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futura, enjoy your time in NYC and DC.

rose, yay for Sheff’s company doing good. There are so many companies that are cutting positions in massive numbers. Glad you and the best pals had fun despite sickness and the play being sold out.

syb, I love making homemade mac and cheese, and it’s one of the few things I love to eat leftover.

Bunnyb, glad you are having a fun time with morning ton and zoya.

((damona)) Hope the boiler gets fixed soon.

Star, yay for being the home stretch with your dissertation.

Polly, hope you get the book soon. I agree, don’t give him a good review unless you actually receive what you ordered.

Sidecar, yay for the weight loss. I really like your blog, the recipes sound really yummy, too bad I am not a motivated cook.

((yuefie)) Glad you are feeling better, and yay for selling your car.

((kittenb and stepsis)) I don’t have any advice, but I’m sure she appreciates that you are there for her.

((mando)) Continue to feel better.

My weekend was okay, took today off as a personal day since my company is too greedy to pay it as a holiday. I was really nervous because Mr. DM had an appointment with a dental surgeon today, he needs to have all four wisdom teeth and another tooth removed. Well the appointment went well, and it’s not going to costs us as much as we thought. He has the surgery at the end of the month, and it will be a relief to have him back on track for dental health.
bunny, thanks for filling me in about mando. i'm glad you had a good weekend with the gals.

(((((((((((((((mando))))))))))))))) love and healing to you, sweetie.

*~*~*~*quick recovery vibes for mr dm's mouth*~*~*~*

(((((((((((((((((love and kisses to all))))))))))))))

i'm heading home shortly. i miss my kids, and my hubby, but at the same time, i'm gonna miss the relative peace and quiet, as well as my bgp, of course! not to mention, i fully expect my house to look like toys r us blew up in there, since the mr is a good dad, but doesn't exactly worry about picking up the disaster.
(((damona))) is your heat working yet?? i hope so. not good to hear that you were without heat during the frigid temps.

(((syb))) hey, any work is work in the thesis area. one of my motivating factors in getting the dissertation done is not having to pay my school tuition for the dissertation.

(((DM))) good for you for taking a personal holiday today.

(((futura))) yeah for being in NYC! make sure you take pics for all of us nosey peeps to see. i hope you have a good time there. are you meeting up with any busties while you are there?

(((mando))) go go mando! good to hear that you are returning to work even if for a part part time. keep your strength up!

(((kittenb))) good for you for emailing your feelings to your stepsis. i think just knowing you are there is great. now, she just needs to reach out when she is ready to make a change.

(((RV))) good to hear you had a fun with BGP. don't worry about the full length missing posts. we know you were having fun this weekend.

kvetch: the winter and week has not been kind to my car. meaning, i've been rearended twice. last week, a car hit me. mama and i were fine. i was just annoyed. today, as i was pulling out of my parking spot to realign, a driver attempted to go around me, i didn't see her...smack. we both have minor damage. everyone is ok. i've just been annoyed. i wouldn't feel so bad if i had an income at the moment. so not happy. plus, i found out my appeal with my former training site was not overturned. my mom and i were like..."ok. maybe these things are happening to prepare for some good things. we don't need any more bad things." hee.

antikvetch: making progress on my dissertation. my mom and i had a good lunch today. the weather was cool with the sun shining. i just want to know when i can start wearing yoga pants, a tanktop, and flipflops on a daily basis. ha!

Yay Futura! Have a wonderful trip.

Yay for taking a holiday, DM! Glad Mr is getting things lined up to fix his mouth.

Star, I can't tell you how many times in my life I've wondered if I'm not next in line for some good stuff, and you know, it always comes around sooner or later...hoping it's soon for you!

Rose, your visit sounds pretty fun, even if it could have been more so! And I've gotten totally into Bollywood movies! I think more US movies should have big dance numbers!

Yay for mac and cheese, Syb!

Yay for good times, Bunny!

Polly, that sucks about the Amazon seller. I agree with not cutting people unlimited slack.

(((Kitten))) Sounds like you're doing a good thing for your sis.

Sidecar, yay for getting things back on track! It totally effects my mood, too. I'm getting back on the wagon, as well...gotta go over to the blog.

(((Yuefie))) Whew! I sympathized when you mentioned kitty jumping on your belly! It hurts enough when mine do it just when my bladder is full!

(((Mando))) Thinking of you.

Hey! to everyone else...Damona, Christine, Sassy, Candy, Pixie, Raisin, Billy, Tes, all of you!

The Mr.'s dad is not doing well. I don't think it will be long before his liver cancer takes his life. He seems to be at peace with everything, and so far the Mr. is handling it well.

I'm a bit of a mess...I feel a little bad because it's more about memories of when my dad died or imagining when my mom dies. I'm trying hard to keep it about the Mr. and not about me, though. I've been a little tired, I guess because I'm a little depressed. On call tonight...hope I get to stay home all night.

I've been Facebookin' it lately...I guess why I'm around here less. If any of youse is over there, lemme know (or remind me) of your full, real name and I'd like to connect over there. It's easier for me to keep up with things on that site, I think.
(((amilita and Mr.))) sad.gif

*~*~*peaceful vibes for Mr.'s Dad*~*~*
Mando does sound like she is doing well considering the circumstances. But then again, we all know she is as strong as she is feisty wink.gif ~~~~endless healing and comfort for mando~~~~

amilita, I sent some other busties your way over on crackbook.

wow, how very exciting, futura. have a great time!

star, when I was reading your wish for being able to wear yoga pants, tank tops & flip flops, I felt kinda bad because the weather has been like that here the past few days. we're spoiled but really it's just a reminder to us that we pay for that when writing out the rent check blink.gif

mmm, home made mac & cheese is the best, syb.

I too heart sidecar's blog.

((((mr. dm's mouth))))

(((((polly, bunny, morn, sassy, damona, rose, pixie, kitten, everyone)))))

I am feeling a lot better. I've been able to sleep on my side with a body pillow again so I've actually been sleeping through the night. Whew. Mostly I feel it when I bend, twist or move to quickly. I have my post op appointment this Wednesday. Jenny has still been running around like crazy, but I've managed to stave off her landing on my tummy. Man, it really did SUCK. I'm hoping to get that other car in the next few days. Now that I'm not taking strong pain medication I can drive again. Just knowing I don't have a car out in the parking lot is making me feel a little stir crazy, like I can't leave if I want to. It's not true, but our area is not exactly the kind of area set up for walking around. R has been humoring me, he knows how I get so he has been offering to take me anywhere I feel up to going to. And he'd give me his car to use if I only knew how to drive a stick shift. I need to learn that and soon. Anyway, we just dropped the kidlet off after a week almost two weeks with him and are both ready for some "us" time. Yay for mindless TV!

just had to pop in to share this long-awaited blessed day with my best girls (and billy). i can't help rembering how horribly depressed we all were both 8 and 4 years ago (i seriously don't know which inauguration was worse ... gah). today feels sooooooo good, not only in comparison to those bleak days - and all the evil, nasty cheney-ness in between - but historically. i'm trying not to get all caught up in the hypocritical media warm fuzziness, but it's hard. it's just a warm and fuzzy day, period. i'm proud to be an american today. i haven't felt this good in weeks. months.

k. now i'm all verklempt.

and i can't thank you guys enough for all the love and healing vibes you've sent my way. you've helped me get thru this more than i could ever express. everyone keeps saying how strong and brave i am. i don't feel that way - not to sound hideously humble, but i'm just doing what i have to do - but if there is any courage inside of me, it's fueled by the love of family and friends. my mom is in happy awe of all the people who have sent gifts and cards. i think, after all these years ... even after meeting some busties in person, she finally gets that you're much more than my "internet woman's group" ... you're my friends, whom i love dearly.

k. now i'm really verklempt.

i'll try to pop in more. if i don't, know that i think of you all ... all the time. every one of you are in my prayers at night.

(((group hug & loving cure-all happy vibes for everyone)))

silly aside: i'm waiting for one of the newscasters to announce obama's potty schedule. hee.
another silly aside: i hope those port-o-john's on the mall have heaters. brrrrr.
yet another piece of silly: tom brokow just commented on the brocade on michelle's dress. *severe rolling of eyes*

Mando, it's wonderful to see you in here. ~*~*~*~*continued healing vibes~*~*~*~*~*~


Is it wrong of me that I can't stop focusing on Michelle Obama's fashions? I mean, I don't think Tom Brokaw needs to care but I seriously read a whole article about her eyebrow grooming yesterday and I think that the yellow/gold coat she is wearing today is wonderful. I just think that the fashion commentary should not be a part of mainstream media coverage. But I want to hear about it.
I, too, was trying to resist the warm/fuzzies with the news coverage today but I don't have to work and the tv is on and I, too, keep thinking about the misery of the last innaguration and I live in Chicago, for goodness sakes and the entire city is buzzing, so yeah, I am sucked in.
I actually dreamed last night that my best friend was the new President. Apparently, I died but decided to become a wacky ghost, teasing him in the white house. It was like a weird sitcom dream, gay President, ghost who plays pranks.

In other exciting news, the Oscar noms will be announced on Thursday. I saw Slumdog Millionaire last night and loved it! I am a little behind in everything else.

{{{mandoooooooooo!!!!!}}}} With regards to being bravery, well, I always go back to the great words of Star Trek: "Don't try to be a great [wo]man. Just be a [wo]man and let history be the judge." Doing what you gotta do is often what makes people brave. Not everyone is capable of that.

{{{yuefie}}} Yes, kitties jumping on surgical wounds can be a problem! Glad that you are getting more sleep. That is so important. {{{{health vibes!!!}}}

{{{Amalita and the Mr.}}}

{{{damona, futura, rv, star, bunnyb, and everyone else!}}}

And thank you all for the support with my family issue. I've heard nothing else but that seems to be the pattern. People tell me nothing until it all blows up. Apparently, there is some actual discussion about telling me nothing for fear that I will start hating my stepsis or something, as in, people are actually telling her that I will be soooo angry and stuff. That probably does not help AT ALL! So thank you Busties for just supporting.

((((((mando))))) aw sweetie, you made my eyes well up! we are in awe of you.

((((amilta)))) death -and impending death- always stir up memories/emotions/fears that we cannot help as we're human. You were bound to be affected by this situation; don't feel bad about it.

((((kitten and sis)))) all you can do is let her know you are there for her and the rest is her choice.


I'm off to do some housework then watch the inauguration. It's a huge day and lucky futura for being there in the thick of it!
QUOTE(kittenb @ Jan 20 2009, 11:17 AM) *
I always go back to the great words of Star Trek: "Don't try to be a great [wo]man. Just be a [wo]man and let history be the judge." Doing what you gotta do is often what makes people brave. Not everyone is capable of that.

that is such a create quote kittenb! i think it captures mando and our new president well. smile.gif

i am borrowing a word from kittenb, i am swooning all day. you would have to be a heartless person to not be moved by today. this is a historical day people. just enjoy the day, warm fuzzies and all.

(((mando))) if i didn't already feel like an emotional wreck today, i read your post and cried. WARNING: i'm swooning over the day AND prementrual. hee i really admire your strength. go you!

(((kittenb))) happy election watching! mama and i were talking about what michelle would wear. i don't think that's a feminist transgression. wink.gif

(((bunnyb))) the pics on FB looked like morn, zoya, and you had lots of fun. smile.gif

(((yuefie))) you know, someone said that us chicagoans need this winter season to look forward to the summer. that's when we complain about the humidity and heat. ha!

it is snowing MAJOR today. i was still feeling annoyed and frustrated about the accident last night and this morning. i'm hoping for some clarity in the next month. i feel like some of the anxiety is creeping back about my next internship, money, lots of things...just keep swimming, just keep swimming...thank goodness i have this day for the emotional release i need.

btw, the inauguration is a celebrityfest. magic johnson. john cusack. JOHN CUSACK. dude, i wonder who else they will show on tv. i think this shit is better than the oscars right now.

Happy Inauguration day, everyone! I am glued to my TV today.

I'm amused by the fashion commentary during the pre-swearing-in coverage. Tom Brokaw just said that "hats are back".

Just found out that Obama's personal assistant went to Duke. So speaking of local stuff ...

Anti-kvetch: It's snowing here!!!! I know for many of you that would not be something to cheer about, but it snows so rarely here. We probably have about 4 inches of snow & it keeps falling. That's probably the most snow this area has seen from one storm in about a decade. It has made the day feel extra festive. As a bonus, Sheff doesn't have to be at work because of the snow, so he'll get to watch the inauguration, too. What a thrill!

I can't help but think back to 1993 when I was in DC for Clinton's inauguration. My high school band was chosen to march in the inaugural parade. I heard Clinton's address over a cheap radio while sitting in a bus in my band uniform. Not quite as thrilling as one might like, but at least I got to see all of the Clintons in person as we marched past them & that was pretty exciting. I bet the people who are at today's inauguration are feeling that same excitement times 10!
Christine Nectarine
((amalita & mister))
((stargazer)) just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!
Kittenb, I’ve been desperate to see Slumdog millionaire! I hope I get to it before the Oscars happen.
((futura)) can’t wait to hear all about the first hand inauguration experience! Hope it’s not too cold in Washington today.
Ah, Madolyn, we’ll take what we can get of you! ~~~~heal well!~~~~

((bunnyb, yuefie, damona, designermedusa, roseviolet, sybarite, polystyrene, sidecar))

My own little story to share, appropriate, perhaps, to today’s political theme: “mommy, your political stripes are showing”
Conversation between me and kiddo last night:
me: do you know who is going to become the President of the United States tomorrow?
kiddo: Barack Obama
me: do you remember who our Prime Minister is?
kiddo: Stephen Harper (although she says it like “Steve Harpers”)
me: do you know who the Prime Minister of England is?
kiddo: no
me: Gordon Brown.
kiddo: maman, is he a bad Prime Minister like Steve Harpers, or a good Prime Minister like Barack Obama?

She’s a little short on the details maybe, but I thought it was pretty funny. A lot of the news coverage this week seems to be talking about whether Obama will live up to expectations. I’m hopeful that he does, especially since he has inspired so many kids, and caused people to become politically engaged worldwide. My kid might not grow up to be as cynical as I did about living a life of North American privilege. I guess it’s time to wait and see.

swoon the day away, Busties! happy.gif
Clutch the pearls! I told star yesterday that I was going to bring back the swoon and it is already happening!
Omg, kitten... clutch the pearls laugh.gif

Hello kvetchies! I just wanted to pop in and say hello. I watched the inauguration of Barack Obama today and it was so great. It feels like the world is just letting out a collective sigh of relief. I mean, I still can't believe it. No more Bush! Obama has a lot on his shoulders but I have a feeling that he really will make things better.

kvetch: my dad. Okay, that sounds mean but my parents have only been visiting for a day and I realize that I have pms but he is driving me crazy! Take this evening for example. I offered to make dinner but I needed my parents to go and get me a few ingredients. When they got back in I hadn't even finished putting the groceries away and my dad is all "How long until dinner is ready?" Um, excuse me? Does it look like I have even started cooking the damn dinner?! Urgh. Stuff like that just irks me. Plus it's been a steady stream of questions and orders from him. He just makes me crazy.

anti-kvetch: it's only Tuesday but I'm proud to say that I've been to all of my classes so far. And tomorrow after class I am meeting up with my oh so adorable boyfriend and I'm going to treat him to some naughty stuff.

HOLY CRAP, YOU GUYS! Barack Obama is totally the president now! I blogged on the old livejournal about it today ( and I just feel so elated. The world looks very different today. I thought everything I was, everything I believed had been rejected forever in 2004. It's good to know that's not true.

((((mando))))) thinking of you, still. and be proud of yourself.
Forgot to do this earlier ...
Oh, it is SO good to see you in here. I can't tell you how often you pop into my mind. My thoughts are definitely with you. Keep your chin up, dear heart.

Wow, what a day. I hope you all got to watch the inaugural address today. Sheff and I were so touched. We both started crying again, just like on election night. I am so so glad he was able to be home to share that with me. It made everything extra special.

And my registered-Republican mother told me on the phone that she felt really touched & inspired by the speech. She said she thinks Obama has a good heart & a strong spirit & wishes him the very best. Aaaaaaw!

Then she told me to go outside & build a snowman for her. Mom loves the snow & she's a bit envious. biggrin.gif The snow doesn't want to stick together too well, but I somehow managed to make a little one foot tall guy.

Kvetch: Why does Firefox still insist that "Obama" is not a real word? Every time I type it out, it's underlined. Get with the times, Firefox!
Mando! So nice to see you in good spirits! I hope today is a turning point for everyone in all areas of their lives.

I didn't get to watch everything live, so I've been catching up in bits and pieces on youtube and cnn. It's really annoying, but it's better than nothing.

My libertarian cousin had his Facebook status set to " happy for his exuberant albeit politically misguided family and friends!" rolleyes.gif

Rose, you can right click on "Obama" and add it to the dictionary. As wonderful as Firefox is, it never fails to amaze me the words its dictionary can't find. huh.gif

kvetch: I keep forgetting things tonight. I made a couple of fish filets in the oven for LeBoy and forgot them. Remembered before they burned. I made some chicken breasts for myself, to cut up and add into soup....forgot about those in the pan. They didn't burn, but they were really dry. It probably won't matter much once it's in little pieces in the soup.

anti-kvetch: we found out that LeBoy's *ahem* procedure on Friday will be covered 100%! Woohoo!

I've run out of things to say. I'm probably forgetting more stuff.

((hugs to all))
So I woke up this morning and I remembered that Bush was no longer in the White House. It felt good. laugh.gif

And then my Peapod order showed up so now I have healthy food in my house and it all felt even better. I am annoyed that I have to go in for office meetings today but that is all good. I am catching up on my homework and starting my internship application procedures (fingers crossed.) It is nice to have a morning where I feel kind of on top of things.

Oh, and I've finally caught up with Doctor Who w/Donna and I think I love her. She is almost his equal in many ways in that she is older than Rose and Martha, whom I also loved, and less fawning. It is a fun change.

Roseviolet - it has been a long time since I've made a snow man. Maybe I'll do that the next time it snows but isn't -10 degrees.

polly - good news about the, um, procedure.

{{{{candycane_girl}}}} ah, yes, fathers...


Hello Busties! Sorry I have been MIA. I have been lurking a lot, but haven't had anything interesting to add. I hate winter. I always get the blahs.

(((Mando))) So glad you came to update us! sending you a virtual hairbrushing~~)~))~))~)~)

Rose...I am jealous of the snow too. We had 1 day with a few flurries last week, but other than that, we haven't had anything but ice and bitter cold this year.

((yuefie)) hope you get your car soon! I know how frustrating it is to feel stuck at home.

(((amilita))) I sometimes think impending death is worse than sudden unexpected death because you have more time to come to terms with it and you walk on eggshells waiting for it to happen.

((((bunny, mornington, polly, kitten, sidecar, sassy, ccgirl, christine, star, tes, billy, and everyone else))))

Can I please ask for some more healthy kitty vibes for Ziggy? His neck is all torn up again and we are trying like hell to corral him to take him back to the vet, but he's been successful at avoiding being caught by us so far. Also some anti pain vibes for Jenny because we are getting her spayed. It's time and we realized this morning that we'd better hurry up when she rolled around purring and was super lovey dovey at our feet.

Oh yeah, and I am feeling a super space cadet right now. I thought my post-op appointment was this morning but when I got there to check in the lady said "Well, your appointment is actually tomorrow morning" huh.gif. I was embarassed. But in my defense, when I wrote it down on the calendar it was only days after the surgery and I was pretty well doped up still. Also today was exactly two weeks from the surgery so when I was writing it I just went down two columns on the calendar, forgetting to go over one day. Sheesh, it didn't stop me from feeling like a dumbass with the receptionist.

~*~*~*~*~Albus-strength vibes for your kitties, yuefie~*~*~*~*~

Ha, yuefie- don't feel bad. We get people doing that all the time! Once in awhile they actually show up, but usually they call in a panicked tone that they know they have an appointment that day but don't know what time. Usually, they're a week or two off.
((((((((((( Mr. Amilita's dad & the whole family ))))))))))))))))))))
I'm so sorry to hear that things have gotten worse. I'm wishing you oodles of strength and love right now. Feel free to stop by & vent whenever you feel like it.


~*~*~*~ healing for Ziggy & Jenny & all Kvetchie furbabies everywhere ~*~*~*~

Yuef, better to show up one day early than one day late! Hope today's appointment was helpful.

Kitten, glad to hear you like Donna on Doctor who. I like that there's no romantic connection between them whatsoever. It's like they're wacky siblings or something.

And for those of you who were lucky enough to see the Doctor Who Xmas special & all that it entails (shakes fist in the general direction of the UK), PLEASE don't tell me anything yet! I haven't seen it, but I've stumbled upon a few spoilers. I should see if somebody has posted it on You Tube yet.

Polly, thanks for the tip! "Obama" has now been added to my dictionary. Hooray for the full coverage of the Mr's procedure!

CCGirl, are your parents still in town? Hope you get some time to yourself soon. I imagine you'll feel fabulous once you have the house to yourself again. When the BestPals left on Sunday, Sheff & I suddenly felt as though we were alone for the first time in a month. It was fabulous!

I just heard on the news that tomorrow is National Pie Day. Shouldn't that be on March 14th?

Today I decided I'm getting back on the Health Wagon. I'm looking forward to it, too! I'll post more on Bust The Blubber. Other than that, not much is happening here. Millie took a couple steps onto the snow this morning & decided that was enough snow for her (so cute!). I hear there's a big sale on frames at Michael's, so I might take advantage of that because ....

Anti-kvetch: I'm FINALLY going to order my wedding photos! I figured I should do that before our 4th anniversary. Sounds reasonable, don't you think? rolleyes.gif We have a package that's already paid for, so I just have to pick the best 125 images for the album & 8 additional photos for my mom. Over Xmas the photographer gave me a disc that contains every single photo & I have permission to make additional prints of the pics if I want.
National Pie Day, eh? LeBoy was trying to convince me to by a banana chocolate cream pie at Costco last night. Choco-nana is one of my favorite combinations, but those Costco pies are enormous, like 12" across. While I'm not doing such a great job at my attempted weight loss, having that in the house isn't going to help. I promised him we'd go to the bakery tomorrow after the procedure and we could get an individual slice or two of something.

That's so cute about Millie- I haven't tried letting Albus out on the balcony yet. Not sure how he'll like snow. Yay for the wedding pics, too.
Christine Nectarine
National pie day! Does this apply in Canada, cause i sure could go for a slice of pecan right now... tongue.gif
why would it be March 14 BTW?

kvetch: kiddo and i are both home sick. me with a head cold, she cause she was sick to her stomach all yesterday afternoon and last night. now she's getting bored, and i'm not feeling up to entertaining her...

i don't know if i have much in the way of "healthy" vibes at the mo, but i send my love to ziggy kitty!
Christine, I was trying to find an explanation for the "national pie days" because i know there was a national guacamole day in september. (btw, i didn't know about it cuz i'm mexican. i saw it online. laugh.gif )

anywhoo, there is number of National "Insert" Daysto be celebrated in our country. maybe it's cause we like to eat. we are a rather gluttonous country. wink.gif

*~*~*vibes for ziggy*~*~*

rose, is there a way some of us can see your wedding pics? i mean, if you were on facebook, then we could see them with no problem. BUT, you are not on there so... *hint, hint* rolleyes.gif i'm sure you look all purty.

polly, whoa. tomorrow is leboy's appt?!? cool. he deserves a pie. my favorite pie is french silk pie from baker's square. yum!


kvetch: kinda nervous about getting an internship. won't find out until late feb. i just hate the waiting. *cue tom petty song "the waiting is the hardest part"* le sigh.

antikvetch: i remembered that turbojenn workplace and my school are housed in the same building. we got to go for a walk to macy's for lush purchase for her and then lunch for the both of us. very good to see her. sadly, i can't go for very long without seeing the chicago busties either individually or collectively. sad.gif

QUOTE(Christine Nectarine @ Jan 22 2009, 01:09 PM) *
National pie day! Does this apply in Canada, cause i sure could go for a slice of pecan right now... tongue.gif
why would it be March 14 BTW?



Yeah, rose, come to the dark side...we have pie!
QUOTE(pollystyrene @ Jan 22 2009, 02:39 PM) *


Wow. I never would have come up with that joke or figured it out on my own. You ladies is smart!
Hee. national PI day. You ladies are smart... s-m-r-t smart tongue.gif

I'm back from picking up the new(ish) car. Yay. It's a few years newer than the last, but not new by a long shot. It's in much better shape and I love it already. I am one of those crazy volvo loyalists though. There are some things that need to be done, like a tune-up and brakes but nothing dire. Tomorrow I will take it to be smogged and then off to the dmv to register it. Whew, what a relief. Oh and my post-op appointment went fine. They said the wounds are healing quite well, but that the pain may continue for a few more weeks. I am still not allowed to lift or do anything strenuous. Man do my floors need a good scrubbing though, ugh.

Thanks for all the Ziggy vibes. We took him to the vet yesterday and they gave him an antibiotic/steroid injection plus antibiotic liquid we have to shove down his throat for ten days. Poor 'lil dude though, he's walking around with the e-collar, wailing every so often. Actually now he's just laying there looking like a defeated kitty with a lampshade hat sad.gif

PI!!! *slaps hand against forehead* d'oh. I read polly's post and thought "how does 3 divided by 14 equal 3.14? wtf?" laugh.gif.

(((ziggy))) how's jenny cat? yay on new cars!

*~*~*~*vibes for le boy's um procedure*~*~*~*~

feel better (((christine and kidlet)))

(((star))) it sucks being away from friends and family.

The boy's birthday is tomorrow; he's off so we're spending the day chilling and watching movies. Tonight we watched In Bruges, which was exceptionally funny.

It's been a year since Heath Ledger died and I'm still cut up about it, although I think his Oscar nomination today was a fitting tribute.
I just wanted to pop in quickly and say that although I'm not very good at math, I would totally be willing to celebrate Pi Day with some pie. Happy Friday ladies!
Fly-by to say LeBoy's procedure went well, he's feeling okay and everything's good. I'll post details in the Childfree by Choice thread for anyone who wants to know (not the gory details, not that I know those anyway.) The girls in there are very enthusiastic for us- they want to throw us a "He's a Jolly Good Fellow" party! laugh.gif

No pie today, but we did stop at the bakery and get some yummy stuff to share with the Selenas tonight.

Yay for the new(-ish) car yuefie! I actually like Volvos. I'm kinda loyal to Toyotas, but part of my secret bourgeois fantasy is to have a Volvo, like a new one. The C70, their sports car is adorable.

Poor Ziggy. So embarrassing for a cat.
I didn't have pie today, either, because it just feels wrong somehow. March 14th should be Pi(e) Day! And I'm stickin' to it!

Happy birthday to Bunny's boy! Hope you two had a great time.

Hooray for LeBoy! That takes balls.
Heh heh. tongue.gif
~~~ fast healing vibes for LeBoy's sensitive bits ~~~

~~~ soothing for Ziggy ~~~

~~~ Christine & kiddo ~~~

Star, I have chosen to avoid Crackbook so far simply because I don't have the time. However, I plan on posting some of the wedding pics on my blog (I post a number of pics there). If any of you want to check it out, just drop me a PM & I'll send you a link.

(((((((( continued love for Mandi, Amilita, Mr. Amilita's dad & the whole famly, Yuefie, & anyone else who needs a hug ))))))))

Nothing much happened today. Tomorrow is a different story, though. First I'm seeing a matinee performance of "Rent" at our new performing arts center with a couple of friends. Then I have to run home & make dinner because two other friends are coming over for dinner as a thank-you for watching Millie and the fish while we were out of town.

Kvetch: A show I REALLY wanted to see sold out 24 hours after tickets went on sale. This kind of thing keeps happening to me! Seriously, it's happened the last 3 or 4 times that I've tried to see a local performance. I feel lucky that "Rent" didn't sell out on me, too. Grrrrrrrrr.

Anti-kvetch: Cute husband + cute cat + tasty Indian leftovers + Harry Potter movie marathon = good times
No pie today, but I'll be having some in March, too!

Have fun at the show tomorrow, Rose!!


Hope LeBoy is feelin' fine. The Mr. did great with his.

With awards time, and Heath L. being nominated makes me a little sad all over again, too, Bunny.

Mando!!!!! So good to see you posting! I think of you often, a lot, frequently.


Thanks for all the vibes about the Mr.'s dad...he's still doing fine about it, and he may keep on that way. His dad is doing worse, and the Mr. bumped up his visit, and then his sister bumped up her visit even sooner...both are trying to make sure his needs are getting met and stuff like that. I'm hoping we'll get more information once his sister is there. I'm getting used to having this looming, so doing a little better for now.

Little funny thing - the Mr.'s dad is notorious for mispronouncing things or just getting them wrong altogether...and he calls networking sites My Face.
(((amilita))) hang in there.

(((mando))) acos

*~*~*healing vibes for leboy's parts*~*~*

(((polly))) dude, i'm still totally down for a party. it is a cause to celebrate. i'll even throw rose petals on your bed for the climax of the party. wink.gif

(((rose))) oh, crackbook is a time suckage. i've noticed alot of articles have been written about its time suckage. i know people who use that site to stay in contact with family and friends. pretty easy to share photos. eventually, you'll come to the darkside with the rest of us stepford wives. AP is one of us. We got her. you can be one of us too. laugh.gif

antikvetch: i'm feeling pretty upbeat today. well, i'm pretty upbeat and social everyday. so, i guess i'm just being me. i got my hair did this morning. very cute haircut & color + inexpensive prices=happy stargazer. i get to show off my hair to some strangers tonight. i'm going to a meetup group tonight. i've never done that so i thought, "why not?"

on a side note, i make too many references to seinfeld about real life experiences. so, i was chatting IM with zoya about life and making life changes when i referenced the episode about george costanza doing the exact opposite of his normal response to situations. i think i'm going to do that in 2009. not so much a bizarro world thing, but have a summer of george experience combined with doing the exact opposite.

gosh. i think i really am crazy sometimes. laugh.gif

peace, love, and hair grease!

Oh, poor Ziggy (don't tell him but the mental image made me giggle.)

Yes, star, you are a little bit crazy, I'll agree.

Rose, sounds like you had a lovely Saturday.

Amalita - It is good that everyone is circling the wagons, so to speak.

It is a quiet night in for The Kittens. The boy is coming over w/the rest of dinner. I made an herb crusted turkey breast. I had to get a little creative w/the recipe so pray for him. It smells great though, herby and mustardy. We are going to watch BSG on DVD. I have a head cold that is making me very uninterested in going out in the cold temperatures. Have a nice weekend everyone!

Warning: drunken post. This is first time that I've had a "me" day in a few weeks.


Star, I understand about the Seinfeld references. smile.gif

Glad that Leboy is feeling better!

I actually had pie on Thursday. I had my first dinner party on Thursday. Mcgeek is getting into these math GRE study groups, and we finally had one at our place. My friend brought homemade blueberry/strawberry pie. Her deal is-- Mcgeek will teach math, and she will bring desert. It's not great for our waistline, but WTF. Always makes me think of Pushing Daisies now.

Kvetch: Boss. Bleh. She didn't let me watch the inauguration, even when I was working. Hello! It's a little important, and I was working on the fundraiser. Otherwise, things are hectic (which is why I have been so M.I.A.), but I'm learning a lot. They may keep me on part-time.

Kvetch: Foot. Still unsure about surgery. I really don't want anymore hospital visits, yet I don't want to get shots every month either. The best part is is that I'm finally off my blood thinner next month!

Anti-kvetch: The company is doing a promotion video with me in it. I didn't have the best script, but it turned it okay. The best part though is the director gave me a bunch of websites, and actually sent me a job! I'm considering now of going into new/mass media as a career. He was amazed by my passion for film. It's just really weird how great things happen in your life.

Anti-kvetch: I'm losing so weight for this dress! Here's the link, but I'm not sure if it will post. It's this dress, but in

Mando, great to see you in here!

((yuefie, christine, rv, kittenb, bunnyb, morn, everybody))

Love to all!

Ho-lee crap! I just told the Mr. he could bring a dog home!!! He really wanted her, and he had a dog who he loved so much before he met me and she got he said he felt a connection for this one, and he's picky about dogs...he likes smart ones who seem to have intuition.

I figure we can afford her, and she will get the Mr. and I both out for walks more. Wow! Will post pictures!

(((Sassy's foot)))

Feel better, Kitten!

Yay for gettin' your hair did, Star! I've got a plan for some thick bangs next week...

The Mr. is crazy about Seinfeld, and can watch the reruns endlessly. He and I were having this talk about how cell phones would destroy the plotlines of about half the shows...we want to make new shows where misunderstandings and waiting and all the other things are averted because Jerry just gives George a call, etc. This cracks us up, so I guess we're insane, too.
**troll alert** steve is posing as girltrouble with the spelling of " girltrouble' " dry.gif

kitten, am i crazy? or, am i so sane that i blew your mind? wink.gif

oh, amilita, you better take a pic and tag yourself in your FB so i can see! "tag that" is the new "that's hot" for 2009.

gosh, i must've had cabin fever. the meetup is not until next weekend! blink.gif d'oh! well, i DID get out of the house. i came home to watch the movie WALL-E. i love this movie. i laughed, i cried, i was in suspense. i am a child trapped in an adult's body. smile.gif
Meet Shelby Lee!

Crap! Photo not working...

Must learn tagging over on MyFace...
Amilita, I hope you can provide us a link or something. I love seeing pics of furbabies!

Sassy, that dress is AMAZING! Love it! Hope you hear some definitive news about your foot soon.

Star, you're the only person I know who is patterning her life on the lessons of George Costanza. Pardon me for saying so, but it doesn't exactly sound like a positive step forward. wink.gif

(((((continued love for Mandi)))))))

Saturday was lots of fun. After seeing the musical I walked around downtown with my two girlfriends, which was fun. Then I went home & made dinner for our other two friends. After we stuffed ourselves silly, we played Rock Band until after 1am. We keep introducing friends to this game & in every case, people like it much more than they thought they would. Before they leave the house, the guys always talk about how they must buy the game. It's kinda creepy. I'm almost starting to feel like a drug pusher; We give people a little taste for free, but if they want more they'll have to pay for it!

QUOTE(roseviolet @ Jan 25 2009, 11:42 PM) *

Star, you're the only person I know who is patterning her life on the lessons of George Costanza. Pardon me for saying so, but it doesn't exactly sound like a positive step forward. wink.gif

well, i do live with my parents at the moment and wear glasses. however, i do not have male pattern baldness or a neurotic amount of rage. let me leave you with this, rose, my dear, only a fool does not take risks. only a risk taker is never a fool. so bring on the success in 2009! biggrin.gif
amilita, congrats on the new dog! Just be sure to train her well. My family and I didn't do such a good job and have spent the last 12 years being dragged down the street every time one of us takes our dog for a walk.

star, I love that you're following the wisdom of George Costanza! Then again, I'm a big Seinfeld fan and I always find his neuroses entertaining.

rose, you're a pusher! A rock band pusher!

sassy, yay for pie but boo on foot problems. They suck. I feel like I'm well acquainted with them due to my mother having to get both her feet operated on and then still having problems afterward. I just hope that if you get surgery that all goes well.

my big kvetch: cramps. Evil cramps that won't go away. And the fact that the drugstore on the corner was closed yesterday. I don't want to leave my apartment but I have things to do. I feel like I can't walk. Also it seems to be a bit heavy this month. I was hoping that being on the pill would make it lighter.

I don't really have any anti-kvetch. I think I'm just going to go back to bed.


Drive by ...

You know our friends who played Rock Band with us on Saturday? Turn out that they spent all day Sunday wanting to play more Rock Band, but feeling too shy to ask. So we asked them if they wanted to come over & play tonight. They'll be here in 30 minutes.

Good god, we are pushers! biggrin.gif
pixiedust name is Pixie. I'm a RockBand pusher! LMAO

It is addicting though! We've had a lot of people come over and play it since New Years. We used to rarely have company come over. Mr. Pixie has even started downloading new songs now that it is finally available for the wii.

Anti kvetch: I'm going to be in a show for the first time in like 4 years

kvetch: an ex is directing the show and it has a big potential flop in it's current state

antikvetch: I got to leave at 1 today, and i don't have to work at all tomorrow...but Kvetch: we are in teh middle of yet another major ice storm. You should have heard the news this morning, they were practically claiming the apocalypse was coming!

If anyone has any spare vibes me and minipixie can sure use them. We are have sever issues with her teacher who seems to really dislike her and is determined to convince me that she needs to be on ridalyn...don't even get me Me, Mr. Pixie, Mr. Dust, and the new Mrs. Dust have an appointment Thursday morning with the teacher and the Asst Principal. It's the first time since way before teh divorce that Mr. Dust and I are in complete and total agreement on anything. I swear for a while I thought hell had actually frozen over! But anyway, I'm hoping we can convince the administration to switch classes because I have totally lost faith in this teacher.

Congrats on the new addition Amilita! I saw her pic on crackbook...such a cutie!


Rock Band really is the gateway drug for non-gamers. So I suppose that Roseviolet should change her name to Dr. Feelgood? This week, The Geek bought himself a 32 or 36" high def TV. He bought a Play Station 2 months ago but has left it at my house as he is afraid it will kill his motivation to do anything but play PS2 if he had it at his home. I am pretty sure that now that he has the big fancy TV, he will be getting Rock Band soon. Well, I hope he will. I love that game. tongue.gif

{{{pixie and minipixie}}}

{{{candycane_girl}}} I hope you are feeling better today. My period hit on the same day I got a cold. The perfect storm of feeling icky.

Great dress sassy!

Congrats on the new puppy amalita!

I am doing pretty good today. I've a had a cold for days so I took a sick day yesterday but I feel ready to rejoin life now. I watched the rest of Doctor Who w/Donna OMG Roseviolet! I cried so hard at the end. I understand why he had to wipe Donna's memory but it was so sad. And then I watched King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters. Has anyone else seen that? I think what most suprised me was how supportive the wife was in this obsession.

BTW, my governor is loosing his mind, I think.

Christine Nectarine
Thank you to those who sent healthy vibes, they seem to have helped! We’re all mostly recovered.

Kiddo is 5 today! I can’t believe it! Extra exclamation points!!!!! I baked mini-cupcakes last night (delicious, btw) to send with her to daycare, and we’re taking her to the Old Spaghetti Factory tonight.

Hope you enjoy your new furbaby Amilita! I’d love to see that pic.
Pixie, you’ll have to let us know how the show goes. and i too, am always on the lookout for friends i can use for their rockbandness!
Sassy, I also like the dress.

I’m feeling so upbeat today, and crossing my fingers that I will be able to get out of work early.

wub.gif Love to all the kvetchies!
Happy 5th birthday to Christine's kiddo!!! Glad to hear you're all feeling better.

((((((((((((( more love than I can possibly express to MiniPixie ))))))))))))))))))))))
Sorry to hear you're having problems with her teacher. Do you think MiniPixie is bored in class? Or is she just chatty or what? Is there any way she can be tested as gifted or is she too young for that? MiniPixie has always been so smart. I wouldn't be surprised if she were more focused in an environment that challenged her a bit more.

Kitten, just make sure the boy gets Rock Band 2. There are some glitches in the first version of the game that makes it very user un-friendly. Glad you liked Doctor Who! I'm a bit worried about what's going to happen to the show now. I hope it continues to be fun!

I saw on the news that all the ice & snow is going to be pushed just north of us, so we're just getting rain right now. Is it weird that I feel disappointed?
*~*~*vibes for mini pixie & pixie family*~*~*

(((pixie))) good for you for being an advocate for your child. let us know how things turn out.

(((Christine))) i'm glad you are feeling better.

(((kittenb))) knowing you are into all things Oscar, what did you think of the nominees?

antikvetch: dissertation will be done at the end of this week.

kvetch: been kinda tense since saturday which has manifested in lovely knots on my shoulder. it is slowly going away though. i think it is related to worries about internship since i am going through this AGAIN. *shakes head*

antikvetch: OH! i almost forgot to thanks for the money vibes in the past. dummy me forgot that i got another disbursement of aid money this semester. thanks! i paid off my credit card. yippee! such a relief.

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