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Polly, you LOL'd your parking lot! Ha ha! Glad things are drying up.

Things here are OK, but I'm glad that one of our pals agrees with me that Gustav only made us trust the levees less. I thought I was the only one. It's been so sad looking at the damage from Ike - Galveston is such a neat area - had some lovely historic homes. When we were there in the summer, I bought 2 books about the big flood of 1900. One a picture book and one a nonfiction about meteorology and storm prediction at that time. It was a cute little indy bookstore downtown, probably gone now.

(((everyone))) Must run to get ready for work!
((((amilita))))) glad to know you are okay.

~~~~~continued vibage for billy, plummie, TG, dina and any one else in the hurricanes path~~~~~
Glad ya like it, amilita!

Sassy, try uploading the photo to It assigns a URL to the photo and there's no commitment- no login, no photo albums (I think you can get some extra features id you create an account, but I choose not to). It will give you a bunch of pre-formatted links- I don't think any of them work with The Lounge's software. So scroll to the bottom, click where it says "Advanced Options" or something like that and use the link it gives you there, even though it says not to. Not sure why it says that, but it's always worked for me. Why doesn't The Lounge's software let you upload from your computer? Very annoying.

Anyway, LeBoy and I have less than no money- he forgot to mention to me that his car insurance was due last week and he paid that while I paid my student loan payment, overdrawing our account. Great. He gets paid on Friday, and we have to stretch the food we have. I remembered we still had a substantial gift card to our favorite fancy restaurant and now is as good a time as any to use it. And we should have the willpower to only eat half of our meal and save the leftovers for lunch.

Cod, I hope he finds a better-paying job soon. This paycheck to paycheck shit sucks.

We had to call Triple-A to pull LeBoy's car out of the mud today. Ick. Hopefully no one complains about the destruction of the grass.

I wonder how Rose is doing....she's still on vacay with the 'rents, right?
sassy, I can't wait to see pics of the new puppy!

get better (((((damona)))))

tes, I'm glad your mom is doing better

mando, glad you had a good time at the concert. I haven't been to a show in ages!


*~*sleepy vibes*~* for sidecar and yuefie

polly, holy moly I can't believe that's your parking lot!

((((amilita, bunny, star, billy, everyone)))

kvetch: I feel like utter crap. I keep waking up in the night, I'm on day 5 of a very heavy period and I keep getting bad headaches because of the drastic weather changes due to stupid hurricane ike. I want my mommy. Seriously.

I guess I should be thankful that I don't actually have that much to deal with but I'm just so tired and sick feeling that I want to stay in and sleep for the rest of the week.
Yay for puppies and dry parking lots!

star, how does it feel to be home now?

(((mornington))) a'cos.

~z~z~z~sleep vibes for tired busties~z~z~z~

~vitC~vitC~vitC~feel better vibes for damona and other poorly busties~vitC~vitC~vitC~

(((candy))) a pox on headaches! I've been having them too and I'm unsure whether it's the weather (horrible weather here too) or stress.

I also have toothache (appointment next week to replace filling) and major tummy issues (appointment at hospital, also next Tuesday, where they will do more investigating for IBS, which is an inconclusive ailment...)

I feel sick with nerves. I have a phone interview today for a job that I don't particularly want (career-wise) but that I need to pay the bills. It would be such a huge relief if I got something from it today; the boy and I would feel so much better about the move if only I had the security of a job. A lot is resting on this. I'm going to have some peppermint tea to calm my tummy a little.
((bunnyb)) Good luck on the job interview. Even if it's not your favored position, at least money will be coming in, and it will be less stressful for the two of you.

Be back to vibe everyone later.
*~*~*job interview vibes for bunnyb*~*~*

bunnyb, is it you who has a love of the pumpkin spice lattes at starbucks? blink.gif i was standing in line to get a cup of joe this morning and saw that they are bustin' em out for the Fall. it feels good to be home. i have to get my city legs working again. i adopted the suburban ways of bawhston.

polly, so, your vajayjay got an unexpected showin', eh? well, we are classy here in the midwest. wink.gif

*~*~*soothing tummy vibes for candy*~*~*

sassy, the puppy is cute! i saw a pic already busties. tongue.gif what are you potential name suggestions?

(((amilita))) i'm glad you are ok down there. unsure.gif

kvetch: this frackin' flood water here. mad.gif lots of roads are closed down due to the flood waters. mama and i cancelled a trip for grocery shopping because the roads were pretty jacked up.

antikvetch: the weather is due to be slightly warmer and dry for the next couple of days.

kvetch: i exercised yesterday. and while i went YAY, my body went boo. my knees are terribly sore today. but, i know i need to get back on that damn elliptical tomorrow. oh, and add to this kvetch that i realized i gained ALOT of weight which made for an unhappy stargazer. sad.gif

i feel like i have alot of kvetches today...but, i need some strength vibes. it is hard to hear all of the good stuff happening to my fellow colleagues and want to be in their positions too. i get really hard on myself and think, "what did i do wrong?" this sucks.

It's gingerbread lattes I love, star; we don't get the pumpkin flavoured here sad.gif. Tey're probably coming soon, along with the red cups. I feel as if winter/Christmas is rapidly approaching because of the dark. cold, wet, bleak and basically miserable weather and the arrival of gingerbread lattes will confirm it for me (winter is my favourite season, don't get me wrong, but the lack of summer and autumn of any sort pisses me off).

I forgot to comment on polly flashing! hee laugh.gif.

sassy, I'll suggest some names once I've seen her!

(((designermedusa))) a'cos.

My phone interview went well, I think, and she's going to call me back once she knows what's available and suitable area-wise (she recruits London-wide but knows where we'll be living).

anti-kvetch and kvetch: the flat is ours! the references went through successfully (I bought my manager a bunch of flowers today as she really helped us out as HR were dragging their heels providing a work ref). I'm so glad it all worked out but the stinker is that we have to collect keys and sign contracts in person which means driving down to London with the moving van at 3AM (about 6 hours earlier than we were planning) next Saturday morning so we make it to the letting agents before they shut. Ooh, that will be fun /dripping in sarcasm.

Yay for the flat, bunny, and good luck on the job!

~~~strength for star~~~

Feel better, candy!

People better not give you trouble about the grass, polly! Grass grows back, but if your car got messed up...

(((tes, been thinking of you and your mamae)))

Keep trying on those puppy pictures, sassy!

It's my niece's birthday, and she loved the pirate Minnie Mouse I got her at the Disneyworld. Yay! We are not going to Houston this week, so I need to do some work on the bathroom! No excuses!


Oh, and Ben and Jerry's is gonna have pumpkin cheesecake ice cream. Yum. I love fall. It's actually kinda cooling off here, which means soon I will make my Welcome, Fall! meal of kielbasa, kale, fennel and white bean soup and pumpkin bread.

I hope Txplum checks in with us when she has power up...
Ask and you shall receive, {{{{{amilita}}}}}. smile.gif

It's the Safe and (finally) Dry Report. Hi all - I am at my mom's (on a DIAL-UP!) with GameBoy; power was restored over here yesterday. We still have none at our house (since 9:30 Friday night), but we sustained no house damage, just some large tree limbs down. We're feeling pretty lucky. All our family and friends are safe and accounted for.

Sadly, my dear friend Abalone (not her Real Internet Name) is a Galveston native and resident, and yes, they've been hit pretty hard. A foot of water in the garage of the house she rents from her dad, no damage to her belongings there - four feet of water in her dad's home, where she kept a lot of her belongings. They are slowly letting people back onto the island to "look and leave," and it's not going well. Plus - no water, no power, no sewage treatment make it a big health hazard stew down there.

She got this report from a sneaky family friend, though - evacuated to the Austin area early Friday with critter and boyfriend in tow, and all *her* family and friends left as well, so all are physically safe.

Yep, that neat little bookstore has taken heavy damage from the water, and probably broken glass to boot. Everything on the Strand and around downtown flooded terribly, and the stuff on the Seawall (such as the historic Balinese Room) took a heavy beating too. The historic homes received minimal damage; one of the historic churches lost an original (1800s) stained glass panel, but the statue of Mary (Galveston's patron saint) still stands intact. Local lore says that as long as she is standing, Galveston will not die out.

Across all of the Houston/Galveston metro area, probably 75% of people are still without power, and there is much, much cleanup to be done everywhere. Food, water, and ice distribution is finally running a bit more smoothly, now that someone other than FEMA elbowed in to move it along. Gas stations have long lines and little gas, but that's slowly improving too.

I'd tell you more right now, but I'm wearing out from all the "hey! I'm OK!" posts I'm making today all over The Online. Many, many thanks for the good wishes...we need them still, and will for a while.

{{{{{amilita mandikins!! tes!! yuef!! candy!! polly bunny dmedusa morn damona!! sassy star everybody I missed}}}}}
FINALLY(Imac was fucking with me I guess) some puppy pictures. The only name I've thought of is Zoe. Help me out busties!! Gotta run, she's crying. sad.gif


I'll be back later when properly awake.
(((plummie))) very relieved to hear everyone’s ok.
(((abalone & fam))) poor things. Give them our love, k? *continual loop good wishes vibes*

*Feel better vibes for bunny & candy & star*

Anyone know how pixie’s doing?

Oooo, puppy love! Squee! And I think zoe/y is a wonderful name, even it is way common these days. But then again, I’m biased. cool.gif Squee again! what about shenzie? we almost named maggie the cat shenzie, after the hyena in the lion king (icky character, cute name) . or natasha. i love natasha for a girl critter. or jacqueline, jackie for short. or samantha/sam, which was almost zoey's name. k. stopping now.

Re gingerbread latte love – I love them so much, and can’t ubercranky with starfucks only offering them seasonally, I bought my own gingerbread syrup. it's my sunday latte treat. *homer drool*

(((yuefie, sybarite, sidecar, polly, tesao, amilita, designermedusa, mornington, rose, damona, everyone)))

So.can’t.focus. The anxiety is killing me.

1) job anxiety due to the wall street implosion. on one hand, it's schenfreude to see the comeuppance, finally. on the other hand, the little people are going to suffer way more. and here, one of their places of play, the shit will hitteth the fan no doubt. these fuckers will be so on the rag, they may just decide to clean house. oy.

2) mom’s latest health issue: lymphedema (fluid retention/swelling) related to her mastectomy … 14 yrs ago. She sees the oncologist tomorrow. Trying to keep all parts crossed that this is just a matter of medication and/or physical therapy.

I think I might just have to give oprah’s the secret bullshit a try again. Ya know, putting it out to the universe. Lame & insultingly simplistic, I know. But the power of positive thinking is much betta than doom and gloom wallowing.

Apologies for always being mememe whenever I pop in here. I suck.

on the plus side ...

1) tis a gorgeous sunny blue sky day.
2) i feel pretty. (how to look good naked is my newest inspiration. i'm on the verge of writing in carson kressley for president.)
3) MY BELOVED YOGA CLASSES RESUME TODAY!!! *happy snoopy dance*
*~*~*get well vibes for mando's mom*~*~*

(((mando))) zoya and i have been chatting lots about putting things out for the universe to handle. especially my current school situation. the anxiety and depression get a hold of me when i try to control the outcome instead of focusing on the present. i'm trying to do that now. *sigh*

(((bunnyb))) Ooooooh, the gingerbread lattes! you know, i get excited when those red cups come out too. smile.gif

(((plummie))) good to hear that you are safe!

(((amilita))) can i come over for your Fall meal? i love comfort food. i think that is why i love Fall so much.

staying home to work on my dissertation. trying to write this letter to advocate on my behalf. i feel good today which is what i can hold onto for strength.

Mmm, gingerbread and pumpkin- two of my favorite things about the upcoming few months. There's a frozen custard place by us that makes pumpkin shakes in the fall. OMG, like they put a slice of pumpkin pie in a blender with custard. So freaking good. LeBoy is addicted to them. He's a nutmeg freak.

((mando)) I hope your mom's okay. And the shit doesn't hitteth the fan too badly for you.

((star)) good luck with the letter. Give 'em hell! I'm chugging along on Frida. I will have it done on Friday night. Really, I will.

Puppeeeeeee! Zoe's good, as are mando's other suggestions.

((plummie)) I'm so glad to hear you're okay. I hope your friend gets through it, too.

I'm so pissed- I think some flood water got into my car. It never got up to the door frame, but all day on Sunday, these assholes in SUV's would drive through the parking lot going really fast just because they could, leaving huge waves behind them. They'd drive by and you'd hear all the neighbors yelling at them. I seriously considered going out there to throw eggs at the one jackass in a Hummer. Anyway, I think some water sloshed up into my car. Ever since yesterday morning, there's been a baaaaaaad smell in there. I thought maybe I had a milk chug bottle or something that I forgot about, so I went searching for it. Under the driver's seat, I found a bunch of damp stuff, including my Ren & Stimpy box set that fell on the floor. The discs were fine, but I had to throw away the packaging. My mechanic advised against steam cleaning it because of the wires under there. He said I could start scrubbing it with carpet/upholstery shampoo and keep sucking up the moisture with a wet-vac. Dammit. My whole week is crazy busy and now I have to add this to the list. I may just deal with it until next week. Ick. Smells like an animal pooped and then died in there.
((((mando)))) hope your mum feels better; my mum's been on meds for fluid retention for ages and they really help.

((((tes)))) glad mamae is out of hospital

((((star)))) I'm glad to hear you sounding more positive, long may it continue. and acos.

((((sassy)))) puppeeeeeeeeee. so cute. I'd go with Sam, or possibly Tara.

((((txplum)))) glad to hear you're safe

((((polly)))) eurgh.

((((amilita)))) I really hate that B&J do such a narrow range of flavours over here. Seriously, it comes in six flavours. I want the peanut butter cup flavoured stuff!

((((bunny)))) woo! any news from the other place we were hoping (I got badges at freshers and it reminded me)

((((yuefie)))) acos

((((sixie, candyc, syb, sidecar, dm, kitten, everyone))))

Give me strength. it's one day into freshers, I'm just about to turn around and head for the bar for another tiresome meet-and-greet (I don't want to go, I'm so tired and sick of people) . I've got free stuff - a spatula - and I've signed up many enthusiastic people to row. Now I want to avoid them all before I do it all again tomorrow. I really ought to go, it's nearly seven. Fuck. *whine*

And all my lectures have been moved around because they've discovered asbestos in the ceiling in my department, but they haven't told us where they'll be, and I doubt they will up until about five minutes before the lecture. Why they do this now, instead of over the summer (when they found asbestos in one of the unused labs) I will never know. Or understand.

~strength vibes for morn and star and whomever needs them~

((mando's mom)) Mando, I do believe in the universe, and putting good things out into it. I just wish I could pratice it more. I'll have to Tivo that Carson show, I really like him.




Kvetch: Mcgeek is still being a crankyass about everything! I think maybe it's male pms. I think I'm move excited about the dog than he is. I'm just sick of talking about our budget, and that we "have no money." This seems to happen every month. Yet then he wants me to ask my parents for some. I think he thinks we're already married, and those are his in-laws. Sure, they'll give me money. I'm their daughter. I told him that I'm trying to find a job to help out. He doesn't seem to care, and wants me to pay him back immediately for the dog. Ugh!! Boys are stupid.

Kvetch: Bad bad period. Grumpy. I think I'll try to go catch a flick, or do some retail therapy. The puppy can always use some new toys. smile.gif I also need to pick up a book for my book club.

Anti-kvetch: I love Fall too. Now, I'm craving gingerbread lattes and that B/J ice cream. wink.gif

Oh yeah. My friend Robert and his wife had their baby! It came early, but is healthy. She weighed in at almost 8 pounds, and his wife went thru 20 hours of labor. Yikes. I'm happy for them.
~~vibes for everyone~~
fly by for puppy SQUEE-age!!!

sassy, for no particular reason that i can think of, when i looked at her, the name Hedda flew into my mind

just a fly-by to say Sassy, your puppy is soooooo cute! I like Zoe or anything cute that has two syllables. I keep looking at her pics!
Squeeeee!!! on the puppy! I like Hedda and Natasha...Zoe's good, but my friend's dog is Zoe, so it feels taken in my life.

Txplum, glad you all are safe. It weird as things start to get back to normal, huh? There are all these little things, like which businesses will be open and when, or will the store have any perishable foods, or stoplights being out. And then the more serious hardship that surrounds you. Well, my thoughts are with you and your family and friends. Does your friend from Galveston know what she'll do? It seems so uncertain when she'll be able to be back in her home...and is her job still around?

Mando, I'm nervous about all this scary financial stuff, too. And I'm sending vibes for you mom.

I'm all for positive thinking, as long as you also...oh, I can only put this in a crunchy way...release control of things into the universe at the same time. A little of both. So that if things don't go the way you are wanting, its not your fault for not visualizing it hard enough or whatnot, ya know? (((Mando)))

Star, I wish I could invite you over for the fall meal! (((Star)))

Polly, I love nutmeg, too...I always put it in french toast. Mmmm!

So sorry about the water in your car! That sucks! (((Polly)))

Mornington, I hate that Ben and Jerry's discontinues all my favorite flavors over here! Like Cool Brittania, which was strawberry with chocolate-covered mini shortbreads...drool. But its gone. I'll bet you have some awesome stuff over there we can't have!

Hello Tes and Candy and DM and Bunny and Sidecar and everyone!

My kvetch is that they deleted the account of the person who had been posting Project Runway...I hope it's up under a different account tomorrow!

Oh, and Sassy, just today the Mr. said he is having PMS! He's in a funk over a few things, one of which is his mom falling in her barn. Falling through the trapdoor 9 ft down. Hitting her head twice, cutting her leg and messing up her back. And then not going to the ER. She's going to a chiropractor now, but I think he's kind of stunned. His parents have never really been ill or anything, and I think her fragility is just starting to sink in with him. Her fragility and her...dare I say it...stupidity! Go to the freaking hospital, already! I'm PMSing, too, for reals.
For some reason I thought "Bethany" when I saw her... I also like Coco, Tara, Poppy...

I am loving B&J's Baked Alaska just now. Mmmm.

Speaking of the scary finiancial stuff: have you heard about the HUGE UK bank merger/takeover? The bank that did the buying out is the bank that the boy and I both work for but I think it brings more opportunities and financial security (I bank with them too) than doom and gloom (but then they are the ones who can afford £12.2bn...)

morn, I haven't heard from that other place (the one we love?) yet but they increased their deadline by three weeks, until this Monday. I'm going to call them next week as the sand is all but gone.

q'spice, I found it interesting about the digest... I may have to switch to a blackberry so I can read kvetch on my phone! laugh.gif I am so sad.

(((mandi's mama)))

polly, bunnymama's flask of coffee with milk spilled in her car and oh my maude does it smell like the worst pair of stinky shoes EVER! I feel your pain (it's the car I drive).

kvetch: I had such motherchucking bad toothache last night, which seems to have died down for the time-being so fingers crossed it stays that way until Tuesday when I go for dental treatment. I also have a sore throat sad.gif and found it really cold last night (those gingerbread lattes better hurry up!)

anti-kvetch: um, I'm going to do some more packing now...
sassy - I like Zoe, Hedda, and FiFi (don't ask me why.) Sorry McGeek is being a pain. He needs to get with the happy already. Who can be cranky when there is a new puppy?

polly - I seriously would have egged a Hummer. I'd do it for no reason and you actually had a good reason. That is just so damn rude. Oh well, they are paying way more for gas than you are. That's something.

bunnyb - so much good exciting news for you! I hope you get a position you love and I am happy that you are ready for the Big Move!

Hello Tes!

{{{amalita}}} I hope things get back to actual normal soon.

{{{txplumwine}}} I hope the same for you. Stay safe and dry!

Hello mornington!

Star - good luck on your dissertation. You have all of our support. See you tomorrow!

mandolyn - the market stuff has me really anxious too and I don't really live a life that it affects. Hell, I barely understand what it means. I am just worried about how much worse things could get and what that will mean.

I've been MIA this week. I've had so much on my mind and when I post it here, it all becomes real. The Geek and I took his very sick cat to a vet specialist in the suburbs yesterday. After the intital exam, the vet came in and was so sad and worried about the kitty that I ended up crying almost before she started talking (keep in mind that I went to be strong for him.) The vet said that it did not look good and they weren't sure if Jake (the cat) was strong enough to undergo anesthesia for further tests. So, of course, The Geek ends up crying and scared that his cat is going to die in about 5 minutes. He agrees to further tests (MRIs and the like) and we left the cat for a few hours to go to lunch and stuff. After the tests, the vet called us back and said that it might not be as bad as all that however they will not know without surgery. They have to see the mass that is growing on Jake's lung. So The Geek agreed to the surgery. And now we wait. Jake survived the surgery but we need the biopsy.
While all of this is going on, I've been struggling with the whole relationship. I agreed to wait to have a really big conversation until Jake's situation is stable and understood but we need to have the conversation very soon or I will flipout. My anxiety is too high and and I am trying to deal with a lot of sadness. I don't know what is going to happen this weekend.

*flyby update*

mom's ok. New Doc is treating it as lymphedema (massage rehab & compression bandage), tho it could also be related to her recently diagnosed sinus blockage. (yes, i know. wtF does one have to do with the other - all fluid retention is not related.) the really good news is no one is freaking and ordering scans. the other really good news is we literally ran into her original surgeon in the hallway and he was concerned and sweet and wants to personally examine her in a month, just to make sure. he's one of the country's top breast cancer surgeons, he saved her life 14 yrs ago, his son saved her life when she had colon cancer 9 yrs ago... i'm just thrilled to pieces that she's back under his care.

i'm more thrilled to pieces she doesn't have cancer.
i still think i need a little "release" cry tonite. gah.

tight hugs for all the good thoughts.
back tomorrow for proper catch up.
generic heartfelt vibes for those in need.
another SQUEE for the puppy love.

Go away toothache for Bunny!! Good luck with all the packing.

(((Kitten))) Boy, you need it. Sorry things are so rough right now.

Glad your mamma is OK, Mando.

Tonight we saw Burn After Reading and I liked it. I could tell a lot of the audience was like WTF? though. I think they were there to see George Clooney. I'm PMS-ing like a mo-fo.

I signed up to work on New Year's Eve - must work one major holiday, Mardi Gras included - and when I told my mom I'd be coming home for XMas, she exclaimed with joy! That made me feel pretty awesome.

Happy Friday!!

Bunny, how's the toothache? Ouch. Good luck with packing. I hate to pack.

Polly, I would have keyed or egged his car. Bastard. Just saying... I just realized your avatar is from MSCL. I so dig that show!

Kitten, I'm sorry to hear about Jake. He'll make it. I can understand your sadness and anxiety. ((extra love for you and dog and geek))

((amalita and txplum))

Star, kick ass on the dissertation smile.gif

Fall flavors: I may make pumpkin bread this weekend. I had a gingerbread latte on Thursday and thought of my busties!

Thanks for all the puppy love! She's such a cute thing! You'd think I'd never had a dog before. We finally named her Zoe(part Fireflyreference, and the J.D. Salinger one). I did try on a lot of names. She still growls at Mcgeek, which I find kindof funny. The cats (Miles mainly) are a little pissed. We're spoiling her with too many toys. I don't like that she wakes me up so early in the morning, but babies (of any kind) do that.

Kvetch: Bad cramps and tummy ache. Freaking period... ooooouch.
Kvetch: Some neighborhood asshat is doing construction, and I woke up to pounding hammers

Anti-kvetch: All my trashy tv today that I haven't watched yet.

Friday undies: Pink boyshorts with flowers


Yaargh, I forgot to mention it's International Pirate Day!

Hi everyone.

It has been a rough few days at the Pixie house. My ankle appears to be healing nicely, but the ligaments are now starting to ache uncontrollably as they are healing. I am trying to take the minimum dose of lortab as possible because when I am taking the maximum, I can't concentrate on anything for very long and I get really bored and just sleep.
And the exasshat is being extreamly asshatty. He decided he shoulodn't have to his portion of the chilod care expenses this month since I am home with Kimmie even though I am paying my mother to get her ready for school in the mornings since I can't climb the stairs to her room. I know, it sounds weird that I am paying my mom, but it was a mutually beneficial arrangement since I was going to have to pay some to come in and watch T since I can't even lift him out of bed or change his diapers, and she can use the extra cash because she's ona fixed income.

And last, but certainly not the least kvetch, my kitty that I have had since the day she was born 15 years ago passed away the other night! She hasn't been in the greatest health and has been losing weight pretty steadily the last 6 months. We ended up with a flea problems from my dogs and the chemicals to treat it were just too much for her. It was really a no win situation because if I hadn't used the frontline, the fleas would have killed her.
Mr. Pixie wants to get a new kitty and we've looked at several on petsfinder and craigslist, but I'm afraid that is we bring another cat in the house the fleas will get worse again. So far we've bombed the house, bathed all the animals in flea shampoo, frontlined everyone, and I comb them for fleas daily. It's much better than it was, but amazingly there are still some of the little F-ers jumping on us!

Sorry to be so me me me. I'm just really feeling sorry for myself today.
the baby I want to bring home
Can someone please come over and help me burn down my apartment? I think that would be easier than cleaning it right now. Or maybe I'll just leave it like it is and consider it an adventure park for my cats. dry.gif

Jake the cat is still not out of the woods. However, The Geek thinks he will be able to pick him up tomorrow. It can be so hard to judge animals behavior when they are at hospitals. Sometimes they just won't eat b/c they are scared or lonely.

{{{pixie}}} I am so sorry about your cat. And you ankle. And the ass-hat ex. {{{hugs}}}

{{{sassy}}} puppies!puppies!puppies! Puppies named Zoe!!!

{{{mando and mandomamma}}} Yay for great news.


Unidies - nothing at the moment. I am only wearing my bathrobe.
*~*~*PMS and aunt 'flo soothing vibes for amilita and sassy*~*~*

kitten, well, just think of it this least your bed doesn't smell like urine anymore. blink.gif some sangria tonight will help you to forget the mess. rolleyes.gif

(((((pixie))))))) so sorry for your loss. sad.gif that kitty is adorable!!! i think the kitty will make a fine addition to the pixie household.

kvetch: argh. weight gain. i just want to lose weight in my tummy. a little toned that's all. i hate the jiggle. but, the added weight has done wonders for a nice bust line. wink.gif

antikvetch: bustie get together tonight! *does cabbage patch*

undie report: grey with pink, yellow, and blue stripes, plain white bra.


i have shitastic unreliable internet right now and i get booted constantly.

on the plus side, i'm finally healthy.ish.

and my good good friend had her baby this morning! 6lbs, 3oz of gorgeous baby girl. and i was there! i got to watch! way, way exciting for me to see it from this side of things, rather than being the one on the table panting and pushing! i'm beginning to seriously consider midwifery....


(((((((((((((((kvetchie family, pets, and other things that like hugs))))))))))))))))

Just a drive by ...

((((((((the Pixie family))))))))) So sorry to hear about Nala. She was such a pretty thing & had the softest fur & most beautiful eyes. I'll miss her.

Mandi, congrats to your mom on not having cancer!!! What a relief! I hope she's feeling better soon.
~!!!~!!!~ healing vibes a-plenty for MandiMom ~!!!~!!!~

Hooray for new puppies!

Well, it has been an extremely busy couple of weeks 'round here & I'm not done yet. We have done SO much! I took the family to the beach for a day. Then we went to the mountains for a number of days to hunt for waterfalls (we saw 10 or 11). And we hung around the house a bit & I took them to some of the local sites, which they really enjoyed. My parents left on Thursday. My brother is staying for a few extra days, though, so yesterday he and I went up to Busch Gardens to ride roller coasters all day long (the weather was PERFECT! And the lines were amazingly short). Today we're going to finally take it easy. I'm letting the boys sleep in. Later we'll probably just play video games and hang out. Maybe we'll take my brother out for one last plate of eastern Carolina-style BBQ because he loooooves that stuff. It's a new discovery for him, but something he can't get back in Oklahoma, so we're going to let him have his fill while he can.

Anyway! My brother flies out tomorrow afternoon. Expect to see a bit more of me starting then.

[blows kisses all 'round]
I have such a hangover. I had a great last night out in Glasgow with friends but had copious amounts of alcohol and managed to have a very nasty fall down a set of stairs in a club and now one side of me is badly bruised and cut; I also gave myself a bump to the head. I am surprised I made it home (if not in one piece) and now I need to spend the remainder of the day packing... not before I have a bacon sandwich though.
((pet love and strength vibes))

Amilita, I loved Burn before Reading. I really liked the ending. Mcgeek seems to be over his PMS.

Bunny, I was in the same boat yesterday. Mcgeek and I both were hungover from a Friday night movie night.

((Pixie)) I'm so sorry about Nala. But, the new kitty is so cute!

Mando, yay for your mom not having cancer!

Star, how is the dissertation going?

Is the car okay polly?



Morn, I hope the classes get better!

Not much happened this weekend. We did end up taking Zoe to a local park(with the other dog), and then today went to a Firefly lunch meetup. I'm not the biggest sci-fi fan(lot of comic book guys around me), but it was nice to get out of the house. I got some weird looks when I said that I had never been to Dragon Con. Yet, the place we went to had yummy mojitos. smile.gif. I was the only one drinking though. I just thought more people would be ordering mimosas or something.

Kvetch: I was trying to get to my bookclub tonight. Mcgeek was going to drop me off, and we went to at least 8 gas stations that were completely out of gas. He's just worried about work, b/c we were worried we could even get home.

Anti-kvetch: Watching the Emmys, and making fun of all the dresses. Yay!

This thread is always so quiet on Mondays. I wonder why?

My weekend was really nice. We had a Bustie Meet-Up Friday night where I indulged in sugar and wine and vented, vented, vented about my life. Saturday I went to The Geek's house to help him with his cat and have our Talk. It went really well. smile.gif Basically he agreed to grow up a little and I agreed to relax a little. I don't know which one will be harder. We spent the night watching Pushing Daisies DVD and heling Jake the cat eat and stuff. The cat seemed to enjoy our attention.

I am sad to say that after a nice weekend, though, Jake has gotten sicker. He is at the vet's right now (9:45 CST) because he was having a hard time breathing. At this point, I am hoping that...well, I don't know what I am hoping for. He is a very sick kitty and I want him to get better. I just don't know if he will. sad.gif

sassygirl - I hope this isn't too stupid a question but how do that many gas stations run out of gas? I can't remember where you live.

{{{black'n'blue bunny}}}

roseviolet - I am glad that you are having so much fun with the family.


stargazer - it is nice when the new pounds find a flattering home.

I need a day off from my weekend- the bustie gathering on Friday, LeDad's b-day on Saturday, and Cheese Days in Wisconsin on Sunday. Unfortunately, sidecar and I didn't get to hook up on Sunday. It was basically non-stop eating all weekend. Thankfully, they digestive goddesses have looked kindly upon me and I'm in good shape. I still need a nap, though.

kitten, I'm glad to hear that you and The Geek have *hopefully* taken a step forward. I'm more than a little ashamed to admit this, but in my relationship, I'm the one who has trouble saying those three little words. I don't know why. It happens to me with a lot of conversations- it's like words that carry expectations and weight just get stuck on my tongue. Same with apologizing. For instance, I can easily say "I love you" to the cat, or a quick "sorry" to someone I accidentally bump into on the street, but even after seven years, saying I love you to LeBoy just doesn't come off the tongue easily and having to sit down and apologize for something I did to someone is just like an awful nervewracking, anxiety-inducing experience for me, even though I genuinely do love him and there have been situations where I really was sorry and should have apologized, but never did.

I think the "I love you" situation was made worse a few years ago when LeBoy joined me at a therapy session and I had been in a funk about our relationship and hadn't said it in awhile. My therapist asked about it and he told her something like, "yeah, we just don't say it a lot. I think we're secure enough that we don't need to constantly say it" and ever since then I've been spooked about saying it. Like, and this is bad, I didn't even say it when I saw him the last moment he was with me before my eye surgery, knowing that I could have just died on the table and not told him I love him before I did. unsure.gif

I hope Jake pulls through or passes peacefully- how old is he? ((hugs to you, The Geek & Jake))

Okay, in lighter news, my car is fine. It just smells like mildew now (mildew- it's better than poop!) and I took into our car guy yesterday because it's been making a weird noise for awhile. He did a little adjustment to the belt, replaced my brake light and said I'll need to do something about my brakes in 12,000-15,000 miles. I should have it back tomorrow night and then I'll start working on the stink.

Sassy's in the Atlanta-area...I assume that it's just your closeness to the refineries in the hurricane areas that means the gas supply can be a little spotty?

Oo, I haven't seen Burn After Reading yet...maybe this weekend with prophecy. I'm feeling sorry for myself and want to go get in bed.

((hugs to everyone))

Quick update: Jake the cat has cancer. The Geek is going to have him put to sleep. The vet told him that, even with treatment, most cats live only for another year with the type that he has. sad.gif
(((((Jake the cat))))))
(((((Kitten & the Geek))))))))
I know things have been hard lately. I'm so sorry this is making it all harder.

Polly, that's a lot of good food! Glad to hear the car is doing better.

Sassy, gas has been hard to come by recently in my area, too. One week ago when we were in the Asheville area, there were only a very few stations that still had any gas (luckily we found a place & were able to get home). Now that I'm back in the center of NC & a week has passed, most of the stations still have gasoline, but a few are still out or they're just out of certain octanes. It's very strange. I've never seen anything like it before.

~~~~~~ smooth moving vibes for Bunny ~~~~~~~~

((((more love for the Pixies)))))

Life is okay here. Everything is so quiet without my family around! I think Millie misses them, too (lots of pets & belly rubs, you know). I've spent the last two days cleaning the house & doing laundry & basically getting the house back in order.

Kvetch: I'm feeling stupid & discouraged today over little things that seem unimportant to everyone else, but they mean something to me. Plus I'm just feeling low and sad and discouraged in general. I crash like this every time I see my family or friends. I have a great time with them, but then they go and I crash. And unfortunately, Sheff has some major deadlines at work this week so he isn't available to help perk me up.

Anti-kvetch: In a few days I fly out to Texas to attend an old friend's wedding & see BestGalPal & the gang.

Kvetch: I'll be there for just 48 hours. And I'm bound to be depressed again when I return. Dammit. I really miss my old friends. They're all totally bizarre & horrendously flawed, but I love them & miss them to bits.
((Jake the Cat, Kitten, and Geek))

((((Jake the Cat, Kitten and Geek)))))

This is just a fly-by as I want to get to sleep for an early start packing tomorrow (I'm way behind).

polly, maybe you could start out again by texting/emailing/writing on notes (fridge or kitchen perhaps) "I love you"? So that it's low-key yet a very sweet gesture and it gets it out there; it's not verbalising it but it's still asserting how you feel and you could gradually progress to uttering the words again... /two pence

(((jake the cat, the geek & kitten))) our cat had kidney disease and stomach cancer at the same time, and we had to put him down. it was sad. it just sucks. i am so sorry you two are going through it.
(((cont. love for pixie))))
(((((rose)))))) as someone else who lives super far from their family i feel for you. it just gets harder the older i get, too.

i was in wisconsin eating cheese all weekend, but am happy to be back! hope everyone is doing okay.
Thanks for the suggestion, bunny. I need to do something. It's just such a miserable rut to be in.

More hugs for ((kitten, The Geek and Jake))


Need to go to bed. ZZZzzzzzzzzzz......
super fast fly by to

send love and hugs to ((((((((jake, kitten, McGeek))))))))

((((((((((((continued love to the pixies))))))))))))

((((((((((((bunny's bruises)))))))))))))

((((((((((((rosie v - i know how you feel, querida, and it is truly horrible))))))))))))

also to ask for vibeage to feel better myself, i have a nasty flu and i'm staying at home and worrying that i am staying at home instead of going to work and showing everyone that work is more important and the everyone at the office will think that i am lazy....


i hate this obsessing thing that i do sometimes! hatehatehate!!!
Awww, ((((Jake)))) sad.gif

(((the pixies))))

(((bunny's bruises)))



I took off yesterday and drove out to Phoenix (a six hour drive) with best guy pal to go to a concert last night and am in dire need of some sleep so that that I can take off this super-grump cape I seem to be wearing. I just can't party like I used to without paying for it the next day. And by party I mean one double vodka & cranberry - WTF? I am suddenly feeling my age. It's like I woke up last night and realized, hey, we *are* the "old folks" at the Beck concert now. And then I woke up today and said, "Ouch!"

Be back later to read a bit further back, but for now am sending out
~~~multi purpose vibes for all kvetchies~~~
((((jake and the geek and kitten))))





I'm all lurklurklurk right now. About to go prepare myself for the horror of teaching freshers to row. And it's raining.
(((jake))) I’m so sorry, (((kitten))). Poor little jake. I’m all teary. i was pulling for him. I know his passing will be/was peaceful. I’ll say a prayer for chelseakitty & peachycat to greet him and show him ‘round.

(((Yuefie))) I’m still paying for the DAVE concert, which was TWO WEEKS AGO! Ok, keeding. But it takes me two days now. But then again, I imbibed many many ale’s and shots that night. Hee. (and what the fuck is wrong with me that i keep wishing i could go back and re-live it? it's like depressing the crappoutta me that i can't. le sigh.)

(((tesao))) feel better, luv.

You too, (((bunny))). Ouch.

(((pixie))) so sorry about your loss. I love that name, nala. That was my cousins’ rottie’s name. our nala passed several months ago too. *sniffle*

(((rose))) What you’re feeling is completely natural. Doesn’t make it any easier, but I hate to see you beat yourself up so.

Polly, kitten, star … do tell about this bustie gathering? Details? Pictures?

*so jealous re the cheese orgies*

*doing the happy snoopy dance for another kvetchie pupper named zoe/y*

Speaking of critters, Mornington, how’s tankgirl doing? Everyone getting along and playing nice i hope?

Damona, congrats to your friend’s new little addition … how exciting that you were there to help! I bet you’d make a fabulous midwife.

update: Thanks for the mamalove, (((you carebears you))). She has her first arm-fixing PT session today. Now if I can just get her to go back to the ENT doc for her swollen face/clogged sinuses. It’s like pulling teeth, I swear. (“let me get past this therapy stuff, then I’ll take care of the face.”) meanwhile she’s becoming a recluse because she’s so embarrassed by her staypuffmarshmallow appearance, she’s taken it upon herself to stop her cholesterol drug, thinking that that may help. webMD is the antichrist, I swear. Oy.

Kvetch: danny’s heading down to cary, NC this weekend for a band trip. I detest long bus trips. And the weather’s supposed to be nasty. and i sort of don't like their theme ("fate of the gods"). why can't they just perform"west side story" every year, dammit?

Antikvetch: he got several speaking parts in the fall play, and he’s ecstatic. (rose, it’s “the dining room” by A. R. Gurney – have you ever heard of it?) my little thesbian! *preen* and he’s also very happy with his teachers this year. for the first time since forever. Such a good feeling.

(((jake and kitten)))

!*!*!**health vibes to Tes and anyone else who needs it!*!*!**

Soothing hair brushing for yuefies hang over

(((Rose))) It is hard being away from loved ones, and we miss you too!

Things are going better this week. Saturday i got a new kitten! He's a silver shaded dollfaced persian. I can't post pics with my laptop, but I'll post one when i get the chance. Anyway, He is teh sweetest kitty! He spends a lot of time sleeping on my lap, or neck. He'still a kitten though, so he loves to play too. I named him Gucci. We might get another kitten too later on. We saw one at the city shelter that Mr. Pixie loved and it was really playful and would be a better companion for the kids, but it was a cruelty case, so they aren't adopting it out yet. We never could get the shelter that had the other baby to call us back.

I also had my post op appt yesterday. I am still am not allowed to bear weight on my leg for another month, but I am in a removable boot now. The downside is that I am having to do some PT to get my ankle to bend to the right angle for the boot and it's pretty painful. I've been cleared to go back to work, but I still can't drive and I am still on the Lortabs, so I am not anxious to go back yet.
Hey, gang. Feeling super sick today. I think all of my anxiety & stress over the last two days have done a number on my gut. I should be fine tomorrow, though. Just gotta start thinking happy thoughts!

Today's happy thought: the website for mom's business is officially up! Woo hoo! I don't feel comfortable posting the link here, but I'll happily send it in a PM if any of you are interested.

That's all I've got right now. Hopefully I'll come up with more happiness soon.

((((((((((extra love for Jake, Geek & Kitten, Tes, Pixie & little Gucci, Yuefie, Mandi & her momma, Morn, & all y'all)))))))))))))

I can't believe little Danny is going to be in my neck of the woods ... and I won't be here to see him perform! Why are they traveling this far south, Mandi? Is there a big competition? Are you coming, too? When do you arrive?
(((rose))) hope you feel betta soon, luv. maybe baking would help?

actually, i have no clue why they're travelling that far. it's an invitational competition, which is, er ... a good thing? an honor? and no, i'm not going. i have to work. but i am also The Mighty Suck as a band parent. i couldn't even imagine being trapped for 40+ straight hours with noisy gaggles of teens not to mention the super-cliquey-high-&-mighty-rabid band parents. gah.

i just read their itinerary:
- they're leaving 7 pm friday, arriving 7 am saturday. no mention of hotels. which means they're sleeping on the bus. which means the bus drivers aren't sleeping. wtF?!
- "We would like to thank the Church of Latter Day Saints for the meals that they provided to our students and traveling party." again i say, wtF?!

i knew i shoulda made the mr go to that meeting last night.
guess who's gonna be heavily medicated this weekend? yeah, that would me moi. *heavy sigh*
i am so tired and grumpy i am breaking my posting-at-work rule.

i got woken up in the middle of the night by a bunch of glass breaking and shouting at the neighbors' house, followed by sirens. Then I heard more shouting and the police yelling, "We are the police!" And then another cop said, "God, that guy is really jacked up on something."

So I got up and watched from my window, as someone inside the house yelled, "GET DOWN ON THE FLOOR" and then 20 cops in bulletproof vests stormed the house, and pulled out a guy who wasn't wearing pants and threw him into a paddywagon. Then a commander came and interviewed my neighbors. We went back to bed and in the morning, Martini and I both noticed the back doors thrown open and the front windows broken. I called the district office today and all they will tell me is that a "disturbance" occured, but they said it wasn't a home invasion. So I guess maybe my neighbor got really high and lost his shit?

God, so frustrating. I wish I knew what really happened. If I'm living next door to a meth addict or if someone broke in. And I wish it had happened at 8 instead of midnight, so I wouldn't feel like a zombie.

(((love to all)))
Thanks everyone. Last night SUCKED in a supreme way. I had class that I couldn't get out of but I started crying in the middle of it because I knew that it was at the same time that Jake was being put to sleep. My teacher let me leave a little early (the nice thing about being in a room full of therapists-in-training) and I joined my boyfriend and his parents for drinks. Then the boy and I went to his place and just cried.
A very weird thing happened while we were sleeping, though. Thoes of you who have cats know what it feels like to have one of them step on your bedsheets while you are sleeping. Just one little small paw pushing down on the sheet. In the middle of the night I felt that but I dismissed it as me being half-asleep. When The Geek woke up this morning he said, "I felt something walk on the bed last night, like a cat." We both agreed that Jake visited one last time.
Dammit, know I am going to cry again. sad.gif

On to happier news, I went to a Pushing Daisies promo event and got two free apple pies, a logo spatula and a logo pie server. It was very fun. smile.gif

sidecar - that is just insane! I hope you get some rest tonight.
mando - totally with you on the choice to let someone else chaparone.
roseviolet - I hope you stomach and your stress settles down very soon.
weufie - let's hear it for being old! Woo-hoo.
tes - I hope you feel better ASAP.
{{{fast healing vibes for pixie}}}

Oh, before I forget, I got a haircut today. It is a short, reverse bob. The longest part grazes my chin and it all gets shorter from there. I love it. I'll post pics tomorrow.

Kitten, that was Jake visiting.

((Kitten, Geek, and Jake)) Yay for Pushing Daisies event, and new haircuts! I have to get into that show.
I'm lurking, but I'll be back to post properly.

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