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{{{Yuefie}}} I agree, you didn't need that person's story. I wish you the best and most speedy recovery!!!!

Polly - thanks for sharing Humanists news. I think she will be living even closer to me. I've always wanted to live on that street just so I can could say it w/a Blanche DuBois accent.

roseviolet - yes, kitty vibes are wonderful except when it is 4 AM he suddenly decides that sleeping on my face is the only way he will be quiet.

{{{bunnyb, sidecar, stargazer, and all!}}}

*~*~*vibes for yuefie*~*~*

take care of you!!

polly, you know, leboy and you can come out to the local pierogifest since you know how to come to my house now.

i'm supertired, but i will probably post more about the interviews on friday. i'm pooped after a 6 hour drive.

Yuefie asked R to update me and for me to post here:

She's home. The surgery was successful, but it did take a bit longer than expected due to the severe inflammation and, according to the surgeon, delicate nature of the procedure under those conditions. She is fortunate she had Dr G because he was able to pull off the laproscopic procedure in spite of the swelling of her gall bladder and around her liver. She is in a great deal of pain [last night] though, a lot of which is pressure from the gas they use to inflate the abdomen on the gall bladder's former site and other already tender areas. It hurts for her to breathe in or to move even slightly so she is on a cocktail of pain, muscle relaxant and anti nausea meds. Hopefully she will be able to sleep at least a little at a time. She was able to keep down some tea and saltines, which allowed her to be released to rest at home tonight. This, of course, pleased her. She is actually being a very good patient and it is a relief to see her allowing myself and others to care for her. Anyhow, thanks for your concern and if you have any message, I will pass it along to her. I know that once she is able to sit up and breathe in without so much pain, she will post an update herself.

YAY! At least she's home and recovering; the pain will pass. (((yuefie))) I'm so glad the surgery was successful and that you are being well cared for.

Off job hunting today and then meeting mornington for dinner.


interviewie vibes for star. Did you have them already??

Yay for Humanist getting her place.

Anti-kvetch: I hope this is right... I got on the scale, and it said I had lost 7 pounds. I was able to get into a size 14!! smile.gif Go Biggest Loser dvds and walking the puppys. Although, Zoe keeps waking Mcgeek and I up at 4-5 am every morning just to sleep with us on the sofa...

Kvetch: Job is going okay for first week. Thanks for the vibes. The woman I am filling in for got pissed b/c I couldn't find a file of hers on the computer that we need for the fundraiser at the end of the month. She's had double knee replacement surgery and thinks she'll be back on the 20th. Whatev. She barely trained me! We have to pull off this event in three weeks for over 2000 people. I'm excited about it, but it will be stressful.

Kvetch: My damn toe. My doctor is asking me to consider surgery on the scar tissue so I can finally walk up stairs the right way, hike, etc. These steriod shots aren't working. I mean I got this kick ass day pack for Christmas, and I can't use it!! I'm going to get a consultation with an othropedic surgeon in a few weeks. There's a doctor's office that works on all the football and baseball players here, so I'm going to consider them.

Oh ring news! I should be getting it finally by the end of the month! I changed the center stone to a sapphire instead of a ruby. Otherwise, it looks the same. It'll be weird wearing a ring again...


Poor Yuefie. (edited because I have my own problems with the health care system) I hope you have a speedy recovery.

Mmm... pierogies!

Off to make some coffee and do jobbie stuff.
{{{yuefie heal quick vibes}}}

Thanks for the updates Bunnyb. Good luck job searching.

Congrats Sassy! The scale must be right. You've clearly lost something as you are fitting into a dif pair of jeans.

Kvetch: I am so aggravated with my school. It is time to find an internship. The place that I want really, REALLY badly isn't on the approved site. I think it would be a great place to intern at but I am cofused about the process. I have to convince the site that they want a Master's Degree counseling student even though they normally only do doctoral counselors and Masters social work students. And I have to convince my school that they should approve this site. It is a community based women's health care center where I have been a patient of the gyne care in the past as well as a client of the counseling service years ago. How perfect is this? The problem is that I don't have a ton of time. I am behind on the prep work and worried that I can't make it all happen soon enough. I do have a 2nd and 3rd choice (also not already approved by my school) but I really want my #1. And the administrator at my school who I needed to get help from is totally useless. I have to harass him for every damn answer.

Argh. I keep telling myself this will work out. I've decided that this is the year I get what I want. I just have to make it happen.

Thanks for the love and healing vibes, my darling ((((kvetchies))))

I just have to say that I am in awe of mando's strength. Hurting as much as I am right now, I can only imagine how much agony she must be in and yet she took time to email me yesterday morning. That woman is a true carebear. Endless hugs and love for (((((mandikins)))) and for her boys too.

Okay, so now for my huge ranty kvetch: They wound up having to do five incisions instead of three in order to keep the procedure laproscopic because they had to make certain they had an excellent view because of the all the scar tissue and inflammation and the fact that my gall bladder had basically begun to attach itself to my liver (yikes!) and where they had to go through my belly button is just extra MEAN. It feels like they dislocated my right shoulder it aches and burns so much, my neck is stiff and sore, I have dry heaves and gas bubbles that feel like daggers where my gall bladder once was, an enormous headache, I feel like I have to pee constantly from having had a damn catheter, my throat is raw and hoarse from being intubated, I've had the worst case of the hiccups that just will NOT go away (which is agony every time I hiccup) for almost twelve hours now, and my gut is, I dunno, sore just sounds so *mild*... it feels like perhaps a pro boxer reached inside and punched a few good times. I have to walk to get the gas pressure released but even slight movement HURTS like a mofo. I've been on a drug cocktail of vicodin, flexeril and phenergan, but I'm still nauseated and can't stay asleep for very long. I can't even stand up by myself to go pee, I can't bend or twist at all without screaming, laying down hurts, sitting up hurts and coughing, heaving and hiccuping are just HELL. I know the first day or so is going to just be bad, but I wish I could at least sleep my way through it. Two of the three meds they have me on are supposed to knock you out, but even Benadryl antihistamine, which usually puts me LIGHTS OUT for a good long while isn't helping me sleep. I had to take that because the pain meds were making me itch insanely.

anti-kvetch: But yay, after getting the run around and talking to three people five times and being told to go to the ER to pay another $200 and sit around for hours, the on call doc finally relented and wrote a scrip for Percocet. Maybe that will alleviate enough pain for me to stay asleep for longer than an hour. I am beyond thankful that they were able to keep it a laproscopic procedure, because I shudder to think of how much worse the open one would have been. I just have to keep telling myself how much better life is going to be when this is all over and I am healed up. All that time spent with tummy issues, poof... gone. Also, R & PJ are taking superb care of me, which I know is not an easy job. Speaking of which, R is at a job interview right now and I am hoping he kicks ass and takes names in there.

Phew. Again, thanks for listening.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ soooooothing for Yuefie ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
As a person who has endured a laproscopic surgery before, my heart goes out to you. Everything hurts! I definitely remember feeling like I needed to pee far more frequently - not just because of the catheter, but because the gas & internal swelling was putting pressure on my bladder! I found that it helped a bit if I held a pillow against my abdomen for a little support when I went to the bathroom. It certainly didn't eliminate all the pain, but every little bit helps. I hope the new pain meds make you sleep through this & that you improve by leaps & bounds over the next few days.

((((((((endless love for Mandi)))))))) Keep on keepin' on, you wonderful woman you!

~$$$~$$$~ faboo interview vibes for R, Bunny, Star, & anyone else who needs 'em ~$$$~$$$~

Hooray for Humanist's new place! Sounds like a great place to make a fresh start. (((((Humanist))))))

((((((Sassy))))))) Sorry to hear that surgery may be in your future, but if it means you can walk normally, I'm sure it'll be worth it. Hope the job improves!

Pierogi festival? Where!?!?!?

Pixiedust, are you out there?

Anti-kvetch: The BestPals have purchased their plane tickets & they will arrive here on Wednesday - less than a week away! I have a lot of planning to do - activities, menu, etc. - which will be fun.

Kvetch: Our hot water heater appears to be dying. The hot water lasts for only one 10 minute shower. The heater is more than 20 years old so we shouldn't be surprised, but the timing isn't ideal, considering we'll have 4 adults in this house in one week. I'm trying to decide whether I should try to get it replaced before the BestPals arrive. Hmmmmmm.
(((((Yuefie)))))) Glad to hear you are being well looked after and cared for. I hope the percocet kicks in and that you start to feel better soon! ~~~~Vibes for R's interview~~~~ Thanks to bunnyb for the update, sweetie.

Ongoing hugs and thoughts for ((((mando)))) . [/size]Morn, cheers for the posting offer, but I think I will get stuff for mando sent to heven, as per below. Thanks so much for the offer of help though!

Sidecar, I hear you on the job stress. Things are getting done but ugh. Glad today's Friday.

It's been an odd week. The mister had health issues which scared us both, although everything is okay now. I got some depressing news and my job, as noted above, is kicking my ass somewhat. However, I'm kicking ass back and feel on top of my work which is a good feeling, and my thesis edit is going really well this time around.

I am quietly and slowly turning over ideas of how I need my life to change in the next year--I feel I'm getting farther away from what I wanted my life to be like, so am ruminating. Then again this could all be Ph.D angst talking!

Tonight I go shopping and later try and find out what all the fuss is about with Gossip Girl. Let the weekend begin!

*complementing (um, hopefully) beige patterned boyshorts and cream bra, which is doing a great job for the girls. Must wear this more often!*

{{{yuefie}}} Thanks for checking in. I hope you get better sleep soon. It is so important. take the best care of yourself that you can!

sybarite - PhD angst may be a part of it but it sounds like you are doing some needed deep thinking.

{{{roseviolet, polly, mornington, mando, raisingirl, sassygrrl, and all}}}

It is snowing in Chicago today pretty hard. It is always a hassle when it hits right before the morning rush hour. But, in the good news category, we might be impeaching a governor today! Yay!

undies: Blue w/conversation hearts, white bra.
((syb)) It’s good to take time to evaluate what you want your life to be, I do that at least a couple times a year. Maybe that’s not a good thing that I feel the need to think about it so often, but I usually make the changes I think are needed. Glad the mister’s health issue was sorted out.

((rose)) Yay for the best pals coming to visit. I think a new hot water heater is a good investment for many reasons. Our apartment installed a new one before the summer last year, and our electric bill was incredibly low.

((yuefie)) Glad the surgery is done and over with, and even though it sounds like it was tough, it’s good to know you have supporting family around.

((kittenb)) Best of luck on getting the internship you want.

((sassy)) Congrats on the weight loss, but boo to a stressful first work weeks and possible surgery.

((bunny)) Wishing you luck on the job search.

((star)) Hope your interviews went well.

((humanist)) Yay for finding a new place, it can be stressful.

I’ve had a good weekend so far. Friday I just hung around the house, today I saw Revolutionary Road (If I had to pick a type of film that I enjoy seeing most, this would be it) and tomorrow I am going to see Gran Torino. I have exercised for five days in a row, and I feel really good.
Thanks for the interview vibes for R. I just wanted to let you all know that, of course, they worked smile.gif He wasn't supposed to hear from them until next week, but the lady called him today to offer him the position. Yay!

And thanks again for listening to all of my complaints. I went back and read what I posted and thought, Geez, shut up already Lynn! The boys are taking fab care of me and I've been sleeping most of the time, thanks to the on call doc prescribing something stronger. Today was better than yesterday, but boy does it still hurt. The hardest part is that now I can feel the individual incisions and not only do they hurt like crazy, but they itch like mad deep inside. On a positive note, I've had zero tummy distress since I came home. Now granted I haven't been eating much besides crackers, yogurt, applesuace, soup and popsicles, but even those things would have upset my tummy sooner or later. So once I'm all healed up, I know I am going to be thrilled and relieved for the endless belly aches to be over and done with once and for all.

Rosey, have you thought about a tankless water heater? I dunno how many bathrooms you have, and how close they are to the kitchen, so it might require multiple heaters... they're more expensive to buy, but have some major advantages (lower utility bills because you're not always trying to keep X gallons of water warm, more-or-less unlimited hot water, etc). When this heater is up, my parents are replacing their tanked heater with two tankless (one in the basement for the bathroom and laundry, one upstairs for the kitchen and bathroom). It'll be really nice -- while I'm moving out before that, it should be installed by Christmas, and there will be 7 adults in the house (the five of us, plus two significant others) for a few days...
Yuefie, it's wonderful to hear you sounding so optimistic. I know you're in a lot of pain now, but it will be worth it. Pass on our congrats to R! When does he start?

(((((continued love for Mandi)))))))

Syb, sorry to hear about the mister's health scare. Good to hear that you're on top of other things, though.

DM, good for you for exercising everyday! I'm glad you liked Revolutionary Road because I'm kinda interested in it. I always like hearing about what you've seen at the movies since you go so much more than I do.

Kitten, how did that snow treat you?

QSpice, how are things? Where is your smokin' Brazilian?

We have thought a lot about getting a tankless water heater, but we don't think we'll do it this time. A regular tank 40 gallon heater will cost us about $500 including installation. However, the tankless model we would need would cost about $5000 including installation. We don't have an extra $4500 lying around right now. Plus, it will take a loooooong long time to recoup that $4500 from our water bill. Lastly, we're not sure we'll make that money back when it comes time to sell the house (Our neighborhood is rather mid-range. There are far more laminate countertops here than granite!). If it weren't for these factors, we'd be all over that tankless heater! But we really need to focus that extra cash on things like a new roof & wacky things like food. wink.gif

All anti-kvetches today!

Anti-kvetch: Went to a really fun party last night! Tons of great people around. We played Rock Band & met new people & saw people I haven't seen in a couple months, etc. While we were there, I made plans to see "Rent" with a couple of friends this month. And one of our friends noticed that I've lost weight, which is really encouraging.

Anti-kvetch: My sweet, sexy husband. And my cute, cuddly kitten. I'm a very lucky lady.

Anti-kvetch: I got a lot of yard work done yesterday. Yes, I'm still doing yard work in January! The last of the leaves finally fell off the trees while I was out of town, so I had to rake them up. Wackily enough, the green shoots from our daffodils started peaking out of the ground this week. Winter here is so strange!
(((rose))) good to hear you are doing well. congrats on the lost weight! i hope that was encouraging to know that what you've been doing is working.

*~*~*continued healing vibes for mando*~*~*

(((yuefie))) don't apologize for the venting of your health for the past couple of days. you know, i think venting is the human form of purring. it helps us to heal and soothe ourselves. once it is out of your system, then you are good to go. wink.gif congrats to R on his new position!

(((DM))) way to go on the commitment to working out!

kvetch: i missed prophecy_gurl's bday party yesterday. it snowed all day yesterday and i didn't want to take the chance of driving in this weather. usually i don't mind, but after a week of driving...i was not really up to taking my chances of bad weather.

as for the interviews, well, i felt i did well. i kinda felt i lost my footing somewhat when asked to explain my previous training site. so i did what i could for my interviews. i really hope i get to stay in chicago. i'm not up for a move again. well, not financially speaking. i guess i'll end up where i'm meant to be. having said that...

(((kittenb))) good luck trying to get that site approved for you. i wouldn't get my hopes up on getting that site approved. i've encountered similar situations with our school. hang in there. i'm sure you will end up at a great site.

Star, we meeced you at the party last night! It was still a good time, but I can totally understand not wanting to go out. If it weren't prophecy's 30th, I would have stayed home.

Moving humanist yesterday was awful, farcical even. 10 inches of snow on city side streets than hadn't been plowed. It was just me, LeBoy and my mom to help her. She's on the third floor, no elevator. My mom and I both have bad backs, and my mom has no health insurance, so if something did happen, she'd be up shit creek. Our plan was to move all her stuff down to her lobby, bring the van she rented around to the front of her building and load it. We got about 1/4 of her stuff down and we were exhausted. And LeBoy and I had to leave to get ready for the party. Humanist's co-worker was coming to help her when he got off work an hour later and he suggested another co-worker, a large, muscular man (mm, maybe he can give me a massage wink.gif ) who came over and helped after we left. She has soooo much stuff (mostly clothes) and her new place was also on the 3rd floor. I don't know how we would have done it.

*Sigh* So today, we're going to pick her up, go to Home Despot and Target. Her gas hasn't been turned on, but the maintenance guy turned on her electricity. No microwave, though, so what little food she does have is cold. Sounds like she loves the place, but she's a little miserable right now.

argh. i hope prophecy had a good time. we will have to get together soon. i was complaining to my mom this morning about not going. sad.gif

oh rose! i forgot to mention about the pierogifest...takes place in whiting, indiana. they talked about the fest on that show with mark summers on the food network. if you are ever in the chicagoland area in july, then stop by the pierogifest.

*~*~*soothing back rubs for polly*~*~*

Thanks for the internship wishes everybustie. Star, I know it is an uphill battle, but not enough of the already approved sites were even remotely interesting. I did choose a few but I did a lot of my own research. My advisor seems really in favor of me going my own way but we will see what happens.

This was a school weekend. Meaning, class all day yesterday and today. The Geek had the flu this week so last night we fell asleep before 10 PM. 'Cause that is the kind of party animals we are. He is coming over tonight, was supposed to be here by now, but at 4ish he started some sort of "campaign" on Dungeons & Dragons on-line that was supposed to be "a quick one" that I think he is still working on (6:35 PM). Oh well, there is a reason I call him The Geek. I would be more annoyed if we had actual plans but it is not like he wanted to watch the Golden Globes. As it is, I came home and had a drink. I occasionally treat myself to Frangelico on the rocks. It is too sweet for some people, it really is like alcoholic, liquid candy, and is kind of strong. After my first, I felt like my eyes wanted to cross and I just poured my second. I am spending this coming week getting my certification in Child Sexual Assault Counseling so I consider any drinking to be preventive medicine.

{{{prophecy}}} How was the party? Happy Birthday!

Yuefie - It is so great to hear you be so positive! You are awsome.

Polly - Oy. Poor Humanist. Awful weekend to move. But I am glad that she is happy where she lives now.

{{{{kvetchies}}}} Stay warm everyone! Have a great week.

On a side note, anyone else watching the Globes? Nancy O'Dell and the Pre-show is just so banal! It will never be the Oscars, I'll tell you that!
Oh, I forgot to tell you all about Jenny jumping off of my bedroom windowsil and landing RIGHT on my belly dry.gif. I was talking on the phone to a friend and had just told her I needed to go because I was pretty achy. All of a sudden I felt this intense pain, it was like someone had punched me right in the gut. I screamed SO loudly and dropped the phone. Of course Jenny ran and hid under the bed, but then came back over to sniff me and make sure I was okay and laid down next to me and licked my hand. The incision she landed on has been extra sore since, but I forgive her she was just doing what wild and crazy kitties do. I have learned a valuable lesson and have since been keeping a pillow on my tummy just in case she decides to do anymore of her kitty acrobatics using mama's tummy as a springboard wink.gif. While I am truly glad to have the pain meds because it has offered some relief from the intense pain, they do have some side effects that are less than desirable. They've been causing me to itch like mad and have CRAZY dreams. I had one where these stuffed gorillas were flying around my apartment, ala Wizard Of Oz scary monkey creatures. I know it's because right when I was falling asleep, the kidlet brought in his little stuffed gorilla and asked me if I wanted to cuddle with it. I had one awful one where these teensy little spiders were crawling on me and when I woke up I was scratching my arms and had obviously been doing so for a while. After tonight I am going to try to go back to the stuff they originally prescribed and then work my way down to just taking advil. While the narcotics are nice and quite necessary after surgery, they aren't something I'd like to get used to if you know what I mean.

~~~~healing and comfort vibes for mando~~~~

~~~~multi purpose vibes for all~~~~

Wow, I really killed the thread blink.gif

Where is everyone?
I was wondering that too. Hello? Kvetchies? Where are you?
Well, I've been spending a lot of time in the Committed thread today. There's some heart-breaking stuff in there. Other than that, I've been busy cleaning the house. The BestPals arrive tomorrow morning, but I still haven't gone to the grocery store! And I still need to do laundry and tidy a bit more & - if I have time - make a nice Bakewell tart for tomorrow night's dinner and and and ... Eep!
I have been offline a lot. I got an iPod touch and have been playing with it. (Hence, twitter/facebook updates.)

(((Yuefie))) Glad recovery is going okay
((((mando))))) still lovin' ya sweetheart.

I'm going to start visiting our old weight loss blog again. I somehow gained more weight, and now none of my clothes fit. Blech. I bought some new stuff online and at Target, went over a schedule with Martini so I could get to the gym three evenings a week, and have been *faithfully* counting points for two weeks. Things are trending downward, but they have to be. I don't know how I let this happen.

It's been putting a real damper on my self-esteem, actually.
*~*~*stroking hair vibes for sidecar*~*~*

(((yuefie))) eh, you didn't kill the thread. gosh, i hope you are feeling better. i would've screamed bloody murder.

nothing new here. just lots of cold and snow. i'm getting cabin fever. irritated with winter. but, this whether does encourage me to stay inside and work on the dissertation which is almost complete.

Christine Nectarine
...just stopping in to say "hi" since i've been away too long...having withdrawal,HI*scurries off to catch up on kvetch*
QUOTE(yuefie @ Jan 13 2009, 11:10 PM) *
Wow, I really killed the thread blink.gif

Where is everyone?

Yeah, you did, yuefie. It was your TMI post-op details; we were all grossed out and ran for cover tongue.gif.
Aw, babes, you know we love you and just because we didn't post didn't mean we weren't thinking of our (((yuefie))).

(((mando))) too. I miss her blue and I hope she's doing ok. Has anybody heard from her since the last email update?

(((sidecar))) I've been following your blog and it's fab smile.gif. It's made me want to be a little more creative in the kitchen (usually it's the boy's domain as he has more practice but since I've not been working I'm attempting dinner most nights). I enjoy cooking and I have a few dishes that I'm quite good at; some are a little fancier and I can't afford the ingredients just now but I'm getting a handle on the basics too.

(((rose))) hope the BestPals arrived okay.

(((kitten))) any word on your internship?

(((dm))) glad the mr is okay.

(((syb))) so, what did you think of Gossip Girl?

(((star, polly, morn, christine_nectarine, sassy, humanist, futura, q'spice, tes - where is tes? everybody)))

kvetch: heartburn. ugh.
anti-kvetch: zoya is coming down to visit this weekend, which will be fun, and we're going to hang out with mornington lots. We're all doing things on a budget so it's museum visits (they're free), free tastings at the gourmet food market, maybe some Ethiopian food and a movie and whatever else we come up with. Good times will be had.

Off to make spaghetti bolognese (no fixed recipe but a lot of tomato, red wine, countless herbs and a little sugar for sweetness).

Hi Christine!

(((bunnyb))) have fun with zoya and morn! takes pictures and make sure to post on FB. i miss you girls.

snow and more snow. gosh. i'm sure the other chicago busties are managing in this weather ok. sometimes i wonder if this is life's way of telling me to move somewhere warm for a short time.

antikvetch: dissertation is moving along smoothly.

I'm here. I have had a touch of the winter blues. I want to move to Florida. I never used to be like this even a few winters ago. Have been welcoming the increased reading and writing time. I have a shit ton of stuff to do over the next several weeks and I'm thankful that most of it is of the indoors variety. I've had a lot on my mind lately. (Oh, but Facebook is a good distraction.) Long walks in the snow help. This is the Cliffnote (sp?) version of my life right now.
(((Yuefie))) You're no threadkiller smile.gif Hope you're feeling better.

Sidecar, I hope you're feeling your mojo again soon, as Grey's Anatomy would put it.

Bunnyb, I have been sucked in to GG, although I'm finding the boys all a little insipid--kind of like all the girls in the O.C. Clearly Josh Schwartz is on a learning curve. So jealous of the LDN meetup: I need to get myself over there instead of going to conferences.

(((Raisin))) I felt the same in November and December: winter and the drakness were kicking my butt hard. Long walks in the snow sound lovely though...

Good news on the diss SG!

Things surprisingly good w/ me...a work problem has finally been resolved, which is a relief, and things are good at home w/ the mister. We're making plans smile.gif and I am reassured about a few things. And my diss edit is going well too!
QUOTE(sybarite @ Jan 15 2009, 11:59 AM) *
Bunnyb, I have been sucked in to GG, although I'm finding the boys all a little insipid--kind of like all the girls in the O.C. Clearly Josh Schwartz is on a learning curve.

The characterisation of the boys definitely improves (although their faces remain wooden and devoid of expression). I heart the motherchucker.

star, we will miss you and will take photos (which reminds me to charge my camera)!

(((raisin))) increased writing and reading sounds positive.

*Must* clean the bathroom.
Good morning all.

I've been spending the week training how to be a counselor for sexually abused children. What I have learned strongest is that I don't want to work with children. rolleyes.gif The trainers have been wonderful and passionate but it just isn't the discipline for me. And spending a week at a Hilton Garden Inn is making me nutty. I miss my cats and The Geek. *sigh**deep breath* I am almost through this week. I really want to spend some time shopping or something equally brainless and shallow. At least I don't have to step outside this morning. There is just no excuse for that kind of cold.

Stay warm everyone!

(((kittenb))) you'll be home soon. as for the child therapy stuff, i think it is good to know what populations you can or cannot work with. i *hate* the question asked for training sites about which population would you not work with and why. i know they are looking for flexibility, but ethically, i think there is nothing wrong with saying there are some populations you will not work with. boundaries are a good thing. i look forward to hearing more about the training you are doing. sounds interesting.

(((raisin))) good for you for using your time to your advantage. i'm trying to do the same by learning new things, reading, and get all caught up with my paperwork stuff.

(((syb))) sounds like things are going good for you.

(((bunnyb))) acos

so, it is terribly cold outside in the windy city. i got up to come to school, dropping mama off at work, and staying planted inside school to work on my dissertation. i've been getting cabin fever. i'm hoping i can talk my mama into going out for dinner. i've been craving a veggie burger and fries something awful. oh, and a good stout to go with it.

antikvetch: you know, i'm really liking the local of my school. we've gone through 3 different places since i've been affiliated with my school and this 3rd one is awesome. it was great to eat my breakfast in the student lounge being able to see the wrigley building and michigan avenue with the sun shining. so pretty.

kvetch: ok. i'm hoping my school got my status updated to defer my loan repayments. argh. i hate to keep bugging her, but she has not been quick to do things lately.

Hello Busties! I haven't been around much lately. School is already feeling a bit busy (lots of reading) and I spent all of last weekend with my sexystud. And on Monday my parents are visiting! Ack!

(((kittenb))) at least you are learning more about what kind of people you can work with. Personally I don't think I could ever work with kids. They tend to drive me nuts. But anyway, you'll be home soon and back with your cats and the Geek.

(((((yuefie)))))) I read your story about Jenny jumping on you. Ouch! I hope that other than that your recovery is going okay.

syb and bunny, I just have to add my two cents about Gossip Girl! Which is basically that I love the show even though it's ridiculous. However, I have to say that one of my favourite aspects of the show is the fashion, especially Blair's outfits. She is fierce, I don't care what anyone says.

kvetch: myself. I only went to class one day this week. I don't know why I skipped! I mean, today was sort of understandable as it was -30 and I really didn't want to go outside but I'm just mad at myself. So I promise that I will go to class everyday next week and not skip out on anything.

anti-kvetch: things are going well with the boy although we are not seeing each other this weekend. I think it's kind of good though because I need time to study/hang out with friends. Plus, it's kind of fun when we're apart for a week or something and then we finally get to see each other because he becomes quite ravenous. tongue.gif

Hi my lovely Busties,

kvetch: Internship is driving me a little crazy this week. Fundraisers are a bitch to work through. I like the maniac energy, but replacing the one office manager that has worked there for 5 years is some big shoes to fill. Also, my boss is very weird. I will be so happy when Friday rolls around. I'm hoping this event will be a chance to network. I still need a job in Feb. The good news is I finally got my dress! I'll try to post a pic once I take one. I plan on just shopping and going to movies/yoga this weekend.

kvetch: Mcgeek. I'll post in Committed thread.

kvetch: I lost some great milestone jewelry that would have been great with this ruby dress. It was a high school graduation watch, and a diamond/ruby tennis bracelet I got for my 21st birthday. I think I may have left it in Boston last spring. It wasn't appraised..... I never wear it, but it had such special meaning to me.

Speaking of jewelry though, I'm getting the mud-model of the engagement ring Saturday! smile.gif I should have the full model by Jan 31st. Ironically, that's when this Taste of Love (yes, cheesy name) fundraiser is....

hey kvetchies! no, i don't have a computer yet, i'm using my friends. i just had to check in and see how y'all are doing.

love to all.

Hey Damona!

I am looking fwd to seeing the ring Sassy.

candycane_girl - I've been lazy on school work this week myself. I just haven't had it in me to open a text book after a day of training. I have catch up to play this weekend.

Star - I like the location too. biggrin.gif

I keep hearing about the plane that landed on the Hudson River yesterday. Such an amazing story! But now I feel very weird that the news reporter said that birds hit planes about once a day! Obvs, they rarely crash the plane, but still! What the heck?
Christine Nectarine
ok, i'm back in full bust-swing now!

ccg - i think there's been a lot of that going around. glad that boy-things are going well though!

kittenb - i always knew that i did not want to work with children (one prof told me that the students w/ kids of their own NEVER want to work with kids wink.gif ) but my diploma is in assaulted women and children's counselling. i remember i found the abused children learning really valuable though, because it helps you understand where your adult clients are coming from.

star, veggie burger/fries/stout sounds delish. count me in!

kvetch: the zipper on my winter coat is buggered, and it's the coldest week of the year!

anti-kvetch: got the kiddo's birthday plans all sorted out (i think) and she is so excited!

(edit) p.s. (((((((mando))))))))
and yuefie, glad you're on the mend!

p.p.s. red y-fronts, white bra w/teeny black polka dots
My stepsis is in crisis and does not know it. Her behavior is off the charts w/regards to some very adult behavior and I am seriously worried that she will not live to see 20 or even 19. If there was any benefit to forcing her to see a therapist I would do it but sadly, I know better. She has to want things to change.

I don't know what to do. My gut says always offer her unconditional love but everything she is doing is so awful for herself and her spirit that it make me cry.

(((kittenb))) i'm so sorry. sad.gif that has to be terribly difficult for you.
(((((kittenb))))) I understand how hard it is to watch a loved one self destruct and the feelings of powerlessness it brings on. Sending extra hugs your way and much coping vibage too.

((((mando)))) ~~~~~healing and comfort vibes a plenty~~~~~
in case you're out there lurking, I hope that the drains are out and that you are feeling tons better.

I hope bunny & zoya & morn are having a blast together too smile.gif

((((rose, syb, pixie, sidecar, polly, humanist, star, damona, raisin, candy, sassy, dm, christine, futura, billy, tes, amilita, qspice, everyone))))

Thanks for the continuing love and get well wishes. I sure do heart you all wub.gif.
I'm feeling better, I'm still sore but able to get around and have begun driving everyone nuts around here. I have a really hard time sitting still and resting like I should be, so I pushed it a little too much a couple of days ago and have been paying for it ever since in soreness. Why am I so stubborn? rolleyes.gif Oh yeah, Virgo... hee hee. Today we took my car down to "retire" it and they paid me $1000. I was stunned, I didn't think it would be that much. So I am taking that and buying another Volvo from a friend of mine. It's another older car, but not as old as mine was and in much better condition. So, yay for that!
(((((((kittenb)))))))))) I think all you can do is be there for her, and be honest and open with your mom and stepmom about your concerns. Talk to her about it, even if it makes her mad or if she doesn't want to listen. We can go to email/PM/Facebook if you want to talk more specifics. I'm trying hard not to upset you further or overstep my bounds. I have few regrets, but one of them is not speaking up to my family, or my brother, about his self-destructive behavior and how it clouded his judgment. I didn't want to upset him, or my parents, and so I never said anything. And I think my parents were embarrassed by some of the things he did, so they didn't tell us. And if we'd all just talked ... maybe it wouldn't have changed anything, but at least I would have done what I could.

thanks for the love, all. I'm feeling a bit better. I made it to the gym twice this week so far, and have been eating fairly well. Since. Jan. 1, I've lost 5 pounds. I feel so shallow, but getting my physical self back in order a little has made me feel better. (And bunny, just for you, I posted a very basic mashed potatoes recipe today!)

BTW, I love Gossip Girl, although I regard it as junk viewing. It's fun, light and entertaining -- like candy TV. If you like Josh Schwartz, you might also like Chuck, which no one watches, but I think is a much deeper show with better acting. GG is like Us Weekly, and Chuck is like Wired.

yay for new cars and engagement rings!

kvetch: holy mackerel, am i bleeding. I knew when I went off BC things would be different, but I am overwhelmed by how heavy a regular period is after years of having few-to-none!

((((special hugs for star))))

Thanks everyone. I sent her an email letting her know that I was aware that stuff was going haywire. I told her that I was alwaya here for her and that nothing could ever change the fact that I love her. I'll keep sending her love through text messages (her fav form of communication) and keeping the doors open for her to talk or come and stay here for a little while. I just hope it is enough. unsure.gif
(((kitten and family))) I was never on the sibling end of that situation (though humanist was far from angelic), but I had lots of friends who made some very bad choices in their teens.....some of them got through it and went on to great things. Some of them...not so much. I think family support and guidance is key, though, so I think anything you can do is good.

(((yuefie))) Glad to hear you're improving. My friend who had it done about 6 weeks ago is doing really well. He says he still gets a little twinge of pain now and then, but nothing near what he had before. There is hope!

Ooo, can't wait to see the real ring, sassy!

Have there been any updates on mando recently? I hope she's getting better.

Kvetch: I ordered a book to send to mando through a third-party seller on Amazon because it's out of print. I ordered it December 21st and still haven't gotten it. The guy has a decent rating, but people's one complaint is that shipping takes forever. He's been stringing me along, and apparently doesn't get any tracking numbers for his shipments. WTF???? Then he sent out this email to everyone who has orders with saying that he recently lost his job and retirement plan after 35 years and is trying to make a living selling stuff on Amazon, and if he gets enough good ratings, Amazon lowers their fees for him or something. I'm sorry that he's going through this, but it seems to me that getting tracking numbers is pretty basic and if you can't even do that, you shouldn't be selling things on Amazon. Stick to Craigslist, bucko. Needless to say, I'm not going to be guilted into giving him a positive review. If the book isn't here this week, when it hits the one month mark, I'm canceling my order and going to another seller. mad.gif

My friend's mom who was diagnosed is just going to get chemo once a week until March, no surgery in the plan as of now.

The weather here is crappy. It's 16 degrees today and is supposed to slowly climb to the 38 degrees, the highest this week, on Thursday. Then it will drop back down to 18 degrees by Friday or Saturday. I love Chicago. I love Chicago. I love Chicago. I love Chicago. I love Chicago. I love Chicago. I love Chicago. I love Chicago. I love Chicago. I love Chicago.......

I'm pretty excited for Tuesday. Does anyone know the schedule? I think the inauguration starts at 12pm, right? That's probably eastern time, I assume? Is there a website that will be streaming it live?

((hugs to all)) yeah, where is tes?

is today maintenance day for websites?? first, bust was down. now, i can't log onto facebook. blink.gif

i guess that means i gotta work on my dissertation. dry.gif

*~*~*soothing vibes for yuefie*~*~*

yuefie, it sounds like you are getting stronger.


polly, oh, that sucks about the book. about the weather, it is going to be 38 degrees on thursday?!? that's a heatwave! i have to go to school that day and i was thinking of going to the art institute. i think admission is free on that day.

pretty quiet weekend. the weather is not really motivating me to venture out. so, reading stuff for my dissertation. i'm in the final home stretch here. i will be done by the first week in february! yippee! i had no plans for tomorrow, but i think my mom wanted to do something since she is off for MLK day. we are going to go out to eat. hopefully, m.henry's is open cause i've been craving it.

btw, polly, right now on HBO, they are showing an inaugural celebration. it is pretty cool. it is still hard to believe obama is being sworn in right now. i think i'm going to cry when he gets sworn in. gosh, i get so choked up just thinking about it. stepdad is gonna be home that day dvr'ing the whole inauguration on tuesday. such a historical event not only for the country, but for the world. truly history in the making.

hey y'all, i'm at my friends again.

(((((yuefie))))) hope you are feeling better, darling.

(((((kittenb))))) my sis went thru a fairly self destructive phase. it's hard on the whole family when that stuff is going on. i was no angel, but i think she had me beat for sheer family divisiveness.

what's wrong with mando? i have such limited access, i never know what's up anymore! well, ((((((mando))))), hope whatever it is is getting better.

(((((((((((((((everyone))))))))))))))) i miss you guys so much!

kvetch: typing with a bandaid on my index finger is a pain.

bigger kvetch: the boiler in my wing of the complex is on the fritz. we've had little to no heat for the last few days. yes, the night it was -22 degrees, we had no heat. double socks and long undies for everyone! good thing we have lots of blankets. i hope that it's finally fixed for good. *crossed fingers*
QUOTE(pollystyrene @ Jan 18 2009, 07:45 PM) *
Have there been any updates on mando recently? I hope she's getting better.


mando emailed me today and wrote "i'm doing ok. still sore and achey. but i'm going to try to get out more this week - little jaunts with my mom. the snow and ice are making me housebound (afraid of slipping), i'm going stir crazy, it's making me even more depressed. but other than that, i'm healing well, my doctors are pleased, and i'm trying to gear up emotionally and practically for chemo in a month. i'll probably go back to work the week of the 26th, but very very part time. thank goodness my boss is being so good about all this."

Thought everybody would like to know (damona - that kind of updates you. Our beloved Mando was diagnosed with breast cancer since you last posted and had a double mastectomy almost three weeks ago and is now recovering from surgery before chemo treatment sad.gif).

*~*~*~*anti-cabin fever and healing and happy vibes for mandolyn*~*~*~*~*

Having a lovely weekend with zoya and morn. Will update properly once zoya had gone home but we've hung out, eaten, drank red wine, shopped, met persiflager and had dinner tonight at morn's with G, Indigo and Tank. Good times.

sidecar, I'll need to check out your blog! I loved mashed potatoes and particularly looking for good recipes with pancetta and spring onion and another with cheese and bacon. Mmmm.

Thanks for the update bunnyb: good to know mando's on the mend and feisty enough to be stir crazy! Glad too that her job is offering support and flexibility right now.

Kitten, showing stepsis that you are consistently there for her could help a lot. It might not be today or tomorrow, but knowing she can come to you may mean she approaches you with her problems in the future. It's so hard to get someone young and stubborn to talk when they're not ready to.

I'm trying to figure out how I will celebrate the inauguration from here.

Oh, GG is utterly bubblegum for the brain. I've actually finished watching season 1, splitting the episodes over a mere two weekends. I am a trash TV glutton.

BSG on the other hand is just superb television. We watched the new episode last night. AWESOME.

SG, I have to steel myself into staying right offline when trying to work on my thesis... it doesn't always work though. Ongoing productive vibes for you!

I had a nice weekend: the mister and I hung out, planning our upcoming trip. I made my first ever homemade mac n' cheese: best leftovers ever!
Happy MLK Jr. Day, everyone!

Bunny, thanks so much for the Mandi update.

Yuefie, congrats on getting out of the house. Hooray for new cars!

(((((((((((((( healing hugs for Mandi & Yuefie )))))))))))))))))))))

Kitten, best of luck with the step-sis. That sounds really painful to watch.

~~~~~~~~~ waves of warmth for Damona & fam ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Polly, that sucks about the book. I don't blame you for not giving him positive feedback. You paid him for a service & he should provide that service to you.

(((( soothing hugs for Sidecar )))

(((((((( Syb, Sassy, Star, Polly, Kitten, Bunny, Morn, Pixie, and so many more )))))))

The BestPals left yesterday afternoon. The trip was not as fun as I would have liked because (1) Sheff had to work late, (2) I got pretty sick a couple times, and (3) it was frigid cold. Plus the play I really wanted us to see was sold out. But we still had fun. BestGalPal bought some art at a local gallery & we went to the Bollywood movie theater and visited Duke's art museum & ate a ton of good food. Plus we finally got BestGalPal to try Rock Band & discovered that she is a wiz at the drums.

Kvetch: I know that I wrote a couple of posts over the past week, but none of them are appearing n the thread. I'm afraid that I may have accidentally forgotten to post them. How frustrating! Especially because they were long & I handed out plenty of individual vibes. Bah!

Anti-kvetch: The game that Sheff's company released in October is selling better than expected. There have been a lot of layoffs in the tech field in our area, so it's a relief to hear that Sheff's company is bucking the trends despite the bad economy.

Gotta run. Time to start working off all that good eating. Hope you all have a great day!
Happy MLK!

*Quick flyby*

I'm in New York! We arrived on Saturday. I'm going to Washington D.C. tomorrow! I don't know what kind of craziness we'll encounter, but i'm looking forward to it. The place we're staying in is fabulous. I'm drawing like mad.



(((((((All of you))))))))

Gotta get me some breakfast.
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