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mando - I think that the animals probably do know that something is not right. After all, they go off of smell and illness smells different. That and they pick up on hightened stress levels. Glad to hear that they are sticking to your side.
Happy Friday all! Still in my nightgown so no undies worth reporting.
I do think they know when someone they love is sick. The day before I went to the hospital, both cats were unusually clingy with me. But when I first got home from the hospital, before I showered to wash off the hospital stench, Jenny wouldn't come anywhere near me. Later on though she snuggled up and went to sleep on my shoulder, so all was forgiven tongue.gif

~~~Continued love and hugs for mando~~~

Even though R did the lions share of the work yesterday, I am pooped out. Aside from a quick stop at the market, I am not going near any retail establishments. But today being our obligation day, as we have to visit both fathers and take the kidlet to see his mom, I still have to get myself going. Fortunately for me everyone expects me to still be tired so I can excuse myself off to nap somewhere. Again, finding the silver lining is key wink.gif

Hope you all had lovely days, were you celebrating or not.

no chonies yet, as I am in my robe but they will be red and black hipsters with penguins & snowflakes and a black bra.
Hello, Kvetchies! I wanted to pop in here and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving weekend. I spent most of today recovering from the food & drink hangover of yesterday. Yesterday was with the fam... ate much too much... avoided dessert because of my sugar addiction (which wasn't as difficult as I had anticipated it would be)... tried to ignore the boring football that the guys insisted on watching. But we overcame them and forced them to watch Legally Blonde instead, haha! AND THEY LIKED IT.

(((((((((((((Mando))))))))))) You will get through this, I know. I have another success story for you. My ma has been seven years free of the boob cancer. She preemptively shaved her head in one fell swoop before the chemo could get to it. She's doing a-okay now, still driving me up the wall (but I do love her) like only a mother can do.
(((((mando))))) yay for the scans being clear and having a good dr and a rocking attitude!

((((yuefie))))) yay for a good stress-free holiday and feeling better (if tired)

((((syb))))) *gives RT kick up the bum* Hope you find a nicer job soon!

((((raisin)))) acos

((((star, polly, sidecar, bunny, christine, candy, pixie, rose, tes, kitten, sixie, sassy, amilita, dm, okayers, lurkers, everyone))))

The paper I'm writing is kicking my arse - I keep asking the lecturer for help and he's fucking useless and won't help (I had to beg to get him to lend me *one* book, as there weren't copies left in the library). Another girl and I - we have the same issue, namely that we don't do the other module that this lecturer teaches - arranged a meeting to discuss our problems, he invites a whole pile of other students (doesn't warn us that this is going to happen) - and one of the other students spent the entire time showing off what he knew, so we wasted an hour. I'm really struggling and it's getting me down. Not sure if G being away is a good thing or not, it does mean I don't have any distractions.

Oh, and I got woken up by the bible-bashers this morning. Fucking doorstep evangelists.
*~*~*soothing vibes for mornington*~*~*

(((morn))) sorry for the school problems. sad.gif

(((syb))) i guess using the thesis as a distraction is a good way to motivate you to get it done. blink.gif that being said, after being sidetracked with other school stuff, i dive back into my dissertation this week. argh.

thanksgiving turned out to be good. i enjoyed seeing my little cousins. is it wrong for me though to wish every thanksgiving can be like the last one i went to when i was away from home? i had the best thanksgiving with total strangers? unsure.gif

Happy Sunday, everybody!

(((((((((Mandi))))))))))) That's great news! What an enormous relief!

I guess I'm weird because I was not bothered one bit by my MRI. I just closed my eyes & kinda drifted off for a while. Any excuse to grab a nap I guess. wink.gif


(((((((((((((all y'all))))))))))))))))))))))

Sounds like the Americans out there had a good Thanksgiving overall. Sheff & I went over to Tesao's house, even though Tes was stuck in Africa & couldn't join us. No matter. Mr. Hotbuns did a fabulous job. It was great to see him and Plat and Elle and everyone else. And may I say that Elle's little baby boy is the CUTEST thing I've laid my eyes on in aaaaages. Seriously, people. Whether we like to admit it or not, some babies are simply cuter than others & little baby Finn is abso-freakin-lutely scrumptious!

Other than that and a little birthday shin-dig yesterday afternoon, we've spent all of our time hanging out at home. We wanted to have some friends over, but everyone is either sick with something contagious or catching up on end-of-semester homework. So we've been stuck entertaining one another by playing hours and hours of Rock Band. It's fun, but it would be more fun if friends could come over. Sheff made a trifle which is setting up in the fridge and I'm making bangers & mash for dinner, so we're ending the weekend on a good note.

Oh no, tesao was stuck in Africa?! She had been looking forward to going home so much sad.gif
Happy December everybody! White rabbit! I guess a lot of you went back to work today after the long holiday. Here's hoping it isn't too painful!

Yes, QSpice, Tes had to stay there. It was work-related. It was a shame she couldn't be with us. She's such a fabulous hostess, you know, but we did our best to collectively fill her shoes. Elle had the most brilliant idea. She got out a blonde wig and took photos of each of us doing our best Tes impression! The photos are truly hilarious. Guys & gals, pushing out their boobs, blowing kisses at the camera, and all sorts of other suggestive things. It was a blast!

Antikvetch: Last night I checked the exchange rate from dollars to pounds. It has changed a TON in the past few months. Not long ago each pound was worth $2. Now the exchange rate is about $1.50! So Sheff & I are thinking of taking advantage of this & visiting his family this year. BestGalPal & BestGuyPal have been saying all year that they'd like to go to England with us, so why not? It's been 5 whole years since I was politely escorted off of British soil, so I think it's safe for me to return. wink.gif Seriously, though, it would feel so good to be back there. It'd be wonderful to see family, too. I can't tell you how much I miss Sheff's dad, brother, & sister-in-law.

Now I just need to figure out how Sheff can get a new British passport here in the states. Hmmmmm.
Rose....If the exchange rate had fallen so much it puts the global economy problems more into perspective for me....cause you know the dollar isn't getting any stronger! I wish we could go too. I think that was about what the exchange rate was back when we went over in 97!

Poor Tes! I'm sorry she missed out on her own party. Just wish I could see the pics!

~*~*~**~*~knowledge vibes for Mornington and Star~*~**~*~**~*

~*~**~*~*~continued Health vibes for Mando and Yuefie~**~*~*

Our Turkey day was pretty uneventful. We didn't even do any Black Friday shopping because I didn't want to brave the crowds with my limp.

Antikvetch: I am wearing regular sketchers today instead of Cross trainers! It's a big step for me to be able to wear regular shoes again. I realized that I have more mobility in them and I can almost walk without a limp. I'll be so glad when I am done with Physical Therapy.

Bigger antikvetch:the economy in general and the financial strain created by my untimely accident has moved up Mr. Pixies long term career plans. Origionally he was going to teach a few more years while he gets his administrators license. But now he's decided to take the test this spring and get a temporary license which would allow him to become an Assistant Principal next year! That would be huge for us because it would more than double his current salary!
Hey hey all. Good to see you.

Man, a lot is going on here. I was on a hiatus/lurking mode, but you may know me from the moniker such as Sonik. I must say i was way too paranoid 'bout the ex (after we broke up i changed my handle). We're really good friends now, i can tell him anything, and he tells me everything right back. I mean, we know eachother so well, it would be awful if we never saw eachother again and bad feelings and all that.

(((((Mandolyn))))))) i'm very glad the tests went well. I wish you much strength in the time to come.



I just bought a microwave-oven and i'm getting my mouth all watery just by reading what y'all were whipping up for Thanksgiving. So there's a task for me: bake!

(((((paper vibes for Mornington))))) Those door step evangelists are a pest. I'm always way to nice, which went as far as me talkinfg to them out of our first story window, half naked, covering myself with a towel. And they went on and on. At some point i was like; would you mind that i cose the window now, there' not much sense in this.

((((((best of luck finishing your dissertation, Stargazer))))))))

(((((((((Sybarite, Raisingirl, RoseViolet, Sassygirl, Amilitia, Kittenb, Pollystyrene, Sidecar, Quantumspice)))))))))

RV... he should be able to apply for a new UK passport via a US-based British embassy: I did that with the Irish embassy in Chicago.

Ongoing thoughts of ((((mando))) and her hopefully sassy new highlights!

*waves at futura* Sure I remember you.

All much better here... glad November is over!! *vroom*
Hey Futura!! Of course, I remember you. wink.gif Good to see you posting here.

(((syb))) did you say chicago? did you live here at one time? blink.gif

*~*~*~*cancer ass-kicking vibes for mando~*~*~*

Futura, are you at a new address? Hopefully, I'll send out holiday cards this year! Bunny & monington, need your new addresses, too! And for anyone else who wants to exchange cards!

The wedding industrial complex is killing me. The amount of money some of these places charge just for rental of the space is offensive. I think our latest plan, which, while scaled back, I am really happy about, is to have a more casual BBQ-type reception. Either at the Unitarian church where I'd like to have the ceremony, or at LeBoy's parent's house. Having it at LeBoy's (can I start calling him "The Future Mr. Styrene"? laugh.gif ) parent's would be kinda good because we'd have more control over stuff, but where to park all the guest's cars would be a big problem. I'm waiting to hear back from the church, but I think it would be easier there and I don't think they're going to charge us an arm and a leg.

((hugs to all))
polly - how about "LeHusband"?
*waves at futura, aka sonik*

I would love to see the tes impression photo's, sounds like you all had a blast despite her absence, rose.

((((((Mandi)))))) ~~~~cancer ass kicking vibes a plenty~~~~

how's about LeFiance, polly?


I finished my antibiotics last night, which is a relief. Each of the meds I was taking had the may cause drowsiness/dizziness warnings and combined they surely did. I was having to take dramamine just to be able to function and not feel like the room as spinning all the time. Today I've been feeling like I can actually drive myself somewhere again, so yay for that. I see the doctor on the 8th to see if the infection and inflammation have cleared enough to make surgery safe. I would really love to just get it done and over so that I can heal and move on.
Congrats on getting married, Polly!

I'm looking forward to 2009, because in January i'll be visiting NYC with 2 of my friends. We heard back from some acquaintances from this friend of mine, and we can at least stay there for a week. Since we're going for 2 weeks we still need a place to stay, but everything's in the works, i don't worry about that in the least. I'm not there in my head quite yet, but boy is it going to be a blast!

ongoing vibes for (*((((Yuefie))))*)
Meh, I think he'll just be LeBoy until it's all official.

Funny, I was going to have a kvetch b/c LeBoy and I decided to splurge a little and get a new laptop, a refurbished MacBook pro and the one we wanted was sold out from under us (they go quick!) but then we found another one on the Apple site with a bigger hard drive for only $50 more, so we got that one. So, now I have an antikvetch. It will be replacing my desktop Mac that is about 6 years old and has been making some unhappy hard drive noises lately. We'll keep it until it dies completely, but I'll get everything off of it. If it's salvageable, maybe I'll give it to my mom to use for her geneology and photo restoration stuff. My dad has not drunk the Apple kool-aid, and she's been dealing with their PITA Dell.

We really must try not to get too used to just taking $ out of our wedding fund. We'll have 2 years of tax returns before the wedding to replace what we're spending now, so I'm not entirely worried, and I ran some preliminary numbers last night and I'm not completely panicked about the wedding budget anymore. After I get glasses and pay off my medical bills, that's it. No more except for wedding expenses.

I hope Mando's okay and her meeting with the doctor yesterday went well. unsure.gif
polly, i like leboy. even after you get married. we already know you've made him the man he is today. wink.gif

futura, a trip to NYC sounds like so much fun.

*~*~*healing vibes for yuefie and mando*~*~*

antikvetch: i'm getting a kitty! i may go tomorrow to pick up the kitty. so excited. biggrin.gif


I like Leboy as well.

Mando, still strong vibes. I'm glad about the test results.
My thanksgiving was okay. Quiet. Is it bad to say that I didn't miss being around my insane family??

Futura, yay for NYC!! I went there for Christmas a few years ago, and loved it.

Star, kitty love!

Syb, glad Nov is over.

Kvetch: Same all job searching and gre study/grad school research blues. I can't seem to get motivated lately.

Anti-kvetch: I'm considering going to the UK for my birthday finally in Feb as a late Christmas present to myself. smile.gif I had this gift for my 30th birthday, but never used it. If the exchange rate is better, all the merrier.

(((good happy vibes for all)))

Oh, yay for the kitty, star!

I hope the UK trip works out, sassy!

And now: !@#$%^&*&^%$#@ Go see my post in the confessions thread. I'm steaming. And nauseated.
Blergh. I revealed my morning in the Confessions Thread today.

Anyway, sorry I haven't stopped in this week. School is taking over my mind. Today I need to finalize my research and create a strong outline so I can crank out this upcoming paper. Then I am taking some time off of work and just watching tv and making a scarf for my brother. Cannot wait!

Hello Futura!

Much happines for new computers and ignoring old toxic friends Polly.

{{{syb, star, yuefie, sassy, rosev, all kvetchies}}}

I'm going to go color my hair and find a better mood.
I replied in the Confessions thread, kitten.

I feel better today. As I also mentioned in the Confessions thread, the source of my steaminess and nausea has been rectified.

I'm already mentally checked-out of work and I have to be here another 3 hours. Poop. I want to go home and take my Thursday night nap.

Maybe I'll stop at Costco and order my glasses. I've been trying to find metal, nose pad-less ones, like the second and third pair here, but in a more oval-y shape like the ones I have now. I used to have a pair like that and I lost them (still kicking myself for losing them!) and now it's im-freaking-possible to find them. I spent two Fridays scouring eyeglass shops and I got bupkis. I'm throwing in the towel and getting another pair similar to the ones I have now- brownish, plastic.
Hey all. I just read an update from Mandi and it looks like she may be having surgery next week or the week after unsure.gif. I don't know if or when she will be up for posting the details, but she's asked for the word to be spread to those of us here and on LJ that are also friends with her on Facebook to please not mention anything about her health on FB, as she has IRL people who don't yet know what is going on.

~~~~~endless loop of soothing hair brushings & hugs and mega strength ass kicking & FUCK OFF cancer vibes for mandi~~~~~
Hey all -- I heard from Mandolyn today. The tumor is large and malignant, and she will be having a mastectomy, or possibly a double mastectomy. Her spirits are up, but she would appreciate it if you kept any words off Facebook, as not everyone she knows IRL knows about this.

She's having a rough day, as you may imagine, and she's really appreciated all the support and love.

I wish I could take this away from you, sweeheart. ((((mando))))
Thanks, ((((yuefie)))). I was coming in to post exactly the same thing.

*~*~*~*~*go postal on the cancer's ass vibes*~*~*~*~*~*

hunny, you WILL get through this.

yuefie, I'm glad you have an op date.

(((sick busties)))

I too need to catch up on some laundry this weekend.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that my surgery date is set for January 7th, barring any more infection flare-ups or issues with my liver.

*extra tight hugs for mandi*
QUOTE(yuefie @ Dec 4 2008, 02:24 PM) *
Hey all. I just read an update from Mandi and it looks like she may be having surgery next week or the week after unsure.gif. I don't know if or when she will be up for posting the details, but she's asked for the word to be spread to those of us here and on LJ that are also friends with her on Facebook to please not mention anything about her health on FB, as she has IRL people who don't yet know what is going on.

~~~~~endless loop of soothing hair brushings & hugs and mega strength ass kicking & FUCK OFF cancer vibes for mandi~~~~~

Gotcha. Thanks for the update. Post on FB deleted (it wasn't really specific anyway.)

~*~*~*Fuck Cancer Vibes for Mando!!!~*~*~

~*~*~*Fuck Gall Bladder Vibes for Yuefie!!~*~*~*
(((mando))) Fuck Cancer!

(((Yuefie))) Hope your surgery goes well!

I have my own Health update and vibe request.
At the Physical Therapist today I found out the reason I am still having so much trouble walking is because my achilles tendon won't move. So the therapist tried to have me do some stretches and it started hurting where my screws are. Now teh screws are not permanent, but teh doctor said I could wait a while to have them out and I have no more sick time for this year, so I was planning on waiting until at least Spring to have them out. But now the Therapist is concerned that they are blocking the tendon. Thankfully, I already have an appt scheduled for tomorrow, so vibes would be greatly appreciated. Anyway, if it isn't the screws then she is going to start being more aggressive with my therapy and I am already have some serious pain and swelling issues this week. At this oint I don't even know what I want the outscome of tomorrow's appointment to be.
(((((((mando)))))))) My dear, my heart is with you, and my vibes are yours, to help evict the fucking cancer!! If there is anything that I can do for you personally, or professionally, just let me know. I wish I could make you soup and give you lots of hugs!
{{{pixie}}} I hope you get what is best for your health tomorrow. Foot issues are such a bitch b/c it hurts every step you take. mad.gif

{{{mando}}} hearts, hugs, health and kisses!!!

I feel a little better than I did earlier. I created a detailed outline for my research paper. I hadn't done one of those since high school but my boss said that they made a big difference in her writing in grad school. They really do help. smile.gif
Mando, I hope you're lurking. Lots of love and good vibes to you!!! I'm thinking of you very often.

Hello busties! I feel like I haven't been to the lounge in ages although it's probably only been a week. I finished one exam today, only four more to go!

Life is pretty good right now except for how I feel physically. I've been on Celexa for almost two years but under my doctor's guidance I just went off it last week. I went from 40mg to 20 to 10 to nothing. The only problem is that I keep feeling dizzy and I think it's related. My mom thinks it could be because I went back on the bc pill but I don't get how that would be related. So anyway, it's really hard to concentrate on studying and everything when I feel like I'm drunk all the time.

Anyway, I've met the cutest guy ever and I think things are going well. He's super sweet and just seems to want to spend a lot of time with me so that must be a good thing. How long do two people have to go out before they're considered a couple? He's just about everything that I could want in a boyfriend. Anyway, I guess I should stop squeeing about him.

(((((((((((((((mando)))))))))))))))) go away evil cancer!

((((((((yuefie))))))) good luck with your operation!

(((((all busties))))))
*~*~*vibes for mando*~*~*
Wishing much strength to (((((((((*****((((*~*~*~*~*~((((Mandolyn))))*~*~*~*~*~))))*****))))))))
Mandolyn, you have my wishes, too. ~*~*~*vibes for Mando*~*~*~


(((((Mando))))) I'm thinking of you from here and sending you ongoing good health and cancer-annihilating vibes. I wish you soothing hair brushing and hugs aplenty.
~*~*~*~*~kick that punk ass cancer in the ass vibes for Mando~*~*~*~*~


((((((((((hugs and vibes for mando)))))))))))) Girl, we have your back. I will be thinking of you.

Mando, know that I'm thinking about it. (((Mando)))

Undies: Purple boyshorts.

Happy Friday all. If I can get through today w/o screaming, I have a lovely Saturday planned.
I have to work from 3-11 tonight but the boy is going to meet me at my house afterwards. Our schedules were incompatible this week so I haven't seen him since Sunday morning. And tomorrow I have a Chicago Bust get-together and a Christmas party where I can wear a pretty dress and dance.
Sunday will be spend writing my paper but I'll face that evil when I can't look away from it any more. It'll get done.
Happy Healthy vibes to all who need them!

Undies: pale pink w/black patterning. No bra yet.
I've got a case of Mando-on-my-mind today. Take care of yourself, sweetie.

I could have more insights on my "situation" on Wednesday. I feel like we're looking for mysteries without any clues. I'll let you know what I find out.

Grey boxer briefs. Sounds familiar?
I seem to have a serious case of that too, billy.

I wish I had a magic wand to make it all go away for our poor, sweet ((((mandi))))


my undies are boring today: black hipsters, black bra.
Hi, I'm de-lurking just to send some good, healthy vibes Mando's way. I appreciate the way all of the ladies in the lounge are so supportive and caring of one another. That's really beautiful and amazing. smile.gif

Undies: white cotton hipsters. Boooring!

yay for new boy candy!

keep us updated, billy. I've been wondering how you've been!

hey futura! I'm glad things worked out with your ex, hope to see you around more

sassy - yes, come to london... we have busties. and other stuff.


((((bunny, raisin, kitten, polly, syb, turbo, tes, pixie, rose, sassy, sixie, treehugger, amilita, everyone))))

Finally finished my paper, carefully formatted the entire thing... printed it, then spent an hour taking out all the pictures and re-formatting it so it would upload properly. grr. stupid coursework. This does, however, mean I'm pretty much finished for the term - I have lectures next week, but not much else. I feel at a bit of a loose end, though, as I seem to be the only one without loads of work to do.

Antikvetch: G is back. and I got to have lunch with Bunny before I did some christmas shopping. Apart from one thing I want to get my grandmother (which I don't have to get, if that makes sense) all I have now is the things I need to make. Which would be a lot...

and now I'm off to bed. But before I go... *peeks* green low-cut bikinis, turquoise t-shirt bra...
still thinking of you (((((((mandolyn)))))))))

I'm heading off to Tahoe in the morning (with an overnight stop in Reno first) to spend a long weekend with Martini, my parents, and my brother. I have spent a grand total of four hours with my immediate family in the past twelve months, no exaggerating. I am really excited to have a few uninterrupted days. Living far away from home sucks.
You're on my mind too Mando (((you))) Thinking lots about you sweetie.

Sidecar, have a wonderful time: that sounds like a great trip and a good chance to catch up with your family.

Billy, we'll be looking out for you on Wednesday.

Congrats on being done with the term morn! That's got to feel good.

I've been petering around the house all day and it's been great: bought some pressies online (there's a Danish design homewares store which I am addicted to: not cheap though!), looked at my application for an academic post, drank lots of tea... and took a nap. The laziness!

Off to watch hours of terrible TV shortly. Enjoy your Saturdays all!
Thanks to all of you who provided an up-date on our dear Mando. I really really appreciate it!

~~!!**!!~~ warm thoughts and hugs and love and warmth and hope and laughter and peace and EVERYthing good for our precious Mandolyn ~~!!**!!~~
I really really really wish I could go up there and help you somehow. Just make you dinner or drive you to appointments or whisper off-color jokes to you in waiting rooms and all sorts of stuff. My thoughts and my heart are DEFINITELY with you, Mando-my-love.

(((((((((((((((((((mondo healthy vibes & love for Pixie, Yeufie, and Billy, too))))))))))))))))))

Hooray for cute boys and long weekends with people we love and hot tea and all the other good things!

This week has been okay 'round here. I spent very little time on line, which is becoming more and more normal for me. Honestly, I was spending virtually every waking hour of the day on-line a few months ago, so it's exciting that I can now spend a couple of days in a row off-line without going stir crazy! smile.gif

Anti-kvetch: I found the cutest dress ever on sale at Target (regularly $50, but I got it for $12!). It's perfect for the office holiday party next weekend! Yay! Plus, I made Yorkshire puddings for the first time ever, which made Sheff very happy. And I've been teaching myself some more complicated knitting patterns. And I did a lot of good work in the garden. And I made a pumpkin pie which I have eaten half of all by myself (Sheff isn't terribly fond of pumpkin pie. Weirdo. wink.gif ). So life is good.

Kvetch: One of my dearest friends, V (who got married in September) was laid off from her job this week. Terrible timing! And I think I told you all about my neighbor whose husband got deported. Well, she is leaving the country to be with him in 2 days. Hopefully this will all get straightened out & we'll see them again in a year or so.
((((((((((Hugs, love, and cancer-kicking vibes for dearest Mandolyn!!!)))))))))) My prayers are with you, darlin'!
Hello ladies. I hate to come in here and be all mememe especially when there are far more important things going on but I really need some vibes. Yesterday I was basically accused of academic misconduct or as my prof said "something very very close" to it. Apparently I didn't properly introduce certain ideas in a paper and he says that I tried to present them as my own. I'm supposed to meet with him sometime this week but I don't know when yet. I have no idea what to do. I'm so upset and this could ruin everything that I've worked so hard for and obviously I would never plagiarize something. I just cried and cried yesterday and I can't believe that after 3 semesters and 15 professor I'm suddenly being accused of something so horrendous. So any not getting kicked out of school vibes would be greatly appreciated. Fuck.

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