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Hey, did you all know there was an election today? Huh. How'd that sneek up on me? rolleyes.gif

I voted on my way home from work this morning. I didn't realize it at the time but I looked like a crazy person b/c my hair was wild and wind blown. I'm suprised they didn't ask me if I had been drinking. Is it illegal to vote drunk? I was early and there was no line. Now I have my recipt and I wish that I drank coffee or lived near a Ben & Jerry's or Krispy Kreme. Apparently some place is offering tattoo removal for free w/proof of voting but I like my tattoo. So I guess I get nothing for voting. You know, except a new president.

I just wish that Illinois was also voting for a new governor.

Congrats on the new job Cristine!

{{{all kvetchies including yuefie who is always great to hear from.}}}

Chicago weather is spectacular today. The trees are bright and glowing w/fall colors and there is a nice breeze. I've opened windows all around my apartment. I think it is a good sign.

QUOTE(kittenb @ Nov 4 2008, 12:56 PM) *
Apparently some place is offering tattoo removal for free w/proof of voting.

Oh good, I can get that "I <3 W" removed from my ass! tongue.gif laugh.gif
laugh.gif @ polly!

When we made it over to our polling place it was raining, not drizzling. We wound up having to park 2 blocks away, and had to walk through several large puddles to get there but the line went pretty fast. By the time we made it back to where to were parked I was rain soaked through to my socks, but yay, I voted! I'm off to change in to some warm clothes and start a pot something warm and bubbly. Be back later.
Oh good, I can get that "I <3 W" removed from my ass!

So just how drunk were you when you got that tattoo? tongue.gif
Ha Ha, Polly!

So here's the Mr.'s conversation with the Subway ladies making his sammich:

Mr.: So are we all rooting for Obama?

Lady: You know, people think he's black, but he's not. He's Muslim.

Mr.: No, he's not Muslim, he's Christian.

Lady: No, he's Muslim. Obama Biden. Biden is a Muslim name!

And she said it with a soft i, no less.

Ha Ha! But also, blink.gif .
amilita, well, i guess stupid is as stupid does.

happy election day! the weather in chicago is perfect for a victory rally. wink.gif

i think i need to work off my election jitters by baking some cookies.
It is a day for baking and Bustin'. I made a pumpkin pie and threw the rest of my apples in the slow cooker. Again my house smells yummy. smile.gif
Christine Nectarine
thanks everyone for the job kudos. to top it all off, today i resigned from my part-time job! i still have to work this weekend before i get to really find out what's it's like to be singley (?) employed. i can't wait!

~~~good relaxing vibes for voting busties~~~
i hope for everyone's sake this election happens quickly and painlessly!

mmm, cookies...pumpkin pie...

anti-kvetch: what a beautiful day! 19 celsius here, average temp this time of year is about half of that!
This afternoon I drove past a group of teenagers standing on a corner with No on Prop 8 signs in my very, VERY conservative town. I actually did a u-turn so that I could drive past them a second time. I was the first car at the corner and the light was red so I rolled the passenger window down and told them how them standing there bravely amidst all the badgering by cars driving by (they were getting yelled at when I went by both times) and the opponents standing accross the street (all the while getting all kinds of support from the cars whizzing by) actually gave me hope for the future. They all cheered and one of the girls cried. I sobbed all the way home.

Then I sent a text message to my eldest niece to see if she'd voted yet, it being her fist election. She wrote back that she hadn't because she couldn't find her ID and didn't know where to do or what to do. I immediately jumped back in my car and drove over to pick her up. I did not give her any coaching on who or what to vote for, I just drove her there and waited while she voted. When we got back in the car she thanked me for taking her because she was just a little nervous and needed a little push. After I dropped her back off at home, I again cried all the way home.

While back at home one of my dear friends (who happens to be a lesbian) from Arizona called me to tell me how her son, who is 10, wrote a school paper in favor of Barack Obama. She doesn't even vote and had never discussed politics with him, it was all his own idea. And on top of that is the fact that they live in a highly conservative and primarily mormon area an d he took a fair amount of teasing from the other kids and didn't care one bit. This, once again, made me weep.

Who me, overly emotional? blink.gif rolleyes.gif

For dinner I made election stew with red and blue potatoes and parsnips for the white. How silly am I? tongue.gif

I'm with christine, pumpkin pie and cookies sound divine! Over the weekend I made a fruit crumble out of apples, pears, persimmons and quince. It was delicious topped with vanilla bean ice cream.

Oh man amilita, that is funny but also frightening huh.gif

pixie, some people have no social graces at all. hope your leg is feeling better!

i'm extremely proud to be an american tonite.
i can't remember the last time i felt that way.
the nightmare's finally over.
i'm verklempt.
that's all.

I'm with mandi, so proud to be an american right now.
OMFG is right!

I'm so happy right now. biggrin.gif

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I now live in a blue state - Ohio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

A president for choice and equal rights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[/size][size="1"]Not to mention I get to look and listen to hotness for the next 4 years......
Oh. My.Goddess!

I cannot believe it.

I am so happy and scared. And tipsy from champagn.

I'll write more tomorrow.

i'm still cryin'. and my boss is sending me drunken YES WE CAN!! text messages, so i don't think she'll at all mind if i stay up watching the news a little longer and sleep in a bit tomorrow, heehee!

the only other time in my life i have ever felt that i am actually living history was on 9/11, and thankfully this is a COMPLETELY different way of feeling that way.

(and he's keeping his promise and buying his kids a puppy! i mean... omg could there be any better person to be president EVAR?!?!?!)
"Its a new dawn
Its a new day
Its a new life
For me (well, more YOU)
And I'm feeling good."

I'm going back to bed. I just had to get up before the boy went to work (we're using his blackberry as a modem) to find out and now I'm happy and relieved and delighted for you all and the world (and that sanity prevails). I'm also glad that I don't have to offer any of you our spare bedroom for four years, as there would be no space for all our stuff wink.gif.

Congratulations (((everyone))))



The Boy Wonder woke me in the early hours to tell me - yay! woo! joy! Such good news

I was there! It was amazing: perfect weather, a good-natured crowd and Barack Obama is our next president!
So excited and proud of us all... I wasn't sure if this would actually happen and now it has!

For the first time the person I voted for has won the presidential election. Roll on president Obama!

I worked until midnight our time then watched TV election coverage. I couldn't stay up all night unfortunately as today's another busy day/night, but I stayed up with the mister until Pennsylvania turned blue. I kind of wish I pulled an all-nighter now.

I'm also so happy to know all of you here and across the lounge have been waiting for this with bated breath too. So chuffed for us all.
This feels like Christmas morning to me. There's so much optimism and hope and joy and love in the air. It's amazing.

You know how I said before that Sheff wasn't planning on watching the election coverage? Well, he got sucked in & watched it all with me, afterall. And he cried with me as we listened to Obama's acceptance speech. And he held me tight as we watched our neighbor's fireworks explode in the sky. It was a beautiful, humbling moment.
every time i hear a person of color on tv talk about this monumental moment in history, i just blubber with tears. as a woman of color, i am torn between disbelief and joy. i'm only 33 years old and even i thought i would never see this country elect a person of color as president. i was watching the View this morning and Whoopi said, "I felt like I could put my bags down for the first time." I just sobbed afterwards.
Well, you know I'm just a middle class white chick from the Bible Belt, so no matter how hard I try, I cannot fully fathom how this feels for the racial minorities in this country, but that aspect of all of this definitely touches me. During Obama's speech last night, nothing made me cry harder than when he referenced the civil rights movement. "Yes We Can", indeed!

I cannot help but think about my little nephews today. I think I've mentioned my oldest friend, A, in here. I have known her since the day she was born when I was 5 years old. We are not related by blood, but we spent so much time together when we were growing up and we were so close that we call each other "sister", so that's why I call her two little boys my nephews.
Both boys are mixed race - half black, half white.
Both are being raised in a home without their fathers around.
Their white mother doesn't have much, but she and her family (parents, siblings) do all they can to support those boys & raise them.
The lives of those boys are so much like Obama's childhood. And to think that those little boys are going to grow up, seeing a man that looks like them sitting in the Oval Office, and thinking that that is perfectly normal ... wow. That's an amazing thing to me. I have cried over that thought so many times, I can't even count anymore. Amazing.

Yesterday I thought, "I am so happy to be alive right now!" I don't think I've ever had that exact thought in my entire life. It's a really great feeling!
Hello all. I feel like my body is decompressing from everything. As in I actually feel like I am getting over a virus or something. Some of that probably has to do with the wine from last night but I know part of it has to do with the stress.
The news has been intense to watch. I loved how great my fav city looked last night on the TV. The Chicago skyline was just beautiful. And I am so happy that Rham Emmanuel has been asked to Chief of Staff. He has always seemed like such a great Representative.
Huh, is this what it feels like to not roll your eyes everytime something Presidential is announced? I think I like it.

On a sadder note: I am watching Ellen at the moment. I wonder what she and every other married gay couple is feeling at the moment. It is like the government just invalidated all of thoes lives.

But, change takes time. I am going to look to the happy. As Margart Cho says, "I have chosen to stand and fight."
Hello all. I just wanted to congratulate the American busties on having a great new president! It was so emotional watching all the coverage last night.

I've heard that there are still a few million votes that have to be counted before the decision is officially made on prop 8, is that true?

kvetch: I am totally stressed out right now. I had a mini breakdown on Monday. I have so much school work to do and not enough time to do it. I have an essay to write and it's like my mind is a complete blank! Seriously, I am going crazy. blargh.

The vote on Prop 8 just means we can't get complacent. Obama's election is probably the best thing to happen to this country in my life (and I too never thought I'd see anyone but an old white man as president in my lifetime, and I am 30) and it's great that we have strong majorities ... but it's not enough. We need to stand up for equality, stand up for protecting those who can't protect themselves (the poor and the sick), stand up for reproductive rights, the environment, all of the things that matter. It's our time, and we need to fight the good fight, and stop hate from spreading.

Anyway! I am so excited, just like all of you. I posted my recap of going to the rally and some photos on my blog if you're interested.

I still am giddy. Chicago was great today. Everyone was walking around grinning, still wearing their Obama t-shirts, talking about where they were ... I could not stop smiling. I really had to restrain myself from high-fiving people on the bus.
Sidecar, I had the weird urge to hug people out in my neighborhood yesterday. I guess people everywhere was smiling. Atlanta/Decatur certainly has been happier. We even shared our table at a pub on Election Night. I'm hoping there's a better sense of community now. Atlanta has become very mean lately.

Fast good interviewy vibes for this Univesity of Washington recruitment meeting tonight please! I'm really nervous! I know busty vibes work.


~!~!~!~ interview vibes for Sassy ~!~!~!~
You will kick much ass. This I deemeth. Therefore, it shall be done.
[nods sagely]

Is life starting to return to normal for people yet? I must admit that I'm still on a bit of an emotional high. I told BestGalPal yesterday that for the first time ever I feel so much hope for the future that I'm starting to think that maybe I should have kids afterall. Yes, Obama may have inspired me to reproduce. wink.gif Other than that, life goes on. Gotta pay the bills, rake some leaves, blah blah blah.

Kvetch: BestGalPal is in a play that opens tonight & I'm bummed that I can't be in Tulsa to see it. She's playing a role that I played once, oh, about a decade ago. It's been fun to chat with her about it, so I'm sad I can't see how it all worked out for her. Oh well.
Anti-kvetch: In happier news, a local friend and I are hoping to go to the opera this weekend, so that should be fun!
I am still jumping for joy about Obama winning. I had to go into the office yesterday, and everyone was so excited. One of my coworkers is really hardcore republican, and we always talk about politics. Well, he didn’t say a word yesterday. He always says bad things about liberals (even though he knows I am very liberal), but yesterday he kept to himself.

Florida is now a blue state. That is cause for celebration.

I was disappointed about the approval of Prop 8 and Amendment 2 in Florida both dealing with defining marriage. But I agree it just means we have to keep going and educating people. I heard some states had anti-choice issues on their ballots, and they failed. So that was cause for celebration as well.

((sassy)) Good luck on the interview.

sidecar, thanks for sharing the pictures from Grant Park. What an amazing experience.


syb, this is also the first time a candidate I voted for in a presidential election won. The first time I was able to vote for president was 2000 as I just missed being eligible for Clinton’s re-election in 1996.

christine, congrats on the job.
I've talked to a couple of people on the phone through work, complete strangers, who are in other places and when they find out I'm in Chicago, they have a bunch of questions- "were you at the rally?" "how far are you from his house?" (totally other end of town, 30 miles away). It's nice to confirm the excitement is everywhere. The office is in a more conservative area within a very blue state, but so far all of the patients who've brought up politics have been pro-Obama.

We did have a weird one yesterday- this woman brought her 90-year-old mother in for a visit. The daughter is also a patient and while in the waiting room, was talking about how exciting it all is, blah, blah, blah. A little while later, another patient came in and was telling us that she was worried about Palin appointing herself to Ted Stevens' senate seat (which I found out later is next to impossible- she'd have to resign as governor and have her lieutenant gov. appoint her). The first patient who was all pro-Obama asked me "you mean, you don't like Sarah Palin?" Um, no. WTF is with people who like her? Especially people who are pro-Obama? What's not to get?

I liked this cartoon that was in Newsweek this week: No shit, right?

ETA: HOLY CRAP! I'm flipping through the Newsweek, this week's issue where that cartoon came from and three pages later, there's a crowd shot of the rally- Humanist and her boy are right in front! In freaking Newsweek!!!
Here's the picture.

I tried to use PowerPoint to put a big red circle around them, but it wouldn't work. mad.gif Anyway, they're in the lower right; the boy is wearing a gray hat, black and white print shirt and glasses and humanist is next to him in the red/orange jacket with black shoulders, and glasses.

Isn't that awesome?!?!? biggrin.gif
**quick fly by**

omg! yay humanist!

i just wanted to let bunnyb know that the red cups are out at starbucks. i got my chai latte sitting pretty in one.

**flies out**
** pops in**

The UW recruitment interview was fab!! I'll write more when I'm less tired. Too much Cuban coffee I guess.

**pops out**

AWESOME pic! How far were you from the stage?!
Absolutely awesome pic!! That is so cool polly and humanist!

Handed in my thesis draft and off to a canary isle for a cheap week of sun, swimming and sleep, secure in the knowledge that when I tell people abroad I'm from the US, I can now be proud!

*black mesh knickers with pink ribbons, unmatching baby blue bra*
Yay for Humanist. What a great rally, and a piece of history. smile.gif You can always say, "I was there!!"

Polly, I love Mike Lucovich. He writes for the AJC, and is about the only good thing in that paper.

Star, what about red cups? Travel mugs?

The UW interview went better than I expected. There was a weird snag as I was getting ready to leave the house. The phone rang, and I thought it was a friend of mine. As it turned out, it was a company who I had sent my resume to earlier this week. She told me that I didn't get the job. The strangest part is that it turned into an interview. I was meanwhile running around the house getting ready to leave, and anxious about the UW interview. She said she did like my resume, but I'm considering calling back and apologizing for my maniac behavior. It was one of those interview inside an interview.

I met the recruiter at this great cafe. She brought an advisor from the masters of sociology. I talked about why I wanted to be in the program, and what I had to offer the school. We ate dinner, and had dessert and coffee. She was selling UW, and how great Seattle was obviously. No other interested students showed up last night. Mcgeek showed up at one point to help me pay the bill (I forgot how pricey this cafe was, and just picked it b/c it was in a good place in Atlanta), and he talked about the math program he wanted to get into. Now, all we have to do is get into the school, and th GRE. It was the first dinner interview I had, and I think I did pretty well. So, go me!
I was buzzing from too much coffee, and key lime pie. They paid for it which surprised me. I didn't think that the meeting would be very long, but it lasted a couple hours.

Kvetch: Seizure last night. Maybe too much sugar. sad.gif I'm still adjusting to an increase in Lyrica. I'm upset, but they happen. I'm just going to meditate about it.

Anti-kvetch: Watched Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown last night, and I looove that cartoon. I forgot how great the humor was in it. There's a book on Charles Schultz that I'm thinking of reading.

Undies: Blue boyshorts.


wow humanist! that's awesome.

((((sassy)))) yay for the interview going well

((((syb)))) yay! enjoy the sunshine

((((rose, sidecar, dm, polly, bunny, star, sixie, dusty, pixie, tes, ccgirl, christine, yuefie, kitten, mando, everyone))))

I bought my boat! And oars to go with it... I think my bank acc just gave out, though. Once again, I'm thinking of quitting rowing - after being told the girls weren't really important, I was told I was frightening and a bitch. I just... don't want to deal with half of them, even though I love rowing and love most of what I do; I'm just not sure it's worth this amount of worry.

On the plus side, my own boat!! there will be pictures...

pants report: white silky boyshorts with lace edging, matching bra.

pretty neat huh? This morning my bf found the photo again on the MSNBC website, and that's when we found out that the photo was not taken by Newsweek, but by the muthafuckin' Associated Press! Which means that the photo is in like a hundred papers and magazines nationwide!

It's a lovely one, isn't it? It has an apt center subject, a panoramic view, city skyline, USA lit up on one building.
I wonder where else it'll turn up~

that pic is fantastic!!! how awesome for everyone!

just looking at it... man, what a moment, what a time to be an american... i'm gonna get choked up again...
Thanks, star! I actually saw a sandwich board outside Starbucks earlier in the week (advertising a dark cherry mocha, mmmm) and I thought they were here and popped in on Tuesday to pick up a red cup (with a dark cherry mocha inside) and was most upset to discover that the sandwich board had actually said "coming on 5th" so I was a day too early sad.gif.

(((sassy))) boo for seizures and I'm hoping you (and me) get a job soon.

yay, humanist! it's cool enough that you were there witnessing a huge moment in history but to be documented doing so is even cooler.

(((mornington))) yay for the boat! what's this about the twunts in the rowing club, though? do you need me to kick some arse (I'd just be some random, violent weegie...)?

syb, enjoy the canaries!!!

rose, are you seriously thinking about procreating? (that's not a judgement; I'm curious wink.gif) boo for your friend putting a dampener on your obama elation.

undies: hot pink bra and white pants with pink trim, "pretty in pink" across ass and diamante breast cancer care ribbon.


Happy Friday all.

I am still groovin' on living in Chicago and knowing that all of these major meetings are taking place just a few miles from my little self. It just makes me proud. Although today's weather is soooooo Chicago! Cold, grey and windy. I've turned on most of my lights and lit some candles to chase away the gloom. I am also making Beef Bourgundy, again, in my slow cooker, so my apartment smells like fall should smell.

Humanist and Polly - Wow, I know and international celebrity! wink.gif I'll be sure to tell everyone. I got my Newsweek today.

bunnyb - at some point you must teach me the secret of always having matching bra/pantie combos. Or just tell me you lie on Fridays and make me feel better.

mornington - I think you need to take one of your oars and start beating people with it. WTF is up with people?

sassy - my friends think I am weird but I cannot watch Charlie Brown cartoons. They depress me. I liked the comic strip though.

undie report - red w/black patterned panties, white bra.

kitten, the secret is to own a lot of pink underwear (or any colour, but in my case it's pink) and that way you are almost always matching! I do own other colours and don't always match but I make an effort each day to have a matching set and make a special effort on Fridays! Although, when I haven't matched on a Friday, I have considered lying wink.gif.

There's nothing like the smell of bacon in the morning.
Not really an update. I'm really happy about the Obama victory, as is Gostozinho (his take on the election, and US politics in general, is ... interesting). I'm disgustingly in love with Gostozinho, my nerdy Brazilian boyfriend. I can't wait for Thanksgiving - I've got a busy week (two midterms, along with two honor society initiations, a lab report, a prelab, and 4ish homeworks).
Happy Monday!

Awesome anti-kvectch: I got to ride my own zip-line yesterday.

Kvetch: I sprained my broken toe. I was hiking, and went into the water trying to cross a rock on a gorge. and fell. I ended up in yet another hospital without any insurance card or anything. Luckily, Mcgeek was with me later. (We were in very Northeast Georgia almost to the NC border, and he got lost). I couldn't walk out of the gorge with a sprained toe so they had to zip-line me across the water. That part was fun. So, an eventual Sunday. I'm beginning to think my right foot is cursed or something. I think I may have sprained it due to my horrible balance.

Kvetch: I think we're going to have to miss Coldplay tomorrow. sad.gif I've waited so long to see them!

Kittenb, you know Charlie Brown cartoons are a little depressing.


Happy Monday, all.


QSpice, sounds like things are looking up!

That photo of Humanist & her boy made my heart soar again. Love it!

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((all y'all))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Kvetch: Cramping a TON. And even 4 ibuprophen won't end it. Ugh. I hate it when my periods are extra rough like this. I think I'll spend my day on the couch, just watching old movies while groaning in agony. Bleh.
Anti-kvetch: Cute attentive kitty cat
Anti-kvetch: Multi-hour phone call with best friend last night. It's nice when somebody gets you, ya know?
Kvetch: I really miss her. I hope someday we can live in the same town again.
mini fly by

Kvetch: My father is such an arse. I called him, and he just said: I'm going to hate that bill!!! Why do you constantlly do this??? Why don't you have a job??? I could die over this!!!

Sometimes, I hate my father.


Going to go watch The Muppet Movie now.

Sorry for the double post.
((Sassy)) Do we need to wrap you in bubble wrap, honey? wink.gif Seriously, though, sorry about the toe and sorry your dad's being an asshat.

((Rose)) Yucky cramping.

I had a decent weekend- went to a demonstration on Saturday night with kitten- the Museum of Broadcast Communications was honoring James Dobson with a lifetime achievement award for his weekly radio show. Some local gay rights groups organized the demonstration outside the awards ceremony. My mom went with and even though it was cold and drizzly, it was a good time- we were on a very busy corner in the city and we had lots of supportive honks, cheers and waves from cars passing by.

Yesterday, LeBoy and I went on a foodie outing with a big group to Chinatown, Pilsen (a Latino neighborhood), Little Vietnam. Then to another restaurant. Needless to say, we ate a lot yesterday. The carnitas in Pilsen were my favorite.

We started new bank accounts on Saturday; ever since Bank of America bought out the local bank we had, we've been less than happy with them- they're very fee-happy. We switched to Fifth Third Bank. Hopefully they won't be as obnoxious. Downside is that they put a hold on the inheritance check since we're new customers and it's a large amount. This means we won't be able to pay for the ring until next week. Shouldn't be a big deal; I emailed my uncle to let him know and said we'd completely understand if they wanted to hold on to it until then. I doubt they would, but I wanted to give them that option. I got samples of potential wedding invitations in the mail today....ok, I'll keep my wedding talk to a minimum and go lurk in the wedding thread.

((hugs to all))
Christine Nectarine
happy monday kvetchies! it seems like many of you have still been riding high on election results for the better part of the last week. we Canadians with out Conservative prime minister look on in envy dry.gif
on the other hand, same-sex american couples are perfectly welcome to come here to get hitched!

politics aside, i hope everyone is having a lovely week!

kvetch: its snowing today and i need new winter gear
kvetch: not digging the commute involved in this new job
anti-kvetch: taking a slew of kids to the Santa Claus parade this weekend. kiddo is really excited. i love not working weekends, and having the cash/resources to do fun stuff with her! i've never been in this position before.

~**~**~Healing vibes for Sassy's toe and Rose's cramps~*~**~*

Polly I detest and loath Bank of America. The ex and I had a small business and our deposits were always large (and this is in a business acct) and they would always put a 10 day hold on anything over $1500!

Kvetch: I thought I had tomorrow off for Veteran's Day, but I don't.

Antikvetch: I was actually able to put on real shoes yesterday and walk around a bit!!

Big Antikvetch: I've lost 17 lbs since August!! Most of it was due to the surgery and not having an appetite, but I am hoping to use it as a catalyst for more weight loss.
That sucks, pixie- it's actually Fifth-Third that put the hold on, but we're new customers, so I understand that. Better than what the woman at the bank told us when we signed up, that they could hold it for up to 60 days! I'm glad to hear your leg is improving, though!
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