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((((yuefie)))) squeeeeee! oh, so happy and excited! yay! congratulations! details, woman!

(((((kvetchies))))) happy christmas!
Congrats, Yuefie!!!

Right now i'm thinking about making coffee and pouring some whiskey in it. I'm reading a Nicci French book, maxin' and relaxin' with my sis. The weather's beautiful, maybe we'll take a little trip to the beach.

((((Polly & Mom, Friend & Mom))))))
Oh yes, details...

So it was almost midnight and I was in our bedroom stuffing Addison's stocking when Rob knocks on the door and asks me if I could please come out because he has something to show me. He walks me over near the tree and turns to me and begins saying how it has been the most amazing year and how he loves how whenever he is exited about discovering something or some place new that he is most excited because it's *us* doing it. At this point I am thinking he must be taking me somewhere as his xmas gift, really I had no clue what was coming blink.gif. Suddenly he starts to get down on one knee and then the realization hits me so hard I blurt out "Oh no" but NOT meaning "Oh no!" so I start giggling and almost feel like I'm gonna pass out. The rest is a blur, except the part where I almost bowl him over sqealing "YES!". The ring looks like this, but according to him that is just until I find the one I really want. I am just not a flashy jewelry kinda girl though, I like silver and also simple and inexpensive so that if, heaven forbid, I lose it I don't feel like someone just sucker punched me in the gut. But that is just my practical side talking. There is a small part of me that thinks well maybe something extra special would be nice this once... but then I think the money could spent better elsewhere. And I already love it, except it's a little loose so I am afraid I might lose it already. I dunno, we'll see.

So yeah, I's engaged. I can hardly believe it. And get this, he not only talked to both my father and grandfather before proposing to me, he even more importantly talked to PJ, my sis and bff. They all love him to death anyway. The kidlet is just thrilled. Sadly not everyone seems to be able to be so happy for us, but I think that might be a case of projection on their parts. I have two people in my life I knew would act wierd about it. I told one yesterday and she acted like it was a tragedy, like there was something ominous and sinister about R that I am obviously blind to. I kinda expected her to at least do her best to fake some happiness for me since she seems so accustomed to doing so for everything else in her life, but nah. Who me, bitter? Just see letters thread. Blech, toxic people. Oh yeah, and I forgot someone had asked about when my surgery is. It's now less than 2 weeks away, it's the 7th. I am a little nervous but so glad to be getting it the hell out. I was good, so, so good this holiday. I baked all kinds of goodies and didn't eat them. I made the kidlet be the official taste tester. I have so much left over I wish I could pass them out in here to you all wink.gif. I was also spolied in gifts this year. I got some new jammies, slippers, a bunch of Body Shop body wash & body butters, cool fridge magnets (including a picture of Obama in rasta colors that says, One Love and a ribbon shaped one that says "Support Farting" - guess who that one was from laugh.gif), dvd's, picture frames, a fairy calendar, kitchen gadgets, deluxe wine opener, art for my livingroom, various gift cards and cash and my second favorite gift (second only to my ring and proposal, of course) is several new books. YAY, books rock! My two favorites are a collection of Dylan Thomas poetry and an Alice Waters cookbook which I am reading like a novel. Okay, really, enough of my me, me, me post!


((((polly's friend & mom))))


Hope you ALL had fantastic holidays!

Congratulations Yuefie!!!!! YAY!!!

Hope all the kvetchies had a wonderful Christmas!!
(((yuefie))) CONGRATS! I want the details!!!!

scary black ice in the midwest. i had mama use my car so she could be safe. we are supposed to get tons of rain tomorrow. boo.

Hi, gang! Happy holidays to you all. I hope you all arrived at your destinations safely. It's been a crazy week weather-wise here in the states, hasn't it? We were freezing to death a few days ago, but today the high is in the 70s. Freaky.

CONGRATS YUEFIE!!!!!!! What positively WONDERFUL news! Your story brought a little tear to my eye. For quite a while it has felt like R & the kidlet were already your family & it's such a thrill to think that it'll be official. Yay! Sorry to hear about your friend, though. When Sheff & I got engaged some of my friends were very wary, but they came around. Give it time.
((((((((((((((((((((( huge congratulatory hugs to Yuefie & R)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))0

~*~*~*~*~ successful surgery vibes for Mandi, Yeuf, and anyone else who needs 'em ~*~*~*~*~

Mandi, I may not be able to post in here on the 30th, but you will definitely be in my heart. A healthy future awaits you, love. Just get through this.


(((((((((Isaac, wherever he is)))))))))))

(((((((((((all the Kvetchies))))))))))))))))

We've had a fun week 'round here. Plenty of time with family, as well as a few friends. My family is absolutely obsessed with Rock Band! We've had tons of fun playing it together. You should see the character my mom created: miniskirt, fishnet shirt, thigh highs, etc. Love it! Not a lot of gifts to report (we are only assigned to buy gifts for one family member each year), but what I got was great! I got some cookbooks I've been wanting ("Sticky Chewy, Messy, Gooey" looks really fun) and my brother who is a professional photographer gave me some prints of his work. Sheff got me the best gift, of course. It's an Acer Aspire 1000 netbook. I love these things! It's like a small laptop - only 2 pounds & small & cute. It's a fabulous replacement for my laptop that died last summer. I'm absolutely thrilled with it! Maybe now that I'm not working on an anciet computer, you'll see me around here more often. I'm making no promises, though. wink.gif
Aww, so sweet, yuefie! I think that ring is lovely!

I just got off the phone with my friend whose mom was supposed to have surgery today. Some test came back with "something else"- not sure if that's good or bad- so they postponed surgery and they're waiting for some other tests before proceeding. She said it may mean different surgery or just radiation, so we'll see.

Yay for the new lappy, rose! Ours is in the shop right now. It was a refurb and I guess they didn't get all the kinks out. Something with the hard drive. It's amazing how addicted to them you become, though. We dropped it off on Tuesday and I can't tell you how many times one of us has said, "oh, I'll just look that up on the...oh." And then you have to get up and go to the office to find what you were looking's a first world problem. rolleyes.gif

We got lots-o-stuff- clothes, kitchen stuff (a double boiler insert, a 5.5 qt. saute pan, new cutting boards, a pastry scraper, a casserole cookbook, cheese knives.....strangely enough, I'll still have enough to register for in the coming months!), the new Wally Lamb book (did you finish it, kitten?).

We did a grab bag/Yankee Swap thing with LeBoy's siblings and cousin. It was fun- everyone (each person within each couple) bought a $25 gift. We drew playing cards and picked the gift in order of what card you picked. When it was your turn, you had the option of either picking a gift from the pile (everything was wrapped, so it would be a surprise) or stealing a gift from someone else. When it was my turn, I stole the box of six Omaha steaks from LeCousin, but his sister stole them from me and I ended up with a Robert Sabuda book. Which is nice too. LeBoy got a gift card to PF Chang's, which is okay.

All of our snow is melting! Hooray! It's supposed to be in the high 50's tomorrow. Can't wait.

Well, need to go shopping and deposit Christmas dinero!!

((hugs to all))
Yuefie got engaged! I am soooooooooooo happy for you! xoxoxo

I'll be back when I've got some more free time, just wanted to say congratulations, my sweet!
YUEFIE!!!! I'm so happy for you!!! CONGRATS!!!

I'll be back later to report on Xmas.

Woot, Yuefie!!!!! Congratulations!!!! Awww!!! I'm so happy for you.

More later - drove home today from my mom's and I'm so tired. xo xo everyone!
I am so happy for you Yuefie! Congratulations. laugh.gif

Many MANY vibes to Mando. {{{{{{hugsandlove}}}}}}

I am so happy to be home.
yuefie!!!! congratulations. I am so happy for you!

((((mando))))) you've been on my mind all week. i hope you had a great holiday, and vibes will be sent your way tuesday.

merry chrismas/happy hanukkah/hooray for this week to all of you and yours! i am back from the outlaws, but it was an okay time. xmas dinner was even edible (yes!). i got some great gifts: a purse from the inlaws, a cookie press and Deborah Madison's cookbook from my brother, and Martini got me a digital camera among other things. Today was his birthday, so after we drove back from Ohio, we went to dinner at a great sushi restaurant with some friends. I got him tickets to see Tristan and Isolde at the Lyric next month.

That is about it. I am off this week, and am very much looking forward to sitting around.
Congrats yuefie, that's great news!! Such a romantic story too.

(((((((Mando))))))))) Thinking of you now and focused vibes headed your way tomorrow.

Hoping everyone had a lovely holiday season, whatever holiday you recognise and/or celebrate. The mister and I had a lovely couple of days down the country with my family, then he went back (to work, poor guy) and I have been chilling here ever since. We've been detoxing, sauna'ing, swimming and eating our weight in leftovers, so it's been a good time. I've also been talking through bigger things that have been concerning me about life and career post-thesis which has helped me a lot. But mostly it's ben about the food, the books and the DVDs. smile.gif

No plans yet for NYE.. I'd be happy to stay at home and watch the Sex in the City movie tbh but I think the mister wants something more social, so we'll see.

I am cranky. I am also glad that the holidays are over. The weather was insane. Ice all the way to Ohio and then we had everything from deep dense fog to sunny and almost 60 degrees within the 4 days we were there. My step-sister was great until her and her boyfriend decided to break down my mom's door (they said it was an accident dry.gif ) and my father and I actually got into a fight. That is actually very rare. I know part of the problem was that I was missing The Geek but I can't actually tell if he missed me at all. His week was pretty terrible thanks to his job and he isn't someone who actually says what he feels. So add all that together and I am ready to get back to work. I need a detox from all the potatoes I have eaten and I feel like a wreck.

Sorry to be such a downer but this is kind of my first minute alone in DAYS.

On a better note, we saw Frost/Nixon yesterday. I thought it was a near perfect movie. Highly recommended. smile.gif
*~*~*soothing vibes for kitten*~*~*

kitten, well, i'm just glad you are home safe with all the traveling you did. it sounded like you just needed to vent after a tough week.

sybarite, OooOooO, a sauna. One of my friends has a sauna in her home in Massachusetts. Damn. I want a sauna in my future home.

christmas was pretty good for me. i really enjoyed being with my family this year. no drama, just good times. that's a first, trust me. NYE...i'm pretty indifferent about that day. i don't really drink much anymore. i've become a 2 drink minimum girl. plus, i did enough wild things for NYE to enjoy staying in. i was thinking of doing a hot yoga class that would end at midnight, BUT...i'm kinda being scrooge-y with my money right now. i have interviews coming up in about a week.


I hope everyone had a nice holiday. We went to my parent’s house for Christmas Eve and Christmas day, it was okay, but there was a lot of tension between my parents. My father has been really selfish lately, and he basically couldn’t be bothered with the holiday. Other than that we had a nice time. Mr. DM was really happy with two of his gifts from me, an Exorcist bobble head and an Bird and the Bee cd. He put a lot of thought into my presents this year, my favorites being Scrabble Onyx edition and the new David Sedaris book on cd. I got to see Doubt and The Reader this weekend, and I enjoyed both films.

I’m not really making any plans for new years. Mr. DM and I don’t really drink, so we will either go see a film or just hang at home. My only new years resolution is to save money, Mr. DM and I had a long discussion and we think it would be best to move away from Florida in the next year or so. We are just becoming very bored and really miss living in a vibrant city. So we need to save money and figure out where we might want to live. I’m hoping the economy improves in 2009 and there will be job growth.

Star, the hot yoga on NYE sounds like a fun way to bring in the new year, but I understand about trying to save money.

((kittenb)) Sorry to hear about the holiday trouble, but you have every right to vent. It can be exhausting sometimes when you don’t have a second to yourself. Glad you enjoyed Frost/Nixon, I haven’t had a chance to see it yet.

Syb, glad you had a nice holiday, it sounds relaxing.

Sidecar, glad you time with the outlaws was tolerable and yay for some nice presents.

Polly, yay for nice presents. The gift swap thing sounds like a good idea.

Rose, glad you are enjoying your visit with the family.

Yuefie, I am so happy for you, great engagement story. Your guy sounds very sweet.

((mando)) Thoughts are with you.
Christine Nectarine
happy Dec 29th everyone!

~~~kitten~~~ hope all is well soon.

congrats Yuefie, and try not to worry about those who don't share your excitement. i know i've wondered sometimes if I come off a as less than impressed when a couple of people have announced their engagement, but that has more to do with my general opinion of marriage/trappings of a wedding than of the couple, or my happiness for them being happy.

glad to hear that most of you had a good holiday! this is my first quiet moment since Christmas. despite the weather (much like Chicago) we have had a really good time, although i missed one extended family get together due to bad driving conditions. we ended up going out for yummy thai food near home instead, and i was just as happy to do that!
A is working today, but i just shipped kiddo off to my parents for the night, so we will have some "alone" time tonight, and hope to check out the newly-reopened AGO tomorrow. after that we will pick kiddo up, and take her skating in Nathan Phillips Square on the new skates that Santa brought her!

As for NYE, i'm really excited because we are actually going out this year...the last couple have kind of sucked. we got a hotel room for the night, (the same hotel where we "re-initiated" our relationship 4 years ago on NYE) and will retire there after a party a friend invited us to.

soooo, i'm off to curl up with a newly recieved book, and enjoy my Christmas tree lights while they are still up....
So aybody ran away to livejournal but my Yeufie is here so I decided to come see what y'all were doing here at Le Bust Lounge, so um? Tada? Le Jem?
No one deserves this happiness more than you (except maybe me ;p, where's MY man, dammit) and I am so so so thrilled for you. Also, thank you for the Holiday gifts, you are generous and ridiculous and I adore you.
And Hello dollies to all you other ladies!!! tongue.gif
Roseviolet, are we still doing Bustie Posties?
Because I totally miss and love them.
<3 <3 <3
*~*~*~*~successful surgery and rapid healing vibes, (((((((mandolyn!))))))~*~*~*~*~*

You are going to be on my mind all day today and I'm vibing you hard.

I had a lovely Christmas at home and now I'm back in London with a terrible chest infection. The boy stayed a few days later at home as I needed to work; he's on his way down now and I want him here quickly (yet safely) for some TLC. It's been a while since I felt this sick.


I was just coming in to say the same thing, bunny.

~~~~~~~a continuous loop of super strength vibage for our dearest mando~~~~~~~~


~*~*~*~*~*~*~healing and surgery vibes for Mando~*~*~*~*~*~*~*


~~~~~~surgery vibes for mandolyn~~~~~~~
Adding my good thoughts for Mando's successful surgery and post-op recovery.

Bunny, feel better!

I'm off to hang out and have fun with my dad today. I so rarely get him to myself. If he were a girl, he'd be a Bustie, I'm sure of it. laugh.gif He's a good egg.
delurks (((mando))) vibes

I actually had a decent Christmas. My parents introduced to me to Robert Irving who hosts that Dinner Impossible show. He owes a restaurant down in Hilton Head. He's a bit of an ass, but they thought I wanted to meet a celebrity chef. Yet, they've just been going on and on about this restaurant.

Christmas with the parents was okay. Luckily, we just hung out. My mother was getting on my nerves, but that's common. She kept glaring at me when I was eating.

I got some good gifts: New ipod, camera, and a lot of cooking things. Too many sweaters.
2.5 days was just enough time.
Saw Marley and Me on Christmas da. It was pretty good.

I have this week off, before I head back to my new job! It has felt so nice to have some time to myself.

I'm heading to a party on NYE. Honestly, I'd rather just chill out at home, but I think Mcgeek wants to go out.

(((((((((((((((( endless buckets of love and success for Mandolyn and her surgeon and her family and friends ))))))))))))))))))))
~*~*~*~ and some additional sparkly vibes of healing & strength & optimism for Mandi just because sparkles make everything better ~*~*~*~
Whoever finds an e-mail from Danny first, please post the details in here. I don't think I'll be able to breathe right until I hear she's okay.

Jem!!!! How are you? It's great to see your shiny self in the Lounge again. the Postie List has been a major nightmare for me over the past year because my old computer died & the Frankenputer I was using instead ran on Windows 2000 and was a royal pain in the ass. Plus the list dwindled down to just 3 people. But now that I have my happy new netbook, perhaps I'll have an easier time with the whole thing & we can bring it back to its former glory.

Kvetch: My guts are unhappy [i]again[i/]. This is the 3rd time since I arrived back in T-town. I had gone a few months without any problems back in NC, so this is making me feel kinda low. My father joked that maybe I'm allergic to Oklahoma. I'm blaming (1) all the unhealthy food I've been eating and (2) the dry dry dry DRY air. My skin is a flaky mess! Yesterday I spied crows feet that I've never seen before. Depressing.

Anti-kvetch: Had fun with my mom and with lots of friends yesterday. We finally got to meet little E, the daughter of some friends. She was born 11 months ago. Some of you may recall my friends who gave their baby the same name that Sheff and I had picked out for our potential spawn. Well, this is that baby. I've gotten over the name issue & have just embraced the kidlette as her own, unique self. She's a real cutie, too, & seemed extra fond of me, which is sweet. I just love playing with other people's babies. You can cuddle them & love them ... and give them back so you can go home & get a full night's sleep! laugh.gif
Ah, crow's feet. I'm not sure that I have them yet but I am postive that I will have them after two more years of overnight shifts twice a week.

Big Sparkly Vibes of Health and Love to Mando Magnificent!

Welcome back Jem! Good to see you.

2.5 days would be perfect, sassy. Enough time to have fun and shop, not so much time that I get too involved.

{{{raisin, sidecar, bunnyb, culturehandy, Christine, polly, all busties!!!}}}
*~*~*~*massive vibes for mando*~*~*~*

*~*~*soothing tummy vibes for rose*~*~*

rose, i hear you with the skin thing. this cold has made my skin so dry and sensitive. not good since my skin is sensitive already.

welcome back jem! not everyone left for j-world.

Oy, my skin has never been so dry either. Martini and I are both home, not working this week, and I am digging the free time.

~~~more vibes for mando~~~

(((rose's tummy))))

My rule for visits with family, which is a good one, is three nights or a hotel. This applies especially to the outlaws, as any visit that extends longer than 3 nights but does not include a hotel turns into disaster.
~*~*~*~*~*vibes for mando~*~*~*~*~*~ I hope we hear something soon!

I've been hibernating all day. Woke up. Finished the last three episodes of Flight of the Conchords (now I need to watch that episode on, fell back asleep with a snuggly Albus. Now I've got that "slept too much" grogginess. I promised LeBoy I'd make banana pancakes if he did the dishes. He has another load to do, so I suspect they'll be dinner pancakes.

Need to run some errands and start on that big deep clean of the house I swore I'd do while I was off this week. Yep. Gotta get started on that. Any minute now.........

Cod, I can't wait for LeBoy to be done with this fricking video game he got with his XBox, Gears of War. It's not even entertaining to observe and he's literally been playing it every spare moment he's had since Christmas. Crap, I just remembered he got the first one and the sequel. Oh, I've got to get out of here! If that thing didn't allow us to watch our Netflix movies instantly, I'd have it up on Craigslist the second he was done with the game. Damn you XBox and your redeeming qualities!

Lots of dryness here, too. Snow's 95% gone, but we're supposed to have subzero windchills tonight. Every year we swear we're not going to go out on NYE because it's dumb, but every year we get roped into something. This year, LeBoy's friends who I don't like, who live out in bumblefuck invited us. I said "maybe" which LeBoy interpretted as an enthusiastic "yes!" and now we've also gotten invited to the Prophecy's, where I'd much rather go. Maybe we can go to the icky one, leave at 10:00 and go to the Prophecy's for the rest of the evening.

Rose, sorry about the tum-tum.

Hey jem, welcome back!

(((hugs to all))) and more warm fuzzies to mando and family!
I've been thinking of Mando all day. Hope she's doing as well as she can be doing.

I work tomorrow night. Bleh. Don't really like going out on NYE, but do like to be with the Mr. Last year, I worked 'til 11, which ran late, of course. I drove fast, met him and our friends as they were walking up to the levee, and I got there just in time to drink a little wine and see the fireworks all up and down the river at midnight and have a kiss. It was nice, and sorta romantical, even if I'm not usually into that stuff.

Happy Early New Year to everyone!! Love and peace and happiness for us all!!
Hi Kvetchies, I'm not sure who here even remembers me (waves -- it's Car!)

I just spoke with Mandolyn's son - she is out of surgery and in the recovery room - it's been a long day for all of them (sounds like 7 hrs in the OR) but the doctor's say the surgery went well and once she wakes up a bit more family will go in to see her.

I told him that they have all been in everyone's thoughts all day, and that when he goes in to see her to not hug her, as that would hurt, but to give her a big hand-squeeze from all of her girlfriends.
(((Mando))))..I've been thinking about you all day even though this is the first chance I've had to be on Bust! Get Well soon, chica!
Oh, phew. Thanks so much, car! I was just sitting here thinking of how difficult today must have been for Danny, poor kiddo.

And of course ~~~~~endless super-duper mega strength anti-pain, soothing, coping and healing vibage for (((((((((((((((mando)))))))))))))))) along with tons of virtual hugs, hair brushing and hand squeezes~~~~~
Hand squeezes! Yeah. I've been thinking about Mando & fam all day and it's good to see an update, Car.

Ground is dry here, but we get more snow tomorrow. NYE party may have to be a NYD party, we'll see...

I have been spending lots of quality time with family and a couple of close friends and I'll likely be back on here next week to pester all of you some more. tongue.gif

I have to say I'm REALLY looking forward to putting '08 behind me (along with '07, for that matter) and moving ahead, welcoming '09 with open arms.

Okay, I gotta go wind down now. So much for my self-imposed evening internet curfew... that's one for the sin bin, dontcha know. Keeeeeeces!
((((((hand squeezes for mando))))))) Thanks for the update, car! Of course we know you!!
Danny sent out an email update on mando. He said she ended up having to wait a couple of extra hours to go in to surgery, that she was nervous but showed the utmost strength when it was time to go in. She was in surgery (like car said) for 7 hours, but she did well in surgery and was waking up around 10 pm. Danny, his dad and grandmother got to visit with her a little. He also joked about the fact that she is in a room with an old man moaning in pain, saying "she'll enjoy that". He said she's expected to be released to go home on Thursday and that he will keep us posted as to how she's doing when she returns home.

Is it crazy that I've been preoccupied all day long, thinking of her and of them? Or that I teared up reading both car's report and Danny's update?

I really adore everyone here wub.gif. I mean, for all of our differences we may have had at various times, when it really counts we've always rallied around eachother. It truly feels wonderful to be a part of something so special. I can't even tell you how much the support I've received here these past few years has, at times, carried me through. No matter how busy I get or how infrequently I post (well, in comparison to how often I used to post -oy!), I am always thinking of all of you and lurking to check on everyone.



I just played monopoly with R & the kidlet after not playing since I was like ten years old and I slayed them both. They were both kind of teasing me as they refreshed me on the rules, making jokes at my expense and such. Then I got lucky and was able to buy up both Parkplace and Boardwalk and promptly put houses and then hotels on them. Booyah!
*sniff* So glad for the good news, and it's so true, yuefie. I think I've said it before, but I probably have less close friends IRL than most people, but I don't feel like I'm lacking anything because of all of my friends on Bust, especially here in Kvetch. wub.gif LOL at mando's roommate!
Happy New Year's Eve Everyone!

{{{yuefie and car}}} Thanks for the updates. I am suprised to hear that Mando is in a room w/a man. Don't they still sex-seperate in hospitals?

{{{{mando}}}}} So glad to hear that you are recovering. I look forward to seeing you back in the board.

polly - I think I know what you mean about waiting for the boy to be done with his game for good. You have my sympathies.

I have a small party tonight. Board games and champagne, the way that I like to celebrate. The temperature here seems to have dropped like a stone but I think the sky is clear for now. I have no idea what to expect for the rest of the day but I'll be inside and warm at midnight.

Have a great day all!
Don't know if anyone remembers me (it's discoball...hi, everyone!), but I just heard about Mando and had no idea all of this was going on. I love you dear and I'm so proud of you for soldiering forth. You are extremely brave and am sending healing vibes you way. *mwah*
thanks car and yuefie for the update!


ETA: It is billybonka's bday today. happy birthday billy!
damn triple post. sorry...kitten stepped on my macbook. dry.gif
Car and Yuefie, thanks so much for the update on Mando.

((Mando)) Best wishes for you.


oh my, i missed a lot while i was "away".

(((((((((mando and family))))))))) *~*~*~*~*~all the special bustie-healing vibes i can muster~*~*~*~*~*~*~


*pops open another champagne bottle*

YUEFIE! woohooooo! that is so awesome and sweet. congratulations!

*demurely curtsies to the rest of the kvetchies.

pardon my interruption. kisses all around!

*pulls lurking cloak back over head*
So, yesterday, after getting Car's Mandi update via LJ, and sputtering "Wha-wha-WHAT?!?" several dozen times, I got home, raced into here to try to find out more, read Mandi's post about her surgery, and promptly burst into tears. Like, major honking sobs. And I realized something. I miss my girls (and Billy), far more than I've cared to admit. I need this place, I've missed this place, and I wanna come back to this place, if you'll have me again. And this time, I mean to stay around. The Lounge ™ has been part of my life for nearly 8 years, and I can't bear to stay away any longer. So yeah.

(((((My beautiful, brave Mandolina)))))

((((Everyone else who needs 'em))))

And a hearty Buh-bye to 2008. This past year has been positively asstacular, and I will be oh, so happy to see it go.

I love you all, so very, very much. Here's hoping the new year brings everyone their heart's desire.
HAPPY NEW YEAR, lovelies!

julesey!!! of course we'll have you back.

Happy new year, all! I am just a little drunk, and had a lovely night of friends, Southern food and (oh God) home karaoke featuring '80s songs. All in all, a nice night. I didn't have the greatest year but it was far from the worst, and I am hoping for better in 2009.


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