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Fly-by between work with not much sleep! At least work has been nice. And it's been chilly, so the cats have been super cuddly. I pretend it's because they love me and not because they want to leech off my body heat.

Pixie, are you able to elevate your leg at work? And are you doing physical therapy? Perhaps they could give you exercises to do throughout the day that would help.

I'm 'bout to run off to bed -- thanks for the anniversary wishes! (six years, RV, and I am jealous of your Fable 2 playing, as it's not on PS3 yet. Sigh. At least my copy of Little Big Planet is en route).

~~moving vibes for bunny~~
~~feel better pixiedust!~~

my hairstylist is awesome, stargazer -- Sine Qua Non, if you are interested in getting it fixed a little.

I have an earache and am going back to the gym for the first time in eons tomorrow. wish me luck!

sassy -- is it UW as in Washington or Wisconsin? Both have good SLIS programs. I went to Madison for undergrad and loved it.
((((sidecar)))) happy anniversary! Little Big Planet looks fun. Maybe I should borrow G's playstation and get back into gaming, there are so many coming out that I want to try.

((((pixie)))) what amilita said. I hope you feel better soon!

((((yuefie))))) yay for the wedding

((((sassy)))) outfit pictures? sounds very, very cute. Hope the bruises fade quickly

((((damona)))) so that's where you've been! Hope the gang's well

((((star)))) the sock monkey is brilliant - yay ((((polly)))))

((((rose)))) feel better soon ((((shef))))


((((bunny)))) acos


((((dm)))) gah on the citizenship thing

((((mando & danny))))



It's f-f-f-f-freezing here, although I seem to be the only person in London who didn't get snowed on last night. (yes, you read that right - snow. it's not even november. fuck you in the ear with a rusty spoon, climate change). Uni work is incomprehensible, I think my lecturer forgets that not all of us do the other course he teaches, so I'm struggling with it.

And sad news: Dorris passed away yesterday afternoon, in my arms. I think she had a stroke, or possibly a heart attack. Very sudden.
((((morn)))))) boo about doris. sad.gif she was an adorable bunny.

(((sassy))) congrats on the engagement party! at least your family is supporting you in your relationship with mcgeek.

(((yuefie))) acos

(((sidecar))) thanks for the stylist info. i did end up scheduling an appt in the city for tomorrow. keep your fingers crossed they are good. oh, and congrats on the working out front! i will support you all the way with the fitness regime. i just need to work on cutting the carbs and sugar. sugar will be my death, i tell ya.

(((amilita))) get some sleep!

(((pixie) boo on soreness.

(((bunnyb))) when obama wins, i think that is a sign that you need to come to chicago. just sayin'. wink.gif

(((rose))) what kind of soup did you make? i love soup. my mom is making a garbage soup that i love this weekend.

man, i think the universe is working something out. i felt horrible yesterday. just completely grumpy and irritable. i hope i wasn't too horrible. i cried really hard in the car with my mom. i just feel like since last week that some weird juju is in the air. maybe it's the election, the time change....who knows.

((morn)) so sorry to hear about Dorris. May she be munching carrots in the big clover-filled field in the sky sad.gif

((sassy)) boo on the seizure, but yay on the ring (we're going to look for ours tomorrow night- whee!) and meeting with the recruiter. Numerous parts are crossed over here for ya! Sorry about the visit from the parental visit.

((star)) I agree- something has been off the last couple of days. I think the PMS symptom I've gotten back since going off the pill a couple months ago is being bitchy and irritable before my period. I had to deal with a annoying patient yesterday and she sent me over the edge a little. I tried not to let it come through in my voice but that's next to impossible. Then today, it's just been non-stop aggravation amongst the whole staff. Office manager had knee surgery on Friday and has been mostly out of the office. There's just been issues left and right, some of them his fault and it's getting really irritating, in contrast to the relative peacefulness that's been going on here the past few weeks. I think it could also be caused by the election. I think no matter what side you're on, and no matter who wins, there's going to be a lot of upheaval in the next few months and probably years. I feel like a lot of people have just about reached their breaking points. On a lighter note, parts crossed for a good haircut!

((sidecar, pixie, amilita, yuefie, bunny, billy, rose & sheff, kitten, sybarite, designermedusa, mando)) ~*~*~[takes a big breath]anniversary, broken leg and work, relaxation and sleep, prop 8, moving, B12 level and insurance company (they are evil!), endometriosis, school, thesis-writing, immigration, mom & danny vibes~*~*~ *gasping for air*

Yeah, it's a little surreal that we'll be looking at rings tomorrow night. After seven and a half freaking years. We're going to my aunt's jewelry store and probably have her sort-of custom-make something. The ring itself won't be a surprise, but I'm leaving when he gives it me up to him.

I agree, Bunny- if Obama wins, you need to visit us. And even if he doesn't, too!

(((Morn and Doris))) I'm so sorry.

Do PM me if you think I can be of any help btw re. tunnel visioned lecturers...

(((morn and doris))) RIP, how sad.

So anyone else watching the Barack Obama Variety Hour?
Breaking news: David Tennant is leaving Doctor Who at the end of the specials. Related: I am sad.
Christine Nectarine
*stumbles in* crazy week...feel so out of the loop...hello and vibes for all who need back soon i *inhales before dashing out again*
{{{doris}}} so sorry to hear about Doris mornington. sad.gif

Wow, rings abounding. Happy for sassy and polly. biggrin.gif

Pixie - how is the leg doing?

sidecar - that really hurts about David Tennant. Of course I am way behind on my Dr. Who viewing. I just started season 2 of Torchwood.



Not have the greatest of days but it could be much mush worse. I got an "A" in my first completed course in school. biggrin.gif Worked my butt off for it, I have to say. I did not get near enough sleep last night. The Geek and I went to a screening of Faster, Pussycat. Kill! Kill! It was weird and funny and really twisted. Tura Sultana was there and was just the nicest woman. But I got all jacked up on caffine and couldn't sleep until after midnight. Then I kept waking up. Not great for a day I had to be at work at 7 AM. blink.gif
Hooray for the A, kitten!

We found THE RING!! We don't actually have it now- it was an empty setting, so my aunt is getting the stone (1 carat round aquamarine), re-sizing it a little and adding a couple more of the teensy little diamonds to the ones that are on the sides already. It's absolutely stunning, has lots of little details that I haven't seen on a million other engagement rings and I love it wub.gif Once I decided it was the one, I tried not to look at it too much while I wore it around the store so that when I get it for real, it will be a little surprise all over again.

I ordered Tana's medication today and it will only be about $40 for a month's supply. It couldn't come too soon- I gave him a bath tonight because he had peed in his kennel and his fur is thinning, so you could see all his pink skin through his white fur when he was wet sad.gif Once he gets on the meds, I hope he will be much better.

Oh, it's after midnight, so I can officially wish everyone a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

Hey, it's me and Tana!
(((Morn and Doris))) So sorry.

Yay for the ring, Polly! It sounds really pretty. Sassy, yay for you, too!

Go, Kitten, getting an A!


The Mr.'s father wrote him an email saying how well his first chemo treatment went...after he had said his cancer was untreatable. We're both confused. He writes very little concrete information. It's still frustrating. His sister doesn't seem to mind the lack of communication. Gah! I feel so bad for the Mr.

Everything else is pretty OK. Tomorrow I go to the gym! Did you make it back, Sidecar?

Happy Halloween all! All I'm doing to mark the day is getting some sweets in to hand out to trick or treaters later, and heading to the new Bond movie. Oh, and not working on my g-d draft which I've been editing and stressing about all week.

I am tired and on the rag and feel frayed. But the edit is going well, day job has been fairly relaxed this week and I have a vacay planned in a week's time after I submit. So there's lots of silver linings. Also heard from the mr on his travels and he's having a blast.

Kitten, awesome work on the A! Well done.

(((Tana))) Polly, that ring sounds beautiful. So pleased you found one you love.

(((Amilita and mr))) That is frustrating. Hope you get some clarification soon.

And... mismatched (but of course) turquoise mesh knickers and black bra. Must get some new underthings when I'm away, visiting a cheaper country...
Boo! I'm in Starbucks checking my mail and thought I'd drop in on you lovely kvetchies.

(((morn))) um, I'm glad I read about Doris before meeting you in 10 mins. Oh, and if I forget to say: I had a lovely day today wink.gif.

star, I think it may just mean that I have to visit!

yay for the ring, polly!

(((pixie, sassy, kitten, amilita, sidecar, syb, rose, yuefie, mandi, damona, everyone)))

The move went well and we're settling in. It still sucks but we're getting over it! It helps that it's been a fun week with a Toni Morrison reading on Tuesday night (when we were snowed on) and Neil Gaiman TONIGHT - I'm so excited! Before that I'm having lunch with morn and visiting a bookstore I am incredibly excited about going to (persephone books for anybody interested).

undies: dusky pink bra with cream lace trim and matching pants.


((((((((((((((Morn & Doris)))))))))))))) I'm so so sorry to hear about this, Morn. You've been through so much this year. My heart goes out to you.

Polly, congrats on the ring! How exciting! Be sure to give Tana a gentle head scratch from all the Bustie Aunties.

Sybarite, you're going to the new Bond movie? How? It doesn't open in my neck of the woods for 2 more weeks. We are huge Daniel Craig/Bond fans in this house, so we plan on seeing it opening night. Can't wait!

Amilita, wha?! That's just bizarre. But I suppose it's good news, right? It means the Mr's dad might have a chance afterall. So it's strange news, but it's good news, too, yes?

Congrats on the fabulous grade, Kitten!

Glad to hear the move went smoothly, Bunny.

I had a feeling that David Tennant was going to leave Dr. Who, but that doesn't mean I have to be happy about it. I wish they'd still find a way to have a proper, new series of the show in the next year. Sounds like we may not see a new Doctor until 2010 at the earliest. That's crazy!

Anybody have any plans for tonight or this weekend? I'm staying at home & handing out candy tonight, but tomorrow Sheff and I will go to the annual Halloween party hosted by our friend, Dave. We're being a bit crap about costumes this year. We decided last night that I'm officially going as The Dude from Big Lebowski and Sheff is going as Ralph Wiggum, despite the fact that he looks nothing at all like Ralph. We figured we'd just write "Idaho" on a piece of paper and pin it to his chest. So I guess in reality, Sheff will be dressed up as Ralph Wiggum dressed up as the state of Idaho.

Undie report: Fuchsia pink bikini bottoms.
But the best part are my socks! Green knee-highs with blue whales all over!
(((((Mornington and Doris)))))))

Polly that ring sounds amazing!

Happy Halloween!

Thanks for all the concern on my leg. I guess I got some sort of infection, though I am not sure it's related to the leg, but I've been running a fever off and on since Monday night. I started a round of antibiotics and I am feeling much better. I have even been hobbling around a little today without assistance. I have crutches and walker, but both seem like overkill right now. A cane would be perfect.

I am dressed as a witch here at work today. It makes me happy.
Happy Halloween!

((morn and doris))

Polly, that ring sounds fab! Pictures please! I have a sketch of mine, which is basically two pictures that I saw mixed together. I'll see if I can post it. Now, we just need to pay for the deposit. The real fun will be getting the actual wax model of it. I think it's awesome that I helped design it. smile.gif

Pixie, I had both crutches and a walker for awhile getting over the toe. It did feel like overkill, but I liked the walker more. Then again my balance is really bad due to the cp.

Mcgeek and I are heading to a party on Saturday. I have no idea what to be. I figure Mcgeek would be something math or science related. We're going to be around a bunch of science geeks.

Bunny, color me envious about Gaiman. I'm glad the move went well.

Rose, cool socks!

Kvetch: Of course, the parents coming. They're bringing wine. Ha! So typical of them! Maybe we can play drunken Wii bowling. I'm going to make some yummy spinach dip. Mcgeek will be home late, I'm just worried about 3rd degree (Why are you not working?? You're overweight!!) from them. Ugh. I'm hoping they'll play with Zoe a lot.

Anti-kvetch: I lost a pound! This is fab considering all the candy I ate this week due to stress.

Undies: sports bra and pink boyshorts.

Happy Halloween!

I got to see Chewbacca on the bus going home from work this morning. Full costume including gun. Pretty awsome at 7:20 AM. I also got to see Little Red Riding Hood joggin with a banana on the Lake path. biggrin.gif I never get trick or treaters since I live in an apartment building, but I always buy some candy, just in case. Last year, I passed it out to costumed kids that I passed on the street. Today, on my way home from the grocery store, I saw a two year old dressed in a soldier costume. His mother was walking him around early, I guess 'cause he's so young. Luckily I had my candy that I had just picked up so I was able to treat him. The Geek and I are going to a party. I am dressing as "Flo" from the Progressive car insurance ads. It's an easy costume and I think she is so cute. He is going as a crayon. I'll try to get pictures. If we didn't have a party I would be happy to stay at home. It's "that time of the month" and I am not loving it to death.

bunnyb - pls. give Mr. Gaiman a big hair-grabbing tounge kiss for me, would you? Tell the boy not to worry, it's from me and has nothing to do with you.

{{{patience with the parents vibes for sassy}}}

Great pic polly. biggrin.gif

{{{leg vibes for pixie}}}

{{{amalita}}} Maybe the chemo will at least give him more time.

pink w/flowers and white bra.

I promise I will post pics as soon as I have it. I still feel like I really want it today, so that's good. LeBoy looked at bands for himself while we were there, titanium ones, since they're cheap, durable and unique. He found a couple that he liked, but couldn't decide. He doesn't have to choose for awhile, and I told him to think about it, keep looking and see how he feels in a few weeks.

So you're having a ring designed just for you, sassy? That's so cool. Having something very different is important to me, so if I didn't have any luck with finding one already made, I was going to look into that.

No exciting plans for Halloween- we're just going to LeBrother's house and having a little family party. Crap it's almost 2:00 and I have to shopping for the salad stuff I'm bringing. I still have to take pictures of Albus & Tana in their costumes!! biggrin.gif

((amilita & mr. amilita)) I can see where that would be confusing and conflicting. I hope you get the straight story and it works out soon.

((more hugs for morn & menagerie))

((hugs for everyone)) I gotta go!
((((polly)))) they look so cute! I love Tana's hat! and yay for the meds, hope he feels better soon.

((((sassy)))) acos

((((kitten)))) oooh, pictures please smile.gif and yay for the A


((((pixie)))) hope the temp goes down.

((((amilita)))) I hope you get some clear news soon

((((syb)))) thanks for the offer! unfortunately, it's the one physical geography lecture I have - but thankfully now he's gone through it properly, it's not so bad. Until the mental swedish lecturer comes in after reading week and confuses the fuck out of me as usual.

((((sidecar)))) nooooooooooooooo! I loves him so sad.gif

((((bunny)))) for cheering me up. and enabling me.

((((mando and danny))))

((((christine, candy, sixie, tes, everyone))))

Kvetch: the trick-or-treaters who

The pants report is as follows: plain white t-shirt bra, which appears to have become too small as I'm getting doubleboob. White bikini with blue lace and little birds printed on them.

So... yes, I met Bunny, we went book shopping and had a late lunch in a little cafe... I bought many books, including a book journal so I can organise my reading. And I dragged her into picadilly to buy handle tape for the oars. It was good and I feel much cheered after seeing her.

Other than that, the usual rowing politics (I'm adding it to the long list of why relationships with people on the same sports team are a bad idea) and I'm racing on sunday morning (if the weather holds up). I also have to claim back money off the uni (and the crews racing)... thankfully next week is reading week and I'm going to get away from it all by writing up and inventory and four-year plan. My new name is Captain Organisation McMornington... blink.gif
Polly, those pics are great! I loved the pic of Albus in his wizard hat (ha!), but the photos of Tana really stole my heart. So cute!

Is it weird that I prefer photos of fur babies to photos of human babies? Do you think that's why I don't have kids of my own? Hmmm.

Mronington, I am in awe of your 4 year plan. I don't know what I'll be reading next week.

~*~*~*~ healing for Pixie's leg ~*~*~*~*~*~*

Kitten, was Little Red Riding Hood holding a banana while jogging or was she jogging wth another person who was dressed up as a banana? The residents of the Rose-Sheff household need to know!

Sassy, congrats on the weight loss! Here's hoping the 'rents get nice & toasty, resulting in them being extra pleasant to be around.

Bunny, please with a report on Mr. Gaiman please pretty please please.
For the die-hard fans out there, you can watch Neil read The Graveyard Book (the whole thing!) on his website. I've only watched chapter one so far and, oh, is it amazing!

We've had a good night so far. We've had about 25 trick-or-treaters in the past 2 hours, which is much better than last year when I think we had just two. There are TONS of girls dressed as fairies this year! The boys have been far more interesting. One boy was dressed up as a chef. He had the proper hat & everything. Very cool.
Star, I thought this article in the New York Times was's about medical students and burnout. I hope it's not unwelcome. For me it just illustrates what a tough process it all is, and that everyone is suffering, even if they hide it well.

Happy Halloween everyone! We were gonna go to an art thing, but stayed home instead. Thanks for the cute pictures, Polly!
hallo, kvetchies!!!

go kitten! rock that A!!

((((((mornington and doris))))) i couldn't believe it when i read that post. you have had such a rough time of it this year, querida. V glad to hear that you got to hang out with bunny b mine today! big HUGS!!

speaking of the bun, HURRAH for getting moved, and for seeing toni morrison AND neil gaiman! color me GREEN with envy! (oh, and the pants report? yours sounded so lovely!)

little faerie kisses for pixie's leg!

so much fun to hear about everyone's all hallow's eve! not a big event here. in fact, not an event at all. (except among the US expats)

those photos are WONDERFUL, polly! ("and THIS is what i think of this hat!") hee. photos of furbabies always make me happy! (rosie v, i agree with you on this one - the only human babies i really want to see photos of are of my grand nephew, finnboy)

and all of the RINGS in here!! woooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooo!!! can't wait to see pix of them, too!

polly - you should see if any of the jeweler's will let the mr. "test drive" one of the rings. mr. hotbuns flat out said that he wasn't wearing a ring. i balked. mr. hb said he would ruin a ring. so the jeweler pulled out the one i liked (made mostly of platinum) and insisted he wear it for the weekend. he was SURE that he was going to slam his hand in the car door and ruin the ring. silly boy. he has NEVER slammed his hand in a car door. rolleyes.gif

sassy, you won't be sorry that you helped design your ring! it will make it distinctively YOURS!! my ring was designed by mr. hotbuns. we went ring-shopping and he took note of what i liked and didn't like, and then went to the jeweler's.....there are lots of significant things in the ring - like six small matched sapphires that stand for the number of years we dated before we got married. it's wonderful to know that there is no other ring like mine in the world, it's so romantic.

kitten, MUST see pix of the geek as a crayon! heeeee! i'm afraid i don't know who flo of the car ads is, sad.gif

(((((((((((((((mandomyheart and danny)))))))))))))))

i'm CRUSHED about david tennant. how? why? the world is indeed lesser without the doctor. and my sister the healer (who was just here with me) also tells me that gil grissom is leaving CSI? *rends clothing*

which makes me think of undie report - yesterday/friday: purple satin pants and matching brar; today: boring baby blue cotton, no brar. still in skimpy pj top - white with lots of different colored butterflies all over it. didn't wear the bottoms to bed. too hot.

mornington, please tell us what your kvetch about trick or treaters is??? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

sassy, hope that the evening with the 'rents went as well as possible, that they played with zoe a lot, made no annoying comments, that the boy got home early and that the wine helped a LOT. ((((((sassy)))))

rosie violet, m'dear, have made my reservations for thanksgiving! am hoping that you and sheff will be able to dine chez nous on tday (but will understand and be thrilled for you if you get to go home and see your family!!!!) your socks sound SO CUTE!!! i'm so glad that i'm not there to witness the gag-making ads re liddy, and i'm practically peeing my pants that NC is purple!!!

briefly speaking of voting: i voted last week via absentee ballot. i faxed it in. it was very strange. but cool, in a way. not all states allow voting ballot return via fax, but NC is one of them. so backwards in so many ways, but definitely cutting edge on this issue!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, inquiring minds like rose violet's and mine can't take another second of not knowing if the banana with little red riding hood was a costume or not! (some friends of mine and i went to a costume party once dressed as the fruit of the loom fruit. i was the grapes. it involved purple tights and leotard, a green leafy felt hat with curling "vines" made of wire wrapped with green florist tape and LOTS of purple balloons)

(((((amilita))))) here's hoping that you get more information soonest. and that it is of the best possible kind. he wouldn't have mentioned chemo if he wasn't really getting it, would he?

warm, happy, blue sky vibes to everyone else that i've missed: ((((((((billy bonka, star gazer, syb, yeufie, side car, damona, everyone and that includes YOU)))))))))

BIG hugs, little kisses, and silly silly little fishes to everyone!!!!!
I heard there was a little earthquake in Texas and Oklahoma- you ok, pixie? And rose's family?

Ugh, 5:50am and I'm awake. I fell asleep on the couch at 11:00 and woke up awhile ago. I need to feed the dog and get in my real bed.

We're going to the Mexican Museum with the prophecy's and stargazer today. I need more sleep before we do.

Bye bye!
It has been far too long since I've been in here. I just wanted to say hey to everyone. Halloween was awesome last night!

Hey all!

Love the pet pics! So cute!

I wasn't aware there was an earthquake here yesterday, but for the record, we have more earthquakes per year than anywhere else in the country. They are just so small, very few are noticable.

Rose...kinda Safari's near your parents place, a handler was attacked and killed the other day by a Liger (lion/tiger x) while a group a pre k kids were there! blink.gif

Halloween kinda sucked for us. Everything was going well until the Mr. picked up his minipixie. His battery chose that exact moment to become defective, so it took a couple hours to figure out what was wrong and get a new battery so we were late starting the trick or treating. Micropixie did not appreciate his costume and ended up sleeping for most of the adventure.

But Micropixie took some steps this morning and made us very happy. Lazy little bum should have been walking before now, but prefers to crawl or be carried. And I was able to do quite a bit of walkign myself yesterday. It feels good to finally be getting back to normal.

((((love to all)))
Sorry for the confusion. Little Red Ridinghood was running alongside someone dressed as a banana. It was very funny.

Halloween was nice. A few people said my costume was nice. All I know for sure was that it was comfortable which was just fine.
Last night The Geek and I went to a lovely restaurant for our anniversary. So, of course, my stomach decided to get "sensitive." I was able to eat, food actually made it better, but it really hurt and it made me so tired. I fell asleep about 15 minutes into SNL. Such a party animal. Then I forgot about Daylight Savings Time so I woke up was too early and went to the grocery store. I think I went in before they were supposed to be open but they had left the dor unlocked, so what can you do? Today will be spent on the sofa just not feeling great.

My school decided to cancel all evening classes on Election Night b/c of the Obama rally that is being held about 3 blocks away from campus. So now I can spend all Election Day trying not to freak out. I am going to a friend's house in the evening so I think I might kill some time by baking. After I vote, of course.

Sorry about the tummy, kitten- what restaurant did you go to?

Yesterday was fun! We drove with the prophecy's to the Mexican museum, where we met up with Star. Saw the Day of the Dead exhibit and the other stuff they have there. Then we went to a cute little Mexican restaurant in the neighborhood that was a little more expensive than we thought it would be, at least for entrees, so we all ordered off the breakfast menu. We were going to see a movie, but we had a few hours, so we drove up to a cupcake place, got dessert and sat there for awhile. The move was sort of eh. Called Fear(s) of the Dark. I gave my thoughts in the Reel Life thread, so I won't be redundant. Then we went across the street to Borders and perused for awhile.

I bought my first piece of propaganda from the Wedding Industrial Complex. Just a magazine, specifically for Chicago weddings. I need some ideas for venues. There was a book there, an entire book, on how to write thank you notes for your wedding. blink.gif If you can't compose a thank you note, you're not ready to be married.

Pixie, it's probably a good thing micropixie's only walking about as well as you are these days.
Polly, it sounds like you had a good time!

Kittenb, Mcgeek and I got invited to a election night gathering at a local bar. It should be fun.

Kvetch: My parents coming up to see me. They brought two bottles of wine, and luckily Mcgeek came home early to help me not freak out. It was just odd having them in the house. They seemed to totally forget that I lived in an apartment. They were mainly there to see Zoe, and that was cool. We ended up heading to a local restaurant, and we left before my parents starting grilling me about my career choices. My father is so anti non-profit, and doesn't like the fact that I'm wanting to go to grad school. I'm beginning to realize the more booze they have, the before every one is around each other. The wine did help very much!!

The Halloween party we went to last night was a lot of fun. Mcgeek and I are very hungover.
I'm hoping to get a CAD model of the ring to show everyone here. It's so rad!!

Rose, adorable pics!


(((amilita))) thanks for the article. smile.gif i appreciate you thinking of me. i definitely agree that the "accepted" pressures or norms of med/doc school are outdated. i mean, we know scientifically that lack of sleep decreases brain capacity. however, we still encourage residents to work obscene hours to prove their skills. something is amiss.

(((kittenb))) laying low is the best thing when not feeling well.

(((pixie))) acos

(((candy))) what was your costume for halloween?

(((sassy))) well, it sounds like things weren't too bad with the folks.

as polly mentioned, we had a great time yesterday. great food and company. i had a dream about cupcakes this afternoon. we went to this cupcake place that was awesome.

kvetch: i'm wondering if i need to cut back on the tea that has even a "little" caffeine in it. i did ok with the coffee yesterday. but, i seem so sensitive with it in my system lately. i've been waking up at 3am for 2 nights in a row.

(((tes, rose, syb, morn, bunnyb, and other kvetchies)))
Hooray for MicroPixie finally starting to walk!!! I guess he was just waiting for you to get off of those crutches and show him how it's done, right? wink.gif

Billy, are you out there? Did you watch the race yet? PLEASE tell me you saw it because, oh! my! GAWD!!!! Ohmygodohmygodohmygod. I'd love to hear your take on it.

[blows oodles of kisses at Tes]
Darling, you know there's no place I'd rather be on Thanksgiving than at your house with your fabulous friends and family. If you want me to bring anything, just let me know. You can even give me a specific recipe to make. Whatever I can do to help, honey lamb. Seriously.
And yes, I'm THRILLED that NC is purple (and leaning blue!). I voted over a week ago, so I am ready for this to finally be over. I think if Obama is declared the winner of this state, I may go out and obnoxiously blow my car horn as it sits in the driveway. It will be time to party! There will be dancing in the streets!

Polly, just wait until you see the magazine dedicated solely to wedding cakes. Madness!

Hi, CCGirl! How are you? How's your mom feeling?

Sassy, I went to a Halloween party last night & I, too, was rather hungover this morning. We can be miserable together, okay? wink.gif

I'm still a bit dehydrated. But boy did we have fun! I met a few new friends (and exchanged a few e-mail addresses) and drank some very strong White Russians ... which is probably why I had the courage to sing along on Rock Band 3 times. It was great!

Costume report!
Me: The Dude from "The Big Lebowski" (hence the White Russians). Only a few people got it, but the ones who did loved it.
Sheff: This was a sort of costume-within-a-costume (and a subtle one at that. He was Ralph Wiggum from "The Simpsons" dressed as Idaho for a school play. Here's a pic just to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. Nobody understood the Ralph Wiggum part of the costume, but plenty of people were amused by the Idaho sign.
Ok, rose, I would have been in the group of people who both recognized and appreciated those costumes, so where are the pictures of you and Sheff actually in them?!?!? laugh.gif

Can we start the Kvetch Thanksgiving virtual feast yet? Maybe we could post stuff in order of the courses? Or is that asking too much? Eh, it all ends up in the same place anyway!
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Nov 2 2008, 08:57 PM) *
Billy, are you out there? Did you watch the race yet? PLEASE tell me you saw it because, oh! my! GAWD!!!! Ohmygodohmygodohmygod. I'd love to hear your take on it.
I'm assuming you're talking about today's F1 race? Gostozinho (my Brazilian boyfriend) was totally enchanted (I was doing homework), and he was thrilled that a Brazilian won, and quite disappointed that the Englishman won the championship by a point. tongue.gif He rambled about it for quite some time afterward, and I must admit: smile and nod was my response (but he's used to me being completely uninterested in his races tongue.gif)
Unfortunately, we didn't get any pics of us in costume. I totally forgot to take some before we left the house & nobody at the party had a camera. It's okay, though. Honestly, we weren't terribly convincing! Sheff is far too tall & thin & has much too much hair to ever look like Ralph Wiggum. And frankly, I looked much more like Jesus than The Dude with my drawn-on facial hair. I actually considered changing my costume at the last minute, but decided I really wanted to have a good excuse to drink White Russians all night. wink.gif

QSpice, I'm definitely talking about the F1 race! I am a big Lewis Hamilton fan (the English guy) so those last two laps were VERY VERY stressful for me! I was so worked up that I literally made myself sick. Seriously, I missed most of the post-race interviews because I was stuck in the bathroom. But oh my, when Lewis passed Glock on that last corner & then crossed the finish line & we knew that he had won the championship, I wept. I honestly and truly wept. I also felt bad for Massa because he has improved so much this year & I'm sure it was hard to lose the championship by one point in front of his home country. But mostly I'm just thrilled for Lewis!!!

My only Kvetch: too many shots of Hamilton's Pussy-Cat-Dolls girlfriend. I hope he develops better taste in women as he matures. wink.gif

Welcome to Monday everyone. I am still not feeling 100%. I don't know what is wrong with me. I am tired and jittery and my stomach feels like it wants to feel crampy but it isn't. I think I can just write it off to pre-election nerves. This campaign has been going on for years and I just can't take it anymore!

Okay, now that that is out of my system...I spent most of yeaterday lying on my couch. In the evening I went to see Tropic Thunder at the Brew'n'View. Can anyone tell me if Humanist was there? I'd swear I saw her but couldn't get her attention.

Polly - I am going to run the Virtual Holiday idea across the Communtity Forum and then start it in Ab Fab. I had a conversation w/my mom the other day that reminded me about it.

{{{all kvetchies}}}

oh, kitten, i swear the universe is working stuff out. big time. in the afternoon yesterday, i felt really anxious all of sudden. i woke up tense this morning. bleh.

*~*~*soothing vibes for kitten*~*~*
I got Obama rally tickets.

I am SO EXCITED. I am ready for it to be over, but I feel really good about things this year.

(((everyone))) gotta try and corral my energy and get some work done.
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Nov 1 2008, 12:12 AM) *

Bunny, please with a report on Mr. Gaiman please pretty please please.

Ask and you shall receive! It was FAB. He was a little bit, um, prickly though from lack of sleep and this first part of his blog: "(I learned that it is not a good idea to let your cellphone ring when I'm doing a reading and tired. Nor is it a good idea to take photo after photo when the house-lights have been left up, the digital click on your camera is too loud, and I'm heading for a good bit.)" refers to the boy; oh yes, indeedy, it does. Unfortunately for us the boy remembered to turn his personal phone off but not his work phone (but really, who phones with a work-related matter at 7pm on a Friday night ferfuckssake?) and cue stern telling off from Neil and public humiliation; we fared better than the photographer though, who was a professional and so annoying with a very loud clicking shutter. Neil was lovely to us when we had our books signed so it's all good; the boy was pretending to be someone else to not draw further negative attention to himself but Neil brought the phone incident up and said that it was ok, that these things happen and that he could hardly take the moral high ground as the previous week his phone had rang after he had delivered a lecture to another poor unfortunate (my words, not his). Our little chat with him was one of the many high points of a fabulous reading, an entire chapter (five) read in his chocolatey, dulcet tones and a very funny Q&A session afterwards, questions from weird and wonderful fans which ranged from dr Who (will he be the next? will he write an episode?), the US election (he has retained his British citizenship and was reticent in offering an opinion - in stark contrast to Toni Morrison!) and his mate Jonathan Ross being a twit (the Brits will get that one!) Oh and I'm really enjoying the book smile.gif.

rose, I watched the F1 too! talk about a nail-biting last two laps.


tes, my pants ARE lovely wink.gif; it's one of my favourite sets and I have the same in torquoise but the pink is definitely top of my list.

((((morn, syb, sassy, star, ccgirl, sidecar, polly. damona, dm, dusty, pixie, yuefie, mandi, q'spice, billy, everybody)))

I have an interview tomorrow for a job in wine (keeping my options and my palate open) and should have internet access next week.

All parts crossed for the election tomorrow!
Rose, I've not watched it yet. I was out of town this weekend, so it's on the DVR. I've read about it several times and you're description was great smile.gif But....... I did see Texas Tech beat #1 Univ of Texas Saturday night. Beating UT is always sweet.. beating them when they are #1 is delicious. OMG, that was also a nailbiter. Tech deserved it; the success of UT rested in a handful of plays.

The bookmakers (who haven't been wrong since Woodrow Wilson) say it's Obama's election. If it comes to pass, this is going to be a great week smile.gif
Sidecar, my dad, who's from chicago, has been saying he would so love to go! Unfortunately, he's many miles away... and tickets are sold out anyway, I believe.

Dudes, I'm racing towards my submission deadline so will be here at home working all tomorrow night. If I stay up late enough I may catch the early results on TV. In a way I'm glad I have thesis-work to distract me... I don't know how I'll sleep while they're counting the votes though, and I have work the next morning.
Christine Nectarine
helllllllooo all
i loved reading everyone's hallowe'en reports! sorry yours wasn't so good pixie!
boo for mondays indeed kitten! i'm with you. but the whole debacle is over tomorrow, n'est pas? *fingers crossed for all you USA busties*
in better news, and as an excuse for my recent absence, I GOT A NEW JOB! just in time too. my contract for the last one ended friday, and they only offered me this new position last wednesday. hence crazy running around and getting organized (not that i am yet) and whatnot. not totally sure how this new position will work out, but for now it's a paycheck, and for that i can't complain.

>>love to all, and special vibes for a good election tomorrow!
Man, I feel like I just can't keep up with kvetch these days. I'm all promises of coming back to catch up and vibe everyone individually, but by the time I make it back there's tons more posts to read and if I don't just jump in I'll invariably wind up staying away even longer. Whew.

Okay, so here' all the ~~~~~super strength good for what ail's ya vibage supreme~~~~~ for (((YOU))) that I can muster!

I am so sorry to hear about Doris, ((((morn)))) *super tight hugs*

I can so empathize kitten. I have such bad pre-election nerves, my stomach is in knots and I don't think I'll be able to sleep much tonight.

(((kvetchies, one and all)))
It's election day finally! Just wanted to give ((Busties)) some happy election vibes. I can't really focus on much else. ((Obama/Biden))
Woo! I just voted in, like, 5 minutes! I was all set with my coffee to stay awake in some super long line. Yay! Happy election day! Now I'm just home, jacked up on caffeine!
Happy Election Day, gang! It's raining here today, so I'm extra glad that I got this out of the way about 2 weeks ago. Now I just need to occupy my time so I don't drive myself insane before the returns start to roll in. Remember how I made myself physically ill over the F1 race last weekend? Well, just imagine what may happen to me tonight. Ugh. I think I better go stock up on Tums & Pepto Bismol.

Sheff isn't very interested in watching the election coverage. He has decided that he'd like to watch the 2 hours of coverage on Comedy Central, but that's it. I have a feeling he's going to read a book while I'm watching the results tonight. That's so bizarre to me. I know he doesn't get to vote, but he still lives in this country and it's such a historic event, you know? I don't get it. Oh well. Better than nothing I suppose. Maybe he's just super sick of it all & is waiting for it all to finally be o.v.e.r. already!

Congrats on the job, Christine!

~*abc*~*abc*~*~ extra-sparkly fabulous writing vibes for Sybarite ~*abc*~*abc*~*~

(((((Yuefie))))))) Just stop in whenever you can, okay? I think I can safely speak for everyone in the thread when I say that we love hearing from you.

Ways I'm occupying my time on this super-stressful, historic day:
1. Exercise
2. Watch re-runs of Gilmore Girls
3. Run off to Trader Joe's for groceries & survival food
4. Avoid coffee. My stomach is already in knots. No need to make it worse.
5. Poke about on-line. Tell myself that I'll only check happy sites like Cute Overload, but end up reading news stories anyway.

Ugh. I've never felt so nervous about an election before. Is this the way it always feels on election day in the swing states? Oof!

I had some horrible nerves when I got to my polling place. I don't know why. I do believe the universe lately has been messing up. I just want it to be over with. I got into a huge fight with my mother trying to convince her to vote. I'm still very bloated from the weekend. I really need to get more water in my system. I've just been cranky too. Very PMS like.

I went to a career fair last night. I mainly went to get advice on the admissions process. I don't want to get a masters in non-profit management, but I'm worrying now about taking the GRE, statement of purpose, etc. I am meeting with an University of Washington recruiter on Thursday to discuss library science, and am going to prepare for it like an interview. I still haven't decided masters in literature or masters in library science. I suppose I should apply for both. /

Anti-kvetch: Election party tonight at a local bar. smile.gif

Christine, yay for new job!
Hi yuefie!
Syb, good luck on the submissions deadline.
Hi billy, wearing grey today?
Bunny, so glad the talk was FAB! Drooling over you seeing Neil... so cool.
Sidecar, that's awesome about the rally. smile.gif
Hey star!
Rose, I would have recognized you and Sheff. There was a guy dressed as Hunter S. Thompson and Alex from Clockwork Orange and I was the only one to get them.
Polly, Thanksgiving feast sounds like the blast.
Tes, I'm so excited about my ring. I found this great design store in Seattle, and they're going to ship me all the wax models. I couldn't find anything in Georgia that was like the store. Everything was so plain here.

((everyone I've forgetting))

Happy election day! PJ, R and I all have the day off, so we are grabbing some coffee and going to get in line. It just began to drizzle here and looks like it might actually rain, so I am digging out the umbrellas and bundling up. I don't think any of us really slept much last night. I figure when we get home I will distract myself with making something for dinner tonight that is long and slow cooking, and try not to bite my nails down to nubs!
Here's my election story:
I stopped on my way to work. Everything was pretty normal during the actual process except that there was an Independant runnign for congressman that I had never heard of. Disliking both the Rep and Dem candidates I was tempted, but I didn't feel it was responsibile to vote for someone I know nothing about so I went with a lesser? of two evils.
But as I was hobbling out to my car on my walking boot, some weird old lady yelled and asked me if Ihad broken my leg...I just nodded. Then she starts going on and on abotu how she broke her leg and they put her in a boot and it made thinbgs worse...yada yada yada. Weird quack follwed me to my car and tried to engage me in conversation when I got there! I just quickly locked my doors, turned on the engine, and drove away with a quick, you're weiord wave. Not that I think the lady was dangerous. We live in a very quiet town. I was just amazed that she would have the nerve to follow me to my car to talk about an injury gone wrong while I am trying to remain positive and concentrate on my healing.
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