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Prophecy has Rock Band, and when LeBoy and I get together with them and some other friends, we play it sometimes. I have not participated yet (it's enough fun watching them), though yesterday I did ask LeBoy if he knew if there were any Liz Phair songs on it (Exile in Guyville, not that sellout crap she's trying to pass off as music lately) because I'd get up and sing that. I'll have to get some Magner's first, though!

oops, didn't mean to hit "post" so soon.

Happy Birthday to the nectarinelette!

~*~*~*vibes for the pixies~*~*~*

LeBoy talked to his mom last night about getting together to talk about the wedding stuff. We've been thinking about getting married at their house, but from their conversation last night, it sounds like his mom is having second thoughts, just because of the logistics involved. I have mixed feelings. On one hand, it will give us a little more freedom (his parents live waaaay out from the city and I was looking forward to having some pictures taken in the city. Also, LeSIL reminded me that if we have it at their house, LeMIL will never let me forget what they did for us. Ugh.) On the other hand, we were probably going to save a crap load of money! Now we need to look for something that's cheap, nice, good location, will let us bring our own food and alcohol. Yikes. rolleyes.gif

He also made sure they were aware that my parents will not be able to contribute any significant amount of money. Time, talent and efforts, yes, but not much in the way of finances. I did not want to sit down with them to talk about stuff and have that moment of, "so, how much are your parents chipping in?"

Not much else going on. LeBoy has Friday off, so we're trying to think of something fun to do.

(((hugs to all)))
((polly and leboy)) Good luck on the wedding stuff. We did a small wedding (when I say small I mean 7 people) because there was no way I could handle all the financial stresses of a big wedding.

((star)) Yay for almost being done with your dissertation, boo to internship stress.

rose, I’m sure Mr. DM and I would get obsessed with Rock Band if we were to buy it.

Happy birthday to Christine’s kiddo.

kittenb, I saw King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters, I thought it was really funny. The one guy who was the reigning champion was a bit delusional though.

((pixie)) Good luck on the show, and the meeting with mini-pixie’s school.

((ccgirl)) Hope the cramps went away.

sassy, yay for being in a promotional video.

((amilita’s mr and his father))

bunnyb, hope the boy had a nice birthday.

((yuefie and ziggy))


Not much going on with me. Does anyone have a Zune? A few weeks ago there was a big issue with the Zunes because of leap year. Well Mr. DM’s Zune stopped working 2 weeks ago, and he is waiting for Microsoft to fix it. Today Twin DM’s Zune stopped charging. So far mine still works, but we all have the 30 gig model which I think it discontinued, so I wonder if all of them have a problem. We’ve only had the Zunes for a little over a year, so they should still be working fine.
Oh, I forgot! There is some news! LeBoy got another story published! A short story in some literary magazine called Candlelight. Don't know anything about it, but he only recently submitted it and they usually don't get back to you very quickly. Woohoo!
Congrats on the good news polly and leboy!

Star - I was pretty happy with the nominations. We saw The Wrestler this weekend and the movie has really stayed with me, although the Defamer gossip that Micky Rourke and Evan Rachel Wood are hooking up has me a little skeeved out (she plays his daughter!!!). The only down side about the noms is that now the boy and I are locked into a no solution fight about whether or not The Dark Knight should have nominated. I didn't like that movie. He loved it. As a peace maker, I am going to suprise him with a Joker-themed Oscar monkey. I crochet monkeys and decorate them in the themes of the Best Pictures for my party. By the way, all Busties are invited to my Oscar Party on Feb 22nd. Please send me your emails and I will send you the Evite.

I bought a little happy for myself yesterday. I attended an Interview Skills for Interns thing and I left disheartened and worried. So I went looking for an interview outfit. Didn't find one. Instead, I got two clearence rack dresses at Anne Taylors. One is a purple dress that looks like Joan from Mad Men would wear it. It has elbow length sleeves with a small ruffle at the elbow. It goes straight to the knee with a wide round neck. I figure, I have the "Joan" body (minus about 5" of hight) so I might as well rock the fashions. The other dress is an orange frilly sun dress that shows a lot of skin but will be perfect for really hot days. The purple dress was $10!!! The orange was $15. Anne Taylor does some great clearence. The I went to Lane Bryant and got some novelty undies, including the ones I am wearing that have conversation candy hearts on them. I felt much better after the shopping. biggrin.gif

Have a great day everyone!
I want to go to an Oscar party - waaaaah! it sounds like so much fun, kitten.

I need to catch up with the Oscar contenders though; we're quite behind.

Congrats to LeBoy! It must be great to be in print... I started to write something new at the weekend but I'm not sure if it will go anywhere.

So, is there much of a difference between Guitar Hero and Rock Band (I take it the latter uses more instruments/controllers?) I want Guitar Hero for the boy's xbox but the boy doesn't do jumping around/looking stupid (his words). My family have a wii and bunnymama bought Guitar Hero for my step-dad for Christmas; I was really looking forward to spending Christmas Day playing it but when he unwrapped it, the game wasn't in the box! Silly store. They have it now but I was already back in London by that time sad.gif.

Could I ask for some job/money vibes please? We're really struggling just now and the boy is very stressed/pressured supporting us both.

I also have a birth control headache. My doctor at home (who I really like) won't provide me with a prescription for my pill without checking my blood pressure so I need to go find a doctor in this city and probably won't get that done in time so I'll be going cold turkey for a while.

(((mandi))) and (((yuefie))) and their recovery.

Kitten, those dresses sound fabulous! So does your Oscar party. I wish I was in your area so I could go.

Pixie, I forgot to comment on the show. I take it this is with the same group you've worked with in the past, right? It'll be interesting to see what that Ex is up to. Did he ever manage to finally tell his mother that he's been divorced for a decade?
~!*!~!*!~ fabulous performance vibes for Pixie ~!*!~!*!~

DM, I don't know anybody who has a Zune. I thought that problem was supposed to be fixed! What a pain!

~$~$~$~ money vibes for Bunny ~$~$~$~
Pardon me for not using the pound symbol, but I'm don't know the key combination for it on an American keyboard. Bah! Sorry to hear about your headaches. Has this been a problem for you in the past?
Here's a basic rundown on the game options.
Rock Band: up to 4 people can play at a time - drums, guitar, bass, & singing. Here in the states, the box set comes with a guitar, drum set, & microphone (you can buy a bass separately). I imagine it's the same there.
Guitar Hero: uses just the guitar
Guitar Hero World Tour: this is very similar to Rock Band - just made by the same company that makes Guitar Hero. I checked out the box & it seems to even have a lot of the same songs as Rock Band. I haven't played it so I don't know if it's better or worse than Rock Band, but Sheff says that according to sales numbers, Rock Band has sold twice as well as Guitar Hero World Tour.

Polly, I haven't seen any Liz Phair songs yet. They're still releasing new songs for the game, though, so there's still hope!

Speaking of video games, things seem to be going okay at Sheff's office. He doesn't seem to have any bugs left in his code, so he's just spending his day helping other people. As a bonus, he's gotten home at a pretty normal hour every night lately! Woo! The only irritating thing right now is that they're waiting to get the final nod from Microsoft & Sony on the latest build of the game (the game we be available for XBox 360 and PS3). The game is supposed to hit the shelves the first week of March, so here's n
hoping the final approval comes within a week.

hee, rose, I was using "headache" figuratively - as in the fact that I can't get my pill here (as my own doctor won't write a repeat prescription) is causing me a headache.

Thanks for the Rock Band / Guitar Hero rundown. It's the World Tour edition the family have and they love it. From what I understand, Guitar Hero is the one that is huge here with people having Guitar Hero parties and nights at pubs and stuff. Either way, I wish I could play and/or have friends to play with!

Thanks too for the money vibes - dollars, pounds, yen, I don't care, as long as it's money!

break a leg, pixie! (ooh, is that in really bad taste? I meant for the play!)
LMAO! I think I have that covered, Bunny!

Rose- The testing for gifted classes isn't until sometime this spring. I am afraid this teachers vendetta may keep Mini p from being accepted into the program. It really does seem to me that she's bored and therefore easily distracted. The teacher claims she "isn't getting" the curriculum, but as soon as she gets home, she sits right down and does it without help. The catalyst to this meeting was Mr. Dust taking her to school last week and finding out that her desk had been moved completely away from all the other kids facing a wall. And we never got any notification from the teacher that she had even gotten in trouble! Now the teacher is claiming Mini p CHOSE to sit there. Yeah right! I'm not buying that. Neither is Mr. Dust.
And yes the show is the one I have been involved with before. There are already issues with your former boss and the fact that it isn't actually written yet..and lets see it's only like 6 or 7 weeks away. Umm..yeah, I may have to back away slowly. I was asked to come back, but I am not lending my name to a huge flop.

Kvetch: we are uncertain as if there will even be school tomorrow and the meeting with the teacher/principal. Mr. pixie has to miss his first class in order to go, so we don't know if he needs to go get busy work ready for his students or not.

antikvetch: we never lost power this time, and the roads aren't really all that bad if you drive reasonably. But our city doesn't clear neighborhood streets and all our schools are in neighborhoods
Pixie, what a difficult situation to be in with your daughter's school! This situation sounds as though it is being fueled by a quite inflexible teacher. Hopefully the psychologist who does the school's testing for giftedness will be able to be objective and give at least equal weighting to both your opinion and that of your daughter's teacher. In fact, an observational assessment almost sounds ideal so that an outside set of eyes can come in to see how the teacher and classroom is working/not working for your daughter. That might give you the ammo to get a classroom change. Unfortunately, admittance to gifted programs, at least here in Canada, seems only to be about test scores rather than anything else (i.e. did you meet the criteria or not). I'm hoping that all goes well for your sake and the sake of your daughter.

Bunnyb, I too wish that my partner and myself had more people to play these fun games with. I played Guitar Hero at a friend's house on one occasion and it was so much fun. I loved it! That being said, I think that I have a slightly addictive personality and it probably wouldn't be that good if I had a videogame system in the house. Everything else in my life might go to hell! tongue.gif

Star, congrats on almost being done with your dissertation! Definitely an achievement to be commended and celebrated. I have been working on my dissertation for a while now as well but still have about 7 months left. I try not to think about it that way and break it down into short tasks though, taking it one day at a time. Stories like yours of actually finishing this darn stuff inspire me to keep going.

Hi to all other busties (((everyone)))
QUOTE(pixiedust @ Jan 28 2009, 05:40 PM) *
LMAO! I think I have that covered, Bunny!
The catalyst to this meeting was Mr. Dust taking her to school last week and finding out that her desk had been moved completely away from all the other kids facing a wall. And we never got any notification from the teacher that she had even gotten in trouble! Now the teacher is claiming Mini p CHOSE to sit there.

pixie, oh, this part upset me SO much. mad.gif using shame and humiliation is really going to motivate a child in the classroom setting. poor minipixie. we are rooting for some justice in this situation. i'll kick some ass for you if need be. wink.gif

*~*~*vibes for minipixie*~*~*

*~*~*money vibes for bunnyb*~*~*

gradgal, thanks so much. smile.gif any progress you make is progress. i've learned that writing and completing a dissertation takes alot of self discipline. good luck with your work!

Pixie, that is ridiculous!!!! I totally cannot believe that MP would separate herself from the rest of the class like that. But even if she did, the teacher should DEFINITELY have contacted you because that is NOT normal behavior. And she knows it.

Grrrrrrr. GRRRRRRR!!!

See what Stephen Colbert is doing over in my avatar there? That's the look I wanna give that teacher.
QUOTE(kittenb @ Jan 28 2009, 08:37 AM) *
As a peace maker, I am going to suprise him with a Joker-themed Oscar monkey. I crochet monkeys and decorate them in the themes of the Best Pictures for my party. By the way, all Busties are invited to my Oscar Party on Feb 22nd. Please send me your emails and I will send you the Evite.

<record screech> Wha? You crochet monkeys? Themed monkeys? How did I not know this? I'll PM you with my email address; I probably won't be able to stay until the end of the Oscars (having to get up at 5:30am on Mondays really puts a damper on my Sunday night social life) but I'll be there! And not only for the monkeys. I promise.

Pixie, good luck with working out this craziness. Sounds like the teacher LeBoy's nephew had. I think it's much better this year now that he's not in her class.

Sorry about the headache, bunny.
Well, school is cancelled again tomorrow because of road conditions, so the meetting will be postponed until next week.
Yes, polly, I crochet themed monkeys. smile.gif I used to just buy gifts but the year that I made the monkeys, people really, really loved them.

I found a picture of one of the dresses I bought. I think I will wear this for my Oscar party.

I am planning on spending my day at my school's library. I seem to work better there. The class I am in right now is Abnormal Psych and it is hard. I don't know that I am working as hard as I should be so no harm in putting in some more time, you know?

Pixie - does that make things better/worse/no change?

rose - your avatar makes me happier everytime I see it.

Hi gradgal!

{{{star, bunnyb, all kvetchies!!!}}}

Christine Nectarine
Kittenb, love the dress, and LOVE the monkeys idea! I can only imagine what a hit they must be with your party guests!

Pixie, good luck when you go to that interview! We just got kiddo’s first report card (junior kindergarten) and all the comments were positive, but everyday the only thing she says about school is “it was boring”. So I’m very curious what the teacher will have to tell us when we go for our interview next week. It’s great that all of minipixie’s parental types are advocating for her! You’ve got to trust that you know your kid. Hopefully it will have some positive outcomes!

Kvetch: A had to pick kiddo up from daycare yesterday cause she was sick AGAIN – spent hours driving back and forth through the snow to get her to the doctor’s. it seems to be the same flu virus still. Yikes! Hoping that we will at least be able to have the family birthday celebration as planned this weekend, since all her other b-day events got quashed.

Kvetch: I’m wiped. Despite having time off at Christmas, and a couple of “recovery” days last week when I was sick, I can’t WAIT for my time off in March.

Anti-kvetch: I have 5 weeks vacation to book for next fiscal year! 4 weeks+1 carryover from time I didn’t use while on contract. Now if only I could afford to travel somewhere during those 5 weeks…but hey, I’ll take what I can get!

(((kittenb))) our school library is awesome. i feel i can get more work done in this new location. good luck with the class!

*~*~*strength vibes for chiristine*~*~*

(((pixie))) phew! man, i feel so bad for the minipixie.

(((polly))) tell leboy i said congrats on the his work being published. let us know where we could read it.

kvetch: so, i registered for what training sites i wanted for the next school year. i cried so hard right afterwards. the stress and anxiety got to me. boo.


I thought I would share something that amused me greatly. I logged onto facebook (how unlike me) and noticed that my friend's status said "[name] is now in labour! And is accessing the Internet in the delivery room to get mind of those pains...pls pray for me". Ah, the wonders of technology and online social networking sites laugh.gif.
(((pixie)))) ugh, how frustrating that whole mess must be. I too would be furious to hear of my child being singled out. And as a former preschool teacher who's worked with other teachers who sometimes didn't quite know how to handle situations that came up, I am suspicious of the reason given. It just sounds strange that she "chose" to sit there. I mean why was it even an option for her to do so? Who's the teacher and who is the child/student here?

Themed monkeys? kitten, I so wish I could join your Oscar party.

more congrats to leboy!

(((star)))) I hope you got those knots out of your shoulder. I can certainly empathize.

~~~~money and jobbie vibes for bunny and anyone else who needs them~~~~

~~~healing and soothing vibage for all who need it~~~

~~~~extra soothing vibes & hair brushings for mando~~~

(((((bunny, amilita, polly, sidecar, morn, christine, rose, pixie, star, kitten, mandi, syb, dm, raisin, candy, damona, gradgal, everyone)))))

I am having one of those days. First I woke up from having terrible sleep frought with bizzaro nightmares with a stiff neck and painful shoulder knots and could hardly turn my head to the left. without shooting pains. The knots are so tight and the pain keeps shooting down my arm, in to my shoulder blade and up in to my neck and the back of my head. I've taken a hot shower, rubbed in arnica lotion & burts bees muscle mend, took a muscle relaxer (Flexeril), ibuprofen and applied a heating pad several times. But it still hurts like hell. Last night my check engine light came on in the car I just had serviced, so I was supposed to take it back in today. But since I couldn't turn my head enough to drive today, I was unable to take it and now have to do it tomorrow which is my baby bro's birfday and I was supposed to take him to lunch and then run a bunch of errands and get his surprise birthday dinner together. Then we found out today that R's ex is moving to Florida May 1st and is taking the kidlet with her. Then the icing on the craptastic cake that has been today was that R's bff called to tell him that she was diagnosed with lupus. Of course he's beyond sad and she's juts terrified. And she lives in Indiana and is a single parent. Not to mention that she had the misfortune of watching her mom slowly die of lupus complications just like I did with my mom. And now she has it herself. Of course this hits close to home and has me pretty freaked out. She hadn't ever really presented with symptoms until very recently, in her late thirties. That's when my mom discovered she had it too. I am 35, I can't help but be somewhat nervous about this. They used to say it isn't hereditary but more recent research suggests that there is quite possibly genetic links. And it strikes women more often then men. I am going to make an appointment with my primary care doc to discuss this with her, for my own peace of mind. And damnit, I feel like such a hypochondiac sometimes with all these health issues and worries and complaints. But really, truly, I do NOT wish to be ill or injured in any way, shape or form. I feel so sad for her, being way out in IN, on her own and now facing such devastating news. I keep feeling so thankful that I have R and my siblings and bff for support.

On a lighter note, Ziggy's neck looks much better. He got the bandage and cone off today, so we're hoping if we continue to put the hydrocortizone cream on his boo boo's he won't scratch it right up again. Thanks for the vibes for him, they always work wub.gif
*slips through okayland secret passage*

Polly, you could totally have the wedding on the beach, party on the patio, style! I offer this to all of my friends, and no one ever takes us up on it. You could be the first! And the personal politics/logistics would be a little less complicated. Parking, however, would bite. smile.gif
QUOTE(turbojenn @ Jan 29 2009, 09:46 PM) *
*slips through okayland secret passage*

Polly, you could totally have the wedding on the beach, party on the patio, style! I offer this to all of my friends, and no one ever takes us up on it. You could be the first! And the personal politics/logistics would be a little less complicated. Parking, however, would bite. smile.gif

Oo, that is tempting. And you're so much closer to Smoque and Molly's Cupcakes. I don't know if there's enough room for 150 people on your patio area, though. Hmm.
hello lovelies! i have been in denver since friday for work, came back yesterday afternoon and am still recovering. (i did have a fun dinner with prophecy, too.) it was a good conference, though. i am off tomorrow, and will be running errands and doing stuff around the house. yay.

(((pixie)))) how beyond the pale. i hope you and Mr. Dust get it fixed, and that pixie gets the attention she needs.
(((((more love for mando)))))
((((health for yuefie & ziggy))))
~~~~money vibes for bunny~~~~

sidecar, glad you enjoyed Denver. Have a nice day off.

((yuefie and family)) I have times where I feel like a hypochondriac, but I know that in reality I just take really good care of myself, and am cautious about my health. I hope your neck and shoulder are feeling better today. Sorry R has to deal with his kid leaving, is his ex allowed to just move to another state, that doesn€™t seem fair. I wish the best for R€™s friend. I€™m glad Ziggy is better.

((star)) I hope you get one of your training sites, sorry to hear that it€™s been so stressful.

((christine)) Hope the kiddo is better. Yay for five weeks of vacation.

kittenb, I love the idea of themed crocheted monkeys. Could you post pictures once you have completed them? Also, I love that dress, Ann Taylor Loft is the best.

((pixie)) Hope the meeting is rescheduled soon so you can fix this situation.

((bunnyb)) Hope you are able to find a doctor for the bc pill soon. Do they have an organization like Planned Parenthood clinics in London where you could maybe get a quick appointment?
$$$$$$$$$$money, money, money for bunnyb and boy$$$$$$$$$$$$$

rose, glad to hear sheff€™s work is going well.

polly, yay for leboy getting a story published.

Mr. DM had his oral surgery appointmnt yesterday, and everything went well.

**Possible TMI**While at Mr. DM€™s appointment yesterday I developed a horrible migraine, so on the way home I threw up in his sick pan he got from his appointment. Then I had to drop his prescriptions to be filled and I threw up in my car, then I threw up at home, and then I threw up after I picked up his prescriptions. My car now smells of sick because I didn€™t have the energy to clean up. Good news is I only feel a little bit of the pain today, so I€™m hoping the worst of it is gone. I felt so bad because Mr. DM just had surgery, and yet I was the one getting sick.
Yuefie, a few years back, my mister's ex moved very far away with their child and with little warning, so I sympathise. (Why parents--of either gender--should be allowed legally to do this without agreeing it first with the other parent is another matter. It's unbelievable to me.) Of course, now mister's kid is back and living with us, so hopefully things will turn out better down the road. Also, I am glad you're going to talk to your doc: hopefully she can help alleviate your (totally understandable) concerns.

Glad you enjoyed Denver sidecar!

(((recovery vibes for DM and MR DM!!)))

Happy as ever it's Friday; looking forward to much DVD viewing this weekend, when I can fit it in alongside thesis work... yet again, a deadline is looming!

*mismatched olive green print mesh knickers and black patterned bra*
Ahppy Friday everyone.

{{{DM}}} glad that you are feeling better.

sidecar - welcome back from Denver to the land of cold and crazy.


If I were to be honest with myself about what I want to do this weekend, it would be nothing. I want to stay on my couch and watch movies. Sadly, I have class and the boy has been invited to a party. I don't mind if he goes without me but I want to see him so I am not sure how to manage both things. rolleyes.gif

Undies: will be my new spring themed string bikinis and white bra. I know it is only the end of January but a girl can dream can't she?
Good gawd, Yuefie, what a craptastic day!
((((((((((((Yuefie, R, the kidlette, R's best friend )))))))))))))))))
Good luck to R on arranging custody. And don't feel bad about talking to your doc about lupus! It's better to be informed by a professional.

~~~~~~~ soothing for DM & Mr. DM ~~~~~~~
You poor thing! Do you have any idea what made you so sick? Here's hoping you feel better soon. As for the car, go to a detailing shop.

Welcome home, Sidecar! It must be very interesting to be in Chicago right now. Hmmm.

Bunny, I can't believe your friend updated her Facebook account while in labor! Now that's an addiction. Any news on momma & baby yet?

~!*!~ brilliant productivity vibes for Syb ~!*!~


~~~~ soothing for Kristine's kiddo ~~~~
Wow, that's a TON of vacation time! I wish Sheff got that much. As it is, he only gets 2 weeks. I feel like we'll never get to visit his family in England.

Yesterday Sheff called & told me that a friend of ours - one half of the couple who came for dinner & Rock Band last weekend - had been in the hospital the previous night. They kept her overnight, but let her go yesterday morning. I'll spare you all the details, but basically her right arm swelled up to monstrous proportions, but she's on some antibiotics now & the swelling is going down so hopefully she'll be okay. Anyway, she was obviously stressed out from the whole mess, so they called & asked if they could come over & play Rock Band. We had plans to go see a movie, but we canceled them. I just couldn't deny her Rock Band when she'd had such a shitty day. She deserved to let out her frustrations on the drum set. I just hope the exertion does not cause her arm to swell again.

By the by, Sheff says he'll go to the movies with me this weekend instead. I still wish we'd been able to go on Thursday night while the movie theater was quiet. Do you think the movies will be extra busy during the Super Bowl? Or deserted?

Undie report: None yet. I'm still in my robe. And it's almost noon! Shamefull!

*~*~*soothing vibes for Yuefie*~*~*

(((yuefie))) i hate those days when you just want to crawl under the blankets and not come out. i'll make room for you under my blanket. smile.gif

*~*~*healing vibes for DM and Mr. DM*~*~*

(((DM))) oh gosh. that sounds horrible. does that happen to you whenever you get migraines? i hope you are feeling better.

(((sidecar))) welcome back home!

(((kittenb))) hope you get to have a relaxing weekend.

*~*~*healing vibes for rose's friend*~*~*

(((rose))) what a good friend you are! you will use any opportunity to push the rock band. wink.gif seriously, tho. very sweet of you to cancel your plans to cheer up a friend.

(((syb))) have fun with your wine and movie night!

kvetch: just feeling kinda blue.


((((yuefie)))) soothing, virtual hair-brushing. Oh, hun, I know the fear is hard and losing the kidlet... you've become so close. Does R have joint custody? is there not something he can do legally? It seems so wrong that she can take him to the other side of the States, away from his father. Also, say happy birthday to PJ for me!

(((star))) royal blue, azure or sky-blue? Oh blue is blue and it sucks.

(((dm))) poor you!

(((little nectarine))) here's hoping she can enjoy her belated birthday celebrations.

(((rose's friend)))


syb, sounds like my kind of weekend! Wine and dvds will feature in mine, definitely. The boy has suggested treating ourselves to pizza too ... you have no idea how much this excites me!

polly, I'm sure you will find the perfect wedding venue.

kitten, I too want to see photos!

sidecar, yay for lovely dinners! am I correct in thinking that you and prophecy work together or did I dream that?

rose, my friend updated this morning to say she had a baby girl and uploaded photos this evening! All is well and online, it would seem.

kvetch: moontime cramps like you wouldn't believe.
anti-kvetch: a lovely weekend with my boy ahead (and he has Monday off so he can stay up late Sunday and watch the Superbowl).

undies: pale pink cotton bra with lace trim and pale pink and grey striped girl shorts.

Attention: 8am EST Monday requires uber-strength BUSTie vibes for our beloved Mando, who is having her first session of chemo (every two weeks for four months). I know we'll all be thinking of her and wishing her an easy time of it. Her sis and the niecelette are visiting this weekend and on Monday night Mando and her sis are going wig shopping. Her port surgery is Monday evening (the thing that they'll "install" in the right side of her upper chest, for the infusions, so she doesn't have to be stuck in the arm all the time). (((((mandolyn)))))
I'm cross-posting this in the okay thread, too- I figure these two threads are most frequented and have the most knowledgeable busties:

Humanist was attacked on the train last night. She's mostly okay, she was just sitting there and a guy ran up out of the blue and kicked her in the face. Then he ran to the next car through the connecting door. The train was full of people, they hit the emergency button and the train stopped at the next station. What happened next is kind of confusing- a bunch of the people who saw it happen got off the train and caught the guy. A CTA person came and said they had him, asked my sister if she was okay and if she wanted to file a report (um, yes!). Then the train started moving again and she doesn't know what happened. Her nose was bleeding, but people on the train helped her, gave her kleenex and napkins. People on the train were actually very helpful- a bunch of them wrote down their names and phone numbers.

When she got off the train, the people who also got off at the stop walked her home. Some of them were people who'd gotten off the train to get the guy and they said that the guy got away and got on the train that was at the station going the opposite direction. It was unclear as to whether he got away or someone let him go....why the station wasn't put on lockdown, I don't know. On the way, they saw a police officer, so they told him what happened. He drove her back to the station where the train had stopped and met another police officer there. She gave them a full report, but unless they bring someone in matching the description, there's not a whole lot they can do.

I didn't find out about this until this morning, when I just happened to call my sister to see what she was doing on her day off. Her nose has stopped bleeding, she doesn't think it's broken. She has a bruise under her eye. What worries me is that she says her jaw and back by her ear hurts. And of course she has no health insurance, so we don't know what to do.

Any advice?
((((humanist)))) that's shocking. I'm sorry I can't offer any advice, polly sad.gif.
Oh my god, how terrible. Why the hell would anyone do that to somebody?! Sorry I don't have any advice.
Thanks for the help and hugs everyone! Humanist is with me now, at our parents' house. My uncle is an insurance coordinator in a fertility clinic- not exactly related, but he knows people "in the business" and he was able to get us in to see someone today. So, at least she won't have to go sit in a clinic for hours...and hours...and hours. We're just waiting for him to call us back. I'll keep everyone posted.
Wow...what craptastic happenings in the lounge!

(((humanist))) I don't even know what to say beyond, I hope she feels better soon and they catch the guy...WTF?

((yuefie)) What is R doing about the kidlet? I don't know how different my situation is since we have joint custody, but in my divorce it spells out that if one parents wants to move more than I think 60 miles away, we have to give teh other 60 days notice in which time the other parent can petition the court to change custody or block the other from doing it. It kinda sucks that we are basically stuck like that. Mr. Dust's wife was a school teacher in TX and had to have taken a huge paycut to move here with him.

Speaking of mini P...I don't know what's going on now! I haven't gotten a call yet from the school to reschedule the meeting and I wrote a long email to Mr. Dust Monday so that we would be on teh same page during the meeting and be able to present a united front. So he is supposed to reply to my emails within48 hours...and he still hasn't! So I mentioned it to him on Wed when he picked Mini p up, and he says yeah, I need to write you about some of the things we have been thinking and discussing to....and yet, here it is Friday and still nothing! So evidently hell is thawing out and things are going back to normal! On teh flip side, Mr Pixie and I had several lonf conversations with mini P this week about what is going on and she is like a changed child now that she knows that we support her against what is happening at school! She hasn't misbehaved all week!

Polly, I second the wedding on the beach idea! We talked about doing that. We were actually going to go to Hawaii and get married on the beach there at sunset barefoot. But then I saw my wedding dress and the whole renessaince theme was born!

Rose...I just realized I never answered your question about the exbf's mother issues. He did actually come clean to her when we were breaking up as a last ditch effort to try to keep me from walking. Too little, too late. I also found out Friday that she passed away shortly thereafter.

((dm)) I used to throw up from migrains. There is nothing that feels worse than losing your lunch while you feels like it is about to explode!

(((bunny, mando, sidecar, kitten, billy, amilita, tes, and everyone else)))

Antikvetch: a co worker who also collects Tinkerbelle stuff brought me a color wonder Tinkerbelle coloring book set this morning! It's hard to be upset while coloring fairies!
polly - OH MY GOD! That is really scary. If anything is needed, even if Humanist just wants someone to come and sit with her some night this weekend or next week whatever, just give me a call. I'll PM my phone number. I think that she will qualify for Crime Victim Compensation. Google it for the number. It is early in the year, so there might even be money to compensate her with.
Thanks for letting us know about that. I am glad that she is with family.
(((((((((((((humanist))))))))))))))) ditto what kittenb said. tell her to call me if she needs company. sad.gif
Polly, that is awful. I'm glad Humanist is with you and that your family arranged for her to get medical attention. How horrible!
Polly, I'm so sorry... I'm glad humanist will get medical attention and that she's got all of you around her through this. That is just shocking. (((((humanist)))))
(((polly))) that is terrible! what line was it on? is there any chance a description could be posted somewhere? i'd be happy to keep an eye out and post flyers near the el stops i use.

(((yuefie))) i don't know why r's ex thinks this is best for the kidlet or doesn't see why this is a problem for r. my thoughts are with both of you.

(((bunny))) prophecy and i do work at the same place! we are in different departments but have similar jobs. it was good for us to hang out for multiple reasons. and while i had a good time in denver, i mostly saw its bars and restaurants. i'm sure the art museum is lovely though!

my weekend is busy, busy: birthday party for our best friends' baby at 11, opera tickets tonight (it was Martini's bday gift) and it's Wagner so it's long, then super bowl tomorrow. we just have one friend coming over, so it shouldn't be too busy. but i was looking forward to a quiet weekend, and it's not going to be. alas.

((((mando)))) in my thoughts, per usual.
((((((((((polly and humanist)))))))))) that's terrible. It just seems so strange, such a horrible and thoughtless unprovoked attack. I hope humanist is doing okay.

Oh, how terrible! Poor (((((((humanist))))))) sad.gif
~~~~ultra strength soothing vibes~~~~~


Basically the kids mother put him in the middle and told him to choose who he wants to live with. His options are to move to FL and start over at a top notch school, live in a huge house in an affluent neighborhood with new stepsisters & a stepdad who's loaded, or stay here and still have to start over with at a whole new school with a new set of kids, but live in a decent apartment in a decent neighborhood. Wooo. What a choice, huh?. Loaded we aren't. What kind of decision is that to lay on a teenager? R's first reaction was to fight, until the kid got on the phone and begged him not to. He cried and pleaded for him not to fight with her and told him that he'd love to stay here with us, but would like to be fair to his mom and check it out there before deciding. He doesn't want to hurt anyones feelings, but he especially doesn't want to hurt his mom's feelings. It's such a mess. R is beside himself and just wants to do the right thing. What the hell is the right thing?

My neck is feeling better, I still have a few knots but can at least turn my head enough to drive. R took over handling PJ's birthday dinner yesterday afternoon and sent me off to the salon for a cut and color. He's the best and never stops amazing me. He's a wonderful dad and really just a great guy. I wish he wasn't stuck in such a sticky situation.
It was on the Red Line. The station the train stopped at was Granville. Humanist didn't see the guy- she wasn't paying attention and it happened so fast. The only reason she knows what he looks like is from other witnesses.

I haven't talked to her today. I know she had to go to work. When I talked to her last night, she seemed okay, though. I don't think my uncle ever called her back, which is a little annoying. She's probably going to come into work with me on Monday and my cousin will take some x-rays for her.

Thanks for the tip on the Victims Compensation thing, kitten. I passed that on to humanist to look into.

Yuefie, that's a crappy situation. I know how well things were going with all of you, so to have that yanked away just sucks. sad.gif

~*~*~*~*~*~*chemo vibes for mando~*~*~*~*~*~* May it be super-effective and minimally unpleasant. My friend's mom is just doing chemo, no surgery. The doctor or someplace recommended a store she go to for a wig and it's a store, in the middle of a super republican suburb here (one of the few), whose main clientele is trannies. Very interesting.

Forgive me, I've sort of lost track of everything going on in here in the last day and a half. You're all in my thoughts, I really appreciate all the advice and well wishes, and I know humanist does, too. I don't know if she's posted anywhere yet....

((hugs to all))
Here's hoping the chemo is affective & efficient so this can all be over soon!

The only good thing about this story is that so many strangers came to your aid after the event. It's always nice to know that there are so many kind, good-hearted people in the world. Here's hoping you heal quickly - physically & otherwise.

(((((((((((Yuefie, R, & the kid)))))))))))))
I'm trying to understand the situation here. So, the kiddo's mom is married? Or is she about to marry someone? What compelled them to move to the whole other side of the country? Was it a job offer or something? Or is it because her soon-to-be-husband already lives there? Lordy, what a confusing mess. Whatever the cause, my heart goes out to you. I know you've really come to love that boy. Will he at least be able to come out to Cali on break?

Sidecar, your weekend sounds fabulous! I wish my husband wanted to go to the opera. Pout.

Pixie, I remember you telling me that about the ex now. Lordy, did that man have issues. Sorry to hear that the show is turning into a fiasco. Maybe your leg should, uh, suddenly start hurting you a lot more ... so much that you have to drop out. Perhaps? As for MiniP, best of luck with that. Sounds like you've got quite a battle on your hands.

We've kept things quiet around the house today. I worked out, washed some dishes, did some laundry, & updated my blog, but other than that I've been planted on the couch watching PBS. Sheff is playing in a poker tournament tonight. Here's hoping he wins some money! Tomorrow we're planning on going to see a movie (probably "Slumdog Millionaire") & we may see an exhibit called LEGO-palooza at a local university just 'cause it sounds like fun.
Hugs to Polly and Humanist. What a scary, awful thing to happen. I hope they catch the guy soon.
rose, we saw Slumdog Millionaire on Friday night and I loved it. It's a marshmallow movie: has a bit of a tough exterior then gooey in the middle/final taste.

(((polly and humanist))) hope that work wasn't too hard-going after the ordeal.

(((mandi-kins))) hope your having good weekend with sis and niecelette.

(((yuefie, R and kidlet))) what a sucktastic situation. Poor kidlet, what an awful choice.

(((kvetchies))) hope you're all having lovely weekends.

It's snowing here, which is pretty, but if we get snowed in tonight and the boy can't go and collect takeaway pizza then I am not going to be a happy bunny. That is all.
hey kvetchies!

(((((((((((((((((((((((polly and humanist)))))))))))))))))))))) that is just awful! i heard about it last night and i was absolutely shocked. i really hope she's going to be alright. i'm glad y'all have family support and the kindness of strangers.

(((((((((((mando))))))))))) as ever, love and vibes and best wishes.


just a quick update: we have heat again, finally. except now it's going the other way and we are sweating to death! aggravating.

dai got all "a"s on his report card, even math, which is amazing because math is the first class of the day and he was having a lot of trouble focusing. little z is driving his teacher batty because he refuses to do any of his written work, but at least he loves math. and little d is just puttering along, doing as best as he can.

i'm kinda working with a friend, helping him with his songwriting. it's pretty cool. i like being "behind the scenes" and seeing/hearing my ideas pop into his songs now and then. now, if i could just convince him to really get his stuff out there.... he's really good!

me and my 2 best gal pals went for mani-pedi's yesterday, which was just awesome. i'd never had either before. it was a lot of fun. and we got all dolled up and went out for a nice dinner. 3 amazons in short skirts and high heel boots turn a lot of heads, apparently!

((((((((((((((((((((((busties everywhere))))))))))))))))))
I agree with bunnyb on Slumdog. It was such a happy movie.

((Humanist and Polly))) I hope they catch the guy. What a terrible thing to happen.

((Yuefie, R, and Kid))

My work fundraiser was last night. I will post pics in the picture thread. I'm so incredibly
relieved it's over. My boss did an excellent job, and they actually let me on stage with the staff which was sweet sentiment. I just wish that I had a few days off, these 6 day work weeks are killing me.

Anti-kvetch: The ring came!!! Mcgeek hid it from me, and we didn't open the box. It took such will-power to rip the box open even though I know what it looks like. I will also post some pics in the pic thread or here.

I'm just having a relaxing day today. Lots of catching up on reading and watching my tv shows. smile.gif


(((((yuefie))))) will the kidlet be able to visit lots in the holidays?

(((((humanist))))) how horrible! I hope things get better and there are no long-term complications. ((((polly))))

(((((pixie)))) fingers crossed minipixie gets a new teacher - that just sounds ridiculous that she'd choose to sit there.


((((damona)))) yay for good reports!

((((bunny)))) fucking snow. grrr. I think I may have to beg you to come save me from the horror that is uni on friday...

((((amilita)))) puppypuppypuppypuppypuppy....




((((sassy)))) yay for the ring!

((((star)))) yay dissertation work finished!




There's about an inch of snow outside... grrr. Indigo is *not* impressed. Tank wants to run about in it. I want to hibernate. I'm currently trying to narrow my dissertation topic, write a literature review for said topic (gender and physical geography), research palaeoenvironmental evidence for human settlement in the olduvai gorge, research cholera pandemics and the situation in zimbabwe, research/write an essay on women and work, and not kill the next person who goes "but I can't make rowing then, can I do it later?" because they haven't quite grasped the idea of *team* sports.

Also, I'm really bad at busting lately. And I miss you all, so I lurk lots.

Has anyone got Tes' email address? I want to ask her a few questions about Africa for a friend...
Since when was snow accompanied by thunder & lightning? Freaky weather but the snow is pretty. Just tell me where to come to save you, morn, and if I need a rope or a ladder.

Awake past my bedtime but the boy is watching the Superbowl and I am reading/messing around online.

(((Mando))) wishing you all the best tomorrow.
{{{sassy}}} I am happy to hear the ring joy in your post. Yay!

bunny - that would be Thundersnow, one of the weirdest winter phenomenons. Here is a YouTube clip where you can hear it if you listen close.

Ahhh, I am tired today. I was up watching the Super Bowl. I never watch football and wouldn't have even cared if it hadn't been the Steelers. I spent my childhood in the Pittsburgh area, though, and fandom is injected in the water there. And the game was great. If every football game was that interesting, I might care more about the game. I have a slight cough now which needs to go away. I had a nasty cold last week and I don't have time for anything more right now.

Happy Monday all!
((((((((((((((((((((((TONS and TONS of love and support for our precious Mandolyn))))))))))))))))))))))))
We are here for you ALL the way, doll!


~!~!~ ass kicking vibes for Pixie & MiniP ~!~!~

I saw on the news that this snow storm in the UK is the biggest in 18 years. Bunny, & Morn, hope you can dig out of it soon.
~!*!~!*!~ productivity vibes for Morn ~!*!~!*!~

Damona, the mani-pedi with your girlfriends sounds like so much fun! My mom and I are probably going to do that when she comes to visit in May.

Sassy, congrats on the successful event. And yay for the ring!

((((((((((((((((all the kvetchies)))))))))))))))))))))

Happy groundhog day, everyone. Phil says we're in for 6 more weeks of winter, but it sure hasn't felt that way around here. This weekend was sunshiny and pleasant - perfect jacket weather - so Sheff & I went out & wandered around town a bit. One of the local universities was hosting LEGO-palooza & we love Lego, so we braved the crowds of children to check it out. There were some really amazing, highly detailed creations made by adults, as well as some cute creations by the kids. I was probably most impressed by the recreation of a quiddich match. I tried taking some photos, but they don't quite capture the pure awesomeness. Later on we saw "Slumdog Millionaire" & got home in time to watch the final hour of the Super Bowl ... which I hear was the best part, anyway, so yay!

Kvetch: Aunt Flow has arrived.

Anti-kvetch: The Westminster dog show starts in one week! Hooray!
(((Mandolyn))) virtual hairbrushings!


Blech on the snow! I am tired of it already and it's only snowed here one this year. I have decided it is most dangerous after it starts to melt! Mr. pixie and I both almost took a tumble in the driveway this weekend.

yay for Legos!

MiniP's meeting got rescheduled for this Thursday. I am a little put out with the school. The principal seemed much less accomadating today than she did last week when we were scheduling the meeting. Plus I still haven't heard from Minip's dad, so I don't know if he is still behind me on this. And after lots of talking to mini P I am ready to call the teacher a liar to her face in front of her boss on the issue of minip "Choosing" to sit facing a wall. I am in full on Mama bear mode!
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