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QUOTE(deschatsrouge @ Apr 14 2008, 12:14 PM) *
Cob: Christians trying to save my soul.
Cob: Christians telling me I'm going to hell for being a lesbian.
Cob: Being oppressed.

Anti Cob: Following the platinum rule; Do unto others as they would have you do unto them.

Does that mean the Christians in question want to be converted to lesbianism??? Because that sounds like fun. If they only knew what they were missing.... cool.gif
This makes me sick to my stomach.

I may be posting this in the wrong thread but boy oh boy.....
QUOTE(hellotampon @ Apr 15 2008, 05:35 PM) *
My biggest cob right now is my mother claiming me as a dependent on her taxes.

I don't live with her. I don't get any money from her, other than the $10 a month she pays to have me on her cell phone plan. I am completely independent from my parents. STOP CLAIMING ME! Because of this I am ineligible for the $600 rebate and I can't get any tuition reimbursed. Not only that, but I can never get financial aid either, because she never surrenders her tax returns. (another cob: I have to wait until I'm 24 before I can apply for financial aid without a parent. Who the hell is rich enough to give their kid money till they're that old??)

So I worked an average of 50 hours a week all 2007, paid my tuition without any federal aid, and what do I get for a refund? $350. fuuuuuuuuck.

Oh and my father still thinks that I live with her, so she gets child support for me.

Until I was 23 my parents claimed me as a dependent. I left for college at 17, worked full time through college and paid for college on my own with the help of student loans in my name as well as had my own apt and payed rent and bills at. I OWED taxes (like 400ish a year) every year from ages 18-24ish because my mom and I had money in both our names which I had no access to and was eventually going to pay for part of my last year in school (from my grandparents.) Yah, I feel you.
cob: being pukey sick and having a freakin' woodchipper parked directly beneath my apt window. i've got my earplugs in, but it still ain't enough. they've been at it for two hours. how much wood can they possibly need to chip?!!
QUOTE(starshine @ Apr 16 2008, 10:55 PM) *
Does that mean the Christians in question want to be converted to lesbianism??? Because that sounds like fun. If they only knew what they were missing.... cool.gif

Thanks Star, that actually made me feel better. I have been having a hard time lately with that whole nasty business.
Trolls that post the same random crap ad naseum in every thread.
Word, culturehandy. WORD.
Miss Deena
People who hack and spit. makes me gag..yuck
Ditto on both people who hack and trolls.
Hacking and spitting is gross... but sometimes necessary, as I was reminded last week when I had a bad cold: it was either that or talk to my friend in a voice that was seriously garbled due to the thick phlegm in my throat, swallow the nasty phlegm, or hack it up. I went behind a tree and hacked.
COB: neighbors who let their dogs crap all over the yard and don't clean up after them. granted, i live in condo-ville and should expect that it's not all mine, but COME ON, pick up after your pooches! (sidebar: i do love dogs, really, just not their crap when it's not my dog)
I haven't been here for a while so Hi!!

Ditto to coughing and spitting.
The apartment opposite mine is home to a chronic inside smoker.She coughs for about an hour every morning and at night.
No one complains about it or her really foul language.I have nothing against swearing but it loses it's effect when every second word is a cuss word.

yuck, it's so disgusting when guys walk down the street and just randomly spit a huge wad on the sidewalk. I say 'guys' because I've never seen a woman do it. But why would someone want to look like such a nasty asshole?

snarky, it's those people who ruin it for the ones that actually do pick up after their dogs. I walk dogs part time, so I pick up poop several times a day. I always pick it up, but some people really don't want dogs anywhere near their lawn, whether you're picking up after them or not. One crotchety old man yelled at me the other day for dropping the poop bag in the dumpster near his apartment. I'm like 'it's just a DUMPSTER. It's where GARBAGE goes.' He just muttered something and drove off. It's not like I was putting a huge bag of garbage in there, taking up space, and the most important thing is that I picked up the shit in the first place. So I'm making it a point to drop the bag in there everytime smile.gif

But yeah, it is really disgusting seeing other dog's poop everywhere. There are some neighborhoods where it seems like no one picks up at all, and I'm constantly tiptoeing around trying to avoid stepping in it.
Ugh, public hacking/spitting and non-dog poop picker-uppers. I always pick up thouroughly after my dog, don't let him pee on the sidewalk or anything and we still have snotty neighbors who've complained about it. Um, it's grass. In a public area. Do you think it's sterile?

Cob: IPS Driver Errors preventing me from posting. Any coincidence it's so close to TPS [Reports]?!?!
Word on spitting. I also hate it when people butt out on the side walk when there is a cigarette butt disposer thingy right there! USE IT!
Major Cob up my ass: When people use that "business savvy" lingo with me and say "we" when they really mean ME. Here's a prime example:

Ms. Cob: "Kinkaju, I noticed that your report covers don't have A, B, and C..."

Kinkaju: "Ahh yes that's a good point. Ok, I'll add A, B and C from now on."

Ms. Cob: "Yeeeaahh, we reeeeeally need to start doing that to make sure that blah blah blah blah....ok? thanksssssss" <slight sideways head tilt and fake smile>

JUST ASK ME and I'll friggin do it jeeeeeez. Don't need to play that candy coating business bullshit!

Anti-Cob: I was hacking and spitting, after playing soccer with my 7 year old girl cuzzo. Cause' I am getting older and whenever I exercise now, cause' I smoke, I get mucous. Well, I apologized to her and my mom, of course. And she looked at me and hacked a few small *really cute* ones.

Cob: Boys and their dicks.

Anti-Cob: Boys and their dicks.
cob: bitchy emails from coworkers that have been sent in a moment of passion and not spell checked.
Ha, kinkaju! Your story reminds me of Office Space... smile.gif

COB: dang winter storm when it should be SPRING!

Anti-COB: boyo cooking dinner while i am surfing bust lounge (smells yummy)
men who don't listen, then threated to get your car towed.

People who don't go on green.

Poeple who litter. I don't care if you drink in a parking lot, but don't smash the fucking glass everywhere so I have to worry about my tires going flat.
contraindication. guilty.

passer bee's who like to stare at you with their sunshades.

cleaning rooms every day.

not taking blame for you're own actions. Grow Up!
Pesky little fruit flies/gnats in the house!!!! GAAAAH THEY DRIVE ME NUTS! They are so hard to get rid of too. I wish they would all. just. die. ph34r.gif
Cob: Miserable people looking for conflict.
it's pronoucned antarCtica, not antartica. There is a C in the word, pronounce it.
oh culturehandy wink.gif you remind me of somethings...

People around me, usually older peps, say things like patterins... uh? do you mean patterns? I feel like sayin' you have to know the difference... you have only one language and that is English...

Also, some people make some words plural when it shouldn't be...

I've had a few... I hope all this makes sense to ya'll...
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Apr 24 2008, 07:00 PM) *
it's pronoucned antarCtica, not antartica. There is a C in the word, pronounce it.

Word, CH (ha, no pun intended!)

One of my friends is an aspiring photographer and she pronounces "pictures" like "pitchers". I love her and her work, but I cringe a little every time she says it. Mostly because I don't want people to look down on her when she talks about her work.

People who say "Ellinois" instead of "Illinois"...and if they pronounce that "S" at the end.... mad.gif

"Jew-lery" instead of "Jew-el-ry"

Pellow/Pillow, Melk/Milk
nelly, patterins? How odd.

Pitchers for pictures also drives me batty, same with punkin for pumpkin.

haha, i bet i would drive you ALL up the wall.

common things you might hear down south: 'hey, you wanna look at my pitchers?' or 'i'll go grab you another pella,' i don't say punkin or patterins (never heard that one before) but i am guilty of 'antartica,' just got a lazy tongue i guess.

there are two that drive me crazy though. one is 'eXscape,' there is no 'x' people, it's an eScape, essssscape, the s comes before the c. the other one is when people say 'appalAYchian.' i lived in those mountains for a good portion of my life and it's a short 'a' (or is it a long 'a' i'm not good with phonetics) like in bat or cat, not the sound in gay or bay. sheesh.

i guess everyone has their 'things.' also, mature with a hard 't,' i shudder at the sound.
It's like in Futurama where ask has become aks. aSk me a question!

It's roof, not ruff. Ruff is what dogs do.
bwahahaha! i love that episode. my bf is from the midwest and it's all 'there's a moose up on the ruff' (a mouse on the roof?) and 'let's take a dip in the crick' as in creek.
"brefix" instead of "breakfast" and anything that ends up with an "r" that shouldn't be there like "warsh" it's "wash" people! please! and "aks" just makes my brain hurt.

dj, my stepdad is from the mountains of tennessee. his accent is so thick that even after almost 10 years i still can hardly understand him on the phone, but he says it "app-a-lATCH-ee-ah" not "appalAYchia" is that what you meant about how it's pronounced?

didn't there used to be a grammer/spelling/etc thread a long time ago?
having attened Appalchhian State University I have had my midwestern pronunciation corrected it is A ppa lachee not appalaychia. and yes i do say ruff, as well as crik.

Tights that get holes the first day I wear them.

The fact that I've never owned a pair of tights that stayed up,
without having to use my smallest panties over them.

Holes on the inside of the thigh - OK, so maybe I'm just fat,
but FUCK! So annoying, and after a while also really painful.

The fact that it's suddenly impossible to buy a pair of opaque tights
after the month of May - "It's SUMMER now, we only sell 20 denier!
And LEGGINGS!" Sorry ma'am, but I detest leggings, and if 40 denier
get holes in a day, then I'm guessing 20 denier tights would get holes
in about 7 minutes. Approximately.

Can someone PLZ invent indestructible tights that stay glued to the ass & hips all day?

QUOTE(dj-bizmonkey @ Apr 25 2008, 09:42 AM) *
haha, i bet i would drive you ALL up the wall.

common things you might hear down south: 'hey, you wanna look at my pitchers?' or 'i'll go grab you another pella,' i don't say punkin or patterins (never heard that one before) but i am guilty of 'antartica,' just got a lazy tongue i guess.
i guess everyone has their 'things.' also, mature with a hard 't,' i shudder at the sound.

some more from down he-ah (here). "Kin ah git it fer ya?" = "Can I get it for you?", "dawg" -now well known, thanks rap music! "cone" = corn, as in conepone , "caint" = can't, there's so much more, but I'll let your (=yo) innocent ears (or eyes in this case) alone.
My personal pet peeve - people who pronounce "theater" "the AY tor". (and the mature thing -yuck)
And there is this particular yankee accent, maybe NJ? where they pronounce "johnny" like "jenny" and "car" like "cah" that makes me want to puncture my eardrums.

And lol, when I saw "patterins" my first thought was "what? Is that like chitlins?" If you don't know what chitlins are, you're too far north to eat it.

coela- lol on the tiny panties over tights! I do that all the time, or else the crotch falls to my knees (giving me a sexy walk)
Decent tights- actually I still have some intact opaque pairs from the Gap and Express, for some reason their hosiery really wears well. also -you're not fat unless I am too! I always get inner thigh holes first (and toe holes).

eta- how do ya'll pronounce "oil"? I grew up with "ole" but I've heard "oy-il"
damona and miss j, yeah, i meant that appaLATCHa is the right way and appalLAYcha is wrong. hey lady j, when did you graduate? i went to happy appy too! damn i love boone, i miss it sooooo much. i granulated in 2005. p.s. i've grown to love the midwest accent. uhhh, sorry for total derailment there.

crinoline- bwahahahaha! and i say, ole, not oiyal or whatevs. i also say 'crown' instead of 'crayon.' that might just be my weird tick and not a southern thing. i LOVE cain't and fer ya and over yonder.

as for theyator, pretty obnoxious, but i actually really like that new england yankee, like the guys on 'car talk' on NPR
anna k
Long Island-via-Brooklyn speech courtesy of my dad:

"Youse kids."
"Win-duhs" (Windows."
"Chillean" (Chilean).
"Ohhhhh!" (think Italian Sopranos-like guy getting offended or pissed at someone smart-mouthing them, or Andrew Dice Clay's act)
my own name pronounced with an "er" at the end instead of "ssa." Like saying "Marisser" instead of "Marissa." And my dad's the one who picked my name.

Despite trying to lessen my Long Island accent (sometimes it can feel like an embarassing, lazy way of talking), I still slip into the vernacular and talk like my dad. I use a pleasant, polite voice at work with a slight British tinge for answering the phone (not full-on Julie Andrews, just a clipped, nice way of speaking), but will say stuff like "I know, right?" with my friends and siblings.
dj- get out! so you're a mountineer too? I have been working on my masters degree and am graduating this spring. I have been traveling to Boone since 2003 and took classes in the summer , some on line and some transfer credits. This is the first summer that I won't be going there. It is beautiful!!! Whenever I go and come back, I am hit with the fact that Chicago smells like total ass.

I also went to the game where they beat University of MIchigan. it was so awesome. I am joining the Alumni association cuz I was told they will be playing Wisconsin this fall and we are so there in all our App State gear.

and it's POP not soda. at least in the midwest that is.
I also say woof instead of wolf. The plural is wooves. This is not due to a particular regional dialect but a speech impediment.
"Ole," really? I don't say either "ole" or "oy-il," it's oyl, OYL!

It's funny how the way some people say things can be kind of jarring and totally annoying. I met some southerners a few months back and it was just non-stop with the "y'all." It wasn't awful, just kind of funny. Especially after about the 200th y'all. Or sentences like "so, did y'all leave y'all's jackets in y'all's room?" Okay, I'm exaggerating. A little.

It's always bugged me the way other people (mostly Americans) say Montreal like MAWN-tree-all. It's MUN-tree-all. Unless you pronounce it the actual French way.
It's like when people pronounce all the letters in a french name. Richot is NOT Rich-ott. It's Reech-o.

Oil, is oyl.

I totally understand that there are regional accents, and stuff, but when you put extra letter in a word, it doesn't make sense. I remember taking an anthropological linguistics class and the prof going over the Mary, Marry, Merry, deal. Most people pronoucnce them all the same. Okay, way OT CH!
oh! How 'bout "Hwat" for "What" a la Hank Hill. as in "I tell you Hwat, Peggy, that boy ain't right."
on the show, hilarious, in real life...strange.

The only y'all around here that bothers me (although some people use them a verbal pauses = annoying) is when it is used to address a single person. This has only ever happened to me with elderly people. They also tend to speak with a much thicker drawl than is average now. as in "Honey, y'all know I need y'all's help with this casserole!" It sounds very odd.
and edie- your example sentence is actually pretty representative of how the word's used. (I probably say "do y'all know what y'all want for dinner?" every day) It's just a plural form of "You". It's interesting that a lot of other languages have a similar word (meaning "all of you") but in English we have to substitute a contraction of you all. It would be difficult for me to go a whole day without using it (unless there's no one to talk to lol) I dunno what I'd do. I guess I'd give "you guys" a try, as in "ey you guys".
there is no 'x' people, it's an eScape, essssscape, the s comes before the c.

Ooooooooooh! I work in a coffee place, and hearing people talk about "express-oh" (even my managers!) drives me up the wall. There's no freaking X in "espresso"! Grr!

I'm sitting here trying to say "oyl" and I'm incapable (it's close, but still a bit "oy-il"-sounding). lol

I grew up with appaLAYshun mtns. It wasn't until a few years ago when I heard a girl from that area refer to appaLATCHa. Totally tripped me out! (...wait. so how would you say "appalachian" mtns?) *hangs head*

missladyj, it's not pop OR soda. it's all COKE! wink.gif
My mother says "warsh" and "Warshington". She used to say "Eye-talian", but we picked on her about that until she changed ("The country isn't called Eye-taly, mother, so you shouldn't say "Eye-talian!").

I have no problem with "y'all" in casual conversation, but I HATE it when Northerners spell it wrong! It's a contraction of "you all", people. The apostophe comes after the y - not after the a.

My biggest irk, though, is the people who have started using internet "LOL"-speak in conversations. These people say "LOL" and "OMG" and even "ZOMG" out loud! Now, if you're a 13 year old girl and you're talking to your "BFF", that's one thing. But if you're in your 20s or older, it sounds phenomenally stupid.
faerie- yes! "Would you like a coke?" "Yeah." "What kind?" "Sprite.". yup, coke = soda

rosev- I second your yuck to internet speak IRL
roseviolet Yesterday, 09:43 PM
She used to say "Eye-talian", but we picked on her about that until she changed ("The country isn't called Eye-taly, mother, so you shouldn't say "Eye-talian!").

bwahahahaha!!!! i love it! ok, i guess this thread has been totally derailed but i'm enjoying it!

oh faerietails, i think you can say it however you want, but i'm pretty sure it's supposed to be appalATCHa. *wink* that eXpresso thing makes be bananas too *high fives to fellow barrista*

crinoline- actual sentence spoke by me yesterday: 'hey do y'all want some help packing up all y'all's stuff tomorrow before y'all leave.' wowzers.

my bf and i do internet speak outloud but only when were trying to sound like obnoxious idiots as in, 'wow, you just made me lol!'

back to cobs for me......COB: every nursery in town is out of sphagnum moss! i need to replant my venus flytrap and i've been putting it off because i don't want to patronize wally-mart.

theres another cob: that i am forced to go to wally-world for some random shite that i can't track down anywhere else.

anti-cob: that the uptown area of new orleans is virtually free of major chain stores!

ETA: hardcore bustie still incapable of working the quote button. i'm going to visit 'ladies who lounge' to get me some edumacation.
Ok, can I ask y'all, as an ignorant yankee (though I do know how to spell "y'all), how *do* you order a Coca-Cola in the south??
The eye-talian thing reminds me of how some people say Eye-raq and Eye-ran, really, where did you run to?

And the way Dubya says terror, tear. Nooooo, it's Terr-OR, tear is what you do when you rip something.
anna k
edie52, I had dinner last night with a woman from Toronto, and I talked about Montreal with her. She she pronounces it Mun-ree-all, the French way. I was always saying MAWN-tree-all, that's how I had heard it.

I think my own Italian family members may say eye-talian sometimes, out of laziness.

Wally World is a real place? I thought National Lampoon's made it up.
oh no no no, that's just what i call walmart!

polly, i think i would just say, 'i'd like a coke please.' they might ask you what kind, or they might just bring you a regular coke. in new orleans (and i think the deep south in general) soda/pop/coke whatever are also referred to as 'cold drinks,' but mostly pronounced 'cole drank,' as in, 'hey y'all, fetch me up one of them cole dranks from the sto.' i have heard that exact sentence on more than one occasion. fetch me up. wow.

when dubya says anything, i cringe, but especially when he says nu-CA-lur, as opposed to nuclear. where's that extra vowel coming from buddy? he is also the only person in his fmily to have that accent. it gives all southerners a bad name.

QUOTE(roseviolet @ Apr 27 2008, 02:43 AM) *

My biggest irk, though, is the people who have started using internet "LOL"-speak in conversations. These people say "LOL" and "OMG" and even "ZOMG" out loud! Now, if you're a 13 year old girl and you're talking to your "BFF", that's one thing. But if you're in your 20s or older, it sounds phenomenally stupid.

What? How do they pronounce that? Like "Oh - Em - Gee" and "El - Oh - El" ?? blink.gif

I'm German, so I obviously never heard that.

I'm friends with a bunch of Americans though, and some of them speak in a totally irritating mish-mash of German and English.
Despite having lived here for so many years, they never bothered to learn the most basic German grammar, plus: they also don't really know their mother-language anymore, and sometimes I end up having to explain English words and puns to them.
Oh, "Nuke-Ya-Ler" makes me cringe. But the guy I'm dating says it, and he honestly can't hear the difference between the two. I've corrected him a few times with "Nuke-Lee-Er", and he replies, "That's what I said". I've given up - I don't want to give him a complex.

Cob: People who buy hounds without thinking about it. A family who lives more than a block away bought two hounds. They bay. Hounds are sweet and wonderful, but dear god, the baying.
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