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Just a little note on the c-section stuff. I read an article last year that said the increase of overweight people has caused and increase in people needing c-sections. I can't remember how it was supposed to be linked but it was kind of interesting.

Of course it can't just be a weight issue, one of my friends is really slim and she had to have a c-section because after 2 days of labour her baby just wasn't coming. I know that I was induced but only because I was a few days late, after that everything went just fine according to my mom.
kvetch: I miss bunnymama sad.gif.

anti-kvetch: we had a lovely day in a bookstore (I bought Nigella's new Christmas book, the boy bought Civil War and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen graphic novels), shopped for the boy's mum's birthday present, went to Whole Foods and had lunch and spent a fortune on food. I'm looking forward to our steak and delectable desserts tonight. Oh, midwestern mamas: I also bought Soy Vay Island Teryaki, which turbojenn used as a marinade for the last Chicago busties' meet up!

kvetch: I am really stressed about finding a job. I hear back about the one from last week tomorrow but I have a bad feeling.

anti-kvetch: we have an adorable, little grey squirrel (or more than one) who hangs around the grounds of the flat smile.gif, v sweet.

Candycane - at least with the two I am thinking of, neither of the women in question were overweight (let alone fat)... both were realllly slim.

New boys are fun. I think I'm going to Brazil this summer, to do a 'learn portuguese' thing, and generally frolic in the new boy's hometown, with him. We'll see!
Christine Nectarine - I don't know why it's done, but on Fridays everyone post what their undies and bras look like. It can be rather intimidating as many Kvetchies seem to be able to coordinate them (on themselves, not with other kvetchies.) I'm normally happy when I can at least be wearing some by the time I post. I have Fridays off now and I often post before a workout or after a shower. Since I didn't post at all on Friday, I will share that I am wearing kneesocks in various shade of purple today. smile.gif

bunnyb - Is this your first time living away from home? I was about 24 when I moved out (not counting college.) It was really hard to live two states away from my family, never mind that I'd wanted to leave Ohio for...ever?

mando - {{{soothing perimenopause vibes}}} That is cold the way your company is treating the excoworker.

roseviolet - Great. Now I want the dress to and I have no $$. I like skirts and dresses that end above the knee. That is the perfect length for my legs.

mornington - I am glad that you will have more time for you. I haven't been on my bike as much since it got colder. I miss it.

sidecar - Yes. Sarah Palin will GO BACK TO ALASKA! after her defeat. Actually, I think she might be around to stay. The media does love pretty conservatives and Ann Coulter has just gotten too batshit crazy.

{{{stargazer, quantumspice, candy-cangirl, crazycatlady, and all}}}

I had a nice and busy weekend. Lots of homework which I am oddly enjoying. I kind of like being back at school although I am struggling with my constant desire to be liked by everyone and my very conflicting need to spend my lunchtimes by myself. It is weird. I've just realized that I am not looking for new friends right now, and don't really have time for anyone. But I can't get off the old habit of wanting everyone to like me. Oh, well, I could have bigger problems, right? My teacher really liked my class presentation. That's all that's important.

Christine Nectarine
thank you mornington and kittenb for relieving me of my kvetchie ignorance! i shall have to put some thought into my next friday's garments.

candycanegirl, did you go to nuit blanche? we missed it, but i heard it was awesome!

ok, my very first:

kvetch: the kiddo broke her leg this weekend on the playground! spiral fracture to the left tibia. full leg cast which she is not thrilled about mad.gif my fingers are crossed that she figures out how to move around before she gets too bored and cranky. i'm having all sorts of childhood flash backs because i broke my leg at pretty much the same age, and i remember how much it SUCKED.

anti-kvetch: the kiddos grandparents brought her "get well" gifts, including the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie on DVD! it was as awesome as i remembered.
Christine, sorry about your kid's leg. How old are they?? Cool for the DVD though.

Kitten, glad you had a good weekend.

Bunny, I know what you mean about a job. I'm dealing with that right now.

Rose, I want that dress!

Morn, sorry about the rowing drama.

Yay for the WW achievement star and sidecar

CCG, hey!

((everyone I've forgetting))

Had a laid back weekend, despite a fight with Mom over her old Kitchenaid stand mixer. We wanted it for Thanksgiving, and all the sudden she's now cooking. Whatever. I guess I'll maybe ask for one for Christmas.
Also, had a weird run in with the nosy neighbor and she mentioned Mcgeek's ex over and over. Nosiy neighbor is the ex's aunt.

Anti-kvetch: Seeing "Relegious" yesterday.

Today a totally flubbed an interview over the phone with a career counselor. I got a little angry thinking about the asshats IKEA were, and I think it just fell apart. She accused me of not really wanting to go into library science, and just really picking a career at random. I'm meeting with her tomorrow, and I'm hoping that in person it may go better. I honestly didn't think it was going to be an interview. Bleh.

Anti-kvetch: Mcgeek and I finally got some veggies in the garden! smile.gif

Anti-kvetch: We found Project Runway Australia online and downloaded it last night. It's eerily similar to the American version. No one as great as Tim Gunn though.

christine, I went out but I felt like I didn't see as much as I could have. However, I did get one last picture of the Sam the Record Man lights. I'm still sad that they're taking that sign down. I had heard that it was declared an historical landmark but I heard it's getting a new home. I don't know.

one biiiiiiiig kvetch: I just found out this morning that a bunch of readings for a class that I had today AND the lecture that we just had will be on my midterm. My midterm which is tomorrow. To say that I am pissed off is an understatement. I think it's absolutely ludicrous for them to expect us to have all this shit down by tomorrow. Everyone in the lecture complained but the prof's attitude was pretty much "deal with it".


I'm off to being angry/studying.
Kitten, yes, it's my first time away from home; the longest I've gone without seeing bunnymama is four weeks and that was this summer as our holidays overlapped. It was beyond time to move out though (I'm twenty seven) and it was definitely time to live with the boy, the natural progression of our relationship; I had to go where he was going and I had to come here to forge a career for myself. I came here for all of the right reasons and I am already at home here but missing bunnymama and knowing she is finding it incredibly hard too, hurts.

(((sassy))) try to convey in the interview how much you want the position. Does it matter that it's your first foray in the field? no. What matters is the here and now and how well you could do the job. It irks me when they make a deal about the motivation behind applying for the job -I/you applied for it so it's not like you/we don't want it so give it to us already! besides, how many people truly know what they want and have done from day one? I have, to an extent, when it comes to my subject and to working with books in some form but career-wise? not a clue. Needless to say I haven't heard about the job and I'm finding it hard to believe that no news is good news.

(((kiddo nectarine))) ouch.

(((candycanegirl and classmates))) that strikes me as harsh, unfair and impractical.

(((bunny))) I’m glad you’ve acclimated so nicely, but sorry for the mama-homesickness and not hearing bout the job. Stupid bastids.

(((candy))) *superstrength ace-that-midterm vibes*

(((christinekiddo))) ouch! A spiral fracture sounds nasty! Poor thing!

(((morn))) good for you for taking such good care of yourself re the quitting of the job. Don’t stretch yourself too thin. Tell me tho, Did you really slap the president?

Rose, those baby tattoos are priceless! I can’t see the dress tho … wah.

(((ktten, sassy, damona, amilita, sybarite, sidecar, pixie, star, catlady, polly, yuefie, tesao, quantum, everyone)))

My c-section was due to exhausting myself pushing. 36 hours + three epidurals was quite enough, thankyouverymuch. Plus we were worried the kidlet might come out with a broken arm or something since he was so big. when his heartbeat became irregular, well, I just wanted him out safe and sound.

I think I might be pulling my bootstraps up a wee bit. (ie: getting over my bluefunk.) So what that the news is rife with doom and gloom and my debt card might stop working any day now and so what that we might very well wind up with a dangerous pair of morons in the white house for the next four years and so what if my workplace crashes and burns around me during the next month? It’s not the end of the world, right? *weak smile*

I just wish that mamasan wasn’t still being tossed from doctor to doctor and not one of them can tell her what’s causing her mysterio facial swelling. Now the allergist is saying it may be thyroid-based. Meanwhile the PT won’t work on her swollen arm until the facial thing is cleared up. grrrr. Fingers crossed she finally takes my advice and switches her primary doctor. Her current one is a clueless dumbass flake.

On the plus side, I’m rocking the cleavage today. Me ow.
excuse the pity-party post ahead: I didn't get the bookshop job sad.gif. They did however offer me a temporary Christmas position in their flagship store starting mid-November, which I have accepted in the interim as I would be stupid not to but I don't want it ... it is a store I love and a position a permanent one may develop from but it would involve me working weekends, away from the boy, and bank holidays, away from my family (not to mention the boy and his family) for Christmas. I am in a strange city with no job and hardly any money, I have a very small support network and a very stressed provider boyfriend. I feel completely defeated. I am both ridiculously over-qualified and pathetically under-qualified. For God's sake, I can't even get a permanent job in retail, which I was working in a decade ago whilst at school with no credentials. I may have a Master's in literature and love the subject but it is completely and utterly worthless when it comes to finding a career; no wonder I feel like such a failure.

/sorry for the me me me post.
((((((bunnyb))))))) i'm so sorry. if i was there, i would take you to have a pint. sad.gif

*~*~*midterm pass vibes for candy*~*~*

yay for mando's rack!

*~*~*healing vibes for christine's kiddo*~*~*

kvetch: i have a school meeting today to talk about the training stuff. i don't think this meeting will help me in anyway. who knows. it seems like it is more for their benefit to learn how to help another student next time. strength vibes would be nice.

kvetch2: i still wonder why i feel so dropped. it makes it hard to tackle any other school related tasks. situational depression sucks!

Christine Nectarine
thanks everyone for the healing vibes. she went to school today, and was a little shy about her cast, but happy to be carted around in a wagon! kiddo's only 4, too little to use crutches.

((((bunny)))) my sister is in much the same circumstance, my heart goes out to you!

((((stargazer and ccg)))) for stuff at school

much cheer for everyone!

i had the WORST day today. one of my classes has a mini-mutiny on me (and these are college kids, okay? i should flunk their asses). and of course, about 45 minutes prior to this, another uti decided to rear its ugly head (i just got rid of one like 2 weeks ago)! i had to rush over to planned parenthood after the mutiny to get poked and prodded, and it hurt. my vag was not appreciative of this (and neither was my wallet).

*requests bustie vibes of happiness for myself and hard spankings with a splintered paddle for the class*

(((bunny))) sorry about the job. i know how that is. sad.gif
christine, good to hear the kiddo is loving the TLC.

((faerie)) sorry for the shite day. sad.gif

well, the meeting did not feel supportive. it felt more like a trial. *sigh* but, on the upside, who did i see walking the school's hallways?? KITTENB! it felt good to see her. smile.gif i needed to see some comforting people at that time.
(((faerietales))) Sorry 'bout the sucky day.

~~~stargazer~~~ Don't let those a-holes get you down!

(((bunny)) Things will get better in your new home.

I've been having my ass kicked at work some more. We've been so busy. Actually, Sunday night was nice until this baby crashed and had heart tones in the 50s for like 9 minutes before we ran to the OR right before the end of my shift. It's scary, and it always takes awhile to chill out and let the adrenaline dissipate to be able to go to sleep once you get home.

Then the Mr. woke me up to ask a totally non-emergency question after I had been asleep less than two hours. I kept saying "I really need to sleep." He kept asking me questions. I had to unleash THE DARKNESS. I seriously smashed a few things. People who don't work nights have a hard time understanding all the difficulties of sleeping during the day, working against your body, trying to get enough sleep to make it through the next night, all the different stuff. He felt really bad. I don't think it'll happen again, at least for a long time.

I think that baby from the other night is doing OK, but really, you don't know for awhile.

I have stuff to add to the C-section discussion, but I'm so tired. Overweight does increase risk of c/s, one reason being those babies tend to be bigger, too. Induction also does, for many reasons, and there are a lot of inductions done for doctor and patient convenience...elective c/s are on the rise, too. And the litigiousness of society leads doctors to practice a certain way, for sure.

There is some interesting stuff about fetal monitoring...we have this tool to look at heart rate during labor, and we know a lot about it, but there may also be a lot we don't really understand about it. And we don't continuously monitor during pregnancy, so what happens during all that time? What is really normal? Some people question how valuable continuous monitoring during labor really is...a funky strip can get you a c/s, or even just tip the scales that way given other factors. (Like it happened with you, Mando, if I'm getting it right.) I am conditioned to get nervous if I'm not tracing the baby's heart rate, but it's an interesting topic to me.

I'm gonna pay attention to the debate now. It sure makes me worried, too. (((((everyone)))))

Happy Hump Day!

Amilita, my mom worked the graveyard shift in the ER & ICU for much of my childhood, so I learned early that you MUST keep quiet during the day while she is sleeping and you ONLY wake her if you've lost a limb or the house is on fire or some other sort of emergency has taken place. Example: One day while Mom was sleeping I cut my thumb very badly on the back door & I was bleeding everywhere, but I still wasn't sure whether it was worth waking up my mom. I ended up getting a number of stitches later that day (my brother chose to wake up Mom. I was too scared to do it myself).

(((((((((Bunny))))))))))) My heart goes out to you. Before Sheff and I moved to NC, my family held an early birthday dinner because I wouldn't be there for my actual birthday. I broke down crying in the middle of this restaurant, telling them how much I didn't want to move & I didn't want to me apart from them & how much I'd miss going out to dinner with them and on and on. Those first months were so damn hard. You can find ways to stay close, though. I may not get to see my family as often, but I talk to my parents more than ever (I talk to my mom 4 times or more a week) and now we really enjoy the times we do see one another. It gets better. (((((((((more love for Bunny)))))))))

Christine, I'm sure the break was extremely painful, but the visual of an adorable little girl getting pulled around in a wagon sounds so. damn. CUTE!
~*~*~*~ magical healing for the kidlette ~*~*~*~

~!~!~!~ better-day vibes for Faerie, Stargazer, Sassy, Bunny, CCGirl, Mandi, Morn, & everyone else ~!~!~!~

Sorry I've been MIA ... kinda. I've been taking a voluntary break from the internet & I've really enjoyed it. I've done a lot of cleaning & shopping & cooking & worked out a ton (which reminds me that I need to check in on the Bust the Blubber blog). Sheff has spent a lot more time off of his computer, too, & we've really enjoyed our time together. We realized recently that we've been behaving like hermits & that we're always happier when we get out more & do more things together, so we're making a conscious effort to do that. It feels good, so I think I'll continue to spend a little less time on the internet for a while, so don't worry if I don't post for a few days in a row, okay? I'll be back. Promise.

Time to log off again. Gotta get stuff done & enjoy the pretty fall weather.

My biggest anti-kvetch: Sleeping Beauty on DVD!!!!! I have been waiting for this for sooooooo damn long. The last time this movie was available was when it was released on VHS in 1997 (yes, I remember it that clearly). I hadn't realized before then how beautiful a movie it was. The background artwork is gorgeous! So I'm extra super thrilled to finally own it on DVD. I bought it yesterday & I plan on wallowing in the glory of the special features over the next few days. Wee!
bunnyb - even years after I moved to Chicago, I would cry when my family visits ended. It just took time. Truthfully, after the tears were over, I then enjoyed the silence that much more but it can be very conflicting. So sorry about the job. sad.gif

rose - I've been limiting my internet time as well, just a little. It has been a good thing as I can spend days on the comouter w/o looking up. And it is so nice to see someone else who like fairy tales and Disney movies. So many of my more radical coworkers look at me like I am insane when I say how much I love fairy tales and romances.

amalita - I work two overnights a week now. At my job, I can sleep when needed but WOW is it a hard adjustment.

stargazer - great to see you yesterday! If you need to talk/vent/whatever, give me a call.

{{{happy vag vibes for fairietales}}}

{{{hope the test went well candycangirl vibes}}}

mando - glad to hear that you are feeling a little better. smile.gif

Kvetch: Gods, grad school has never felt like more of an adjustment than it has this week. My laptop went wonky yesterday and had to be taken to the shop. Nothing unfixable so I just had them upgrade everything. It does seem to be working much faster now. Of course now everything looks different and I can't find some things that I am used to. I'll be digging around when I have more time. I had a major project last weekend due, a project due last night and a research paper due on Saturday morning. My research for it is done but, thanks to unexpected work obligations, I have not started writing. That will be part of today, part of tomorrow, and alllllll of Friday. I really want to go to the gym but I just don't know when. So I feel fat and cranky. I was at the boy's place last night and I just started crying from being tired. It will all be better by the weekend.

Could someone please send me the link to the Kvetcheis weight loss blog. I need to get connected on taking care of myself with others or I am going to gain everything back and I don't want to.


Anti-kvetch: My step-sister called me yesterday to help me with a problem. I cannot remember the last time that she called me for anything or actually thought that my opinion was worth hearing. Is it weird that I feel good about the fact that she turned to me?

*~*~*sleepy vibes for amilita*~*~*

i worked nights at previous jobs. you feel like the undead. never fully rested. i can understand your frustration.

(((kittenb))) let me know if you need any help navigating the grad school waters. oh, and any professors. alot of the professors have changed, but the core has stayed the same. let me know if you need any inside info.

(((rose))) i love sleeping beauty! i think it is my favorite disney movie. and don't worry about being MIA. it sounds like you've been busy.

oh, did i mention to ya'll that i decided to go back to being vegetarian. ya. my body just felt better when i wasn't eating meat, chicken, and/or seafood. plus, i seem to make smarter choices in my eating. nothing big just an overshare on my part.

*flyby vibe request*

mamasan's face blew up bigtime yesterday. she had trouble swallowing & breathing. of course she waited all day to call me, crying, saying she couldn't take it anymore. i took her to UC (where her records are also on file, so you'd think that was a sound decision). where they promptly TURNED US AWAY. wtF?! alarmist doctor with craptastic bedside manner said to get her to the ER because they had no way of knowing what was wrong with her (um, we just fucking explained the saga & the nurse typed it all in, you're looking at her records, DUH!) which i did. and get this one, after giving her IV benedryl, an epi-thing and ZANTAC (wtF?), the ER doc said, "i think you have angioedema but i really don't know and i don't know what to tell you to do next. go back to your internist." i wanted them to admit her. they just kept saying "let's see how she reacts to the medicine". her facial swelling did go down a bit and she became more comfortable. so they released her. and we were so flummaxed, fed up and exhausted, we couldn't get out of there fast enough. and mom has exceptional insurance and this is one of the best hospitals in the northeast. i can't say it enough: WTF?!

i am spitting mad. mom is ready to curl up in a ball and die and give up. she's been to 5 doctors - 4 of them specialists - in the past month, and NO ONE can tell her what's wrong with her. they just keep passing her like a hockey puck.

i convinced her to get an emergency appt with her fershit internist today (as we speak), if only to demand a full blood workup. i'm praying her doctor will suddenly become, i dunno, CARING & COMPETENT or something. i honestly don't know what else to do. switch primary physicians, definitely, but let's get this blood profile first. i guess. it's hard to think calmly and rationally when the doctors are being such clueless ... dicks.

and today i take danny to his doctor to try and get a definitive diagnosis on his recurring headaches. i think they - and his vomiting/nausea bouts - are migraine-related, and it's past time we had tests done. i bet i am going to sound like a Munchausen mom. sad.gif

but fuck me gently with a chainsaw, you really have to be your own healthcare advocate. finding the right doctor and the proper care is getting to be more and more of a crapshoot. i think it's all about LUCK, pure and simple. mad.gif

apologies for not catching up, but mandi = emotional wreck.

any someone-please-help-her-get-better-NOW vibes for mamasan would be heartily appreciated.
!~!~!~~!!~~mutilpurpose vibes for all!~!~!~~!~!~!~!~!~

Mando, I used to get stress related migraines that would make me vomit when I was a kid. I hope you find out the cause of Danny's. It wasn't until I was an adult that I realized that I always used to get them in Math class and I was doing math when I was called out of class and told my dad had died.

Much love to the broken leg kidlett! I can certainly comisserate right now. I am so.damn.tired. of not being able to walk. It's getting worse now that the brusiing and swelling is gone and my incisions are almost healed. I letrally have dreams that I am allowed towalk again and then wake up all pissed off. I am also experencing a lot of head aches now that I am off the heavy painkillers and I am having to go to my chiropractor almost daily.

I have a question for all the wise busties with kitties. We've had a beautiful Siamese that has been hanging out on our porch for several days and after asking several neighbors and not being able to find its owner we brought her inside last night. She's a really sweet cat, but almost obnoxiously so. She constantly likes/sucks on your skin and even nibbles a bit on your neck. It was kinda cute at first, but now after her having her sucking on my arm for 3 hours, I'm so over it! Has anyone known a cat that did that and how to make it stop?! I swear she is going to give me hickies. Could it be some sort of weird salt deficency? Mr. Pixie wants to keep her if we don't find the owner, but I am a little hesitant. So far she keeps hissing at my Persian.
((((mamasan)))) and (((mando))) for being your mom's advocate. I hope they find out what is wrong and make her feel better as soon as possible. The mister's dad and my own dad, to a much lesser degree, also suffered unnecessarily because they weren't diagnosed then treated correctly. ((((both of youse))))
"but fuck me gently with a chainsaw, you really have to be your own healthcare advocate. finding the right doctor and the proper care is getting to be more and more of a crapshoot. i think it's all about LUCK, pure and simple. "

Can I get an AMEN! I hope that they find out what is wrong very, very soon. Fingers crossed.

pixie - I used to get the worst headaches in 10th grade Math class. I was so bad at it it made me sick and I had a horrible teacher. mad.gif As for the kitty, it sounds like she might have been taken from her mama too young. I think that is what the sucking indicates. Maybe a behavoral specialist could help you out, or a little kitty prozac. Worked on my cat.
It's a common problem, pixie and kitten's right- it's usually because they were weaned too early. You could always get him one of these. laugh.gif

((mando & mom)) Sorry she's not getting better or any solutions. I hope things improve. unsure.gif

I only have to work half day tomorrow. We're seeing a couple of patients first thing in the morning, then my boss is taking off for Yom Kippur. I'm just going to stick around until noon and then LeBoy has a doctor's appointment. Just a GP, but he hasn't had a general exam in several years and we want to try to figure something out with his allergy-induced asthma and the massive congestion he gets annually.
Thanks for all the test vibes ladies. The test was in two parts and I think I did pretty badly on the first part but a bit better on the second part. I was kind of pissed though that one of the readings we discussed over and over again wasn't even on the test. I have another midterm today and one tomorrow and then I get to go home for Thanksgiving! I can't wait. I miss my mom and my dog and I love our turkey dinner (ok, mostly I just love the stuffing).

(((((amilita)))) better sleep vibes

christine, how's the kiddo doing?

(((((((mando and mom)))))))) I wish I knew what to suggest. I swear some doctors just don't work hard enough to figure out what the problem is. I sort of went through the same thing with my mom. She went through 5 years of pain before someone figured out that she needed a hip replacement.

(((rose, kitten, star, pixie, yuefie, bunny, polly, everyone)))

kvetch: I was feeling depressed last night. I don't know if it's because I'm trying to cut back on my meds (with my doctor's guidance) or if it's just that the days are getting shorter. Plus there is the stress of midterms and just wanting to get through the semester.

Also I think I'm just feeling weird about things. One of my closest friends just got engaged and while it's great news it just feels weird. And then I found out that one of my high school friends, after getting married this summer, is like 3 months pregnant! It's just odd, I don't know, I'm definitely not looking for marriage and kids just yet but I wouldn't mind having a boyfriend.
Christine Nectarine
((((mando and mama)))) that must be scary for you mandolyn, it's always hard not to know what is going on. i hope you get some answers soon.

ccg, i think it's just that time of year - the weather is colder, the days are longer. i've noticed alot of people around me starting to get the winter blues this week.
kiddo is doing well thank you, not sleeping so good because of some discomfort, but her daddy started painting on her cast last night to decorate it, and she was happy about that!

pixie, do you know if the kitty was feral, or was it somebody's pet?
kitty prozac? I didn't know there was such a thing! She doesn't seem feral. She looks like she was taken pretty good care of. She's a little thin. She is probably between 4-6 months old because she's the same size as my 5 mo old Persian. Mr. Pixie really loves her already, so I guess we'll have to find a way to break her of the habit. I just wish she were getting along with Gucci. First she started out hissing at him, now he's hissing at her. Last night they slept on our respective feet and hissed at each other! she having to keep her leg elevated or iced? I had to for the first 2 weeks...of course, I had to have surgery for mine. But Ice and elevation helped a lot for me.

Mando I hope mama's doctors get it right soon!
*~*~*vibes for mando and mama*~*~*
*emerges from okayland to Kvetchland*

Just popping in to say Happy Birday CandyCane_Girl!

Hope all the kvetchies are doing well! ((((((kvetchies))))))

*slinks back into portal*
~~mando and mamae~~ it is amazing, how no one will tell you anything or how doctors fail their patients.

With Martini's parents, his dad doesn't listen and his mom has no attention span, plus she only hears what she wants to hear. So it's very hard for us to get an answer from them about their health. His parents have waived their confidentiality on medical stuff i/r/t Martini, so he usually has to call their doctor directly to find out what's really happening. But it can be frustrating. His mom takes herself on and off Lexapro, and Martini has plead with her doctor to tell her not to do this, and her doctor is like, "Well, she's a grown woman." And I'm like, yes, that's true, but YOU are her doctor and if you say, "You can't just go on and off this willy nilly" she will listen to you. Sigh.

happy birthday CCgirl!

I've been in lurk mode all week. It has been SO EFFING BUSY at work, my head was spinning. I took today off because I've been so stressed that I haven't been sleeping. It was either vacay today or my sanity. I'm going to do some stuff around the house, and then Best Pal C and her husband are coming in from NYC for another friend's wedding. At least it will be a good weekend.

~~broken leg vibes for all who need them!~~

(((bunny))) I have lived at least 200 miles away from my parents for 12 years now. It wasn't so bad the first few years, but it has gotten worse as I've gotten older, plus they've moved much further away. It's part of what's made me independent and able to roll with the punches, I suppose, but I miss them like crazy. I have spent less than 24 hours with them this year, and when I do get to see them, I always get very sad when I get back home. I'm glad we don't live close by, bc they are always up in my brother's business & I know that would not be good for me, but I wish there was less distance than 2000 miles between us.
Happy Friday!

((vibes for mando and mama))

Happy Birthday CCG!

Be back later everyone!!

((all kvetchies))

Undies: White sports bra and pink boy shorts
Happy Birthday Candycane!!! Hope you shook off the blues and had a great day.

Pixie, Wally likes to suckle, but he does it on a fleece blanket. As you guys know, he was away from his momma too early. I must say that the behavior decreased a lot on its own as he got older. Now I can tell when he wants to do it, and I find the blanket and bunch it up for him and I think its really sweet. If he were doing it on my skin I wouldn't think it was sweet, though. My friend would get hickeys from her kitty! I wonder if you tried to redirect that kitty to a blanket if it would work...or just keep petting her and being sweet to her but push her face away gently when she tries to suckle?

Mando, I've been thinking about your mom a lot. It can be surprisingly difficult to diagnose things - it's so frustrating. And you really do need an advocate helping you...I remember after one of my mom's knee replacements and trying to get the constant motion machine delivered to the house. And we both were like, "We're two smart, educated nurses who can barely navigate this stuff!" Crazy.

I must say, I can understand why they sent her to the ER when your mom was having trouble breathing...that's like saying you have a bomb in an airport. No one wants to have a coding person in a doctors office! However, if that was your only frustration, that would be a whole 'nother thing. Keep being persistent, and keep pressing for answers. Maybe she'll agree to change certainly need a good primary doctor.

The Mr. just found out that his dad has untreatable's in his liver, but I think it started in his colon. So his doctor gives him 2 years to live. They do not have a good relationship, and communicate by email only. I think he's going to go visit his dad sometime now, though. I said I'd go if he wants me too. I really never wanted to meet him, though.

He was a good father in some ways, like in exposing the Mr. to a lot of art and encouraging him to be an artist. But he was a bad father in a lot of other ways, and that is what stands out to me, considering I don't have any of that parental relationship going on. Man.

I wonder how Tes's mamae is doing? (((All the kvetchies)))
happy birthday for yesterday ((((candy))))

(((((amilita)))) & ((((((mr amilita))))))

(((((mando))))) & (((((mamasan))))


antikvetch: yummy sushi with bunny. it was a serious bright spot. Bloc Party were good (they were playing at the mac store) but I was feeling tired and people'd out. Bed now.

oh, plain white boring pants, same in the bra.
Happy birthday candycane!! I hope you had a good day!

I had a nice day- it's my mom's birthday, too, so we went out for Indian food for lunch. We usually go to this place at dinner time and kinda order the same stuff every time. Not that I'm was scared to try other stuff, but the stuff we usually got was just so freaking tasty. At lunch they have a buffet, so I tried some stuff I'd never had before. I had the Indian version of falafel- deep fried balls of ground lentils. They dip them in a batter before frying though, so there's a tempura-esque crust on the outside. Yum! Put some cilantro chutney on those babies....<Homer drool>

Normally we'd do something with the Selena's tonight, but she and the kids went up to the family cabin in the U.P. for the holiday weekend and Mr. Selena is working all weekend.

I think I'm going to work on the little game culturehandy posted in the bizarro websites. It's highly addictive and very fun, and I have to start all over because I'm a dumbass and closed my browser window on the 13th level, and it doesn't save your progress. rolleyes.gif

Hmm, we haven't heard from tes in awhile. Wasn't her sister coming to visit her or something?

((amilita & mr. amilita)) I hope they can find some peace before he goes.

((sidecar)) Sounds like a crazy time at work. Ah, convention season. So glad I only worked for an NPO through one of those.

((pixie & nectarine-lette)) ~*~*~super-strength bone healing vibes~*~*~

/jealous of mornington & bunny's sushi. It's been awhile since I had sushi. I miss it.
Happy happy birthday, CC Girl! Hope it was a great one because you really really deserve it!

((((((((((mondo love for Mando's mamasan)))))))))))
How is she doing? Has the swelling gone down?

((((((((((Mr. Amilita & dad))))))))))) Difficult news like that must feel all that much more complicated when there's so much tension in the relationship. I hope you all find a way to deal with this in the healthiest way you can.
(((((((Amilita for being a great support system))))))))

Sidecar, I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

I was thinking about Tes & her mom today, too. I hope everything is okay.

~~~~~~ soothing for everyone's bones ~~~~~~~

((((((((((Morn, Bunny, Yeufie, Pixie, Polly, Sassy, Star, Christine, & eeeeeveryone else))))))))))))

I am soooo full. We went out to dinner with some friends & then brought them back to our house for flourless chocolate cake & Wii games. The cake was fabulous & soooooo rich. Yum.

Kvetch: We've burned through a ton of cash in the last month (the visit from my family + my trip to Texas) so tonight will be our last time to eat out for a long, long time.

Friday undie report: black velvet bra & back high-waist supportive pants. I'm wearing a clingy knit dress, so the fancy pants are necessary. They also look sexier than you'd think. Honest.
(((((mr. amilita))))))

(((polly))) My convention isn't for a few weeks but next week is our annual literacy initiative so I'm juggling stuff like media interviews with my leadership, the occasional interview in Spanish (which involves finding a Spanish speaker!), planning a media event next Friday, getting food for the event, plus I have a book that needs to get to our publisher, and I've finished correcting all but one of its chapters, AND we do have a three-day symposium in three weeks in Nashville, so I need to design and edit the program book. Oh, and I've sold $2700 in ads for the program book in the past three weeks. It's just been a lot. I ended up working for an hour or so yesterday bc the group who sets up our media interviews gave us a bad phone number. It was only an hour, and I'm happy to be a problem solver, but I identified a little with that line from Godfather III: "Just when I think I can take a day to bake & do my ironing, they pull me back in!"

But it's been a good weekend so far. We went to the Belgian place last night and had a good time catching up with everyone. I slept 8 full hours without waking. It's amazing how happy that makes me.
((soothing love for kvetchies families)))

Kvetch: My legs are tired due to a Jillian Michaels circuit workout yesterday. I went to the podiatrist on Weds, and he said that if the nerve damage doesn't clear up within three months, they're going to have to do out-patient surgery. Basically reconstruct the right nerve. He tried to bend my toe back, and I screamed. He gave me some scar therapy med so I'm hoping that works.

Kvetch: The career counselor didn't do much. I'm still going back to her to work on my resume, but she didn't think that library science was a good career. I also think that she thought my parents or Mcgeek were supporting me(many epileptics live at home). "You're young enough to go back to school." I just want a job, before I decide to go out west. She also blamed going out to Portland on Mcgeek. Whatever. Everyone suggests teaching in high school, but I'd much rather be a professor or a librarian. Anyways....

Kvetch: Pms blues. Boo.

Kvetch: I'm very scared about the economy, so I'm going on a news fast. It's so depressing.

Anti-kvetch: If it doesn't rain today, I'm heading to a park with Zoe. There are a bunch of free art/music fests going on around town.


Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes! They really brought a smile to my face. I would write more but I seriously have to go stuff and tie a turkey before it gets too late.

Oh yeah, it's Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend- Monday, right? Happy Thanksgiving! (farking troll farking up our image posting abilities!) Mmm, I've got to start thinking about what I'm going to make for our Thanksgiving. To make real food for LeBoy's family or just buy something? Hmm?

Ouch, sassy. Sorry the career counselor seems a little shady and presumptuous. Is she from a school or an agency? I had some success with a staffing agency- they really helped me work on my resume and interview skills and find jobs to apply for. I only took one of the jobs they found me and those people ended up firing me, but they were batshit crazy and it wasn't the staffing agency's fault. In the end, I got a lot of resume polishing and interview experience, neither of which I hope to need any time soon.

Happy Belated Birthday candycane_girl! Sorry that I missed it.

Roseviolet - that dinner sounds yummy.My best friend took me to dinner last night. I had a chashew butter, fig jam, and morbier cheese sandwich. It was sooooooo good. So very, very good. And it came with mac'n'stilton cheese. smile.gif

{{{soothing leg vibes for sassy and pixie}}}

polly - I am learning what indian food that I like. I am such a coward about new foods but wow do I love simosas (I think that is what they are called.)

{{{Mr. Amalita}}} that is such a tough situation. sad.gif

mornington - I, too, am often jelous of your mad dance skillz.

{{{bunnyb, tes, and all}}}

I just finished a really intense week of nothing but school projects and work. Emailing my 11 page research paper in today was like a gift. I just hope my teacher gives me a nice grade. It kills me that in grad school any grade below a B- does not count towards your diploma. Why even have the grades then? I would love to spend a quiet day walking around a neighborhood, eating, seeing a movie and such but The Geek has tix for a football game. What is the point of dating a geek if I have to go to a football game? In my whole life, I have seen maybe 4 football games, 3 on TV and all were Super Bowls. rolleyes.gif This after seeing a musical comedy last night called Co-Ed Prison Sluts. Now, from the title, I expected it to be outlandish and appaling. But I thought it was a take off on women in prison movies. What it actually was was a musical comedies about sex offenders. I guess it has played for years in Chicago. It was one rape joke after another. I reached my limit when we got to the song about the sexual mutilation of children. I'm just gonna cover that one up for thoes who don't care to know. The Geek was worried that I was going to kill him after the show. I wasn't mad at him. He had never seen it before. I just really needed cooling off time after seeing it.

He owes me so big. I think this means he is going to have to take me to see Rachel's Getting Married.

Dinner was nowhere near as yummy as RV in her black dress. That is all - for now -
Hi Sheff! Dang, RV, I almost made a flourless chocolate cake for our anniversary last week, and now I'm really wanting some. Did you make yours?

Yikes, Kitten, what a play! Hope the rest of your weekend was better. Hard to be worse, eh?

Polly, I've got to decide what to do for Thanksgiving, too. My mom is visiting, so go out or cook at home?

Sassy, hope the weather was good for that walk.

Sidecar, that sounds like a lot of work! And I never underestimate the goodness of sleep.

Morn, I bet you're an awesome dancer! I have this belief because you always have cool hair. Is that silly? Just recently, we went to see a friend's band, and another friend was trying to make me dance saying, "If you dance, you won't have to go to the gym!" I was like, "I love the gym!"

Tonight we saw a really good local dance troupe performance and then had a late dinner at a new diner near's more like a dive bar that serves food, really.

Thanks for all the thoughts about the Mr. I imagine nothing will happen for awhile...he hasn't said when he wants to visit his dad, but it probably won't be until the new year. I can tell he's thinking about it a lot because he's talking about it pretty often. I just worry that he's going to extend himself and get let down or something like that. He has a pretty great attitude about his limited relationship with his dad and about his dad's good and bad qualities, but now this changes everything.

On the good news front, those nodules or whatever on my mom's lymph glands are either benign or a relatively non-problematic form of cancer. His words to my mom were, "You'll be fine." They are going to watch them a little then re-ultrasound them and possibly biopsy them later. None of what I just wrote sounds that great, but really, she said she likes this doctor, he has a great reputation, and it sounded good the way she told it to me! So I'll take it.

I'm doing three nights in a row starting Sunday night. I hope we don't get slammed. I just don't have it in me.

Mando, hope you've had some relaxation over the weekend.

Kittenb, that's what I had for dinner on Friday night! We must've just been in different parts of the restaurant.

We went to a wedding last night, and it was such a good time. It's been a really great weekend. I'm definitely feeling the effects of being up late and dancing and eating great food, but it was super fun. Amazing ceremony, amazing reception. Nothing is as fun as a good wedding.
Christine Nectarine
real quick:

kvetch: friends who fail to commit to plans. c'mon people.

anti-kvetch: our first ever all-vegetarian thanksgiving dinner!

anti-kvetch: one of the most beautiful fall weekends i've ever seen. the colours are beautiful, the sun is out, and there is a slight chill in the air! mmm, i can just smell that apple pie waiting for me at home...

hugs to all!
I hope all celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow have a nice day.

I’m dreading our Thanksgiving next month because arguments always ensue. There are arguments about anything and everything, and the food is always overcooked. If I try to volunteer to cook I am told that I will not do it right. Yay, the joys of the holidays. I think I am going to suggest going to Epcot or something, so we can avoid being cooped up together. I don’t think my mother would ever accept the fact that Mr. DM and I would like a holiday alone by ourselves. Eventually she will have to get over it, but it’s almost useless to fight with her about it.

I’ve been on vacation this past week, and it was glorious. Now I am having the dread of working tomorrow, so I am a bit down. My time off was really enjoyable though, I saw 7 films including a film festival. I also did a lot of shopping, eating and relaxing.

Sidecar, yay for a fun wedding.

((amilita and the mr)) Sorry to hear about the Mr.’s father. Mr. DM does not have a relationship with his father, so if anything ever happened to him I don’t even know if we would get any information. Glad to hear that your mom’s health is better.

Kittenb, that play sounds really unbearable. The Geek owes you big time.

Ccgirl, happy belated birthday.

((sassy)) Sorry the career counselor sounded so negative.

Rose, flourless chocolate cake and Wii games sounds like a fun evening. I feel you on the money thing, we need to save big time. It seems like there are always things we need to buy or do that cost so much money.

Happy Monday all.

The Geek has more than made up for the play and the football. My weekend got much better. I got to eat at both Moody's and Celtic Cross, two places that I really like. smile.gif

sidecar - as soon as I stepped into Hopleaf, I started looking for Busties. Lately I keep running into them. I did run into TurboJen & her man at Moody's.

amalita - good news is good news. I'll take it too.

It seems too early to start thinking about Thanksgiving, but I have never had to host one. I know that will be a lot of work when it happens.
QUOTE(kittenb @ Oct 13 2008, 09:34 AM) *
I did run into TurboJen & her man at Moody's.

Ha, I did that over the summer, and prophecy_grrl and humanist were with me. I think finding one of us at Moody's or Hopleaf is like shooting fish in a barrel.

I am a glutton for punishment. What little nostalgia I have for elementary school (which was as bad as jr. high for me- basically the same, minus the puberty) clouded my judgment and I joined the alumni group on Facebook. They had one of those "you know you went to this school when..." that was pretty funny. After joining, I checked the members list and of course, there's a couple of my former tormentors on there. I'm trying hard to believe that people change and grow, but I'm bracing myself for cattiness. I've already started the self-affirmations and thinking of my replies. "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and, doggonit, people like me!"

It must be wedding season- I've got one this weekend, a friend from high school. It's funny how LeBoy and I had all these common friends while we were in high school and never really knew each other. LeBoy and this friend were seniors when I was a freshman. I was friends with the guy that year and he was LeBoy's roommate in college their freshman year.

Glad to hear your weekend improved, kitten. That does sound like a crappy play. There's artistic expression and then there's just offensively bad taste. Makes you wonder how it's been running so long.

~*~*~guilt-trip-strength vibes for DM~*~*~

Mmm, flourless chocolate cake...and rose in a cute dress. Sounds like quite a night!

I made tart's Chocolate Stout cake on Saturday for my mom. Holy crap, that's good cake. With some ice cream and fresh whipped cream. I folded some chocolate syrup into the whipped cream. So f-ing good.

I'd better go- the place is teeming with ankle biters, since it's a day off school.

(((DM))) i'm dreading the holiday season too. i had fun last year at thanksgiving and i wasn't with my family. blink.gif

(((kitten))) i'm glad you had a good weekend and that the geek made it up for you.

(((polly))) that cake sounds heavenly. hey, i saw a sockmonkey this weekend and i was thinking of you...what's up with my sockmonkey? wink.gif

Hello Sheff!

(((rv))) it sounds like you looked lovely. any pics of said dress?

antikvetch: bootiful weather when i went to visit a friend in lexington, ky. it was 84 degrees in october! sidenote: i basically lived on carbs and sugar while i was down there. all they had was meat and meat. kinda tough for a vegetarian.

kvetch: terrible neck and shoulder pain...pain that is sooooo bad that it is creeping into my chest. stress sucks. thank goodness i have yoga tonight.

I really can't stand the holiday season. I'm glad that Mcgeek and I are having Thanksgivings to ourselves. My mother turns into Martha Stewart every year, and it really gets old.

Mmmm...cake. Tyler Florence has a great chocolate flourless cake that it basically eating about 5 chocolate bars. I have dubbed it my pms cake.

Hi Sheff!

Kvetch: I went to the career counselor again yesterday to finish a workshop. It seemed she was just in it for herself. I can't get another career counselor, because she's the only one. I am trying to look at this in a positive way, but she kept putting down the majority of jobs I want to do(MA in english or library science). Maybe I'll get some good interview pointers though.


sassy - why does she have a problem w/library sciences? If it what you are interested in I say go for it.

Hmm, judging by the stress level in the board, here, maybe we should plan a virtual Thanksgiving Dinner. We could all post a recipe that we like (post your dream Thanksgiving dish) and then tell us what you are planning to wear (from pj's to formal wear) and post it here on the day before Thanksgiving. That would be November 26th, for the non-Yanks. We could plan virtual entertainment (I recommend hours of Buffy/Angel/Firefly, share what we are thankful for, without having to censor it for the family, and vent.

Who's with me?
I'm I have to wait until Thanksgiving to post my recipe?
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