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Hey all! I'm freaking exhausted after working 3 nights in a row. They were all busy, but the middle night was one of the worst work nights I've ever had. We had 9 babies in 4 hours.

Looking back, it's almost comical, because it was literally like, "Room 2 is delivering!" "Room 4 is complete!" No one got attention unless there was a baby halfway out of her vagina. A severely preterm baby was coming and that doctor was in the OR, so we had to find another doctor handy to attend the delivery. Same doctor delivered another one who just rolled in complete - we had to put her in a triage room because that was all the space we had.

Luckily, all the babies did well and all the moms did well. The doctors helped us by answering the phones and stuff. But the management was basically no help at all. I do not feel as if there is a safety net at that hospital, and I don't like that. We were lucky, but it was a bad situation.

I already had a massage scheduled today (my reward for having lost 15 pounds! yay, me.) and the Mr. and I went to get Vietnamese food. I got a call at 2:30 in the afternoon (after working 7 pm - 7 am last night) asking me to work "now." I did not respond. I'm drained.

Sorry for the rant. It sounds as if a lot of us are not having great days, and I'll be back to vibe properly later. Thinking good thoughts for sweet Jake-cat and all of you peoples.
still having internet issues here, so i'll just say (((((((y'all)))))))))) before i get booted again! *le sigh* someday i will have cable internet again, i swear i will!

Kvetch: I'm sick with a cold. I also had insomnia from last night with the dogs. Mcgeek and I got into another fight about money. Just in a total shitty mood today, so I'm watching a Grey's Anatomy marathon. Oh, we finally at least have gas in the car.

Anti-kvetch: I'm heading to a dinosaur lecture on Saturday night. smile.gif

(((damona, polly, amilita, kittenb/geek, mando, sidecar, star, bunny, pixie, morn, all others)))

Off to the futon and Zoe.

feel better (((sassy)))

fly-by: tonight was my last shift at work (surreal, slightly emotional) and today I visited bf C and her boys then met up with another friend for farewell lunch and received lovely farewell gifts from all smile.gif. Now I need to do more packing and tomorrow is going to be spent finishing off packing, loading up moving van, running last minute errands, saying what's bound to be an emotional goodbye to family, mandoo and kinkykatykins... Early Saturday morning is moving day, Ikea is Sunday and I have an interview on Monday for a job I'd love so any vibes would be appreciated. I'll be without internet for a while so see you once I'm settled!

((((mando)))) I'll join you in the wft. Although usually overnight buses have two drivers, so they can work in shifts, as it were.

((((bunny)))) I have so many parts crossed. eeeee!

((((sassy)))) moar zoe pictures!

((((sidecar)))) mental. I hope you find out what happened


((((kitten and the geek)))) thinking of you


((((pixie)))) heal quick


((((yuefie, star, sixie, dusty, txplum, anoushh, polly, futura, tes, everyone))))

massive antikvetch: finally got given my student loan notification. No actual money, but I'm going to get money at some point.

First day of teaching people to row yesterday, it was only mildly disastrous and only one of those was vaguely approaching my fault (although I wasn't actually involved). So all is well, sort-of. The freshers seem nice. I then went out and got shitfaced with the boat club. Who'd have thought drinking pints of wine wasn't a good idea?

Lectures tomorrow. bed now. (((((you)))))
Hey! I'm suspending my Bust-ing while I concentrate on the economy. Ha - I totally stole that from a friend.

Actually, can I request vibes for my nephew, who is getting heart surgery tomorrow? He gets this fast heart rate sometimes, so they are going in and trying to zap the place where the current gets messed up. I started getting nervous yesterday, though I'm sure it'll all be OK. He's 8.

(((everyone))) Moving, sick, hurty foot, weird midnight occurrences, kids off on trips, kitty losses, all the different things. Yay for student loan money!
(((((((Kitten & the Geek)))))))

(((((Sidecar & Martini))))))) Did you get any more info?

~~~~~ safe travel vibes for Danny & the band ~~~~~ Mandi, don't worry about them traveling overnight. When my high school marching band went on long trips like that, they also drove the busses through the night. The drivers are used to it and, as someone else mentioned, they usually have more than one driver per bus.

~!*$*)^)*@# super-strong vibes of all sorts for Amilita's nephew ~(*$%)*&!~
What a crazy night, Amilita! That sounds exhausting.

Tes, how are you feeling? Any better?

(((((((Damona, Sassy, Bunny, Morn, Yuefie, Pixie, & anyone else who needs 'em ))))))))))

I fly out early tomorrow morning for the wedding. Wee! I just need to finish packing.

I need to request some don't-go-into-labor-until-Sunday vibes for C, a bridesmaid at this wedding I'm attending on Saturday. It's almost C's due date and she started having some strong contractions yesterday. The bride is her lamaze partner, so if she goes into labor the whole wedding will be up in the air!

amalita - that sounds like the definition of insanity! Do you work as a nurse or a doctor? An I wish lots of energy for your nephew's surgery.
rv - that will be a tricky time balance. I hope it all goes well! *fingers and toes crossed*
mornington - drinking pints of wine is often a very good idea.
bunnyb - I hope the weekend goes great!

Kvetch - I can't think of a single reason notto watch the debate tonight. It feels like the responsible thing to do. I hate watching politicians talk! It makes me nuts. At least I can do homework while I watch. It just all feels so f'ing scary right now. There are so many Big Issues and what if Obama does not do a good job? Argh, I might need alcohol.
And I am freaked about the whole Washington Mutual failure. I've almost moved from Chase to them on more than one occasion. blink.gif

I want to go back to the days when I knew nothing about the economy. Ignorance was bliss.
(((amilita))) whoa, so many babies! everyone was getting their groove on last december, huh?
***all good thoughts for amilitanephew*** keep us posted.

*safe travel vibes for rose*
*smooth, quick & safe delivery sometime next week for C*

(((bunny))) hope everything goes smoothly. i'll be sending lotsa copage vibage your way.
(((morn))) pints o' wine ... my tummy gets queasy just thinking of that image.
(((sassy))) hope you feel better today.
(((sidecar))) did you get the scoop on the other night yet?

kitten, new 'do pics please?

(((polly, sybarite, damona, yuefie - where is yuefie??? - pixie, star, m.i.a.'s 'specially tesao & dusty, lurkers et al)))

antikvetch: i'm calmer about the SC trip. looks like the weather won't be as horrific as they're saying. (i heart the weather channel peeps. but sometimes they whip me into a stressball frenzy with their utter doom forecasts.)

antikvetch: my new enV2. i'm actually reading the instructional manual. amazing little gadget. and oh so chic!

kvetch: i wish senator dodd was running for president. listening to him on the radio this morning, all this financial crisis crap - which he forecast and tried to warn everyone about many moons ago - and the reasons why the bailout is being opposed - finally made a ton of sense. it truly did not have to happen, and it beyond sucks that the grand pooba crooks will certainly get a pass and we're all gonna wind up paying outta our asses for their greed & idiocy. *in thru the nose ...*

black lace comfy panties, beige lace wacoal.
Just got up with a message from my mom that my nephew's surgery went great, and he'll be coming out of recovery soon. Yay!

Kitten, I'm a nurse. My feet are finally not sore from hell night. Off to the gym today.

Mando, I KNOW what you mean about how the weather people can be overly dramatic. It's really not helpful. Glad the weather is looking better for Danny.

I wish I had heard Dodd - I'm trying to understand all this financial stuff, and it's complicated. I know I hate those fuckers, though. Was it on NPR? I could go download the interview later...

I gotta watch the debate tonight, though I'm sure it will put me in a funk.

Rosev, I hope C's labor holds off! At least if it does mess up the wedding, its for something happy! I don't think you're around a computer, but if you read this, tell C to stay well hydrated!

hey all! I've been in lurk mode the last couple days. Just too much going on at work.
~~~don't give birth, C!~~~~
amilita, i'm glad the surgery went well!

I didn't find out much more about the "disturbance," although I found out it wasn't a home invasion, and the people who own the building (it's a two-flat) have a sign up now about how they're looking for someone new to rent the downstairs apartment. All the windows were repaired yesterday and a locksmith was at the door last night when I got home from walking Sophie. So it looks like we're getting a new neighbor.

I watched the debate last night, but honestly, I got bored after a little while. I thought Obama was better, and McCain just looked petulant and spouted vague ideas with no real thoughts as to what we need to do. I don't think profligate government spending is what caused the current economic crisis. I think greedy lenders who pushed people who thought they'd never be able to afford a house into houses they can't afford and mortgages they had no business being pushed into. And the ones who made thousands aren't the ones paying for it.

I ended up buying boots on eBay after awhile.
*~*~*don't give birth vibes C*~*~*

*~*~*smooth moving vibes for bunny*~*~*

Hey sidecar!

kvetch: terrible sinus headache. my whole family is actually complaining of sinus problems today. at first, i thought i was just hungover from having drinks last night. but, i know it is my sinuses. oh well. i missed working out today.

antikvetch: i did workout 4 days this week. not bad after not working out for like 2 years. i think i might go for a bike ride today. it is quite lovely out.

Ooooh, my car got the Malachi Crunch early this morning. The Mr. and I walked outside to go to lunch and both our cars were gone - towed away. His truck is OK, but was in the roadway, so was taken to a place close by. My car was totaled. Bleh. As long as the person had insurance and that all goes well, this should be more of an inconvenience than anything else. We'll see.

We have to go back to the police station at 7 to get the other person's information from the cop who took care of things - that seems stupid to me. What if she wasn't on duty again tonight? They should be able to reference a report. Plus, they got all the towing info related to my car (spelling of name, street number, and phone number) wrong. We drove out and were able to look at it, so at least we know we're dealing with a totaled car.

The debate was somewhat boring, but I watched it all. McCain looked so ridiculous, like he thought he was on the People's Court or something- making faces and crap. Clownin'. That's what folks here would call it. Obama did much better, I also thought, Sidecar.

Oh, and after we saw our cars were gone, while the Mr. rode his bike to the lot to get his car, I ordered some final sale stuff off J. Crew (additional 20% off today.) Ha.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!! Feel better, Star. Hope C is holding that baby in.
I'm around, mandi, I've just been lurking. I just haven't had much time for posting lately. There has been a bunch of crap going on, some good, some not so good, all in all fairly stressful. Some of it relates to the kidlet, so I can't say too much here. I can say that there is a chance he may be coming to live with us full time sometime next year, but that remains to be seen. I've also been spending lots of time spoiling our new kitten like crazy. She needs special attention because she's just barely 5 weeks old and was seperated from her mama too soon at 4 weeks. Here she is:

She was the runt of the litter of these kittens that were sitting in a box outside of a store. R and I walked by and we just couldn't not take her home. We're still "officially" deciding on her name, but so far the consensus amongst the men's is Jenny. Yes, as in "Me & Jen-nay was like peas & carrots" happy.gif. I think they were hell bent on naming something Jenny, so I figure I just may have to lose this one gracefully.

Anyway, ~~~all purpose vibes for everyone~~~ and special hugs for amilita and that nightmare!

i'm here quite a bit, just overwhelmed by work and being sick and bla bla bla me me me.

forgive me for not posting.

jen-nay is adorable, yeufie. hope all goes well with the kidlet.


sidecar, that sounds terrifically scary. i hope that your new neighbors don't come with that sort of night life!

mandomyheart, the cary "imps" apparently have a hot shot marching band, they win all sorts of band competitions! hope that everything is going swimmingly with danny and wish that i was there to go and hear him.

don't have that baby yet, C!!! weddings first!

easy as pie moving vibes for bunny

(why is pie easy???)

hugs and kisses and silly silly little fishes to everyone!!!


runs in to say.. awwww kitties.... jen-nay is so cute!! She's so small!

Be back later.
kvetch: how do you spell awkward?

annoying coworker guy just got canned.
he's cleaning out his desk. not saying a word. just alot of heavy sighs and slamming of drawers. and it's not like i have any place to hide. and now there are strange noises coming from his computer. perhaps he's wiping out the hard drive. hmmmm.

it's not like he didn't deserve this. he's been a fuck up since day one. let me count the ways. and in recent months, he's been more of a liability than a buffoon. they're paying him til the end of the year, which is a pretty decent severance. but still. 7 years. and he's gone. poof.

well, not quite.
gah. i wish he would just hurry up and leave. if i had known this, i would've called in sick today. my stomach is flip flopping all over the place.

gah again.

i hope everyone's having a much better day.
I'm back! Safe and sound. The wedding was beautiful & I had a fabulous time with all of my friends. It was really really really wonderful.

Thanks for the vibes for Cat. She managed not to have the baby on Saturday! Hooray! They induced her this morning, but the baby isn't here yet (the bride/lamaze partner just called me because she's bored & anxious & freaked out about all of the various stuff that is leaking out of Cat's body. Childbirth ain't for sisses, that's for sure).

I didn't get to see the debates on Friday night because I was at the rehearsal dinner. I kinda want to watch it, but to be honest I was soooooooo relieved to get away from politics for awhile. I'm glad so many of you said it was boring. Now I feel less guilty for not hunting it down on YouTube.

Mandi, that's weird about your co-worker. At every place where I've worked, they have not allowed the employee to touch their computer again after they've been told that they are fired. They may take personal items from the desk, but that's all. Hope he isn't deleting anything important.
ETA: I think the spelling of "awkward" is pretty damn awkward in itself. It looks so wrong ... but I guess that's what makes it right(?).

(((((((((hugs for Yuefie, her man & the kidlette))))))))))))
Jenny is so cute! I like the name, too. It's a very unconventional name for a cat, which makes it all that much more appealing.

Tes, I'm always felt the same way about that pie saying. Pie isn't easy. It's time consuming and messy, what with the crust and all. I found brownies to be much much easier.

Sidecar, here's hoping you get some better neighbors soon. Yowza!

Amilita, what?! Both of your cars got hit? And yours is totalled?! I'm just ... wow. I'm too stunned for words. That is absolutely crazy.

(((((((Stargazer)))))))) Good for you for exercising! I know how hard it is to get back up on that horse, so I commend you for making that effort.

So as I said, I'm back. I got to spend a lot of private time with the bride, V, the day before the wedding which was wonderful (I talk to V on the phone a few times each week, so it was wonderful to talk in person for a change). The wedding was sweet, but ... well, the ceremony was pretty vanilla. Very textbook. Nothing really unique happened until the reception when the live rockabilly band began to play. Very talented guys. The best part was just spending time with all of my old friends. Ah, my beloved urban family. I can't believe I've known most of these people for over a decade. We've been through so much together. Now most of us are married & homeowners & many of us have had babies or are about to (one couple is hoping to adopt a girl from Ethiopia). It's amazing to see how much we've changed and how much we've stayed the same over the years. I love them all so much. I wish I got to see them more often.

And now that V is married to T, we have new members of our urban family, which is really great. T fits in with us really well, as do his friends that I met. He has one friend named Eddie who already feels like a brother to me even though we just met. It's so great when families blend together so well, isn't it?

Wacky story from the wedding: The venue was a 2 story building: stage/concert area upstairs, with a bar and other rooms downstairs. Well, on the night of the wedding one of those other rooms on the main floor was rented out to a group that does English County Dancing (you know the type of dancing you see in Jane Austen films? That stuff). I noticed their sign outside the door, so I peaked in the window to watch them. Well, they invited me and my friends in to watch and asked if we'd like to join them because they needed extra females. I jumped at the chance & had a blast! BestGalPal was intrigued, so she did a dance with them, too. It was so much fun! They invited us to stick around & keep dancing, but we had to return to the wedding, of course. It was so much fun & so unexpected! I know there's an English Country Dance group here in the Bull City. I think I might go to one of their meetings just to try it out again.
*crawls in*

I'm ill. I think i've got tonsilitis, I'm losing my voice

Good evening everyone!

{{{mornington}}} Soothing throat vibes your way. I really hope it is something easier than tonsilittis.
yuefie - although I object to the name Jenny for me, that kitty is totally a Jenny.
roseviolet - so glad that the wedding and the unexpected dancing was fun for you!
mando - that would be uncomfortable. blink.gif
amalita - I hope the car chaos is quickly resolved.

{{{sidecar, stargazer, sassygirl}}}

Hello ladies! Sorry I haven't been around much to send out vibes, life has been a bit busy lately. But things are going well. I love my job and school is pretty good. My parents visited really briefly this weekend and it was great to see my mom.

((((yuefie and new kitty)))) she looks really cute.

((((mando)))) man, that really does sound awkward! But at least you won't have to deal with that person anymore.

(((rose))) I'm glad the wedding went well! Is the baby here now? I know that you posted yesterday but some babies really like to take their time.

((((((morn))))))) boo on the tonsilitis!

(((((tes, amilita, bunny, kitten, sidecar, star, sassy, everyone))))

one little kvetch: the weather. It's gross and cold and rainy and I've heard it's going to stay that way until Saturday.

anti-kvetch: tomorrow is the first day of October! Oh October, how I love thee, let me count the ways. First, there is Nuit Blanche, a big free event in which various parts of downtown Toronto have huge art exhibitions. The goal is to stay out from sunset to sunrise and see everything.

Then there is my birthday, Thanksgiving, brother's birthday (although I won't be able to go and celebrate it), and of course, Halloween!

I loooove October!
Christine Nectarine
CCG - I second that "yay" for October! I'm looking forward to nuit blanche, I've never been but heard its awesome!
so, i apologize in advance for busting in here as a non-kvetchie, but i couldn't find the "when you wish upon the lounge" thread, and i could use some serious job-related vibes. you ladies can work magic, i know...

and, because i'm not a total brute: {{{all kvetchies!}}}
*~*~*job vibes for cocl*~*~*
***job vibes for ccl**
Mando, that's very strange about your co-worker. Everywhere I've worked someone is escorted out of the building.
RV, I'm glad the wedding was fantabulous!
Morn, sorry about being sick.
CCG, Oct rocks! I love the fall. I even made a Jamie Oliver pumpkin soup on Saturday. Homer drool...
Yuefie, more love for the jen-nay.
Hugs for amilita.
Star, that's great for working out. smile.gif

I had the best weekend! Mcgeek and I went to this really informative dinosaur evolution lecture in a politic bar. The professor was drinking beer and giving a lecture. Dinosaur bones! People were laughing at me because I was the girl that loved dinosaurs. I am so crushing on the organizer of the group. He totally reminded me of a guy that I crushed on in college. He and Mcgeek ended up in a weird IT date at the end of the night(get him started on science and computers, and we could have been there until the sun came up). I felt very third wheel, but flirted with the cute zen guy I met. It made me feel great to flirt.
Then went to a Serenity screening for charity on Sunday.
Oh, job vibes for a non-profit library job I applied for please.

Kvetch: My parents want to come up this month and for Thanksgiving. I'm having a hard time saying no to them. I just asked for my mom's old stand mixer, and she basically bullied her way up here. We're already coming up there for Christmas. Ugh.

Kvtech: Weight gain. sad.gif

Anti-kvetch: Pushing Daisies and Runway tonight!

I can be down with the October love, too. Okay, I am a bigger fan of September, because HELLO! Birthday! But I love that it is time for thick blankets and knee socks. Yes, I'll be sick of it by March but that is why there is something to love about all seasons.

I am having some friends over for Pushing Daisies tonight. I finally broke out my slow-cooker (is a slow-cooker the same thing as a crock pot? Can't remember.) Anyway, I am making a Beef Burgundy. Yum! When I went to the grocery store, I asked for a small bottle of a cheap burgundy. All they had was a liter and a hald sized bottle for under $6. You just know that is some good drinking wine blink.gif . I figure I'll just hold on to the rest and drink it when I am depressed. Cheap wine is good for depression, right?

sassygirl - replace dinosaurs with astronomy and that would be a great weekend for me too.

crazycatlady - good luck on the job vibes! Now that you know the way, be sure to stop by again.

{{{all kvetchies}}}

I think I need some "Help. I'm getting old" vibes. I almost fell yesterday and my ankle twisted and jarred my knees and lower back. So know I have a permanent stiff neck from work or carrying too many text books, my knees hurt and the cold weather makes them worse every year, one stiff and sore ankle and the other foot has a bone spur problem that won't stop hurting. old am I again? I need to start stretching when I work out. That is for damn sure.

Crock Pot/slow cooker are the same thing. Like Kleenex/tissue.

Ha, the same thing happened to me when I got some burgundy, too, kitten. I think that's the only size that stuff comes in! I only use it to cook with, so this huge bottle's been in my fridge for ages now. That reminds me; I really need to clean my fridge. Things are getting sticky in there and it's finally cool enough where it's okay to leave the food out for a little while.

~*~*job vibes for catlady~*~*

Sorry about the parental visit, sassy.

October is a good month, but I hate winter, so they closer it gets, the unhappier I am.

Yay for Runway tonight!

We got an invitation to the 2nd birthday party of one LeBoy's friends. Friends I don't care for. I'm trying to find an excuse to get out of going. Hmm, maybe a fall-y Chicago bustie gathering? That sounds about right!

((hugs to everyone!))
~~~cocl vibes~~~~ hope i'm not too late!
yuefie, yay for jenny! What a cute kitty.
~~anti-old vibes~~ I need them, too. I lifted weights Tuesday morning for the first time in awhile, and my legs now hurt so I'm hobbling. It's embarrassing. I am so out of shape.
((rv)) welcome back!
(((mando))) that is super weird.

count me in on the October love. It's football season, baseball playoffs, my anniversary and the weather is nice and crisp. I love it! Hands down my favorite month.

So I am finishing week one of Weight Watchers today. Wish me luck tomorrow! I am just doing online, but so far so good. Although I am hungrier than I thought I'd be. I guess i need to eat more veggies. I have been good about watching what I'm eating with it, thogh.
I started doing Weight Watcher's online too, sidecar! Turbojenn turned me onto it.

Polly, maybe we should do something to celebrate Oktoberfest. Or, we can dress up for Halloween. Oh yeah! Dress up as a Bustie. That would be cool. And yet, no one would get our costumes except us.

Sassy, hang in there. It could be worse. You could live with your mom like me.

Yeah for October birhtdays, Candy and Christine!

*~*~*you still look fabulous vibes for kitten*~*~*

kvetch: i'm still kinda miffed with my mom. i hate relationships that are built on obligation. what happened to giving. or heck, just being a parent.


I forgot to tell you all that Cat had her baby on Monday night! After 12 hours, that baby wasn't going anywhere so they did a C-section. Little Moxy Lenore & her mom should leave the hospital tomorrow.

Gotta run errands!

(((((((((((((all the Busties & their loved ones)))))))))))))))
You know, RV, I think everyone I know that's given birth lately has had to have a C-section. What's up with that? (And OMG they are so expensive! One of my friends said that her bill was over $40,000!! Granted, she only had to pay a small fraction of that with her insurance, but still!)

I'm BACK! The move went well (there were a couple of teething problems with the flat but they're resolved now) and we're almost unpacked and have all of our Ikea (we went on Sunday) furniture built; our bookcases are looking fabulous! I'm feeling quite settled, loving living with the boy and finding my bearings quickly. It's exciting being in a new, vibrant and fun city and I'm going to make the most of it. Homesickness hasn't hit yet although I am missing Mandoo's snuggles sad.gif. zoya helped with the transition as she was visiting the city earlier in the week and we met twice and she showed me around a bit; I'm meeting mornington for lunch tomorrow. A lot of it feels rather surreal.

*~*~*~job vibes for cocl and sassy*~*~*~* I had an interview for a job I really want on Monday and was asked back for a second interview yesterday but not sure what to make of it, it could have been a success but I could easily have blown it too... I'll know by Monday. Any magic kvetchie vibes wouldn't hurt!

Count me in on the October love. I am especially looking forward to this October in a new city, in my own flat and I'm going to readings/signings for both Neil Gaiman and Toni Morrison at the end of this month biggrin.gif.

yay for new babies, successful nephew surgeries, sacked co-workers, good weekends, visiting parents (candy's), new kitties, October

boo for tonsilitis, feeling old, awkwardness, totalled cars, cheap burgundy (?), visiting parents (sassy's)

*the job is YOURS vibes for bunny & catlady*

(((morn))) hope you feel betta soon, darling.

Bunny, so glad to hear all is well. I’m very happy you’re so happy, luv.

Welcome to the world little Moxy!
Welcome to the kvetchie pack, little jen-nay!

Groovin’ on the ww love. I need inspiration. *excellent first WI vibes for sidecar*

(((rose, star, polly, kitten, sassy, candy, amilita, pixie, tesao, everyone)))

so the canning of annoying coworker aka producer-guy? um, yeah, i wound up having a minibreakdown and leaving early that day. combination of massive agita and period-from-hell (second one in 17 days, fuckyouverymuch perimenopause), but coldhearted-souless-prick-office-manager getting a huge garbage pail and cleaning out his desk before the poor guy was even off the premise sort of scorched my soul. true, i couldn't stand him. true, his firing was 85% deserved. true, in a week i won't even miss him. but still. 7 years and so easily erased? makes you stop and think. i feel bad for him. i also feel horribly hypocritical.

so, emotional rollercoaster + hormonal hell + a bunch of worries some actually legitimate = bluefunk mandi. sad.gif
I love that name, rose. Such a good balance of a modern and old-fashioned (but cool!) name.

I hate it when co-workers get fired. When I was at the insurance company, it was a regular occurrence because they couldn't put two and two together and figure out that if they hired better people, they wouldn't have to fire them 6 months down the line. A lot of them totally deserved it, but it's always disturbing to look over and see someone's cubicle "getting the box"- the supervisor clearing the desk while the firee was getting the axe in human resources. Thank cod I quit with them...although I was fired at the next job.....that's another story. rolleyes.gif

I dunno, though, mando- I think I'd rather be in perimenopause right now than where I am, looking forward to 20 more years of this crap. Ugh. Circle of life, in touch with the moon and waves, my ass.

Yay for the WW success ladies!

Pics bunny, pics!

What a cute little kitty, yuefie! We got one of our cats from a shopping cart full of kittens outside of a grocery store when I was a kid.

I just "friended" two of my cousins on Facebook. They're younger than me, one's out of college and the other's in the middle of college, just turned 21 yesterday (they're brothers). It's so weird and makes me feel so old to see them drinking in all these pictures. Dude, I remember when you were born! Put down that beer!

No exciting weekend plans. Laundry at my mom's tomorrow, birthday for LeBoy's cousin's kid Saturday and then watching the Cubs playoff game with the Prophecy's and other friends later.
((((mando))) that is kind of scary to think about. However, if his dismissal really was least it's better than someone getting fired for no good reason.

rose, congrats to your friend! That's a cute name.

job vibes for cocl and bunny

(((star))) do you think things will improve between you and your mom?

(((polly, sidecar, amilita, sassy, yuefie, pixie, tes, everyone)))

kvetch: I'm freakin cold. The weather has been cooling down (as it should) but I feel like no matter what I wear I'm still cold. I don't think my coat is warm enough either and I can't quite afford a new one. booourns.

Also, could time just slow down a little? I can't believe it's already Thursday and there is so much stuff going on! Going out for Nuit Blanche this weekend, still have some readings to do for next week plus midterms and then I am rushing home for Thanksgiving where I will be expected to make my famous chocolate caramel pecan cheesecake.
thanks guys. things aren't panning out the way i had hoped; i'm kind of at a stalemate, but despite the fatlady sitting on me, she hasn't sang yet. it's just frustrating to try to be proactive in your career, but being involved with an institution that functions on unilateral decision making. /vague

but i appreciate the vibes, you ladies have always been supportive. i'll try not to be so gauche next time by busting in....

~~~job vibes for bunny~~~
(((COCL))) you could never be gauche
welcome moxie lenore! nice name.

Well, I lost 1.5 pounds this week. Yay!

I had a crap day at work, and was furious about something someone outside my department did. Our admin loves it when I get fired up and full of piss and vinegar, so she just laughed at me all day. I told her I was happy someone was benefiting from my righteous anger. Even when I am angry, I have pretty fab coworkers.

You guys, I don't want to watch the debate. I know I will, but listening to that voice spouting sparkly generalities about "our oh-ponent" and "mav-uh-rick" policies for an hour sets my skin on edge. Also, the Cubs are playing AT THE SAME TIME. Life is not fair.
Yay for my WW sista sidecar! My BFF is also doing WW. Our training year put on about 20-25 pounds for each of us. Omg. We ate our stress away through school. Damn.

*~*~*soothing vibes for mando*~*~*

*~*~*job vibes for cocl*~*~*

cocl, i hope things work out for you.

bunny, yay for a successful move! it sounds like you are immersing yourself into london. *sigh* i had so much fun when i was there. especially with you!

hey, where has dusty been?? unsure.gif

kvetch: my old training site. i swear these people really upset me. trying to get some letters of rec and they are trying to figure out what my strengths are. um, i did not totally suck. i had only 3 small areas that needed additional training. i was not THAT horrible. needless to say, the struggle to get any kind of support from an unsupportive place leaves me drained. i got off the phone and cried terribly for about 1/2 an hour. but, i talked with someone at school and my BFF. i am feeling alittle bit better.

antikvetch: i heard a staff member at my old site possibly got canned because of negative feedback from trainees. makes me think people can speak up, be heard, and be taken care of. this woman is extraordinary and brillant; however, she treated her trainees horribly from what i heard. kinda gives me hope and the strength to write my complaint and deliver it to the powers that be.

(((cocl, rose, pixie, mando, sidecar, sassygrrl, morn, bunny, tes, candy, yuefie, DM,qspice, yuefie, kitten and other kvetchies))
(((Stargazer))) I'm still utterly convinced they treated you unfairly there--don't let their skewed perspective upset you further. Best of luck in putting through that complaint!

~~~ongoing vibes for COCL~~~~ fingers crossed you get what you need.

Welcome to London bunnyb!! I do have a plan for coming over in 2009, honest! London can be overwhelming just by sheer scale; it's not you, it's it.

Well done on the WW sidecar!!

((Mando and workplace)) Yikes, that is scary.

Eeeee yuefie, Jenny's so cute!

Missed the debates last night as they were broadcast in the early hours here, so am YouTubing them tonight and trying to avoid online 'spoilers' all day (yeah, I know: good luck with that.) No news from me, just editing thesis at night and fielding RT's currently annoying and ongoing chatter--benign, but relentless.

*light blue raw silk knickers and 'contrasting' black lacy brar*
*continual loop jobbie vibes for catlady and bunny* you betcha!

(((star))) you go and write your complaint, give 'em heck!

speaking of faith … and yeah, where has dusty been? too many m.i.a.’s … i miss 'em, gosh darnit! *pout*

(((polly))) “... circle of life, in touch with the moon and waves, my ass” just made me guffaw. thanks. i needed that, bless your heart!

thanks also everyone for the firing-of-annoying-coworker-commiseration angst. i'm gosh darn sorry for whinging so much about it. hope i didn't tick anyone off.

black lacy wacoal, black comfy lacy panties. even my undies are depressing. fershure!

(((everyone, joe six pack))) *blows kisses*

parts of the above post were brought to you courtesy of TALK LIKE SARAH PALIN DAY! *wink*
You betcha, mando! /makes little pistol motion and sound effects
Drive by to say HA HA - talk like Sarah Palin Day! You betcha!

On the radio, they called Biden a "master debater", and say that fast to yourself and maybe you will be snickering like me....I can't stop thinking it now!
Note: I tried to post this this morning, but it didn't work. Here's hoping it'll show up this time!

((((((((((((Stargazer)))))))))))))))) It seems clear that things were severely fucked up there. Any place that causes that much stress-induced eating has some major issues.

~$$~$$~ jobby vibes for COCL & Bunny & Sassy ~$$~$$~

Glad to hear that the move went well, Bun! It must be so wonderful to finally be living with the Boy after living so far apart for so long. Congratulations!!!

Sidecar, I'd love to hear more about the WW on-line program. Sound intriguing. Now that I'm actually going to be home for a couple of months, I might give it a go.

~~~~~~ soothing for Mando ~~~~~~~~~
You aren't a hypocrite. You're just a sweetheart.

CC, this week flew by for me, too. Here's hoping next week is a little slower.

QS, I've noticed the same thing about c-sections. It also seems as though everyone is getting induced nowadays. None of the doctors want to just wait until the woman's body says it's ready. I'm sure there's a connection between the two. Pretty scary.

I think you all will get a kick out of my baby gift for Cat & Moxy. Cat is a super cool, rockabilly chick with some great tattoos, so I gave her some hilarious temporary tattoos for babies. I love the pacifiers with spikes! I don't even care if she uses them. Just their mere existence makes me laugh.

Kvetch: power outage yesterday which lead to me having no internet until this morning. Crazy!

Anti-kvetch: Spent the evening watching the Singapore Formula One race (finally!) with friends instead of watching the debate.

Anti-kvetch: It's so pretty outside! And I got to hang out with NC friends last night & I'll be seeing more friends this weekend. Hooray!

Kvetch: I bought a dress off of the Old Navy website & I can't decide whether I should keep it or not. It's just a tiny bit shorter than I would like (it exposes the entire knee). Otherwise it's pretty cute, but I'm afraid I'd never wear it because I wish it were just a couple inches longer. Bah.

Undies: Silky thong with all-over soft floral print. No bra yet because I'm in my yoga/workout gear. Does the built-in bra in my workout top count? It's dark purple.
Christine Nectarine
roseviolet, i like the dress! maybe if you wear it with some dark tights, you will be a little less concious of the knee exposure...maybe?
i realize i've just barged in here, but i curious...what's with the undies mentions?
rose, i tried that dress on a couple of months ago. it hit at my knees. i wasn't too keen on the fabric though. i've grown to get quite queasy with polyester and rayon. call me high maintenance. cause i am... wink.gif

oh, and you should totally join WW online. I do it too! you just log in your points daily. i think there are free version online you can use. i want to use WW until i get familiar with the whole points system thing. let us know if you do it.
RV, the online system is easy. you should def. do it! I have tried WW on and off, and as much as it can make me crazy, it's the only thing that's ever worked.

Oh, and I like the dress, too.

Polly, I am wearing my Cheese Days baseball shirt today. It made me think of you.

(((mando))) it was totally Talk Like Sarah Palin day! Boy, I hope it's the only celebration. She will go back to Alaska after her defeat, right?

Had a great date last night at our old favorite restaurant, which has been remade w/same staff and chef into a tapas restaurant. It was pretty yummy and we got to catch up with the manager, who's become a friend. It was really nice to go out for a meal together, by ourselves. Tonight, we have a birthday party and other than that, it should be a quiet weekend of hanging out and doing some freelance work.
I like the dress rose. I have issues with showing a little leg, too, but I've bought some skirts in the past couple years that are a little shorter than my comfort level used to be. Could you maybe try wearing it around the house to get comfortable in it?

Mmm, cheese. The morel/onion jack got devoured last weekend with the sausage from Baumgartner's and crackers.
rose, i know! the last two that gave birth weren't only by c-section, they'd been induced, too! and here *i* am, my parents given a late dec due date, and actually being born in feb ... blink.gif
(((rosev))) I like the dress. could you wear it with some funky coloured tights? I find that helps me with the leg issues.



(((christine))) friday is pants day.

((((mando)))) I heart you. I'm watching the VP debate now and she is *annoying* as hell. I hope she doesn't get in purely 'cos of that, let alone her politics.

((((star)))) what syb said. you know you're better than that!


(((sidecar)))) woo! and yay for the date

((((candy)))) it's fucking freezing here and I don't know where it's come from. It's just way too sudden - last weekend I was wearing a tshirt, now I won't leave the house without gloves.

((((kitten, yuefie, dusty, futura, polly, damona, qspice, txplum, amilita, everyone))))

october is birthday month... it creeps up on me and suddenly I have eight birthdays to deal with.

I was a c-section baby - as was the Boy Wonder - as I was breech and he wasn't coming out. Turned out mornmama can't give birth naturally anyway... but yeah, it seems to be becoming more popular; I wonder if it's to do with overworked staff and a fear of litigation if something goes wrong with a natural birth.

busybusybusy. Had a great lunch with Bunny yesterday and did a little shopping - my student loan arrived so I don't feel guilty about buying wool. Or treating G to a new jumper; out six-month anniversary was on monday so I'm calling it a present. My flu/tonsilitis is much better (thank you for the fb messages!) although I'm still coughing and snotty.

Drama has abounded with rowing; I have a meeting with some people tomorrow, but right now we can't row (much shouting and slapping of the president was involved on my part), so I'm hoping this is going to resolve a few issues and make things a little easier. I've also handed in my notice at work, which will free up my evenings and bring my stress levels down - the money would have been nice, but I couldn't work five nights a week on top of uni and rowing. Too much. I might look for another job, or see if I can tutor privately.

On the plus side, I've finally got hold of my panniers, and I'm arranging delivery of a basket for my bike so I'm going to start cycling places more, which will hopefully help me lose weight. And we had steak with chips and roasted vegetables and pepper sauce tonight. And - bunny, you'll like this - asda is selling ben and jerrys for £2 a pot instead of £4/5. I've sold my soul to "the walmart family" for ice-cream.
"I've sold my soul to "the walmart family" for ice-cream". Mmmm, I'll need to pick some up, although the boy is beside me moaning that asda is four miles from us and that's the equivalent of forty miles in Glasgow (i.e. the time taken to drive there).

We're going to Whole Foods tomorrow to buy steaks and we'll have it with chips, roasted veg and peppercorn sauce too! (although I did try to persuade the boy to make it with Jamie Oliver's parmesan mash and red wine and shallot sauce but he won't do that again until he perfects steak cooking rolleyes.gif). Anyway, I'm really looking forward to my first visit to Whole Foods; we're meeting my aunt and uncle for lunch there and I intend to buy lots of lovely foods even though I did that yesterday at the gourmet food market! mmmm, raw oysters and lemon...

morn, you made the right decision about the job; working five nights during your degree is TOUGH.

I third/fourth the tights with the dress, rose! I need to buy some funky tights for myself to wear with dresses over the winter months.

kvetch: I have been crabby ALL day and for no apparent reason. Och well.
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