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QUOTE(pherber @ Apr 27 2008, 04:22 PM) *
What? How do they pronounce that? Like "Oh - Em - Gee" and "El - Oh - El" ?? blink.gif

Nope, they don't pronounce each individual letter. They treat them as proper words. As in, "Did you see that that 'Engineers' Guide to Cats' video? Zomg, I rofled!!!" huh.gif
Thanks for clearing it up roseviolet! smile.gif

It sounds so ridiculous!! *shakes head in disbelieve*
Not that El - Oh - El would sound any better...
The IT person at my job is convinced that in ten years everyone will be speaking the way they text and write stuff online.

I told him to shoot me if that ever comes to pass.

Hahaha, I live in Sweden, and people def. use LOL-speak here too. My brother says LOL a lot,
I always give him The Look of Complete and Utter Horror. "Noob" and "leet" is also common.
Maybe I just hang out with computer geeks too much. I'm just waiting for LOL-cats speak to
become a part of the Swedish dictionaries. rolleyes.gif

I lived with an American friend for a year, and his Swedish was awesome, but his vocabulary was
built entirely around what I & other flat mate said around him, so he'd speak in an odd 40s slang,
mixed with a kind of bookish speak - we talked like that for the longest time. People who didn't
know us would give him quizzical looks when he said stuff like "my beard is thriving" instead of
"I'm growing a beard", poor man. But other than that, he was easy to understand.

Oh, and cob: people who text and talk on the phone a lot when you're spending time with them.
When I'm with a person, texting & phone calls have to wait (unless it's an urgent job thing).
I answer the phone, but I'll say I'm busy and call them back - I think that's common courtesy,
but obviously not everyone agrees.

I have to admit that I get irritated by the overuse of LOL. I hate it when people text or e-mail that to me ad naseum.

I edited it, I don't mind it so much every once in a while, but text me a smiley instead!
i don't mind seeing LOL, like in an email or text, but our babysitter says it all the time and it just makes me crazy! love the kid to death, but he's really got to learn to speak like real humans instead of internet shorthand! he'll say stuff like "and then i was all, like, LOL, what??" i mean, really!

i say "y'all" all the time. i picked it up when i was waitressing and just can't shake it. i have to say, as the daughter and granddaughter of grade school teachers, my version of the english language was probably a bit formal and stilted when i was a kid. i was also a big time reader and an only child until i was 10! i've gotten lazy since i left high school tho, and i'll hear myself speaking sometimes and i make myself cringe! "i seen" and "he don't" and "we been", etc. it really is terrible.

COB: people who ask you to help them, you do, and then they drive off with barely a thank you. my hubby actually got hurt last night helping a couple of women with their car problem and the one just yelled "thanks" out the window as he was still lying on the ground where he'd fallen after she had gassed the car too hard while he was pushing it from behind. no good deed goes unpunished.
My hatred of LOL is pretty nitpicky. It means laugh out loud, but it's almost always used in situations where one would not laugh out loud. When I first figured out what it meant, I thought everybody was using it sarcastically, as in "that's so funny I forgot to laugh". Like, "I thought I would just eat one cookie, but I ate two! LOL!" Who would actually laugh out loud there?

Cob: Work. Maybe I could get paid to eat cereal in bed.
QUOTE(lilacwine13 @ Apr 27 2008, 09:12 PM) *
The IT person at my job is convinced that in ten years everyone will be speaking the way they text and write stuff online.

I told him to shoot me if that ever comes to pass.

I don't see that happening. This is just the latest slang. It will change in time ... as slang always does.

As some of you know, my hubby - Sheff - helps build video games. The company he works for also builds products that help other, smaller companies build their own games. Well, last year they worked with a particular client-company that had one particularly annoying employee. This guy insisted on writing his e-mails in l33t/text speak . Sheff and the other guys complained numerous times about how difficult it was to understand Mr. L33t. They got the impression that he was told numerous times that his communication style was unprofessional and that he better straighten up, but he refused. Within a couple months, that kid was no longer employed at the client's company. So even in a youth-dominated industry like that, there's still an expectation of preofessionalism in communication. Surprise surprise. rolleyes.gif
Yeah, that's what I keep on telling the IT guy, but he refuses to believe me. Maybe I should try to talk to him in 80's slang to prove my point. laugh.gif

I hope that kid finally learned his lesson and realized that not everyone talks like that. I'm not even sure what l33t means.

Cob: Moving. Can someone hurry up and invent a teleport machine so I don't have to try and load stuff up in my car, again?
Ok, I have to ask too--how do you pronounce ZOMG? laugh.gif

And as a grammar dork, I am an enthusiastic supporter of the use of y'all; English needs a proper second person plural!
"z-" as in "zoe", "om" as in "ommmm" and "g" as in "goldfish". At least that's how I've heard it...

l33t - 3 = E, so leet, which is short for "elite" (when spelt as announced), ie someone who is skilled at computer games.

and... a little while back, I remember there being several articles on the use of lolspeak and l33tspeak, and how they are developing thier own grammatical rules, so while they might be annoying, they *are* an emergent linguistic form. So it's only natural that people are begining to use them as spoken words, and not just written. Here.
Well, now I feel like a dork, in this era of newspeak WTF is ZOMG?
I am a WOMAN not a girl. I am WOMAN hear me roar. Would men like it if I was constantly referring to them as boy? The boy police officer, the boy manager, it sounds fucking stupid, just as stupid as calling a woman girl.
I am a WOMAN not a girl. I am WOMAN hear me roar. Would men like it if I was constantly referring to them as boy? The boy police officer, the boy manager, it sounds fucking stupid, just as stupid as calling a woman girl.

I was called a woman the other day for the first time in my life. It made me think about that for a few hours. I'm going to be 26 next month, so I guess I am an adult....Weird.
Sound Of Vision
ZOMG is just like OMG. Not sure what Z stands for...

And for is so commonly used I even caught myself pronouncing it, but I stopped myself somehow.(no one would get - well, internet junkies probably would - because I'm not from (officially) english speaking country. But those shortcuts are made up for net use only, because it's practical, not for real talking use.

For me, LOL is just expression of finding something funny; I use it instead of 'haha' or when I find something weird and don't know how to comment on it.

But when I look at US teenagers, and their talk, it's all "like, you know" or "y'all" & "yo". And they don't know how to spell properly. I personally dislike netspeak and all those shortcuts, but it is useful in IM or sms-ing. But in forums, websites, real life...come on. It's not 'there' but 'they're' not 'your' but 'you're'

On other topic: I'm 21 and I find it reaaaaally weird when someone calls me Mrs. Or woman.
ooooh, I have another one it's LibRarian NOT libarian.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Apr 27 2008, 02:37 PM) *

And the way Dubya says terror, tear. Nooooo, it's Terr-OR, tear is what you do when you rip something.

I bet he says drownded too.

...I think saying "oyl" in just one syllable is linguistically impossible.

the girl/woman thing doesn't bother me yet. But I still call people boys or guys. I'm 23. I've actually just started thinking about this in the last year or so though, because in that time I've started financing a car, and I moved in with my boyfriend, and found a job I like, sort of have a plan for school, saved a bunch of money, etc. So now that I'm not living in my mom's basement and working at the gas station with no clue about what I want to do with my life I feel more like a woman.

Any time I hear dubya talk I have to turn it off. My sister in law who is a special education teacher once told me that he is ten points above being mildly mentally retarded in the state of Wyoming, where, oddly enough, Dick Cheney is from.

Pet peeve: people who elect nearly mildly mentally retarded people in to office.
QUOTE(culturehandy @ May 2 2008, 08:25 PM) *
ooooh, I have another one it's LibRarian NOT libarian.

And it's "FebRUary" not "Febuary"
Cob: there is sugar in the top five ingrediants in just about everything. No wonder people are getting diabets, it's because the big companies are putting sugar in everything. This is not healthy!

Oooh, I think it's a conspiracy. I have to go put on my tinfoil hat now.
Ha, you're lucky to be getting "slowly"- I keep getting an error and my posts eaten. (Yes, I'll be copying this one before I hit "Add Comment" just in case it disappears.)

My latest cob- people who feel the need to make snarky comments when I answer their phone calls or call them in a way that doesn't fit into their neat little package. For instance, people who make some comment when I accidentally say "Good Morning" when I answer the phone at work after 12pm, and vice versa. a) you think you're the first person who's made that witty comment to me? b) who gives a crap- be happy I answered the phone with something other than, "whaddya want?", which is what I really feel like saying. c) seriously, don't you have something better you could be doing?

I once had a guy question my intelligence because I didn't introduce myself over the phone before asking if Mr. Smith (himself) was there- like, "Hi, this is Polly from ABC Dental Office, is Mr. Smith there?"...I said, "Is Mr. Smith there? This is Polly from ABC Dental." Like, dude, you have the option of answering the phone, "Smith Residence" and you're not smart enough to do that. I don't even necessarily disagree with him and to be honest, I try to do that from now on, but he was really rude and just ruined my whole day. Be happy you have a dentist office who's nice enough to call and remind you of your appointments, dickhead.
Cob, part 2: whoever decided that "b" +")" = cool.gif , thus causing me a headache when I'm trying to make a list. Doesn't even matter if it's upper or lower case. I had to disable emoticons to get it to work.
Amen, Pollystyrene! We use IM at work, to talk to each other and to our clients. Every few weeks, I'll be having a professional conversation and as soon as I hit enter, a smiley shows up in the middle of my sentence!
QUOTE(pollystyrene @ May 6 2008, 11:06 PM) *
I once had a guy question my intelligence because I didn't introduce myself over the phone before asking if Mr. Smith (himself) was there- like, "Hi, this is Polly from ABC Dental Office, is Mr. Smith there?"...I said, "Is Mr. Smith there? This is Polly from ABC Dental." Like, dude, you have the option of answering the phone, "Smith Residence" and you're not smart enough to do that. I don't even necessarily disagree with him and to be honest, I try to do that from now on, but he was really rude and just ruined my whole day. Be happy you have a dentist office who's nice enough to call and remind you of your appointments, dickhead.

I had a guy rip me a new one for not giving him his bills back all facing in the right direction. He was really aggressive about it, leaning in my face and saying, "Do you usually do that to customers? huh? huh?" and he called me an idiot. You just gotta hope these people die horribly.
cob: late fees. i know it's only $2.12. i know you have been busy boy, but come ON it's been 6 weeks. don't tell me you are going to do something and then not do it. over and over.
QUOTE(hellotampon @ May 7 2008, 02:14 PM) *
You just gotta hope these people die horribly.

Every day. Like the prick I had to speak to tonight who needed to be ripped a new one by yanking his fucking so-small-it's-non-existent dick from his body; he asked me if I thought I needed to be empowered so that I could help him with all of his complaints (instead of workiing a specialist department) and oh my god did he complain and complain and complain. I need to focus on the fact that he wasn't very intelligent and was deluded in believing he was.
QUOTE(Sound Of Vision @ May 2 2008, 03:43 PM) *
ZOMG is just like OMG. Not sure what Z stands for...

Urban Dictionary says: zOMG is a varient of the all-too-popular acronym "OMG", meaning "Oh My God".

The "z" was originally a mistake while attempting to hit the shift key with the left hand, and type "OMG"

Also used in all-caps, 'ZOMG' is generally used in a sarcastic manner, more often than not a humiliating fasion. It is also used as a device for stating the obvious.

COB: "un-thaw" when they mean thaw or unfreeze in some way...
maybe this is petty as hell, but it makes my skin crawl when people talk and sound like they've got a mouth full of SPIT. YUCK.
That drives me nuts, too, konphusion. There's a reporter on NPR, an older man (not Carl Kasell) whose voice is kinda shaky and you can hear the spit smacking around in his mouth when he talks. I'm sure he's a great journalist, but I can't bear to listen to him and change the station everytime he comes on. NPR seems to have stunningly clear recording equipment because I notice it on other pieces they do, too, but none as bad as that guy.
Idiotic pro-life billboards across rural Minnesota in areas where most of the people are conservative and the nearest place to get an abortion is a four hour drive (if you're lucky, and if you have two days to spare and enough money for gas and a hotel room). Every time I see one I wish I had something to throw at it.
I hate it when you have a party and someone always brings their own records and insists on playing them. It happens every single time. I had the best playlist in the history of the world ready for this party and I'd been working on it all week, and as soon as most people started showing up, out come the records. It's usually someone who lives with their parents so they can never have parties at their house, but it still peeves me! Too bad, so sad, get an apartment and have your own party!
Major COB: other people's boogery children - i mean, there's a reason someone invented kleenex, right?
Cob: Telemarketers/bill collectors. This woman today was a doozy. First, she thought I was a man. She asked for my father, I told her he had passed. Seven years ago. She wanted to *argue* with me about it, insisting that that couldn't be right. His urn was less than six feet away from me, he's DEAD, all right. Don't fuckin' question me. Once that was accepted, she wondered if there might be a Jr & Sr thing going on. Nope. DEAD, remember? Then she asked for my mother. Also dead. Her confusion grew as that couldn't be right either. Um, I gave away her EYES. She's dead. It wasn't until the end that she inquired as to who I might be.
probably mentioned before - I'm a light sleeper so once someone or something wakes me up, I usually cannot go back to sleep no matter how hard I try.

With that said, MAJOR COB: A Pain in the ass relative who gets a kick out of sending random, pointless text messages every morning to wake us up before 7am; Also, same said relative who decides to send a text at 8am to let you know they are planning on showing up uninvited to your home to use the internet. Buy your own damn computer, asshat! While I'm on that soap dish, he's got one more friggin time to wake me up for no good reason. I'm going to tell him about himself. No wonder he's still single, he's annoying and LOUD.
Cob: People who make complaints about large dogs only, small dogs can be much meaner, they have to compensate for their utter lack of size.

Cob: Said people who are trying to get the off leash by law revoked.
Cob: Bitch that done gone & called me AGAIN about the dead 'rents. THEY ARE DEAD. Muerte. GONE, bitch! "Oh, I'm so sorry to call you again." It's called taking notes. When I was a phonepimp, I was REQUIRED to make a note of each call made/received. The fuck?
Cob: People who are self-righteous. I fucking hate it, fuck you! Who the hell said you were morally superiour and smug cunt wad.
retro kitten
People who call you, fail to identify themselves and then demand to know who you are.

It's like, "Uh, you called me, asshole." mad.gif
My latest temp job - I get to call all the security company's residential customers, explain about the phone company's switch to ten-digit dialing, tell them their security system's automated dialing needs to be re-programmed.....and then tell them it's going to cost THEM $100 for the privilege of having to be home in the middle of a work day to let a tech into their house for 15 minutes.

Supposedly, the $100 is just the core cost to the security company of the changeover to ten digit-dialing, split equally amongst their customers....and I wouldn't mind making these calls if the security company was eating even half the cost....but this is just screwy and I desperately want to walk out. People are PISSED. I would be too. I AM pissed....they are paying an innocent temp to do their dirty work instead of doing it themselves.
Cob: (I'm a barista) - When people come to the counter, watch your every move as you make drinks, repeat their drink order as if you're severely retarded, tell their husbands what you're allegedly doing wrong as if you can't hear...and then repeat themselves to you as soon as they're done saying it to said husband. Especially since you're making someone else's drink, and they keep repeating "I didn't ask for soy." No shit, bitch. This isn't your drink. Now get the fuck out of my face before I throw this scalding 2 percent milk at yours.

Cob: The fact that so many people come to my (feminist) blog by keying in search engine terms: "fat black women," "naked old people," "naked women," etc. (I have an entry on the Dove campaign that has those words somewhere in it). UGH. It's soooo obnoxious to see that at least 26 people today have done a search on variations of "fat" and "naked." And that's just today.
anna k
Checking in people to an heavily-RSVPed free lecture, and people copping an snotty attitude if I don't see their names on the list. "Well, I called a week ago and they told me I was accepted." Lighten the fuck up, people. It's a free museum lecture about Greek Jewish people, not Hyde or Teddy's at the Roosevelt. Get over yourselves.
The fact that today I was contacted for the THIRD time by the same bitch about the 'rents. It's like she thinks she's gonna catch me in a lie. Like I am one of my dead parents that's just foolin'. I am, ahem, DEAD serious lady. the mortal coils have been shuffled off.
Okay, I just heard a program on NPR this weekend about NERDS.

It was this self-described white male guy who has written this book, discussing aspects of being a "nerd." He bullet-pointed out aspects of being a nerd, saying FIRST AND FOREMOST (sic!) that "the overwhelming majority of nerds are white males."


Some of the biggest, most pathetic nerds I've ever known have been girls.


How come every time some new trendy label comes up, white males have to claim they are the big club members? Then they always, first and foremost, put limitations on (mostly) the gender requirements. blech.

They did the same program about a year ago on "GEEKS".

You should have heard some of the "characteristics" of these "nerds." Mostly ~ like geeks ~ it was about computer stuff.

Know what I think? I think that, ever since there's been PORN ON THE INTERNET, every guy wants to proclaim himself a "geek". Or a "nerd." It mostly sounds like an excuse to their spouses/moms for being on the computer ALL THE FREAKING TIME.

I think what triggered my calling of shenanigans most, was that NOT ONCE was it mentioned that nerds READ BOOKS...or STUDY A BUNCH.

Sorry folks, if you don't read books or like to study a lot, ya ain't a nerd in my book.

Reading is not something you really do on the computer, sorry. Reading is something you participate in, and you can only do that by reading books, long books, that engage your participation.

Does it go to show that America is getting stupider?

I mean, NERDS don't have to READ BOOKS to be called nerds anymore?

I hate labels anyway, but for these reasons, I will never refer to myself as a "geek" or a "nerd" cuz I think it's BS and I wouldn't want to associate myself with these losers.?
Word. Just because you know your away around a computer doesn't mean you're a "nerd". Nerds to me are curious & thirst for imformation. They aren't just computer geeks, but that is the myth that perpetuates. There's some bad reality show that has stereotype "geeks" & stereotype "dumb pretty girls" & I just don't get it. Why all the labels? Be who you are & don't let anybody put you in a box.

COB: People that tell me to "relax" or to "chill". My heart rate rarely gets above 75 unless I'm being physically vigorous. I have average blood pressure. My posture is relaxed, I'm not clenching fists or grinding my teeth or shaking my leg to beat the band. My "voice" isn't raised whether it's online or IRL. I use caps for emphasis, not because I'm yelling. I'm a relaxed person. Does my patience sometimes wear out? Yes. Do I get frustrated? Yes. I bite back sometimes, but *only* when provoked. And even then, I don't yell. You are making calls on things you *think* you know when you don't. So fuck off, & I mean that in the nicest way.
Cob: Relentlessly cheerful people, especially when the situation doesn't call for it.

Cob: Insomnia
cob: the endless, idiotic, corporate sponsored, horrible, stupid, awful disaster of a war in iraq that keeps sucking more and more friends and aquaintances into it's great gaping maw.

well, it's more than a cob, really, but i didn't want to hijack another thread.
I just posted this in Okayland, but I think it bears posting over here.......

Oh my god. The guy at the next desk is listening to some motivational telephone seminar on how not to be a loser, or rather, how to not feel like a failure and a victim and do only good things, never bad things....lots of emphasis on the mantras "I like myself" and "every day is getting better and better"....and he's got it on speakerphone. He's taking notes, too. The other woman in the office and I keep rolling our eyes at one another. It's just a hair away from being the Stuart Smiley Hour over here.

Hello....if you are listening to motivational telephone seminars on speakerphone at the office, you are, indeed, a loser.
Cob: The complete deintellectualization of society.
I've been called arrogant, because I expect educated, grown up people to form coherent sentenes.
People also regularly tease me for having "too much time", because I have such a thirst for knowledge, and love to learn all the time.

Cob: The sexist stereotype of never being considered nerdy, because I'm a busty peroxide blonde.
if one more person asks me to see the SEX in the City movie I will puke. I am sick of hearing about it. Plus those bitches are mad stupid.
Agreed on the SATC movie. What used to be an irreverent TV series turned into an aspirational cult object fuelling the narcissistic behaviour of its viewers. The movie is so obviously a cash cow, as can be seen by the acres of press coverage weeks before the damn thing opened. I think the fans alone would put me off seeing it at the cinema.

Go on, ask me what I really think...
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