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Hi Car, good to see you. Bust and Chickchat (is that what is was called?) were very calming that day. We had a television going at the office, but I'd disappear for periods of time to see what my friends in Bust had to say and report. I know there were quite a few of us talking.. I remember you, Fina, Mando were there.

Rose... I watched the race. The end was bizarre. The stewards' decision afterwards was even more bizarre. Do you think that was just another form of punishment for Maclaren?

Happy Birthday, Kitten!

Texas is bracing for Ike, but luckily that doesn't include me. Our city is ready to take about 1,000 evacuees if necessary, though. My brother owns a home in central Texas, one about an hour from the coast, and also rents an apartment on the coast (this is sounding very McCainish). The apartment will be hit hard, the home near the coast will be hit and the home in central Texas is forecast to get 10" of rain. That home backs up to a creek, so things could be messy. On top of that, he's drilling 3 gas wells that are in the path of the storm. He's a little stressed. Update: It appears Ike will take a right turn as it nears the coast and head for Galveston and Houston. He may be on the edge of the storm intstead of the path.
Good morning all.

QSpice - There's a digest?

{{{Bunnyb}}} Ahhh, families.

Hey it's Billy!

So I have today off of work and homework. biggrin.gif I am meeting my best friend for luch and then I am meeting a bunch of people to go see a taping of the NPR show Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me. I am really excited which I know just confirms my status as a total geek.

Have a great day everyone!
i remember talking to all of you here on 9/11... that was a scary, scary day. trying to get ahold of friends on the east coast, not knowing what was going to come next... scary day.


happy birthday to kitten!!!!!

(((((((((kitten, billy, mando, tes, bunny, qspice, dm, lelu, car, polly, morn, sassy))))))))

((((((((anyone i missed naming))))))

kvetch: i feel like ass on a stick. nasty sore throat yesterday is turning into more of a icky cold today. the mr has been letting me sleep as much as i want to, he really is wonderful! i don't have any cold stuff, so we're going at this the traditional way, tea, honey, orange juice, chicken soup... i hope this goes away soon! and before all the kids get it!

kvetch: the school gave little d hot lunch on monday. little d has some major food sensitivities. i was NOT happy. fortunately, the meal they gave him was probably the lesser of the evils, since there was a sprinkle of cheese and there was probably gluten in the taco seasoning, but the rest of it was (most likely) inoffensive. he got enough of the stuff that bothers him that his behavior has been off-the-charts crazy for days tho, maybe his teacher will think twice before doing that again!

anti-kvetch: hell, i'm so grumpy and miserable i can't think of one. sad.gif
QUOTE(kittenb @ Sep 11 2008, 07:03 AM) *
QSpice - There's a digest?
Well, I get an email from the lounge daily with posts biggrin.gif

At the top of the page for the topic you want to have emailed, click on Options, then "Track this topic". I picked the "Daily Email Digest", so I get one email (to the email address I used to sign up with, which you can change in your controls here) at the end of the day from my topics. I hardly remember to go respond, so I'm pretty much the ultimate lurker right now.
Happy Birthday, Kitten!!

That picture of the baby cat KILLS me, Bunny. Awww.

I'm keeping an eye on Ike. Our friend who is working in Houston is heading home today. My heart is aching for all the folks who got messed up with Gustav - the damage was quite great, although NOLA was mostly spared. Now bracing for a lot more hardship in Tx.

And, selfishly, the Mr. is part of a group show in Houston with an opening next week, and I'm hoping it doesn't get messed up...the gallery and all that. Also, it could be difficult to get hotel reservations if lots of peoples' electricity is out. I better start working on that. On the good side - he already had a sale before the opening! Woot!

Glad you brother's property is looking to be safe, Billy.


(((anyone having 9-11 anniversary difficulties))) I hate disasters. I'm tired of disasters.

ETA: Some of the lower parishes are having bad flooding in LA. The winds are real blustery right now.
happy birthday kitten!

((((bunny, yuefie, damona, mando, amilita, polly, sidecar, syb, candy, pixie, billy, qspice, tes, car, dm, sassy, sixie, lelu, futura. faith, everyone))))

sorry, had one of those weeks that's been busybusybusy without anything particular happening and I've been a bit blue so lurking but not posting. Feeling better now. Spending time with G, saw ExGoth and the German properly on tuesday night (we went out clubbing, I got drunk on cheap vodka and the night bus home took fucking forever)... yeah. Indigo tried to make friends with a pony, he's such a munchkin sometimes.

Right. I think I might go to bed. Tomorrow is my last teaching day until after uni starts - I've taken two weeks off, so I get a couple of days to do nothing - and I'm going to take some of my students to the pub.
I remember talking to you all... I think I was here with a different handle. It was a scary day.

Happy Birthday Kitten!!

Amilita, having some difficulty with 9-11. I tried to stay away from the news, but it was on at the nail salon.

(((all my love to Texas)))

Kvetch: Mcgeek forgot our anniversary yesterday. We've been dating two years. I thought I'd at least get a flower.

Anti-kvetch: For the first time in two months, I was able to go downtown(I was hearing Petula Clark singing), and get a mani/pedi. I consider this an awesome achievement. smile.gif

Happy birthday kittenb. What is Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me?

((sassy)) Boo to mcgeek forgetting your anniversary, but yay for going downtown.

((mornington)) Sorry you were feeling blue, glad you are feeling better.

((amilita)) Hope the mr. will get to have his show.

((damona)) Feel better.

((billy and family)) Hope your brother’s place will be safe.

((bunnyb)) I hope you are able to de-stress, about all the moving and the boy’s sis drama.

I really need some work vibes. My closest ally at work is giving her two weeks tomorrow, and it is stressing me big time. I am happy for her, but I am afraid my bosses will tell me I have to do her work. I can’t handle anymore work, and have made this abundantly clear, but at times they just don’t care.
Drive by!!!!

Happy birthday, Kitten! Hope it's a good one. I am soooo jealous that you get to see Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me live. I really want to do that someday!

CAR!!! How are you, hon? Tell us about yourself! And about the fine men in your life, too, of course.

Billy, I am too angry about the Spa ruling to talk about it. Lewis has been ROBBED!!!! Grrrrr. I blame Bernie Ecclestone. He's doing this just to keep the championship more "interesting". Fuckin' asshole.

~!~!~!~ work vibes for DM ~!~!~!~!

~!#*)%^*)@)~ vibes of all sorts for everybody ~!)%^*&#$~

I'm having a good time with the fam. We went so many places today! Tomorrow we're supposed to go to the beach & Saturday we head for the mountains.
My period is scheduled to start tomorrow or Saturday. And you all know that my periods are baaaaaaaad & I'm lucky if I can even get dressed for the first 2 days of my period, much less drive for hours & go sight-seeing. So as you can imagine, I'm concerned. I hope I don't ruin this vacation for everyone. sad.gif
Happy Birthday kitten!

DM, Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me is a news quiz show on NPR. It has a rotating cast of contestants, like Mo Rocca and Paula Poundstone. It's taped in front of a live audience, here in Chicago. I keep meaning to go to one of the tapings. I went to a Whaddya Know? taping in Madison a few years ago- that was fun.

Good luck with the bleeding and traveling, rose. I once had my period, with bad cramps, the day we were driving from Chicago to Kansas City for Christmas. I took a hydrocodone before we left and of the 10-hour drive, about all I remember is getting out of the car to eat and go to the bathroom. I slept through everything else.

Car AND lelu! Yay!

Sorry about the boy-related kvetch, sassy. I'd be kvetchy too.

(((polly))) are you a-lurking? kvetch is here to kvetch, remember... I'll join you, morn, star and the kitties under the duvet and we'll have a part-ay (a pity party, perhaps, but a party nonetheless).

I know darlin', I just wanted my comments to be in the context of the depression thread, since that's really the root of all of them. *sigh*

I think this was the first 9/11 I didn't feel compelled to watch any of the 9/11-related stuff on TV. It seems so long ago, yet so recent.

((hugs)) and ~*~*~all-purpose vibes to anyone who needs them~*~*~
flying by to say: star,

Happy Birthday, Star!!!

Can't sleep - squalls coming through that are rattling windows and creeping me out. Tornado watches, gusting winds. I wasn't really expecting's such a big storm. I may have to be homebound all day, which is fine, I guess, because I barely slept. Yuck. I imagine our electricity will go out at some point.

Happy birthday, star!

Happy belated, kitten!

I have been soooo busy -- a busy social schedule and I had a ton of freelance work due this week. My thoughts are with Texas; I hope you get through reasonably safely.

Today is a half day because we're having a work party and I am thrilled bc i could use some fun. Tonight, I'm making tapas and Martini and I are staying in and watching movies. It will rule.
Happy birthday star!!

Kvetch: Ugly cramps and backache due to pms. Bleh. Think it's going to be catching up on tv sort of day. I tivoed Fringe and haven't seen it yet.

Kvetch: Still pissed at the boy. He owes me a dog, but he's been due for that since breaking my toe.
I'll post the pics of the one we're getting this weekend. I want to pick her up next weekend though. It's a German Shepherd. We actually have social plans this weekend that don't include dealing with fucking Home Depot!! I'm so stoked.

Anti-kvetch: I lost another 2 pounds. So, that's been like 5 pounds in two weeks. Awesome. smile.gif I thought my chicken scallopine would cause me to gain(who doesn't love a Rocco recipe??) at least 3 pounds. Heh.

Anti-kvetch: Heading to go see The Woman tonight with my movie club. I know it won't be like the original, but I'm just happy to get out of the house finally.



Happy Birthday Stargazer!

{{{amalita and sassygirl}}} for disaster PTSD-ish vibes.

roseviolet - I hope things are just a little later than usual for you as you need.

mornington - enjoy your time off.

sidecar - glad to hear that things are going so well.

{{{car, lelu, polly, and all!!!}}}

My birthday was a lot of fun. I talked my best friend into blowing off work (he works from home and can stay connected with his cell phone so no one will ever be the wiser) and we hung out downtown until the show. We stopped for drinks and snacks beforehand and the waiter brought me flourless chocolate cake w/a sparkler. I was really suprised.

Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me is the NPR news quiz. You can click to download the shows. As funny as it is just to listen to on the radio, seeing it recorded is soooooo much funnier. I wish I had done this before. I thought I was going to hurt myself I was laughing so hard. Highly recommended for anyone visiting Chicago.

Happy Birthday Star!!

kittenb, you post the BEST birthday cards!!!!

hope everyone who has/who will be affected by hurricanes is all right.

mr. billy!!! how was your trip to germany?

undie report: tattoo-look black floral embroidery and nude mesh brar and (GASP. i don’t match!) plain purple drawers.

kvetch: worked too much this week; including monday, which was a national holiday

anti-kvetch: it’s friday

anti-kvetch: i’m leaving early

kvetch: it’s cold and yucky

anti-kvetch: it’s friday and i’m leaving early so i can snuggle with mimi the african attack cat under our fave fuzzy blanky

anti-kvetch: mamãe is out of the hospital!!!! see what bustie vibeage can do? Magic sparkly powder, i tell you!

extra huge kvetch: TPTB here are going to cut out funds by 50% and want us to do more than we did last year. idiotas.

anti-kvetch: my sister the healer will be here in less than a month. i paid for our trip to madagascar today. i can’t wait.

sorry for memememe post. back over the weekend for proper bustie hugs all around
Thanks tes.

I forgot to post (and on this rainy grey day I want to): I bought new undies yesterday so I will either be wearing yellow and white patterned low rise panties of very cute pale blue with yellow polkadots panties.
oooooo, kitten!!!
can we vote?

blue with yellow polka dots!!!
Kitten, blue with the polka dots!!

I'll have to check out that quiz.
Happy Birthday Star!!!

Even though the hurricane is over 500 miles away, you would have thought it was sitting on top of us yesterday. We had 7.5" of rain in 24 hours, with the possibility of 3" today. Yesterday's rain was 40% of our annual rainfall here. Lubbock is rather flat, so when so much rain falls, there's not many places for it to go. I had to roll my pants up to my knees and wade to my car yesterday evening.

The Texas coast from Houston/Galveston back towards Louisiana will be a horrible mess this time tomorrow. Dammit.

It's Friday, so it must be grey boxer briefs smile.gif
Aw. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I feel loved. wub.gif

Billy, I hope your brother is ok in Texas. And I must admit that I laughed when I tried to picture you with your pants rolled up to your knees. And hey, what happened to those microfiber under? blink.gif

Kitten, It sounds like you had a good birthday! I can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks.

*~*~*soothing vibes for amilita*~*~*

amilita, gosh, I feel so bad for all of the weather stuff you've been through. sad.gif

DM, I hope you are feeling better with your back. And it sucks that you are losing a supportive coworker.

Sidecar, dude, you ALWAYS have a busy social calendar. Heh. wink.gif

TES!!! I always get happy when I see you post. Snuggling with the african cat sounds comforting. If I didn't have so much work to do that's what I would do. Mr. Fatty McFattness was so comfortable sitting on my lap today. I felt moving him off to drive mama to work.

Sassygrrl, yeah, I would say McGeek owes you a dog big time. and not just for breaking the toe. smile.gif

bunnyb, how is the moving going?

kvetch: it is a cloudy rainy day on my birthday.

antikvetch: it's my birthday! heh. plus, being away from the internship, i feel very focused. it helped meeting with my school. so, i'm still gonna apply for future internships and fight the good fight with the former. who knows what will happen. either way, i will be going full steam ahead with my dissertation next week.

off to work...

pants: black silk with red bow on the hip. I'm feeling inclined towards the fancy end of my pants collection, it seems.

off to walk el hound before it rains... will post something properly later (((((kvetchies)))))
Star - it is really great to hear you sound so strong and back on your feet.

I had to go with my undies w/robots on them. The yellow didn't fit and the blue were cute enough to want to wait and wear them with when someone will see them.

Kvetch - Buying underwear is such a tricky business. There is just no way to try them on and know that they will fit until you are home and they are on. Then it is too late. dry.gif
Happy birthday star.

((billy, amilita and all those being affected by Hurricane Ike)) The weather reports are sounding really concerning now. I hope everyone is safe.

((tes)) Glad your mom is better.

((sassy)) Definitely post pics of your new dog when you get her. I love German Shepherds.

Happy Birthday to Star & Kitten, my fellow Virgos!


Be back later to catch up.

ETA: (((((TX & NOLA))))) ~~~mega strength safety vibage~~~
Kittenb, where are you getting the undies?? Just wondering, all of my owns aren't cool at all. sad.gif

Yikes, Billy. The water isn't in your house, is it? The lower parishes in LA are totally messed up, too - they just reported a levee breech in Plaquemines parish. This is a big one. I won't be surprised if our trip to Houston next week may be off. I'm so nervous for those in the direct path.

I just woke up and can't tell if the bad squalls have passed through here - most schools are closed today. The lake and canals are very high due to the storm surge. Still blustery. From looking at the newspaper boards, I'm not the only one who woke up at 5 am because of the wind and rain. Bleh.
((all the NOLA and Texas busties))
fly by to ...

- send out the birthday love to (((kitten))), (((star))) & (((car)))! *mwah mwah mwah*

- send a virtual cocoon of protection out to all the gulf coast & TX busties, especially amilita & billy & plummie & tallgirl & dinaofdoom. i hope you all stay safe & warm. this is one scary hurricane.

- to swoon about the DAVE concert. ya know when all the stars properly align and it's an utterly perfect afternoon/evening/night? um, yeah. that's what happened. excellent companionship (beloved cousin, best eva chaperone & concert buddy bar none), exquisite meal, fabulous show (floor seats w/nary a drunken frat boy in sight!), perfect weather, the chi chi hotel upgraded us to a suite for free .. oh, and my super comfy & stylish outfit and well-behaved & sassy hair = one hella cute mandi. and it was a benefit concert for stand up for a cure, and julia roberts introduced them. which was neat. very very sad without leroi, tho. their replacement saxophonist is marvelous, but everyone was crying a little. he will be sorely missed.

honestly, i can't say enough about the whole experience. definately one of my top ten 24 hours ever. i'm still aglow.

oh, and the red tide even held out until today. how cool is that?

Happy Birthday Star!

Hola, Kvetchies! Checking in from windy southwest Houston to say that...well...we're OK so far.

My good pal down Galveston way is up Austin way now, and the rest of her Born On the Island family is out as well. The news film from down there is INSANE. Waves have been coming over the Seawall for about 12 hours now, many streets were flooded before it even rained, and one person has already drowned.

My folks, who live in an evacuation zone that *hasn't been evacuated yet,* are now headed towards Austin too. TG is, fortunately, 300 miles north and so will catch leftovers, but they may not be too bad.

GameBoy and I are hunkering down at home, as is GameDad and, I think, the rest of our peeps. We have water and cat litter, food and batteries, books and knitting, duct tape and a shotgun, and a shitload of booze. I, in fact, just got started on a vodka & cranberry. Good for the nerves, don't ya know.

I was 10 years old when the last one came through...and I slept through it. I doubt that will happen this time. There are a lot of people quaking in their boots who don't normally bat an eyelash. I *do* think we'll come through OK, if sweaty once the power goes out (and it will).

Billy, sorry to hear of your flatland troubles. All tracks say it will turn sharply east once hits land, so fingers crossed you get to duck it.

Hugs to my fellow Gulf Coast BUSTies...fortunately, I think I'm one of the few (if not the only) right in the strike zone. Amilita, hope y'all don't get too much of the troubles either. Sorry to hear there's been any.

Many thanks for all the good wishes. Keep 'em coming...we're going to need them for weeks to come. I will check in when I can, and try to get phone updates to TG when I can't.

See y'all on the clean side...


Quick edit: Sea-blue cotton undies with tropical-colored flowers, see-through baby blue lace bra.
((((NOLA and texas busties and families and friends)))))
(((((((((((((((NOLA and tx busties and anyone else in the way of the storm)))))))))))))))

i am throwing good vibes your way with every ounce of strength i have.

*waves* hey plummie!

happy birthday star!

much love to all

kvetch: i am still hella sick and miserable and i can't take a deep breath without coughing my lungs out. i may just have to scrounge up the co-pay and go to the dr if this doesn't clear up. yuck.
Thanks for the update, Txplum! Stay safe!

I think the worst of Ike passed us now...its blustery, but not rattling the house.

Mando, glad you had a wonderful time!

~~~Get better, Damona~~~

With all the evacuating and insomnia and stress, I've not been getting as much done as I'd like, but I guess I just need to not fret about it. At least I've been back on the wagon with exercising and eating well since I've been back to town- that's hard in itself.
~~~vibes for plummie, billy, et. al. ~~~
~~~get better damona~~~
kitten, glad you had great day! you too, star.
(((tes))) thrilled that mamae is out.

Our work party was fun. Quit drinking after three beers and switched to water and Coke, caught up with friends, then Martini and I went home and ordered pizza. We watched Harold and Kumar 2 (don't judge me it was funny) and went to bed a little after 10. And now i am awake.

OK you guys, I honestly don't remember the last time I slept through the whole night. I keep sleeping like 3-4 hours, and then waking up for an hour or two, then sleeping again. It is a bad scene.
(((everybody within the storm's reach)))

plummy! good to see you, although wish it wasn't under such stressful circumstances. Keep up with the vodka & cranberries!

(((rose))) I hope the travelling goes well.

yay for your mamae being better, tes!

sassy, I hope mcgeek is seriously making it up to you. grrr.

mandi, do I have to say how jealous I am about Dave?

Was at kinkykatykins' house last night for dinner and red wine. We had a great time with our Billy Connolly like stream of consciousness chat and I hope to see her a couple of more times before I leave.
The boy and I are off to Ikea today (mmmm, swedish meatballs!) as it's only two weeks (today) until we move so need to price out a couple of things.

((((TXplum, tallgirl, billy, amilita, dinaofdoom, everyone affected by the storm)))) Thanks for keeping us posted on how you all are.

Tes, so happy to hear your mum is out! And good to see you here, as ever.

Feel better damona... that sounds like a thoroughly nasty bug!

Mando, that sounds like an awesome night.

I'm sorry you're not getting ebough sleep sidecar: I really hate it when that happens. I find upping my exercise, swimming or walking more can help a lot.

Hee, bunny: my mister keeps bringing swedish meatballs and other treats home from IKEA when he comes back from visiting Norn Iron, because we don't have one down here. Even habitat's closed now! *sulks*

Had a good, fairly productive week. Went out with an old friend of mine who's just moved back here, and we just had the best talk. It is epic to have her back in town.

I'm taking today off and working on a conference paper tomorrow. The sun is out for probably the last time in 2008...

Sadly, I have no money to buy nice underthings.... because I've just booked a mid-November, post-dissertation deadline holiday in the canaries! WOOT!
Mmm, Swedish's rainy here and I'm sure most people are scared away from going to Ikea- maybe I'll go get some meatballs.

Of course, my rain is a mere sprinkle compared to the gulf coast right now. unsure.gif I'm glad to hear so far, so good plummie and billy and amilita.

We're supposed to get hit with the real nastiness from Ike tomorrow. I am trying to get my family to go to Springfield tomorrow because the state is closing down the Frank Lloyd Wright house that they restored and run as a historical attraction, due to budget cuts. It closes at the end of the month and Sunday is the only day of the week everyone's available and tomorrow is the only Sunday this month everyone's available. It makes me really sad that they're closing it. Hopefully they'll keep it preserved and not let it get run down, and then open it back up again someday.

Meh. Not much else going on today. We might go out to dinner tonight with the prophecy's. There's lots of roads closed because of flooding, so we'll see.

((hugs to all))
Here's hoping that billy and plummie and amilta and everyone else in the danger zones are safe.
You guys are on my mind and I'm sending all sorts of vibes your way.

Mandi, I am a thousand shades of envious and oh so happy for ya.
I need The Dirty Dave deets, so off to email tongue.gif

yay for upcomg holiday, syb!

~~~fell better damona~~~

yay for mamae felling better!

~~~healing for pixie~~~

hope you're enjoying your down time, morn

~~~traveling vibes for rose~~~

yay for your good visit, bun. when's your moving date?

~~~work vibes for dm~~~

Sidecar, I am having the exact same problem. R was asking me what exactly I think is waking me up, if it's a matter of my mind racing, bad dreams, etc. and I was saying how it's like I feel like I heard a noise and I just wake up, but not to the point of being startled awake. My mind isn't racing, I don't remember anything from dreams or at least not anything scary and I don't feel like anything is bothering me. We decided that it sounds like I am sleeping too lightly and that maybe the slightlest noise like the upstairs neighbor flushing their toilet could be why I'm waking up. I think for me it's that my maybe once a week gym visit ain't cuttin' the mustard these days and that I better step it up so that I can expend more energy and sleep through the night so that I can stop being so damned tired all the time.

(((((polly, kitten, star, candy, sassy, qspice, lelu, car, pink, flanker, lurkers, et al)))))

I think someone needs to drag dusty back here. And sixela, dangit.

Today is my belated birfday movie date with the kidlet. His plan is for us to go to the movie and then to Hot Dog On A Stick to: a. mock their uniforms & hats AND b. enjoy a cheese on stick & cherry lemonade. Ah, good plan, young grasshopper wink.gif

Can I ask for some work related vibes for R, please? There are some issues cropping up where he is presently, so much so that the friend who helped him get the job in the first place just gave her 2 week notice. There is talk of some major upheaval that would make it better and in that case he will stay put. But if the talk stays just talk then he will need to leave. He had a sort of "try out" at the place where we had our first date (can you tell we both love this place?) and it went well, but the position there won't even be available until Early November. I know he loves it where he is and if things were worked out would be thrilled to stay there and continue working with the Chef there who is teaching him so much. But he is excited about the prospect of learning from the Chef's at the other place as well. I really just want it work out to be whatever is best for him in the long run.

And because I haven't done one in a while,
you are all being treated with a belated undie report for yesterday:
turquoise Wonder Woman hipsters & white bra.
Hmm, here's my parking lot right now- maybe I'm not going out.

Am I the only one who thinks it's absolutely disgusting to walk through that without high, waterproof shoes? I mean, it's not raw sewage or anything, but it's still picking up nastiness (like car drippings) from the ground. Eww.
*~*~*soothing vibes for amilita & others in the Ike's path*~*~*

sidecar, are you drinking caffeine after 3pm? i'm sure the coke you had kept you up. oh, and alcohol always disturbed my sleeping.

polly, uh, yeah. i wouldn't go out if my parking lot was that bad. but, i'm starting to get alittle cabin fever. this rain was good for me taking a 2 hours nap. i love naps.

*~*~*work vibes for R*~*~*

yuefie, have a good bday date with kidlet!

polly! what a lovely picture! didn't you always want a pond right there?! tongue.gif

sorry, i'm feeling sassy tonight. i am still coughing like mad, but i have discovered, when all else has failed, that jck daniels is a great cough syrup. seriously. major coughing fit? take a shot of jack! follow it with a spoonful of honey and i'm good for about a half hour! laugh.gif fer serious. it's awesonme. of course, this is only a good idea when the kiddos are down for the count. they went to bed at 9... it's midnight... shit, i hate math when i'm stone sober.

one of my closest friends has a waterfall downn his basement walls. he's in chi-town. he is pissed. he even put sandbags in when the yard started flooding. not helping much i guess. another friend down by there has got sewege backing up into the basement. they are not real thrilled either.


((((((((((amilita, billy, plummie, TG and anyone else in the worst of the mess)))))))))))


will post when soberer. i promisse.
yep, always wanted waterfront property. rolleyes.gif

I don't think what we got today was even related to Ike- what we're supposed to get tomorrow is a different story. I heard one of the weather people say the rest of the week is supposed to be quite lovely, especially after the sideways-moving rain we'll have tomorrow. Oh great.

Tana released his anal glands in his kennel, so we had to wash that and I gave him a bath. Then I had to carry him outside to the dog area (he's not allowed to poop just anywhere, you know) because I didn't want him getting re-dirty walking through the water. Now my back hurts like hell. Thank cod a still have some muscle relaxants from when it went out a few years ago. They're probably too old to be very effective, though....well, I'll just take two! Famous last words.....

I have rainboots, but LeBoy doesn't, so guess who gets stuck doing anything that requires going outside. Grrrr mad.gif
~*~*~*~* continued vibeage for everyone affected by ike ~*~*~*~*

((((((plummy tes'ass, the mssrs. bonka, tall family, amilita, d of doom)))))))

~$~$~$~$~ work related vibes for R ~$~$~$~$~

polly, am i the only one who sees a pair of rain boots in LeBoy's future?

muito thank you, for all your good mamae wishes.

(and for peeps who are happy to see me, obrigada for telling me! i feel so bad for lurking and not posting properly!)

tee hee titters at drunkie damona! hee! i said TITters!!

i hear everyone on the not sleeping through the night affliction. i can't remember the last time i slept all the way through the night without waking up (except to pee). i'm thinking that my problems are hormonally related...and i have just a leeeetle bit of stress in my life right now (good sources have it that our budget is going to be cut in half next year). the caffeine could surely be a culprit. i also have problems if i eat a lot for dinner, or if i eat it too late.

i'd try eliminating one thing at a time, though, to see if you can pin down exactly what it is....

*laughing my ass off picturing yeufie and her kidlet making fun of uniforms at Hot Dog on a Stick*

seriously, that sounds hilarious! and how much do i ADORE that this was his idea?

(what do the uniforms look like? i've never heard of this place. i assume that the menu is Hot Dogs on Sticks???)

HUZZAH for a perfect night with DAVE, mandomyheart!

*huffs and puffs and blows away star's cabin fever all the way away!*

syb, you will pardon me for not wringing my hands over your lack of fancy pants? the canaries! wooooo hooooo! dr. t from el jay goes there quite a bit and loves it! sometime we should meet somewhere in between for holiday!

speaking of which:

anti-kvetch: my sister the healer is coming in less than a month! i've paid for half of our safari and the tickets for madagascar have been purchased! can.not.wait.

she says she wants to see the GINormous malagasy cockroach. i want to see snakes and the weird malagasy hedgehog. and, of course, lemurs!!!

hugs and kisses and silly silly little fishes!!

Funny you should mention that, tes; I'll be journeying out to get those for him today. It will also be a reconnaissance mission to see which streets are closed, to plan my attack for the morning.

Here's what it looks like today:

One of the cars missing from that photo is LeBoy's- I moved it to higher ground. The water is only a little higher, but it's becoming more widespread.

Here's what it looks like to the north of us today:

(I do love how *green* everything is!) That water wasn't coming that far up on the left or onto the grass. The street our complex on is on right across from the Des Plaines River, which is notorious for flooding. The building we're in is several buildings deep from the street, plus we're on the second floor. Since I haven't been outside, I have no idea how the streets around us look. My parents tried to go out yesterday to get a piece for their gutter downspout, the curvy part at the bottom that leads the water away from the house and couldn't even get to the hardware store because of all the roads closed.

Well, I hope plummie and billy and amilita and everyone are okay. This is must an inconvenience for me....I can't even think about what it's like down south. unsure.gif
Well, once I realized that going out to get th boots would mean losing my parking spot, I changed my mind.

We tried to take LeBoy's car over to his brother's house because his car has a little less ground clearance than me and it was getting close. We couldn't even get out of the complex. We ended up parking it up on the grass with a bunch of other people.

Neither of us is going to work tomorrow. *Sigh*
IKE get the fuck out of here!!!!

(((polly, Leboy, amilia))

I'm a little cranky. My usual Sunday night insomnia is now worse because:

(it cried a lot during the night)

Yeah, Mcgeek and I were going to her next weekend. I said that we should go look. Yeah. That rarely works. We're in the puppy room maybe 5 minutes, and Mike grabs my arm over to an open cage of 3 girl German Shepherd mixes. I was really tough to only get one.

Then they kept us waiting for the adoption process for about an hour and a half. Mcgeek started pacing, and acting like a very nervous father. But, we were the hit of Petsmart. So far she's learning to bark at Bailey(the beagle Mcgeek has) and Miles. Bailey kept wanting to mount her though. It was funny after awhile.

Help me with a name!

FUCK. I can't scale the picture down. sad.gif

(double post sorry)

Pictures are coming once I figure this out. I need more java.
I've never had a picture so big I couldn't post it- the site will automatically scale it down for you.

For instance:

Hee hee hee! I'm just waiting for my laundry to be done and going to work for the afternoon. I may have pulled a Britney Spears on my neighbors this morning. I was wearing just a nightshirt sans undies because that was the load of laundry I am doing. The shirt was long enough to cover me though, and I was standing in the balcony doorway when Albus suddenly ran out. Without thinking, I ran out and grabbed him. I think I mostly squatted, but there were some old people riding bikes through the parking lot and I don't know how much they would have seen. rolleyes.gif

Sassy, I want puppy pictures!!
I think this may work.


Damnit. I just tried it. sad.gif

Sorry busties.

Heading off to do laundry, and watch that Coco Channel biopic.
laugh.gif at polly pulling a Britney Spears on her neighbors.
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