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*~*~*school vibes for candy*~*~* can you contact an advisor to get some support? unsure.gif
(((((candy))))) fuck. what star said about getting an advisor - possibly going through that paper *very* carefully, with someone else, to see what's been picked up on. I take it you know exactly which part they're concerned about? And... is this something that's been thrown up after the paper has gone through something like
The paper was submitted to He is basically saying that I did not give credit where it was due but I was stupidly under the impression that only direct quotes needed to be cited. Looking back over the definitions of plagiarism I can see where he's coming from but I mean, come on, I listed the referenced work in my works cited page. I have no idea what to do. This could ruin my entire future. And he still has not emailed me back about actually meeting. My fear is that he said he would talk to his chair and that means that I could go just from having a bad grade to getting expelled. I don't know what to do with myself. I just feel like laying in bed all day.
candycane_girl - gods that sounds terrifying! I wish you the best of luck on this. It sounds like just a major misunderstanding on the assignment and I hopehopeHOPE that they hear you out on this.
oh shit candy. sad.gif i'm sooooooo sorry you are going through this situation. speak with your advisor ASAP. get some support in your school. please let us know how things work out.

oh, and EVERYTHING needs to be referenced. anything that is not from you or influenced from another source is to be referenced. damn. i hope your school is understanding. no need to be so punitive for 1 mistake. that's not supportive. i hope they will let you revise the paper with the needed corrections.

*~*~*get to stay in school vibes for candy*~*~*
What kind of advisor though? I have never sought any kind of help before so I don't even know who to talk to if this gets really bad. I'm trying to stay positive on one hand but on the other hand I keep trying to imagine how the hell I would find a real job. At least I have my college diploma.
(((((((((((((Candycane Girl))))))))))))))

((((((((((((((ongoing vibes for Mando)))))))))))))))) What a weekend. It was all good, though.
Don't you have some kind of academic advisor, someone who helps you decide on your courses and work out other issues? There has to be someone there at least for dispute resolution. Good luck!!
oh shit ccg. Talk to your advisor ASAP, and maybe see if there's a way to a positive solution. Why are they being so un-supportive?? You referenced your work. Is a site that checks for plagiarism?

(((strong stay in schools vibes))) ((mando)))

((ccgirl)) I don’t have any advice, but I hope everything works out.
((mando)) I’m sending positive energy to you.
((billy)) I hope you get good news on Wednesday.
((yuefie)) Glad you got a surgery date.

I’ve read all the archives, and glad the U.S. Busties had nice Thanksgivings. ((Busties))

Not much has been going on, but I’ve been trying to limit my internet time. I’ve been training a new person at work, and everything is going well. I was dreading training, but we have discovered we have very similar personalities, so it’s all good. I’m done with all my Christmas shopping, but I’ll probably be tempted to buy a few more things. Hope everyone has a nice Monday.
sassy - yeah, it basically runs a paper through a search engine looking for phrases that have been lifted or are very close to ones in other papers/sites (although it's more complicated than that, as it now recognises quote marks in most programs, whereas you had to be careful what you used a few years ago). It's at once super and a complete PITA...

((((ccgirl)))) do you have a personal tutor? if not, the welfare office will be able to advise you who to talk to. And yeah, what star said about referencing; you still have to acknowledge sources if you paraphrase. I'd also dig up your school's policy on plagiarism.

((((dm)))) yay for a good training situation

((((mando)))) thinking of you


*waves to tallgirl*

it's cold here; I've got a cold. but thinking I'll take some time off as I feel in need of a bit of r&r before the drama that is the holidays start.
Christine Nectarine
*pops in*
hello all, i've been sadly m.i.a. lately, it's just been that kind of time with lots going on.

~~~~~ccgirl~~~~~ hope you get some response from that professor and they can understand the mistake
(((((mando))))) as always

anti-kvetch: got most of my christmas shopping done this weekend

anti-kvetch: mama bought me a new cell phone for christmas!

kvetch: A was in a particularly foul and low mood yesterday. he's being very fatalistic again. i hate being on edge with his depression, it leaves me feeling like i am not being supportive or helpful at all.

*waves at all the busties*
Mando sent another update, her surgery is set for Dec 30th. She said she's alternately terrified and strangely calm and wishes they'd just do the surgery now. She also said she will have a chance to catch up with everyone when she is recovering. Let's keep up all the continued love and vibes for her, I know she greatly appreciates it and who knows, she may lurk from time to time.

(((((kvetchies)))))) good vibes for all

I'm feeling funky today. Last night I had a gallbladder flare up and I don't know why. I've been so careful with what I'm eating, it's ridiculous. But last night around 9pm I started feeling sort of queasy and then the pain started up. I was up in agony until 2am, then fell asleep and had bad dreams that left me waking with my heart pounding out of my chest. I have a doctors appt at 4 today with my primary care, who I really don't care for. She's the one who refused to refer to me to the GI doc when I told her I was having ongoing issues with my stomach and had been told at one time that I had gallstones. She didn't see them at the time and told me I didn't need to see GI, that I just needed to change my diet and avoid foods that seemed to trigger my IBS. And here it was my gallbladder all that time. I know that I should have been more proactive when the symptoms worsened, but with the side effects of the medication my other doctor prescribed for me, I just figured it was really exacerbating the IBS symptoms too. And I didn't want to have to deal with her dismissive 'tude. Ugh, I wish it was with my surgeon instead. They set the appt with her up when I was discharged from the hospital, so I am stuck seeing her until I can switch PCP's.
Well, I think everything is going to be okay. My prof had originally only taken a certain percentage off my paper which would result in my grade being a D. I emailed him saying that since I wasn't actually going to contest the grade that there was no real point in meeting. He emailed me back saying that was fine. So from what I can gather, I'm just going to have the bad grade on the paper and that's it. Thank you all so much for your vibes. I felt like I practically had a heart attack. I think I pretty much dodged a bullet.


(((((yuefie))))) thanks for the update on mando. I'm just wondering, what did you actually eat last night? I hope your feeling better.


And thanks again.
hhmm. i wonder what kind of juju is in the air. dry.gif

i had a weird night. i went to bed at my normal time. woke up 2 hours later feeling slightly panicked with my left shoulder and neck terribly tense. i'm not sure if i had a bad dream. i don't remember my dreams being scary or anything. i kept waking up every 2 hours. boo.

(((yuefie))) i hope you are feeling better.

(((ccgirl))) congrats! keep the email for safekeeping. you never know what could happen.

hi christine!

(((DM))) wow. you have all of your christmas shopping done. amazing.

(((morn))) acos

antikvetch: i got alot done today. christmas cards, check. christmas tree, done. even did a little research stuff. go me.

kvetch: got alot of rejections from training programs. BUT, i got an interview at the one i rilly rilly wanted (it's local) . so it's an antikvetch in a kvetch.

kvetch2: tension. boo.

I don't hate celine dion. I just never really got into her music that's all.
That sucks about the bad grade, Candycane, but i'm glad they didn't take it further.

((((((Yuefie)))))))) I hope you find a doctor who takes you seriously.

So i decided to sleep late. I totally lost my daily routine. And wouldn't you believe is't because of a guy..oh well.

Now i have to do stupid stuff like bookkeeping and making calls. I've been putting it off forever and now the only way i'm going to feel better is to just get it over with. Now.

I need coffee.

((((((((((all of you)))))))))
QUOTE(musiclovr89 @ Dec 9 2008, 03:59 AM) *
I don't hate celine dion. I just never really got into her music that's all.

dood, where did THAT come from? blink.gif
It's a random comment, to be sure, but it kind of made me smile.

Send me some love people. I am on the home stretch of my first semester for graduate school! Almost there...
(((hugs for mando if she's lurking)))

Glad things mostly worked out, ccgirl!

I got my new sunglasses today, with my new prescription since my surgery. It's the first time I've seen clearly out of my left eye in over 6 months. It's weird, all my depth perception is back. The weather is the epitome of suck here in Chicago today and so I didn't really wear them out of the store. Maybe I should wear them around the house for awhile. I should have my new, regular glasses in the next few days. Costco just takes longer than For Eyes.

Kvetch: Because of the sucky weather, we may not get our laptop tonight, if they don't make it to LeBIL's within the next 20 minutes. We had it delivered there because it required signature and if it was delivered earlier in the day, we wouldn't have been home....oh, phone just rang and it was LeBIL! The laptop was just delivered! Too funny, probably just as I was typing all of that!

The next time I post, it will be from our shiny new laptop!

(((hugs to all!!!)))
*eating a fresh chocolate muffin* D'oh! I fotgot to buy coffee at the supermarket. It's cold and rainy, so i don't want to go out again. I have a meeting at twelve, so i geuss there'll be coffee present.

thinking of *((((((((((Mandolyn)))))))))*

Yay for the laptop, Polly! What kind is it?


We're all set for New York. We can stay over at friends -friends of my best friend; i could call him BGP- and we still have an option for 2 lofts in the lower east side. If it's not claimed before xmas, we can stay there. Fingers crossed!
It's a 15" MacBook Pro. We got it for about $700 less because it's a refurbished one. It's only 1 generation old, so it's almost as new as what's out now.

I got an email from an old high school friend who I still talk to now and then- her mom has a lump in her armpit. It didn't show up on a recent mammogram or ultrasound- not sure if that means it's small, or what. I'm not sure if she's had a biopsy yet, but she said it's stage 2. She's just waiting to get an MRI and then schedule surgery sad.gif

As soon as I read the email, I called my mom to remind her for the millionth time that she needs to call about one of the low-cost mammograms that our state (with its lovely corrupt governor!) provides. Especially since her sister had a double-mastectomy a couple years ago. I told her I'm going to ask her everyday until she does it. And I mean it.
I was visiting my parents this weekend, and Martini and I kept saying how corrupt Blago was, and that he was about to be indicted. But we had no idea just how bad he was! It's an embarrassment.

((((more love for mando)))))
((((yuefie))))) i hope you have a resolution soon!
(((cc girl))) i was gone for most of your misfortune, but am glad that it's being resolved.
~~~~kick ass, kitten b!~~~~~~

i had a great time visiting w/my folks and brother. i also found out i am altitude-sensitive. sad.gif but i still had a great time.
Could I ask for some good luck vibes. I am going to the animal shelter tomorrow morning because there is a boston terrier and a pug up for adoption. I want the boston and Mr. DM wants the pug, but we'll take which ever one is still available.
*~*~*puppy vibes for DM and Mr. DM*~*~*
DM, good luck vibes!
Polly, drooling over Apple. I saw four of those in Starbucks tonight.

Kvetch: I don't think I told everyone, but part of this internship is now paid. The NPO is doing this massive fund-raiser in January, and when I work for this one woman she pays me. Yay! However, today was horrible! I had to do these little party favors, and everything I thought was right. This woman kept changing her mind constantly today about this damn craft project after I thought it was okay. We kept running out of glue, fancy ribbon, and truffles. I had to send out 1200 invitations this past week. It's part time but she's so Martha Stewart, and a huge control freak. It's odd. One day I'm a volunteer and the next a paid employee. I know non-profits are weird, but... The office is small, and it's only five people. A lot of politics and gossip it seems. I'm trying to stay out of it. The pay and work is going to be very hit or miss so I'm looking for a job in the meantime. Today was just a very shitty day.

Kvetch: Mcgeek. Maybe it's holidays, but we're fighting a lot. I was crying in the car about today, and he just went off to the bar.

Kvetch: Zoe ate my glasses. Yesterday. She must have knocked them off the nightstand and they became her chew toy. Luckily, the frames were under warranty. My frames are now a violet color.

Anti-kvetch: I made cookies tonight. I need them. Off to watch Pushing Daisies

((ccg)) ((yuefie)) ((star)) ((kittenb))

The upper GI went well today, but didn't provide a whole lot of new information. Nonethess, I am pleased there is nothing majorly wrong. The doc suggested making some changes, both dietically and medicinally, in the hope of getting things back to normal. I stopped taking one medication after the office visit with her two weeks ago and that seems to have helped more than anything. Ms. Bonka and I need to visit about this because I was still half-sedated when we were getting the report smile.gif Since every insurance application for the rest of my life will want to know about this, I asked her to sum it up for me. She said "anemia and adverse reaction to co-Q-10". I think I'll probably be taking B-12 injections for the duration.

Thank you, my bustie friends, for the concern.
What button did I hit on my computer that deleted my whole reply? The world may never know. Let's see if I can remember what I said.

billy - my mom has problems with anemia. It can do some weird things, healthwise.
sassy - my cat eats my glasses. I can't leave them on my bed table w/o being in a case.


I finished my semester yesterday. I work tonight and have a meeting tomorrow. After that, I am off until 12/29. YIPPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Both the boston and the pug already had adoption tags by the time I got to the shelter. I'm sad because they were so adorable, but at least I know they are going to have a home. It's back to the dog website search.
Endless hugs and healing vibage for our dear (((((((mandolyn)))))))

((((polly's friend's mom))))) If I were you I'd stay on my mom's butt about the mammogram too, polly.


DM, while I know that you're glad both pups found homes, I understand your diappointment. Good luck on the doggie search.

Yay for new laptops & vacations!
Boo on sleep disruptions, tension, illnesses & injuries of every sort, relationship, school & work troubles, and corruption!

Glad that there is nothing majorly wrong, billy. Hmmm, I struggle with anemia too and at one point had a b-12 deficiency that I had to get injections for. My doctor at the time said the b-12 deficiency was because of my diet (I'd been vegetarian for several years), but I know lots of people who are veg who haven't had that issue. I've always struggled with anemia and I don't know really know why. The human body is a curious thing.

((((kitten, polly, sidecar, rosev, pixie, bunny, morn, futura, candy, christine, mando, billy, dm, sassy, star, syb, amilita, everyone else))))

Can I please ask for some more healing vibes for Ziggy kitty? His neck was seemingly all healed up, so we took the bandages off and about a half hour later he'd scratched it all raw again. I wrapped him back up in the bandages and he is so pissed off about it he's been walking around growling and even hissed at me unsure.gif

My visit with the doc wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated. She basically ate crow as soon as she came in to the exam room about the gallbladder thing. She took her time, asked questions and listened and even agreed to the referral I'd asked for before. I may hold out on switching docs until I see her once more, in case I'd just caught her on a bad day before. Can I also please ask for any spare $$ vibes? My hospital bill from my stay must be paid off before my surgery on January 7th and my co-pay per day was $500 huh.gif. On top of that I have the surgery co-pay, not to mention the few hundred dollars I've had to shell out for medications, office visit co-pay's, labwork co-pay's and naturally it's December: holidays, my nieces birthday, car registration, smog check and insurance renewal time. What can I say, when it rains, it pours.

undie report: purple lacy bra, purple & lavender argyle print hispters.
Thanks for reminding me, yuefie! I forgot to call her yesterday, so I just did it now. She called the hotline, they took her information and they're going to call to schedule in a couple of weeks.

~*~*~*health vibes for billy and mando and yuefie and ziggy and anyone else who needs them~*~*~*

I got my new sunglasses. Everything's clear and three-dimensional again, for the first time since March! It's like that episode of the Simpsons where Homer becomes three-dimentional in that crazy geometry universe! Hopefully I'll have my regular glasses in the next couple of days (they said 7-10 and today has been 7) so that I can completely adjust. Sort of pointless to switch back to my old regular glasses when I come inside.

Sorry about the doggies being gone, DM. I'm so glad you're trying to get them from a shelter! Have you tried a rescue group?

Sorry about the crappy day at work, sassy. Mine's been kinda crappy, too. My status on Facebook currently says, "Lucy is tempted to add "so suck it" to the end of any reply she gives to any question anyone asks her today." Yeah, one of those days. At least today is Friday for me....I'm so looking forward to my Thursday night nap. Ooo, and I'll be able to snuggle with my laptop on the couch now! Yay!
Hi y'all ...

Just wanted you guys to know I'm doing ok. I really am. I don't know why or how. Maybe my subconscious is saving my nervous breakdown for after the surgery, I don't know. Maybe I really did let go and let god and just haven't realized it.

Don't remember where I left off, but I've decided to have both breasts removed with reconstruction. I'm at peace with my decision. I'm looking foward to having perky little HEALTHY C-cups, and never having to worry about breast cancer again.

The chemo ... I'll deal with when I have to. I'll probably be a helluva lot stronger by then anyway. I shall have sassy wigs and do fabulous things with headscarves. (I think that's going to be the title of my book. Fabulous things with headscarves. Hee.)

And then next year at this time, I'll be a whole new me. And this nightmare will be behind us. I feel very lucky that I have a good prognosis, the scans didn't show cancer anywhere else, I have excellent doctors, excellent health coverage, an incredibly generous and supportive boss, and wonderful family and friends (including all of you, you're so not just "internet friends") who will get me thru this. I'm truly not scared and I don't feel alone.

So please know that I'm doing ok. Just not really up for socializing right now - not even on the internet. It's all I can do to get thru the day at work and dealing with the doctors' phonecalls/appts and gathering all the information I need - and processing that information - and when I get home, I collapse and just don't feel up to anything except reading, napping and tv-vegging. Plus I'm trying to do the whole Christmas thing too, for my family. (Don't worry, I'm not overdoing it, I'm delegating.)

Danny's doing ok. I think we're going to go the med route for him, but that's ok, because he realizes it's only part of his treatment, along with diet, exercise, and therapy. I'm so glad he's got his therapist right now. He and I have had some good talks too. I've told him, it's going to suck for awhile, but we're both going to get better. He wants to be happy and healthy. He's such a good person. I'm so proud of him.

Anyway, please forgive me for not even lurking. I'm so braindead, it's criminal. I forget things at the drop of a hat. Sometimes I don't even remember driving into work.

Words can't express how much I appreciate the love & vibes & good wishes. I think of you guys daily and I hold each of you in my heart.

And oh, just so you know? I'm becoming a huge brat. My new mantra is I HAVE CANCER SO IT'S ALL ABOUT ME NOW! I'm also not above using the cancer card to get what I want. So far, I've used it to get my family to leave s-i-l's baby shower from hell early last Sunday; I got Verizon to send me a new replacement phone even tho I was supposed to go pick one up at a store; now I'm going to hit them up to waive the activation fee on Danny's new phone. Oh, yes. A huge brat indeed! Hee!
((((((((((((mando)))))))))))) It's so good to hear from you!! I'm so glad that you're doing okay and that you were able to stop by and give us an update. Just keep on taking it easy and you're right, it is all about you! You can do whatever the hell you want, honey! smile.gif
{{{mando}}} use it for what you want. It's your cancer. Make it work for you.
Wow, mando, I'm in awe of your clarity. I think if I were in the same situation, I'd also go for the pre-emptive double mastectomy. I'm so glad you and Danny are going through this together. Don't feel bad about not posting here. Focus on getting healthy and sane!
((mando)) Thank you for stopping in to give an update. Honestly you are such a strong woman, and I know you will get through all this. Sending good thoughts your way.

polly, I’ve looked at some local rescues, but honestly their process is too time consuming, and then you wait. I really just want to find the dog I want, and then not have to wait for my application to be approved and a home visit and everything. The shelter I went to yesterday approved my application right away, and it’s good for 6 months. If I can’t find a dog at one of our local shelters then I may look at the rescues again though. I do not want to get a dog from a breeder for two reasons, after going to the shelter and seeing all the dogs there it’s just not necessary to go the breeder route and I want an adult dog, not a puppy. Sorry about your crappy day at work, but your Facebook status made me laugh.

((ziggy kitty)) Feel better.

((yuefie)) Glad your doctor’s appointment went okay, and the doctor is maybe coming around to your thinking. $$$$$$$$Money for all those dang bills at once$$$$$$

This weekend I plan to see Milk on Saturday, it’s only playing at one theatre in my area and it’s about an hour away, but I know it will be worth the trip. I’ll probably see another film on Sunday, but not sure yet. I also need to clean out my clothing closet and organize my filing cabinet, oooh that sounds so fun, but actually I’ll enjoy it because then everything won’t be so cluttered. Mom DM wants to shop this weekend, but I’m low on cash and DSW starts a big sale next Thursday so I want to save money for that. Hope everyone has a nice weekend.


*~*~*healing vibes for ziggy*~*~*

*~*~*money vibes for yuefie*~*~*

billy, good to hear you are feeling better.

DM, OooOoo. I want to see Milk too. I totally understand getting the dog you want. You will get a pug or boston!
Where is everybody? blink.gif

I got a lot done today. Took a urine sample from Tana to the vet. He had another blood test last week that showed that the medicine has been successful in bringing down his cortisol levels, but he's still having horrible symptoms. He's completely manic about getting water- he'll even jump into the bathtub just to lick a few drops up. He'll start scratching, freaking out in his kennel in the middle of the night until you let him out to get some water. And he keeps peeing in his kennel, all the time, without any indication that he needs to pee. It's really gross, but he'll clean it up himself before you can get to him...ick. We take him out every couple of hours, he'll pee a little outside, come back in and pee in his kennel 10 minutes later, twice as much as what he did outside. Anyway, so the vet wanted a urine sample to rule out a UTI. That came back negative, so now he just wants to give the medicine more time to work. In the meantime, I ordered what is basically the dog equivalent of a litter box, so that if he's going to have to go more often, at least I don't have to take him downstairs all the time.

After the vet, we went to the Apple store. The new laptop had a couple of issues that we think are fixed now. Then we went to Half-Price Books and got books for all the kids in LeBoy's family. Some are used, some are new (like overstocks from other stores) and for about $100, we got oddles of books for six kids. Woohoo!

Now we're just vegging. Tomorrow I must do laundry. We're out of everything.

Ooo, I got my new glasses last night and they are wonderful. My doctor was worried about how well I'd do with glasses instead of contacts because of the distance between your eye and the lens on glasses; I guess when your left and right prescriptions are a different as mine are, sometimes the brain doesn't process the difference very well, and you have to have a contact lens to eliminate that distance between the eye and the lens. I don't seem to be having this problem, though.

~*~*~doggie vibes for DM~*~*~ I didn't know the breed rescue process was such a PITA.
Yeah it's been quiet around here. I've been lurking as been really busy/tired with work and living in London. Been pretty emotional too (probably from over-tiredness and PMS), home-sick, worried about money/not having a Job in January (the bookshop is seasonal temp)... I am really looking forward to going home for Christmas; we're driving (it's about seven hours) up late on the 22nd as I'm working that day, spending a few quality days with out families and friends then I'm leaving the boy there for a few more days and flying down on the evening of the 26th as I'm working on the 27th (boo). It's only a short visit of three and a half days but it will be fabulous to see everybody.

I can't believe Christmas is so soon; it crept up on me (usually I'm feeling festive and prepared for a good while beforehand but this year has been weird... perhaps because I'm away from home). Anyway, I dropped the ball this year so apologies to my kvetchie Christmas buddies as I haven't posted out cards or the promised Christmas mixes. Next year, I swear.

Yesterday we put up our first Christmas tree together and that has excited me and made me feel happy. A Christmas tree of my own is so important to me and what I was most looking forward to this Christmas so at least I kept hold of that, despite money woes.

(((mando))) you are truly an inspiration and encompass all that "BUSTie" means: a strong, kick-ass, intelligent, determined, independent, loving, woman.

(((yuefie, pixie, billy, other sick kvetchies))) strong healing vibes your way.

(((everybody else)))

i forgot how much i'm not a big fan of christmas shopping. but, i managed. i went for mama since she was not feeling well today.

can i ask for strength vibes for tomorrow at 1:30 CST? it is related to the stuff i've been through during the past year. i feel anxious, tense, and tearful. oh, plus i can't eat really. sad.gif i'm pretty scared.

i'll let you know how things go.
It seems that the whole board has been a little quiet. I just wrote it off to pre-Holiday distractions.

Anyway, I spent today celebrating The Geek's best friend's birthday. We started at this bizarre brunch buffet in the suburbs. I am not exagerrating (too much) when I say there was an acre of food. And entire ballroom was set up with food tables, everything from beef stroganoff to omlets and fresh made doughnuts. The food was pretty average but the champagne was flowing. It worked. After too much food we went and played Laser Tag.

Polly - Is Tana on anti-anxiety meds? What is wrong with her cortisol?

Star - {{{positive energy vibes}}}

Oh heck, I'll pass that on to all.

{{{positive energy vibes everykvetchie!!!}}}
No, he was diagnosed with Cushing's disease about a month and a half ago. He used to be on prozac when we thought the excessive urination was behavioral, but now we know it's Cushing's. Getting the meds right is really frustrating and I'm worried about how expensive it's going to get. Not just for the meds ($40/month) but all the testing to figure out why the meds aren't fixing his symptoms. Basenji's usually live to be 12-14 and he just turned 10. Since he's older, we're choosing to not go the surgical route, where they'd just remove his adrenal gland (assuming it's the adrenal gland that's the source- it could also be his pituitary and then he'd be stuck with it.) That would be several thousand dollars. It can just be treated with meds and several years worth of meds is how much the surgery would cost, and that's if he even lives that long.

~*~*~*~*~positive vibes for stargazer~*~*~*~*

(((hugs for all)))
kittenb, glad you had a fun weekend of laser tag and hanging with the geek.

((star)) Strength for 1:30 CST.

bunnyb, glad you get to make a visit home for Christmas even if it is a short one.

polly, yay for new glasses and good deals on books.


((mando)) Thinking of you.

This weekend was fun, but I spent way too much money on clothes and more Christmas gifts. I’ve told myself that I will not buy anymore gifts, but I just love buying things for my family. I had an eye exam this morning, and I ordered two new pairs of glasses. I broke my glasses that I got last year and the ones I got two years ago also broke, and I glued them together. So it was time for some new glasses, and I didn’t spend as much as I thought I would. Happy Monday everyone.
Christine Nectarine
~~~strength for stargazer~~~

(((tana))) polly, A's parents dog had cushings, i know how hard/expensive it can be to handle!


~~~healing for all~~~

kvetch: it's unseasonably warm today, which means rain that will freeze everything tonight. i'm holding out for a white Christmas.

anti-kvetch: had a REALLY good weekend. A was really happy and had fun, which hasn't happened in a while. we survived Christmas shopping, got a really funny looking tree, and went to a crazy basement punk show.

anti-kvetch: when i left the house this morning, A was starting to make tarts - mmmmmmmmmmmm!
(((star))) thinking of you.


I finally came round to bookkeeping. I really need to remind myself i feel so much better when i do it. Gotta finish up tomorrow and then i'll be on the 2008 stuff. I need to be on top of my financial business.

So if everything goes according to plan we have the loft in New York for about 2 weeks. At the end of this week we'll see how it turns out.

Need to pack this week, i'm off to the town i run my business in, taking care of pets while people are on holiday (adorable cats!). I've been like a total nomad this year, and it has done wonders for me being more organised.

And I put up my plastic Christmas tree. I love it to bits, since it's the tree that was put up during Christmas when i was a wee one. It's one of those trees that are made to resemble a real tree; plastic made to look like wood. Frankly, it's hilarious, but i would never throw it away. Every year i have to stick pieces together with tape to keep it from falling apart.

Ooh and i bought chocolate showercream. I couldn't resist the urge to taste it, it was pretty vile.

(*(*(anti stress holiday vibes for Busties)*)*)
thanks for the vibes everyone! i feel good about this afternoon. don't know if i got anywhere. but, i feel good. i guess that is all that matters. now, i can put this experience behind me.

(((futura))) i wish i was on the east coast so i could bum rush your NY outing. have fun!

*~*~*healing vibes for Tana*~*~*

(((DM))) post pics when you get the new glasses!

(((christine))) oh gosh, i wish we had unseasonably warm weather. it was 10 degree here. with LOTS of black ice. made for a fun time of driving. wink.gif

((((always always hugs for mando))))
(((((star)))))) i thought of you all day! hope everything went okay.

thanks for the sick vibes! i slept all afternoon on friday and then 12 hours on friday night, and slept that cold right out of me. we had a work party for Martini and a houseguest this weekend, who was a delight. all the same, i am glad to have my home just to us for the foreseeable future!

(((more for mando))) because you rule.
Star, glad to hear you're feeling good about yesterday. Fingers remain crossed for the best outcome for you!

Sidecar, I think I caught your cold. I am attempting the same solution: I am actually home sick which I hope will speed my recovery as my job will be full-on when I go in tomorrow.


Thanks for the update Mando: and I agree, whatever works for you is the best thing.

((((Miss yuefie))))

(((Billy))) Thanks for keeping us posted.

Bunnyb, my christmas spirit also appears to have been delayed in the post. Saying that, I am very glad Christmas is next week already! December has effectively kicked my ass and I am over it.

Christine Nectarine
ha, maybe "unseasonably warm" was a misleading was 10 celcius (i think about 50 farenheit) plus windchill! we are now back to more "seasonal" temperatures, somewhere around -10! i was sad because the cold rain melted the lovely bit of snow we had...
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