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((((((sassy))))))) *gets out bubble wrap, pops a few times, starts wrapping right foot. continues popping*

squeeee for wedding stuff (((polly)))! /girly

*waves to ((((qspice))))*

((((pixie, kitten, bunny, yuefie, rose, christine, star, mando, sixie, tes, sidecar, syb, amilita, futura, everyone))))

my boat needs a name. I need it to stop raining so I can actually take her out and go rowing... fucking weather. She's so pretty *happy sigh*
Howdy. Still cramping. Therefore, still cranky.

Pixie, that's amazing about the weight loss! I'm so happy for you! And hooray for regular shoes!

Sassy, sorry your dad was being an ass. What sort of response was he expecting? "Well, Dad, I was just hiking and thinking that I wasn't broke enough and I knew that the fastest way to put me deeper in the hole would be a painful physical injury that would require emergency medical attention. And well, one thing lead to another ... !"

Morn, what kind of names are you considering? I think the bad puns can be good sometimes (nothing I like better than a groan-inducing pun), but I'm a fan of using regular people names for boats. Something like Regina or Judy or Sally. My father-in-law's boat is named Fabien.

Kvetch-y worry of the day: My mom is having surgery on her knee on Wednesday. I hopehopehope it will be okay. I don't know why, but I'm much more worried about this than I was when my dad had both of his knees surgeries. Probably because I think I had a better grasp on what they were doing to Dad, but I still don't quite understand what's up with Mom. Anyway, she has some old episodes of Gilmore Girls and The Cosby Show on the DVR to keep her company as she recovers. And I'm sure she'll call me whenever she gets too bored. But I still worry.

Time for me to return to the couch where I will spend my day cuddling my cat and a bottle of pain killers.
Just flyby, but I saw this link on another website and thought of all the Busties who like tea. It would make some awesome Christmas gifts too.Teaposy
bi-monthly parachute into the kvetch thread...

just wanted to give much love to all you kvetchies for the work vibes a while back. things didn't turn out the way i had expected, but they turned out, and i think it just might be for the better this way (see also: I did it! thread).

so, one giant vibeage/clusterlove to (((kvetchies)))

((pixie, rosev, mornington, polly, christine, sassy, quantum, bunnyb, kittenb, roq, humanist, syb, faerie, star, designer, sidecar, damona, ccg, octobersky, billy, yuefie, mando, amilita, tes... HUGH BREATH... and anyone else i forgot!))
extra tight hugs for (((((((sidecar))))))))

*waves at cocl*

Big ol' squees for rings, pictures in major circulation, new boats, sunny get away's, weightloss, parades, protests/demonstrations, and Obama winning!

boo hiss on seizures, sprains and broken bones, cramps from hell, annoying family/friends, and the bigotry that makes protests a necessity!

Speaking of which I am attending a NO on Prop 8 protest march and rally on Saturday morning. San Diego had the biggest gathering in California so far (10,000 people showed up!), so I know people coming down from Long Beach, LA and San Bernardino for it.

~~~~super duper cramps be gone vibage for rosev~~~~ I am suffering too and have been for the past five days. I think the worst is over, but oy did it ever get bad.

((((mandi, bunny, morn, kitten, polly, rosev, sassy, starg, qspice, syb, candy, sidecar, pixie, dm, sonik, billy, txplumwine, amilita, sixela, tes, damona, dusty, faith, lanie, flanker, prettyinpink, zoya, crazyoldcatlady, christine, roquelaure, lelu, mavin, muppetb, lurkers, anyone I missed))))

R and I spent the day cleaning out my closet and purging a bunch of stuff by donating it to the local thrift store. Then we rearranged everything in the bedroom. I cannot believe how huge my room actually is with the bed turned around and without all that excess clutter! It feels so good. Then I had a couple of vodka cranberry's and caught up on Pushing Daisies.

Can I ask for some good kitty health vibes for our sweet Ziggy boy. He's been getting in to a lot of fights with his dad (semi-feral unnuetered tomcat from next door) and coming home with some pretty bad sores. We've been putting the antibiotic oinment on them and doing our best to keep him in, but he's a pretty stealthy guy and still manages to sneak out. Seriously, he's like a mini panther the way he comes around the corner and jets right out the door. And this is after you were positive he was hiding away somewhere curled up asleep. But ohhh no, he's pretty sneaky, sis. He has taken to Jenny finally. Well, at least he tolerates her shennanigans and protects her too. His girlfriend Roxanne came in to eat and began to lunge at Jenny when suddenly Zig hissed and swatted Roxy a few good times. He then stood in between the two, growling at Rox to get the hell away from his kitty. And he plays with her until he's tired of her and when she crosses the line, he lets her know. She has finally grown in to her eyes and is just as cute as can be. Her favorite places to sleep are on my boobehs or in R's armpit blink.gif
(((yuefie))) sounds like you spent the day that would make any Virgo happy by organizing!! i swear, my dream job is to be a professional organizer for people. i get a high bringing organization out of a heap of chaos.

*~*~soothing vibes for ziggy*~*~*

(((pixie))) oh, thanks for the tea link! i think i want that teapot. so cute.

(((cocl))) yay for job advancement!

*~*~*craps be gone vibes for rose*~*~*

(((christine, polly, sidecar, sassy, morn, bunny, and other kvetchies)))

kvetch: i've felt like death warmed over for the past couple of days. i got this bug from mama. i've missed yoga twice this week, but my body is telling me to just rest and hydrate.

antikvetch: well, the changes i've made in my life are making me stronger in some ways. i credit being more disciplined in yoga and healthy eating for this change. yesterday, i found a table to finish my little meditation altar and plan on getting back into my daily practice of meditation. go me!

can i ask for some money vibes?? i know we all need 'em. but, i'm hoping i can find some little part time job to make some $$ on the side while i finish the dissertation.
Hello all. Sorry I’ve been so m.i.a. – too much on my mind, mega-frazzled, yada yada. You know how life can be.

I know I’m beyond late for this, but morn, i'm so sorry to hear about dorris. poor little critter. she was loved in here.

also late to the party, but I’m grooving on the pic of humanist & the boy – thanks for sharing, polly!

(((sassy))) ouch! Sucks-much-ass about missing coldplay.

Star, you’re an inspiration. I’d so love to see a pic of your meditation altar, if you feel like sharing. I love my yoga class so much it makes me feel wonderful. God only knows why I can’t get it together enough to practice at home.

*money vibes for everyone*
*healthy kitty vibes for ziggy*
*cramps begone vibes for rose*
*happy surgery vibes for mamarose*

Nutshell update:
- mamasan is doing much better. That coumadin is a wonder drug, albeit a scaryass one. Now if i can just find the patience and fortitude to deal with her ongoing depression. I love her to the moon and back again, but the woman is so frickin THICK sometimes. Argh.
- danny’s doing ok. seems to be bonding with his therapist. We’re waiting on the results of the psych/meds evaluation. I fluctuate between being cool & calm (thanks in big part to all of your soothing words in here) & quietly freaking.
- I could use some mysterio everything-be-ok vibes for 3:15 pm EST tomorrow. Forgive the cryptic. i promise to report back in a timely fashion.

(((bunny, amilita, dm, Catlady, pixie, Christine, tesao, billy, qspice, kitten, candy, vacationing sybarite, damona, everyone)))
I've been out too: last week was the fourth anniversary of my brother's death, then I went to a conference in Nashville. While I was there, my mom fell changing a light bulb on her porch and had to have three staples put in her head. She also broke a rib. She's doing okay, though -- they took the staples out this morning and she's been told to lightly exercise on a stationary bike and do some stretching to try and help her heal. Then I flew back and it's been total crazytown at work and home since Sunday.

I hope all y'all are doing okay!

((mysterio vibes for mando))) Comadin is what I'm on, and strangely enough my dad. I'm always worried I'm going to cut myself. I'll be so glad when I'm off it in Feb. Glad mamasan is doing better. Danny too.

((cramps be gone for rose))

Money vibes for all.

Wow, it's been far too long since I've been in here again. Life is quite crazy right now but I've been lurking.

pixie, congrats on the weight loss.

polly, congrats on all the wedding stuff!

(((rose))) boourns on cramps.


((((((yuefie and ziggy)))))

$$$$ money vibes $$$$ for star!

mando, I'm glad to hear that your mom is doing better.


((((everyone else))))

kvetch: after tomorrow I still have 5 assignments left. In just two weeks. And then exams. I will most likely be living off Red Bull and coffee for the next few weeks.

I am trying to keep my sanity and just focus on the fact that school will be over soon.
~!@*~ vibes of all sorts for Mandi ~!*&~

~~~~~~ sanity for CCGirl ~~~~~~~~

(((((Ziggy kitty)))))

((((((((((((((((huge hugs for Sidecar & family))))))))))))))))
~~~~ soothing for SidecarMom ~~~~~~~ Ouch!

I've been ultra cranky & difficult to be around for a few days, hence my absence here. Part of it is because my cramps have been worse than usual (which is REALLY saying something). Part of it is also because of stuff that happened & I'm still pissed about it, but there's nothing I can do. Sometimes when people apologize, it just isn't enough, you know? I mean, how sorry can they really be when they refuse to do the one little thing that will fix the problem? Can't be too fucking remorseful when you won't make any actual effort to FIX the problem, right?
So you see, that's why I haven't been around.

Anti-kvetch: Mom had her knee surgery yesterday & it went really really well. She has to rest the leg for a number of weeks still, but she ways she was able to put weight on that leg today & it actually hurts less now than before the surgery. And she's only taking Aleeve for the pain. So that's really really wonderful. Such a relief.

Anti-kvetch: Some friends called last night & invited us to a free play on Saturday night (The tickets are normally $30, but this friend has connections). I'm not sure what the show is, but it's free & it'll get us out of the house, so that's good in my book.
Hey ya'll. Sorry that I haven't posted. I have been thinking about you all. My computer decided to go BOOM this week. I kept hoping that it would fix itself but today it had to go back to the shop. However the good news is that it was a simple problem that was able to be fixed by the repair guy who looked at it last week. I had spent several hours today thinking that I would need to buy a new computer. So now, knowing that I don't, I am a little dissapointed that I don't get to buy one. However I just cannot make "But its PINK!" a justifiable reason to spend $600 right now on a new Dell.

{{{vibes and love for all!}}}
(((((sidecar)))))) sorry to hear about your mom. sad.gif i hope you can get some quiet time for yourself.

*~*~*mysterious vibes for tomorrow 3:15 pm EST*~*~*

((((rose)))) sorry for the cramps. sometimes, i will avoid people too when i know i am not the best person to be around. sometimes it is best for all involved.

(((kitten))) yay for the computer getting fixed!

(((candy))) sounds like things are going good for you.

i was a baking fool today. i made dinner for the folks and baked cookies for mama. a family friend died unexpectedly. she is only a couple of years older than my mom. argh. i'm pretty fortunate my folks are relatively healthy. it is just a reminder though that my folks are getting older.

It's officially Friday on Bust time and since I'll be in a seminar all day tomorrow, I'll say Hi now. And divulge that the undies will probably be black.

Tomorrow evening and night, I'll be at a sleep lab to see if my sleep patterns are part of my problem. I dumped my internal medicine doctor this week over what I (and my cardiologist) thought was petty and unprofessional behavior on her part. I was shocked and amused at the same time. The cardiologist is the go-to doc now.

Take care, everyone.
Dark blue and very brief.

That is all.

very brief? as in thong? blink.gif
I think sheff means briefs, star. Maybe.

I had a red cup yesterday!!! In it was a dark cherry mocha, which was soothing but a little saccharine; I'm looking forward to as many gingerbread lattes as I can afford this season (not a lot).

(((sidecar))) wow, what a shitty time of it sad.gif.

(((mandi))) sorry I didn't vibe you in time, how did it work out?

(((ziggy kitty)))

(((candycanegirl))) I always hated this time of year for deadlines and such, especially as I love this time of year otherwise.


(((kitten))) boo for poorly computers.


I'm not dressed yet but I have pink and lighter pink striped girl shorts with two blue bows on side and no bra but pink winnie the pooh pjs on top (the trousers are pink with huge darker pink stars all over).

I have a second interview for wine job tomorrow so any vibes would be appreciated. Today I am studying for that and waiting for my first Christmas tree of my own to arrive.
Yesterday I had a lovely day, first with mornington for fish 'n' chips and then dinner with the boy and our new couple friends and then we all went to a best of broadway show where the philarmonic orchestra played.

eta: sidecar & sassy, how is In the Woods?
Billy, hope the sleep tests are helpful. Sorry to hear about the issue with your doc. I hope the cardiologist can recommend someone better.

~*!*~ sparkly interview vibes for Bunny ~*!*~

Star, sorry to hear about the family friend. The baking sounds fun, though. I've been in a serious baking mood lately, but I'm resisting it. If I were to bake anything, I'd be forced to eat it. And I can't do that right now. Grrrrr.

Kitten, hooray for the resuscitation of your computer!

I'm slightly less grumpy today, but traces of grumpitude still remain.

No thongs for Sheff. Briefs? Yes. But I can't imagine he would ever want to put on a thong. Just imagining it is making me giggle a little! Oddly enough, I wear thongs nearly every day. Today: red satin thong.
Christine Nectarine
happy friday to all in bustland!

((rose)) hope you enjoy the show

~~~doctor/sleep vibes for billy~~~

((kitten)) everything is better when it's pink, isn't it?

*waves madly* good to see you back ccg!


((ziggy kitty))


black lace undies, pink bra with white lace. black cotton camisole.

So guess who just bought a new flamingo pink Dell Inspiron 1525? I got my laptop home last night and it still wasn't working. It has just become too unreliable for what I need. I'll be computer-less until right before Thanksgiving as I bought on-line and it needs to be built. However, between school and work, I'll be able to get my stuff done. I'll just have withdrawl symptoms in the mornings that I don't work. blink.gif I am used to checking my email and Busting first thing in the day.
I've never bought a new computer before. The one that I have is stargazer's old one that she sold me. It has given me much joy and may enjoy a 3rd life as my father's laptop. He doesn't need all of the things I need so I am going to get the problem assessed and see if it is worth fixing for him.
I am excited about getting the new one. Having never bought a comp before, I almost missed that I would need to upgrade to get Windows Word/Excel/PowerPoint. I would have been very put out if that hadn't been there. It just seems like something that should be standard. I also upgraded a little so that I could watch DVDs and play CDs on it. Again, I thought that would simply come with the computer.
Now I just have to learn how to transfer my iTunes over. Any suggestions?

{{{mysterious 3:15 vibes}}}
{{{stargazer}}} mmmmm, baking. My best friend got me a Cooking Light subscription. It had several cookies and cake stuff to bake. I am going to try a brown sugar shortcake with my holiday cooking.
{{{hello BustBoys, shef and billy.}}}
{{{job vibes for bunnyb}}}
{{{christine, rose, candycane, all Kvetchies}}}

Yay for improved health in the kvetchie moms! What kind of knee surgery did your mom have, rose? Office manager had his both of his knees scoped on 10/24. They told him he'd walk out of the recovery room...which he did, but they neglected to tell him until after the surgery that in a couple of days the local anesthetic would wear off and he'd be in massive pain for a few days. He was out of work most of the following week, but now he's getting around okay. Usually without his cane, but he's icing them every night after work.

Billy, I hope the sleep tests get you to the core of the problem. Boo on crappy doctors!

Star, so sorry to hear about your friend. That sucks.

~*~*~*job vibes for bunny~*~*~*

Did you pick a name, morn?

Update on The Ring: LeBoy called my aunt last night to ask what the status was, because my uncle never replied to the email I sent him after we found out about the money hold-up. She said the money thing was not a problem; she's still trying to get the perfect stone for me- the one the dealer or whoever brought her was closer to a sapphire- a dark, more opaque blue, which isn't what I wanted (lovely, I'm sure, but not what I want.) She knew that and sent it back. So, we're just waiting for that.

Last night we went to a meeting for our condo- there's all these foreclosed units that aren't paying assessments and it's caused a huge shortfall in the budget, so guess who gets to foot the bill? The rest of the homeowners. A lot of people are really pissed off about it, and I don't think they realize that everyone's really stuck between a rock and a hard place- raise incoming owners assessments instead of the current owners paying it and no one will want to buy here, keeping those units on the market, unpaid. There was a lot of yelling and it's a good thing no one had any torches or pitchforks. A bunch of people want to dump the management company because they think we're getting screwed. I don't know- we do pay a lot ($342/month, but that covers water, gas, garbage pick-up, snow removal, plus landscaping, the pool, maintenance of the common areas and elements) but I don't necessarily think that the management company is corrupt. I think maybe we could switch to a management company that has better connections with landscaping/snow plowers/ pool maintenance, etc. I think the thing that gets me is that there doesn't seem to be an obvious method to how they decide who pays what in assessments. There's so many factors- which floor you're on, if you have a balcony, if your unit overlooks the parking lot vs. the courtyard....and it seems pretty arbitrary who pays what, so there's a lot of bitterness about one neighbor paying less than another.

Crap, it's 11:55 already. I know I should do the stuff I need to do, but I kinda want to take a nap. My Thursday night "come home, take a nap, eat, watch TV, fall asleep on the couch" ritual was broken by the meeting and I didn't get to take a nap and didn't really eat anything. Just fell asleep on the couch and woke up there, too early. I want the nap that is owed to me!

ETA: Guess the "But it's PINK!" excuse won, kitten? tongue.gif I'll ask LeBoy about the iTunes stuff- do you have it on an iPod, or just on the computer? If it's the latter, will you be able to access that if/when you get the old computer back?
ETA: Guess the "But it's PINK!" excuse won, kitten? I'll ask LeBoy about the iTunes stuff- do you have it on an iPod, or just on the computer? If it's the latter, will you be able to access that if/when you get the old computer back?

God as my witness, I did not just buy the comp b/c its pink. That was just a bonus. tongue.gif
My iPod isn't big enough to hold all of my iTunes. It's only a shuffle. I know from previous experience that I will have to reload the iPod to synch it with the new computer. So I need to back up everything that is on my old computer.

i had my annual gyno appt yesterday. and an emergency mammogram & sonogram. and it appears that i have a suspicious mass in my left breast. the doctors were nice & kind, but noncommittal and super vague. i'm thinking it's the worst. spoke with my internist today and she wasn't her usual soothing self. i asked for specifics. she said there are 4 cysts, one measuring 2 x 3 cm.

my breast is actually dented and misshapen, but i didn't notice it until maybe a month or two ago, and didn't feel a lump until last weekend. my breasts are too huge and cystic for me to figure out which lumps are ok and which are not.

my gyno called this morning. she's already set me up with the breast surgeon for monday morning for a biopsy. which i very much appreciate. her immediacy is, however, making me think the worst even more.

i'm thoroughly panicked and shellshocked. i can't get off the couch for very long. i can't have a coherent conversation with anyone. i think i'm in too much shock to even cry.

my mom's being a rock. the boys are being ... boys. i know they're worried and freaking, but i wish they'd not seem so fucking normal and blaise. bossman is my knight in shining armor. he singlehandedly got me on The Good Insurance Plan today, which is a major relief.

so. i could use all the BENIGN vibes you guys can muster, and shoot them in one fell swoop in my direction at 9:30 am EST monday morning. (which happens to be the 12th anniversary of my dad's passing. mommy says he'll send me luck.)

apologies for bringing the place down.

I'm glad to hear your doctors are being so pro-active about this, even if they think it's not serious.

My breasts have the same sort of normal lumpiness and my right side is a good half-cup size, maybe a whole cup-size bigger than the left, so I'm always afraid that I won't know when to worry about something.

You'll be in my thoughts for the next few days and do not worry about bringing us down. We're here in sickness and in health.
*~*~*benign vibes for mando!*~*~*
~~~~benign vibes for mando~~~~~

because my week wasn't awesome enough, i discovered last night that someone in our association currently owes upwards of $2200 in assessments. Back in the spring, I discovered she owed five months in back assessments (I'm the treasurer), and contacted her, at which point she assured me that she was paying extra each month and had worked out a payment plan with our building manager that would have her caught up in a little over a year. I cut her some slack because she lost her job and it took her a long time to find a new one, but I knew she was working and she said she was paying more. I trusted her, because she's been my neighbor for a long time and she was (until today) an officer.

Well, I found out last night, after reviewing our October statement, that she has only payed her assessments twice since then. I called our building manager today, and I found out that she never had a payment plan in place. As it stands, our association may not be able to pay its bills because of her irresponsibility. We are offering her the chance to not have us pursue a lien, but instead of trying, she detailed all the other things wrong in her life, and has offered to pay, well, a lot, lot less than what she needs to. She essentially wants us to give her a free pass, but unfortunately we can't do that. It's just a bad situation. That she's refusing to pay what she owes is problematic, and I don't think this is going to end well. I feel like Simon LeGree. Please tell me I'm not?

B9 vibes for mandolyn!!!!!

Sidecar, I think you are entirely within your rights to expect and demand the money. It is the contract she agreed to when she got the place.
~!!!!!!B9!!!!!!~ super duper benign vibes for Mandi ~!!!!!!!B9!!!!!!!!~
All of my very very best thoughts are winging their way to you. Remember what Polly said: we are here for you! Whenever you need a shoulder to lean on, you've got oodles of shoulders just waiting for you here.

Anti-kvetch: Feeling a bit less grumpy today. Still a tad annoyed, but at least I'm not a raging bitch like I have been in recent days. Oh, the emotional abuse my loved one have endured. It hasn't been pretty.

Anti-kvetch: BestGalPal wants to come out for a visit after Xmas! Woot! I suggested she put off the trip until spring. Then we can go up to DC & stalk the new First Family. Do the cherry blossoms bloom in March? Or is that April? Must look into that.
All my very great thoughts are heading your way. Thirdly, what polly said: We're here for you.

Kvetch: Tummy trouble. I may have to miss the Prop 8 protest tonight. I've been feeling very grumpy as well.
Kvetch: My Americorps phone interview got postponed until the 26th. Granted this job is in Washington(It was one of those days where I started applying for jobs in Portland and Seattle, b/c there's nothing in Georgia right now).... I need a job!! sad.gif

Anti-kvetch: It's not raining.

~*~*~*more vibes for mando~*~*~*

rose, the cherry blossom festival is late march/early april- not sure if that's exactly when the trees blossom, but maybe they know how to time it just right.

Sassy, I'm missing the prop 8 protest today, too. LeBoy failed to mention to me that he was out of clean clothes until last night. and we're going to the prophecy's for dinner tonight, so he will need to wear pants.

I agree, sidecar. It sucks for everyone, but maybe if she had really dealt with the situation sooner, it wouldn't be so hard now.
*~*~*~*~*super-duper strength benign vibes for ((((mandilicious)))))*~*~*~*~*~

darlin', do NOT worry about bringing us down, k? that is what we are here for! kvetch is a support thread at heart. Much love your way and if you want to vent and write out your worries then go ahead and if you don't want to do it publicly then PM/email/facebook PM me or anybody else here.

(((rose and sassy))) and any other (((grumpies))), I'm one of you too with PMS and a prickly mood.

sidecar, I think you are well within your right to expect that money; nobody should expect a free ride.

kitten, yay for pink!

polly, your "so he will need to wear pants" amused me. Hee.

(((morn))) a'cos.


My interview went well, I think. Fingers crossed. Afterwards the boy and I went to a huge new mall which has opened recently and window-shopped (it sucks having no money) and now I'm settling down in front of the tv with a bottle of wine (maybe I can call it job research soon... wink.gif)
((((((mando)))))) *****b9 vibes*****

also, what polly said. and bunny. We're here for you if you want to vent, publicly or privately or anywhere in between


*slips through dusty LJ/Lounge portal*

Mando, I'm thinking of you now and I'll be thinking about you on Monday.
Christine Nectarine
~~~~biggest benign vibes for mando~~~~ be brave, and we are here for you OF COURSE

sidecar, i hate being in that kind of position. however, this woman has been dishonest and that's where i loose my sympathy for her. you are in the right.

kvetch: was looking forward to lots of lovin' time with my man this weekend, since we NEVER have a weekend off together, but it's not really working out that way. stuff keeps coming up and interrupting...grr...

kvetch: it's pouring rain and we discovered a leak from the front window. *drip...drip...drip* need to call the landlord in the morning, yay.
Mega strength benign vibes for Mando--I'll be thinking of you tomorrow morning EST.

And yes to what everyone else has said: you come in here and say whatever you want: we're always here for you (((Mando))).

Fingers crossed on your interview result bunnyb!! My mister was a Guinness taster for over a year btw, and I can say he engaged in a fair amount of extra-curricular 'research'. wink.gif

Sidecar, I'm sorry for the woman's troubles, but lying and then asking for a free pass just doesn't wash. I expect she's not the only one in the building with financial problems either, you know?

Back from vacay, 'twas lovely and sunny and warm but unfortunately I came down with a nasty cold for a few days. Next time I'll book a restorative vacay a week after I hit deadline, rather than 48 hours later. (Such problems, right?) It was lovely to be away though. I read trash, swam in the sea (one of my very favourite things) and hiked around spooky looking volcanic hills and ruminated about the meaning of life. Ideal.

Came back last night to a lovely reunion with the mister and off later today for japanese food to celebrate RT's b-day. It's all good.
~~~~mega strength vibes for mando~~~. I will be thinking of you tomorrow, and sending very awesome vibes~~~~

Parts crossed for your interview bunnyb. That sounds like a really fun job!

Syb, sounds like you had an awesome vacay.

kittenb, yay for computer! I can relate to getting your "own" computer. Most of my computers were always hand me downs (which was fine), but it seems really neat to have my own now.

Kvetch: Missing the protest.
Kvetch: My moon time today.

Anti-kvetch: I have had a lovely day. I went to my first yoga class ever(so great!), and then shopped at Trader Joe's. Not a bad way to spend a sunday I think.

((mando)) Super good health vibes.
Happy Monday all.

I think I am going to be past the point of obsession before my computer arrives next week. I've already checked the order status (keep in mind that I ordered it on Friday. rolleyes.gif ) It doesn't seem that I will get it before Thanksgiving. Oh well, my plans for the Friday after Thanksgiving basically include my sofa and a stack of DVDs so I guess I can squeeze waiting for the Fed Ex guy into that.
The other thing that I ordered on Friday is this dress from Torrid. I ordered it for The Geek's company's holiday party. What do you think? I went to this party last year and had no idea what to wear (the company is more conservative than I am) so I overcompansated and looked frumpy. I like this dress, and like it more looking at it today, but I am still nervous. Does it seem too conservative? I have no idea what to buy and I have often suspected that my current job has ruined me for working in a more normal environment.
I decided to spend some time today listening to Christmas music. I can't listen to news anymore. What I don't understand, though, is why, with all the great variety of Christmas music out there, soes the local radio station plat the same 100 songs every year? Every single pop star has released a Christmas album. Where is my Sarah McLauglin and/or Amiee Mann "Let's all slit our wrists for the Holidays" ballad? I love that stuff.

Sassy - I am evious about the yoga. I did not make the gym much last week and I am stiff and cranky about it.
syb - *sigh* sounds lovely.....
{{{bunnyb}}} job vibes
Polly - I saw the Prop 8 protest while I was in class. IT WAS HUGE! It took over Michigan Ave. For the non-Chicagoans, Mich Ave. is also knows as "The Magnificent Mile." It is the prime tourist shopping place. Taking the street on a Saturday in the middle of holiday shopping season is a BIG deal. I was so excited to see it. biggrin.gif


{{{all kvetchies}}}

QUOTE(kittenb @ Nov 17 2008, 02:00 PM) *
I decided to spend some time today listening to Christmas music. I can't listen to news anymore. What I don't understand, though, is why, with all the great variety of Christmas music out there, soes the local radio station plat the same 100 songs every year? Every single pop star has released a Christmas album. Where is my Sarah McLauglin and/or Amiee Mann "Let's all slit our wrists for the Holidays" ballad? I love that stuff.

That was my sign to start investing my creative energy into this year's Christmas mix ("Chrismacuddles & Gingerbread Latte Kisses II). It's going to be hard to surpass last year's though as that was goooood (in my humble opinion! copies available for anybody interested).

(((mandolyn))), hunny, how did this morning go? I am sure your dad was watching over you.

((((everyone else)))

Haven't heard back about the wine job yet but start at the bookshop in Wednesday; couldn't come soon enough as the boy and I are freaking out about money and have made the heartbreaking decision to forego Christmas gifts to each other, sniff. Did I tell you I bought my first (in own place) Christmas tree? I am incredibly excited about it and put it on my credit card as I have been looking forward to having my own tree for as long as I can remember (bunnymama's tree is always beautiful, last year we had two as in bigger house and I bought tree decorations in the Christmas shop in Disneyword in anticipation of this year biggrin.gif).
QUOTE(bunnyb @ Nov 17 2008, 09:53 AM) *
[color=#33CC00]That was my sign to start investing my creative energy into this year's Christmas mix ("Chrismacuddles & Gingerbread Latte Kisses II). It's going to be hard to surpass last year's though as that was goooood (in my humble opinion! copies available for anybody interested).

Ooooo! Interested!
If the boy has any CDs I'll burn and post ASAP, but if not it may be a couple of weeks, when I'm sending out this year's lot.
Mandi, I've had all of my fingers and toes crossed for you all morning. Wish I could be there to hold your hand!

Kitten, that dress looks perfect! Love it!

Bunny, that reminds me: I need your new address. And some Xmas music would be nice, too, but no pressure. wink.gif

Still feeling rather annoyed with life, but I'm managing to suppress it a bit better. In other news, there's a big deadline at Sheff's office today, so he may have to work late. Hopefully not, though. Everyone else had to work all weekend because they were seriously behind, but Sheff is right on schedule so he got to hang out with me all weekend. So that's nice. I can handle being home alone, but working extra always makes him so exhausted & depressed. It's bad enough that I'm so grumpy lately. We don't need two grumps in the house. wink.gif

Got a lot of yard work to do today, so I should run along.

(((((Mandi))))) darlin', I've had every ounce of ~~~~~postive energy and good health vibes~~~~~ I have aimed your way and will continue to do so. *extra tight hugs*

bunny, I'm interested too.


Le blergh. It's Monday and due to the hot and dry Santa Ana winds around here the past few days, my allergies have morphed in to a cold/sinus infection. My head is so stuffed up I felt like I couldn't breathe all night and I can't taste a darned thing. I found this out while taking nyquil and not gagging on it for a change. A silver lining to everything, right?
((((((((Mando))))))) I hope the biopsy wasn't too horrendously painful (I know they can be worse than full-on surgery). sad.gif
I've been thinking of mando all weekend. sad.gif

*~*~*B9 vibes for mando*~*~*

(((kitten))) i can't wait to see your new laptop. you know, i would always feel bad with the laptop i sold you whenever you had problems. hopefully, the dell will be more helpful for you.

(((bunnyb))) yeah, i hear you on the missing the gifts things this year. i had to tell my folks not to get me gifts because i will need help with interviews for training site. which i don't want to do. dry.gif fake it til you make it right?

(((rose))) i hear you on being in a boo mood. hopefully, the yard work can help you.

(((yuefie))) neti pot is calling you.

hey raisin and DM!

kvetch: well, today is not a good day. anxiety has not been good for me today. i did get on the treadmill. but, i'm feeling a little agoraphobic. but, i think i can get myself out of the house for yoga. i just don't think i'll go with my folks to the wake for the family friend. i hope mama will understand, but i just don't have the mental/emotional strength today. i hate when the social anxiety kicks in.

antikvetch: i am getting things done. laundry, exercise, yoga. i have to give myself credit for that.

(((kitten))) i can't wait to see your new laptop. you know, i would always feel bad with the laptop i sold you whenever you had problems. hopefully, the dell will be more helpful for you.

I always felt a little weird complaining about it. But please don't worry. The computer you sold me was great. It was worth what I paid. I just need more from it now, what with school and all. It might even still be fixable it just isn't worth fixing considering that I will keep needing more from it over the next two years.
I am giving the laptop to my sister to see if it can be fixed up for my dad. He needs a lot less out of it and the cost of fixing might be worth it. I think the problem right now is the hard drive. Not that I really know. rolleyes.gif
But seriously, your computer brought me much joy and many hours of Busting. That was what I paid for. biggrin.gif
drive by...(((((MANDO))))) xo xo
~*~*~completely benign vibes for mando~*~*~
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