to Mexicans and women, at the expence of working American men, and then preach about the virtues of "family values".

solution: vote for third party candidates who don't take campaign contributions from multi-mational corporations.

cob: tax cuts for the rich, institutionalized open borders and no sign of a draft at a time when we're supposed to be fighting a global war on terrorism.

solution: Bomb Iran into submission NOW; then send in a million man occupation force, and, of cource, make Iran pay for their own reconstruction.

You know, I've often dreamed about moving to a community in a nice aria. I think it would be a beautiful thing to hear opera singers practicing while I'm doing the dishes or folding my laundry on a Saturday afternoon.
Hee raisingirl. Just beware of falling stage sets... or imposed melodrama!
At least you'd know when it's over....
totally ot: sixe I looooove that eddie picture.

cob: my brain hurts (in best Gumby voice)
cob: wasn't there a "death to VERIZON" thread a long time ago? b/c i always wondered what sort of terrible service drove some BUSTie to start a thread entirely devoted to one company.

now i know.

day 5 of no dial tone.

if i have to call the automated 800 # again i'm going to go fucking apeshit.
Crazyoldcatlady, what's their issue? I've had them for years and I've only really cursed them for billing things (i.e. "forgetting" about the free evenings/weekends one month and charging me $2000 or some ridiculous amount on the next bill). GAH. Cob.
in summary (home phone service, btw):
-automated service is a bitch to navigate.
-i've talked to "live" ppl who give me "direct" numbers only to find out -that those numbers don't even belong to verizon.
-scheduled a home call for today. 8-5pm window. no one fixed it. no one called to say they wouldn't be in.
-called them today, asked wtf was up with no service call, lady cut me off mid-sentence with hold muzak (!)
-talked to her supervisor who said "i don't know what you want me to do" (ummmmmm... don't make me wait 6 days to get a phone fixed?)

sorry to go OT, back to regular COB's...
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