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when i worked retail several years ago, most of the adult female mannequins fit a size 8 or medium.

i think they're just ultra tall and model-proportioned, and the legless ones at some stores aren't held above ground at a proportional height.
cob: people who have no clue how much privilege (white/male/class/insert-cultural-privilege-here) they are exerting when they try to silence discussion on difficult and uncomfortable issues (racism/sexism/classism/insert-ism-here) by saying, "Why can't we all just get along and get back to the 'real' discussion?"

Just to pre-empt any personal freak-outs...I wasn't writing about anything particular regarding the Lounge...I was actually thinking of something that happened elsewhere, but which also applies fairly generally to my life.
cob: when people double post instead of editing their last post to add something (in the space of a minute).
I hear you, doodle.

related point: I trust so much more the people I can actually have a conflict with and work it out. And that DOESN"T mean I have relationships where there is constant conflict or bickering or criticising or complaining. It just means you can talk things through instead of just leaving.

It seems to be an attitude of the privileged -- and those who want to BE privileged, or pretend that they are privileged -- to always want to be "comfortable" and to never openly challenge any power maneuvers or subtle points of disrespect, or to attempt to alleviate another's discomfort, or to resolve a miscommunication.

Whoever HAS THE POWER sets the opinions and tastes and actions of the group, and HIS or HER feelings and reputation and image are very very fragile and important, and others' are not.

If there is any conflict, then SOMEONE has to LEAVE.

It might be the person who originally spoke up or it might be the person who reacted negatively, but they either have to pass it by or patch it up or quiet it down very quickly or someone has to LEAVE.

And it is debatable which is the greater "power play" in a given situation -- will one order another person to go, or will one say, well, then, I'm leaving, in hopes that the group will rally around and say, oh no, we feel so bad that so and so "made you leave"

It reminds me of the Tori Amos song about her band "and there's something believing in, something believing in, instead of just leaving"

yeah, instead of just leaving.

I don't know about other people, but IIII would much rather someone tell me right away if I said something that bothered them and *trust* that we are both nice people who want a genuine and mutually beneficial relationship. Instead of just disappearing. Or worse -- behind the back -- "you know what you did"

Maybe I don't.

It's bad enough to have uncomfortable political relationships at work or school or walking down the street or what have you, but it's necessary and understandable. But I notice ambitious upper middle class people seem to treat even their very most personal relationships, in their personal time, as power struggles, as image enhancers or reducers, as an object intended to reach a goal. It's disturbing.

Perry Farrell had a song about how his sister married a black man and said "Ain't nobody leaving!!" kind of about this issue. As if she shouldn't have married him if his family disapproved, or she should just slink away. And she didn't do either one. "Now she parades around in New York with a baby boy -- He's gorgeous! Ain't nobody leaving! That's right!"

I don't know where I read it, but someone in some thread said something like, "well if you feel *uncomfortable* on the Bust boards these days because of *some people* you should come join our little group on Live Journal where all the COOLEST ex busties go" and that seems rather....

exclusionary and cliquey -- yes, only certain people allowed.

and I think that even though I was invited.

I'm not saying you're saying that, doodle, or that everybody who is on Live Journal has an attitude that is in any way bad, but it seems to me the Bust Lounge is a place where one could work out conflicts -- or ignore someone you don't like without ****LEAVING!!***

One would think so, anyway.
I don't post less here b/c I'm "cliquey." I felt like - compared to several years ago - it's much more difficult to have a good discussion, in part because of the tr**l situation, but because of other factors as well. The political/feminist threads (where I mostly hung out other than Media Whores) used to be hopping - you were behind even if you missed a day or two. That's not really the case any more.

I'd like to discuss this more (sort of - it's mostly been covered already in other various threads), but I have stuff to do before going out tonight, and if I started in on everything right now, I'd probably write a whole book. :-)

I do find that with livejournal, you don't have to worry about "hogging" b/c it's a lot more conversational - you go back and forth with comments. People still get on their soapboxes - myself included - but generally on their own journals. Other people's space tends to be respected more, at least in my experience. You're a guess in someone else's journal, in a way so there's a lot less "I'm going to write several paragraphs now and everyone must respond." You can write whatever you want in your own journal and if people are into it, they're into it. If not, no big deal. Ultimately, there is less friction and - I find - more respect. But yes, you do lose that element of surprise and if Bust is already an echo-chamber (to a degree), it's even more so. . .but hey, I have enough people in my life already (many of whom I love and respect) with significantly different viewpoints from mine. And believe me, we still get into many heated discussions over there.

In short, (ha!) I use it for different reasons than I use Bust (which is why I haven't left Bust yet), although my ideal forum would be a combination of the two.
Cob: White pants. I have yet to see a pair that isn't nearly-transparent.

Anti-cob: Chacos. Oh, how I love thee. I have succeeded in getting my Chaco-7 burned onto my feet for the summer.
Cob: people that drive convertables with the tops down but all the windows in the car rolled up WTF?
Hahahahaha! Ginger, I wonder the same thing. I have a convertible and I've never done that. I have, however, driven with the top down and the heat on full blast, but that's not making anyone cobby.
It's all about wind flow and hair. I think.

cob: banjo solos at 4am outside my window. Please not again tonight.
oblivious drivers who enter a highway and merge directly into the center lane without even slowing down or looking.

i'm fairly certain this dangerous & careless phenomenon was created on long island.
the f***ing building site outside my window. They're clearing rubble, and it seems to be the most irritating noise in the world right now. Especially because they seem to be getting precisely nowhere, and they've been doing this for three days now. In fact, I'm not even sure what they're doing, other than making a racket.

Oh, and I burnt my hand when I spilt my tea over it this morning. Grr.
Well, I hear ya miss snafooey.

A clique of 200 can hardly be called a clique anyway, it was just a bit of squick about the way some people -- not you or most -- seemed to be. I enjoyed people's profiles and all, bigger than those on Bust.

I can see the Live Journal and My Space bust gatherings serve different purposes than the Bust Lounge, and function a bit differently, and some people would like or need more privacy (secrecy, control, etc.) than they currently have here. They're not "bad" necessarily -- there are many different reasons why someone may participate in one or the other or both.

I don't take it PERSONally at all -- in a way, it's silly to be cobbed about it.

I'm only mildly cobbed... I just WONDER, is all. References to it are one of those things which is mildly annoying in the background that keeps happening, like hearing traffic though the glass or a fly stuck behind the screen.

I guess it's a bit rude. One does not go to Walter's party and invite everyone there to go to Joe's party with you.

But, that's my two cents, not The One Reality As The Whole World Knows It.

Oh, fuck me. I can't even post my cob here because it has to do with work and nondisclosures and confidentiality, but let me just say this:



That. Is. All.
people who tell you to go to a website, but don't tell you the actual URL, and just say, oh, you know, google stuff and you're sure to find it. especially when it's a friend's private website, which means it's probably obscure and ungoogleable.
Netflix. AKA Satan.

Grrrrrr!! I loathe erronious charges and auto-renewals. And why can't these morons put a CS contact number on their site?? My only means of contact is email?! BASTIDS!

Oh, but I just loooove being charged the selling price for movies I never watched but *did* return. It's incredibly fucktastic. Thank you sir, may I have another? /sarcasm
Yuefie, the Netflix customer service # is (888)638-3549...which I only know is on some websites complaining about Netflix because I was obsessed with their throttling ways awhile back.

From my experience and reading others', they will generally cancel charges if you complain about them. Did you cancel your account by chance? I've heard they claim to have not received the last couple movies and charge you for them...

I'm OK with them now, but wary.
oh hells to the no. for all the good things netflix did for me during the free 2 week trial, i did indeed cancel before the deadline, and they effin' charged me. so then i went on a spree across their website looking for a number, found something somewhere, was wound up to fight the mofo's on the phone, and they took care of it asap...
OK. I know it's a common gripe, and I have been a contractor for almost 10 years now.



My title is VP of Operations. That's right. VICE PRESIDENT. Know why? I RUN THAT FUCKING COMPANY.

so take your condescending male chauvanistic ass and sit on a wiffle ball bat, and I PRAY no one near you has ANY KY JELLY TO SPARE.

pants, ( and not spell checked cause as I remember I believe I was the original typo quen of this place...right maims? lmao)
ranty ranty rant ahead

argh! why the fuck have the met police only JUST got back to me to confirm they want me to start a week on monday when I specificaly said that I needed SIX GODDAMNED WEEKS NOTICE AT THE VERY LEAST so I could get the insurance from college and so that WORKING MY ARSE OFF FOR TWO WEEKS WITHOUT PAY WOULD FUCKING COUNT TOWARDS MY COURSE. Now it doesn't count, and there's no point in me doing this. I'm booked to do other things part of those weeks.

They've had my CV application since MARCH. It is now JUNE. Why does it take so long when they said it should take a week.

I am going to go insane. excuse me.
That sucks, walkingbitch. I know it's not as bad, but I used to work at a framing store and I was asked so many times about "the man who does the framing". The only guy who ever worked there while I was there was also the biggest screw up--us little ol' girls were getting along without any dudes just fine, lifting big boxes and everything!
people who revel in their abrasiveness.

oh, student loan office, don't go putting your fax number on ANY of your freaking documentation or have a LINK on your automated phone service or anything.
holy FuCkING hell! do you even want my goddamn money?!?
Cob: People who must have absolutely everything in their lives perfect. Perfect house, perfect relationship, perfect looks. They have their little plans how everything in their lives will work out. Then when it doesn't, God and everybody is out to fuck them over. Please put on your big girl panties and deal with yourself.

Cob: Stooopid sunburn and resulting painful peeling, when I did what I was supposed to do and applied 45 sunblock like 4x in a space of 5 hours. Peeling is in a place I can't really reach on my back, and it's in that drying stage before it begins to peel so scrubbing and such is too painful to do right now. Hell.

cob: myself. Get some work done, you lazy ho!
Cob: car alarms. Or that little beeping noise when trucks reverse.

Whatever it is, it's outside my window and has been going off for the past hour.
cob: getting a hair stuck on the soap in a don't come off NO MATTER WHAT!!!
car alarms. we were on the ferry yesterday and someone had set theirs and it was going off forever. what an idiot, i mean, where do you think someone's going to take your car to, fool?
My cobs are all movie-theater related.

Cob: People who play on their phones after the movie has started. Ummm ... why did you pay to see this movie if you're going to sit there & send text messages or play Bejeweled?

Cob: People who don't clean up after themselves at the movie theater. They leave their cups in the cup holders & wrappers all over the floor. Yesterday I sat next to a family that even left the bags from the popcorn they snuck into the theater. This cob is doubled when parents do this with their own children there. Teach the kids some personal resonsibility, dammit!

Cob: Parents who bring their little kids (under 5 years old) to late night movies. And I'm talking about movies that start at 11pm or later. The kids always get sleepy & cranky & start crying & ruin it for everyone.
The police. When will they learn? Everyone is smarter than they are.
Oh, roseviolet, when we went to go see Superman, there was a guy who got there early (as we did), got a prime seat, then put his BARE FEET up on the railing where people had to pass to enter the theater. So we all had to pass right by this guy's disgusting bare feet in our faces. And I was trying soooo hard not to say anything (this being NY), but finally I passed him on my way to the bathroom, and stared at his UGLY SMELLY TOTALLY VISIBLE feet until he smirked at me. I said, "Nice." He said, "Comfortable!" Like he was really proud of himself.

cob: wating for 2 1/2 hours at the unemployement office yesterday.

It's only for 2 weeks while my company is shut down, but I really need the money. It was fucking hell!!! One lady brought her baby to the office and no diapers!!!! So for a while the kid was cool, but after a while....I won't even go into details.....
cob: people who phone and phone but never leave a message, then complain that they can never reach you. Hello! Leave a message, stupid, and then I'll actually know you are looking for me!
people who put 'the' where it doens't belong, most notably in the names of bands. it is not 'the bright eyes', next time anyone says that they will get a punch. if you're going to talk about something talk about it properly, for goddess' sake! putting 'the' in front of stuff to be silly and lightly cheekily pompous is okay, though. like when i say 'the calculus'
Oh, I second doodle's cob!!! Esp. when they act like huge martyrs about it, like "I triiiied to reach you sooooo many times..."

'Nuther cob, and part of the reason I prefer to let calls go through to voicemail:

Picking up the phone and hearing a recorded announcement start. "Hi! This is Jack Layton of the federal NDP!" Or whatever.

Actually, it usually IS Jack. Some day, some election, I'm going to get one of his random man-of-the-people calls. It's really going to be Jack Layton, and I'll swearing at him, thinking he's a recording.
Heh heh heh. And I thought he only called ME. Now ya tell me, when I am committed to going to the convention...
oh, ha ha ha! like i never screen my calls idjitbox. leave a freaking message already, that's what i pay an extra 6 bucks a month for, duh.
cob: bloodsucking credit card companies.....

This is a cob for my best friend....her younger brother tragically died last year, and she told me that her and her mother get calls from credit card companies every day expecting them to pay his debts. She said her mom gets like 7 or 8 messages a day.

I don't know if it's legal, it just seems f*cking wrong! He was only 23, he didn't have any assets. They don't deserve that daily reminder about his death.
people who do not know the rules of a four way stop! if you stop at exactly the same time as another car, the car on the right has the right of way, correct? how come people don't know this? i thought this was one of those basic rules everyone knows.
i get honked at when i proceed when i am the car on the right, and people act like i am "letting" them go first (with a thank you wave) if they are on the right. although, maybe they are just being polite...but i doubt it.
Yeesh, I've had a huge cob up my ass all weekend and I can finally get it out tongue.gif

Why is it when people post racist bulletins (on myspace) and I reply with my own, and tell them that that I don't think it is acceptable, everyone makes me feel guilty and say they "didn't realise it would offend", or "didn't realise i would take it so seriously". So I'm to take everything as a joke? Its stupid.


Also, children. In general.

me two on the myspace bulletins. Thankfully most of my friends are busties, so all thier bulletins are wonderful... but there is one girl who has done several bulletins that make me want to scream. She friended me because she's coming to my uni next year, and I haven't the heart to tell her she's irritating me.

Oh, and people who don't do the washing up.
[size=1] Mornington, I should add you on Myspace (I am the bustie formerly known as miss_jane). I'll do that soon.
Me three on the MySpace bulletins. I got one that was so racist, I defriended the ass who posted it. I sent a message explaining why and they wrote back all indignant, saying "it was just a repost". Well, how's about reading what it is you are posting moron?
Exactly the type of defense the people who posted this one used!

It was all about how white people are so discriminated against, and how tough it is for them because of black history month and the like.

Oooh I'm getting angry thinking about it.
I'm not a Myspace-er, so I don't know (and I'm glad I don't) about any racist bulletins, but I used it the other day just to see if anyone from my college has an account and got hit with the motherload of spyware.
QUOTE(punkerplus @ Jul 11 2006, 12:54 PM) *
Exactly the type of defense the people who posted this one used!

It was all about how white people are so discriminated against, and how tough it is for them because of black history month and the like.

Oooh I'm getting angry thinking about it.


[color="#ff6666"]Yep, sounds like the same one that set me off.

QUOTE(punkerplus @ Jul 11 2006, 12:54 PM) *
Exactly the type of defense the people who posted this one used!

It was all about how white people are so discriminated against, and how tough it is for them because of black history month and the like.

Oooh I'm getting angry thinking about it.

Yep, that sounds like the same one that set me off

My cob is a long rant....So I got in a hit and run a couple months ago completely not my fault, fought with my crappy insurance company for a month to fix my car. Finally took it into the shop, get it back only to find the painter has chipped the hell out of the paint on my hood and tried to have ass fix it. Thinking I wouldn't notice and claimed it was like that when I brought it in. The owner of the shop agreed to fix it for free and apologized since another guy that worked at the shop said the damage was not on hodd when he worked on the car. Not to mention I took pictures of the car before taking it to be fixed.

But I dropped off my car yesterday before the shop opened, and when I called today to pick it up the painter said I can't get it till after 1pm b/c the work is done he just needs to clean it up. What could possibely take 5 hrs to clean up? So I'm trapped at home for most of the day w/out a car. GRRRR!
cob: idiot employee of the company who run my hella-expensive halls. She came into my room today without my goddamned permission while I was at work. She can't do that, it's part of my contract that she can't enter my room without permission.
QUOTE(ambercherry @ Jul 6 2006, 08:35 AM) *

people who do not know the rules of a four way stop!
My sister gets righteous when she comes to a 4-way stop and people don't know what to do... she yells, "Do I need to conduct a seminar on how this works? YOU go, then you, then ME..."
People who decide to gab in the parking lot so that they take up an entire usuable not to mention close space! These F*ers were in the only spot near the restraunt I was meeting mr. P at, one guy had his car doors opened into the space and then they just stood there talking in the middle of the even after I patiently waited for them to move quite pointedly for over a minute! They they had the nerve to look at me like I was crazy when I squeeled my tired and parked all the way across the damn parking lot! They didn't even have teh courtesy to pretend to move over in the spot to let me park!
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