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A lovely quote I read on LiveJournal - OK, I don't have the EXACT quote, but this guy said that responding to Coulter's craziness was like letting a 3-yr-old drive a car so he won't throw a temper tantrum. Ha!
Radical Feminists: Anti-Bible, Anti-God And Anti-Christ

By Allan Turner

According to Elizabeth Gould Davis, there was a “golden age” in “prehistory” that was gynocratic (i.e., woman--ruled), and that lasted for untold millennia (Davis, The First Sex, p. 66). According to Davis, in this civilization the woman was civilizer, craftsman, industrialist, agriculturalist, engineer, inventor, and discoverer. Humans were pacific herbivores, unacquainted with warfare and violence. She further argues that during this “golden age” the earth was a semiparadise of peace and tranquility, presided over by an omnipotent goddess (Ibid., p. 65). Eventually, according to Davis' feminist surmisings, women lost their supremacy when men, who were genetic mutations of women, formed into bands and overthrew the peaceful matriarchies, inventing rape and other forms of violence.

Needless to say, Davis' book was quite controversial. Furthermore, she was unable to convince the historians that she was right, (she would, no doubt, remind us that they are just a bunch of “masculists”). Nevertheless, her theme has been incorporated into feminist ideology: “Women are different than men and women should be proud of these differences. In fact, even though we talk a lot about equality, it just may be that women are a bit more than equal to men.”

Even though Davis was unable to convince historians of what was, she certainly was successful in inspiring feminists with what could be. If the world was going to get better, patriarchy would have to be destroyed. “Any and all social reforms superimposed upon our sick civilization can be no more effective than a bandage on a gaping and putrefying wound. Only the complete and total demolition of the social body will cure the fatal sickness. Only the overthrow of the three--thousand--year--old beast of masculist materialism will save the race” (Ibid., p. 340). Echoing this theme, Barbara G. Walker wrote: “A feminist believes a world where socioreligious and legal systems are governed by women would be a more humane world than the present one, which is governed by men. There would be less greed, injustice, exploitation, and warfare” (The Skeptical Feminist: Discovering the Virgin, Mother and Crone, p. 1).


According to Rosemary Radford Ruether: “Feminist theology must create a new textual base, a new canon.... Feminist theology cannot be done from the existing base of the Christian Bible” (Womanguides: Readings Toward a Feminist Theology, p. ix). In other words, before society can be thoroughly feminized, the radical feminists know they must eliminate any influence the Bible has had on our society. In doing so, the feminists refer to pre--Christian, non--Christian, and so--called post--Christian religions that affirm the image of the Divine as male and female. For instance, Ruether's book, Womanguides, is a collection of writings from the ancient Near East, Hebrew and Greek mythology, Christian Science, paganism, goddess worship, and the New Age movement. As Phyllis Trible wrote in God and the Rhetoric of Sexuality: “A feminist who loves the Bible produces, in the thinking of many, an oxymoron.... After all, if no man can serve two masters, no woman can serve two authorities, a master called scripture and a mistress called feminism” (quoted in Mary A. Kassian, The Feminist Gospel, p. 109). These feminists, of course, do not just reject the Bible, but they reject the God of the Bible as well.


In her book, Changing of the Gods: Feminism and the End of Traditional Religions, Naomi R. Goldenberg wrote: “`God is going to change,' I thought. `We women are going to bring an end to God. As we take positions in government, in medicine, in law, in business, in the arts and, finally, in religion, we will be the end of Him. We will change the world so much that He won't fit in anymore'” (p. 3). According to the feminists, “If God is male, then the male is God” (Mary Daly, Beyond God the Father, p. 9). Daly writes: “The symbol of the Father God, spawned in the human imagination and sustained as plausible by patriarchy, has in turn rendered service to [patriarchal] society by making its mechanism for the oppression of women appear right and fitting. If God in `his' heaven is a father ruling `his' people, then it is in the `nature' of things and according to divine plan and the order of the universe that society be male--dominated” (Ibid., p. 13).

In rejecting Jehovah, the only true and living God, feminists sought a new symbol that would affirm the legitimacy of their revolutionary movement: the goddess. According to Mary A. Kassian: “Initially, feminists reacted with scorn to the goddess and goddess worship. Why would intelligent, self--defining women want to bow down to ancient idols of stone? But feminists learned that goddess worship was not worship of an external deity; it was, in essence, worship of oneself. The goddess was merely a symbol that acknowledged the legitimacy of self--worship” (The Feminist Gospel, p. 159). In modern feminism, satan's old Edenic lie, “you will be like God, knowing good and evil” (Genesis 3:4), has come full--cycle.

Those who have tried to be feminists without giving up the Bible (something that is quite impossible) have insisted on the use of inclusive language. Rejecting masculine pronouns as limiting one's understanding of who God is, and citing His “feminine” characteristics, feminists feel justified in calling God “She” or “Mother.” And although feminists claim that using female as well as male pronouns to address God has de--sexualized Him, in effect, the opposite has occurred. When feminists switched from masculine to feminine in their description of God, they reduced God to sexuality. They actually presented an image of a deity who is bisexual or androgynous rather than one who transcends the polarity of the sexes. In addition, in renaming God as She/He, feminists have stripped God of independent, personalized existence. The Bible teaches that Jehovah is an individualized, personalized Being who has chosen to relate to His creation as “male.” He is not merely a “force,” as the pagans have traditionally identified Him. Nevertheless, in transforming Biblical feminine metaphors into a divine name for God, the feminists soon discovered that they needed to extend this practice to other metaphors as well, i.e., God ought to be understood as a “rock,” “eagle,” “door,” etc. As a result, His personality was further diffused to encompass all natural phenomena. Renaming God in a way other than He had named Himself has ultimately led the proponents of inclusive language to think of God as a force with no independent personality. This is evident by their reference to God as “He/She/It” (Virginia Mollenkott, The Divine Feminine, p. 113).


Rejecting God as Father, the feminists have rejected Jesus Christ as Son. They have argued that Jesus' maleness is inconsequential. In her book, Women & Worship, Sharon Neufer Emswiler surmised, “if the society had been reversed and Palestine had been a matriarchy instead of a patriarchy, surely God would have sent her Daughter” (p. 31). Therefore, feminists urge their followers to change their language about Christ. In doing so, they reject Son of Man, which they consider too masculine, and encourage the use of the Human One. But, of course, such theological shenanigans have serious consequences. The Son of Man is a title indicating that Jesus was divine and those who heard Him refer to Himself by this designation understood that He was really identifying Himself as the “Son of God” (Luke 22:69, 70). Whereas the designation the Human One indicates that Jesus was merely an example of ideal selfhood or humanity. In other words, through the feminist theologians' inclusive language, Christ is viewed as a model of the new humanity, the one sent by God to reveal to us what we can become, rather than God Almighty in the flesh, who took upon Himself the penalty for our sins.

Radical feminism is anti--Bible, anti--God and anti--Christ. It does not liberate, rather it enslaves all those who embrace it to the bondage of sin. It is the Bible, and the Bible alone, that contains the real hope for the liberation of women. Knowing the Truth makes one free indeed (John 8:32).
I think we all know what my pet peeve is.

It's ridiculous tr*lls who waste everyone's time.

To that I say:

This guy is walking down the street
and he sees a kid who has a box
of puppies for sale.

Being kind of a wiseass, he asks
the kid what kind of puppies
they are, republican or

The kid replies that they are
Republican. The man asks
how he knows that.

To which the kid replies:
"Because they don't have
their eyes open yet."

Ok, I'm in. But do you think we can fit "Jesus was a flaming liberal" on a cupcake?

Maybe we'd better go to full-sized cakes.

That quote about the 9/11 widows was actually the reason I called Ann Coulter a stunned cunt. She is disgusting and hateful - she has a lot of nerve calling other people "anti-American." With her latest words, has probably crossed a line that will alienate many of her supporters.
HOLY BIBLE Matthew 13:15-17
15 For this people's heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.
16 But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear.
17 For verily I say unto you, That many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them.
Cob: Eating corn on the cob. Ick.



is that because it gets stuck between your teeth?
try it raw, it's really tasty like that and doesn't get stuck in the teeth at all. no need for butter or salt either. try it, it's good.

cob: bosses or people with authority at work who use that as an excuse for venting their bad mood at the rest of us. get a clue, find your professionalism, it must be stuffed somewhere in the back of your desk. sheesh.


Eh, I don't like raw corn or really corn in general 'cause it shows up in your poop. Just... ick.

Cob: I just got put on a new ADD med (Strattera) and it seems to be working OK but I feel kinda loopy. I hope it evens out soon enough. That, and I woke up at 4:45 AM this morning. And I have summers off. Urghh.

I also fear the okra sometimes :o


(how do i make words big?)


Listen to the words of the Great Mother, who of old was called Artemis, Astarte, Dione, Melusine, Aphrodite, Cerridwen, Diana, Arienrhod, Brigid, and by many other names:

Whenever you have need of anything, once in the month, and better it be when the moon is full, you shall assemble in some secret place and adore the spirit of Me who is Queen of all Witches.

There shall you assemble, who have not yet won my deepest secrets and are fain to learn all sorceries. To these shall I teach that which is yet unknown.

You shall be free from slavery, and as a sign that you be free you shall be naked in your rites.

Sing, feast, dance, make music and love, all in My presence, for Mine is the ecstasy of the spirit and Mine also is joy on earth.

For My law is love unto all beings.

Mine is the secret that opens upon the door of youth, and Mine is the cup of wine of life that is the Cauldron of Cerridwen that is the holy grail of immortality.

I am the Gracious Goddess who gives the gift of youth unto the heart of mankind.

I give the knowledge of the spirit eternal and beyond death I give peace and freedom and reunion with those that have gone before.

Nor do I demand aught of sacrifice, for behold, I am the mother of all things and My love is poured upon the earth.

Hear the words of the Star Goddess, the dust of whose feet are the hosts of heaven, whose body encircles the universe:

I who am the beauty of the green earth and the white moon among the stars and the mysteries of the waters,

I call upon your soul to arise and come unto Me. For I am the soul of nature that gives life to the universe. From Me all things proceed and unto Me they must return.

Let My worship be in the heart that rejoices, for behold -- all acts of love and pleasure are My rituals. Let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, honor and humility, mirth and reverence within you.

And you who seek to know Me, know that your seeking and yearning will avail you not, unless you know the Mystery: for if that which you seek, you find not within yourself, you will never find it without.

For behold, I have been with you from the beginning, and I am that which is attained at the end of desire.
Gang....I don't mean to be a beeyotch, but these big space gaps are getting a leedle annoying, and it actually doesn't do anything to archive the troll's posts any faster. Can we go back to ignoring trolls and paying our money to pro-choice groups? That would be really cool. Thanks so much!

And by the way, that's 110 troll posts. The last time I donated, he was at 90, so it's almost time to donate again!
bklyn, see the links on the left? under help click on formatting. there's tons of neat-o stuff there.
Jesus just might have been gay. That is, unless he married a prostitute.
okay, sorry for that and the double post. I had to get it out of my system. Now, does anyone want to talk about AnneImsuchastupidwhorebitchCoulter??? And how are we going to stop this self-important tyrant??
I think Ann Coulter just started digging her professional grave...
I think it may be like the Bush following unfortunately. it's like they can do no wrong. maybe his political base has been distancing themselves but I don't see it in the public at large. I was curious as to when her psycho side was going to come out in public. not too much longer and her horns will show thru her hair. as she is the axis of evil.
Ann Coulter is a real-life troll. She exists to try and infuriate people; that's what feeds her and makes her smirk. Sad way to get pleasure in life -- it's such a beautiful world.

Cob: The trolls on my blog. Did you know that men invented houses and businesses and roads, which means that women should gratefully bow down and take their places as second-class citizens?
you should them that it is HIGHLY unlikely that men invented either houses or businesses, and unless we're talking about the modern paved sort, nobody invented roads. then you should remind them that we gave birth to their sorry asses. as well as inventing houses, businesses, and agriculture. and it looks like we might have invented the first and most basic tools.

if they don't believe you, give them Marilyn French's "Beyond Power" as your source. she's a little over influenced by Murray and Gimbutas but ultimately there's a lot of truth there.
I hope you're right doodlebug. Ann Coulter is the defination of evil.
Even Fox News doesn't like her anymore:

Mike Straka says...

Bill O'Reilly says...

OTOH, I just read that her book went to #1 on Amazon. I guess any publicity really IS good publicity, these days. *sigh*

I want to get off the planet now.
I think Bill O'Reilly insidiously plays the 'devil's advocate' most times w/ people like this. it helps people like annimsuchastupidbitchcoulter get their point across better.
I think maybe the poor bitch feels upstaged by these classier, more intelligent women (9/11 wives) and therefore must divert the attention back onto herself. what a pitiful person. but that is how she makes money. pitiful bitch.
bklynhermit, thanks for the book recommendation.
i love elaine morgans "descent of woman". she has interesting things to say about how evolution would never have favoured any sex (or age, see "descent of the child" too) over another. very, very interesting read.
I love how Bill O'Reilly thinks the 9/11 widows are "far left."
anybody that doesn't have their head up GW's ass is far left to O'Reilly. I'm just kickin' back waiting for another one of his scandals to arise like the last one (sexual harassment).
cob: "managing" student loans.
cob: local newscasts, particularly the weathermen. and actually, the national news too.

ann coulter cob: walking into Borders and confronting, not two feet from the entrance, a table set up prominently displaying her book. when are we going to start baking??

that reminds me... i used to have a link to a very funny news interview involving her and some Canadian newsman where her general stupidity comes out. anyone know what i'm talking about?
Here's a link to a CBC website with a link for the excerpt where she sticks her foot in her mouth.:

And what is with her voice? It's so annoying! Maybe it was my video quality. Maybe I just don't like her.
what an idiot. thanks for that link, running and c.o.c.l. I recall something on 'the countdown' w/ keith olberman where he was blasting O'Reilly for some facts that weren't straight as well. i don't know if there is a website on that one but it was HARSH. of course they have a long-running rivalry.
I remembered today why I hate shopping so much. I mean, aside from the aching feet and the depletion of the bank account. It's that so many middle aged and older men feel completely at ease calling me "dear," "sweetie," "honey," "girl," and other terms of "endearment." I counted no fewer than nine instances of these "endearments" in less than four hours of shopping. Oh, and one, after I smiled benignly (because that's what we Canuckistanians do...that's why we have less need for guns), said, "Hi sweetie, thanks for the smile!" And another kept trying to tell me how much he like my necklace...even though he was 25 feet away and I was getting into my car. (Dude. Were you looking at my necklace? Or my tits?) One older guy who was behind me in line as I was buying wall hooks, called me "hon" and, as I was walking out the door, called out, "Hang up those clothes!" I said, "Ok, dad!"

I mean, really. I'm 37 frickin' years old. I know I look a bit younger, but..."girl"? "Hang up your clothes"??? ARGHHHH!!!!

I need something creative to throw back at these guys. One of those sly insults that they don't really get till I'm gone. Instead, of, "Hi back, you old fart." Any suggestions?
the other day i was on the verge of lamenting that i never get harrassed on the street anymore. i mean, what, am i not hot anymore?

but today i was again reminded why those encounters annoy me so much. because they are demeaning, disgusting and oppressive. oh yeah, now i remember.
Hm. The whole "sweetie" and "dear" thing can be annoying indeed... though here in the South, it's kind of different. It's kind of more common, but it's also more of a woman-to-woman thing. I can't tell you how many times I've had some old lady call me "sugar", "hon" and such. : /
cob: looking up the ann coulter book on amazon and having to look up a bunch of other authors really quickly so her wackadoo nutjob face doesn't show up in the "recently viewed" section when i visit the home page again.
More on Ann Coulter...ha ha ha ha!!!!
That tickles me! :-)
cob: my room is so fricking hot because the sun shines in all day, and it's 28degC outside. There's no breeze, because "health and safety" requires me to have my windows locked so they can only open 2 inches.

I'm hopelessly overheated.
anti-cob: i spent the morning reading the Wikipedia entry on Ann Coulter. on paper with her hotness and hype pushed aside, she REALLY looks like a crackpot.

apparently she's been fired several times from journalistic positions (including multiple times before the Bush "administration", 9/11, and her books). it also left me wondering what brought her to trade corporate law in for punditry? i know she was a congressional aide in '94, but afaik most people (especially conservative capitalist wackjobs like her) don't give up that kind of paycheck to go play administrative assistant to some random member of the house. and those kinds of gigs also don't lend themselves so much to journalism/punditry as to a career on capitol hill. if conservative punditry has always been her career goal, she certainly took an interesting path to it.

also, she's both attempted to run for office AND advocated the repeal of the 19th amendment. huh?
cob: the neighbor who insists on "mowing" the lawn with a weedwhacker. it's been over an hour. i'd like to read the sunday newspaper with the windows open and not be subjected to your noise pollution.

please don't make me yell expletives at you on sunday. 'cause i will.
Sometimes when I walk down the street I just have to block out those idiots because it is a little demeaning. But when I'm walking with my husband he always says something like "Jez I must have a pretty hot ass"
I know this is sorta OT and kind of a rant, but just my 2 cents about A.C.: she's made a fortune saying the most crazy far-right insanity she can think up and passing it off as common sense (and doing a wide-eyed doe act when people start throwing tomatoes at her). If she were just conservative instead of neo-nazi insane, she would have no career, no bookings on talk shows and no record book sales. I beg you not to send her baked goods, get upset at her ridiculousness or otherwise bring any attention to the fact that she exists. Please don't even write out her name, and increase the number of results returned by googling her name. The more people she pisses off, the more controversy ensues and the more money goes in her pocket.
/end rant
I went and read the Wikipedia article bklynhermit was talking about. I think Andrew Sullivan sums her up best, and you know, it's a not-frequent occasion when I agree with Andrew Sullivan:

"[T]he problem with C oulte r is that she is a form of camp, is she not? The minute you take her seriously, you lose grip on her reality. She's not a social or political commentator. She's a drag queen impersonating a fascist. I don't even begin to believe she actually believes this stuff. It's post-modern performance-art." cobs today:

- Drivers who seem to think that I am not only a mind-reader (hence their lack of signal light usage), but that I also have x-ray vision (hence the reason they pull their gigantic SUVs and pick-up trucks 4 feet ahead of a stop sign/light to make a turn, blocking my view of traffic entirely).

- Popcorn textured ceilings and the way they get all messed up when you paint a wall, regardless of HOW carefully you taped things up. Who's fucking idea was popcorn texture, huh? I want his balls. On a platter.
I like Ann Coulter.

funny childhood popcorn ceiling memory: when i was smallish, my brother and i had bunkbeds. our house also had the dread popcorn ceilings. from the top bunk you could easily touch the ceiling, so we used to sit up there and play and scrape the 'popcorn' off one at a time with our fingernails.

well about this time we had a babysitter who was a complete idiot. i'm sure she meant well, but man... so anyway one day she caught us sitting up there scraping off the popcorn. and she told us to stop doing that immediately. in true sassy 7 year old fashion i asked why (especially since our parents didn't seem to give a shit one way or another). she told us that if we continued to peel the popcorn off the ceiling, the ceiling would come down.

for some reason i accepted this without question, never scraped popcorn again, and worried about the damage done for YEARS after. i mean, like, well after i was old enough to realize that the sitter had been fucking with us.

god i was a gullible child.

and to bring it on topic, cob: adults who lie to children for kicks.
cob: people who riot for no reason.
cob: people who charge £2.00 for a 500ml bottle of lukewarm water when it is 28 degree and there is no shade in site.
cob: Stupid rides which hurt my back.
Ha ha! bklyn, my dad used to tell me fibs like that all the time! My favourite was when he tried to convince me he was 198 years old. (I was 4 or 5 at the time.) And (in a manner that would foretell the kind of adult I would grow into) I attempted to disprove it by trying to find out if a 198-year old man could still hold a valid driver's license....
when I was a teen (and I was a terror) my dad would tell me that stealing cigarettes was a federal offense b/c it had a federal tax on it. I actually believed him and stopped ripping off stores for a while.
Ha, when I was a really little kid I didn't like to wash my hands, so my mom told me that the kids in the Sally Struthers commercials got that way because they didn't wash their hands.
And my mother (in 1972) used to tell me that if I ate my bread crusts I'd get curly hair. Trying to get me to eat it. I guess she didn't realize that long, straight hair was THE rage in 1972...

And my father suffered from this mysterious form of blindness called "Dairy Queen blindness". Which caused him to drive straight past all DQs, with us kids screaming, "IT'S OVER THERE, DAD!". He'd go, "WHERE? WHERE? WHERE?" looking all around as if he couldn't see it.
I just saw this comment in regard to Ann Coulter on another forum and thought it sums her up perfectly:

"She's what happens when a forum troll occurs in real life."
when i was little my grandpa would tell me that if i ate spinach, it would put hair on my chest. for some reason, i found this fascinating and loved spinach! but, um, sorry grandpa, no fuzzies ever appeared...
release dates that are continually pushed back. i want my dresden dolls songbook NOW! i only ordered it in february, when it was set to be released in MARCH. me want! whaaaaa!
cob: new paper shredder. 6 pages at a time my arse (3 hours later and 7 jams...)

cob: mannequins. someone tell me why the lane bryant ones are a size 8 and the ones in stores like the limited are size 0?
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