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All right, all right, I'll admit it: in casual conversation I sometimes refer to HB as "the fella". We're too damned old to be boyfriend & girlfriend.
if my husband would let me call him Daddy, I would. He refuses.
cob: today's weather, high of 72, low of 30???
i always call my friends husbands, "the hubby" if i don't remember, know, or care what their name is.

cob: hanging out with my friends new boyfriend at the county fair, and .... it never even registers when a guy rests his arm on his girl's shoulder unless he does in one of these ways(which bug the ever loving fuck out of me.:

1)the mugger. (thank god he didn't do this) bicep behind the neck, the crook of the arm around the neck, as if he were going to mug her.

2)steering/ the scruff. he would put his hand on the back of her neck, the thumb on one side, the four fingers on the other side, as if her neck were a pole. he would use his hand to steer her around. she is more than 50 years old. honestly i wanted to fucking throttle him, but she was happy, and did not notice. personally, she fell a long ways in my esteem.

cob: teenagers who lounge in the middle of busy (or even not-so-busy) streets instead of on sidewalks, street corners, etc. this behavior is further enraging when you approach in your vehicle and the aforementioned teenagers either (a) saunter out of the way as slowly as possible giving you hostile glances all the while or (cool.gif this one is my favorite; STAND there appraising you with what they believe is their oh-so-bad-ass-selves, verily swaggering in their inflated sense of self concept. it seems that both preschoolers and wild animals are intelligent enough to move out of the way of oncoming traffic, but not american teenagers???

(my aplogies to any young busties reading; no, i don't mistakenly believe that all teens behave this way. i surely didn't. i did my share of butt-stupid stuff; i just tried not to involve other people when i was doing it).
cob: know it alls.

cob: people who don't say thank you when I've gone out of my way to do something for you, I'll remember that, and next time I won't be offering my assistance for your issue. I have my contacts, get your own.
koffeewitch, there have always been kids on my parents street who play hockey and when I would approach them in my car, instead of just moving, they would ever so slowly get out of the way and sometimes barely even move the net! Back when my brother and his friends played street hockey they would always yell "Car!!" then get out of the way as fast as possible. Any time I go back home and encounter these kids I am tempted to rev the engine as loudly as possible.
Cob: Love and Dating

Anti-Cob: Love (but not dating!)

Cob: people who suck and lick their teeth. Umm, eeewwwwwwwwww!
cob: people who are martyrs to their jobs. Especially HERE, of all fucking places, at the gov't-owned lottery corporation. Hello????? What exactly do you think you're martyring yourself FOR?????
Cob: My friend's insistence on sounding like an idiot when it comes to anything with more than a few syllables. She keeps bitching about having trouble with her "cyanotic nerve". There is no such thing (There is nerve damage that comes from many breathing disorders & pulmonary edema, etc that is termed cyanotic.) & no matter how many times I use the words "sciatic nerve" in front of her, she insists on "cyanotic". She also pronounces "oregano" as OR-uh-GON-o. Like "Oregon" with super weird emphasis.
aural, the only time I heard that pronunciation of the word "oregano" was in the British film Calendar Girls. Is your friend British?

I don't get the sciatic thing. There is no "s". It's like how people put an "s" in my name when they first meet me. Um, where did you hear me pronounce the letter "s"?
Not a Brit, just ignorant & reveling in it apparently.

Wait. I am confused. Am I not spelling/pronouncing "sciatic" properly? I know it's also called the "ischiatic", but here the US the former spelling/pronunciation is more common.
You spelled sciatic correctly, AP. Looking at the timing from cc_girl's post here and in the inebriated thread, um, I think she may have read your post incorrectly. wink.gif
Yeah, once I worked my way down the queue I kinda figured that out for myself. She must've had one hell of a night! biggrin.gif
And by there is no "s" what I meant was there is no "n" in sciatic. And then I tried to segue into how people always add an "s" to my name. blah.
On cooking shows I've heard ORuhGANo from non-native english may be the correct italian pronounciation of the word.
Agreed that when it is uttered by native english speakers, it does sound either pretentious or stupid.
However, A.P. is your friend from a recently immigrated family...maybe she learned this pronounciation from a mother or grandmother?
Can't say I have a defence for mispronouncing sciatica, especially if she claims to suffer from it...

That said, I pronounce the word onion with a G...(ung-yun) because it is ingrained in my vocab. from my mother and I have to make an extremely deliberate effort to stop...
it is time for my anual bitch about air conditioning. The first cold mornign of the season (which felt kind of nice) is now followed by my coldest shift ever as the offices NEVER can adapt fast enough to weather changes. blink.gif The ac is still on for goodness sakes!
This after a morning shower that never did get warm. I am really thinking about not showing again until Wednesday after I have moved to my new apartment where the water is warm and all things are good.
kitten, I completely agree! I love my new job but the office is freezing! Also, at my high school we didn't have air conditioning but the heat wasn't turned on until November! In Canada, ferchrissakes! According to one of my teachers, it was the school board that decided on one set date to turn on the heat. It didn't matter if we had a sudden cold streak, they just went with that date. Cheap bastards.
Um, koffeewitch...'native English speakers'? Aren't they from, say, England?

I'm sure I often sound pretentious, but I hope it's not in the field of herbal pronunciation biggrin.gif
laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif Jeez, ya'll! There are NO special circumstances, I wouldn't have bitched about it if there were because then she'd have a legitimate reason for it. She's just plain old dumb/stubborn & happy that way! laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
My dad pronounces spaghetti like sub-ghetti. Any word that begins with "spa" turns into "sub". I thought maybe it was just him until I heard his sister do it. Maybe it's an Indian thing.
QUOTE(Persiflager @ Sep 28 2009, 09:36 PM) *
Um, koffeewitch...'native English speakers'? Aren't they from, say, England?

I'm sure I often sound pretentious, but I hope it's not in the field of herbal pronunciation biggrin.gif

...yes and no. English is also the native language of the US, Canada, Austrailia, Ireland, Wales and of every family whose mother tongue is english regardless of geographical location. If you were born in Butan but your family only speaks english you are a native (natal) english speaker. Native spanish speakers can live in Mexico, South or Central America, right? They don't just live in Spain.

But anyway, something tells me I am missing the gist of your comment (I'm not trying to imply that you don't realize what language we're speaking; I'm well aware Busties are wicked smart chicks)...I was talking about NON-native english speakers, those whose native language might be italian or spanish... or were you referring to an earlier comment about Brits who pronounce words differently?? I FEEL like I'm missing something here, so apologies if I am misconstruing your comment. Later, when I GET IT, I'll probably feel like a jackass. tongue.gif
I have to say, I work at one those places (and I'm specializing in heating and cooling) where there is a set date for the summer/winter switchover. Although I think in our case I think we have an excuse...we have almost 400 buildings to switch over!

It's not that difficult in a house, but in some large building systems, it is a PITA to switch over, so they wait to make sure there are not going to be any warm days coming up, before they do it. I mean, in large buildings, you're talking about draining thousands of gallons of fluid out of cooling towers, pumping cooling coils full of antifreeze, filling heating systems that might take thousands of gallons of treated water, switching air intakes on air handlers, venting steam coils,turning off big HUGE circulating pumps and starting a different can be pretty involved. It can take several days of work in some cases. You don't want to do it and then a week later get a warm snap and have everybody complaining because their offices are 90 degrees. It's a lot easier to warm up in a cold office than it is to cool down in a warm heaters, sweaters, etc.

Just my .02.....

(not to step on anybody's toes...I hate freezing in a cold room as much as everybody else....sorry.)
cob:people who google spew because they really haven't got an argument in a debate. look, i respect you enough to never post anything i don't believe to be true. show me the same respect.

anti cob: after reading an article, actually calling the reporter and asking them questions, even tho the piece was more than two years old. seriously what is wrong with me.
Well, given that we're arguing over pronunciation, I don't think you can lump American and English English-speakers together! Or the Butanese, for that matter.... damn, google won't tell me how they pronounce oregano.

See, I'm English, and I say ORuhGANo (and I'm not switching to the funny American pronunciation even thought I've just researched it and it's apparently closer to the Italian - it would cause havoc in the supermarket). So I was initially surprised that you thought we all 'sounded pretentious and stupid', as the tone of your post seemed non-confrontational, then assumed you were using 'native' to mean 'native to the US'. I was therefore amused to find myself a non-native English speaker tongue.gif

Ah, I just wanted to tease you! I get your point below, but I think (especially in the context of dialect variations) it's natural to read 'native Spanish speakers' (say) as referring to people from Spain, as opposed to Mexico. I'm not aware of significant inherent pronunciation differences between people who learn a language later in life, and those who learnt it from birth.

Persiflager- aha, i knew there was a reasonable explanation. I should have clarified that. In the US we have many people who adopt European pronouncians of words to try and sound more sophisticated or worldly...that stupid/pretentious remark was meant for them. Not for people who are speaking the language of hearth and home. ALso agreed on the dif. between England english and US english. Howerer, I would never say I speak American. For one thing it would be racist as hell to assume that the US is the total of America so that would leave my language as United Statesian...rather awkward, you see. tongue.gif Anyway, both your explanation and your teasing appreciated. Thank you for clearing that up for me, I knew there was something I was missing...
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Sep 29 2009, 11:30 PM) *
anti cob: after reading an article, actually calling the reporter and asking them questions, even tho the piece was more than two years old. seriously what is wrong with me.

I LOVE this. Thank Goddess for you, many times has an article left me raging and screaming with a cob up my ass?! Now THAT was what the fuck I should have done. I wish you had a recording of the conversation for us so we could all enjoy vicariously. You have no idea how happy it makes me to picture someone actually calling up the reporter and making them justify what they put into print. (Picture emoticon doing a victory dance and bowing to your incredible chutzpah).
Cob: The people in my office (who are all older than 25 because I am the youngest!) who don't know how to load a dishwasher or leave their filthy dishes lying on the counter for me to put away. As the "office assistant", technically it is my job to load and unload the dishwasher but I think that grown adults should know how to do this / be willing to put forth some effort, especially since they never rinse their dishes and leftover food is just plain nasty.

I don't know, maybe I'm overreacting, but it is very aggravating to have to clean up after people who are too lazy to do it themselves. If the dishwasher is empty just slide your dishes in, people!

I have honestly thought about making them all gather in the kitchen to learn how to load the dishwasher as well. Honestly, one does not have to be a genius at geometry to understand how to make things fit.

/end rant.
cob: a certain member of one of my school groups. Yesterday the three of us met up and she couldn't be there but there were special circumstances. The three of us agreed that we could meet up on Saturday and she says she can't be there again. Seriously, it's like 3/4 of us can meet up but she is never available!

cob: this is the 3rd day I went shopping but forgot to get new batteries for my mouse. I hate using my laptop mouse.
cob: crappy old cars as loud as motorcycles, tearing past my apartment at all hours, setting off blaring car alarms along the way. GRRRRRR
ugh, humanist that sucks. There are a few people in my building who have motorcycles and I swear it's like they just sit in the driveway and rev the engine.

cob: the fucking swarm of mosquitoes that covers my balcony and my window screens because of this wet weather. I don't understand how they're still alive at this temperature but they are. I can't even open my windows because they can get through the screen. Then they come in and go to any wet area (sink, tub, etc) and also they just die and end up on my floor. It's so gross. And it's like a sign of the apocalypse or something.
Big fat Cob: People who give me unsolicited and contrary advice on raising my children. Especially people who have never had children of their own and have no authority to speak on the subject. Yes, I breastfeed in public if my baby is hungry (do people really want to listen to a screaming baby)?? Yes, I raise my kids to be vegetarian (criticism here comes from folks who let their kids eat sugar smacks for breakfast and Happy Meals the rest of the day). Yes, I homeschool. Yes, I let my son play with babydolls (how else will he learn to be a good, responsible father someday)?? Yes, my son potty trained really late. (It was explained that I should "beat his ass every time he pissed his pants so he would...what exactly? Be afraid to urinate and have bowel movements for fear of a thrashing)?? And the cycle of questions/accusations and advice goes on and on...
anti-cob: When someone takes the time to say thank you. I am happy to do this because I think it's important but it is really nice when someone says thank you.

cob- the thank you reminds me of all the people who are not capable of a simple "thanks"
LadyJ, I am so with you on that. It's like people who don't wave when you let them into traffic.
I hate that my job entails sitting in a little room with three other women, two of whom have the narrowest minds of most of the people in my world. They base all their worldly socio-political opinions solely on their narrow, personal experiences of life, and what they see on network TV. They are petty provincials, in the worst sense of the idea. And the worst thing is that they think they are well-rounded and thoughtful individuals, and have no problem trying to make me feel ashamed or silenced for my own views of the world. They are compassionless assholes. I can't wait to get out of this office.
koffeewitch, i am so with you! people who tell others how to raise their kids top my list of annoyances.

cob: being broke. even though we have actual income now, i still can't catch up.

anti-cob: we aren't going to starve, and we have a roof over our heads.
cob:going out to dinner with a friend only to discover she's become a diet zombie. no i don't care what foods you can't eat. no, i don't care about your cleansing, no, i'm not surprized you are whining about what foods you can't eat. no, i'm not surprised you don't like your food.

what i am surprised by is what a tedious self involved bore you've become. i used to adore hanging out with you, now it's only slightly better than a teeth cleaning.

anti cob:dinner was short because we couldn't go for drinks or dessert after. thank god.

cob:meeting yet another amazing many whip smart-assy foxy woman who i get a crush on, who it turns out has way-too complicated love life, dates for every day of the week, and extremely, extremely shitty taste in men who treat them like crap. [headdesk]

anti-cob:awesome funny as fuck new friends with instant chemistry.

cob:lonely as FUCK.[headdesk reprise]

[eta: also? [headdesk]]
GT - maybe we should just fuck off everyone else and run away together.

of course, we'd probably drive each other crazy with our perfection wink.gif

that is a tempting offer, zoya.

i don't claim to be anything approaching perfection, but as your friend, i promise never to talk about my diet, unless it's to say:
1) i'm eating with my fingers, acos i don't like chopsticks,
2) the greasier, weirder, and less healthy it is the better,
3)it all looks so good i want to shove it down my gullet RIGHT NOW!
i will always be a good sport when we go out for drinks or food.

i will also promise to try to:
1) have a snarky/smart assy comment at the ready
2)constantly tell you how freaking awesome/cute/funny/dorky you are.
3)listen to everything you say intently, and ask intelligent questions if you try to listen to 50% of what i talk about.*

*which was beyond the capabilities of my friend last night. if it wasn't about her/her diet/hating the food she couldn't be bothered to even listen, all the while insisting "but i'm a foodie!!" no, you used to be a foodie. now you are a bore.
Do I get to visit?
well considering you're already married to GT, I think that this will be a polygamous (polyamorous?) relationship....
..I want in too... biggrin.gif
get to? i'd say it's mandatory.
ah yes... conjugal visits.... biggrin.gif
GT, I have a friend like that as well. She's not a diet zombie so much as a health nut but she is constantly cutting more and more things out of her diet. She doesn't eat meat, or milk or cheese (but I think she eats yogurt), she's trying to cut out sugar almost completely and now she's not eating starchy foods. At this point I wonder what's left for her to eat. The last time we went out she ordered a salad with no dressing and picked out all the cheese. All that was left were the actual greens and a few bits of cucumber and tomato.
yeah. it kinda sucks. she used to be a ball to go eat with cos we'd order whatever sounds good and we talk about everything under the moon. last night it was "i can't eat...zzzzzzzzzzzzz" i asked her what her goal was for going on the diets, she said, "clarity." i asked clarity in what? (no idea). i asked how long she was doing it, because i wanted to wait out the storm. (no idea). we went to a place that everyone adores in town. she had never been. it's a provential thai place. she ordered a exotic kind of chicken soup, that had salad on the side. she asked them to grill the chicken instead of steamed (really? wtf?) then complained about it "tasting funny." [headdesk] i told her to send it back (cos i was tired of her fucking picking at it, and bitching about how it tasted). the server was sweet and brought her some plain chicken pho, which she liked just fine. then she complained that the earlier dish should have been plain chicken soup with nothing on the side, because that's all she wanted. never mind that it was clearly described in the menu.

boooooo. she's dumb.
lol. See, I wasn't sure if I should have been annoyed with my friend or just annoyed with myself because I should have known better than to suggest eating at a restaurant. In my experience, most restaurants aren't veggie friendly but then if I had suggested Thai or Indian she would have shot it down because "all those spices" give her the runs. I don't understand how anyone can be vegetarian on a western style diet.

She's becoming a total food nazi though. At one point she and her boyfriend were talking about what it would be like if they had kids and he said that he would take them to baseball games and they would have hotdogs. And immediately she was like "Nooooooooo!" to the hotdogs because of course they are full of chemicals and meat and fat and whatever else is bad for you. But seriously, they won't kill you. I'm afraid that if she ever has kids they'll be the weird kids who can never join in what the other kids are eating because it's not allowed. I'm not saying that all this food is good for us but I think that food has a huge part in our socialization. Anyway, I'm off on a tangent but this article articulates everything I've been thinking.
anna k
I've been feeling irritated the past couple of days, so I have some peeves stored up.

People who stand right behind me when I'm making a purchase. I stand several spaces away from someone making a purchase at a store, waiting patiently. When I go up there, I can see and feel someone right behind me, being too fucking anxious to to make their purchase and want me to get out. It pisses me off, I don't want strangers in my personal space if I can help it, and it makes me want to snap at them to back it up a few feet. It's rude and obnoxious.

People, but mostly men, who hand me their bags when I do coatcheck and always tell me it's "heavy." It's usually not heavy at all, just with a little weight in it, and I find it annoying when they say it because they think I can't pick up something heavy. I am stronger than I look, and it's generally men who do this, including my dad, who would hand me something light as a feather if we were moving things, like a lamp or a pillow, while my mom would give me a heavy box.

Another on the personal space issue: When sitting on a crowded train that slowly becomes emptier the more times people leave at stops, some asshole (man or woman) is still sitting crammed in close to me, despite all the empty space now left, including on his/her side. I see this, am annoyed that they won't move their ass or at least inch away from me onto free space, and I end up moving to a new spot because I can't stand someone sitting so damn close to me if they can help it.

My brother being a careless slob. We live together, and he never cleans the apartment, doesn't contribute to paying his half of the bills (I pay in full, he gives me his part) unless I remind him, leaves the computer on when neither of us is home, using up electricity, leaving a giant fucking pile of his dirty laundry in the common room, and just taking advantage of me as the cleaner, bill-payer, and restocking household items (like him neglecting to get toilet paper).

Being on an elevator with a heavy cart and a young woman. The door opens, I try to push the cart, the wheels get caught in the gap. The woman starts talking to someone on her cell phone, pretty much ignoring me trying to push the cart, until I told her to hold the doors open for me. I just hated that she was pretty blase to me obviously needing help, and wanted to smack her.

It seems like this always happens. Whenever I go to a bank after-hours to use an ATM, I'm first there by myself. Then it seems like seconds after I get the door open with a card swipe, somebody immediately shows up behind me and needs to use the ATM too, getting by on my card swipe. This almost always happens, and I think "Where were you ten seconds ago? I was just here by myself and now you show up almost immediately after I get the door open?" It's like someone just hanging back until I get the door open and sliding in on a free ride or something.

Sorry for this being so long, I just get annoyed by anyone too uncomfortably close to me, being rude, or assuming that I'm weak because I'm a young woman.
eeeek. I'm guilty of the "it's heavy" thing. Although I only say it if it feels a little heavy to ME....and I usually say, "it's KINDA heavy"....
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