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Bionic tongue? tongue.gif How did I miss that earlier! Dang, I wish I wasn't at work so I could go read LTAS!

I just posted this in the community forum, but I just tried a google search...and the only things that came up with my profile information was unusuable links to the old lounge, so it looks like we aren't subject to google searches anymore!
q, what an ass hat! i can't believe that he didn't even have the courtesy to call to cancel!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

(((((polly's coworker and child)))))) i don't know what else to say, querida. sad.gif

HUZZAH for portions, bionic tongues, and goat cheese!! (not necessarily related, nor in that order)

syb: what the dren is faffing, pray tell?????

okay. i, too, am experiencing the moontime. i have NOT however, been the lucky recipient of portions. this MAY potentiallly be due to the fact that mr. hotbuns is several time zones, continents, a hemisphere away, more's the pity. i DID have an excellent session with my vibe, though.

soooooooooooooooooooooooo, speaking of vibes.....mando???? nuff said.

i think that cutting down trees is always sad, no matter what the reason or necessity.

rosiev: there is something equivalent to the bard in the botanic in CH. can't remember what is it called....maybe something in the round? it is outside, during the HOT summer.

you should check it out, querida!!!

and now, i think i need to go and forage in my frigo for foodage!!!

hugs and kisses and silly silly fishes!!!

Yes, portions so good I had to mention is absolutely correct pixie! Of course, there hadn't been anything worthy of mentioning up until that point, so I am extra blissful about it wink.gif Glad to hear you, Mr Pixie and the mini's had a great weekend.

and I third that syb, what is faffing? inquiring minds and such.

Yay for multiple tes posts! How are you darlin? Hows life in Africa treatin' ya? I keep meaning to go check your LJ, but I'm not as good at keeping up there as I am here.

(((amilita))) wally is just too cute with those long legs of his! Have fun seeing Elvis Costello, lucky lady.

(((mandiluv))) how's my favorite mamabear doin?

(((rose))) yay for sheff related distractions and yummy G&B's chocolate!

wow, what an asshat ((qspice)). how hard is it to pick up a friggin phone and at least come up with some lame excuse. that non calling BS pisses me off to no end, so damned disrespectful. don't people's mama's teach them better anymore?

((((bunny)))) you're so not a boomtown rat, sugar!

(((mornington))) thanks for the MS love, I left messages for you and daph smile.gif

~~~get that job vibes for raisingrl~~~

love and hugs for (((tyger, sidecar, polly, mavin, txplummie, tallgirl, faith, dusty, fina, surly, billy, miri, and anyone I am missing)))

Oh yeah and extra special super duper huge hugs to (((Lys))), in case she's lurking!

and lastly but certainly not least ~~~~~endless love and strength vibes for polly's co-worker & child~~~~ sad.gif

Finally! Finally dawned on me to check for a new linK, rather than keep checking my bookmarked one. Doh!

I had so much to kvetch about but now I'm just tired, so I'll just say I'm glad to have you people back.

Oh, and "faffing" is sort of like dithering, ineffectual moving around, etc. I can't quite think of the right way to define it, but maybe that helps some.
yay (((yuefie)))! *wolf whistles*. Daphne says thank you! (actually, she says "snuffle snuffle", but I think that means thank you. you never can tell)


(((syb))) yay for faffing! (faffing is like procrastinating, or pottering... you're dreadfully busy doing nothing in particular)

(((qspice))) blegh and double blegh on him.

(((pixie))) sounds like a good weekend. And woo for mrpixie!


(((amilita))) ooh, elvis costello! It's true that no-one in london really knows how to cope with the heat. They've started handing out free water at the tube station near work. The bendy-buses are even more like cattle trucks than most cattle trucks.


((((tyger, dm, polly, ***polly's coworker***, sidecar, crassy & mr mcnasty, txplum, tallgirl, billy, faith, surly - I'm just copying yuefie now, she has a better memory - dusty, fina, mavin and everyone else))))

Bustie vibes work! I got the house. It's a converted victorian terraced house - I have a groundfloor flat. There's a living room - which has a futon for my brother the boy wonder when he needs it - and a bedroom for me. Then a kitchen, and obviously a bathroom, and then... a garden! Luckily it's mostly patio, as I'm dreadful with gardening, but I am going to get a few pots for herbs and what have you. and... I'm going to get a dog!

H isn't coming back next year though; there's no point in appealing even though he was really close to passing. I'm going to miss having him around. He crashed on my floor last night - poor silly drove all the way from scotland - and we talked for hours. I nearly fell asleep.

Work tomorrow. It's baking hot and set to get hotter. ohmy.gif If it wasn't so humid it would be ok.

Damnit, I want portions. Grr. /jealous. Although there is a cute policeman... well, cute from a distance, and when he says good morning.

(((anoushh)))! I forgot anoushh! how could I *flings self at anoushh*
double posting, I know, but I had to share the news... Daphne is learning to type. laugh.gif

Or at least jump on the keyboard. She's being very silly, and affectionate too, but she knows she isn't allowed on the desk, or the bed.
I am the queen of faffing around ... I usually call it pissing around, though. I'm eloquent, me.

It is indeed the same tea-house you think of syb and I'm looking forward to visiting as been so looooong and their turkish apple tea is delicious! glad your city-sick for this dear green place (the reason I keep describing it as that is cos it translates as that from gaelic.) Yes lots of great places to eat and not enough time or money to eat in them all! No goat's cheese today mauddammit but lovely prawns and then haggis, neeps and tatties in a gorgeous red wine and chive gravy (30degrees out but I had a hankering). Speaking of my great city, when are you coming through fina?

CONGRATS mornington!!! woo-hoo on house! so who are you sharing with if H is leaving (and big hugs for that)? in the area close to uni you were wanting? Oh and thanks for the myspace message - I'm still very clueless and have no idea how to comment back - it said you had to be my friend? but you are!

yay for tes being here two days in a row!

I too had fantastic portions last night but it's not my moontime (although it possibly should be as I messed around with my pill and cycle a bit).

off to read in bed.


eta: oh daphne is too cute! why are all kvetchie pets the cutest? my cat mandoo is adorable but v silly.
Yes indeed, congrats to mornington & daphne on the house!

And yes and how could I forget anoushh. Darling, how are you doing? So glad to see you 'round here smile.gif

designermedusa, how are you sweetie?

And crassy, how bout you? and the mister?

I'm still reeling over Saturdays 'festivities'. Oh my shoulders really are so sore, I took an advil today. But hey, I am not complaining here. Portions are great, but great portions are even better biggrin.gif Oh and this guy I went out with last week and I have been exchanging emails and MySpace messages frequently. He is a super sweetie pie, and seems really in to seeing me again. I told him that I am not looking for anything more than friendship and while he is fine with that, I can tell me really likes me. He even shared with me that he had another date, and that he had a good enough time with her but kept thinking about me and what a great time we had together, hee hee. It just dawned on me that we haven't even added eachother to our friends lists, we just keep sending messages back and forth. How silly, oh well. I think we are supposed to hang out one night this week.

((((kvetchies & kvetchers))))

Yuefie, Love the new av! By the way I sent you another pm.

Mornington, congrats on the house! That is awesome!

Welcome back Annoush! How's the little bean coming along?

((bunnyb, syb, tes, Rose, and anyone else I missed!)))

Thank you anoushh and mornington for providing the definition of faffing. I too am a champion of this activity bunnyb. However, this morning's faffing time was taken up instead by sorting out a non-crisis: family sort-of engagement party (for me and the mister) this weekend causting some stress. Which obviously seems contradictory but family-wide crossed wires = not ideal.

Long engagements, however practical, can be weird.

Also, I'm wearing new summer shoes which, as usual, are hurting my feet. How do ladies who lunch break in a dozen pairs of shoes each season? It takes me days, if not weeks, to get used to a new pair of shoes.

/spoiled brat whining.

Congrats on the house mornington!!

When I was in London a few weeks back, there were signs in the subway stations saying 'if you feel unwell, don't take the subway', as the subway (IME) is largely un-air conditioned, hence hot as hell. We're not much better over here, where the only air conditioning is in shops. I still like the hot weather though.

Colleague's party tonight. Hooray for parties on school nights!
anousshka!!! yayyay!! how long has it been since i have "seen" you, darling??? and someone asked how things were with the bean???? is that wonderful good news? i've missed a lot of it since i've been gone for months.........

let me know so that i can jump up and down and SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE for you!!

HUZZAH for mornington getting the house!!

yeufie, you are delicious. keep it up, darling. smile.gif or help him keep it up. rolleyes.gif

oh, i also really love that butterfly fairy you have as an icon. that is what i would look like if i was a faerie.

how is africa? that is such a hard question to answer swiftly. it is very different here. things break down. there is no mail service. there is a post office, but no mail carriers. there are lovely beaches here in maputo but you can't swim in them because there is essentially no sewage treatment. the infrastructure here has been decimated by the war.

despite all of that, i love it here. i am thriving. i enjoy my work, which is really good, because i spend about 10-12 hours a day here. i had better like it! the people here are warm and welcoming. they don't like to say no and that sometimes gets people into difficult situations, because they try to do more than they can. human resources are scarce -- we estimate that there are a total of around 600 MDs here for a population of around 19 million. of those 600, about half are here in Maputo. and most of THEM are at desk jobs. health care is really sad. at least 80% of the financial resources for the country are from foreign aid.

the biggest problem here is poverty. and the biggest problem with that is starvation. people are literally starving. i eat at restaurants sometimes, and can rarely finish what is served to me. i always wind up giving it away on my home (walking).

it is the right thing for me to be here. i'm helping a little. i miss my husband. my mozambican attack cat, mimi, is good company.

it would be easier to answer questions, i think. im sorry if this sounds depressing. i'm not depressed! it is just not an easy place to be. you have to be a certain kind of person to do this kind of work, and it makes us all have some sort of strange bond. we are all a little whacko/crazy/strange/weird in a good sense.

ummmmmmmmm. sorry to be a downer in the thread. not really kvetching, even though i know it would be okay if i did. biggrin.gif it's just impossible to give a relatively good overall picture of what it is like here.

i'll be back. tongue.gif
Yay for (((Mornington))), sorry about (((H))).


Happy Birthday Mavin!

I really love how it's at the bottom now and I don't have to remember peoples birthdays or wait for someone else to post it to know!

My anti kvetch of teh week: I am always harping onMr. Pixie for drinking too much Dr. Pepper. Seriously, sometimes that is ALL he drinks. So when my MIl got me drinking green tea this weekend, I bought him soime regular tea. Yesterday as it was 101 degrees and he was rapidly dehydrating, he told me he was actually CRAVING the tea over the pop he was drinking! Maybe I can make him healthy afterall!

And I seem to losing weight again! Yea! I had stopped and starting putting weight on again, but I am making some serious strides in becoming more healthy. Eating breakfast, making sure I get at least 1 fruit and 1 raw/steamed vegetable a day. Not really a diet persea, but it seems to be working.
Did anyone read the news that a doctor and two nurses were arrested for second degree murder (I call it euthanasia) of very, very sick patients during the flooding in New Orleans? Yeah, that's where I worked. And I'm mad. And I just feel odd about it all around.

I hate that the help we got was so lame, and no one is holding the Corps of Engineers legally responsible for the failure of the levees, and then they are going to judge those who were in a hellish situation. And who tried to have some humanity, if what they say happened did, in fact, happen.

Oh, and by the way, I know absolutely nothing. Except that I saw many of those patients who I bet were the ones who never left the hospital. And I fanned a lady. Many of these patients were not fully conscious...I can't say what their level of consciousness was, though.


Pixie, I talked to my mamma this morning, and she told me my sis-in-law was sick to the point of vomiting yesterday because she got very dehydrated...because all she drinks is soda. In fact, if she has her choice, Dr. Pepper. What's in that stuff that makes people hate H2O?

Love her, but she does not take care of herself. She will get dizzy, headachy, feel faint...and then you find out she hasn't eaten all day! WTF?


Yay for getting the house, mornington! Sounds lovely!

Tes, I love reading about things where you are...I find it sad, but not exactly depressing, if that makes sense.

faffing...ahhh. I usually say futzing around. I wonder if they are related?

Anoushh!! Yes, how is the little bean? And how are you?

Love to all!

PS...I posted a bunch of pics of where I live in House of the Gods if ya feel like lookin'. I was all done with my painting and rearranging and stuff.
I dunno what it is about Dr. Pepper, But I think the stuff is pure poison! It doesn't even taste that good to me. Strangely enough, my first husband was a DP addict too. I always feel bloated, gassy, and generally ick after drinking it. I can't be good for people to drink that all day everyday and never water. They even said on the news last night that drinking pop or alcohol will dehydrate you in this heat!/end rant

Stopping by to say hellooooooo!
And happy b-day to MaVin!
And many HUGE congrats to Mornington on the new place!
And I'm so so thrilled to see Annoush around here. Missed you!
And Amilita, I heard that story and wondered if you knew the people involved.
So strange about the DP addiction! I very rarely drink soda, so I simply cannot understand it.

Last night Sheff took me out for Date Night. Yay! We were sitting next to some people who were on a first date, which was kinda cute. We had nice food, nice conversation, & Sheff even told some old stories I hadn't heard before. I feel kinda guilty because I was laughing mightily at one story that involved an ex-girlfriend of his. I'm so wicked! wink.gif We also discussed how to best describe "faffing about". That term is used often in our house. The best similar phrase we could think of is "messing about" or maybe "prevaricating".

Today I have much to get done. Gotta go to the library, do laundry & shopping, etc.

~~!!~~$$~~(( various vibes for all ))~~$$~~!!~~
pixie, you know you're not allowed to steal my blue, yes? wink.gif

happy birthday (((mavin))) - happy day, happy year, happiness always, luv.

sorry, gals, no time to catch up proper. busy at work, prepping for vackay. (and for those of you who remember my hurricane concerns, there's a depression forming off the carolinas. see?! see?!)

and many mwahs for all the thumbs up on mandi vs. fucktard teacher. you guys are my rock, my touchstone, and everything in between ... you know that, right? *kiss emoticon*

and since i haven't the patience, even if i did have the time:
- how do i set my controls so that my default log in is always invisible?
- how do i get it to stop automatically inserting my username and password when i log in?
- yes, i've tried playing with the controls/board settings. a bunch of times.

huge tight hugs and all-purpose vibage for the asking.

(((mando))) I've been "trying on" Colors...I think I've found one I like now.
RV, surely 'prevaricating' dignifies it a bit beyond what is deserved for such a non-productive 'activity'... smile.gif
Syb, I agree! It was Sheff's suggestion, though, so I thought I should incude it. But you know, I somehow feel more productive if I say I'm prevaricating! wink.gif

Which reminds me ... I saw a story in which it was said that a fan approached a celebrity & "began chatting up" the celebrity, but I don't think the author of the piece knew what they were talking about. I mean, there's a big difference between "chatting" & "chatting up", yes?
Yes: 'chatting up' means you want to get your end away, whereas chatting is just... chatting.
I think prevaricating involves telling white lies or not quite the whole truth about something. So you would only be prevaricating about faffing if you didn't want someone to know you were faffing.

I use faffing to mean wasting time. For some reason at work we have several projects on the go that have been made infinitely more complicated than necessary so getting them done is such a faff.

Happy birthday Mavin!!

Bunny, good question, friends of mine there are supposedly having a bbq soon but I don't know when, and I haven't yet got the glass situation sorted, so it might not be until the half marathon weekend? Will let you know if anything definite arises.

Btw the macaroni art turned out fabulous!

About 10 weeks after the onset of the Bell's Palsy I am cleared to wear contacts again as my blink is back. Rock. Cannot wait to wear my sunnies again. My symptoms are almost entirely gone, but if I scrunch up my face there is still not quite the same movement on one side.
Happy birthday (((mavin)))

(((bunny))) I'm going to be on my own - which will actually be nice, as I'm antisocial; H and the GalPals are very understanding about that. I'm looking forward to it. The house is about half an hour from college; there's a bus, but I'm going to cycle. Mostly because I hate the bendy buses.

(((pixie))) yay! you sound like you're approaching losing weight sensibly. And I love green tea; it's delicious cold with lemon when it's hot outside.

(((mando))) have a good hol!

(((fina))) good news!

(((amilita))) that's heartbreaking. I seem to remember something being said when it happened. I can't help but feel the doctor and nurses did the right thing though.

(((rosev))) In our flat, faffing gets called "rest and digest time".

(((tes))) I laugh every time I see "attack kitty".

(((anoushh))) how're you? and the bean?

(((syb))) you put it so well. tongue.gif

(((yuefie))) for being the bestest.


It's hot *fans self*. Apparently it's going to get into the high thirties tomorrow... gah. Same old same old though. One of the horses had a touch of colic this morning, but he was fine when I left. He's prone to it (because he windsucks), and he needs to be fed carefully. Poor Finn was feeling so very sorry for himself though!

kvetch: I'm supposed to be going out with N at some point this week. He was supposed to call me yesterday, I called him today and left a message, etc etc etc... grr. It will be lovely to see him, but I want to know what's happening so I can do other things too!

Right... bedtime *yawns*. Mmm, sleeeeeeeeeep.
Very exciting morninton! and I missed this first time round: you're getting a dog?! WOOT! What kind? where from? are you going to go to a shelter? There's a horse named Finn? That's bunnybmama's name!

fina, keep me posted and glad you can wear your sunnies! It helps in this weather! Supposedly, tomorrow is going to be the hottest in Scotland's history... It was so warm tonight in work that I was sent to McDonald's to buy THIRTEEN icecream mcflurries (cadbury's flake deluxe)!

TES!!! you have internet access at home now? I admire you greatly for the work you are doing, it must be so heartbreaking but also such an enriching experience.

(((amilita))) I have no words and agree with mornington.

anoussh, how many weeks along are you now, sweetie?

speaking of bustie mamas, where's damona?


I like Dr P but I drink it very occasionally and drink oodles of h20. The boy drinks a lot of Coke, and water and milk.

My baklava was delicious as was the turkish apple tea and we sat outside under a tree in the sun and twas divine. I am maintaining a lady-who-lunches lifestyle that i can ill-afford (money and timewise) to maintain!

I have exciting news to share, I got the job I interviewed for on Monday. Mr. DM and I are moving to NYC on August 4th. I gave my two weeks notice today at my current job, and everyone was happy for me. Twin DM is really sad, and that's the only part that's hard for me. She'll move up there soon though I'm sure. Everything is working out splendid. One of the best things is Mr. DM and I will be able to be living where we want and be heading for a bright future before our second wedding anniversary which is the third week in August. It's time to start packing, and getting rid of stuff we don't want to take.

mornington, yay for getting house. What kind of dog are you getting?

yuefie, yay for portions. Also glad to here Sashie is doing better.

Happy birthday Mavin.


MAVIN!!!! happy birthday!!! parabens!!! i'm late, but i love you and hope it was a great one!!! any new socks to report as bday gifts???

DM!!!! wooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooo!!! YOU go GRRRRL!!! i'm so happy for you! new challenges, new experiences! you will love it. it will be so exciting!

congratulations, querida!

yeufie, i hope sashie continues to by day.

am envious of bunny b's day with tea and baklava. doesn't get much yummier than that.

i'm rushing to get this posted before i have to leave for work which is in one minute.

so i had better stop. maybe at lunchtime, if i don't have to take a visitor out for lunch.

hugs and kisses and silly silly barracuda!
Oh yes, Happy birthday Mavin!

Tes, my darling, you are ever so lovely and kind. Sashie is quite well, today was an especially good day for her. We went out for a nice stroll once the sun was down and she didn't poop out on me right away, like she had been. I love my new avatar too, isn't she purdy? I found her a long, long time ago and had forgotten that I had put it on an old homepage of mine. When I first found it I remember the file name being "fat-fairy". I think she is just a fabulous fairy, hee smile.gif

Yay DM, that's fabulous news!!! Congrats sweetie, you deserve it. Some *hugs* for (((DM twin))). I am sure it's hard for you both, but that she is happy for you.

((((Mornington)))) *mwah* I wanna hear about the doggie too.

(((((Bunny)))) mmm, baklava and tea, sounds divine.

(((Amilita))) I'm sorry sweetie sad.gif


My sis and I went out for a drink tonight because my niece is away for 4 days on her white water rafting trip with summer camp and everywhere we went was dead. We tried 3 different places, they were like ghost towns. Where are all the cool little dive bars full of locals with nothing better to do on a Tuesday night than flirt with us?

I got an email from this guy who saw my lame MySpace profile, who lives in the next town over. He actually wrote me because he loves BUST and the fact that I had a pro gay marriage banner there. He sounds like a fun person and now I am intrigued enough to want to meet him. And his pictures are kayoot, especially the one he sent of his doggie kissin' him.

I also got some random instant message on there from this assmunch who also lives nearby. I never even realised there were IM capabilites on MS, and was kind of annoyed by the intrusion. Then he made it worse by asking me what my height, weight and measurements were. I answered "I'm 5'9 and fat", he shot back "5'9 and what?" and I said "I already told you, fat". Then he says "Nice, what about the main measurement?". Of course I know what he means, but I play dumb and say "Are you referring to my bra size?" He says "LOL, yeah" and I said "As flat as a machinists ass" and closed the damn thing out. What a moron! Gentlemen (and I use that term loosely here), do yourselves a favor and don't step to this bitch unless you can be a little more creative than that. You are just wasting our precious time.

CONGRATS designermedusa!!!

Co-worker's son died last night sad.gif. They took him off the ventilator and he was breathing himself and then he died, he never woke up. He was eight years old. I'm down and angry - death sucks and I can't get a grip on it (although I try) but the death of an innocent child is the worst, it seems so pointless.

meaningless kvetch: I have superglue on my index finger, it's aggravating.

QUOTE(mandolyn @ Jul 18 2006, 11:55 AM) *

and since i haven't the patience, even if i did have the time:
- how do i set my controls so that my default log in is always invisible?
- how do i get it to stop automatically inserting my username and password when i log in?
- yes, i've tried playing with the controls/board settings. a bunch of times.

When you first log in, there's two check boxes - one to remember you on the computer and one to log in as an anonymous user. Click appropriately and you're good to go.
((((((((((Bunny's co-worker)))))))))))) Absolutely heartbreaking. Was this their only child?

Many congrats to DM!!! Your dream is finally coming true. I'm so excited for you!!

Fina, you are absolutely right! Oops! Suppose I should tell Sheff? wink.gif And I'm sooooo so glad that you're showing so much improvement. ~~~~~ continued improvement for Fina ~~~~~~

Yuefie, I would have closed the window the moment he asked for the measurements. What an idiot!

Hi, TG!

~~~~~~~ cool breezes for everyone ~~~~~~~

Still waking up. Don't you hate it when you wake up with a headache? Uuugh.

Vibe request: My daddy is having surgery on Friday. It's a pretty new procedure, but we're hoping it will fix all of the problems he's been having with his cancer treatment. The cancer is gone, but the radiation has basically burned holes in his colon. It's been very difficult for him, so I hope this works.

QUOTE(tallgirl @ Jul 19 2006, 09:15 AM) *

When you first log in, there's two check boxes - one to remember you on the computer and one to log in as an anonymous user. Click appropriately and you're good to go.

but only if you use this login page and not the one at the top of the forum. the one at the top uses the default of not remembering you and not making you invisible.

it hasn't quite sunk in yet, but i found out that the mindnumbingly hard, first of two, licensing exam i took in august ... i passed. i think i need a stiff drink. [highlight to see the results tongue.gif]

Congrats Q spice! That is great!

Annoush, dear where have you gone?

Mornington, do tell about the dog! We had a bit of a scare last night. We lost a Boston Terrier in december and we finally got a new one in March, but someoen left a note on our door yesterday that they thought they had found our origional Boston! Thankfully it wasn't ours! I don't want two of them, ya know!

Rose, Sorry you have a headache. I woke up with a pain square in the middle of my back..I don't know what thay is about!

Is it cooler where the rest of you Busties are? It is supposed to 104 freaking degrees today with a heat index of..gulp..112! Holy mother of Maude. I am just not going outside today!

I have the summer blah's too. I do not feel like working today.

The good news is that since Mr. P's dad gave him that new car a couple of weeks ago, we listed his old car on Craigslist monday and already have 5 people interested in it! It will certainly make paying bills between the time he stops working for his father and teh time he gets paid from the school district a lot easier!

Oh and least the crass "gentleman" asked you your measurements online. I met a man online a fewmonths before I met Mr. P. We talked for several weeks, started talking on teh phone and finally decided to meet. THEN, when I can tell teh date is heading straight into the crapper, he has teh nerve to tell me that he never dated anyone who was bigger than a size three! I was furious! I never pretended to be a size 3! I had even mentioned being a bit over weight. Jackass
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Jul 19 2006, 06:21 AM) *
Yuefie, I would have closed the window the moment he asked for the measurements. What an idiot
Oh trust me, it was as good as closed as soon as he showed what an ass he was. I was just ready to amuse myself. Unfortunately he was too numb or dumb to even notice, so I closed it.

~~~headache away vibes for rose~~~ and ~~~~lotsa healing vibes for your dad~~~~

Pixie, what a friggin' jerkoff! I am so brutally honest and upfront with people because I fear I may pop some dude in the kisser if he says something like that to me. I've got little tolerance for people and their shallow views on womens bodies. And boy do I hate when guys think it's cute to say something like "Oh I like it, more cushion for the pushin' is nice". WTF? So you think that is okay to say to me? Didn't your mama teach you anything about respect? And what makes you think you'll be pushing on anything of mine? Must be why the dubasses are eternally single. Or what about the guys who like fuller figured women but are "in the closet" about it, like they wouldn't want to take a fatty around their friends and family. Kiss my entire, huge, white ass!

~~~ back pain be gone vibes for pixie~~~

((((bunny's coworker)))) that is so, so sad sad.gif

Hey tallgirl! How's it going?

~~~~~~~~COOL DOWN vibes for everyone~~~~~~~

Yay Quantum! Rah! Rah! Rah!

Yay DM! Woo! Woo! Woo!

~~~vibes for Rosev's dad~~~ Cancer sucks, cancer treatments are so rough.

(((Bunnyb's co-worker)))

Glad you are so close to being back to normal, Fina.

Mornington, I forgot about the dog part, too! Can't wait for cute doggy pictures.

Yuefie, one guy I met online, when I told him I was "curvy" said something like, "Curvy like hourglass or curvy like round? Because there's a difference!" I was like, if this distinction matters so much, we should just forget it.

I'm depressed still about the arrests of the medical folks and the stupid attorney general here. Bleh. I can't wait 'til facts come out about these cases...partly just out of my own curiosity as to what was going on in other parts of the hospital when I was there.

Saw Elvis Costello last night...was a great show. Had to take care of a drunk friend, which I haven't had to do since...oh, forever. Maybe I did that in high school once. But it wasn't too hard...I was afraid he was gonna get the crap beat out of him as he was somewhat beligerant. At least all the shit started going down during the last encore!

He and Alan Toussaint sang Paul Simon's song American Tune:

"Many's the time I've been mistaken
And many times confused
Yes, and I've often felt forsaken
And certainly misused
Oh, but I'm alright, I'm alright
I'm just weary to my bones
Still, you don't expect to be
Bright and bon vivant
So far a-way from home, so far away from home"

Oh! I was crying, you bet. The words are making me cry now.

Yeah. And I'm looking into counseling! Ha. Seriously, though.
yes rosiev he was an only child and only grandchild. It's devastating and work was very sad although evening shift (mine) were more upbeat as not everyone knows him as he works days. It's beyond my imagination and I feel so bad for the family, so soon after losing his father he loses his son who was his life.

Off to bed (((everyone)))
((rose's dad))

((bunnyb's coworker))

((amilita)) Yay for a good Elvis Costello concert.

((rose)) Boo for waking up with a headache.

((yuefie)) I hate the way guys act online sometimes. Good for you for telling him to F off.

What happened to the kid that made him need to be on the ventilator in the first place?

Kvetch: dinner tonight was a flop! I bought some bratwurt at the grocery store...and we don't have a grill yet, so I boiled them. Neither one of us liked them...they looked liked loped off penises! It was very disturbing!

It is so hot here, we took the car to get a car wash and bought some oil and tsuff to get it ready to sell...we were outside maybe 20 minutes and I came back inside drenched in sweat!Uuugh! Is it September yet?

Pixie, he was riding his bike four weeks ago and got hit by a car and suffered head injuries and was unconscious in the ICU on a ventilator until Monday. It's so tragic. I posted at the time and he was vibed but unfortunately they didn't work in this case.

Maintaining my ladies who lunch lifestyle today by going out with workmates before we go to a presentation at nearby hotel by our new departmental boss.

The weather's broken here after uber hot last few days and looks like we're in for a storm.

Have a great day!
The good news is that since Mr. P's dad gave him that new car a couple of weeks ago,

There's one reason I have to spend more time here. MrP is MY man! Gah! You all know he actually refers to himself as MrP now, right? When he comes up with vegetarian or otherwise healthy specials at this restaurant, he always calls them "Mrs. P's <whatever.>" This week I believe he featured "Mrs. P's Veggie Quesadilla." I reminded him that technically, MrsP is my mother, but what are you gonna do.

And speaking of Ps, you might be interested to know that we are actively planning for to make us some Baby Ps before too long here. Nothing... in the oven yet, if you will, but plans are being made. We're getting ready to move into a two-bedroom apartment next month, I've been in for a physical, and am getting ready to quit with the smoking (again).

(My green doesn't come up nicely on this new background. Can you even tell it's green?)
QUOTE(msp @ Jul 20 2006, 08:58 AM) *

am getting ready to quit with the smoking (again).
Nooo!! I didn't know you'd started smoking again... what made you fall off the wagon?
Wow Bunny! I don't know how I missed that! That is so sad!

msp...Mr. P is short for Mr. Pixie, I get tired typing the whole thing out all the time. He even uses the Id on here occasionally.

They said on the radio this morning that it is supposed to be 107!!! What the heck is with this heat wave? It isn't even August yet! I don't think I remember the last time it got over 103 here! Global Warming isn't a problem anymore, my ass!

And as for your green msp...I have notice the colors are different between the pink martini screens and work safe. I prefer the work safe colors looks green here. The purple I post in is georgeous on worksafe , but kind of Eh on pink Martini.
dear kvetchies: please forgive me, but i REALLY have to kvetch about this, and i can't do it at, without further ado:

It just makes me CRAZY that people won't admit that maybe, just maybe, they share responsibility.

I set up visits to AIDS treatment day hospitals. This involves formal, official letters to the Provincial Health Director, Hospital director an AIDS treatment day hospital.

We have 5 visitors here this week against my decision. One visitor arrived Sunday and didn't want to do what was planned for him Monday, so he went to visit the site that had carefully been planned in order to include the person coming on Tuesday night. The person from NY made this decision, his counterpart here went along with it, NO ONE TOLD ME, and the day hospital director figured that the visit I had asked for was over. SOOOOOOOOO, she wasn't there today. THIS PISSED ME OFF ROYALLY.It also pissed my director off. He told me I was responsible, and I agreed. I told the inhouse person that she was responsible, and she would NOT AGREE, there were all these but but but but buts. So finally I looked straight at her an said, SO, you think it was a good idea to just do this because S told you to, without asking your supervisor? Or HER supervisor (ME) and thus have the original visit that I HAD arranged cancelled?? She finally said No, it wasn't right. But still with all of the but....but....buts....


What a nightmare, Tes. I, too, wish that people would be more considerate about such things. But at the bottom of it all, they truly shouldn't have moved things around on you like that.

MsP! Preparing for a bit of baking, hmm? How exciting!

Thanks for the vibes for my headache, everyone. I think the occupants of this house may be coming down with a touch of the ol' Summer Cold. Sheff's closest co-worker has one & it seems to be spreading around the office. Just more excuse to stay inside & rest in the air conditioning!

As for Dad, I can't believe he'll be having surgery in less than 24 hours. I feel bad that I'm not there to help, but Mom assures me that it'll be fine. It's a new procedure, but fairly simple.

My only bad news is that BestGalPal got fired from her job yesterday. She'd only been there for a week, but she got in an argument with the trainer. Basically, BGP was in her right to be angry with the trainer, but she handled the situation badly. So. She's taking it very well. I just feel bad because I had a feeling she'd hate it there & I bet her that she'd quit within 2 weeks. Now she's trying to decide if I won the bet or not.
Wow, Rose..BestGalPal really isn't doing so well out there, is she? How is things for BestGuyPal? It must really suck to go from owning your own business and being your own boss to have to jump through the corporate hoops again! Especially since we both know BGP is not teh jumping kind. I wish she would come back here and reopen her store! I meeece it!

Tes, there would be heads rolling!

OMG!!! msp!!!! querida, how have you been????? when i first saw your name, my eyes exploded from joy! and Mr P!! BWAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAH!!! remember when you two were talking about doing this? soooooooooooooo cool.

don't worry, your green is deep, forest green from this end! are you still working at the same place? still living in the same place?? i've been awol myself for a while. coming back to a new, improved lounge (YEAH! NO MORE TROLLS OR FUNDIES!!) is one thing -- finding you here is even better! and thinking about having a pea in the pod, no less. woooot!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* successful surgery for rosiev's dad ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

*smooths rose violet's furrowed brow, carefully place cool cloth on her head*

better, querida?

(((((yeufie)))) querida, he doesn't deserve to kiss your feet. banish him from your mind! the boychild is an ass hat douche nozzle enema bag drippy cocked fuck chop!!! BEGONE, i say!

amilita, i admire you soooooo much for all of the good that you are doing. i can't wait to revisit the big easy someday and get to hang with you. MWAH. (we need a kissy icon!!!)

obrigada, pixie. i was really pissed, i'm SO glad that you are all here to listen to me bitch. some days, it is really hard being an upper echelon boss. the girl who messed up is new, and very talented, so i will give her this one. and come up with a new communication strategy regarding visitors and their agendas STAT. this country is seriously hierarchical, which i find somewhat strange in a post-soviet once socialist country. (the street names here are still a novelty to me. Mao Tse Tung Ave. Salvador Allende Blvd. Vladimir Lenin. i still giggle when i walk by some of them.)

*waves hello to designer medusa from across the thread*

vesica pisces -- i KNOW i 've asked you this before, but apparently my mind is NOT like an elephant's. what was your handle before vesica pisces??? i know there was one, i know i know you, and POOF! that is as far as my memory goes.

(((((((((mandomyheart the best mother a son could ever have or want)))))))) special hugs and vibes for you simply because.

i am bleeding. it is my moontime with a vengeance. i am trying out "instead" and i'm still getting the hang of them. sometimes they work like a charm. sometimes they leak a little. and i've learned that i can NOT change them in a multiple stall lavatory unless i don't mind the horrified looks on the faces of the other women when i come out to wash my hands looking like an axe murderer.

am thinking about dinner. it is around 19:30 here. i'm not really hungry, i had yummy fresh crab for lunch, but nevertheless i am thinking about it.

mimi the african attack cat is patting my side trying to get me to go and play with her. i guess i'm done now!

hugs and kisses and silly silly fishes!!!
thanks for the birfday wishes! i had a faboo day. had to work but i brought donuts mmm. then ze love took me to the mall for me to shop my heart out (yay!) and out to dinner. all with the mavacado being watched by a friend. aaah.

now to catch up!

yay mornington for houses and dogs!

**tes!** my love! *smooches* africa sounds like it was a good choice for you. but those stupidheads need to mature and be responsible

can't believe i missed a dr pepper convo! that's my fave soda ever! but i am also weird and make myself drink much water as well.

bunnyb- your mcdon's has cadbury flake mcflurrys?? goddess me! i need to move over theere!!

yay for getting the job DM!

**bunnyb's coworker and fam** that is dreadful

**rosev's daddy**

yay Q!

msp-i think its cute mrp knows he is mrp. ze love refers to himself as ze love, too. hee **baby vibes**

so, today is my day off and ze love is home and ze mavacado is napping and i already got lucky. i feel like a nap... or maybe i should clean. i dunno.

but my friend's kittens are out frollicking and entertaining me. squee!

so i was so bad for my bday. i bought a niiiiiiice skirt for $60 (ouch) and a fab dress for over 100! I am so bad but i need to look awesome for a wedding soon... and uh ze love said he'd pay for half and i feel so guilty! but it was my bday so neener.
Tes, thank you so very much for the cool cloth. Aaaaaaahhh ... so much better! wink.gif
Mao Tse Tung Ave?! Bizarre! Which Bustie has the can named Meow Tse Tung? I forgot!

I tried Instead once & just could.not. get them to work for me. Bleh.

MsP, your font looks like a really really dark green to me. I thought it was black until I gave it a second glance.

MaVin, darling, you deserve nice things! You deserve to look fabulous!

Pixie, I gotta admit that I'm a bit worried about BGP. She was able to laugh this off (she actually had a job interview with another company that afternoon, anyway, so she wasn't planning on staying). But she's only been in LA for 3 months & that was her 3rd job since she arrived. She quit the first two places. The first one was just too far away (90 minutes each way in rush hour traffic) & then she didn't like her supervisor at the 2nd place. But I also fear that she's far less tolerant of working with others & having a supervisor after owning her own business & being her own boss. It's a big adjustment. I suggested that she work for a temp agency for a while, but ... oh, it's complicated.

As for BestGuyPal, he's doing really well! In fact, the job is less time-consuming than he thought, so he's starting up a business on the side (He'll be publishing & selling tarot cards designed by artists he's discovered. Once he's all set up, I'll be sure to post a link to his site). And there's a chance he may be transfered to someplace better within a year. My fingers are crossed!

Don't you hate it when you know there's stuff you need to be doing, but can't remember what? Yeah, I hate that, too.

Things I need to be doing:

1. Lounging in pool somewhere because it is too dang hot!

2. having my hair and nails done because it has been too long since I pampered myself

3. pretending to work because someone quit/or was fired unexpectedly this morning.

Ms. Tesao, I am the Artist Formerly Known as JillieC.

(((everybusty, tesao, pixie, msp, vesicapisces, yeuffie, rosev and whole family, mavin and mavocado and ze love, bunnyb, mornington, Qspice, amalita, tallgirl, mando, designermedusa, and more....)))

Kvetch: Pro. crASS. tin. ASHUN. Damn I have a lot to do. And my home Internet service is out for another week.

Anti-kvetch: am finally kicking the latest boy to the curb, he's just making my life worse not better and what is the point of that I ask you?
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