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Star, late vibes for yesterday, but I'm glad things good for you. Thanks for the Christmas card!

((mando)) I'm just amazed by your strength.

This weekend was just a lot of Christmas shopping and errands. I still have to get Mcgeek some on-line gifts.

Kvetch: Sidecar, I also caught your cold. I even had to skip the Christmas party we were invited to this weekend. I'm just going to try to sleep some today.

Anti-kvetch: I got paid yesterday, and they paid me a higher rate!! Also, two of my five co-workers gave me Christmas presents. My boss gave me sweaters(they were ones that she was re-gifting. ???), and the receptionist gave me a set wine goblets. So, now do I get all five of them gifts? Can I just get one all inclusive gift? Cookies?? It's a little sad; I'd love to work there, but I know it's not within their budget for the year. I'm hoping some non-profit jobs are on the way.

Pet vibes for Mcgeek/Issac please? Issac's has been missing since Turkey Day. Yes, we've been thru this before with Miles, but this cat has been with him for eight-nine years. I think it was his first pet as an adult. We're both very sad about it. I'm hoping it comes back. It's just interesting about how pets know something is wrong with us. Miles curled up with him all night purring on his pillow.


*~*~*healing vibes for sidecar, sybarite, and sassy*~*~*

we got some sick kvetchies in here. mellow.gif

i got a goodnight of sleep. i think all of the stress following my training year and yesterday caught up with me. i haven't slept so good in years. now, just trying to move forward.

my sense of time is totally jacked up. i can't believe xmas is next week. really? blink.gif i thought i had another week. crapper. that being said, i think i finally got in the spirit of christmas after watching it's a wonderful life this weekend. that movies always does it for me.

ok. off to do some reading for the dissertation.

*~*~*kitty come home vibes for mcgeek*~*~*

(((star))) thanks for the card! I spent Sunday watching Christmas movies to get myself in the spirit. Today it was gingerbread lattes (you know where) and good chat with the lovely mornington.

(((syb))) I hear ya. I want next week to come already (in a good way).

(((sassy))) I'm hoping to be kept on in my temp job too but it always comes down to budget.

(((tana))) and (((Isaac - come home)))

(((sidecar))) hope you fully recover soon.

(((christine))) yay for good weekends!

(((designermedusa))) I love buying gifts for my loved ones too smile.gif.

(((futura))) your shower cream line made me laugh!

(((mandi))) because more and more hugs never hurt. eta: I just read your email and I'm literally beaming! To bring even the slimmest ray of sunshine to your life just now means so much to me.


Ha, Futura, that plastic tree sounds great! I love it.

(((Star))) Thinking of you.


Isaac, come home!

~~~Get well vibes~~~ for Sidecar and Syb and Sassy and anyone else who needs 'em! I am finally getting over the awful cold I had last week.

Hello to DM and Yuefie and Christine and Bunny and Kitten and Billy and Tes and Rosev and everyone!!!

The Mr. is finally visiting his dad, and he's having fun so far, so that's good. I'm hoping he will get more information about his liver cancer and treatment, but the most important thing is that the visit goes well.

I had a lovely XMas get together with some girlfriends tonight. I'm not having the easiest time shopping for gifts - it's a very merry gift card year.

I've just been busy and sick and tired lately, so not posting much.
When i got to work this morning, there was this huge box outside my door, containing my freshly printed cards! I'm thinking about sending the abroad-stack after New Year, because when i send them now, they would arrive too late (they're also for promotional use, and i don't want them arriving at closed offices). Since the theme is not narrowly x-mas-defined, i think i can pull it off.

Polly, did you ask me about my address? Because, yes, i have a new one. I can pm it if you like.

And if anyone would like to receive a card (actually, there are two; it's a card perforated in the middle, so you can pull them apart. You can use one for sending to someone yourself), let me know.

i'm a bit tired, because i decided that since i won't be home all week next week, i'd have to go to the gym 2 days in a row. Seriously, my cooch hurst from all that spinning. But i felt very good about myself.

Anyway, i had a meeting at 12 and now it's rescheduled for 12.30. Not a big deal, but i don't have coffee here. So i'll have to wait 30 min longer for my caffeine boost.

Yesterday i went to get gifts for friends who throw a birthday party this weekend. I got the cutest porcelain-looking bottle with Chinese rice wine. Some time ago i bought a gold-looking plastic pineapple with a red bow, in the same store. The best thing about that pineapple is the plastic green on the top, which has partially lost its color, probably from standing under those glaring store lighting for who knows how long. Oh and there were candies inside.

((((((Mando)))))))) I admire your strength

((((Stargazer))))Glad to hear you're in a good place, emotionally.

Yay Sassy for higher rates! Also, come back Isaac!

Cold begone! Leave Busties alone.
Yes, futura, please pm me. I haven't done any Christmas cards this year, so they'll be late, especially for you fer-ners. I love getting your cards, too- so much fun!

~*~*~*Isaac come home vibes~*~*~*~ unsure.gif


(((all the sickies)))

I'm sleepy. I have to work Friday. Meh.

(((hugs to all)))
I think I need to turn all the lights in my house today to dispell the gloom. It snowed a lot yesterday and now it just looks grey. dry.gif dry.gif So I am responding my curling up under a blanket and not wanting to do anything despite a house that is begging for attention. If I turn the lights on maybe I'll be interested in moving. I'm planning a haircut and a workout today. That will be about it.

{{{stargazer}}} glad that you are sleeping well. Stress just messes with everything!

{{{bunnyb and other Starbucks fans}}} I've been annoyed with them lately b/c I think that have been watering down the drinks. But then...I met my one true Starbucks love: Salted Carmel Hot Chocolate. I get it now. All is forgiven.

{{{amalita and the Mr.}}} happy to hear that he is visiting his father. I hope it all goes well.

{{{{{{{{Issac please come home!!!}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

*~*~*wellness and strength vibes for amilita*~*~*

((bunnyb)) glad you got the card!

((polly)) you have to work this friday? that sucks. are you off saturday at least?

((futura)) i love your cards. i appreciate how different they are from the other xmas cards.

((kitten)) the grey of winter only encourages my hermit behavior.

nothing much to report. gonna work some more on the dissertation, shovel some snow, and chill. i am definitely in hibernation mode.

Hey, you know what? I kind of miss posting in the Lounge... I'm just sayin'... wink.gif
Hey raisin, know what? We miss having you here! wink.gif

Yeah, I have to work Friday, but not Saturday. Next week, I'm just working Monday and Tuesday, then I'm off until 1/5. Woohoo. Of course, I don't get paid except for Christmas Day and New Years Day. I had to take all of my vacation time when I was out after my surgery, so none left.

So I was just thinking about this today and had to look it up- Bristol Palin's due date is tomorrow! Oh boy- I hope she appreciates all the donations made in her name to Planned Parenthood! You know Levi's trying to sneak into Canada as we speak.

Well, humanist had me pick up a bag of the crushed Oreo's that she uses for her Oreo balls- this store on my way home from work sells ginormous bags of crushed Oreo's and they tend to have less frosting, so she likes them for the Oreo balls. Anyway, I have to go drop them off with her. Joy.


*rushing in sobbing like a child*

I have the BEST news for Christmas!! I was at my Physical Therapy this morning and I have finally progressed to the point that I don't have to worry about having the tendon lengthening surgery anymore! It was going to require another 2 months in a cast! Anyway, I can walk almost normally now and I can finally walk down stairs withotu almost killing myself. So all the torture I have been putting myself the last few weeks has finally paid off!

~*~*~*~*~*healing vibes for sick Busties~*~*~**~**~*
~*~***~**~*~extra strength vibes for Mando and Yuefie~*~*~*~*~*~**~*


If I am not on again before then, everyone have a fabulous Christmas!
That is fatastic pixie!!!

Polly, I think it is so rude when companies close for the holidays and don't automatically cover the employee costs. It really sucks.

Welcome back raisingirl.

I am trying to figure out if I don't feel good today. I went to sleep feeling icky. There are new buses in Chicago that are hybrid and all new on the inside. The overwhelming new plastic smell aggravates my motion sickness. It is always tricky in winter b/c heavy winter clothing also makes me more prone to motion sickness. So I took the hybrid buses twice yesterday. When I woke up this morning, I still felt icky and had gross hearburn. The heartburn I caused myself from WAYYYYYYYYYY to much sugar. So I took some Tums and water and went back to sleep until 10. So I think I am feeling a little better. I really want to get to the gym today because the snowstorm that is hitting tonight will make me less likly to go tomorrow.

Have a great day all. smile.gif
That is really good news, Pixie!

(((Amilitia, Mr. and Dad))))

((((Kittenb)))Motion sickess sucks, i got a queasy feeling reading about the new smell in those buses. Hope you feel better soon.

Yes!! The loft is ours!!Ours!!

Oh man, 2009 is so going to rock.

I did some major things today. I had a serious talk with one of my closest friends; we talked out some issues that bothered us.
And i finally subscribed to an agency that rents out rooms/apartments. I moved recently, but i want to live closer to my friends and work. It took me some time but i think i'm ready now. Big things have happened this year, and i think it's all going to work out fine, eventually.

Christine Nectarine
Happy Friday/Snow day busties! I think you in Chicago got hit first with the storm that is getting to us now in southern Ontario. Personally, I am excited! I woke up this morning at 7:00, and nothing had fallen overnight, but by the time I got out of the house at 7:40, the roads were practically covered! I took the bus into work to avoid driving thought that business. I have no clients today, and mostly will be wrapping gifts for the child we sponsored for Christmas. This weekend I hope will be full of baking, drinking hot chocolate and lots of snuggling wink.gif perhaps a little romp in the snow too!

(((future, pixie, polly))) yay for some good reports!

Hope all affected by the storm are staying safe and warm!

p.s. undies: black lace boyshorts, white bra w/ teeny black polka dots & black lace trim
Well, after getting feverish and achy, I took a nap yesterday and then slept another 12 hours last night. I think I can safely say that I was sick yesterday. I feel better now and food doesn't seem gross anymore. Yay!
Now I have to go out and buy cat food. That should let me know if I am healthy enough to go to my office Christmas party. Chicago was definatly hit by snow last night and it is still falling. Looks pretty, though.

{{{enjoy your day Christine!}}}

{{{good for you for getting stuff done futura!}}}

undies: pink panties, pink bra. Why mess with a classic.
Get well, Kitten! Enjoy the lovely snowfall while you're at it. I hope you make it to the Christmas party. Today, I've got the Christmas lunch from hell with my wife. This is when I need a pager that can save me from the pain.

On the health front, I'm still awaiting the results of the biopsy taken during the endoscopy procedure. I think she's checking for signs of autoimmune disease in the stomach. Bleh. Billy is weary of this.

Black microfiber boxer briefs. So smoothhhhh.

Kittenb, I'm glad you're feeling better.

Pixie, great news!!


We put the deposit down on the engagement ring!!!!! YAY! Mcgeek spent some of his Christmas bonus.
No proposal yet, but I'm just happy I'm close to being engaged. All, I have is a sketch right now so I don't know how to post it. They'll be sending the wax model in the mail in a few weeks. It's 14K white gold with an carved free form band. There is a center ruby, then the side stones are a diamond, sapphire, and an amethyst. I would have done a center amethyst stone, but the designer advised against it. She told me that it may break if I wore it every day.

Okay enough ring talk.

Also, in job related news, the woman who is replacing the admin assistant for two months didn't show up yesterday. The office had a meeting, and said they wanted me! Not a job offer yet, but perhaps.

I'm also almost done with the Christmas shopping today. Then, I have to wrap the gifts next week before we head down to see the family. My mother is being bitchy as normal, and my dad is being very cool. Mcgeek is staying out of it.

Thanks for all the kitty come home vibes. No sign yet. I did post a craiglist ad yesterday. Mcgeek is in denial right now. I'm hoping he's just out having an kitty adventure. Maybe he got sick of Zoe.


Hi gang!

Pixie, that's fabulous news! My mom was worried about you. smile.gif

((((((Billy)))))))) Sorry lunch will be so miserable. Just focus on the smooth embrace of those sexy undies! Mrowr!

(((((((Kitten))))))))) Poor thing! I believe my brother caught the same bug you have. He missed every day of work this week. It's a real killer of a bug! Here's hoping you're on the mend soon.

Futura, congrats on the loft! I would love one of your cards if that's okay. I've be absolute crap about sending cards this year so I feel guilty for even asking, but I'd like one anyway if that's okay.

((((Christine))))) Acos.

((((((((((Yeufie))))))))))) Anybody have an update on her? I worry.

((((((((((((((((((((Boundless love for Mando)))))))))))))) You play that cancer card for all its worth, dear heart!

((((((((((((((((((((All of you))))))))))))))))))

Just wanted you all to know that I made it to Tulsa safe and sound. I've spent a lot of time with my mom and had some one-on-one girl time with BestGalPal last night which was beyond fabulous. Hooray!

Sheff will hit the road tomorrow. At least, that's the plan. His bosses kept pushing back the due date on the "gold master candidate" that they've been working on. If they dare to suggest that anyone should work this weekend, I think a riot might break out, so hopefully they'll be smart enough to let everyone go at a reasonable hour today. The quirky thing about Sheff's cross-country trip is that he will not be traveling alone. Our beloved BestGuyPal was on a business trip in New York when the snow hit. His flights home today were canceled & it looked like the soonest he would fly out of there would be Sunday (and only if he was really lucky). so instead he got a rental car & is driving down to NC today! He'll stay at our house tonight & tomorrow the boys will ride together to Oklahoma. The boys will get to hang out together for 2 days and listen to all the heavy metal music they can handle! Hooray!

Must run away and go shopping. Hope y'all have a good one!

Undies: navy blue thong with pink trim & little ice skates printed all over (they're availbe at Target in multiple cuts & colors if anyone wants a pair)
Aww, rose, no need to worry 'bout me. I'm around, just been busy and didn't have much time for a proper post.

I've lagged on christmas cards myself, but I am still sending them out. They might be more like New Years cards, though. If anyone wants one, PM me your mailing info.

*super tight hugs* and ~~~mega strength healing, soothing and coping vibage~~~ for ((((((mando))))))

~~~continued health & soothing vibes for billy~~~ black microfiber? you mean, you've deviated from the standard grey? wink.gif

yay for pixie not needing surgery!

~~~~hot tea and comfort for all the sickies~~~~

~~~continued kitty come home vibes~~~

Thanks for the healing vibes for Ziggy. Poor kitty boy, it has been hard for him to walk around with that inflatable collar and to be stuck indoors for days on end. Hopefully he will healed up completely in another week. I just hope he doesn't scratch it raw again as soon as we take it off.


kvetch: stressing about fitting everyone in for the holiday and annoyed that I have to even worry about it. it was hell trying to rearrange everything to everyones liking so that the kidlet could wake up with us this christmas. good thing she had him that past 3 years and it was supposed to be alternating. still, we can't pick him up until 11pm christmas eve dry.gif

anti-kvetch: I get to wake up with the kidlet and see his smiling face as he opens his gifts christmas morning. And S & Y are coming down to celebrate with us again smile.gif

kvetch: Came down with the sniffles last night and now the roof of my mouth is burning and feels raw. I'm hoping the sinus rinse and nasorel spray will head off any cold that may be trying to settle in for the holiday.

anti-kvetch: Yesterday was a year that R and I've been seeing each other, so we took the afternoon for ourselves, went to lunch to our first date spot and then drove up about 40 minutes in to the mountains to play in the snow. We had a whole mess of rain earlier in the week and the local mountains were covered with more snow than we're used to seeing that close. Of course with us Southern Californian's, snow is a novelty since we never have to worry about shoveling sidewalks or trying to commute in a blizzard rolleyes.gif

undies: light blue hipsters with red trim and snowflakes, red bra.
hey y'all!

((((yuefie)))) congrats on the anniversary! and yay for getting the kidlet. I know all the parental arrangements can be a nightmare, and I'm happy you were able to work them out.

(((pixie))) hooray!

((kitten & billy)) i hope your health improves

congrats on the moving forward news, sassy.

I had a snow day today. I mean, we had a storm, but I didn't think it was stay-home-from-work worthy. But, apparently, the grand poobahs at my workplace did, so yay! I did some laundry and read two books. It was pretty awesome.

(((cont. love for mando))) i hope you have THE BEST christmas.

~~~safe travel vibes for sheff~~~
Hello, Busties! It's been a while since I posted in here. Life has just been kind of busy and I haven't been on the internet very much. Ever since I finished school I've been busy with work and then spending most of my free time with my new boy toy (not sure what to call him yet).

I have one big kvetch: work. Okay, I should have known that retail during the holidays would kind of suck but I'm going crazy. We have not one but two coupons that we're supposed to hand out to every single person who comes in the store. About 95% of the time, no one wants help finding anything they're just "browsing". And if they do want help they have some of the dumbest questions ever. I don't understand why someone would bother coming all the way to a store without knowing the name of the book they want. So then I do multiple searches (if possible) only to be told that it's not what they're looking for.

I think the best was the woman who came in looking for "a book with an orange cover and a drawing on it". Really.
"Do you know what it's about?" No.
"Do you know the author's name?" No.
"Do you know any of the words in the title?" No.
"What age group is it for?" Oh kids. Maybe teens. Wait, maybe it's a regular adult fiction novel.


I really wish that I was just at home with my family but I can't go home until Christmas Eve. Sorry for all the mememe but I just feel like I'm going a bit crazy.

((((yuefie)))) congrats on one year!

(((sidecar))) yay for snow days!

(((kitten))) feel better!

congrats pixie!!

((((sassy)))) I hope your kitty comes home.

CCGirl, what a nightmare! Reminds me of something that happened to my BestGalPal a month or so ago. I woman came into the bookstore and asked her who wrote the diary of Anne Frank.

Your snowday sounds great, Sidecar!

((((Yeufie)))))) One whole year already? Time sure does fly by! Glad to hear you had such a great time. R sounds like such an amazing guy.


Yesterday was the last full day before Sheff and BestGuyPal arrive, so I spent the whole time with BestGalPal. We spent far too much money, but we had a blast! We bought matching plaid skirts at The Gap that look adorable. We even went back to her place just to get all dolled up before we went out shopping again! And BestGalPal made up a really delicious dinner, too, which made me feel very pampered & loved (Isn't it fabulous when people cook for you?! It's been at least 6 months since I've experienced that!). The weirdest part of the day was when we went to a liquor store. We were chatting with the guy who works there about french toast for some reason when he stopped mid-conversation & told me I was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. "I bet you hear that all the time," he said. Umm ... noooooo. It was kinda sweet and nice (this guy was not skeevy or anything) but also highly embarassing & weird. Anyway, BestGalPal & I stayed up late watching movies & drinking coffee. It was lovely. I wish we could do it more often.

Sheff will be here in about an hour, so I better run along. Hope you're all having a great weekend!
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Dec 21 2008, 08:26 PM) *
[font=Georgia]I woman came into the bookstore and asked her who wrote the diary of Anne Frank.

Oh my fucking God. I despair of the general public, I really do. Like CCgirl, working in a bookstore, I hear some crackers. The one that springs to mind is, customer on phone "I don't know the name of the book or the author ... but it's about Jewish children who escaped the Holocaust" me (mind boggling at how difficult it would be to track down the actual book he's thinking about) "please hold and I'll transfer you to the history department [who may or may not know what you're talking about]".

Hmph. Retail at Christmas is a joy.

yuefie, I cannot believe it is a year! wow, congrats! when's your surgery (I'm pretty sure it's after mandi's but want to make sure)?

(((everybody))) I'm off to bed as have an excruciatingly early start for work tomorrow but I'm off home afterward for four days holiday! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone; I especially want hugs from my mum and to snuggle up with Mandoo who is not at his best. The bunbun has acquired an English Springer Spaniel through dog rescue, whose excitability scares him, so Mandoo is keeping to the upstairs of the house and Metrio (the dog) the downstairs rolleyes.gif.
But just think of all the returns/exchanges the customers will start making next weekend and all the crazy stories that are to come!

Aww, RV, that's sweet you and the BFF got matching skirts! I haven't done that in forever and now I'm missing my BFF on the other side of the country because that's something she and I would do, too. Sniff!
Omg, who wrote the Diary of Anne Frank? Really?! I think one of my favourites was the woman who wanted to know where our "non fiction section" was. Gee, which part do you mean, the photography, music, gardening, film, history, community and culture, politics, religion, science, business or dictionaries? I'm also still annoyed that I even had to work yesterday. My store isn't normally open on a Saturday because it's in a business area. Almost all of the other stores were closed and we had practically no customers. It's such a waste.

Anyway, one big anti-kvetch: the cutie pie that I've been seeing. He's such a sweetheart and he's always telling me I'm beautiful and he always wants to hang out. I don't know how else to describe him except to say that he's cute, smart and really kindhearted.
Here's a link to a story LeBoy published based on his experiences working at a bookstore chain several years ago. I'll apologize in advance for the font- I don't know what he was thinking. You get used to it though. Oh, and it does turn into an actual story after the first page or two.

I only have to get through two days of work this week.
I only have to get through two days of work this week.
I only have to get through two days of work this week.
I only have to get through two days of work this week.
I only have to get through two days of work this week.
I only have to get through two days of work this week.
I only have to get through two days of work this week.
I only have to get through two days of work this week.
I only have to get through two days of work this week.
I only have to get through two days of work this week.
I only have to get through two days of work this week.
I only have to get through two days of work this week...........
oh the woes of retail work. gosh, i have too many stories to share since i've worked at a retail bookstore. i am SO glad i do not have to go through that torture this year as an employee.

((bunnyb and ccgirl and any other bustie who has to interact with the public in retail hell))

i will be out tomorrow spending time with some close friends. i'm pretty happy about that. i've been feeling kinda blue the past couple of days...not sure if it is just my normal holiday melancholy and a combination of PMS. cookies soothe the soul, right?

giant annoyed kvetch: someone stole my ipod off my desk while I ran out for lunch today. I am so irritated. Bah humbug.
Sidecar, FUCK. That sucks!!

Star, I'm glad you're spending time with friends.
Polly, I read part of the story. The horrors of retail. I'm so glad I'm not working it this year. Idiot customers.

Two great anti-kvetches: I got offered a part time job at Epilepsy Foundation while the main office manager is out on sick leave for knee replacement. I honestly just thought I would be an volunteer, and it turned into a pt job. I'm just so happy to have a pay check.

Here's the artist rendering of the engagement ring.
I may change the stones, but we'll see. People are already asking me what's the date of the wedding, and I'm just not saying much. Mcgeek hasn't even proposed. One of my friends got a little pissed at me for wanting to get married out west, but it's not even happened yet.

Kvetch: No Issac yet. Thank you for the vibes.
Kvetch: Just Mom being bitchy.


I'm off to S.C. tomorrow morning. I will be bringing Mcgeek's laptop to keep in touch. Everyone have a great holiday!!
sassy - that ring looks very cool and somehow modern medival.
{{{sidecar}}} that DOES suck. mad.gif
{{{star}}} I wish I could hang and share cookies with you.
polly - enjoy your time off!
candycane - the new boy sounds lovely.
{{{hugs to all retail people}}} Here is my funny retail story. If I didn't trust the source, I would never belive this one. I spent 4 years working at Crate & Barrel in Chicago's main tourist strip. Once, a couple walked into the store and the woman looked around and said, "Okay, here is the store, but where is the restaurant?" The man replied, "That's Cracker Barrel.

I am heading to Ohio today. I'll be leaving in snow and arriving in rain. Nothing like Christmas in the Midwest. I'll have my laptop and I'll try to find wireless somewhere so you might hear from me.

Merry Christmas everybody!
QUOTE(kittenb @ Dec 23 2008, 10:05 AM) *
Here is my funny retail story. If I didn't trust the source, I would never belive this one. I spent 4 years working at Crate & Barrel in Chicago's main tourist strip. Once, a couple walked into the store and the woman looked around and said, "Okay, here is the store, but where is the restaurant?" The man replied, "That's Cracker Barrel.

LOL! Great story kitten!

((sassy)) pretty ring! with the wedding planning stuff, it is your wedding day. do what you want. i told my bff the same thing. i can understand people wanting to be there. but, they should be thinking of you and not what they want. of course, i could just be a self-centered bitch. laugh.gif

((sidecar)) so sorry. sad.gif my friend had a similar thing happen to her a couple of years ago at her office too.

kvetch: i hope the snow stops so my friend's flight is not delayed. i am picking her up and excited to see her.

Oh damnit, that sucks a bag of dicks. Poor (((sidecar)))). A huge pox on that iPod thief's ass, because that is just beyond wrong mad.gif.

((((Mandolyn))))) endless hugs and vibes galore.

Extra love and abundant patience vibage for our busties working retail right now. I've done it and am so , SO glad that I'm not now.

~~~~Safe travel for anyone venturing out~~~~

kvetch: last night was a bad night, so much that I took two of the pain pills the doc gave me and was still in agony. I can't wait for this damn thing to be taken outta me! The thing that is really puzzling me is that I ate turkey noodle soup for dinner, so I don't know why my body reacted so violently to that huh.gif.

anti-kvetch: I've had two holiday get togethers already and they were both wonderful. I learned how to play dreidel and have been baking up a storm. We have a full itinerary, yet I don't feel stressed out by it because it all should be fun. Today the kidlet, R and I are going to continue baking. We've made M&M cookies with the blue & white winter mix ones, reduced sugar applesauce oatmeal w/ dried cherries for R's dad, and sugar cookie snowmen and stars. Next we're making shortbread drizzled with earl grey infused chocolate, key lime squares, pecan thumbprints w/ blood orange marmalade, oatmeal scotchies and mint truffle brownies. Tomorrow we are dropping the kid off to his mom, spending the day with R's dad and then picking kidlet back up at night so he wakes up with us xmas morning. My friends are coming down xmas day, the next day I am hanging out with a dear friend and the day after we are going back up to R's dad's to help the kidlets mom prepare a Persian dinner as another holiday celebration. I think the day after that I am going to sleep in and then stay in my jammies and lounge around all day.

Hugs and kisses and holiday cookies for ((((everyone))))
((yuefie)) My friend had his gall bladder out on the 5th. He's feeling much better now. Once he got over the "punched in the gut" feeling from the surgery itself, it was immediately obvious that the gall bladder pain was gone. When are you having it out, again?

((sidecar)) that sucks. Any idea who did it?

Ha, kitten! Hilarious!

Very nice ring, sassy. I was having a hard time picturing it, but now it all makes sense. Will you have an additional band to go with it, or will that be it?

~*~*~*Isaac come home and mom go away!~*~*~* vibes...did you try calling local shelters/animal hospitals, etc? unsure.gif

I'm actually up to my ears in cookies and other treats here. Everyone keeps bringing them in- patients, other doctors sending gift baskets. Too much! Too much!

((((mando))))) I hope Christmas is as good as possible. Keep us posted whenever you're up to it!

2.5 hours of work left.....

((hugs to all))

gah, I've been ages haven't I. Right. Sorry. I've been low on energy recently.

(((((yuefie)))) when's your surgery? yay for baking!

((((mando)))) thinking of you

(((futura))) yay for the loft! I'd love a card - the last one is framed and on the wall, I loves it

((((pixie)))) good news!

((((sidecar)))) a pox on that person. fucker.

((((ccgirl)))) blink.gif

((((bunny)))) poor mandoo! did you get home ok?



((((sassy)))) ooh, pretty! ***issac come home***







I'm at my grandparents, missing G but ok. off to watch CSI with my nana!
That stinks Sidecar. I've recently read that dressing appropriately and walking through offices (often working in pairs) to steal things is all the rage with thieves these days.

My stomach biopsy was unremarkable; some gastritis, bleeding but no bacterial infection. I'm to take Prilosec and avoid aspirin as much as possible. No one has summed all of this up, but I think several things were working at once: B12 deficiency, gastritis, and adverse reaction to a drug. As adjustments have been made, things have gotten better. But I really wish someone could just say "yep, this is the problem and we've fixed it". My level of confidence isn't there yet.

Merry Christmas, my friends!
Well, this day has not turned out quite the way it was intended. After driving almost 7 hours and getting to the same spot that it normally takes 3 hours to get to (still 3 regular drive time hours away from our destination) my best friend and I decided to get a room at a Holiday Inn for the night. During our drive we hit snow, wind, ice, sleet, slush, you name it, everything but a single clear patch of road. There was black ice everywhere, making everyone drive b/w 10-30 miles an hour. Everyone was moving so slow that ice was actually forming on the cars. mad.gif sad.gif However, at least we were smart and got off the damn road before we became a messy accident.

Well, to give credit where credit is due, my mother called us twice while we were driving to tell us how much worse the roads were getting and kept repeating, "Have you gotten a hotel? You could get a hotel. All my customers are saying how bad it is. Maybe you should find a hotel." Yes mom, you were right.

Ha! As I type this, I am seeing one of the highways (65) that I was on FOREVER on the evening news. At least I know I wasn't exaggerating.

Kvetch: My sister works tomorrow and my dad works tomorrow night so my traditional Christmas Eve w/dad is being cut short. Dad often forgets to ask off for Christmas Eve even though it is the one day every year that I am guaranted to see him.
Kvetch: My mom alreadys sounds crabby about something with the family but will not say what. B/c it is so much more helpful when she just makes passive-aggressive non-comments.
Kvetch: I have to spend 3 1/2 days with these crazy people.

Okay, I am going to take my crabby ass of to sleep somewhere. I'll be in a better mood tomorrow.

Have a good night everyone!

Christine Nectarine
HOLIDAY!!!! laugh.gif

BOOOO for ipod stealers, and YAY for pretty rings and good boys.
and extra tight hugs and sqeeeeeezes for all of you working anywhere crazy right now. last year at Christmas i was working at a Salvation Army Women's Shelter, and if there is anywhere crazy to be around Christmas, it is the Salvation Army. it was a good place to be sometimes, but all the same, i'm glad not to be stuck there this year, esp as it meant shifts on weekends and stat holidays!
(((kittenb))) hope tomorrow is better.
((billy))sounds like you're close to an answer/solution, hope you keep feeling better

(((((((((((mando)))))))))))) whereever you are!

i missed a family get together tonight due to bad weather, but it worked out ok anyway. A had invited our friend Matt over since i was going to be out with kiddo, so instead the 4 of us went out for really yummy Thai food, then relaxed at home. kinda less stressful than spending hours stuck on a slippery highway.

i'm off work for 11 days starting tomorrow, and i can't wait to sleep in! i don't know why but i'm really excited for christmas celebrations starting tomorrow (may possibly have something to do with the several beers i've imbibed so far this evening).

if i don't get back here in time, MERRY CHRISTMAS to those kvetchies who celebrate, and peace and love to you all!
Flying by to say.... happy holidays everyone!!! I hope you all have lovely breaks with lots of good food and time with family/friends.

Billy, glad things have gotten better. Thanks for keeping us updated.

(((Sidecar))) What evil piece of work would do that?? I hope they catch the culprit asap.

(((((Mando))))) The best of christmases to you honey.

(((All y'all)))

At work until 12pm today... then catching a train down the country to spend up to a week with family. Hooray for holidays!!
Happy Holidays to all the Busties. I’m working today, but then I have four days off, and I’m going to fit shopping and as many films as possible in that time.

I just wanted to wish everyone happy holidays one last time! I'm kind of down that I only get to spend a few days with my family but at least I can see them. I'm off to work and then on to the train back home!

I hope everyone has a great holiday!
lol @ the diary of anne frank.

brings back warm fuzzy memories of long ago, when i managed a bookstore, and the inevitable moron would call @ 5pm christmas eve asking us to put aside a copy of ... "i don't know the author or title, but the cover's blue". mind you, at 6 pm, when i finally got to close up, we'd be racing to pack up the cat and the car to drive 3 hrs to spend christmas eve with the outlaws, then half of christmas day with my family, only to have to pack up the cat and the car again and drive home to be at the store bright and early on the 26th. gah.

as always, sincere thanks for all the love. profuse apologies for not being up to lurking or sending ecards this year. i know i have a good excuse, but i still feel lame. please know that i'm thinking of you all and sending much love and vibage.

FYI: my surgery's set for 12:30 pm on tuesday, the 30th. so 5-6 hrs worth of successful surgery vibes would be hugely appreciated. the reality's starting to set in. along with vivid nightmares of being under the knife and feeling everything but paralyzed (fuck you very much, "nip/tuck"). except for my colonoscopy, i've never been entirely under anesthesia before. luckily i have lots and lots of legally-prescribed ativan.

not to worry about updates, danny will be emailing, most likely from the hospital on his new voyager. (which thank christ i checked the billing the other day, because verizon was charging 5 FREAKIN DOLLARS A DAY for internet access, but now he has the $15 unlimited-surfing-per-month deal. oy.)

i sincerely hope your christmases, hannukahs, new years and kwanzas are lovely, contented, safe, peaceful, fiscally sound, healthy, relaxed, warm, blessed, mirthful and happy ... not necessarily in that order.

many mwahs & tight tight hugs ... xoxo
*pops in through okayland-kvetch tunnel.


~*~*~*~*sugery vibes for mando~*~*~*~* I'll wish you more later sweets!

Take good care of yourself, Mando. Mwahhhhhh.
I'll be thinking of you lots, Mando. If Danny has an email list, may I please subscribe to it? wub.gif

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! I'm wishing for less miserable weather.
(((warm and fuzzy thoughts for you mando))) My friend's mom is having her surgery on Friday. *Sigh* I wonder if those people from the low-income mammogram place called my mom back yet.....

We finished up our last couple of errands, stopped at Trader Joe's, got some steaks for dinner tonight. I'm going to take a nap, make the steaks and start wrapping. I bought my final egg nog. I've been trying some of the better brands- Organic Valley, Oberweis (a local dairy brand that we liberals refer to as fascist ice cream/egg nog/milk/whatever, because of one of the Oberweis' political standing.) Tonight I got the TJ's house brand. We'll see how it goes. The Organic Valley was very disappointing.

Merry Christmas to everyone! We don't have to be at LeParent's until 4 tomorrow and I don't have to go to mass with LeBoy and his brother tomorrow morning. Happy holiday for me!!

Visions of sugar plums to everyone......
Kvetch: Albus knocked my steaks off the kitchen counter. @#$%!!!!!
Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone!

Endless hugs for our beloved ((((mandolyn))))

((((Kvetchies))))) I hope everyone is having fun and staying warm.

Tonight was the best xmas eve since I can't even remember when. It was relaxing and spent with people I am thankful to call my family. And. AND...

I got a marriage proposal for xmas!!!

Holy crap, yuefie!!!!! Congratulations!!!! Details? Pictures?
Squeeee........Yuefie! I am so happy for you!!!! That is totally freaking awesome!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I am kicked back in bed on the PC while Mr. Pixie Mops the kitchen. Do I have him trained right, or what? laugh.gif We don't get minipixie until 2 and then all teh fam is coming over at 3 for dinner. I'm still trying to figure out how I'll be cooking during 2-3 while we will be opening presents.

(((Mando))) I'm thinking about you!
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