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Hey amilita! I made the crust from a recipe in a cookbook called "Almost Vegetarian." It was actually really easy; I'll send you the recipe when I get a chance.

((((thinking of you and mister)))))

BTW, all this "real Americans" and crap that the Republicans are spewing is really upsetting me. To paraphrase "30 Rock," just because I believe in abortion rights and think gay people should be able to get married doesn't mean I don't love America. And I'm also so upset that the party that has no problem co-opting 9/11 into their messaging can also make casual references to how New York and Washington aren't "real America."

I hope that everyone sees through this.
Christine Nectarine
((roseviolet)) sometimes we all NEED a day like that. get your filters and such as you must, and then take care of yourself.

~~~mando's mamasan~~~ so relieved to hear they determined the problem. hope you're able to breath through it, and then focus on recovery.

((amalita)) I’m sure you know as well as anyone, but those of us in the “helping” professions need to be EXTRA certain to practise self-care. it sounds like you’ve got an already difficult situation not being helped by a lot of big emotional stuff. it sounds like you have been able to step back and connect all the dots at this point, so here’s hoping you look after yourself, so you cam be there for your Mr when he needs you.

yay for desert camping, pot pie, good jobs, Democrats, and productive days
boo for teachers who shouldn’t be, cramps, and uncertainty

(((((((((MandoMomma)))))))))))) Glad to hear that somebody has a good idea that might actually work! Sorry it'll take so long to see the benefit, though. Keep us informed, k?

((((((Amilita)))))))) My heart goes out to you. You're such a good person who does so much to help people, so it only makes sense that you want to do all that you can to help your husband at a time like this.

Yuefie, your story about your best friend and Prop 8 made me cry. Honestly. It breaks my heart that people who genuinely love one another can be denied the right to be together. It's so phenomenally fucked up. Well, at least they can get married now & it'll be valid for a week & a half, right? Perhaps that's better than not doing it at all.

Polly, sounds like you were forced to relive the wacky teenage politics of high school. Ugh! Congrats on getting out of there alive!

Hooray for voting, Billy! I may do that today. I just need to write down some notes on a piece of paper first and, of course, muster up the motivation.
~*~*~*~ vibes for helpful, good news for Billy's appointment ~*~*~*~

Christine, how's the girl holding up? Is she getting sick of being pulled around in her wagon?

Star, that comes from an episode of "Just Shoot Me"? Really? Because Sheff says that all the time, but I doubt he's ever even heard of that show. So strange!

Amilita, the recipe for chicken pot pie I used the other day comes from America's Test Kitchens (aka Cooks Illustrated). It's a lighter version of the classic, but it tastes great! It's extra easy because it doesn't use pastry crust (which I hate to make). It has a bisucuit-like topping. Very tasty stuff.

((((((((((((all y'all)))))))))))

I'm feeling less down today, thank goodness. Yesterday I stayed in a terrible funk late into the night. I was just so down about the state of the world, American politics, my struggles with weight loss, blahblahblah. Just before bed I remembered a silly website called "It's Lovely, I'll Take It!" which I hadn't visited in a while. It's a collection of bizarre photos found in real estate listings. Made me giggle more than I had in days & did a good job of picking up my spirits. So yay!
I with you on that, Rose. And what really frosts my ass is the people who say things about not understanding why they are rushing to get married or the "need" to be married. Yeah, easy for those of us who were born with the right, to say. I keep asking them to put aside their own ill feeling towards matrimony and to try and imagine being told they could NOT marry the person they loved if they chose to. And the sad thing is that I've heard this from people I'd never expect it from.

R and I have been flipping the bird to the Yes On Prop 8 sign twirlers in our neighborhood. I know it's immature, but it makes us giggle. I really despise living somewhere the majority actually believes in that crap dry.gif.
Thank you for that blog post, roseviolet I had been feelin vaguely dissatisfied with my apartment due to the scratches on the floor and the chipped paint on the radiator. Looking at those pics, now all I can see is a spacious three room studio that is filled with sunlight and has a view of the Chicago skyline. I'm never moving.

yuefie, your post made me think of something I had to learn when examining white privlidge "In the abscence of privlige is knowledge." Meaning, you know what you don't have but the people who have the privlige might not be aware of it.

sidecar - that is one of the reasons that I say that I am an real American. I am tired of other people telling me what that should mean. I am a real American. I disagree with my government and refuse to simply lie down and take it. Real Americans fight for their country.

There is speculation that Obama will be having an election night celebration (oh please goddess!) in the park right by my school. I have class on Election Day evening. I am strongly tempted to stay downtown and linger by the park party to see if I can see anything. Of course, I am sure if the party does happen, security will be insane.


Everything went well at the neurosurgeon's office. We looked at the MRI and he told me the anamoly was a "congenital rarity" that he'd seen 2-3 times, and was of no medical significance. That's good news smile.gif We'll see what the internal medicine doctor has up her sleeve next.
i got to peak into the lounge sooner than i expected! smile.gif

*~*~*hair stroking, soothing vibes for rose*~*~*

(((rose))) sorry you were feeling down yesterday. some bad juju must've been in the air yesterday. it seemed like alot of my friends were not feeling well. boo.

(((kittenb))) you have a great apartment! the downside of our school being close to the downtown park. blimey. oh, and you white privilege talks makes me think you will be able to handle the diversity class at our school. it is pretty intense.

(((yuefie))) acos

kvetch: i think mr. fatty mcfattness is lonely without his brother around. he is a needy cat, but he has been unusally needy, crying alot, and wanting to be held. they were cuddle buddys. i'm almost tempted to tell my mom we should get another cat for him to have a companion. sad.gif

antikvetch: the working out and good eating continues. yay! i don't know if i'm losing weight, but i know i am feeling happier. if i can get my weight to where i was 2 years ago. that would be cool. now, to add to the insanity...i think i'm going to kick the coffee habit. i've noticed that i get bad heart palpitations, difficulty concentrating, and increase in anxiety after drinking it. not good.


ETA: Yay for good news Billy!
Star, we have a lot of cute kitties at my shelter- nothing like a kitten to bring some energy into the house. Let me know if you're interested, I'll hook you up wink.gif

OMG, rose, that blog is hilarious. So many dumpy houses that people are trying to sell, but what amazes me more are the nice ones that people do horrible things to- that one that looks newer (albeit, sort of cookie-cutter, sub-division-y) that someone painted Pepto-Bismol pink from top to bottom? Egad. Haven't these people ever watched HGTV?

Billy, I'm glad the MRI came back clear! I assume you still have to do something about the symptoms, though?

Gah, my boss/cousin found out that her brother and his wife are McCain/Palin supporters and have a sign in their front yard. She's so...disappointed, putting it mildly. He was not brought up that way and we're sure it's his hick wife's doing.

Yuefie, I'm ashamed to say, I haven't really been following the whole Prop 8 thing. I know it's on the ballot- things aren't looking good? That's so fucking infuriating. ((S & girlfriend)) What will happen to the people who got married under the current law? It's just null and void?

((((Mando-mom)))) Glad they finally have a diagnosis, hopefully this brings some relief. ~~~ongoing mamasan improvment vibes~~~

Great news billyb, keep us posted!

((((Amilita)))) It's very different, but I worried for my mister when his dad was in hospital last summer... all you can do is be there for whatever he may need, and try not to worry too much for now. I'm sorry too for your experiences but as you say, you will be able to provide that much more understanding and suggestions.

Gotta go...
hooray, billyb!

Amilita, I used a crust recipe from Almost Vegetarian (savory pie dough) and then modified the filling recipe from Cooking Light. I cooked a bunch of veggies (cauliflower, green beans, corn, carrots, leeks, and celery) in chicken broth, then pulled out the veggies with a slotted spoon and added 3/4 milk, 1 cup flour, and an egg to the broth. Once it was all mixed in, I put the veggies and some shredded chicken back into the sauce before putting it into the pie.

(((yuefie))) I wish S so much happiness. I am really hoping Prop 8 does not pass and that the prop on factory farming passes, too.

...anyway, off to bed with me. good night, lovelies!
Yum! Both the biscuit top and the pastry top sound good. I'm totally craving pot pie...maybe next week. I wish the weather felt more fall-like - we've only had a few days like that, where you wear long sleeves or a light sweater.

Thanks for all the vibes and advice about the Mr. and his dad. I'm doing a lot better with it...I think it takes me awhile to accept powerlessness in any situation! I hate it, but I can deal. Now just wait, and like you say, Syb, be supportive of the Mr. as needed.

I wish S. a lot of happiness, too. A lot of the people I work with are democrats but super religious and think being gay is a sin. Welcome to the south!

Billy, that's great! I'm wondering about your symptoms, though, too.

And Rose, I've totally been digging that site today. The Mr. is gonna love it; he looks at real estate ads for fun and shows me funny ones sometimes, but there's never been a random picture thrown in, like of a stuffed animal or whatever! Ha.

Star, I think kitties do so well with a buddy! I didn't realize it until I got my oldest a brother, now I don't think I'd ever just have one.

I've been off work for the week and it has felt good. Haven't been getting as much done as I like, and haven't been eating or exercising as I'd like, but heck.

Now due to you busties, I'm craving pot pie! Heh.


Billy, glad the MRI came back okay.

Rose, I almost got on that site last night. I had really bad insomnia last night for some reason.

Star, get another cat. It may help.

Yuefie, I hope Prop 8 doesn't pass.

There's not much going on here with me. I've been still going to that job workshop, and I think that the woman who runs it is just a weird personality. I'm heading to a few job fairs in the next couple of weeks.

Kvetch: My parents are coming up next week right near Halloween. I'm proud of myself for getting them to confirm a date. Although, my mother freaked out at me b/c she thought we were selling the house. She used to be an real estate agent, and I just wanted an rough estimate since we put in the bathroom. Ugh. I got such a long lecture. I just don't want to hear a looong diatribe about how much she hates Obama. I'm just having anxiety about them seeig the house for the first time. She doesn't like pets anymore, so hopefully they won't be here long.

Anti-kvetch: It was such a great time with my friend last weekend. She's one of those people you can just re-connect with, and no time has passed. We're going to hang out again this weekend.

Anti-kvetch: I started working out(only a few times a week) and eating healthy and have lost another 3 pounds! I'm going to sign up for a yoga class next week as well. I fit into a new size! How awesome is that?

Anti-kvetch: Zoe is already 18 pounds. She gained 10 in a month. She'll soon start kicking the other dog's ass. smile.gif


Hello all! My apartment smells soooooooo good right now. I am making Country Crock Apples in my slow coker and spaghetti on the stove. I really can't wait to eat. I'm going to post the apple recipe in the "barefoot" thread. I haven't tasted it yet, but if it tastes as good as it smells, it will make a lovely dessert. smile.gif

Great new Billy!

Congrats on the excersize sassygirl!

You've earned the downtime amalita.

Good luck kicking the coffee star. It is hard enough for me to remember not to drink Coke after a certain time of day. I can't imaging giving it up.

{{{polly, syb, sidecar}}}

I'm begining to have random thoughts about what life will be like after the election. Depending on who win, what will do? If it goes the way that I want it to, will they just start filling up my Yahoo inbox w/emails about how great everything is? It bears considering. I'd probably delete fewer of them.
(((mando and mandosan)))

Glad the MRI came back okay, billy!

star, I quit coffee over a year ago due to the tummy issues ad haven't looked back... I found it a lot easier than I thought I would although I will treat myself to a couple of gingerbread lattes this winter, I think I'll need them.


I need super-duper, mega-strength, extra sprinkles on top, BUSTIE vibes please. We may be evicted from our beautiful flat on Wednesday, through no fault of our own at all - stupid owner of flat changed bank accounts of something and went into arrears on mortgage payments so solicitor is repossessing the flat. We've been dealing with this for two weeks, since we received the eviction notice, and have had our (also stupid) letting agency trying to work it out; supposedly the owner resolved the direct debit and is now in advance of her payments but we have had no written confirmation and now the letting agency can't get in touch with owner and solicitor won't discuss it with letting agency... This affects us directly, it makes us homeless in London (and do I have to mention that I have NO money and NO job and now possibly NO home?) and we are completely powerless. We were supposed to have one of the boy's friends staying with us tonight and tomorrow as they had a Mac thing they were going to but the boy has cancelled with him and kept tomorrow's holiday from work so we can view flats if we need to. The boy has told the letting agency that he wants a definitive answer either way today so we know what we need to do. I am trying to stay strong and positive but I love this place and this all fucking sucks.

eta: looks like the flat owner is a flake, she has the wrong mortgage for a start (not a buy to let mortgage) and there have been other debt collection letters which have arrived for her. We're looking at other flats, moving next week and chalking this up to bad luck/experience. We're upset but together and that's all that matters.
(((((bunny))))))) how dreadful! i hope you find a nice flat soon. hang in there.

I have one cup of coffee a day, and while I can't get by well without it, I think it's all I need. When I have more or indulge in a diet soda, I don't sleep.

well, I had another big work project this week and now it is off my plate and at the printer. I also got my annual review back from my boss, and it was what i expected -- pretty good and the areas for improvement are on target. she suggested i learn more about management, which i take to be a good sign.
(((extra strong vibes with sprinkles and whipped cream on top for bunny))) Keep us posted.

I'm trying to decrease my coffee intake. Some days are easier than others. I'm finding that I'm only drinking half the pot now though.

Home Depot is FINALLY finishing our bathroom. It's only taken 3 months!! I still am now wary of contractors in general. sad.gif Bastards. At least we're getting some items for free.

Sidecar, yay for good work review.


Wow bunny, that sucks. ~*~*~*housing vibes~*~*~

I bought some Honeycrisp apples at Trader Joe's yesterday, kitten- maybe I'll throw them in the crock pot. It says they will keep for 6 months in the refrigerator, but I'll probably manage to forget about them anyway. Do you put them over anything? I'm thinking ice cream.

So, we think Tana may have Cushing's Disease. It's where the body produces too much cortisol. On Monday, he went to the vet and they did a preliminary urine test that came back with elevated levels (13 is normal- he's at 27). It would explain the peeing in the house, lousy coat and potbelly he has, though. The blood test costs $250 ohmy.gif If it comes back positive, it's something he can live with for a while. He'd be on medication, which isn't very expensive, but they'll have to run blood work every few months to make sure his levels are okay. I don't know if those are the $250 test or what. He goes in for the test on Friday. I'm going to apply for a PT job to do on Fridays at the video store down the street from my house. I don't want to go too far from home, or the cost of gas negates the pay check. *Sigh* It's always something. rolleyes.gif

~*~*~*hugs to all~*~*~ I've got to get going on star's sock monkey- just a couple more steps! It will be done by Saturday...I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...
~!*$%*@*#!!~ vibes of all sorts for Bunny & The Boy ~*@#*$%@!~
That is the pure definition of suckitude. Here's hoping you find a fabulous new place that you love even more than this one.

Billy, glad to hear that everything is okay! Do you remember the name of the minor thing they found in your brain?


Sassy, I didn't realize that your bathroom still wasn't done. What a nightmare! Glad to hear they're finally going to show up & finish the job. Good luck with the 'rents.

Sidecar, congrats on the positive review!

(((((((((Amilita & Syb & Polly & Morn & Yeufie & Pixie & eeeeverybody)))))))))))))

Kvetch: My endometriosis kicked me in the ass on Tuesday night & I had to spend all of Wednesday on bed rest. I'm fine now, but I was in so much pain for many many hours. I haven't felt that kind of pain in years, so it scared me a bit. Luckily, Sheff was a great help and my Millie cat stayed by my side the whole time.

Anti-kvetch: We bought Fable II, which is a super cool video game. I was too sick to play along, but I watched Sheff play & he let me be backseat driver. All of you gamer girls out there should definitely check it out.

Anti-kvetch: Just got back from voting! And a lovely walk, too. My local polling place is at our elementary school & it's actually faster for me to walk there along our neighborhood's wooded walking paths than to drive there. And the weather today is gorgeous - sunny with that crisp, autumnal feel - and everyone at the polling place was happy and pleasant and it was really really great. I'm starting to feel a glimmer of hope here, peeps.
((((((bunny)))))) I hate landlords.

(((((mando and mamasan)))) yay for the diagnosis

((((polly)))) and ((((tana))))

((((billy)))) glad you're ok

((((yuefie)))) much happiness to S.


Kvetch: my mother drives me up the pole sometimes, she really does.

Antikvetch: my lecture tomorrow morning has been cancelled and I don't have to go rowing. Lie-in ahoy!

Kvetch: Lecturer of the cancelled lecture (generally referred to as Cockface) has given us work to do and I don't even understand the instructions. gah. fucking lecturers.

Antikvetch: I'm buying a single scull. mm, boaty goodness. Hopefully this means I'll do more rowing myself, instead of not rowing and organising. Oh, and my grandparents are loaning me part of the money, which I wish they wouldn't do, because I already owe them money, but it's a nice gesture.
Gods bunnyb, I hope something better comes your way and fast! What a mess.

{{{roseviolet}}} glad you are feeling better.

{{{tanakitty, finished bathrooms, and good reviews!}}}

I need mondo vibes for my big sister. This is the sis that is still trying to find the $$$ to divorce her asshat, loser hippie, ex. She is applying for a job that would be crazy good for her. I know she could be great at the job (it involves writing, computers and crafting) but she is not great at presenting herself. I've offered to look at her writing samples to help polish as needed. It would be so coooooooool if it happened.

Rose, the MRI showed a "lipoma in the corpus callosum". It's essentially a layer of fat tissue that didn't get properly distributed during my gestation period. I'm feeling better, but still don't feel great. My BP has come up a little bit and is probably close to normal, but I'm still getting some lightheadedness and fatigue. I have good days and bad days. That's what we say about my mother with early Alzheimers. Good and bad days are running the family right now smile.gif Sometime next week, I'll probably have another round of bloodwork to see if that shows anything.

((billyb)) Glad the appointment went well.

((kitten’s big sister)) Get that job.

((mornington)) Yay for getting to row by yourself instead of having to organize it. It’s a shame when something fun turns out to be stressful.

((rose)) Yay for voting! The whole DM family will be going to vote on Saturday. Mr. DM can’t vote yet due to not being a citizen, but I told him hopefully he can vote for Obama’s re-election in 2012.

((tana)) Poor kitty, and damn those blood tests are expensive.

((sassy)) Yay for Home Depot finally finishing the bathroom and exercise.

((sidecar)) Yay for a good review.

((bunnyb and boy)) As I was reading your post I thought I can’t believe it. I’m sorry you have to go through all this stress, and hope you two find a new place soon.

((amilita, mr. and family))


((star)) Yay for eating right and exercise making you feel happy. I woke up with a lot of energy today, and did the Wii Fit first thing. I feel so relaxed right now.


((yuefie)) Glad you and R had a nice camping and fishing trip.

((yuefie’s friend S and girlfriend)) Prop 8 is complete hatred, and makes you wonder what kind of world we live in. Florida also has an amendment on the ballot to define marriage between a man and a woman. This is a wasted amendment because gay marriage is already illegal in Florida, so why show even more hate. It just makes me sick to see people be so ignorant. I hope S and her girlfriend have a nice wedding, and know that in their hearts one day the U.S. will recognize their love and commitment.

((mando’s mom))

I’ve kind of felt not good this week emotionally, it bothers me when things are out of my control. My worry starts, and then it’s hard for me to break out of my bad mood. I feel good this morning, and am determined to make this a good weekend. Tonight we are going to the Hotel Café tour (Ingrid Michaelson, Meiko, Samantha Crain, Priscilla Ahn, Erin McCarley), so that should be fun.

Have a good weekend.
(((DM))) All the best for a great, stress-free weekend.

((((BunnyB))) Landlords are evil--truly. That's so frustrating, I'm so sorry. I hope you find a lovely new place asap.

Ooh, yay for the new boat morn!

~~~~positive foot forward for new job, for kitten's sister~~~~

Billy, are you not forgetting something?? wink.gif

Anti-kvetches: a productive week, I voted yesterday and I've a 3 day weekend ahead!!

Black knickers, un-matching but also black bra.

Sybarite, when I wrote that note, the Bust clock was on Friday, but it was still Thursday in my world smile.gif Anyway... black microfiber boxer briefs. Happy Friday!
Fly by to say ....drum roll....I've been cleared to start weaning myself off crutches! Whoo hoo! And I FINALLY got my disability check so Mr. Pixie and I can get caught up on our bills.

Kvetch:AF is kicking my ass today!
pixie - it took my mom ages to get her disability checks when she broke her wrist. Glad that you got yours.

billy - don't you normally wear grey? You rebel you.


Thanks for the vibes all. I am off to class tonight and this weekend. Luckily, I have a pumpkin carving planned for tomorrow night. Should be fun and my friend who is hosting bakes really well.

Undies - ugly orange/tropic print (what was I thinking?), white bra.
((((pixie)))) yay!

((((kitten & kittensis)))) ****job vibes****

((((bunny)))) acos. Which reminds me - we should get drunk together; there's going to be a pub crawl weds if you want to come?

((((dm)))) hope the tour was good

((((star)))) acos

((((syb, mando & mamasan, tes, sassy, sixie, billy, polly, sidecar, futura, christine, ccgirl, yuefie, rosev, amilita, everyone))))

Saw mornmama today. She tells me she'll meet me about three, in town. I think "cool, I can go in, get a haircut and still spend an hour or so with her before I go do the rowing swimtest". She's running a little late, it becomes half three. Still cool, I'm in the hairdressers and I have to buy birthday presents for my granddad (78 on tuesday, impossible to buy for - bought him some cheese and chutney) and Girly 2 (we're going to the ritz for tea). At four, I ring her, 'cos I haven't heard jack and I'm supposed to be in uni at five (takes half an hour to get there). She proceeds to guilt-trip me for not having time to see her when she's late. I ring the men's captain, he's nice to me and I promptly burst into tears in the middle of covent garden. He takes the swim test. I wait for an hour and mornmama pitches up. She talks about the Toyboy for two hours, I want to scream.

G and I are having dinner with her and Toyboy on sunday night. Fuck. G speaks less French than I do, and Toyboy doesn't speak enough English to really keep up (this is not helped by my mother speaking French to him the whole time).

I got no work done. But at least G is back tomorrow.
Christine Nectarine
happy friday!

smile.gif billy, glad you got good news

roseviolet, that "it's lovely" website was a welcome distraction for me the other day. my sister is a photographer and has done some real estate shots for her boyfriends gramma, who is a realtor. she is frequently disgusted at how bad most house shots are when done by the realtor, but these are truly terrible! i can't believe people are so clueless as to use them!

bunnyb, that apartment situation is terrible. you have all my sympathy and good wishin' vibes that you can find a new place with a sensible landlord!

~~good employment vibes for polly~~ i could use some of those myself.

glad to hear you're getting around pixie!

kiddo is doing well thank you, also starting to be able to walk around a bit on her cast (she's much to wee for crutches) next week she gets x-rays, and if all is healing well will get a new below-the-knee cast. still trying to sort out how we'll get around for trick-or-treating!

((sassygrrl, mornington, kittenb & sis, designermedusa, kvetchies!))

these in raspberry/teal and a light pink cami

Thanks for the vibes everyone smile.gif, they really helped. We viewed flats on Thursday afternoon, decided on one of them overnight and finalised yesterday and were given keys. We're in the process of moving some of our stuff there today and will move the furniture on Monday/Tuesday using a hired van. The new flat is basic and has no character (I am going to miss our bay windows with shutters, sniff) but what we have forgone in character we've made up for in security, which is the most important thing to us now. Our new landlord has been with our letting agency for eight years, has several properties with them and a great reputation; the flat we've taken has no mortgage on it so we won't have a repeat of this trouble and the boy has already spoken to him and he seems very helpful. The letting agency ended up being really helpful too and did what they could for us, we didn't like the woman we were dealing with during week, she's a bit off but yesterday the man who we originally dealt with was in and he did everything he could for us and filled us with so much more confidence; he told us that our current landlady has been taken off their books as they have no desire at all to continue doing business with somebody who has treated us, her tenants, so badly.

Anyway, we're feeling so much more relieved and secure; things are obviously still stressful -we're playing a game of musical flats- but we're together and are each others support. The next few days are going to be really hectic (morn, I'll probably need to pass on the pub crawl although we do need to get drunk together soon) and I also have an interview a week on Tuesday to prepare for (news about that at a later date, once head less frazzled). I'll be without internet for while too, which is a pain.

Last night we had a great night at my aunt and uncle's house for dinner and we're looking forward to a cosy night in tonight before moving starts in earnest.

~*~*~*jobs, money, less stress, recovering bones, health, anti-hate, anti-annoying mother vibes aplenty*~*~*~*

Bunnyb, great news about the new place.

Christine, glad the kiddo is better.

Mornington, if mom DM left me waiting that long I’d be so irritated with her.

Kittenb, enjoy the pumpkin carving.

Pixie, yay for being able to stop using crutches and getting your pay.

Syb, yay for a three day weekend.

I voted this morning, and the lines were pretty long. It took a little over an hour, but it was worth it. I was so happy to see people excited to vote. Funny story, this poll worker was walking around telling everyone they could vote by absentee in the front office, and me and the women in front of me were like no we actually want our vote counted. Not that absentee is counted, but with the history of voting problems in Florida we all wanted to actually go and vote and make sure the form was accepted in the machine. One thing I noticed was generations of people coming to vote together, like a grandparent , parent and child. People are coming together more than ever this election.

Mom DM and I saw The Secret Life of Bees after voting, and we enjoyed it.

We went to see The Hotel Café tour last night, and had a good time. One of the performer’s didn’t show up so that was a bummer though.

Still a little down though because we are waiting on immigration to approve Mr. DM’s permanent residence card, and all these people that filed after us are already approved. I’m impatient and it’s really frustrating.
*lots o’ xtrastrength healthy vibes for billy*

(((Amilita & mr & dad))) I truly feel for what you’re going thru. especially the helplessness. So heartbreaking. Sending all the copage vibes in the world.

(((bunny & boy))) omg, how fucked up is that? you poor things. so glad it worked out so nicely so quickly.

(((Rose))) glad to hear you’re feeling less blue.

(((DM))) hope you’re back on an upswing soon. Thinking all good thoughts for the residence card.

(((polly & tana))) poor little critter. perhaps you can negotiate with the vet for future costs? I’m going to make an attempt with our vet. We’re just in the beginning stages of maggiekitty's kidney disease, she’s young, she has no symptoms … I want to keep it that way as long as possible.

*get that perfect job vibes for kittensis*

Star & sassy, great news on your healthy regimen … Keep up the good work! If you’re not on our weight loss blog already, please sign up and inspire us!

Sidecar, you’re so dedicated and professional, you’d make a wonderful manager … yay for good recognition!

Pixie, yay for going mobile!

Morn, mama could use a clue or two. Argh!

Christine, glad to hear the wee one is healing nicely.

amilita, polly, yuefie, kitten, sidecar, star, Christine, rose, sybarite, sassy, bunny, morn, DM …sincere thanks for the good thoughts for mamasan. Her surgery went well, she’s on Coumadin for 12 weeks, she’s being closely monitored, and hopefully she’ll see good results soon. She’s felt so ill for so long, it’s tough to keep her spirits up. i'm doing the best i can.

Kvetch: my boy is on the last band trip – in the middle of the state, 6 hours away. (and god forbid he should text me that they got there safely, oy.) The second competition isn’t until 7 pm tomorrow night, so they won’t be home until 2 or 3 am Monday morning. Thank god this is the last one of the season.

Kvetch: my boy has requested starting therapy. he met with her on monday. (i couldn't even go with him, i had to be with mom, sniff! but he assured me it was cool.) the therapist suggested he meet with a psychiatrist. For a meds evaluation. For depression. he’s talked to me a tiny bit, but I want to respect his privacy, and I’m trying not to be helicopter mom. I’m just doing for him the best I can. the therapist seems like a good match, thank god. But I’m worried about the straight-to-meds part. Hell, I’m beyond worried he’s my baby, and he's suffering! - and feeling mega-guilty. I'm still in shock that he seems to have inherited my family's depressive gene. i assumed he had more of the mr's happy-go-lucky-even-keel blood.

On the plus side, he cares enough about himself and his mental health to speak up and seek help. Something I should’ve definitely done at his age. He’s got a good head on his shoulders. So I musta done something right.

not to sound drama queen, but i don't know how i'm keeping it together, but i am. barely.
oh, wait. i know how. zoloft and ativan. duh.

much love to (((everyone))). thank you for being here.
(((Danny and Mando))) I think it is a sign of good parenting and improving social mores that he was able to ask for help. I can only imagine how rough this must be, though, for you and him.

~~~vibes for Mr. DM's residence card~~~

Yay for the new flat, Bunny! Were you very unpacked?

Billy, what is the next step then? I'm sorry if you said and I missed it.

I'm exhausted. Between the van being smashed and dealing with the insurance companies (still); all the stuff surrounding the Mr.'s father's illness; and with his mom's ongoing problem with infestation of bird lice that I'm too tired to go into detail about...we just got back from going out of town to the worst art gallery experience the Mr. has ever had! I don't want to go into detail, but his work was essentially invisible at this opening. (If anyone cares, I'll PM you more details.) We took the stuff in the morning before making the trek home.

And then tonight, those pit bulls belonging to our neighbor got loose again in a series of yards, including ours. Third time. SPCA came, the Mr. and the neighbor yelled at each other, SPCA cited the guy for the first time, the neighbor came and apologized.

Like, can I put in a request for a week where nothing happens? Can I go check in to a hotel for a few days and pretend I'm on another planet?

I'm so, so mentally drained. And I work Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights. Not exactly replenishing. But I guess distracting. And money is always good to make.

I tried to explain to the Mr. how I'm feeling that I just can't get anything done, that I feel depleted. He says my energies need to my planets need to get realigned or something. It feels that way to me. I'm ready anytime. I do feel appreciative for certain things, like I feel close to the Mr. and we have our own health n' stuff. So it's not exactly total bad times, I just feel like, is it going to keep being like this? Is this just how life is? I feel worn out.

((more hugs for Danny & Mando)) He must be the result of good, common sense parenting for him to be pro-active about something like that at his age. There's more and more kids on medication for stuff like that- I'm not sure it's always a good thing, but if you've got a family history of it being more than a situational thing, chances are pretty good it's necessary.

((continued hugs for Bunny & boy)) Glad you found something so quickly and that seems more stable. Still a sucky situation, though.

((general hugs and ~*~*~*all-purpose vibes to everyone~*~*~*~))

I'm on my way to bed, so just a couple of things:

Bad news: Tana's test results came back as being consistent with Cushing's. The vet left a message and wants me to call on Monday to discuss medication. The test on Friday was only $160, not $250, so at least not quite as expensive.

Good news: LeBoy swore me to secrecy for a couple of days, but I can't keep my mouth shut about this stuff. I think I mentioned in the wedding thread about how someday we (along with LeBoy's siblings and cousins) will get the $$ from his late grandfather's house being sold. His grandfather's been dead for about 3 years now, so we've been waiting...and waiting. It's LeBoy's bitchy, obnoxious aunt who's handling it. I asked LeSister about it a couple weeks ago and she said the house has been up for sale this whole time and the aunt insists on an asking price that's outrageously high for the place, so it hasn't sold. Tonight, his mom called and said that the estate- not the house, but just his grandfather's business dealings- had finally been worked out and we'll be getting that money. We're going to his nephew's football game tomorrow morning and she's going to hand us a check. A substantial check. One that we can go buy engagement and wedding rings with. And pay off my medical bills with. And have money to add to what his parents said they'd give us for the wedding. Holy crap.

He was so sweet. We were talking about what we could do with the money, besides wedding stuff and he mentioned paying off bills. I said, "it would be nice to just be able to pay off my medical bills [about $4300], but it's your money from your grandpa and you need to decide. It's my debt and we're not married and even if we were, I think I'd still feel weird about using it for my bills like that." He assured me that he's always thought of it as our debt and it's definitely something he'd want to do. *Sigh* Sometimes I think I probably don't say enough good things about him here. I also mentioned the idea of "screw the wedding, let's travel!" It would definitely be enough for a really nice trip to Japan, a place we both really, really want to go, and it's next-to-impossible to do cheaply (as opposed to our other "must see before we die" place, Ireland, where you can do it on a budget.) I don't think that's going to happen- his family will disown him if did that. But hey, maybe when the house finally sells and we get that money! tongue.gif

We were completely unpacked and were settled in and had it feeling like home. Yeah it SUCKS and I'm still trying to hold it together. We've moved a fair amount of our stuff already but still have furniture, kitchen stuff and clothes to do tomorrow and some of Tuesday. We're very tired.

(((danny and mando))) I hope therapy and meds work and he starts to feel better soon.

(((amilita))) I'm sorry you're feeling so shitty.

(((tana))) poor puppers.

yay for the money, polly! that must be such a relief.

(((everyone))) I need to go move some more.
(((mando))) as hard as it is to hear, i think it's a mark of how you've raised danny that he feels comfortable asking for help and telling you his needs.
(((bunny))) i'm so glad you all have a new place already! you may not lurve it like the last one, but home is what you make of it. you and mister are together and you won't be turned out for spurious reasons. i hope things go well for you there.
((((polly))))) that is great news!

today is my anniversary! we went out to celebrate last night at a martini bar and then had a really yummy romantic dinner at a nice moroccan-influenced restaurant downtown. this morning, we walked sophie together and bought pastry at a nearby bakery we hadn't visited before. the pastries are a bit disappointing, but it was nice to try something new. now, i have to do a little freelance work and later we're going to see a movie.
(((Amilita))) can you take Wednesday off for yourself and plan on lolling around reading or otherwise relaxing? I find if I feel overwhelmed consciously taking time off like that helps a lot... when it's possible of course. I'm not surprised you're feeling the strain: there's been a lot going on for you guys.

(((Mando))) I can imagine how hard it is to hear, but I agree with others that it's a really good thing that Danny felt comfortable coming to you about therapy. I also think it's awesome that even through your feelings, you're trying to give him space and privacy around this. Personally, I'd feel ambivalent about starting straight on meds too, but I'm not hugely informed on these things. I'm sure Danny feels secure of your support and love.

Also, we 'lost' RT for about 9 hours this weekend, when she failed to check in with the mister enroute to her mom's family in the next county. Meanwhile the mister is working on a story about a missing 14 year old girl and freaking out. Turns out, of course, she just flaked out but argh!!

Morn, my mum used to moon over her (now ex) boyfriend years ago when we were all hanging out together and it drove me up the bloody wall. I feel your pain.

So RT is away and the mister just left for various parts of Europe, taking advantage of her being off school for midterm break. This means I have both the house to myself and a long weekend, which is as well as I can get seriously stuck into my thesis draft. Last night I took time off though and baked a truly yummy lemon drizzle cake as a treat for the mister on his last night (following fillet steaks.) It's been an awesome weekend thus far.
(((danny)) meds can be a good thing if they can stabilize his moods without making him dependant for life.

((Bunny)) so glad you found a new flat! Having to move again so soon really sucks! I hate moving!

kvetch: the doctor did not warn me that starting to walk around again was going to make things worse before they gor better. Friday I managed to rub a blister on my incision hat burst first thing saturday making me afraid the whole incision was going to open up. Then I was pretty active yesterday and when I took my walking boot off, my foot had swelled to twice it's normal size! ( not the actual ankle that was broken...the foot!) I am so not looking forward to actually going back to work tomorrow.

Antikvetch: We lost our babysitter the same weekend I broke my ankle. We finally settled on a new one Friday and it is goign to cost less money! And with gas prices begining to fall, we may actually be able to have a modest christmas after all.
Amilita, I'm not sure what the next major step is. My BP has come up, though still low in historical terms for me (110/70 give or take a few points either way). I hate to jinx it, but I've felt better the last 3-4 days than I have in several months. The internal medicine doc wanted me to have monthly B12 injections and I'm due this week. First, I'm going to have some bloodwork done to see if my B12 level is holding by taking oral supplements alone. My cardiologist may have more than the B12 level checked.

I sympathize with your problems with insurance companies. They are the spawn of the devil.
(((((mando))))) and (((((danny))))) I wish I'd have the sense and courage to seek help at his age rather than waiting until now.



my mother likes G. I remain unsure about her Toyboy though.
just wanted to share the best gift i ever received courtesy of polly!

*~*~*multipurpose vibes and hugs for who needs 'em*~*~*

just a drive by to say hi. my computer had a seizure and is apparently now deceased.

love to all!
*~*~*energy vibes and strength for amilita*~*~*

amilita, you know, last week seemed to feel like an energy depleting one for alot of people. hopefully, this week will be different for you!

polly, YIPPEE for cashmoney! And can I say a big "Awww" when I read what LeBoy did with the money. He's a good one, he is. I can't get over the sockmonkey btw. My folks loved it.

Syb, dude, i'm sure you are lovin' having the place to yourself. Good luck with the thesis writing. How long is that damn thing. It seems like it has been taking you forever. Sorry, I don't mean to rub it in. But, I get scared about my process for the dissertation too. I've heard alot of horror stories.

*~*~*healing vibes for pixie*~*~*

damona, sorry about the computer. good to see you checking in though.

sidecar, happy anniversary!

(((bunnyb))) you sound good considering the circumstances. here's hoping the next place is better for you.

kvetch: it is a rather vain kvetch cause....well, i'm vain. dood. i'm in a big need for a haircut. i got my hair butchered by someone near where my folks live. blah. and i'm still a little frustrated with the losing weight thing...carbs and sugar are my downfall. *sigh* i need to cut back on them bigtime.

(((morn, bunnyb, damona, pixie, rose, syb, polly, sidecar, and other kvetchies)))
((star)) Sorry about the bad haircut. I hate getting my haircut, I haven’t had it cut in like a year and a half. I hear you on the carbs and sugar thing, they are also my weakness. I saw the sock money on FaceBook, it’s so cute.

((damona)) Boo to your computer not working. Hope all is well.

((billy)) Be healthy.

((pixie)) Hope your first day back at work goes okay.

((syb)) Yay for having the house to yourself, good luck on the thesis.

((sidecar)) Happy anniversary.

((bunnyb)) The moving will be done soon, and then you definitely deserve to relax a bit.

((polly)) Great news about the money. LeBoy seems very sweet.

((amilta)) Sorry you are stressed by dealing with insurance companies and family health issues. If you can definitely take a day for yourself.

((mando and danny)) You raised a great kid, how many kids would actually know to ask for help when they needed it. It will be okay.

Nothing for me to report, just working and keeping my mind focused.
Ha, Stargazer, it's been 5 years exactly since I began my initial lit review and sketching out fieldwork, three years on the writing, but I've been teaching and freelancing at the same time and working 9-5 since January--that's my excuse for taking so long! It is definitely a process though, and the further you get the better you feel. I have about 80,000 words that need some serious editing and organisation, but the structure and arguments hold (I think)...

You will hear horror stories for sure. It's necessarily a very isolating process, which makes sense: the more of an 'expert' in your area you become, the less people can follow you into those ideas, without doing the research/reading up needed to understand where you're coming from. However writing this thing is hands down one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done, so that helps... smile.gif

Speaking of which, should get back to it. Sorry about your haircut: that would bug me a lot too. Hello to everyone else, sorry about 'me me me' thesis venting...
Happy Monday all.

Star - Love the sockmonkey! Good job polly.

Sidecar - Happy Anniversary! smile.gif


{{{pixie}}} I hope the foot doing better.

Hello damona!

{{{mornington, billy, syb, and all}}}

I was laughing a little last week when you all were chatting about Just Shoot Me. It seems to be one of the Geek's favorite shows. The fact that he looks A LOT like Enrico Colantoni (to me at least) might have something to do with why. I had no idea that show was on for 6-7 seasons. Anyway, I had been looking for the DVDs of the show and found them cheap on In honor of getting my first Christmas gift purchased, I give you this:
Chicken Pot Pie!

just zooming by to say that both S & Y's wedding and reception were lovely. I cried like mad, laughed a whole lot and am just pretty exhausted from the weekend.

be back soon to post and vibe ya'll, but for now sending out special tight hugs for ((((dannyboy & mandi)))), yay's for bunny & boy & happiest anniversary wishes for sidecar & martini!

~~~all purpose vibes around for everykvetchie~~~
Happy Monday, all. Please forgive me, but I don't have time to vibe everyone appropriately.

Mandi, I think it's really really wonderful that Danny was able to go to you and ask for the help he needed. Seriously. I wish you all the very best of luck & I'm sending oodles of vibes of love and strength your way.
((((((((((((((((((((DannyBoy & Mandilicious))))))))))))))))))))))

Pixie, how was your first day back at work?

Yuefie, the wedding sounds great! I love crying at weddings. It's kinda odd that I did not cry at my own wedding, but everybody else did so that makes it okay.

Bunny, glad to hear you found another place to live!

Happy belated anniversary to Sidecar & Martini. How many years?

Damona, you have the worst luck with computers & the internet! Hope things get fixed & you can post regularly again soon.

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((all y'all)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Sheff's office had an open house thingamy on Friday so I got to see the latest updates for the games they're working on. Very cool stuff. The big press release for their latest game comes out tomorrow, so they're excited about that. Unfortunately, Sheff started to develop a cold over the weekend, so we stayed in, ate soup, and played Fable 2 the whole time. Fun for us, but not exciting.
*zooms in*

Final day of move, packing last minute things (things we'd left for our last night here like kitchen items, toiletries, mac...) and then we're off. We made really good progress the last couple of days and it means I can still go to a Toni Morrison reading tonight, which will be a nice way to finish off this whole antagonising experience. Anyway, I'm going to without internet access for a while (since we have to transfer our bill over and have it reconnected blah blah blah), which is a major inconvenience just now for job hunting and keeping in touch with people but it won't be for ever! I'll be back as soon as I can and will have mornington update you if needs be.

I'm upset that I won't have lounge access when OBAMA WINS!!!

I'll be sending multi-purpose vibes (((everyone's))) way.

*zooms out*
My first day back at work was sucktacular. By 2 my lower back and hips were sore from sitting up for so long. I managed to stay till the end of the day, but went home and promptly had a case of the chills that shot my temp up to 102.2! SO I was sick most of the night. This morning I am still running a low fever, but I am back at work. I am a little worried that my leg is infected or something. I feel like a$$, but I have no sick leave left. I am just trying to hang on as long as I can today.
Fast fly by.

Kvetch: I thought the job workshop was over. I still have to go back next week. The only good part is we got my resume fixed.

Kvetch: Seizure last night. First one in 2 months. Luckily, I was home. The bad part is it was in the bath. Maybe it's due to an increase in the meds. My right side is feeling it today. Bruises all over my body.

Kvetch: My parents coming up for Halloween. I got this maniac email from my mother telling me that she wanted to throw an engagment party for me (we finally have decided on a ring, and are going to pay for it near Christmas), I'll try to post jpegs in the committed thread. We should be getting an wax model too. Then she also wanted me to cook dinner. My father calls and tells me that he has read all the emails from me. ??? I'm hoping they're just here to see Zoe, and not give me the third degree.

Anti-kvetch: Sunday was so much fun shopping with my friend. I'm loving hanging out with her again. I got a cute Mad Men style outfit(tweed skirt and brown sweater and some adorable brown mary janes) to wear to an luncheon tomorrow.

Anti-kvetch: I'm making an appointment to meet with a recruiter at UW to discuss the library science program next week!!


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