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CONGRATS POLLY!! tell leboy he did a great job at the proposal. i was tearing up reading your proposal story. so sweet.
Thanks everyone! After I last posted, we stopped by Lady Selena's, she took some pictures of my ring (she has a professional camera and getting the pictures off it is a little more involved than just plugging in a USB cord; you actually have to take out the memory card and use a card reader....her husband knows how to do it, she doesn't and he was at work, so as soon as she sends me the files I'll post them, I promise!), then we stopped my my mom's, showed her. My dad had already left for work (he works evenings), and the next stop was my grandparent's.

Then we went to dinner- he took me a well-renowned Chicago sushi place called Katsu. It was amazing. We had never had toro, which is sort of the Kobe beef of tuna- better quality fish, and higher fat level, so richer flavor. Our usual sushi place is good, but doesn't have toro. So, we got it as a piece of nigiri (just a piece of fish over a ball of rice, not rolled up or anything) and it's a pinkish piece of fish in sort of a lip-shape. They then score the piece, about halfway down through the piece and it looked very, very vaginal. The server put it down in front of us and we just looked at each ended up being the most amazing piece of sushi we've ever eaten. It's $8 a piece and worth every penny.

Anyway, now we're at LeBoy's parent's. Maybe we'll stop at my parent's on the way back home and see my dad. Ugh, exhausting!

Tomorrow we'll probably get together with the prophecy's. Then repeat all this on Thursday for Thanksgiving...

Sassy, that's so great about the internship! LeBoy is itching to get on here, so I'm out of time to reply more! Ta-ta!
((((Mando sweetie))))

Woohoo, Polly!!!!

Gap ultra low bikinis, black with coloured stripes and I forgot to put them on inside out this morning. This pair has non-tag info like a cheese grater, I must have washed them wrong to begin with or something. Hmmm. Cheese grater undies. Mando has cancer. Perspective. Get some.

Hugs to Bunnyb for calling me back. I feel like I;ve returned to Narnia.


Happy ending... I am the happy ending. My mom had cancer, came through. Met my dad while taking chemo, then had me as soon as it was safe. Now she has been driving him up a wall for over 30 years. :-)
MuppetButt! You're back! And with a happy story smile.gif

Pictures of the ring

Even though it's Facebook, I took the privacy settings off, so anyone should be able to view them. Let me know if you can't. Click on them to make them bigger!
QUOTE(dusty @ Nov 22 2008, 04:26 AM) *
((((Mando sweetie))))

Woohoo, Polly!!!!

Gap ultra low bikinis, black with coloured stripes and I forgot to put them on inside out this morning. This pair has non-tag info like a cheese grater, I must have washed them wrong to begin with or something. Hmmm. Cheese grater undies. Mando has cancer. Perspective. Get some.

Hugs to Bunnyb for calling me back. I feel like I've returned to Narnia.

I fucking love dusty! Hilarious post. Welcome back!!! *gloats some*

welcome back to muppetbutt too!

(((((mando))))) loves ya.

polly, as previously commented: BEAUTIFUL ring! I am also desperate to try toro sushi, once I have money (*hints* at morn).

Spending a fabulous weekend with the boy and his parents; great to have them there. We walked tons today from Borough Market (gourmet food) to London Bridge, alongside the Thames to Southbank and then we took the tube to see the outside of the bookshop I work in (had already show them the boy's work at London Bridge), down to Chinatown, through Soho where we had a pub lunch, up to Carnaby St where I died and went to heaven in the Irregular Choice shoe shop and then in the Christmas shop in Liberty's (fancy department store) and the boy's mum bought me lovely glass Christmas tree decorations, along to the new Victorinox store and to Selfridges (another fancy dept store) and M&S for dinner. Now we're relaxing, drinking wine smile.gif.
Christine Nectarine
((((mando)))) been thinking about you the past few days. i'm sure you'll kick cancer's ass!

congrats to polly! i'm soo not an engagement ring kinda girl, but i love yours, it's beautiful!

kvetch: it's A's birthday (i think i shall thus refer to him as A, i've never really settled on anything for him) this weekend, and so far, it sucks. things are tense between us in a kind of wtf?!? i don't even know what the problem is... sort of way. i'm having flashbacks to last year when he got into a pretty long and terrible depression exactly at this time of the year. i'm hoping he's home when i get off work tonight, and trying to think of all the ways i can make this better and not worse.
Mando, I have a *good* story to tell you; we were at a friend's house with the prophecy's tonight and I remembered that our friend's mom is a survivor. I want to say she had a lumpectomy a long time ago, like 15-20 years ago. Last December it came back. She had a double mastectomy, some radiation, never lost her hair. I asked our friend how she was doing- she's in remission now, things are going well and she's preparing for reconstructive surgery. But she only stopped working for a short time after her surgery, and now she's resumed her normal life. ~*~*~you can do it vibes~*~*~

(((mando my heart, we all love and adore you)))
anything you need, just ask.

polly, that is beautiful!

roseviolet, it's urgent to get in touch with you! read your gmail or your bust message.

Mando! I have another good story for you. Fall of 2007, my grandmother had just turned 80 and discovered that her 66-year-old smoking habit caught up with her and she had lung cancer. She quit smoking, and had part of her lung removed. It got all the cancer and she didn't have to have chemo or radiation. At the time, they checked to see if there was cancer elsewhere. It turns out she also had breast cancer. She went to Hawaii with my parents and my dad's siblings, thinking she was coming up on the end, and came back and had her lumpectomy. She fully expected to have radiation when she returned to Wisconsin from Florida (she is a snowbird, so she divides her time in half between the states) and made plans to live with one of my uncles. When she got back to Wisconsin and was examined, they found they got everything on her lumpectomy, and she had no radiation. So at the age of 80, my gram beat cancer. Twice. It's been six months, and she's still clean.

(((bunny))) thank you. We went out with friends last night, and only then did it hit me what a crap time we've had of it lately as we explained all the super-fun events of the last month.

I go back to work tomorrow after a week off. I'm feeling well-rested, but a little apprehensive at all I have to do this week. Sigh.

It is great to hear all of these survival stories. smile.gif

{{{christine}}} I hate the feelings of vague wrongness that can't be explained away.

{{{hello again to muppettbutt and dusty}}}

I spent the weekend out at Starved Rock State Park area in Illinois. The area is also known for its wine industries. The Geek and I got a room at a lovely small inn. There isn't much to do there in the off-season but we spent the daylight hours buying wine and eating and the nightime hours (the sun sets at arounf 4:30 this time of year in Illinios), well let's just say we stayed busy. The room came with a fireplace and a jacuzzi built for 2. We bough a lot of wine and then visited friends on the way home. I feel very rested even though it was just an overnight. The weather was nice which is good because today is all grey and rainy/snowy. I'll post pictures soon.

Have a great week!

(((polly))) that's got to be one of the most touching, sweetest proposals i've ever heard of. i especially love the opposable thumbs and a job part. and the ring? gah!! preciousssssssss ... CONGRATS!!!

(((turbo))) *sniffle* all i can say is thank you. i so appreciate the info. and the caring.

(((tesao))) & (((dusty))) you've been meeced.

special hugs for (((sidecar, polly, muppetbutt))) heartfelt thanks for the uplifting tales. i'm so so glad your loved ones are ok.

saturday's scans went ok. (god bless ativan!) except for the bitchy tech who nearly denied me the CTscan - after i had the PETscan, with the needle-thingy (catheter?) still hanging out of my arm. because i didn't have a written prescription. (she made me call the doc.) as i followed her to the room, i came this close to saying, "look, you witch, why the fuck would i just walk in off the street and put myself thru hours of this bullshit on a saturday if i didn't have orders from my doctor? just to break your balls? i don't THINK so! listen, i know you have protocol to follow, but i just got diagnosed with breast cancer three days ago, and i need these scans to make sure it's not anywhere else in my body ... you think you can cut me some slack for not having a fucking slip of paper?" but i was afeared she'd fuck up my results or something.

my latest philosophy is: thru all my upcoming travails, if 75% of the techs/doctors/nurses/etc i come upon are nice, than i shall count my blessings. everyone else was super. especially one nurse (the one who shot me up with radioactive materials, yay) who was a complete sweetheart. i should've gotten Sweetheart Nurse's last name. i want to send her christmas cookies.

kvetch: this waiting for results is killing me. no pun intended.

Christine Nectarine
(((mando))) you should be given all the kudos in the world for continuing to be optimistic and positive about all this. i'm sure it's not easy (definate understatement)
i think your 75% is a realistic expectation.

**all sorts of body parts crossed for good results**
Another good story- I remembered that we have a patient, 18 years old, who was diagnosed with lymphoma back in the spring. He's had chemo and a bone marrow transplant and so far, so good. Last time his mom was in, she said he was having a scan this month to check on it, but there's no signs of reoccurence. **fingers crossed** and thanks for the congrats.

Kitten, that sounds like so much fun- cute photos on Facebook!
((mando)) Continuing to think good thoughts for you and sending you healthy vibes. Glad to hear most of the medical people have been nice and helpful.

kittenb, sounds like a nice weekend for you and the geek.

sidecar, hope your first day back at work isn’t too hectic.

bunnyb, yay for a nice weekend with the boy’s parents.

polly, love the engagement story.

My weekend was pretty nice. Mr. DM’s permanent residency has been approved, so we are so happy about that. On Saturday I went Christmas shopping for a teenager from a local children’s home, we sponsor the home at my work. She wanted shirts, a Target gift card, a laundry basket and a hot plate. I got everything except the hot plate which Mom DM is going to buy. I enjoy shopping for other people especially when I know they will really appreciate the gifts. We went to my parent’s house on Sunday to celebrate Dad DM’s birthday, and it was a nice time. I know I’ve mentioned how Mom DM and I sometimes don’t get along, but she started working out at a gym two weeks ago, and ever since then her attitude has totally changed. It was nice to get together and there not be any arguments.

Hope everyone has a nice Monday.
Mando, waiting for results is so hard!! Are you expected to get them before Thanksgiving? I'm glad most of the medical folks have been nice.

When my mom was dealing with her breast cancer, she said she would visualize "little broccoli pac-mans" eating up her cancer cells, so I've been thinking of those little guys for you. And she really likes her new, smaller, reconstructed breasts! She doesn't really have to wear a bra, and she got to go from about a DD to a B/C.

I need to run and finish cleaning the house for my mom's arrival tomorrow morning!

Oh, also wanted to say Yay! to Polly. What a lovely proposal. It's so great to have someone put so much thought and effort into expressing their feelings for you, you, you!!! Awww.

I'll be trying to show my mom a good time this week - scheduled massages for Wednesday, going out to eat for Thanksgiving, she wants to see The Changeling (with "that Angelina Jel-LY") I'm so excited to have her visit! So, big hugs to everyone!!! I hope everyone has a great holiday, or gets though it easily at least!! Mwah!

Happy Monday all.

Mando, my grandmother beat breast cancer, and is still alive at 96. She got in back in the 60's, but I just wanted to tell you my happy tale ((vibage and love)). I'm glad most of the staff has been nice.

Polly, conveting the ring... so pretty.

Kitten, sounds like you had a lovely weekend.

DM, how are things?

My first day at work went okay. My counselor is strange to have for a boss. We were trying to share a cramped office, and I was on a bad working laptop that kept dying. Plus, it is the Monday before a holiday. I was also working on a writing sample for a job application, and she kept bugging me with questions about epilepsy or the train schedules. She also doesn't seem to like her job much. I just hope she'll write me a good letter when this is over with.

Off to clean.


Mando, good for you for standing up for yourself, when they were pulling "paperwork" shit on you! My momma was not so bold last month when she had one of her bi-annual scans, and they made her come back another day, after sitting and waiting for 3 hours!! In all of our years of cancer treatments for my mom and turbomann's mom, overall the medical staff have always been excellent and caring...I think it'd be hard to do that work without empathy. This really is the worst time...the waiting for answers - you can neither move forward or back, and life feels so different, even when you're living in uncertainty. Eat lots of turkey this week, and spend time with folks you love, and who help you feel the most like yourself. ((((mando))))
*endless loop of super duper tight squeezes for mandikins*

So, I just took the best shower evar. It was better than the I've been camping in the desert for three days shower. It was the I've been in the effing hospital for five days shower and I must say it was fanfrikkintastic!

Last Thursday I woke up feeling like there was an elephant sitting on my chest. I thought it was the allergy attack cold thingie I'd been battling flaring up and settling in my chest in to a nice case of bronchitis. But no, it was something much worse. But not as bad as I thought it was when the pain and pressure caused my knees to buckle and drop me to my bedroom floor. I thought for sure I was having a heart attack and when I came to after passing out, I thought I most certainly had just experienced a heart attack. It was my farking GALL BLADDER! Apparently all this time that I thought it had subsided it had not and had been festering with this serious infection. I wound up being one step away from being septic and having pancreatits. It had begun to take a toll on my liver. The surgeon told me there was no way they could operate until they got some of the infection and inflammation under control without serious risk, so unfortunately the rotten thing is still inside me, but I have been and continue to be on some heavy duty antibiotics. In the hospital they had me on Cipro, Flagyl and Ampicillin with Moriphine for the pain only after I requested they give me something less strong than Dilotid. I saw two surgeons and both told me that it is beyond them how I was walking around functioning like that. I seriously got so used to the stomach ache that I just brushed it off as IBS and sucked it up. And here all this time I thought I was a wimp rolleyes.gif. Okay, I must go and lie down now 'cause I am pooped. Be back to check in and read back thru the archives.

~~~~good vibes for all~~~~
Geez, Yuefie! Glad you're on your way to getting fixed up. Bleh. Do you have a date for the surgery, or is it to be determined?

I need to get to bed!!
((((yuefie))))) wow. glad you're ok!

*~*~*get well vibes for yuefie*~*~*
(((mando))) (((Yuefie))) ~*~**~*~***~healthy Busties vibes alll around~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Can I just say how much I heart you all? It feels sooooo good to be home! And man, sleeping in my own bed was fab. I slept so soundly that R said he actually had to nudge me a few times because, for the first time since we've been together, he heard me snore tongue.gif

More lovies and hugs for ((((((mando))))))
Christine Nectarine
((yuefie)) stupid gallbladder! hope surgery goes well, whenever it happens.

DM, it's great thing that you are doing for Christmas, especially buying for a teen. i worked in a women's shelter for a long time, and we would get all sorts donations at Christmas time. most often, we would be scrambling to find enough gifts for any teens - they would always be forgotten. glad to know someone is thinking of them wink.gif


Kvetch: parents. I don't want to bore you all with my crazy mother again. It was just a bad morning (seizure after Mcgeek left), topped off by a horrible phone fight. I'm going to go work out and journal.

Wow, a gal decides to spend a few days off-line & Kvetch blows up! Good gravy!

There are so many positive survival stories out there today. It's amazing what science has done. I know far more people who have survived cancer than otherwise, so you have A LOT of great reasons to stay positive! One of my friends was diagnosed shortly before her wedding (she chose not to tell anyone until after the wedding because she didn't want it to affect the big day). Luckily, she was able to fight it off & she has been cancer-free for 3 years this month. And I know a couple of ladies at my old church who had breast cancer & were able to beat it, as well. There are so many perfectly rational reasons to stay optimistic & hopeful! Really!

(((((((((Yuefie))))))))))) You poor thing! My mother's best friend went through the same thing a few years ago. Who knew such a little organ could create such a painful & dangerous situation. I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better & that you're finally home! Take care, sweetie.

Polly! Congrats! That proposal was very sweet. The ring is absolutely to die for! Love it!!!

((((((((((((((((((((((((( all y'all )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Sorry I've been gone so much. Life is fine here, so there's nothing to worry about. I just needed to get away from the internet for a while. With all of my extra free time, I have cleaned out my bedroom closet & watched a ton of TV (mostly the final season of Gilmore Girls on DVD) & played Rock Band 2 with Sheff. He likes to play the bass, while I prefer singing (it's the easiest part of the game if you ask me). Good times all around.

I am so excited that Thanksgiving is this week! It isn't just that I'll get to eat a nice meal with nice people. And it isn't just that Sheff will have extra time off of work to hang out with me. It's because of the dog show!!! I absolutely love watching the dog show that airs after the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It isn't as great as the dog show that airs in February, but it still makes me very happy. Can't wait!

Now I need to run off to pay bills & buy baking supplies at the grocery store. Hope you all have a great day!



Yuefie, that's crazy! You're the third person I know having issues with their gall bladder right now! Lady Selena's husband is having his removed on 12/5 (as is in misery until then) and somebody in the Okay thread- Divala, maybe? ~*~*~*get well soon vibes~*~*~*

Jeez, just realized how late it is- I get out of work in 15 mins, then it's off to battle my way through a couple of grocery stores. I'm making two stuffings, a dessert and an appetizer. Wish me luck!

(((hugs to all)))
((yuefie)) ((mando))

Kvetch: Seizure. I also didn't get the Americorps job I wanted. It was in Oregon. Just general job stress. I'm heading to the grocery store in a bit to get stuff for baking yummy things. Thinking of a pumpkin cheesecake.





sad.gif Sorry about the job and the parents, sassy. That sucks. Yum on pumpkin cheesecake, though!

I've been using for a few months and have been getting very accurate predictions with it. You can put in notes to indicate the day you started your period or just notes throughout the cycle. I've only been putting in notes on my start date, but somehow it "unmarked" them as start dates, and it wasn't giving me a prediction for this month. I thought there was a bug or something, and today I finally noticed what the problem was. Just in time to find out TOMORROW is my predicted start date. Fab-yoo-lous! dry.gif

Well, Happy [early] Thanksgiving!
polly - what a weird and fun idea. I signed up. I'm terrible at keeping track.

{{{sassy}}} sorry to hear about the double suckage.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

cool. i just did it old skool by keeping track on a calendar. i signed up too. if i ever date in the near future, i'm adding the ovulation thingy too. wink.gif

(((sassy))) sorry the folks are being...well...themselves.

Hello ladies! Sorry it's been so long!

Polly, congrats on the engagement. That ring is gorgeous and the proposal sounded so sweet!

(((((Yuefie))))) boourns on the gall bladder! My mom had to get hers removed and she was in so much pain. Feel better. smile.gif

(((((sassy)))) boourns to seizures! But yay for pumpkin cheesecake!


(((((amilitie, sidecar, bunny, tes, star, pixie, kitten, christine, everyone)))))

So, things aren't so bad here. I just found out that one of my profs pushed back our assignments so I can actually breathe! I was getting so stressed out that I could barely sleep.

kvetch: my mom is down and stressed out, mainly due to money (or lack thereof). I wish I knew how to help her out.

anti-kvetch: I have met the cutest guy ever! We went on our first date last week and it went on for 7 hours! I would have to figure that that's a good thing. I can't wait for our next date, he's so cute and I can't stop thinking about him.
Hey! I signed up for it too. I just went off BC for the first time in more than a decade, and so keeping track of my period for the first time in years is weird.

Anyway, remember way back when, we all said we were going to post Thanksgiving recipes the day before, and talk about our dream Thanksgiving? I am having mine this year, as we are hanging out, just the two of us, making a nice meal. Tonight we made stuffing, cranberry sauce and bourbon pumpkin pie. Tomorrow, we'll make the turkey (never done that before, a little scared!), cornbread, brussel sprouts, and mashed potatoes. We're having blood orange bellinis in the morning and probably pinot noir with dinner. And bailey's hot choloate with dessert.

it'll be great! Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate.

((((special hugs for mando, billy & yuefie)))))) you guys, i am so thankful for your health, and hope that you continue to beat all the difficulties you've faced.
Christine Nectarine
hi kvetchies! i'm signing off early this week, going to visit my sister and my best friend in Ottawa. my friend has been having a really rough time lately (her dad is very ill) and it's her birthday, so some cheering up is much in order. maybe instead of using vacation days, i can tell work i'm taking "American Thanksgiving" off? wink.gif

We had some really simply mushroom caps as an appetizer for our thanksgiving:

1. large portobello mushrooms, break off the stem.
2. carmelize some onions, and season with black pepper and thyme.
3. place the onions on the overturned mushroom caps.
4. drizzle with olive oil.
5. place a slice or crumble some goat's cheese on top.
6. broil in the oven until the cheese turns slightly brown (goat's cheese won't really melt) approx 10 min (?)

our menu also consisted of vegetarian-beef wellington, asparagus, sweet potato and walnut casserole and home made apple pie. mmmm.....
Man, can I just say that Thanksgiving had a whole new meaning for me this year? I am thankful for much, including all of you. It has been several years now that I've been kvetching, three years I believe, a while after I started lurking and posting elsewhere in the Lounge. You've been so supportive through all of my ups and downs and I am thankful for all of your love and the fact that even if life gets hectic and I don't have the time to post as much as I used or to catch up as thoroughly, you all still welcome me with open arms. Okay, enough of my mushiness wub.gif

Extra special love goes out to Mando. And Danny too.

and each and every one of (((((YOU))))))

I hope you are all spending the day however it is you wish to be instead of what you are obligated to be doing. To me, that is bliss and something I am not used to. See, I am finding the silver lining this year wink.gif

I hope you all have a great day and long weekend!!

And ((((mando)))), (((billy)))) and (((yuefie))), I hope each of you and your families have extra special holidays.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

I'm so grateful to have all of you in my life.


Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Happy Thanksgiving all!

{{{yuefie}}} I feel like Thanksgiving is the holiday where I get to do what I want to do. Christmas will be my obligation holiday. rolleyes.gif

I started my Thanksgiving tradition the way that I like, seeing a movie the night before. The Geek and I saw Let The Right One In this creepy Swedish vampire flick. I highly recommend it. Then we came back to my place and I introduced him to my familoy tradition of a very late-night bake fest. He didn't seem to find it fun. I was up until 3:30 baking an apple pie and a pumpkin pie. We are going to his parents house for lunch/dinner and then joining my best friend for drinks tonight. I made the pumpkin pie for my best friend and his boyfriend and I just learned that the boyfriend bought a store-made pumpkin pie even though he knew I was bringing one. He said he was worried that there wouldn't be enough. I am so irritated. dry.gif I make good pie.

However, it will be a nice day anyway.

Happy Thanksgiving all!
happy thanksgiving, those who celebrate!

i am revelling in my being HOME ALONE! got out of the outlaw part of the day, because, well, I CAN! my new tee-shirt slogan is, don't want to, don't have to, i have cancer. (yes, as you can see, the twisted humor is kicking in.) i'll be seeing them on saturday for pa-in-law's birthday, which will be a much nicer, more relaxed evening. so i'm just chilling with the dog and cat (who refuse to leave my side, i swear they know something's wrong with me), and in a little while, i'll shower, dress and then walk over to mom's to keep her company while she cooks. and then my boys, and bro & his wife will show about 5-ish. (mom eats late.)

and in BUSTIE-MIRACLE-VIBES news ... my body scans came back negative! ALL CLEAR! plus i got the results of my gyno exam (which i forgot about, in all the excitement) and my pap and HPV were negative also!!!

so it looks like the cancer's "just" in the left breast and two nodes. i find out all the gory details - and hopefully my options - next tuesday. my doc wanted to have all the results before we talked, and since i finally got some GOOD NEWS, i'm fine with waiting til then. (just talking to my doc calms me down. i heart her.) i feel MUCH BETTER than i have since the "you've got a mass" day.

the MRI yesterday was HORRIFIC. fucking torture device masochistic bastids who invented it and i know there's a good reason for it and its results may help save my breast but GAH! thank god i took a whole ativan. *shudder* but if that's the worst i have to go thru ... right? *le sigh*

and i even made another appt to get my color and highlights done next week. even if i'm going to lose my hair, i want to go out in style. besides, chemo may not happen for like a mont or two, if at all.

so, anyway, i hope you're all having a relaxing and stress free holiday. please know i'm so VERY THANKFUL for all of your love, support, caring, prayers, vibes - but most of all, i'm thankful for your friendships. i'd be lost without you all.

(((group hug)))
Checking in for the kvetchie Thanksgiving feast! I brought cranberry sauce! YOu know, teh kind that comes out in can shape and you slice! Yummy!
Fly-by to say:

Mando, that's such good news! (((many hugs and much vibage through Tuesday!)))

Kitten, I should have done one of my late night bake fests. Now I'm rushing to get it done now. I didn't plan ahead and dry out the bread cubes for the stuffing (and realistically, where would I have put 2 pounds of bread cubes that Albus couldn't have gotten them?!?!), so now I'm baking them at low heat for a couple of hours. It will give me time to cut up all the veggies for said stuffing. My caramel for my cake frosting burned. LeBoy is a saint and is going to the store to get store-bought caramels or sauce and picking up my White Castles for the other stuffing (yes, White Castles)

Problems were quickly put into perspective after seeing someone outside digging through our garbage dumpster. If I'd had any food finished I would have taken it out there, but nothing's done. sad.gif

((Hugs to yuefie))

((Hugs to everyone)) I'm so lucky and grateful to have all of you! wub.gif
omg, mando. do you really have a shirt that says that?!? hilarious. (((mando)))

happy thanksgiving to all of you! i'm really grateful for the Lounge bringing good friends into my life. i'm glad i took the risk to post in here about 5 years ago. the chicago busties have been nothing but great to me. smile.gif

(((((mando))))))) I had an MRI in 2003 when I'd been getting tons of headaches for no reason (turns out, it was stress!). I could only describe it as "Kubrickian." It is a special type of hell. And of course, as soon as you go into an MRI machine, you immediately have an itch on your nose, just when you can't move.

Anyway, glad to hear it's localized in one place. Here is hoping treatment will be easy for you.

Well, I just stuffed a turkey with two lemon halves, a bunch of herbs from my herb garden (I moved it indoors) and crushed garlic. It's been in my fridge since Sunday, but a few parts were still icy. I used my hair dryer on it for about 10 minutes and it seems okay. Crossed fingers!

Back again just to say how much I heart you all wub.gif

And man, this was the most relaxed, stress free holiday ever. It was also my first real one with R and the kidlet, so that was really nice. S and her new wifey came down and dinner turned out wonderfully. Even if I did have to have my own small dishes of lowfat mashed potatoes & stuffing huh.gif. R said that when I'm better and can eat that stuff again, he will make me the bacon & leek mashed 'taters everyone else was raving about. I told him, eh, it's only food. The best part was the company!

*Big ol' boobeh squishin' group hug*
(((Mando))) Great news about getting an all-clear on your other tests! And hells yeah, please yourself as it suits you right now. Glad to hear you had a low-stress t'giving planned.

Yuefie, your day sounds great too. Yay for relaxed holidays!

I am jealous of everyone who got to celebrate; I am now holding out for christmas which should be nice and mellow this year. My dad and I will be cooking so we've been putting together a menu. Should be fun.

My job has been kicking my ass. I've been ass-deep in accounts and I hate hate hate hate it. I regularly apply for academic jobs anyway but I'm stepping that up as of this week, even if it means moving out of town. My boss is actually lovely but if I stay here instead of pursuing an academic career I'll just get bitter. Luckily I have a myriad of thesis-related work I can distract myself with... blink.gif

Also RT has been acting up AGAIN. Methinks radical measures may be needed. The mister and I are actually sick of talking about her; lecturing her everyday about losing her keys, not doing her homework etc etc etc has gotten beyond wearying especially as nothing is changing.

Consequently I am very happy it is Friday!!! A weekend of bad TV and a birthday party tomorrow await!

*peeks* turquoise knickers, black bra with nice lace detail...
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