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Holy crap, mornington: someone should take that tool aside and put a corn cob up his ass.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Oct 15 2008, 07:23 PM) *
cob: People who bitch and complain about the government, then re-elect them. You also don't have the right to complain because you're an idiot.

cob: ditto to above and of course wasting $300 million taxpayer dollars to do so.

anti-cob: our election must have cost way less than the American election is costing. Sorry ladies to the south.

cob: crazy semi drivers who think it's okay to cut you off, pass on hills, and make it to the next town a full 2 minutes before you do. I'm sure it was worth almost running me off the road.

anti-cob: living in a small northern area with very little traffic, so idiot truck drivers aren't always on the road at the same time as me
cob: F'ing internet website that sent me a completely different item then what I ordered. I mean completely different, not even in the same category as the type of item I ordered.
Major COB: Having new nasty neighbors with roaches, and the lil bastards are starting to come over here into MY apartment.

I have never had roaches in my life. And I ain't gonna start now! UUUgh I'm so pissed. I can't even see straight. And it is damn near impossible for me to find out where they're coming in at. OOOH I hate this. mad.gif
cob: middle-class people who say they support mccain when they don't actually know much of anything about him except that "he promises to lower taxes while obama wants to raise taxes." PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE. Uggh. All they have to hear is the word "taxes" and they get all riled up. A bigger tax return means more money to buy a flat-screen TV with! Yaaaaaaaaay!!!
cob : my bf dumping my butt after 7 years, explaining that he wants to see what else is out there, complaining we didnt have enough sex.

BIG cob: learning that now EX bf cheated several times with common friends.

major MAJOR cob : when asked WHY he didnt let me know that there was a problem, because,you know, we ARE a couple, and are suppose to let the other know when something is WRONG, said boyfriend says : ''I was afraid you would break up with me if you found out I was cheating'' OH REALLY????

huge huge huge cob : still having feelings for that idiot.
Cob: People who come up behind you and your dog, silently, and then get pissed when your dog goes nuts and you can't reel your dog in fast enough.
being called the following:
1) "hon"
2) "sweetie"
3) "dear"
cob: automatic flushing toilets and the fact that they go off at the following instances:

-when I enter the bathroom stall
-while I'm still sitting on the toilet
-before I get a chance to actually throw the toilet paper in
-not when I actually stand up and want it to flush
-after I've flushed it manually and left the stall

Seriously, these things are a waste of water and money.
cob: Having bag stolen by nasty bag thieves and not being able to wake up flatmate to let me in and being stuck outside for an hour in the snow last night when I had soaking wet shoes and was freezing cold.

anti-cob: Learning that lanky boy is good in a crisis.
cob: people on dog-owner message boards who act like pompous know-it-alls and come across as condescending pricks, treating you like you and your veterinarian are too fucking stupid to diagnose a problem and question every decision you make. This is why I avoid those boards. The cat people are more normal than they are and that's a little scary.
cob: Halloween on a Friday night + warm weather + alcohol = stupidity Women who decide this is the time of year to dress up like a whore and conform to someone elses idea of what is sexy.

anti-cob: the woman who dressed up like the crazy old cat lady from The Simpsons.

anti-cob: staying up till 12 am and getting to see an awesome Doom Metal band, starting to drink water at the right time and not having a hang over. Awesomeness.
QUOTE(missladyj @ Nov 1 2008, 03:21 PM) *
cob: Halloween on a Friday night + warm weather + alcohol = stupidity Women who decide this is the time of year to dress up like a whore and conform to someone elses idea of what is sexy.

anti-cob: the woman who dressed up like the crazy old cat lady from The Simpsons.

Yeah, prophecy and I decided that it would make more sense to just drop the facade and dress up as a prostitute. Sad that that would be more original these days.

Are you sure she was dressed up? blink.gif laugh.gif
I'm sure she was dressed in cosutume. she had a pink dress, long grey sweater with stuffed animal cats attached to it. When I said hi crazy old cat lady, she yelled unintelligably at me. so perfect!
ANTI-COB: I can no longer hang my head in shame - I'm now from a blue state (Ohio) and Obama is president!!!! I swear I actually cried with joy. Huge, huge anti-cob biggrin.gif
I hate to sound like a spoil sport, but my cobs of the morning are Arizona and California both passing gay marriage bans, plus my senator is still Norm Coleman. sad.gif

Anti-cob--Obama winning, of course. I was crying a little bit too last night while listening to his acceptance speech.
I hate to sound like a spoil sport, but my cobs of the morning are Arizona and California both passing gay marriage bans, plus my senator is still Norm Coleman.

That sucks! But it is a good reminder that we have just begun to fight.
did prop 8 go thru lilac? i've been looking everywhere and not found anything.
Last I heard, they hadn't called Prop 8 in CA, but it wasn't looking good. AZ and FL did pass theirs mad.gif

And I still have the same crappy Rethuglican state senator, too. Feh.
I guess every bright cloud has to have a dark lining: Coleman, ugh. How Minnesotans didn't elect Al Franken, I'll never know. Unless the strong showing by 3rd-party candidates in & around Hennepin was dominated by left-leaning votes.

Almost all my life I've been a third-party voter and campaigner (minus a brief stint in HS working for the lesser of two evils). This is the first time I've felt what people often accused me of: splitting the vote. Is it true? Please tell me the third party candidates were fascists or christian law revivalists or something, lilac!
I read that California followed suit.

i guess everyone knows about prop 8 by now. how sad. i've only been following this one the past few days and the issue is still decades away out here in the land of steel mills and beer, so i'm not sure of all the ramifications: does this mean all the marriages that were already licensed are now annulled?

again- so sad. what a dichotomy we're living in: such great changes, yet so much stays the same.
Tommy, there was a third party candidate that got 15% of the vote, but I don't know how many of those people would have voted for Franken in the first place. Both him and Coleman were getting some flak for taking money from groups outside the state, and it was a pretty negative campaign all around to the point where I was seriously considering voting for anyone else besides those two. The third party candidate held Wellstone's seat in Congress after he died, so I don't know if he could be classified as a radical right wing-bot, and there were a few other people on the ballot that got votes. I don't think blaming third party candidates is the answer, since who knows how many of those people wouldn't have voted otherwise.

The Franken camp is demanding a recount since it ended up being less than a 450 vote difference between him and Coleman, so maybe there's still hope. smile.gif
My current ginormous cob up my ass is people who tell me I need to be happy about the positive and not focus on the negative.

I am beyond thrilled that Obama won. But I am sickened that my state passed prop 8, so much it makes me feel physically ill. Sorry if I can't just turn that side of my self off to enjoy our country's victory. I don't mean to throw the proverbial baby out with the bath wather, but I am disgusted and ashamed of my supposed "Blue" state right now. That does not mean that I am not celebrating our new president, far from it. I know that the fight here in Cali is not over and that there is much work to be done everywhere, so please stop trying to enlighten me and certainly do not lecture me on how to feel. It only makes me want to slap you upside your fat head.

Suck it, cat.
WORD, yuefie.

TWICE today people have stopped short of calling me a racist (wtf?!) for having voted for Nader instead of Obama, even though I can say until I'm blue in the face that I'm truly happy Obama won, I'm just sick of the constant messiah-ization that's followed.

And yes, I'm bitchier than usual today, but it's been a fucked up week for me. So fuck off.
COB.the girl who was popping her boyfriend's zits....ON THE F'ING BUS!

before i puke, i'm going to hook my finger down the back of your shirt and pull just so i can vomit down your f'ing back. then i will smile and tell you we are even.

it's a bus. it's not your bathroom. don't pop zits, clip your toe nails or apply deodorant....strike that, lady you and your bf have permission from everybody on the bus to apply deodorant. no, just get off the bus.
COB: 3 months after moving out, my landlord still hadn't sent me my deposit. i go over there today, and he claims i'd only get 150 back (out of 633.33) because he said i left $400 worth of damages, which is complete bullshit. i'm FURIOUS! that motherfucker is going DOWN.

anti-cob: i will sue him.
Wildly overreacting in a work environment.
why do boys have to bitch and demand attention and acknowledgment anytime they ACTUALLY do something around the house?!
We got lots of rain, the basement flooded and broke the boiler, and now we have no heat or hot water, it's FREEZING, and I have to drive all the way to my mom's the shower before work today.
QUOTE(humanist77 @ Dec 7 2008, 06:25 PM) *
why do boys have to bitch and demand attention and acknowledgment anytime they ACTUALLY do something around the house?!

hehe...mine prances around repeatedly gushing with pride, "what a good boy I am!" and then seeks sexual favors.
I'm putting together an event that happens this weekend, and one of the main people i have to deal with, consistently calls me "darling" or "darl" in emails. If I was a guy, he'd never pull that shit. It's really pissing me off. Plus he's totally unorganized and I can tell he doesn't really read my emails, because if he did, he'd not ask me the stupid questions that he does about stuff I've already addressed.
Cobb: I have to move into my new apartment on new years eve and new years day. Meh.
anna k
zoya, I can't stand one of the security guards who works at the museum where I work. He creeps me out, once seemed affronted that I didn't say hi to him when I was outside of work and lost in my own thoughts, and called me sweetheart once. He just skeeves me out, and gives me the creeps.

ihateoly, I'm moving on New Year's Day, and my landlord was giving me shit about having to move on New Year's Eve, but my parents are driving up to help me move, and I got more assertive with him, which he called "being demanding." (I'm a young woman; he's an old Greek man; of course my assertiveness would be looked down on). So I'll move on New Year's Day, so won't get to do anything for New Year's Eve in the evening because I have to be busy the next day. Whatever, it's just a day, just the last day of the year, no biggie.
I took my nonstick dutch oven to a chili cook-off last night, and I just went to wash it today and the bottom is all scratched and chipped.

I brought a wooden spoon for it. I didn't think people needed to be told not to scratch the hell out of a nonstick pan with metal utensils!

Also, I got second place and everyone kept referring to it as my boyfriend's chili, even though he did nothing! He always gets the credit for my cooking.
I bit my lip while eating a couple of days ago and have been chomping down on that puffed out bit of lip ever since. It fucking KILLS and won't get out of my way.
I feel your pain, raisin. I've had a split in my lip for about 2 weeks now and no matter how much lip balm I put on, it won't go away!
Ouch, Polly! I'm convinced that the menthol or whatever that's in a lot of lip balms really just dries out the lips even more, but I HATE having naked lips. I need my lip stuff!

And yeah, it's one of those things where the more you try to ignore it, the bigger and all-encompassing it feels!
I'm the same way, as for what will help, have you tried the aveeno stuff? Or anything with tea tree oil. I loves me anything with tea tree oil.
cob: kidlets who are rude, ungrateful little brats. i picked up just some little stocking stuffer things from target to give the neighbor kids c-monkey plays with all the time christmas night, and added thoughtful little things, like a shirt for the girl that matched one we got c-monkey, and a gaming magazine with cheat codes for the boy, cause he likes that kind of stuff. the girl whined that she'd already gotten the stocking stuffers (apparently a cousin had also hit up target), and the boy was upset because when his mom let slip we were getting him something with the cheat codes he likes so much, he thought it was some $50 thing that actually plugs into his ds and downloads codes from the internet, and ran off to sulk in his room when it turned out to be "just a stupid magazine". i felt so bad for my friend, because you could tell she was really embarrassed by the way the kids were acting, and she's great, even if her kids sometimes work my last nerve.

anti-cob: damned if those kids didn't redeem themselves last night. c-monkey was coming across the hall to play, and dropped and broke her brand-new ds on the concrete. somehow the momster got the store to take it back and replace it this morning. but when it first happened last night, the neighbor kids immediately started plotting how they could pool their giftcards from various stores and buy her a new one.
anti cob:helloo tampon said "dutch oven" *snicker*

eta:tampon, is your avatar henry darger?
What, is that a euphemism for crotch?

Yep, it's Darger.
*snort* Dutch Oven

I had to look up Henry Darger because I didn't recognize him by name, but recognized who he was once I saw the Wikipedia article on him. Found out he's buried in the cemetery right down the street from my house.
Cob: People on our favorite social networking sites who caption their children's pics with the word "sexy"...

WTF?? How is a baby sexy?

serious cob: People that borrow money from you then avoid you like the plague.
Henry Darger is amazing!

Have you gone to this cemetery to see his grave? (If so, whats it like??)
Nope, just found out on the day I posted it, so I haven't had a chance. It's a huge cemetery, and I've never searched for a grave without having some idea of where it is. Do they have a directory or something?

Oh, wait, I did a search and found this: Henry Darger's gravestone

Pretty modest. I think he pretty much died a pauper, right?
Damn double post.
Ugly creepy inappropriate arsehole in a uniform (security? cop? I didn't get a good look) at the grocery store leering at me in the pasta aisle with a "hello, gorgeous... and a happy new year to you"... he said other stuff, but I tuned him out. I hate uninvited comments; I barely LOOKED at him, for fuck's sake, I was looking at the spaghetti, and there he was creeping me out, trying to get me to talk. Give them a quarter inch and they want the whole damn mile. I just want to do my shopping in peace.
The gender disparity in attitudes towards age-gap relationships. I get my celebrity fix from the free London papers, and noticed that Lily Allen (23) has moved on from her ex (38) and now is dating a man who's 45. And they just refer to him as her boyfriend, without a single comment about the age gap.

Can you imagine them doing that if it was the other way round? When they write about Kelly Brook (28) and Danny Cipriani (20) they quite often refer to him as her 'toyboy' or 'younger boyfriend'.

I know it's quite petty, but it annoys me every time I see it.
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