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Happy New Year!!!

May 2009 bring health (especially for mandi, yuefie, billy, pixie...), happiness and prosperity for you all! Also weddings/wedding-planning for polly, yuefie and sassy; successful theses (that is the plural, isn't it?) for syb and star; new city and experiences for designermedusa; productive uni year for morn, kitten, ccgirl; successful new careers for raisin, bunny, sassy and anybody else looking; lots and lots of love and laughter for rose, sidecar, amilita, damona, dusty, everybody.

It's great to see so many old faces in here! *waves at fj, jem, raisingirl, funjules, deescoball, car*

It's heartwarming to see how close-knit the kvetchlandia-okayland/exbustie-eljay/facebook networks have become following Mandi's diagnosis and prognosis and how we are joined in support for her successful and speedy recovery. Warms the cockles, it does.

Morn text me from Algiers (no internet access) to find out how the op went as she was so worried! That is bustiness.

I am still full of the cold but much better than I have been over last few days. I stayed in my PJs all day yesterday and the boy and I brought the new year in watching Brothers and Sisters. Tonight we're venturing out (I'm wrapping up warm) as we're going to see Spamalot biggrin.gif. I haven't had much -if any- appetite recently but I'm going to force myself to have a Scottish fry up just now as it feels like a New Year's Day thing to do (I'll spare the details for the hungover people).

Happy New Year everyone! After expecting to just stay in last night I ended up at a party drinking far too much! I don't know why I'm already awake. I am just going to drink some water and go back to bed. I hope this year brings great new experiences for everyone!

Bunny, I think a Scottish fry up would be great for a hangover! Grease is good for the headache and the tummy. (I woke up at 6 and had water and an Advil and am feeling just fine.)

My new year's resolutions are to get in shape so I can have a baby in 2010, finish writing the novel I've been working on intermittently for the past year, and finally fix the bathroom window that's been held together by duct tape for more than four years, because seriously, it is going from being a temporary fix to intentional art.

Now I am off to shower and pick up, as our New Year's Day tradition is to watch a Bond movie, and we're having friends over for "On Her Majesty's Secret Service."

Happy New Year everyone!

Nice to see people returning. Hello Falljackets, Funjules, car, and deescoball! You are always welcome back.

I had the most random New Year's Eve. We went to The Geek's best friends house, M, and spent a few hours playing Apples to Apples, one of my favorite games. The we toasted the New Year and ended the night flipping b/w Elf and Star Trek DS9. Drinking a ton of champagne in the process. I mentioned to M that I had some DS9 books and he was just floored that I did. It was very funny.

bunnyb - what is a Scottish fry-up? I bought some champagne and pear juice and peach nectar to go with the coffecake that I bought for thig morning. Sorry to say that the cake is totally stale. dry.gif

sidecar - those are good resolutions.

sidecar - Ha! At first I read that as "Kitten[B] stepped on my Mac." I was thinking, "What? I didn't even post then."

{{{dm, yuefie, mando}}}
Happy New Year Everybustie!!!!

Thanks for the mando updates, Car and Yuefie! (((((((swift healing for mando)))))

And how wonderful to see so many beloved friends rejoining us this week - FJ, Car, Funjules - YAY!! Yuefie's so right on the amazing community we've got here, unlike anything else I've experienced on the internet, and we have all weathered many storms together, and I love that. And of course, the chicago busties are as much a part of my IRL family as Bust family, which is just too damn cool.

Much love to ya'll, and may surprising and beautiful things unfold for us all in 2009!
QUOTE(bunnyb @ Jan 1 2009, 09:22 AM) *

It's heartwarming to see how close-knit the kvetchlandia-okayland/exbustie-eljay/facebook networks have become following Mandi's diagnosis and prognosis and how we are joined in support for her successful and speedy recovery. Warms the cockles, it does.

yeah, i got all misty eyed when i read busties from back in the day checking in on mando. sad.gif

kitten, yeah, i'd say you are still drunk. you referred to me as sidecar. get some sleep and coffee honey. wink.gif

i hope everyone had a safe new year's eve. happy new year to everyone!

i'm feeling terribly grouchy and pessimistic today. blah.

Happy New Year everyone!! I just stayed in last night. I had a pretty bad headache. Saw a double feature of Benjamin Button and Slumdog Millionare. That was my present to myself for the new year.

I'm so happy that I have the lounge in my life.


Merry New Year! (Trading Places reference)

We went to LeBoy's friends house first. They had mediocre food. Neither the husband nor the wife likes spicy food, and they had a taco bar set up. First dessert tacos I've ever had. Seriously. They put raisins in the taco meat. I get that- Peruvian food has lots of raisins (as do many other cultures) and it's tasty. But that was about the only seasoning in there. Meh. Escaped from there at 10:00 and went to prophecy's BIL & SIL's house. That was fun. Debated music, played Cranium Pop (it's a version of Cranium without a board that takes less time, just as fun).

Our big news is that the refurbished laptop that was getting repaired for the third time in the first month that we had it, after having oodles of software work and even a new hard drive installed....this morning, I was woken up at 10 (thinking "who the f is calling me at 10am on New Years Day?!?!") LeBoy answered and it was the Apple store, saying it was ready. He got up right away to go get it; I think I said something about waking me up at noon when he got back before rolling over and falling back asleep. So he gets back, wakes me up around noon and says, "The bad news is that they couldn't fix the laptop. The good news is that they gave us a new one.....and it's a brand new one." LeBoy said that when you buy a refurb, and there's something wrong, they'll repair and repair before giving you a new one, and then they'll usually just give you a comparable refurb. Nope, this is brand new. So we got a $2100 computer for about $1300. Woohoo! I <3 Apple. Downside is that the refurb was the last model to have a matte screen, so the new one has glossy. I think I'll manage to get used to it, though. The track pad is glass- how freaking cool is that?

I had one of those dreams that sticks with you- that I woke up in Denver without any idea how I got there and I don't know if I just couldn't afford to get home or what, but I stayed there and got a job and had a long-distance relationship with LeBoy. This creepy guy was sort of stalking me- wooing me, but was very controlling and wouldn't take the hint that I didn't like him. I was going to have to break it off with him and get a restraining order....that's when LeBoy woke me up with the new lappy. Ahh, much better, but I'm still a little creeped.

Oh, getting in shape for a possible little sidecar-lette- that will be exciting. What would we call it? Shirley Temple for a girl?

Ha, kitten, I thought the same thing when star said her macbook was stepped on! tongue.gif That's totally disappointing about the coffee cake. I bought a case of single-serve kefirs at Costco the day before yesterday, got it home and there were two missing. I returned them yesterday, got a new box.

My resolution is to lose weight for the wedding (and because it's reached a point where I'm becoming miserable). My goal is 50 pounds by the wedding (so, 3-5 lbs a month until May 2010), and another 10-20 pounds after that to get to my ideal weight. I haven't really thought out how I'm going to do it. I don't know if I'll do a formal plan or just cut out junk and most processed foods, and try to be better about portions. And exercise. Oh, the exercise. dry.gif

Ugh, I should get up- we're supposed to have brunch at my grandparent's in 45 minutes or so. It's going to be so hard to reset my internal clock, but I'm going to start trying tonight. I've been going to bed sometime between 3-5 for the past week and a half. I'm just a night person.
Happy 2009!!! May it bring each of us more of what we need and want in our lives, whatever that may be.

I haven't been online much, but I was thinking of Mando not just on the 30th but ever since. Thanks so much car and yuefie for the updates. Jules, delighted to see you back here! (Hint, hint to car, FJ and discoball...) I came back in to read this amazing testimony of support. Mando, you are so loved, and your son is a rockstar.

((((Mando))))) Recovery vibes to you today as you get out of hospital.

Mmmm, a scottish fry. Although the mister insists the Northern Irish fry is better, including as it does five kinds of fried bread. The mind (and heart) boggles.

Back to my last full day of indolence... well, until the weekend wink.gif
Happy New Year, everyone.

(((((mandkins)))) ~~~soothing comfort vibes a plenty~~~

Happiest Birfday wishes to our darling billybonka!

It is way cool to see ol' school BUSTies popping back in to kvetchland smile.gif


Last night was really nice, just hanging out at home with the family. Except for the part of watching poor Dick Clark. I dunno, it just upset me. I think that someone seriously needs to intervene. I know he's beloved and nobody wants to hurt his feelings... but really now? I feel like it's sort of a mockery of the poor guy and what he's done and just NOT okay. /rant

Today I'm just hanging out at home again with R, the kidlet, PJ, my sis & the niecelette, but I'm cooking up a storm and having fun doing it. Everyone picked a dish so the menu is a big ol green salad w/ granny smith apples, cheddar, bacon, cucumbers, red onion, grape tomatoes & homemade buttermilk ranch, a huge pot of greens (turnip, collard & mustard) w/ ham, scalloped potatoes, baked mac & cheese, green bean casserole, cornbread, and a rib roast. I always make greens for the new year to bring in prosperity and try to work other green items in as well. In keeping with the green theme for dessert we're having peppermint truffle brownie sundaes. Well they are, I'm having rainbow sherbet 7-up float as approved under my uber lowfat diet. I've managed to make the usual greens, scalloped potatoes and green bean casserole reduced fat so I can enjoy a little bit of those too. A week from today they take the gallbladder out and I won't have to walk on eggshells so much. The people I know who's suffered this have said that I will be amazed at how much time I spent feeling sick when I suddenly don't feel sick all the time. I am SO looking forward to that!
Happy New Year to all the Busties, may 2009 bring all good things. I haven’t been feeling well for most of the week, so I went to bed at like 6:30 last night, got up for a little bit and then went back to bed. I think I’m starting to feel better, so fingers crossed. I don’t know if anyone else has a Zune, but Mr. DM called me from work in a panic yesterday telling me not to turn my Zune on because something was messed up with all the 30 gig models. Luckilly, I hadn’t turned mine on, and I guess they fixed the problem today. That was a relief because Mr. DM is obsessed with his Zune. I went shopping with Twin DM and Mom DM, and I found the most gaudy, but adorable Betsyville handbag for like 90% off. I still have Christmas money which is unbelievable for me, maybe it’s because I haven’t felt well. I’m very excited for the new year, and am actually excited about my goals.

Yuefie, Mom DM felt the same way about Dick Clark. The feast you made sounds amazing.

Polly, that’s so kick ass about getting a brand new laptop.

Bunnyb, hope you and the boy enjoyed Spamalot.

Happy birthday Billy.

((Mando)) Super healthy recovery vibes.
Yuefie and DM, while I agree that Dick Clark was looking a little unusual this year (considering his age and the bad stroke it isn't that suprising) I can't think of any reason that he shouldn't be allowed to continue to do this job if he feels capable of doing it. Honesly, your post reminded me of something I read the other day about how now that Carrie Fisher doesn't look hot anymore she should stick to writing books and not go on TV. We need to start getting used to seeing people with disabilities on our TVs and in our world. I doubt that anyone forced him to do the NYE event and goddness knows he doesn't need the money. He does it b/c he can and wants to.
Sorry if I come off harsh but that really bothered me.

Did I mention that the place that I keep my blog has totally crashed, never to be resucitated again? It was blogging that gave me the confidence to try on-line dating. So 4 years of my recorded history is gone and lost. I was pretty crushed but am bouncing back. The owners of the site says that they think it was sabotage from a former employee. The hard drives were totally overwritten. I am going to try to create something new on Blogspot.

No undie report yet as I just got back from the gym and am not sure what will be worn today.

kittenb, that is not even close to being the same and NOT at all how I meant it. Carrie Fisher looking hot or *not* (which is absolute bullshit) and Dick Clark practically being mocked are two very different things. As far as people with disabilities, I've worked with them for several years and would never dream of making fun of, casting aside or think it was somehow inappropriate for them to be seen on television. Quite the contrary. I just think it's a lot of stress to do the NYE show for someone who was obviously struggling to do so. But whatever, you see it how you want to see it and you take my post how you want to take it. To each their own opinion or is that not the case suddenly? I don't appreciate being scolded like that, you could have asked for clarification first if it bothered you so much, or at the very least PM'd me.


Continued love and vibes for ((((mando))))


Off to my pre-op appointment after a rough night, hardly an hour of sleep and feeling queasy but not actually throwing up. Bleh, I can't wait until this whole thing is over.
I am not trying to argue with you and I am sorry if I upset you. I just don't understand why it seems like he is being mocked if he wants to do it? I think the whole production is still under his production. Of course you can have your own opinion, I never said otherwise, but why do you feel it is mockery?
Happy new year, everyone! I'm still a bit surprised that it's 2009. My oldest brother turns 40 in a few days. And just the other day Sheff and I were talking about how Danny is in high school now. How is this possible?! Time flies by so fast!

I was sure I posted in here a couple of days ago, but I don't see it anywhere. So this may seem like a belated "Thank you" to Car & Yuefie, but it isn't really. Keep up with the up-dates!
~*~*~*~*~*~*~* continued sparkles of healing goodness for our precious, marvelous Mando ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

This is going to be kinda silly, but I have another cheerful breast cancer survivor story for Mandi. Last night I met a cat names GiGi who used to have breast cancer in two of her breasts. The breasts were removed & she has stayed cancer free for a couple of years now. As a bonus, GiGi is even more sweet & cuddly than she was before.

FUNJULES! Darling, wonderful Jules! How are you? What made 2008 so asstactular for you? Updates, sweetie, updates. Whenever you're feeling low, just yank on that old tafetta dress from our special prom date together. Put on some Lionel Richie & reminisce, baby. tongue.gif

Car, I'm thrilled beyond measure to see you in here. I've always admired you so much & I know the boys keep you busy, but it'd be great if you checked in occasionally ... just because we miss you. Truly we do.

DeeeeeescoBall! Your name always brings a smile to my face. Stick around!

FJ, thanks for venturing away from OkayLand for a spell to say hi. Love the new pic. The Jackeroo is adorable!

DM, sorry to hear you've been under the weather. The problem with the Zune was related to the date (It got screwed up because 2008 was a leap year). It should be fine now.

Yuefie, that salad sounds divine! I think I'll recreate it once I get home. Sounds like you're starting to look forward to your gall bladder surgery. My mom had hers removed a few years ago and it made SUCH a difference for her.

Bunny, I'm also intrigued by the Scottish fry up. Sheff used to make a nice fry up on a regular basis, but he pretty much stopped once he moved to the states. I think it's because the bacon is so different here (too thin, too much fat & not enough meat). It's one of his biggest food annoyances.

Sybarite, 5 types of fried bread?! My arteries are clogging just thinking about that.

Polly, congrats on the new laptop! I didn't know Apple had a policy like that. Sorry to hear about the bland food, though. I never know what to do in that kind of situation.

Sassy, hope your head is feeling better. What did you think of Slumdog Millionaire? I keep telling people I want to see it, but whenever anyone hears the name their noses wrinkle & they change the subject. Oh, if only it had a more appealing title. Sigh.

Star, how are you today? Felling a little more optimistic, I hope.

SideCar, the other day I saw a guy driving a motorcycle with a sidecar and, of course, I thought of you. Best of luck on getting in shape. Planning to have a baby is pretty exciting stuff! Did you decide this recently?

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((everybody I missed because I know I'm missing a lot))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Kvetch: Eating too much junk & not exercising or drinking enough water. As I mentioned earlier, I've been feeling more sickly since I got back to Oklahoma & I know that's why. I'm looking forward to going home to NC because I'll be able to focus on being healthy again. According to Mom's Wii Fit, I have gained almost 2 pounds in the past 2 weeks. However, the regular scales says I'm the lightest I've been in years. Pretty confusing. But whatever my weight, I just don't feel good and that's my biggest concern.

Anti-kvetch: Got out my Mom's Wii Fit and ran for 32 minutes today. So I'm already feeling a bit better.

Sheff hits the road tomorrow & will be back in NC on Sunday. I can't wait to hear a report on my Millie kitten. I have missed her so much!

Conundrum o' the Day: BestGalPal is talking about coming out to visit us within just the next couple of weeks. It seems strange since we've seen her quite a bit while we've been here in OK. I would rather she put off the trip for a few months just to give me a chance to miss her again, you know?
Because he was clearly struggling to do it and that leaves him open for ridicule. Perhaps it is because I am overly sensitive to people with disabilities being made fun of. I have a very close family member who has deep emotional scars from that sort of thing and have been on the defense as far as that is concerned for many, many years. I didn't mean it how you took it, at all. Sorry I snapped at you kitten, like I said I am not feeling well at all myself and felt like I was attacked.
Yuefie, it sounds like we are having opposite reactions b/c of similar histories. Having pushed my cousin's wheelchair for many years, I used to get this impression that she shouldn't be seen in public b/c the way that she looked was actually offensive to others. It made me think realize that many people long for the day that people would keep their disabled family members in the attic or sanitariums. Sorry for snapping at you like you were one of them. I know better than that.
*~*~*healthy vibes for rose*~*~*

rose, yeah, i know what you mean about not feeling healthy. i feel like my entire sleep schedule has been off for the past week. then, the sugar. argh.

i'm feeling better. i'm just hurting for money like the rest of the country. plus, things are pretty unclear as to where i will live the next year. even if i have to move, then i'm trying to figure out how i'm going to afford moving costs, etc. so either way, i need to find a couple of jobs to make money for the next 6 months. i was having a mild freakout. i miss the days when i just worked and had money available to me.


off to finish my data analysis today...

kittenb, I didn't watch Dick Clark's show on NYE, but what Mom DM was saying was that she felt bad for him due to his bad health. She wasn't saying that he shouldn't do the show, and her thought was just that she felt compassion for him. Sorry if my comments seemed uncaring, but that's not what I was saying.

for enquiring minds: a Scottish fry-up consists of fried square sausage (in our case it was steak sausage; square because it's sliced from a long block), black pudding (officially English but I maintain that Stornoway black pudding is the tastiest), potato scone and the usual fry up ingredients of bacon, egg (in the boy's case, as I don't like eggs), tomato, fried bread and toast (FIVE types of fried bread? sheesh) and lashings of tomato ketchup and a steaming mug of sweet, hot tea ... Scottish fry ups can also include haggis but bunnymama sent down the Scottish parts and what we had was ample (honestly, the sausage was too long for freezer!) I also love fried mushrooms but the boy hates 'em so I haven't yet sneaked them into the flat.
To be fair bunnyb, I think the mister counts in potato scone as one type of fried bread. The Irish fry includes white pudding along with black but is otherwise similar. I'll raise you Clonakilty black pudding against your Stornoway though...
I'm not brave enough to try black pudding. LeBoy tried white pudding at an Irish restaurant we went to when someone we were with got a side of it. He liked it.

Humanist broke up with her boy. I think she's okay. He's in Hawaii this week on vacation with his family and she's moving out while he's gone. I can't imagine going through that. She's looking for studio apartments on Craigslist and is taking one of their cats with, but the other two are staying with him.

LeBoy and I drove over the border to see stargazer today! I taught her how to clip Shiloh's claws. Her mom made tamales and sent lots home with us- yum!!

That's about it. I can't believe there's only one more day of vacation. Totally depressing.

Rose, do you have any place near you where you can buy Irish bacon? Mmm, so yummy.

((hugs to all)) Anyone heard anything on mando?



Ah, black pudding. I remember my very first Irish brekkie. The plate looked horrifying to my American palate, but it was tasty. I agree with Syb on the Clonakilty! And the fried mushrooms, *guahgurh*. So tasty.
*slips through okayland passage*

(((((Humanist))))) Just holler if you need anything, my dear. We're here for you. There's always a place at our table for you and a cold beer in the fridge. *mwah*

Mmmmm...Irish bacon. So delicious. But then, what smoky, porcine product isn't delicious?!
Dear Concerned Busties and LJ'ers.....

As a follow up for Mandolyn's health: We're still waiting for additional notice from the family, but as it appears, all is ok at this point. As you can imagine, recovering from surgery is going to be a lot for Mandolyn to focus on, so we'd love to corral the energy of "what can we do?" into a concentrated effort. Conversations with friends and family have revealed that a house cleaning service would be the bees knees, as the boys already do try to do the cooking and grocery shopping. This way, while she recouperates, and as she continues with further treatment and her energy is depleated, she can still have a clean and tidy house.

In order to facilitate this, we are collecting money in a pay pal account - you may remember Chatnoire, a former Bust poster, has offered her account and handling of the financials. If you would like to donate, that can be done via a paypal deposit at - please put "Mandolyn Fund" in the reference.

Additionally, cards and boxed gifts can be sent through an intermediary as well. Heven has offered to ship packages to Mandolyn from her location, and can be contacted at

I know it may feel/look like a stonewall in not giving out her home address directly, but we've not been authorized to give out Mandolyn''s personal information, so we are trying to protect and respect her privacy, while also sharing your support with her. We all know how special and wonderful Mandolyn is to all of us, and please know that this is set up as an opportunity to channel the love and support.

And remember - Check Your Boobies too!!

Oh, and a hearty thank you to all for the nice warm wishes (and so glad to see so many people I remember, and who remember me!)

All is well - we moved to the 'burbs last fall and the boys are growing like weeds (Coop is 4 1/2 going on 17, and Bones is 2 1/2). I'm working with Hospice, and love doing "end of life" care with our patients and families, but as you can imagine, it is intense work.

I am highly fire-walled at work, and then limited in computer time at home, which is the biggest reason for not being on line more often. But I'll do my best to check in when I can - its been nice to read up on everyone's news.

Thanks for the update, car. Most of us have Mando's address and have already sent cards, letters and care packages and will continue to do so. I like the paypal fund idea.

(((humanist))) I hope you find a nice flat.

My temp job at the bookshop came to an end yesterday. Due to the economy they didn't continue any of the seasonal temps' contracts but another position has come up, which I've applied for. For the time-being, I am unemployed again but hopefully it won't be long until something else comes along... On my last day I had to take advantage a little of the 30% staff discount and bought a few books I've been wanting for a while; polly, I bought The Robber Bride after your recent mention of it.

Today is the first day I have felt well this week; I'm still a little sniffly and have retained a cough but I'm not in pain and feeling dreadful, which is definitely a great thing. Spending the last day of the boy's holiday watching Top Gear and season 2 of Californication, whilst eating some Christmas chocolate.

Thanks for the update car!


Talk of all this fried stuff reminds me of my mom's account of going to England when she was 11 or so. She was used to just having cereal for breakfast and couldn't handle all of the fried food every morning. One day she just broke down and cried, "I don't want another greasy English breakfast!" Oh mom.

The only greasy thing I'll be eating is some fish pakoras that my dad brought me.

((((humanist)))) I hope you are doing okay if you read this.

Bunny, that sucks that your job is over. But at least you've been officially let go. My contract is up this Friday and my stupid manager still has not bothered to tell me whether or not he's actually keeping me on. And in addition to that he booked me and my other work friend for times when we both have class AFTER we gave him our specific class schedules. I don't know if he's just being a douche or what but I'm starting to feel that no one likes him and for good reason.

Anyway, the rents are visiting this weekend so last night I was forced to endure lots of really bad Indian television (anyone in Canada just watch VisionTV on a Saturday night and you'll see what I mean).

I guess I shouldn't be so bitchy. I swear it's because I'm back on birth control and it's messing up my hormones. On Friday I cried while watching Oprah. That is so not me.

Anyway, one big anti-kvetch: the SexyStud that I've been seeing is always telling me how much of a hold I have over him and how much he looks forward to seeing me. It's his birthday tomorrow and I can't wait to give him his present. I'm debating on whether or not I should get him a small cake.

I'm glad that everyone survived the holidays. I hope that we all have a great 2009!

Holy crap! I'm so out of the loop! I had no idea about poor Mando's health. I kicked down to the kitty, I hope it helps even though it ain't much.
Car - thanks for the Mando update...I'll be happy to drop a little dough in the paypal acct, and will get something in the mail this week as well to send to Heven. ((((((mando)))))

~*~*~*~*~*~jobbity job vibes for bunny~*~*~*~*~*~

Thanks for the update, car! (And glad to see things are well for you and yours smile.gif)

~*~*~*~*~ continued vibes for Mando ~*~*~*~*~

This whole long distance thing blows, btw. I miss the pants off of my Gostosinho. 70 days until I leave for my vacation... way too many. And my time there is way too short. But that is very trivial compared to other things that are going on, eh?

Rose, thought about talking to a butcher? I know my mom gets all sorts of random stuff at the butcher's and DOES get Irish-style bacon there regularly (she prefers it over American bacon)... but they do get enough demand for it to keep it around, even if it's in the deep freezer most of the time (just like the lamb!).
You know, I go through periods where I have a hard time eating meat but am always lured away from vegetarianism by its tastiness, and even with that kind of reluctance, I think black pudding is maybe one of the most delicious things I've ever had. I couldn't eat it on the regular though.

((((mando)))) I'm going to drop some money into the kitty at the end of next week, after I get paid. It's tight going in the Martini-Sidecar household this week.

(((((humanist)))))) that's tough.

(((RV))) second the butcher rec!

bunny, i hope you get that position!

i am sad for my last day of vacation, too. I've been off since Dec. 23 and it's been lovely. It's the most time I've ever taken off work at once, and am now really used to the sloth. I have a lot to do when I get back, so it's good to go back relaxed.

Oh! RV/polly - yeah, it's a somewhat recent decision. It's something we've been talking about for a few months. I'm nervous about giving up certain parts of my life (I like the flexibility of adulthood and going out) but I am sure it's a worthy tradeoff. It just feels like the right thing for us to do. We'll see. I really need to lose some weight first, and I want to do a couple things before we have kids, like go to Europe. Whether we can do that with the economy is another story...
CCG, you can never go wrong with cake. G bought me a minitriplechoco cake on my bday. It was delish.

Chatnoire is on the stick, ya'll. Paypal payment received.

CALLING ALL BUSTIES! Let us keep Mando worry-free as possible. Her shit is currently bananas & I'd like to think we'd all do whatever we could for the likes of Mando. I know that in this economy things is tighter than a starfish's asshole & that is *air* tight. I happen to be fortunate enough to have dead folk's money, so I'ma kick down what I can, hopefully once a week. EVERY little bit helps. Forgo your lattes & shit & back a sistah up, ya'll. Skip a night of drinking with your pals or find a sucka that buys. Eat in one more time a week. Do you really need those shoes, BOGO or no? Ramen is tasty if you add a plop of butter. Take the change from your ashtray, what have you. Those jeans could go another week without washing. Woolite is cheaper than drycleaning. Five bucks here, ten bucks there. It adds the motherfuck up. And who better should it add up for? Mando is le merde.

I feel like I should copy that to the forum so everybody knows that we needs to be backin' up one of our own. Pay it fuckin' forward people. Pay it fuckin' forward if you can. If not, nobody said a little prayer & thought *can't* help.

I hearted my butcher. He was like Sam on the Brady Bunch, always slipping me the free meat. No double entendre intended. I know my cuts. I always wanted to go on Letterman when he had the meat category quiz. I know my shoulder from my loin.
I'm getting a couple of things for a get well basket together, but I'll throw some money in the pot, too. ((((mando))))

(((((((((((((Humanist))))))))))))) Wherever you are, I hope you're doing okay. Well, considering. Take care of yourself.

((((((((((((((((((((continued love for Mandi)))))))))))))))))))))))))
Car, thanks so much for posting that info!

Thanks for the butcher recommendations. We don't have many stand-alone butcher shops here in NC, but I bet if I find a good one, it'll be worth it.

Sheff left yesterday morning & arrived at our home in NC today. The house is still standing, the cat is healthy, all is good. Tomorrow I fly out & life will return to normal on Tuesday. I'm kinda looking forward to it, but also not. As usual, I've gotten used to having my family and oldest friends near to me & I'll hate being away from them again.

Kvetch: Couldn't sleep last night & woke up too early this morning. It's my last full day in town & I've spent most of it feeling crappy while drifting in & out of consciousness. Bah.
That's my plan, too. I'm going to send some books, maybe some crossword puzzles, a giftcard to Amazon, that sort of thing. I wish there was more I could do.

(((car))) thank you SO much for letting us know about mando! i sent her a package over the weekend. she will appreciate whatever anyone has to send her.

can i say how touched i am whenever i read all of the heartpouring support for our mando?? *gushes*

(((humanist))) if you need to go out for drinks and support, us, chicago busties are here for you!

(((AP))) so kind of you to share your fortune with someone else. see, you are a good person! wink.gif

kvetch: i wish i could stop worrying about $$. *sigh* i can't wait until i get a job. i hate feeling dependent on my family right now. i hate feeling dependent on anyone financially.

antikvetch: polly and leboy came yesterday. i made sure to feed her well with lots of tamales, cookies, and mexican hot chocolate.



(((((kvetchies, okayers, lurkers))))

I'll update properly soon, promise! I've read through and now I really, really have to go to bed. Bunny's been keeping me up-to-date while I've been internet-less in Algiers wub.gif Tomorrow I go back to uni then rush up to wales to pick up Indigo. In the meantime, I'm going to defrost the house.


((mando)) I plan to put some money in the kitty, and send a care package this week!!

Super anxiety nerves this weekend due to new temporary job at the non profit. If I could ask for some good luck vibes tomorrow (first day and all) that would be awesome.

kvetch: bad insomnia lately. I've gotten much reading done.

QUOTE(stargazer @ Jan 4 2009, 05:03 PM) *
(((AP))) so kind of you to share your fortune with someone else. see, you are a good person! wink.gif

No, I'm still evil as a motherfucker, I'm just lucky enough to have some disposable income that can help somebody else.
Hey all, just wanted to let you know that mando sent out an email update this morning. She says thanks to everyone for the emails, voicemails, etc. that they've helped cheer her more than anyone can know. She also says that while the surgery was a sucess, there were a few stray cancer cells that were too close to the nerve that controls her left arm, so she will have to undergo radiation in addition to chemo, probably in Febuary. Luckily the cells are nowhere near blood vessels, so they cannot travel and wreak havoc. She'd been feeling okay until Friday night, and has been absolutely miserable since. The drains they have in place are making her extremely uncomfortable and depressed, fortunately two of them will be removed today. Her husband, son and mom have been taking excellent care of her. She says that perhaps once the drains are completely removed she will not feel so miserable and may be up for emailing or posting again. She also encourages those of us with dense or fibrous breasts or with relatives (mom's, grandmothers, sisters, aunts) who've suffered breast cancer to get a sonogram along with mammograms even if we have to pay out of pocket for it.

The fund raiser for a cleaning service is a splendid idea. I was thinking how if I were anywhere near them I'd be over there cleaning for her and the boys without *that* idea even occuring to me, so whoever came up with that, bravo. I just sent mando a care package and I'd sent her one right before christmas which I know meant a lot to her. She will love anything that you all send, it just helps her and her family to know to she has so much support.

I will send some cash myself as soon as I can, it's just tight this week because of my $500 surgery co-pay on Wednesday. Also my car died, for good, so I have to shell out some dough for another car as soon as I am recovered from the surgery. I am a little more nervous than I ought to be because the doctor told me at my pre-op appt that the inflammation hadn't gone down as much as they'd hoped but that they still need to proceed with the removal. He said that because of the inflammation and the close proximity of the gallbladder to my liver and other parts that my chance of having to have the old fashioned "open" surgery as opposed to the laproscopic kind (which means a larger and more painful incision and a 6 week recovery vs. 2 or 3 weeks) is increased. Whatever, I guess as long as they sucessfully get it out with no complications, I'll be fine. Just a little nervous, which is in my nature anyhow.

Hee, I was just about to post the mando update too. yuefie has covered everything but I want to add that mando is feeling really depressed (and hey, who can blame her? she's gone through and is still going through an ordeal that some of us cannot begin to fathom); she feels that the sadistic drains are a hindrance more than a help and that she cannot recuperate as much as she would like. So, let's step up project cheer mandolyn up a bit, k?

(((((((((((((((((((mandi))))))))))))))))))))) for when she's lurking.

*~*~*~*~*super successful surgery vibes for yuefie*~*~*~*~*~*~

I also meant to say that reading about sidecar's mini mocktail plans made me so happy. I want all good things for BUSTies, even if it is rugrats wink.gif.

It's snowing here today! I'm catching up on some housework and had a 3 and a half hour phone call with zoya earlier so a little behind laugh.gif.
Argh, I've got a shit ton of crap I've GOT to get done tonight and yet here I am procrastinating.

Hi. wink.gif

I'm wicked broke, desperately seeking employment, threatening a move closer to the equator, have been on family overload the last couple of weeks, have ice cold feet even in wool socks... blah blah...

(ETA: But my hair looks fabulous, thankyouverymuch, as I just got it cut.)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND I AM GOING TO LOSE AN ASS TON OF WEIGHT THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alllllll of the extra weight, for fuck's sake. I'm gonna cut the shit and DO IT, stop eating my emotions, etc. It's fucking TIME and I just feel like I need to grow the fuck up and get it done.

Mornington, you've been in Algiers, eh? I hope you took pictures, even though it must be old hack for you now.

I'm psyched to see all the Mando love here! AP is right, Mando IS le merde! hee hee

Humanist, I'm sorry for the breakup and if I lived in the same city as you, I'd offer you my couch to sleep on.

I don't think I've ever had a potato scone. That would have been something I'd have remembered, right?

OMG, Sidecar, you and Martini are wanting to have a baby?!?! In 2010? Damn, congrats on thinking about making the plunge!

Okay, I gots to get back to the grindstone.
thank you so much everyone for all your kind words and support, these last few days. It is so much appreciated-I wouldn't make it through without all of those around me.
I'm feeling better each day. It helps that he's out of town (I kinda planned it like that, actually).
As long as my credit report goes through, I have found my place. It's a lovely hardwood with bay windows and western exposure. Nice molding, and I can paint! I knew it was mine when I walked in. It was of course the last one I scheduled today. Other things: It's on a beautiful, tree lined street that I've always wanted to live on because it's named Magnolia, and it's a pretty word and flower. Also, the address starts with 47, which has been my lucky number forever. But the place itself is lovely; I'll enjoy making it my own.
Going to be a craaaazy week. Please send vibes! Thank you all!
*~*~*strength vibes for humanist*~*~*

(((humanist))) let me know when you get settled so we can christen the new apartment with liquor and chocolate. wink.gif

(((vibes for mando)))

thanks yuefie and bunnyb again for the updates!

can i ask for vibes for my interviews this week? i had 1 today that went well. i felt really good about it. plus, they seemed superunderstanding about my previous experience. i'm hoping i can continue on this good streak of interviews. i'll be on the road but i will be able to stay in touch with my laptop. i'm gonna miss shiloh something awful though. sad.gif

((((((((((Mondo Mando vibes)))))))))))
Thanks again to everyone offering the updates.

Could you please ask someone - R or PJ - to give us an up-date after your surgery? I'm sure I'm not the only one in here who'd appreciate it.

((((((((((Humanist)))))))))) Best of luck to you, dear. Looks like your new future will be bright.

~$$$~$$$~ jobby job vibes for Stargazer ~$$$~$$$~

Anti-kvetch: After some airplane drama in St. Louis, I finally got back to NC late last night.
Kvetch: My period started this morning.
Anti-kvetch: Thank goodness it didn't start yesterday!
HUGE anti-kvetch: My Millie kitty. Usually I am a weepy mess the day after I return from Xmas break, but she has changed all of that. It's amazing what animals can do, isn't it?
~~~~~vibes for yuefie~~~~~ i'll be thinking of you all day tomorrow
(((mando)))) still thinking of you.
((raisin)) yes, an ass-ton is what i'm aiming for, too.
~~~interview vibes for star~~~ you'll be great!
((((rv))))) i have a hard time when I come home from seeing my family, too.
(((humanist))) i hope you get that place. and hang in there.

I'm feeling pretty tired, after just two days back at work. Sigh. It's good to be busy, but I wish it weren't so stressful.
Thank you smile.gif I will have one of the guys check in. Perhaps I will have R post something on my facebook and then one of you who are on there could update everyone here. I couldn't sleep last night and was feeling pretty grouchy, so R took me on a late night drive up "Sunrise Highway" in our local mountains. Then he wound up staying up most of the night with me, making me chamomile tea and keeping me distracted. I was nervous but okay until someone decided to share an absolute horror story with me about their own gall bladder surgery gone awry. I am sure mine will be fine and I even have confidence that my surgeon is the best and will be able to pull of the laproscopic surgery. But dang it, that was just unnecessary. It was hard enough that everyone I've come in contact with who's had it has made mention of how long and painful the recovery was, but this story was just horrid. But now this morning I am feeling better about it. What will be will be and it there's no use stressing about it. I am off to go and scrub myself with the pre-op soap and get myself ready now. I got a later check in time than last time and I think part of what is hard is the waiting around rolleyes.gif

((((everyone)))) thanks for listening wink.gif

~~~~~~super duper healing and soothing~~~~~~ vibes for our trooper, ((((((mando))))))

(((rose))) My sweet Jenny girl has been such a help for me too. I love my furbaby!

*hugs* for humanist, along with plenty of ~~~get that place~~~ vibes

~~~kick ass and take names interview~~~ vibes for star

multi-purpose for vibes for ((((YOU)))))
*~*~*~*~smooth, successful surgery vibes for yuefie*~*~*~*~ what a sweetie R is.

(((star))) jobitty job vibes.

(((humanist))) I hope you get that place!

DAMN those drains sympathy vibes for mandi.

I could do with my fur-baby right now; I miss him so much and it's the hardest thing about being here, being without him sad.gif. I'm stressed out about being jobless and moneyless again and could do with calming, cat cuddles. Boy cuddles will have to make up for it.
I'll post on humanist's behalf- SHE GOT THE PLACE! She saw some yesterday that she really liked, too, but when the lady from the place on Magnolia called and said that she had expedited the approval, humanist decided to take it. I think she's happy. I haven't seen it, other than pictures of the outside. She gets the keys on Friday or Saturday (more likely on Saturday). I'm going to help her move (along with other people) but I'm already in dire need of a massage, so I'm not sure how much I can help. Plus, it's prophecy's b-day party Saturday night, so I can't miss that. Humanist wants to coordinate getting furniture off Craigslist with the move since she's renting a van. Ugh, seeing as how she hasn't even found said furniture (she wants to get it from those ads that say "Moving today- come and get it or we're tossing it!"), I'm anticipating much frustration. Maybe I'll get some muscle relaxant from my boss before then. Woohoo! How much alcohol can you drink with cyclobenzaprine before it kills you? blink.gif

The stone in my ring was loose, so I dropped it off at the jeweler's last night. I feel so nakie without it!

I've been very good in my eating...okay, mostly. I did have some m&m's at work (far less than I used to, though) and some cheese/potato pierogi's last night. But I bought good stuff at the grocery store last night.

~*~*~*~virtual kitty vibes for bunny~*~*~*~
~*~*~*~surgery vibes for yuefie~*~*~*~
~*~*~*~post-surgery vibes for mando~*~*~*~
~*~*~*~interview vibes for star~*~*~*~
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