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That sounds like a good plan, kittenb!

I am staying home for Thanksgiving. I flat out told my mom I didn't want to travel after last year, when we travelled through horrible traffic/busy airports and dealt with tons of stress, from shipping gifts and taking time off work. So we are getting together in California a week after T-day, and I plan to spend the big day with Martini, drinking Champagne and watching the Macy's parade in my pajamas.

It will rule.
happy belated, (((candy))) ... hope you had a lovely day!

(((amilita & mr & mrdad))) i'm so sorry. that is just too sad.

mamasan update: she's still suffering, despite day 4 of being on a diuretic and a different thryoid medication. i love this psychology of well let's just try this pill and see what happens. she has an appt tomorrow with Flakester Internist (who i had it out with via email) - all the bloodwork tests should be in - and i'm going with her. i have questions, i have test requests/demands. i'm ready to do battle.

i'm also beyond emotionally exhausted.
and i could fucking kill my brother, with his pat, condescending ... "this is ridiculous, she really should see a specialist and get this fixed." um, dumbfuck? you wanna tear yourself away from the baseball playoffs and the fantasy football and actually, i dunno, help or something, by all means, have at it. oh and sis-in-law? quit asking if there's anything you can do. cause your backpeddling makes my head spin, and i'm just making simple, low-effort suggestions. your hollow offers are worse than none at all.

antikvetch: lovely weekend visit with childhood friend who lives too far away. it was great to reconnect. and feel loved. and understood.
antikvetch: got to see the high school band perform at giants stadium. they were fabulous! it's on youtube, if anyone's interested, PM me.

sorry. that's all i got.

It must be a miracle. Mom DM called and said her and Dad DM are going out of town for Thanksgiving. Hopefully she won’t change her mind, but it seems like she wants to have some quiet time as well. The other day I went ahead and suggested that maybe they should go out of town because it was nice last year to have a small Thanksgiving. I am amazed that she didn’t think I was being rude or trying to cause an argument. So it will be me, Mr. DM and Twin DM for Thanksgiving along with the dogs. It will be so nice.

((mando and mando’s mom)) Sorry to hear of all the troubles your mom is having. Maneuvering in the healthcare system is very frustrating. It’s good that you are going with her to appointments because sometimes it helps.

Sidecar, your Thanksgiving plans sound great.

Kittenb, I like you virtual Thanksgiving idea.

((sassy)) Good for you for looking in the positive with the career counselor.

Star, hope your neck and shoulder are feeling better.

((polly)) Hope the Facebook school alumni thing isn’t too hostile. When I had Myspace there was a group for my high school graduating class, but by looking at people’s profiles I realized I wouldn’t have anything to say to them, but it was interesting to see how people change or don’t change.
Thanks for the support, dm- like I said to CH in the Facebook thread, it's more the anticipation that's making me anxious, taking me back to elementary school, waiting for one of the nasties to pounce. Once they actually do, I know I've grown beyond what happened; I wouldn't quite say I've forgiven and forgotten, but more like I'm just not scared of them. I'm annoyed that I feel like I'm waiting for the shoe to drop, but I'm almost looking forward to giving them a verbal beating.

Mando, your situation is reminding me of what my mom went though/is still going through with my grandma. A few years ago, my grandma suddenly got really sick. My mom's theory is that she may have had at least a mini-stroke and suffered from aphasia afterwards (it's a condition that can happen after a brain injury where you lose the ability to speak and understand others speaking) was just awful, and my grandma lives in this little podunk town in Missouri where the medical facilities suck (we're talking "As Seen on 60 Minutes" bad) and my mom could not get a doctor to just believe her and test her to see if she'd had a stroke. It was abso-fucking-lutely ridiculous. My mom was down there for about a month trying to get them to do something and eventually, the situation got better, but not without going through a dozen doctors until she got one that would listen.

Now, it's replaying, though- I think I mentioned awhile back that my grandma has a degenerative muscle disease, similar to ALS, but slower progressing. She was supposed to have a biopsy done on her muscle, but the doctors have their heads up their asses. She drove 90 miles to get to the hospital and they didn't tell her ahead of time that she was going to have to lie completely still for over an hour. It's just impossible for her to have to do that. They could put her under anesthesia or at least give her drugs so she'd be a little out of it, but the didn't have the time set aside for that to happen, so they sent her home and told her they'd call to reschedule. That was a month ago and every time she calls them, they just say, yeah, we'll call you. Meanwhile, her life is on hold because it's basically major surgery for her and my mom is going to have to go stay down there. But the closer it gets to the holidays the less possible that is. Sadly, out of my mom's 8 siblings, none of them are really capable of taking my grandma in. She doesn't want to leave her home town, either, so moving here isn't an option and she doesn't want to be in a nursing home, but eventually, she's not going to be able to live on her own. *Sigh* Something to look forward to when my parents are old.

Anyway, onto good news- it looks like everything's coming up kvetchie! Y'all are getting out of your dreaded family holiday obligations and I got a sizable check today from our mortgage company because they overestimated how much our taxes were going to be for this half of the year, so we overpaid. I know that we should throw the money right back into our mortgage, but I really need to get new glasses and we're a little behind on our association fees, and what's the point of extra money in the mortgage if we're behind on the condo fee?

((hugs to all)) where's yuefie?
(((((polly/mando)))))))) there is a special place in hell for medical bureaucracies and those who cause them. The runaround we get with anything involving Martini's parents makes me nuts. Part of the reason they've waived confidentiality for him is a couple years ago, his dad was hospitalized for a week and moved to two different hospitals, and we never were able to find out why.

and yeah, the thanksgiving plans are awesome. My last couple Thanksgivings have sucked out loud, and this year, I was like, I'm not going anywhere and no one is invited here. I want a quiet holiday, for us, and I don't want to go near a fucking mall.

I just got back from seeing Nick Lowe (he wrote "Peace, Love and Understanding" and produced Elvis Costello's best albums) at the Green Mill, this tiny, famous jazz club near my house. It was a great show! I am very happy I went.
---->-- fly by ------>--

just popping in to say my sister the healer and i are back from our safari. i caught a nasty bug from one of the other people at the bush camp, and then because i am so sisterly and full of family love and sharing, i gave it to her. she had to sit for 6 hours in the car with me driving yesterday whilst with fever, upset tummy & GI tract, headache, you name it. she is a trooper.

stopping at home long enough today to do laundry, get visas for madagascar and relax as much as possible before flying off again tomorrow pm. plane leaves at 1600, should be there by 1400, 1430 at the latest.

sorry for the mememe post.

~*~*~*~*~ all purpose vibage for $ health happiness or whatever else you need them for ~*~*~*~

hugs, kisses and silly silly little fishes

Christine Nectarine
hi DM, i was going to say we had much the same situation with my MIL at Christmas time every year being uptight and expecting everyone to do everything together as she called it, because that's how they "had always done it". then last year, her husband convinced her to go to to England for holiday to visit her mum, and the rest of us here were left to our own devices. this year she has been much more laid back about plans, i think because she realized we can be flexible without abandoning the family. hope your experience is much the same!

sidecar, i know you will enjoy your plans! sound good to me.
polly, yay for money!

((mando & mamasan)) my heart does not stop going out to you

i like the vitual thanksgiving idea, i was pretty please with our veggie-menu, and would be glad to share! thanksgiving may be over for us Canucks, but I'll take any excuse for good food and a party!

big job interview tomorrow, could use some well wishing and good vibes!
Count me in on the virtual thanksgiving dinner; I love good food at any time!

So, I know you're all talking about Thanksgiving plans but I'm already stressing about my Christmas ones! The boy and I are definitely wanting to go home but it depends what happens with me on the job front and whether we can afford to go home; I expected to be visiting some time next month but that's probably not going to happen as money is so tight just now. Le sigh.

(((mandi and mamasan))) soothing hair brushing vibes your way.

(((mr amilita and father)))

(((tes and the healer))) feel better.

belated birthday wishes to ccgirl!

(((kitten))) um, was the play supposed to be entertaining? was it subversive or just plain wrong? ugh.

sidecar, I want to spend the thanksgiving you are and we don't do thanksgiving here!

I find it nuts that kitten and sidecar were in the same restaurant on the same night eating the same thing!

star, good for you going back to being veggie and doing something you believe in!

I think yuefie may be camping blink.gif.

(((rose, morn, polly, dusty, sassy, amilita, designermedusa, polly, christine_nectarine, pixie, faith, futura, everybody)))

I've been lurking but afraid of posting me-me-me all the time. I've been a bit lonely, stressed and sad during the day but meeting mornington for our weekly lunch tomorrow and then the boy and a couple of friends for dinner (ok, purse strings *should* be tighter); it's better to be busy.
*~*~*get well vibes for mamasan*~*~*

dude, what's with the guilt of busties not wanting to be mememe in here? we are the kvetch thread so we gotta represent. plus, if we can't be here for each other, than who can we be here for. blink.gif

((DM)) a quiet thanksgiving sounds lovely. that's what i want. *sigh* hopefully, that can happen for my family this year.

*~*~*job interview vibes for Christine*~*~*

(((bunnyb))) sorry to hear the transition is tough for you right now. did you get a new job? once you start meeting new people things will get better. i think that is why i LOVE to meet new people. you never know who you will connect with and develop a friendship. my motto is usually, "it couldn't hurt. why not." it takes time, but you will get there. getting together with morn sounds like fun!

(((polly))) that person must've been pretty mean to you to evoke such intense feelings. i don't understand how people can be so catty and mean. i've added some people from high school that i know and talked to, but i didn't feel the need to add everyone and their mother just cause we were in the same class. sorry to hear all of the red tape your grandma is going through. i'm so glad i worked in a hospital and have a mom who is a nurse to realize a person has to be proactive in taking care of business. although, no one should have to go through that in the first place.

*~*~*get well vibes for tes*~*~*

(((kitten, sidecar, pixie, rose, yuefie, morn, and other kvetchies)))

kvetch: i think i need to go to a massage therapist. this pain is going away, but not soon enough. argh. i need someone to rub out the knots. my mom felt a big knot by my shoulder. boo.

hey, can i ask for some vibes for our own billybonka? he is too proud to come in here to talk about some health issues he is having right now. he is kinda sharing in the busties theme of i don't really want to talk about all of my problems. rolleyes.gif maybe he'll actually post what is going on in here. *hint, hint*

QUOTE(stargazer @ Oct 15 2008, 12:49 PM) *
*~*~*get well vibes for mamasan*~*~*

dude, what's with the guilt of busties not wanting to be mememe in here? we are the kvetch thread so we gotta represent. plus, if we can't be here for each other, than who can we be here for. blink.gif

(((polly))) that person must've been pretty mean to you to evoke such intense feelings. i don't understand how people can be so catty and mean. i've added some people from high school that i know and talked to, but i didn't feel the need to add everyone and their mother just cause we were in the same class.

I know, if no one posts mememe now and then, what will the rest of us give hugs and vibes for? Otherwise, this may as well just be the Free Hugs thread (not that there's anything wrong with that! tongue.gif )

Oh, we're talking several years of psychological torture, 10 through 12-year-old girls at their finest. Damona got it worse than I did, but being her best friend, and sharing some of the same dorky qualities (ones we now pride ourselves on!), I got it, too.
((star)) Neck and shoulder pains go away.


((bunnyb)) Hope your situation gets better and you get to visit your family soon.

((christine)) Good luck on the job interview.

((tes and sister)) Feel better.

((sidecar)) Yay for a great jazz show. Also, definitely hear you on the not shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I love to shop, but the long lines and crowds take the fun out of it.

((polly)) Yay for extra money.

Today was nice, I was bowling with the Wii Sports, and almost got a perfect game.
Glad to hear we can be all 'me me me' in here... wink.gif because I am stressed as all get out. I have three weeks to finish what needs to be my final thesis draft. I can do it if household drama surrounding the RT subsides (ha); hell, it's actually do-able, I just need to stay focused. Added to which my day job organisation has been 'subsumed' according to our new national budget. I should be okay until August and I am looking for academic posts anyway, but ARGH.


Polly, my 'friends' in 7th grade burnt up the little class picture I gave them in front of me, then gouged out my eyes in the pic. 12 year old girls are satan.

(((TES))) feel better! Glad you get to spend good time with your sister though; we will need reports on what madagascar is like!

(((Star))) Try stretching? It won't undo the knots but I find it helps ease tension, albeit temporarily. I hear ya though.

(((Bunnyb))) It really does get better: what you're feeling right now is totally natural, believe me. When I was new in london and lonely, I used to walk my ass off, around the embankment especially but anywhere in town really. Best of luck for a good, fulfilling job asap!

((((BillyB)))) I hope my own self-absorption makes you feel welcome to share Seriously, vibes from this thread are the business; they work.

Loving the alternative t'giving plans: travelling during holidays is the worst.

Sidecar, that gig sounds awesome, legendary even.

Will probably be lurking for a while as I get this edit done... well wishes for all of you!
Oh, can I be on the me, me, me thing, too?

I'm feeling frustrated about the lack of information we're getting from my father-in-law, and when the Mr. talked to his sister, she seemed to be thinking it was just going to drag on forever, which may or may not be true. My approach is to not count on lots of time, but to deal with stuff now, like a living will, a will-will and stuff like that. Just to know if those exist, etc., etc.

I guess it's the frustration of having no control over how things are dealt with that is making me crazy. And I hate a lack of information - we don't even know the full details of the diagnosis or prognosis, as f-i-l is not sharing much at all. He clearly does not want to talk about it. Sidecar, it sounds as if you know what that it like (for different reasons, as your in-laws sound as if they just can't remember details to share.) We don't even know what kind of information he's getting from his doctor because we're not even getting that relayed.

I think we may just need to accept this position of doing nothing, because that is the way everyone else is behaving. *sigh*

His dad told his sister it would be good to visit in the spring...which is like, wow. For one thing, it's a quarter of the maximum time he's been given to live - about 6 months 'til April. Also, boy, he can't even say to the Mr. that he's glad he will come see him. Or, hell, tell him fuck you don't just visit me because I'm dying! He hasn't said anything about it to the Mr., only to his sister. He's not a different person just 'cuz he's ill.

Oh well. I guess I'll watch the final debate and get all wired about that. I tell ya, all these polls saying Obama is ahead make me glad, but also make me nervous that the right will mobilize more to pull ahead. I kinda wish they'd quit publicizing all these polls. Polls are stupid. Doesn't everyone like to side with the underdog and help push them ahead?

I'm sorry it seems that everyone is having a bit of a hard time lately. (((you))) I really mean it.

And wow, Sidecar! Nick Lowe. Cool.

I at least had 3 pretty good nights of work. That hasn't happened in awhile.
~*~*~*~ Health vibes ~*~*~*~ for billybonka, who should post more (look who's talking - ha!)
Oh things aren't bad; I'm just pre-menstrual! It's natural to feel a little lonely and cut-off from the world and I know it will pass.

*waves at sheff* so, does this mean that on rose's days off you're going to sub for her? wink.gif

(((amilita))) I'm sorry the not knowing is so stressful. I meant to say couple of weeks ago that I can understand the odd sleeping patterns - bunnymama used to work nights (as well as days) and my nana insisted on phoning when she knew her daughter was asleep and bunnymama used to answer the phone in, um, rather an abrupt manner (no matter who was potentially phoning).

(((mandolyn))) ongoing coping vibes your way, sweetie.

(((syb))) no more stress. Also, what horrible people you went to school with!

*~*~*~*job vibes for christine_nectarine*~*~*~*~

*~*~*~*healthy vibes for billyb~*~*~*~*

(((star))) you should have a massage.

dm, yay for perfect bowling games!

(((polly))) I don't envy you having to possibly engage with your tormentors again. I have all of my social networking sites sent to private and I haven't had to worry about ignoring any of my old classmates (the ones who weren't friends to begin with) as they haven't approached me - they didn't like me then and they aren't bothered by me now so suits us both to carry on as if we don't exist to one other. Although I do find it karmically amusing to see that they are living and sometimes working in the same area as school, friends with the same people, have at least one child and haven't moved on in the slightest.

Looking forward to lunch with mornington and then dinner with the boy and friends; it will be nice to be outside today and actually converse with people (I've been a little starved for communication!)

Good morning, Busties. Things have not been all that rosy in Bonkaland lately. I've had some issues with dizziness and fatigue that started mid-summer. Getting a handle on the causes has been difficult, and we're still trying. My high blood pressure has gone to low blood pressure. A questionable MRI will be discussed next week. But if you look at me, you can see my appetite is still intact smile.gif I'm definitely feeling better than I did in July, but not where I need to be. The hardest part has been trying to stay positive about this. Thanks for the vibes.. they are needed.

I know other people are having issues too... and I hope they are resolved soon.
Quick drive-by!

((((((((Billy)))))))))) Sorry to hear you've been having such a rough time. Congrats on getting your blood pressure down! That's great! I hope the dizziness & fatique hasn't kept you from watching F1 races. wink.gif

((((((((((((((( Mandi's mom, Amilita's Mr's dad, Sidecar's in-laws, Tes & the Healer, Pixiedust, Christine's little munchkin, & everyone else who is ill & needs soothing ))))))))))))))

Looks like we've got an epidemic on our hands. My mom found out yesterday that she has to have surgery on one of her knees (she injured it a couple weeks ago). She'll have the surgery in a few weeks & will be unable to work for the entire month of November & possibly part of December. Ouch. I wish there was something I could do to help her.

((((((((((Syb & Bunny & DM & Amilita & eeeeeveryone who is feeling stressed))))))))))))

~$$~$$~ jobby job vibes for Christine ~$$~$$~

Other than worrying about my mom & money (because I ALWAYS worry about money), life is okay here. I made turkey pot pie last night & it was soooooo damn good. And it was a low-cal recipe, too, which blew me away. Cooking put me in a great mood & eating something so yummy made me even happier, so that's all good.

Gotta run but before I do ...
It's nice to see Sheff in here again. I give him updates on the Busties all the time, but it's not the same as having him here.
Rose, it's down........ WAY down. 97/68 this morning. Welcome to the world of energy-sapping hypotension. I'm still on hypertension medicine and have always struggled to keep it normal, so this is a development that has to be fixed. I'm still watching F1... and your boyfriend. He's suddenly making news again.

I really hope that stench of death I'm smelling this morning is coming out of Arizona.... (ah... just the campaign, of course).
lol, billy- I hope you feel better!

~*~*~health and money vibes for everyone~*~*~
Wow, Billy, that sounds like too much of a good thing. No wonder you feel so dizzy and tired! As for my ex-boyfriend, Alonso, I'm surprised he's done so well in recent weeks. I'm worried about Hamilton. He totally threw away that last race. At least he's still in the lead for the championship ... for now.

Speaking of competitions and blood pressure, I chose not to watch the debate last night. I have found that I get so emotionally wound up while watching those things that I end up making myself physically ill. I'll catch up on the details later. First I need to watch last night's finale of Project Runway. I gotta maintain my priorities, ya know. wink.gif
((all kvetchies))

Good health vibes!! Money vibes!!

Oh, in hopefully good medical news with me. My father and I have been trying to get this massive bill down from the summer dealing with my toe. Mcgeek has to fill out a paper stating that I live with him, and also a doctor's note that I have epilepsy and CP. I'm hoping that they can reduce it some. Fingers crossed.

I did watch the debate. Yet, tonight I'm watching the last Project Runway. I'm with RV, must keep priorities.

Kvetch: Nosy neighbor keeps bringing up Mcgeek's ex, and how wonderful their life was. It's been really pissing me off. Zoe was barking at her, and I had to laugh at that. Nosy neighbor kept trying to play with the fence. Good watchdog!!

Kvetch: Bad PMS and depression. I think I'm also getting a cold. Yuck.

Anti-kvetch: New tv shows on tonight, and yummy low fat mac and cheese (with bacon smile.gif)


Hello all!

Billy - my grandfather struggled w/low blood pressure. Most people don't realize that it can be a really dangerous thing and does cause dizziness and fatigue and all that. Good luck.

rose - it wasn't until I was reading the Bust the Blubber blog that I realized that Sheffield wasn't his actual name. I guess I thought you were married to a soap opera character. You know, name like Sheffield, Brit accent and all that. Someday you two could have a son name Stone or something.

sassy - fingers crossed about the medical bills.

{{{bunnyb}}} glad to hear you are settling in better.


sybarite - the photo story just about brought tears to my eyes. What the hell is wrong with children? How do we all grow up to be reasonably normal?

Of course we can be all "mememememe!" here!

Speaking of...

I have been spending money...well like I have it or something. I did my seasonal trip to Lane Bryant. I normally try to stock up on a some good new cold weather clothes every fall. I got 3 new sweaters, two pairs of jeans, a nice shirt and some socks. Today I had to get text books. I could not find near the deals I found the last time I was text book shopping. Thank goodness for credit cards. I am thinking about applying for an Amazon credit card and just putting all text books on it. Pay it off w/financial aid overage money.

I bought The Geek the new Legos Batman game as an anniversary gift. It has been a year at this point. A year. blink.gif Wow. I remember writing about my first couple of dates with him here and everyone called me "smitten kitten."
Still true. smile.gif Although it has been a journey!

~~~~health vibes for billy~~~~ I hope they get it figured out and that you don't need to get an MRI! I had one on my head a few years ago and found the experience Kubrickian.

(((kitten))) We bought Lego Batman and it is super fun.

(((((hugs to all who need them))))) I have had a crazy busy week at work. I have a special event at work tomorrow, and then it'll be quiet for a few weeks, then I have a symposium in Nashville. I also have a cold, so I hope I'll start feeling better soon.

It's 4:15am and LeBoy and I are both awake. I don't have to work tomorrow, and fell asleep on the couch around 10, woke up at 12:30 and have been up since. He does have to work tomorrow, but woke up at 3:30, inexplicably, and just decided to stay up. We're going to his parents' house tonight- his mom is having some old friend over for dinner and she wants to "show off her family". LeBoy decided that since he's awake he'd take a shower; he said he didn't want his mom to have to say "this is my older son and my daughter, both of whom have given me grandchildren. This is my younger son, who hasn't showered in 4 days." tongue.gif

I had to look up the Lego Batman game- I assume you guys are talking about the video game, not the actual Legos? Looks fun! I haven't played my video games in forever. I like the little kid games where you basically run around and collect stuff, i.e., Spyro, Katamari. I also like the Wii games, but we don't have one, the Selenas do. Soon we'll have an XBox. Joy. rolleyes.gif Although, I heard about this game on NPR and it sounds very interesting.

Well, I think I'm going to go get in bed now. Did I mention how much I love having a 4-day work week? biggrin.gif
Aww, you guys are so sweet about my seventh grade hell! Seems a long time ago now but those girls were my alleged best friends. It was nasty. Luckily, I literally left the country the following year with my family for a year abroad. The worst of them apologised to me years later, after high school, which was weird but vindicating.

I don't talk to any of them now. wink.gif

KittenB, I can't believe it's been a year already with your guy! Have fun with the lego!

((BillyB)) I too hope they figure out the problem so that you can start feeling better. Keep us posted.

I still haven't seen the debate; bloody time difference...

Got some good thesis work done this week, thanks all for the vibes, much appreciated! Happy Friday!

Annnd: matching cute lace applique (sp!) black brar and knickers!
yay for meeting deadlines, lego batman, one-year anniversaries (WOW - already?)

boo for low blood pressure, crazy weeks and difficulty sleeping (I've been having that too, polly)

amilita, could you PM me with the blubber blog details?

(((sassy))) PMS+depression=the suck

hee, I'd always understood sheff's handle but I can understand the confusion. It never fails to amaze me when I discover a bustie's real name, especially when their handle is an actual name itself.

kvetch: woke up early this morning feeling sniffly and achey and it hasn't gone away; now I feel worse, even my eye sockets are sore. May have something to do with how cold it was last night, which probably isn't helped by the pencil-top shaped hole in one of our window panes (boy has stuffed it and it's behind wooden shutters but still...)
Anyway, I feel crappy and wasn't up to going for sushi with mornington and her friends sad.gif.

undies: black cotton girl shorts with ladybirds all over and completely non-matching cotton grey bra with lace trim.

Christine Nectarine
thank you for the interview vibes all, but apparently i need a rain-check. the whole thing was postponed, cause one of the interviewers couldn't come in. still waiting to hear when it will be rescheduled, which gives me time to becoming increasingly anxious and nervous!

kvetch: my tea thermos leaked everywhere today. needs to be replaced.

~~good, brave, medical vibes for all who need them.~~

sassygirl, neighbours suck. good Zoe!

sensible black cotton knickers. it's a comfy day.
For some one that knows too much, MRI can be very scary. I know you don't have to get one Billy.

My mother actually nailed down the dates my parents are coming up. This is HUGE in my family, because they're so last minute. It's too bad it's Halloween weekend. sad.gif Now, just to get the house in order.

Kvetch: I gained back the two pounds I thought I lost, but maybe it's water weight. Bleh.

Not much is going on. I'm so excited to see an old friend of mine this weekend. I think we're going to go catch a movie, and go window shopping.

Friday undies: No bra and pink briefs.


!~~~!!~!~~!~Healing vibes for Rosemama!~!~!~!~!~!~ Man, I feel for her right now. I'll be going back to work when she is coming off. I hope she can make the recovery in 6 weeks. It took my boss a long time with hers.

((((Bunny, Sassy, Billy, Mando, Tes, sybrite, polly, kitten, Christine,and everyone else))))

Things are finally looking up here. I should be allowed to start putting weigth on my leg Thursday. I've been practising a little bit and the pain is pretty manageable. I'm actually starting to feel like life will get back to normal someday!
Kvetch:I went to a parent/teacher conference for minipixie the other day that did not go well. The teacher was like trying to scare us that MP is going to fail first grade because she has some behavioral issues. She's making this huge deal about it, but could not give me one single indication of an academic problem. To me, it sounds like she's bored and frustrated because so far everything has been K review and she so bright. I was teh same way as a kid. Anyway this teacher told us that she tells her that if she doesn't behave she's going to lose all her friends!!! I got upset and emailed Mr. Dust about it (he was at the meeting too) because I feel that is emotional blackmail...and of course he sides with the teacher saying he tells her the same thing when he catches her lying at his house. (Ok, I know I shouldn't really be suprised considering the amount of emotional blackmail that went on during our divorce, but umm..hello! Maybe there is a reason she is not having bahavioral problem and feeling insecure!) The teacher also told us that she threatens detention a lotand when I asked how that was handled since she will be going to a babysitter once I back to work, the teacher admitted that it's an idle threat. Umm..hello..parenting 101....consistant clear rules and punishments. Minipixie will always push people to see if they will back up thier threats. The other thing that pissed me off was that in the 9 previous weeks of school she has never once called or sent home a note indicating that anything was going on. She even mentioned that one sub though she should be medicated ! (don't even get me strarted on how inappropriate that was!) It's going to be a long freaking year with this teacher!
I actually did have the MRI last week and it was no fun at all. I felt like I had something resting on my cheek with about ten minutes to go and couldn't do anything about it. I was trying all sorts of things to take my mind off that itchy feeling. The MRI came back with something the internal medicine doctor thinks is harmelss, but she wants a neurosurgeon to make the decision. So, I'll see him in Tuesday. Focus some vibeage on Tuesday morning, please. My blood pressure seems to be coming back up a little and I can feel the difference. It's a start!

Just so you know... grey boxer briefs.
((billyb)) Good luck at Tuesday’s appointment.

((pixie)) Glad you will be able to get back to normal soon. I find it weird that the teacher has not informed you of any behavior problems until now, I mean why not mention it sooner if it’s such an issue.

((sassy)) Have fun with your friend.

((christine)) Hope they reschedule the interview soon.

((bunnyb)) Feel better.

((syb)) Yay for getting thesis work done.

((kittenb)) Congrats on your anniversary. Mr. DM wants that Batman Lego game too.

((rose and mom)) I hope the surgery goes well, and recovery is fast.

((polly, sidecar, amilita))

I watched the last half of the debate, and basically it pisses me off when McCain talks about women’s issues. The more I see Obama in debates and speeches the more I really like him. I hope everyone has a nice weekend.
Happy Friday all! I've had a suprisingly nice day so far. My friend who travels far and wide (works for the Foreign Service) was making a quick fly by in Chicago and managed to sqeeze in an hour for me. We have one of those friendships were no matter how much time has passed, we just pick up the conversation where it ended. I like friends like that.
After that, I went to the gym and then the grocery store. On the way home I found a nice yard sale and spent a little cash.
All in all, a fun day. Of course, I did not yet clean my apartment or work on homework but the day is still young.

pixie - sorry about the mini-pixie stress. Sounds like her teacher needs to relax.
{{{billy}}} I'll start the vibage now.
polly - I may need a nap today myself. Hope I find time.


undies report - bright blue panties, no bra yet.
(((((billy)))))) I hope it gets sorted out. Fingers crossed. We've meeeeeced you and your grey boxers around here wink.gif

((((bunny)))) you feeling any better?

((((amilita and mr amilita and fil))))) I hope you get some news.

((((mando and mamasan)))) pox on the useless brother and sil. I'd love to see Danny's band!

((((tes))))) hope your sister feels better

((((star))))) is your neck better? did you get a massage? ***virtual shoulder massage***

((((syb)))) little girls are satan in pigtails... luck with the thesis. I might pm you and pick your academic brain over something, I'm starting to look at my IGS (like a dissertation, but I have to do research in the field). Would you mind? It's not urgent, I'm just in need of someone to bounce ideas off who isn't another student/my tutor

((((rose and sheff and rosemama))))

((((sassy)))) aww, zoe's so very cute-sounding. silly nosey neighbour. I hope the med bills and that get sorted.

((((kitten)))) I can't believe it's a year! Is Lego Batman any good? I'm thinking of getting it for G

((((pixie)))) grr, stupid teacher. I'm sorry about the drama, but yay for your leg progress. I still want cast pictures...

((((dm)))) mccain pisses me off, and I don't have to deal with him actually being in the same country.

((((polly)))) yay for naps!


cod, I've been really bad at posting, haven't I?

lunch with bunny was lovely, we hand sausages and mash, and wandered about and I found the Bag of Dreams. I like having Bunny nearby, she's much more appreciative of the lunching than ExGoth and her mental flatmate (henceforth to be known as Crazy; she's lovely, but she is mental). Also, bunny listens to me bitch about rowing, which is pretty much all I seem to do.

G is away with work, Mornmama and her Toyboy are in the country (did I mention my desire to NOT deal with the Toyboy? I know I ought to but I just don't feel up to it). Rowing is taking over my life, and the internal politics are driving me up the pole - basically the president is a twunt, doesn't respect my opinions or wishes (or even my experience) which makes it very hard for me to get anyone else's respect (he has dismissed my input with "but you're a girl, and so you don't matter"). He makes me SO FUCKING ANGRY, and I'm really struggling to keep it together at times.

but on the plus side, I have an iphone. His name is Theodore. laugh.gif

pink silk knickers.
It's Friday! I have time to post again, yay!

Martini and I are both video game enthusiasts (we have a PS3) and we've played Lego Star Wars and Lego Batman -- they are quite fun! I like them because you don't die, you just get re-assembled. We've preordered Little Big Planet, which looks like the most fun ever. I can't wait for it to arrive. Also, if you are a fan of Batman, it's great fun to see Lego Gotham and all of the enemies assembled. You can play from the villains side on Batman, and you get to run around Arkham Asylum.

((polly)) hope you guys have a decent time tonight.

(((billy))) I hope everything is clear on Tuesday!

((((morn))))) sorry about all the rowing stress

((((DM)))) That McCain comment about women's health was beyond the pale. He sounded like he was basically advocating for positions on abortion that extremists don't support. His reasoning for not supporting the Lilly Ledbetter pay equity act is pretty indefensible ("women just need more education" instead of a federal mandate) and I can't believe that he thinks putting a woman, especially the one in question, into his VP slot makes his terrible record on women's issues okay.

(((pixie))) Sorry to hear about the problems with MP's teacher conference! Would it be possible to talk to the principal about the way you were blindsided? (And sorry that ex-Mr. Dust is not being helpful.)

~~~continued productivity vibes for syb~~~

feel better, bunny!

So! Today we had an event at a high school for our annual literacy initiative with 300 students, an author, and then Univision came and I totally got interviewed to be on their news program. Unforch, I don't speak Spanish so I will probably be dubbed over. But it was great to get some press. We had a pizza party with the book club afterwards and it was a good time.

Anyway, I am tired, and Martini and I are going to spend the evening chilling at home. Have a great night!
*fly-by* Of course you can PM me mornington; I haven't done a lot of field-based research but my thesis incorporates some, so work away!

Thanks all for the vibes, very much appreciated. Hope everyone's having a great weekend. I saw Burn After Reading and was strangely underwhelmed (alhtough it is funny) and met with an old friend for too many drinks. It's been good.

*vrooms out again*
Shoot. The Mr. got an email from his dad today, and the good part is that he said "I love you" and that he gave the Mr. some information about his liver cancer...the bad part is that he is having symptoms of fatigue and pain already. I'm doing some reading online, which I know you must take with a grain of salt, but I already had a strong feeling that we are talking a few months, not years here, and I've found everything to support that. And I confirmed that with my mom, who you may remember is also a nurse. It also seems it can be sudden, and that there can be confusion or coma in the end.

The Mr. was going to try to visit in late November, but now I'm panicking a bit and wondering if I should try to get him to go sooner. I guess I'll show him some of the information I bookmarked. He has a lot of art stuff coming up. I don't want to be alarmist. (I'm not one to minimize things - no worries on that.) I also really didn't want to be helping with the art thing we're having here, it's his responsibility, but I think I need to step in and help him more considering all this.

I'm freaking out right now. He's sleeping. This sucks.

Sidecar, how did you get the patient confidentiality laws waived for you father-in-law? Did he just have to sign something with his doctor? I think we may need to arrange something...and I don't usually have to deal with these kinds of things because labor and delivery is an acute setting. I just make the person on the phone talk to the patient or family member. The Mr. did ask about a living will in his reply email.

(((everyone))) Thanks for letting me vent.
Hey amilita: I believe that Martini has paperwork establishing him as having medical power of attorney? It may also be that his parents signed something or instructed their doctors to speak directly with him. He said he didn't sign anything, but I'm thinking maybe his parents did. I mean, they're from a small, tight-knit town and their doctor, for example, has known Martini for most of his life. It's a different situation, from your mister's.
Hey y'all! Gosh, I haven't been here in so long I don't know where to start. I'm just going to jump in and say:

Boo to crappy health issues for busties and the bustie-adjacent, asshat politicians both internal and national, teachers who probably shouldn't be, satanic childhood mates and the pathetic adults they become, money issues great and small, and job hunting stresses.

***HOORAY!!!*** for Thanksgiving coming together nicely for everybustie, lovely visits from timeless friendships, one year anniversaries (seriously, it's been a year?!?), unexpected bits o' cash, low fat turkey pot pie, great jazz shows, safaris, busties who lunch, busties who understand, and hell, busties in general!

I have a new job that I'm beyond thrilled about. I'm having so much fun I keep thinking I must be doing it wrong or something! It's a temp-to-hire position, and I've been told I'm at the top of the hire list. I know how that goes so I'm not counting chickens or anything, but it's nice to know they want me. OH, and my co-workers are just FASCINATING. There's this one kid, just turned 21, who's a furry! I think that's so cute that I spent an entire shift convincing him to wear his dog collar to work, now you can hear him jingling down the hallways all night long. biggrin.gif Adorable!

Okay, I've got some SERIOUS catching up to do before I shuffle off to bed (did I mention the job is nights? I love working night shift!).

((((((((((kvetchies, especially YOU))))))))
((((((sixelacat))))))))))HelloooOOooo! Congrats on the job! It sounds like things are on the up and up for you. Good to hear. smile.gif

((((amilita & Mr.))))) that's gotta be so frustrating position to be in. trying to not be an alarmist and encouraging your hubby to visit sooner without being pushy.

(((sidecar))) yay for relaxing weekends!

(((morn))) acos. you got an iphone too? my contract is up with verizon next year and i'm trying to decide if i want an iphone or blackberry. or just get another palm treo, but with a OS operating system since i have a mac. i didn't think when i got my current phone to make sure it was mac compatible. then again, the guys at the store weren't really the most helpful.

(((bunnyb))) i hope you are feeling better.

(((kittenb, sybarite, sheff, rose, billy, pixie, yuefie, tes, sassy, candy, and other kvetchies)))

well, i've been working out pretty much everyday. it helps with my anxiety with all of this school stuff. a yoga instructor encouraged me to take his advanced yoga class since he felt my form was good and i could take the harder class. that made me feel good. now, i'm just trying to think about varying my meals since i've gone veggie.

kvetch: if i could have some major vibes for tomorrow please. my school is deciding how i should proceed for training sites. i'm hoping for being able to stay in chicago and just go to our school's training site. i would be so relieved not to have to send applications out for a 3rd time. my wallet would appreciate it too.
YAY for a sixelacat sighting! congrats on the new job! I hope they make it permanent for you. Also, what's a furry (I think I've guessed but want to check)?

(((star))) I hope you'll be able to train on the Chicago site.

(((amilita))) I think you do need medical Power of Attorney... hopefully yuefie will check in soon as I think she may know from dealing with her dad's medical stuff.

(((sidecar, polly, kitten, morn, dm, rose, sheff, mandi, billy, yuefie, christine_nectarine, candycanegirl, sassy, syb, pixie, tes, damona everybody)))

I'm feeling better, thanks; I've had a couple of separate days where I've felt full of the cold and it's just passed rather than floored me so I'm thankful that again it hasn't come to anything. The boy and I had a lovely Saturday: we went to an art gallery to see their latest exhibit in the foyer (post-apocalyptic bunkbeds) then had lunch with the boy's friend and his gf who couldn't make dinner on Thursday (I had never met the gf and we hit it off so happy to have made new friends here already), then we went to our favourite department store to look at the kitchenware and buy some things in the foodhall for dinner (like dessert!) I also bought my first Christmas gift at the art gallery (starting early as have no money!) Yesterday we went food shopping and I was devastated that they were sold out of ben and jerry's, hmph. Today I have moontime cramp and having a chocolate party with one guest.

Six! Good to see you! Glad to hear you're enjoying your job. What kind of work are you doing? And how on earth furries were brought into a conversation at work? Inquiring minds and all that. wink.gif

~!*#$~!~ vibes of all sorts for Star !*$@!~ Here's hoping it all works out & you get to stay in Chicago.

Enjoy your chocolate-party-for-one, Buns. ~~~~~~~ soothing for Bunny ~~~~~~~~~

Pixie, sorry to hear there are issues with MiniPixie at school. Knowing that girl, she's just too smart & her boredom is leading to her getting into trouble. I know people make that excuse about kids a lot, but in this case I think there's a really good chance that it's a valid reason. That girl has always been the smartest thing going. Has the school tested her fir the gifted program yet or is it too soon?

((((((((((Billy))))))))))))) Best of luck tomorrow. How are you feeling? Did Kimi's actions on Sunday cause your blood pressure to rise a bit? God damn fucking team orders. Why can't the drivers just race, fercrissakes? At least Hamilton won & Kimi admitted that he had nothing to lose & admitted that he pulled over & let Massa ahead of him for the sake of the team. As for Alonso .... grrrrrr. Sir Douche-a-lot is officially dead to me.

Kvetch: Feeling really down today. There's lots of little bitty shitty things that are wearing me down. As a result, I can feel myself slipping into hibernation mode. I need to force myself to run some errands today. For instance, we need new filters so we can turn on our furnace tonight. And I need to do my daily exercise. Unfortunately, I just want to stay in my robe, curl up in a ball, and cry for a while. Don't you hate days like that? I think I need to spend some quality time over at Cute Overload or something to get me out of this funk.

ill mannered mandi again, just flying by for vibes. i feel like a heel.

the docs think they've figure out what's wrong with mamasan. she has a bloodclot where her ancient portocath in still inserted in a vein in her chest. the port that she needed for chemotherapy 13 yrs ago, that should've come out probably 8 yrs ago. the plan is to remove it today - minor surgery - and then put her on blood thinners to dissolve the clot. meanwhile, she's hella depressed cuz the idjit surgeon told her it might take months for her to feel and look normal again.

i'm doing the best i can for her - putting on the happy face, being optimistic - but these doctors certainly don't make it any easier.

any vibes for today's surgery would be much appreciated.

i promise to come back and read and listen and vibe when i'm somewhat less frazzled and exhausted and depressed myself.
but know that i love you all and think of you all the time.

~~~surgery vibes for Mando-mamasan~~~ It totally sucks, but it's exciting that they may have figured out what is causing all of this! That's a big deal, and so much better than searching around for a plan of care. And though it may be awhile before she's back to normal, she should start feeling better a lot sooner than that. And at least they are doing that surgery pronto.

Billy, good luck tomorrow!

I cannot believe I just woke up! I had big plans for today and it's early afternoon. When I went to bed last night, the Mr. woke up a little and I told him some of the stuff I learned. I should have waited and let him sleep, because he got up for awhile after that. He said he was glad I told him, but he didn't say if he wanted to try to visit his dad any sooner. I'm PMSing like a MF and still freaking out a bit.

Bunny, I hate when I've got in mind some ice cream I want and they are out. And that seems to happen to me all the time. I hope not today! And I really need to go to the gym even if I go the ice cream route.

(((everyone))) ~~~school vibes for star~~~ ~~~blues-b-gone for rose~~~
((mando & mom)) Fingers are crossed that they found the cause and that the results happen sooner rather than later.

~*~*~funk-bustin' vibes for rose~*~*~

~*~*~school & health vibes for star~*~*~

Sounds like a good Saturday, bunny.

SIX! Sounds like a fun workplace. Those can make the crappiest job tolerable. Glad it doesn't sound like a crappy job, though!

((amilita, mr. & dad))


The dinner at LeParent's was okay. The wife-half of the friends that they had over for dinner went to school with LeMom and this weekend was their 40th high school reunion. It was mostly uneventful, except for the couple of times when LeBoy said something politically controversial. The couple were basically democrats, but still old school, and I think we were a little too liberal/leftist for them. rolleyes.gif

The wedding on Saturday was...interesting. Nothing weird about the wedding- standard Catholic wedding, country club reception with bland chicken. Good cake, at least. The Selenas were there, we carpooled with them. Mr. Selena's brother & his wife were supposed to go, but they got the stomach flu. They are in that small group of LeBoy's friends that I really dislike. The Selena's sent in their RSVP card, but the groom never got it, so there was no table place card for them, so they took the brother & wife's cards. Thank cod for the stomach flu, because otherwise I would have been at a table filled with the miscreants from high school who I was once friends with but now have no desire whatsoever to see. LeBoy's sister & husband were there, but she & LeBoy ran with very different crowds in high school (if this were The Breakfast Club, his friend would have been Judd Nelson and her friend would have been Molly Ringwald) and I would have gone to sit at her table with her friends. Anyway, having The Selena's there tempered the situation....that and all the wine I the mojito at TGI Friday's in between the ceremony and reception. laugh.gif
I voted!
Oy, it's been a minute since I last kvetched and boy do I have some catchin' up to do!

(((((mando & mamasan))))) ~~~~mega strength everything be well & coping vibage~~~~

((((billy)))) ~~~~good news-good health vibes a plenty~~~~

((((mr amilita & dad)))) ugh, what a stressful situation

feh on teachers who need not be teaching, idiota exes, health issues, job issues, financial issues, and any other issue facing BUSTies and loved ones.

~~~blues be gone for rose and anyone else who needs it~~~

*waves madly at sixela* hee, a furry!

So I just found out that my best friend S is getting married this Friday. She and her girlfriend know that chances are great that Prop 8 will pass thus making it illegal once again for them to get married in the state of California. We are driving out to Palm Springs for the ceremony, following them back to San Bernardino to celebrate and then they are spending the rest of the weekend down in San Diego. R and I are going to make a nice Brunch for them on Sunday morning. Now I need to figure out a wedding gift!

As per bunny's report (heh) I was off camping. And fishing too. And let me just say that this supposed princess really does have a rugged side. Not only have I taken to fishing like a fish to water (my apologies for the dorky pun,but I could not resist), but I also camped in the middle of the desert which is the middle of nowhere! We'd planned on camping up the mountains at a campground that had flushing toilets and coin operated showers but when we arrived at the site we found most of the campsite to be closed off, the bathrooms locked and a no campfire advisory with high winds and cool, cool temps at night. So our choices were to head back home or to find another place to camp where we would be allowed to build a campfire, so out to desert we headed. We found a great spot to set up camp not too far from a canal off the Colorado river, which is where we fished. I had such a great time, I can't wait to drag all my loved ones out there now. There is nothing like the smell of breakfast cooking on the open fire or catching your own dinner. Oh yeah, and I caught more fish than R did on my second day of fishing ever and he's been at it for 37 years tongue.gif. I would say it's just my Virgo instincts, approacing it analytically. I caught a lot of fish, but we only kept a couple of them. I caught several large mouth bass (the winner being a 2 lb. one we named George), small mouth bass and catfish and the coolest of all was a red eared sunfish, which R had never even seen before. I can't wait to be able to do it again.

Oh, and Jenny is growing like a weed. She's so cute but also a bit demonic. I've been putting neosporin on all of the scratches she's given me. Ziggy is finally used to her and is being a total sweetheart. He's so patient with her, it cracks me up. She's rambunctious and he tolerates it until he's has his fill and then he lightly bops her in the head with a warning meow and then he licks her like a mama kitty would. Too cute!

I will be back later when I've had time to really catch up.
In the meantime, ~~~~all purpose vibes for (((YOU))))~~~~

Welcome back sixelacat.

Fingers crossed for Stargazer. Keep us posted.

Bunnyb - Yay for early Christmas shopping!

{{{mando and mandomama}}}

Fingers and toes crossed for Billy! I've decided not to do early voting as I really want to be a part of Election Day this year. I know that I am going to be chewing my finger nails to stubs.

{{{amalita, polly, yuefie}}}

~~~~fingers crossed for stargazer~~~~
~~~cheer up vibes for rose~~~ I am sending sparkly thoughts of David Tennant your way!
~~~preliminary vibes for Billy tomorrow~~~ and thank you for doing your part in Texas!
(((mamasan))) i am glad there's an answer and hope surgery went okay!
(((bunny))) I am glad you're feeling better. It takes awhile to adjust to a new city.
*waves to sixela & yuefie*

I have so little to say, except my day was busy, then I came home and made a super kickass-looking pot pie. Will let you know how it tastes.
chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot pie!!

sorry, that is one of my fav "just shoot me" epis. ahem.

i'm gonna send these vibes now since i don't know when i'll get to the computer tomorrow.

*~*~*good health vibes for billy*~*~*

*~*~*everything goes well vibes for mamasan*~*~*

*~*~*soothing PMS vibes for amilita*~*~*
Gah. I gotta vent a little more. I realize that part of my freaking out about the f-i-l has to do with me being a nurse, and the fact that I did a tiny bit of hospice work...and that I have had my own father die. I can just imagine so many scenarios, and so many things that may need to be addressed legally, medically, emotionally. I can imagine how things may be for his dad in his last days, and I have a drive to make sure any human I'm connected to in any way does not suffer more than they must.

Not to mention that I have seen people behave terribly with regards to estates - my dad's siblings when my uncle died - and I don't think that's going to happen with the Mr. and his sister, but you never know. Dealing with the estate could be complicated, especially if there is no will or if the Mr. and his sister are cut out or something.

The Mr. is just sort of like, dealing with things as they come...without much anticipation of possibilities. I said what's best is probably somewhere between how he is and how I am. I definitely worry too much. And it isn't as if he's being lax or something, really. Apparently, the f-i-l is taking care of making a living will this week, so that's good...and the Mr. had encouraged him to do so. That's a good first step.

So I'm working on toning down the worry and letting the Mr. deal with it all in his own way. It isn't gonna do him nor I any good if I'm flipping out. It's his father. He seems to think he won't be very upset when he does die, and maybe he won't. My dad's death was so hard for me, and I know my mom's will be awful. I suppose all this brings all that up, as well.

I'm determined to have a productive day tomorrow.

I can't wait to vote! I'm feeling hopeful about the election. Cautiously hopeful. No one I've voted for has won in a long, long time! We are going to drink champagne if Obama wins and if McCain wins, we will drink Ensure. And cry. I hope we get to throw the Ensure away.

(((everyone))) I feel like such a distracted, self-centered drama queen. It helps to be able to vent this stuff somewhere.

And P.S. Sidecar and Rose - how are you guys making these pot pies? Are you making the crusts from scratch? I'm so impressed with that dish! Crusts always seem so hard to me.

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